WILK's Sue Henry with Republican Paul Mango, Running for PA Governor

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Friday, June 16th

WILK's Sue Henry talk with Republican Paul Mango who is Running for PA Governor


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He Lion King. Well because it's Friday get to kick around the entrance music. And that's on was picked by a our gast Paul mango. A version and good morning. She plays too late to have me on the line Adobe can hear me just. Yeah I you know what you are in such a big believer in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its potential that it reminds me of that song. And you know what we're gonna realize their potential when I go to Harrisburg and about a year and a. Laredo we wanna know all about you we understand that you have some ties to northeastern Pennsylvania's Acker I'll. She absolutely so my grandfather came from Italy. In march of 1909. And he had the good sense of bypassing Ellis Island in new York and he landed in Philadelphia. And they took him from the docks with Philadelphia. And whisked him up the Susquehanna county where he worked for several decades on the railroad and you know what he had very glamorous jobs knew he was. It's his job was to shovel coal cinders from steam locomotives. Two. The guy had a dream and apart the net dream was of America and he lived that dream. In northeastern Pennsylvania. Very good to hear very good very good to have a tie. To northeastern Pennsylvania and so now we know that about you what else do we need to know while. Pitch well. I think that if it were linking it to northeastern Pennsylvania I'm a good Italian Catholic that that might help as well but you know. I think sue in all seriousness. I I'd been the great beneficiary of the American dream and it started with my granddad. You know my parents didn't have a chance to. Go to college but they make sure that might force siblings and I did they worked their entire lives to do that. And I saw an opportunity to pursue the American dream as a young teenager and I seized at. And I am so thankful to this country for having sent you at West Point. For having sat meets at Harvard Business School to work for one of the most important. Professional advisory firms in the world known as McKinsey and company to learn a lot about health care I am so blessed to. And I am blessed to have a great family a wife of 35 years about a week from now is our anniversary. And filed a beautiful daughters. One of whom followed her mom and dad to West Point. And is now serving at the first lieutenant in South Korea in the air defense artillery so against duke I have lived in the last two lights. And now it's time to get back to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a big way and that's what I'm doing. I'll pay you come from the app private sector and some people think that that is some group rates and then some people. Based on the fact we currently have a governor from the private sector may be a little leery about how are you different and what do you do. Right now that has given you a foundation. For leadership and our states. So let me a lot of people are saying whoa whoa why energy just like Tom Wolfe and other outside businessperson. Who want to govern. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I and I had to. Very important answers to that. One it's about leadership but we have a governor who believes that leadership is about being on pop. I believe that leadership is about being out in front and the way you lead. People like those in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is drew inspiration. And inspiration requires. Vision. And our current governor has no compelling positive vision for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And I do that's number one. Number two is ideology. If you look at that guy and I guess speaking empirical we looked. At its first budget in 2015. It's about more taxes or spending. Board dependence. More redistribution. And more debt he believes that is the path to prosperity. I believe it's free market enterprise. I believe in the individual entrepreneur worsen innovation of the people. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania he believes that government can do that. So we could not be you know different characters. And idea hope that that's clear to your listeners because I'm not. Just another outside business person seeking the governor's seat here in a couple of. All right well let's talk a little bit about vision and follow what would you like to see change. And what you believe can be done in short window of time to change things and then may be in in the longer term timeframe. I am so. I think the single most important thing we need to do to provide prosperity for the long term. It's create the economic growth necessary and this is the term need than to bring our jobs. And our children back on the Pennsylvania we're losing both of them. And boy to do we have the ability to do this it's within our grasp. To be a global leader. In energy production and exports it within our grass so once again be a global leader. The manufacturing. We've lost 300000. Manufacturing jobs into the decades it's within our grasp to bring all of those back in the next decade if we just get. The regulatory burden of Harrisburg and the tax burden of Harrisburg. Off the backs of our entrepreneurs. And our job creators talked to intercept and other governors around the country. Every one of them says the same thing we would trade you tomorrow. What you guys haven't Pennsylvania the most abundant cheap it's natural gas in the world. Technologies coming out of our universities are spectacular. Changing are the way we live changing the way we work robotics. Artificial intelligence drug discovery. Additive manufacturing in early that can't be turned that we are global leaders right now in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Coming out of our university in those technologies and by the way we have the that proximity to the biggest commercial markets in the world right here the northeast part of the United States we can get. To the Atlantic Ocean we can get to the Great Lakes we can get to the Gulf of Mexico because Pennsylvania is the keystone state. And we have access. True waterways to all of those markets. We need to start exporting that and will bring back the 200 upper 300000 jobs we lost the last two decades that night vision. For the commonwealth on economic growth. That you we have all right and I did that once there. We have a short term issue that we absolutely have to deal with immediately. Immediately. And I would declare a statewide emergency. To deal with a and that it's our heroine. Oh I knew it drug overdose issue we are losing close to fifteen about fellow citizens a day. This is a crisis. This is the most significant health crisis that's hit the commonwealth of Pennsylvania since the Spanish fluke a century ago. I don't see the sense of urgency around I don't see the focus I don't see the leadership behind addressing that issue. And in the short term debt at the number one thing we have to do. Statewide emergency all hands on deck let's resolve the drug overdose problem. Harry if you if you do that I do want to talk about that because I grew two minutes important but the all hands on deck philosophy what what do you see here. As solution to intercede. In the south crisis. Good question to I don't I the last thing I want to do is represent myself but having all the answers skirts that doubt but here's what I do. I do you know that part of this issue that they clinical shoot the tightly prescribed drugs without pharmacies keep track it back part of it. Part of it is a social issue. Many of our citizens are suffering from diseases of despair they have lost hope. In the future part of it is the social. There's a third part that they. Criminal issue. A criminal issue. And I believe is that. Our leaders in Harrisburg are very narrowly focused on the clinical aspect of it are not addressing the social and the criminal aspect. I don't have all the answers but I know who do I know who does have all the answers that the combination of our. Yeah maps folks. A emergency response folks are law enforcement officers. Are the folks sort caring for our fellow citizens who are in rehab. You could think about you know pharmacists. Sure providers and my goal would be to bring the best. Binds possible together and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I don't mean Ph.D. from the university I mean there are no one's sure. Experiencing that everyday parents who have lost. Children are. I guarantee you if we sat down but those folks would all the knowledge they have about what's causing this problem how the drugs they're getting into the community. How difficult it is to break the addiction had that. I bet we could roll up our sleeves and solve this problem in the communities not in Harrisburg. So that's. That that again I don't wanna represent me as having all the answers because adult but I know how to get to the answers and it's a process that involves. People at the Frontline of our society or dealing with this every day and have the knowledge understand why it's happening and what we can do to correct. The Marcellus Shale. Extraction. That this is a very interesting thing and end to end to me it does certainly deserves attention but there's a story on our news today all that. They're the revenues from the as the go to the state are down because production is down. And I do worry. About that because isn't really. Something that so we believe was viable at this particular moment I'm just thrown out there because I heard the news story this morning. And that I didn't hear that historians do but here it's what I do you know is what I think is down. Are the number of new well being drilled and and well operations. And the impact fee. But this state gets is based on wells and the long jeopardy the well not actually based on production. It's not actually based on production. My understanding our production. It is not growing quickly as it was a couple of years ago but it is as strong as that wasn't the reason to the following this is the most. We're we're at the epicenter. Of a revolution. In energy production you'll never read that the newspaper but we at the epicenter of a global revolution. An energy production and each of our well. We 7500 well in the commonwealth. Each of them at about four times as productive as it was in 2000 and I. In years ago this is the most unbelievable thing that's that's happened to the energy world in a century. And were at the center. So I don't think production is down I could I could understand why. State revenues are down because the impact fee is linked to the number of well in the age of the well it's not linked. The production. Merit Tom in a story in the Pittsburgh paper which dovetails on trying to bring back these jobs. And I think we'd all like to see our Brothers and sisters working again that they. You saw the story that the hat company Kane goal they make those send funky look enhance. They can get back to Pennsylvania another losing money on every single hat. I and that is the street that I pulled up from the Pittsburgh post gazette written by Michael Rubin cam of the Associated Press. I guess that that is the real issue is how do we make this happen so that's. That there will be a viability for these companies that attempt at. That threw for a quick things to America and that should be part of my plan number one. We have the highest corporate state tax rate in that country. Okay it's nine point 99%. Well let's not fool ourselves that 10%. At some type of a corporate. Federal tax rate of another 35 the 39. So any business entrepreneur or is out 50% of what he or she makes. From the start a that's a big problem number two. We have at least that I talk to business leaders. Some of the most business unfriendly regulators and Harrisburg a anyplace in the country that the EP. And that I talk to business builders all over they are so frustrated that it takes 250 or 270 days to get a thirty day permit. I and it's say it's that mindset and it's a culture that is trying to inhibit business development and growth. Rather than to enable and that won't change on day one I make up our efforts of the third reason though why we're not. Attracting. A lot of company and that's what astounds me. Are skilled labor force has evaporated we lost 300000 jobs in manufacturing. In two decades we need to reconstitute. Good that the trade and the vocations and bring dignity back to them what if your machine tool operator with a good high school education. You can make a 100000 dollars a year. But we don't have that skill labor. Should do it and so I think there's a big role in reconstituting that and then the work. We have felt to invest in the infrastructure necessary to have a globally relevant economy and what I think infrastructure I'm talking about ports. I'm talk about pipeline. I'll talk about locks I'm talking about things that make that's globally competitive we need to do those four things that we do what things do. We will be growing this economy afford 5% a year and a half a percent a year which is what we're doing now. And no laughs to. Where where do you stand on the senate bill 76 property tax reform. Yeah great question I am I am absolutely 100%. In favor of eliminating. Property taxes. Reducing or eliminating property taxes what I'm struggling with is that SP 76 actually increases. Personal. Income tax rates. 60%. From 3% to 5% increases itself taxes. A significant amount and my fear is what happened in Connecticut and what happened in Maryland. And other states that have increased their personal income tax you know what happened there. All the high income earners have left the state. OK so my fear is if we take property taxes and do nothing other than convert those into income taxes. We are gonna wind up losing a lot of high income wage earners and then would have made bigger budget hole that we have now. And let me just let you in on the dirty little secret about. Property taxes and SP 76 or talk the seven. School superintendents. And they say 98% of the school district in Pennsylvania will still have property taxes it would about laws passed. And the reason is because they can it's a little bit technical but they still have the ability and a lot of recoup their capital expenditures you know expanding school new school. In the property tax even after upping the past so we're gonna wind up with residual property taxes. Higher. State income tax we're gonna lose a lot of our income orders were gonna have less revenue than we have today we're still gonna have property taxes will be in a deeper hole. Well I'm I'm I'm gonna step in their part because of the one thing that I worry about incessantly. It where I live is not to the high wage earner. Losing on I'm worried about grammar loses her house we have so many people who live in northeastern Pennsylvania. And throughout other house by the sharing apps over this is not acceptable to me I'm sorry. I would like to see some kind of ship. There's no reason for a woman or man who is paid for five decades for schools to keep doing it this is ridiculous and it's got to stop so I vehemently disagree on this one. Vehemently. It's stunting I'd like you to come up here and see what happens to these poor people who live in north as I Pennsylvanian or lose there misses this have to stop and government has to step in and and help these poor people. Two of the I'd I'd seen that I've been up there I'm all for the elimination of property theft since I am just concerned. As you know I'm just concerned that will lead to a different outcome and we anticipate. And we'll all be worse off my own. I'm what are you listen I this is the most sickening thing that's happening in our area. Besides the LP would crisis which is also decimating northeastern Pennsylvania us of these two issues are. In our wheel house actually gonna apologize to being short but it just irritates me that. Nobody has the political courage to solve this issue and take care of our vulnerable people haren. You if you want to come up and read the sheriff Seles with me some someday when they put in the paper it's absolutely yeah. I would I would be I would be honored to do that if I if I may soon welcome up there and do that or thank you for that thing you grabbed me out I really appreciate it thanks. Bombing I'm sorry that's stuff gets under my skin.