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Monday, December 4th
Whiskers World

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Whiskers world. And you can attend if easier they have coming up this is Brenda buck color to fill us in hadron know what's up. Saying that the much we're gonna fundraisers this week. Are nonprofit organization works rapidly program. And we do some adoption that rescuing him to a lot I think what can ask. My god. Yeah I've read up my Alley Brandon just the kind of things I like to see where do you do this work with whiskers world what's your geographic area. We go all over the place. All of or. Wherever you know we need help we try to stay within those are in county but if we need to go somewhere else and we didn't help we don't. Okay and why did you get involved with this organization in the first place what to what did you think needed to be done and what. Some lose some well. My partner Donna Allen and I started at about two and a half years ago. If it does problem with past. That they're just everywhere and I'm. It I've been doing that about ten years. And died at toppling. So we decided that if we can not start a nonprofit. That. We can raise money to help people that can't afford it picnic areas where their cat. And you know everybody is that there are not mine and the legal entity. Different areas and we trap them and get them sick then. Put them back. Yeah it's a great idea Brenda I don't understand why people. Do not cooperate more and get their pets spade and neutered it just doesn't make any sense and I know that there are many organizations that do it at a very low cost. To make it to possible for people but they just don't seem. To wanna do it and many end up with compound it mystery because caps can have what a couple of litters of kittens per year RA. Oh yeah absolutely. Yeah it's very bad and in this kid can really a big problem and now we try to educate a lot of count it than people on the problems they could want them gone. Bank. That is the problem. If you remove them. More cap commended. It is it an acute public they could get them sick and let them come back. The problem at all. That they don't want them a lot of these areas don't want to cast. And that there's really nowhere to put them if they would get designated areas that means. We are very closely what Kagan township they are wonderful they're wonderful they aren't sold on board. With that trap of relief program. And it worked there are. And I mean you know they're still needs to be more work done there but I'm estimating. Really amazing. What could be done. And we don't get. It happened mainly we do a lot of rescuing we get to give up her life has. Some Weatherly. That we sent up to and I bet you in New York and she and how light. All over a year and she had and we can pick and we worry about again how are. And yeah. The rescue will swing from New York taking down a picture rock band could completely paralyzed. She lived this long somebody shot her in the fine. And we could outline what you know that there fear. Problem and done. We get up in the past week. Call around to where he can sell infected and the ear and you know we were able to trap her aren't lots of mail. And and get him into a home. Now hope can be proper home but it may be at Oster. We do a lot. Other than traffic lately. We got a cat that got out an accident. Two years ago. It took us about two weeks to find that got out on route eighty. And my partner Donna now and two weeks later drove it all the way to Ohio the people went from Illinois like. Yeah we do a lot that the people out now. Okay talk about the benefit now where it is what it is how people can get involved. OK so that it's not Friday night and it did I am down in the Hanover area. It saddened book tickets on now for 35 dollar you can get them at the follow warehoused at 65 Elizabeth street forty court. And you don't have to buy their dinner you can come and Morgan have about twenty vendors. And your ticket you get one commander in part that the drink. It. I have raffles and Bender. Music. Food at the that they dial cash bar. And it's going to be an R&D memory. At 566. Hour happened Hanover. And it's going to be nights it's a Christmas party and hopefully it'll be a good turnout and you don't have to purchase a ticket you are commanded to shop what the vendors. And hang out. Who are great says so different FaceBook page or some other place we don't find out. He has a record world FaceBook page and I can't say that they want to purchase tickets they can go over to the follow what happened 44. And them hopefully it'll be a good turnout at all benefit the animal. Parents of Brenda thanks for taking the time to be with us today we appreciate it. Thank you are right.