Jason Barsky

Weekdays 9am-Noon

Jason Barsky has been heard on the radio for more than 25 years, in cities like Trenton, NJ, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Harrisburg, and is now happy to call NEPA his home. How do I know that Jason is happy to call NEPA his home?  It’s simple. Jason is writing this online bio. Normally, Jason doesn’t speak in third person, but the rules of the online bio state that “all writing needs to be done in third person.” While Jason feels uncomfortable writing in this style, he’s a boy scout who follows the rules.

When it comes to his life off of the radio, Jason likes spending his time at home with his wife, Marisa, and their two children, Sam and Rebecca. No, Jason and his wife aren’t hardcore fans of the show Cheers. Sam was named after Jason’s grandfather, and Rebecca was named after…..nobody. Marisa always liked the name.  Jason and Marisa never made the connection to Sam and Rebecca from Cheers until multiple people asked them about it. 

What are Jason’s hobbies and interests? Jason can tell you, because again, this is Jason. Jason likes the Cleveland Browns, Pro Wrestling, stand up comedy, and open minded, respectful political discussions. Jason thinks that our current political landscape is far too polarizing and hopes to spend his mornings, from 9 till noon, having conversations, not fights.  At the end of the day, we’re all neighbors who should find ways to respect each other regardless of our political point of view. That’s my goal.  I mean, that’s Jason’s goal.  Wait.  Jason’s goal is for Jason to have respectful conversations between WILK listeners and Jason.  This is getting confusing.  ---Jason (me)