Philadelphia Eagles Celebrate With Their Fans

February 08, 2018 - 4:47 pm

The championship Philadelphia Eagles ended their raucous, emotional rally by giving props to their fans.

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and Carson Wentz thanked the roaring crowds from the ``Rocky'' steps at the art museum Thursday, and Jason Kelce gave a rousing lecture on the meaning of the word underdog for Philadelphia.

The thousands of fans at the celebration included many from Norhteastern Pennsylvania.

It was a passionate defense of the coach and general manager and went through all the criticism they have faced over the years.

Malcolm Jenkins also hit the underdog theme: ``They doubted us as players, they doubted us as a team.''

The team descended the art museum steps to Meek Mill's ``Dreams and Nightmares.'' The incarcerated Philadelphia rapper's song has become an anthem for the team this season.

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