US Sen Pat Toomey (R)

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Monday, March 5th

US Senator Pat Toomey (R) with WILK's Sue Henry on gun control issues and more discussions going on in Washington.


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I mean I OK here's US senator Pat Toomey joining us for his aunt visit which she does once a month. With us and we're happy about how pat. Pay you good to hear the other brother should back. It is great and that's the real Allman Brothers not LD Johnny Lukas I like when you're here and you had the karaoke version remember those days. Have not now about the real McCoy and such about it it was a nice visit lead at the picture out of me in the studio lot with my. It was fantastic. All things that happened by the way since you. Had that visit with us and of course the athletic shooting is on the minds is that many people act and the aftermath of sandy hook you tried to get together. And do some of bipartisan legislation do you think that now was the time for that to return. Well I think we have another shot at this president trump but I has indicated that with very supportive of what senator mentioned and I haven't tried to do which and it's you know it's just that have background check. At that one whenever their commercial sales silent under Pennsylvania law. We already require background check on every single sale in. There are no exceptions whether I had a country or between friends or whoever might be the law requires that. My legislation doesn't extend that far but we do this we would require background check for commercial sales which we would consider felt it when shows are over. The Internet. To beat such sales and so in Pennsylvania that with bringing in all gun purchases in those values and just for our background check that's call. And you know I'm I'm a big Second Amendment supporters to Lama gun owner on. I remember run down club take my son's shooting and Second Amendment is very very important thing I just out here contradictions. Between. The Second Amendment and a background check to. Try to make it more difficult for people who have no right to the Second Amendment because they're violent criminal thirteen I meant what now. Those people we should make it as hard as possible for them ever in a firearm so. The president indicated a lot of support for the so the key states but and then I think we got I shot. Are you surprised and I mean you're taken us out of that context where the president just said during that meaning that you're afraid of the NRA did you. Yeah. Did out loud so the president doesn't know the history of mansion to Armenia and I expect him to be. Kind of historian and I you know like yet itself though you don't ultimately it's better about my accusation about the district. You know at that time we were offering mentioned to me. And there was that there's really no discussion of the but he the idea of changing the legal aid truck purchase and along down. It wasn't on anybody's radar and I explained that the president at a meeting. Why I'm not content without a good idea. You know that that would just ideas. 181920. Year olds they by rifles and shot down because they want to hunting. What target chip in and they are not a threat one. And so too and that whole category of Americans who by the way they can go out and serve our country music irony of this eighteen years so somebody. Sign that joined the Marines spent two years risking. It's life. Higher using all of firearms does defend himself in the sand dollar buyouts initiatives two years in comes back to twenty we're gonna downsize. You're not eligible for by a firearm in America. Boy that's that's our that's that's a hard sell it to me. Anyway. You know the president does occasionally out. You know they make some comments that. You know I don't always agree with but the important thing here is he seems to have embraced. The bipartisan effort that Joseph mentioned and I introduced several years ago to have these background checks on commercial sales. And the president can be helpful if he chooses to do to get the support we need to get this accomplished. We're about the the bomb stock band we know that that was discussed last week and unfortunately that. Mostly led to the stand the sale of more bought stocks. But well yeah how do you see that. The the it is my view we have had to any many decades long consensus. That fully automatic dumped on words between bouts. That was sort of her restrict them because of the really. A ground commanders. Please tell me that I was gonna answer are capable. We have heard very long time that is extremely difficult for anyone to get it fully automatic weapon what sort of bog stock comes along. And it's a relatively simple but very clever provide. That has the effect of turning and semiautomatic gun which is upon that. Fired the ball and every time you pull the trigger on one bullet at a time. And so the speed at which both can come out of that is a function of how quickly compiled a trigger. It could be a lot but it's much much slower than a full automatic on the bit about stocks. Converts the semi automatic. One chopper pulled down into the equivalent of a fully automatic machine gun in an operational sense so look it's what it's. Effectively and I think the other should be effectively banned we could do it through legislation I'd be OK with that. We can also probably do with regulation I think see that there are existing law gives enough authority to the ATF. That they could. You know prescribe these regulations but either way. I I think it's perfectly reasonable to to put the same kind of restrictions on both sides that we have are going automatic. C the situation with our schools in America in order to make them I guess. Universally safer so that every school every where. Is some how hard her fortified. And it doesn't look like a soft target anymore because that seems to be one of the reasons why these. Shooters are picking schools because they know they can get into them and they know they can do Daryn so what we do patented net. Either legislative over common sense way in order to fortify the better. Well. It's gonna vary from school to school kind of vary regionally it's got to be you know a very urban school by that difference. Criteria than a Third World schools aren't and so I don't think we want to have a single. Org site itself solution but I do think we probably eat too. Gephardt the dark as to say also that would mean limiting. Entrances and exits. It would mean. Maybe have to have some kind of mechanism court deciding. Automatically. Limiting who can get into the building whether it's say out Corky or some other device that allows us to go through we might need more battle that factor. I have for gonna do that and it's the same rights that we have the is that an art school especially since the vast majority of them will never have any such experience. I also think that there is a role to have armed security personnel somewhere on the campus. Whatever the reason that break down that appear to. In Oakland as a general matter. Armed security personnel. Are gonna provide more security now lap. That something that some schools some certainly I wanna pursue I think it's going to be a combination. That will vary from our school to school journalist district to district. How about that the possibility of arming. Teachers and others in schools we know that some schools have the school resource officer and we know all that and in Florida there there were officers there which is just that's a shame and a tragedy that is is there something else that needs to be looked at because we've heard. Some who say that's great and other people who say that that is a huge liability issue to. Arm people in our schools who might accidentally killed the wrong person. And at the same circumstances all prevail everywhere I think it is depends on the circumstances. The vast majority of teachers are never going to be armed don't wanna be armed are going to be armed and that's fine. Are there are some teachers who are. Ex military very well trained completely competent with a firearm maybe there. Sportsman in fact. And having them armed would be advantageous. It you know schools have a lot of personnel who are not teachers and maybe there's a security component there are so. I didn't think that in many cases some kind of armed security. Capability. It's is going to be helpful. You think will happen I mean there's all these ideas out there but I think is that what do you think this is. Reasonable and fair because you know pat does this gun issue is a wedge issue and it it divides people terribly I know you've. Team deficit Joseph Manchin who was a Democrat and you're trying to do something but. What you think is that the thing or the things that we can do that actually will pack costs. Science of the things we can do that actually have a chance to pass one is that it legislation that I'm entered its day. With Chris coon so my democratic colleague from Delaware which is a very modest bill. But it's helpful and that is let's do a better job of enforcing the laws that are already on the so for instance it a felony for somebody who has a criminal. History who 88. Convicted felon. To apply to purchase the guns and denying there criminal history on the form. You know it happens every other. And it happens every day and it's almost never prosecute. So we've got a bill that says well at the very simplest sense when the federal government does the background check for state which has spurred the vast majority stake. And somebody commits this crime of denying their criminal history in an attempt. I've done that they're not supposed to be able to find. Then the federal government will notify C law enforcement. Leadership of that state. So that the state can then decide whether or not they want to prosecute those persons. You think about it it's a it's a I think it's a very constructive step because. Someone who has that criminal background. And then commit this additional crime of attempting to get any. And lying about their criminal background committing yet another Sony they're probably. Active they're criminalized. And so this is the state law enforcement tool gives them the information. To go ahead and. Certainly monitor that person. Arrest them if they choose profit and that the mandate that the states actually prod it these people for these crimes. That makes it possible. The prosecute these people. That is a modest step in the right direction of better enforcement of this law I think that can perhaps we have bipartisan support. Several Republicans. Senators who are cosponsored the number of Democrats. It's a small staff that's an example of the kind of thing. I really you think we can pass I think with the pass legislation. That would forbid terrorists who are on the no fly list from being able to buy a firearm I think that's a no brainer. And we ought to be able to get that done. I think there's a chance that my legislation with senator mentioned that would broaden background checks to apply at commercial venues. Where they don't apply to that I have that background check that place I think that that's got a real shot. But I do and and that the along Intersil I apologize but I wanna say. None of these individually nor does some of all of these bills it's signed into law none of them guarantee an end. Cities turned the massacres because at the end of the day. It's a serious mental health problem. Am on a determined person and find a way to get it done even with all the doubt that I think all without votes should be in the way we should make it as artists are all. That's why what the politics. But we've got a better understand what goes wrong in the minds of these young men. That they decide. They're gonna go and massacre. These you know huge numbers of completely innocent and vulnerable people on by the way they're usually on a suicide mission. Is that the shooter department apparently was not but usually. It ends with the shooter killing himself before the police get there it is so buried buried. A half fine. Madness that these people descend into and we're not really gonna solve this problem until we understand how to identify it early as these are. And in the case of this bout Parkland shooter he seems to be on just about everybody's radar and it's almost. Unbelievable. That he somehow wasn't test sidelines. Are in the process but I guess that's just the way it is. Well we we need to understand that better clearly there were multiple breaks down you're absolutely right all the warnings were there. People in the community did exactly what they've been asked to do right if you see something say up well they were saying. But every specifically. That display as badly disturbed he has got Don T is going to try to kill people probably Abbott is score mean they spelt with a company knew what was coming. And yet. The appropriate steps aren't taken so we absolutely have to understand what went wrong there try to about that from happening again. And network kind of running out of time but in short answer kind of way pat can you talk about the efficacy so far. Of the tax cuts. It's been fantastic we have now over four million Americans working for 400 companies. That have received. A raises bonuses contribution to their pension plans or some combination of those. Directly attributable. To that tax cut and and that's what we know love because the companies have. Specify that that's the reason they were able to do what we know what happened. Many more times that we're just not aware of all the reason what contributed to this up so fact is that's happening. Millions and millions of Americans have seen an increase in their take on day because of what Coleman has gone down because you know let the facts as that's been terrific. And I'm very confident about is yet to comets. That does is take advantage as. These incentives to invest more in their business and bask more of their employees and well. It's going to create more demand for workers more job opportunities. And upward pressure on wages so. I'm really very pleased with how it's beginning and I bird all of a. US and they're actively Natalie got the thanks as always for taking this time with us we should do appreciate it. I haven't Aaron.