W. Chris Winter M.D

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Monday, April 16th

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And to act talk about sleep on a day words. Greening blinding sheets and the weather's conducive to that but you can't always sleep. Doctor W crystal winter is the author of the new book the sleep a solution wires sleep is broken and how to fix it doctor thanks again shall. My pleasure seagate it talked to a gated and happy national pajama day sound like the weather where you're at. Is conducive to sustain your pajamas and go to work to pajamas. 100%. And fortunately we were dress clothes which is such into. Ask you this doctor winter in your research I have people been fixated on sleep. That's a question that I don't think it's been that Lori in my mind understood that we act I think that is I think in the past number one people play. Talk about sleep more as a tree to the public eye color would you be intimately speak but I color. Yeah it's kind of like maybe the free hydration days in sports but nobody really thought about. You know maybe be a good idea of rest hydrate before we go out there and play this athletic you know sport or whatever so. I think it's one of those things that the science kind of concept to it. It always been sort of missed followed you know more about sleep which is I think this is as fascinating as the science. So it's all these things kind of converts it once and console and came up with a seed capital way to treat sleep that is that kind of created dialogue that. I think we've always talked about it but it never really talked about it is something that's modify able to look at because it makes all the difference. What do day. Easy things we absolutely positively need to understand about sleep. I think the first thing that everybody needs to understand that sleep is that we all do it so if you're somebody who introduce yourself at the dinner party has. All the name's frank and I don't sleep. You're you're you're not you're not being truthful or at least you're the you're not informed about the way Freeport to get a load means. Forbes magazine has saw a headline that says to me about flight fifteen million Americans can't sleep. That life is as fifty million Americans out there unable to lead. After the Italian talk about in terms with somebody says they can't sleep what did he really mean it probably means they're not sleeping what they want to sleep. Whether frustrated that some sort of aspect either asleep or. They also get the next day and they think that maybe it's coming from asleep but it may be they may be correct that soaks. Can mean the biggest part of writing this book was I felt like. First let's talk is we have about sleep. We were lacking a certain basic understanding of there basic. Set of rules. On that allows people to kind of fall back on the mythology we're talking about because of what it is that passed containing called the nightmare at this. Kind of true Renaissance looking woman draped over a bad this'll goblins city monarchs last it's devastating dissipating and I think a lot of people. Maybe think about sleep in those terms we wanna think about years sleep in terms of what we think about twenty team we're science based. Evidence based and can move forward from there. Very very debt and you read about him. How this could actually lead to poor health and people weren't. Absolutely so when you look at individuals who were truly not sleepy and what I mean by that is the ER nurse it's working. You know overtimes to make gains meter that guy is a truck driver but he's also is stocking shelves and a big warehouse. He as a second job and really kind of trying to squeeze in his sleep in addition to all together and responsibilities in between. Those individuals who are not getting enough sleep because it sure waste or Kabul we were doing its medical residents many years ago. It's extremely harmful to your body I mean it is. It is a great article paper it is written it compare that is something like toxic paint schemes. And that talks and didn't smoke a burning building to meet its. It's right up there on the marquee so it's important standards were not making good decisions about this we were getting. You know because they react and get three or four hours sleep I can do just fine then don't fall asleep when I go to the bathroom during the day. You are in indeed indeed factory installed nodding off in there. Did were not doing the best things for our help. And Arianna Huffington booked up. And put little plug for book if you don't believe. In sleep. You that was what hurl book was about Michael Utley hit an argument for why sleep is important I think my book is more of OK you've decided six important. Now you would reduce the about it. Dmitry get on the show I said that you're the guy that put Arianna Huffington to sleep and people got bad ideas from it's I can't say that. Flip better than they don't abilities weapons are unhappy that solace and a good idea if I doubt it is a lovely person and I come to. Completely support in him and all her. Crusade. To do to make people more aware of what's causing burn out in the workplace she's two zip. Too big a role model that way. Let me ask you this then because you raise an interesting point about the end medical students. Knowing what do we know and having doctors who understand why do medical students do this why are medical schools do this to their students it doesn't make any sense. I think there's a lot of reasons for that I think number one on its historical. And in its like I will put a lot of sports teams to sort well that's the way it was when I was a player that's the way it's gonna be is still alive that mentality number two. There's an interesting idea that we were injured in medical considering your residence in a patient comes in having a stroke continue. Diagnose did you start treating that you need to be ably candidate best to net patient. All of the sudden to turn over that patients cared too deep person the next morning. It doesn't feel good you want to see it through so there's a lot of resistance. You with being not so much within the actual doctors do a lot of resistance to the doctors that. It creates a lot of continuity of care. The biggest issue is we simply don't have the resources. To. To see you reduced duty hours this happened when I was a resident relative cheap residents university's department neurology. A big part of my job is to make sure we did not go over the allowable three hours for our residents. Cited so these people up to door of the sort replicate it knew who put basically stop taking care. A caddie to follow up to the spinal but this patients in need to look at the MR I results in this patient. So this is a lot of Hindu reserve's two year. Where now I don't really had that deep understanding of the patient anymore not like the person who admitted in dead neck and create problems to uses a lot of issues that. We just don't have the support the government doesn't pay for more residents. Even though they wanted to get rid of duty hours so it's really impossible situations a lot of hospitals. Aaron let's talk about shift workers though because we we. When I started a radio worked overnights and you're never never ever ever right during the day after an overnight so well what I have a look at things can happen to people. Who are shift workers may be working hours want when other people don't how bad is that fear house. It was constant. When it comes to things that we talk about in sleep that are bad for your help insomnia and restless leg concede that I'm not sure anything is worse for your health. It's just work. Our brains like its schedule so Whittier a big supporter of the military or you're not. The military certainly does sleep right. You go to bed every night at the same time you get up in the morning and go out and stand outside the beautiful sunlight is certainly did not. But a backpack on your back to run ten miles and your schedule is the same every day your meal times and the same here exercise your light exposure you're sleep times so. Those kind of things really say your brain up to sleep quite well. When we are sleeping at different times and by definition were generally eating at different times we're seeing light at different times we're interacting with people at different times. So those things are terrible for our brain nothing or nothing our bodies are done accidentally all the schedule. And we start to disrupt the very nature that's schedule. We start to see all kinds of problems party basket problems cognitive problems even so it's been thought that shift work. It's a class too late carcinogens meaning it's leading to certain forms the cancers particularly breast cancer in women as some evidence and so and so. It's it's just really important for us if we can to try to create a situation we are getting a standard. Amount asleep at the same time every day. And at what what do you believe is a good amount of sleep at the same time every day. By our how many. You can mean I think really what we're looking for is we're looking for somebody to give up out. 78 hours to sleep at night with the understanding its fleet. Is it being able Medicaid just like caloric intake her height their white collar. If you do your parents your parents didn't sleep the logic that was. I've powered attorney your mother was a party if drastic Thomas surge in. It did try to get CST you don't need that much sleep Beatty may be on the other side of that bell curve Serbs for somebody needs. Six dollars 45 minutes sleep every night trying to get him to say than to try to get eight hours. There are setting themselves up to fail and and potentially quote have insomnia for a lot of people haven't saw me it's not. They can't sleep it's. They're going to bed at a time when your brain is saying Burnett we're not ready to sleep it's no different than going to lunch it. In 9:45 in the morning and sit down the restaurant waitresses would you want to recover that hungry. Why did you come here what decided 945 is my lunch time and that works well for my schedule well. It worked out your schedule your brain mean not a developed. The. And is it tough for some people love they have to be awakened at 6 AM and they try to go to bed to get separate hours sleep and they can't sleep. But what should they be doing men differently. But to me I think that the first thing you need to do that you need to evaluate is your Euro the future. Bedtime that you decided on this. You know 11 o'clock is that the right bedtime for you so when patients come to my office you know Nancy that I'm dealing with athletes and they say. I get there at night at 10 o'clock. I think it falsely I don't know two hours three hours. Why he decided technical boxer bedtime couldn't be easing. Don't looks on people's faces when you ask a question to cut line. I don't know I never thought about it about partner goes to bed at 2 o'clock great. You know if your partner aided entire pizza deep into unity in part because such. It's one of those things where there's never a lot of thought into it sometimes in Indian I think there's also fear that involve well. Tied go to bed at 10 o'clock in the slot concepts are sick like you get eight hours. If it's fidelity got a bit later that I can give made ours and I saw a doctor on T what comes that you get received about a heart attack or stroke and god forbid spoke at the same time. And that was O'Donnell are attackers struck the same time so now you're going to bet on the status be here I gotta get made hours or bad things are gonna happen now. That's not really the way it works the other thing too is I think the people really need to be comfortable with number one being about a week. I've had people tell me that you lying in bed for now refer to get a bad as a hellish situations. I don't think it is I think it's. You're dead in the dark it's quiet comfortable amazed. Yes for me Mac. My boys are breaking or losing my possessions. Making dumb decision that's school of not being told they need paint the basement again because the days we created. Now as good as it off white chief salvia your gets so it's kind of nice calm it's quiet I can think about. Well what to do that weekend I can think about a celebrity crush which is shot that's a shot you're listening. On the left do it looked totally different. That is the great tiger a lot of patience described as being awful. In that idea being in bed and not be about policy to just being dissed. Terror in their lives speak to read you know and getting ready go to bed nights that we need to get away from that and understand it resting even if we're not sleeping. If we effectively Rask can make it still really good the next days we need to take or soap opera hooked. When it comes source sleep. Can you make up for lost sleep and how about the weekends when people say they quote unquote sleep and. I think you can he had I think he can't make up for lost fleets but it needs to be in the short run meaning that. If you had a terrible week in order for no reason there Newt know. You know it was in your fault you were flying out of on the weekend he got I'm not been near LaGuardia Airport the flight was delayed probably didn't make use some immediate and 22 Pennsylvania you really laid. That didn't you got take a little nap or sleep in the next day to kind of make up for that. They actually do lost its need to do it relatively quickly I think what you start to get away he. From that sleep last period. It's harder and harder to make it that means that different that I lost I was and residency I'm never gonna make up for again. I can do is he would try to have my best sleep moving forward so most people who talk about it sleep debt to. I think he can't make it out there have to be made up relatively quickly. It to to truly make up for that loss to get a bad night last night. Make it to your date date date national pajama days that you can you know your fixed used to Wear pajamas to work on them tickled that it happened about your life. It was great to talk to you today doctor went to your book as the asleep solution and I'm glad you appeared and gave that good advice thanks so much. They think it's sad BC take care of you as well.