WNEP Meteorologist John Hickey talks to Frank Andrews & Mark Davis about the tornado

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Thursday, June 14th
WNEP Meteorologist John Hickey talks to Frank Andrews & Mark Davis about the tornado on Wednesday night, June 13, 2018

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That's right now meteorologist John Hickey from W any pain John outstanding job covering this this is just an amazing situation is that. You have really is thank you very much gun yet the only thing I could parable that that I've personally witness that was actually got to Wilkes-Barre township prospects of that press briefing I've got 3 o'clock in the morning to. And seeing the damage first hand look very much like the 2011 that was done on July 26 sense I'm very very similar look to it because that a tornado rating I was exactly equally after the EST it was determined that about the National Weather Service. Just Mark Davis I just got a question for yet. I was talking occurred earlier and we were talking about how this storm literally came out of nowhere. There wasn't even any other serious warnings until this just popped up right. I start we started seeing the tornado warnings on the first what went out around 8 o'clock or so I know I'm northern like combing county and it actually that same cell. That was tornado warning that end up in Kern County and end up becoming the REF two tornado in Wilkes-Barre at that kind of carpet what that gap there was a whole thing assumption at all stop and our northern like coming county in and it it it weakened enough and a catapult back up again in the terms of like the out of nowhere stuff too. You know it from this event so that we had to yesterday was the exact polar opposite of what we saw in mid may mid may it was all that straight line wind so when you get a straight line wind event a lot of people and find the damage where is it would just go around each it was leaked image but it was more isolated need you have the telltale tornadoes Sino. On got a history is fine he'll look at the other end you know it's just totally wiped out. But Dave Nicosia from a weather service said literally. They had to react within minutes because you said it died down. And then it blossomed to back up so they went from almost no warning. To maybe a fifteen to twenty minutes leeway where they put out a tornado warning before it hit. Yeah they based carrier warning on it when it was over Rick it's cool and stay par com haven't. Food and any any damage there which is you know really thankful you know get into the summertime people stern reducing camping in things happened at the park. I think yeah I and I am roared right down nine into the valley very not a into producing that EF two so yeah you're right I mean which it anywhere from nothing and it Paul strike back up again and it's just it's so rare to find those nocturnal tornadoes authority it's like a rare I define a tornado and I'll here in Pennsylvania and the nocturnal part of that is it's really staggering. Sunshine DI WNET news watch sixty reported some severe damage and Bradford county to an I I imagine that that was not a tornado probably wind damage drank. And they confirmed tornado. We just had a conversation with the National Weather Service a little while ago that's it's confirmed a tornado in terms of what they need a reading on that is going to be in Franklin township and Bradford county they're still working those side detailed sound the end of every team ancestral compiling the report but we should know. How sometime within the next half an hour to an hour what's the rating on that will end up being. And Kurt now we're also talking about the fact that usually storms like this. Developed when it's really hot and sticky and there's a lot of so called Joost. This one it was an even match severe I heard you say the other night that all depends on how much sunshine we got a couple we didn't get much sun until very late in the evening. Again it was enough to trigger. 135. Mile an hour winds. Yeah I imagine that lends credence to out Lincoln Davis stamina here I mean we're basically had peak amount of daylight so it only takes that you know. Our I have two hours of daylight to give via enough Jews could be atmosphere was. Right it was quite humid we had to vote you know the dew points in the upper sixties to around seven yet the apps will measure moisture in the air when that number goes way up like that you're talking about a lot of potential fuel. How excited to get what seems heating of the day we saw a little bit of that and of course when you're talking about not only the Jews we need a trigger we have a cold front and then come this year how much tampering with high do we have with the winds. And now we'll try on that was on the order of 540 to fifty knots. Which is very very significant. And it's usually in the northeast we don't have those you know giant. I would call Kate Betts can't conducted available potential energy and high shear usually you are very much known for. And not much juice whole college year and that was yesterday a lot to sheer going on and then Chester enough. Available energy to our. Do you said that tornadoes are not that common or I forget the exact words you use but but certainly you know they're not not not typical in this area but our are we in a situation where we're gonna see more of this kind of crazy storm I'm reading the Penn State does it impact report and it suggested to between now and try to twenties just teach our weather's gonna drastically change in Pennsylvania. Yeah I mean they're just kind of go back to around you know lead the global war only thing I mean it's indisputable that the numbers don't lie to the American certainly warming and if it is warmer. Are on the ball here and as the leading issue you know more overall potential issues you have more. I've water content and the future we get more evaporation going on so media doesn't. Need two more I mean in most certainly college. But of course you know it's so fickle wit. Just because it's extra warm PP how all the right ingredients coming together at the exact right time to create situations like we have last night and so. And are honored to be more tornadoes ripping a right to Wilkes-Barre township. Probably no alliance but will there be more tornadoes in the hole it's certainly a possibility. And I ask you because as we're watching the coverage last night and I falsely my wife or perhaps it you gotta see this. We were so impressed with your demeanor. Because things kept changing almost by the minute. And you kept so common cheats and listen to him he's so reassure. Work your giving people vital lifesaving information. And you were just steady as Iraq I. Longoria on the air just who often mean we got on that one an aid that we would pop that cost him a warning when non Philly went back on for the loser county tornado that was closer to ten. That wiped out our entire 10 o'clock news cast the newscast was the warning. That we propped up I think right at 1030 I think a warning actually indigo expired at 1028. And we were back on again at 1045. And then I continued into the news cast the warning until 1115 in Monroe county and we actually had a bit of an extended news cast so. I mean on the not a reform blog I don't imagine an hour 45 minutes or so. Well frank and I were talking about the foreign between the two of bus were like four times your age. But we've been in this business a long time and I in the note I said earlier I meant what I said you have to be proud of what you did last night. Because you literally helped saved lives in the information clear concise and com. And it doesn't get any more. Desperate than that when you're in your profession to do what you did last night he did a great job. I appreciate yeah you know it's he's getting it'll lead by example and down you know getting all excited in you know sounding alarmist on TV that's that's not gonna help anybody he got to stay Communist stay level headed. And I used to give people the facts saying give him the best available information you have given the best meteorological. Is that advice from what you're seeing on what to do and how to act to end option it is hoped that people you know people warnings seriously and we do try to spread that last night. And he just total tech broken well at a quick side note here to armed. You know and that Lucerne county tornado warning right when he was getting ready to come out and showing John Mayer what was going on in. On that actually found that so I went over his home arms and I and I advised him don't you know tell us. Flight ticket because in the basement and you know just to see him to justice. Any discuss took that it OK you know and everything was just you know com. They're loud yes yes. Anymore now it's John just summarize thank you for calling you guys are your best I think you very much apparent John thank you what I.