US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta

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Thursday, September 28th

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And it is our honor to welcome. The secretary of labor for the United States of America. Alexander a cop steps to our show good morning mr. secretary how are you. Good morning how are you doing this morning. We are doing very well here in northeastern Pennsylvania and we know they EU visited. Signature building systems this morning tell us about to this trip why you came to Scranton. And what you saw. That's right I I just let's strip that few minutes ago I was in and out of Albania yesterday and today. And I'll party I was so impressed the signature is employing hundreds of folks that and more importantly there's a providing training and work based education. You know it should wide we have six point two million open jobs. Americans want a war better colleges. Aren't providing the skills that the work based system is demanding and so. You've got employers like that matured you've got. Organizations. Like now the labor management organization since its board that are training. People would carpentry and construction in really giving them the skills but apparently it didn't drop. So to re orient the wave that we look at higher and and move to a model that is more inclusive and two job training. I. I I you know I think we do and what we've been talking about it but we call entry that edge intranet in higher education should talk to supporters that say. What he needs what are you hiring. And and focus and and provide individuals the option to learn the skills that are orders are looking for. Okay and MA we do need to pivot on the model now since the veterans administration. At came to Washington in January we understand. The acts at 24000. Jobs. Have been added says in the state which is a good it's a good start and we we all appreciate jobs but. It you know as well as we do and and I hate to be selfish about it mr. secretary of Pennsylvania adjust sound. Is is lagging behind in in some areas say in an arias says that the incomes are not as stellar as and other areas and the unemployment rate is a bit higher so how how have you. I learned about our costs in your time on the job and what kind of recommendations do you have for Pennsylvania may be to do a little bit better. Well you know I ate the you know it didn't let let me just say nationally. We have one point two million net job. And in that job creation emperor is for the north Eastern Pennsylvania area about. That's not the entire state so so the jobs are being added that they're being created. But we we need to focus and not just on job creation but on und skill development we need to open debate tools that are looking for jobs. Why are the skills. That that employers are Hummer because you have all these open drops. I'll let individuals you know aren't being given those skills in the school system. It's when they go to apply. Do they have what employers want. And in that that's how. Tense Albanian and and that's how the Scranton area can really could now. Now another issue that has arisen here and it's not an issue everywhere in the country but it sure is here. Is the ongoing and troubles some. Crisis involving Opie Lloyds how has so Europe office looked at that. In terms of its impact on jobs in the country and particularly where we live. Well that's so important a play that we just had two studies come out. One by Princeton. And won by an independent think tank out of Washington and both of them that beat that same thing. They both concluded that half of adult males. That aren't working have a focus prescription. And and and that's horrible. On because that's saying that says that individuals are are being detected because certainly seem this description. And the question should they need. Do they need it already being uphold what the warning you know what that health risks are with these prescriptions. And it's something that the positions have to look at the doctors the American Medical Association. Well insurers also have to look at that the president mentioned just came up with recommendations this week. And those recommendations are gonna look at the medical beat for calculates. And really questioned whether they're being overprescribed but I think that's great start. You is to have people don't get into in the first place then they can may be avoided that which would be the best possible outcome. When the the president was campaigning he talked a lot. Mr. secretary about the return. Of manufacturing. To the United States it was kind of part of his campaign and may be at the heart of it because that makes people excited in the makes them happy because. I think they like American goods and services and they. Certainly appreciate the opportunity that may arise if that does happen. Since you've been on the job how much have you seen. You know as you have you seen any daylight on that because we know it's it's it's a hard thing to do but are you seeing areas in the country were is actually happening. Well we are if you look at the growth you know last quarter we had a 3% growth rate which is a great growth rates. I'm in the question is whether that growth happens and it's really interest. Bomb the group have you know deep mining industry mining oil and gas. Grew by over 20%. In bad it's just phenomenal rate of growth and that's certainly something that has a lot of impact in Pennsylvania. In the long run. For the second areas manufacturer for manufacturing spotted making comeback or the jobs are staying here. And people are getting jobs and these are great jobs they hate well that there was sustaining. And it really makes a difference with some can get one of these jobs. That you know hopes and support themselves and their entire family. He'd been in the country laureate we saw that you were very excited by that kind of a developments. A factory the sop plant the saw something in the energy sector where were you worried that while this really could be the future. Well you know just yesterday I was I was done in Pittsburgh. Speaking at the shell conference you know I know that and Nicole. But facility has opened up here locally in in Pennsylvania. You know out less than Denver you're getting used facilities opening up there is excitement. Problem in the Wisconsin area and they're looking at the fact I mean that's gonna be creating. Not just hundreds but thousands of jobs. And and it's it's their opinion impact he tent you know you don't do this on a national basis he'd do it. Facility by ability a thousand jobs here a few hundred droughts there but over time they've added up it. In eight months he had one point two million bit try out dated and that makes all the difference. We know that the details of flow what president trump was talking about yesterday regarding. A revision or reboot of our could onerous tax code. Certainly that's a new topic but when you saw maybe the preliminaries. Of that mr. secretary what did you thank. But I typically you know what an EE if he had a simple you know I think I think most Americans have very simple. In jail to have a job is that it did the opposite his job a much anonymity in home. Am I gonna take a more money for my family. And and that type boats designed to to Foster job creation want jobs more jobs even workshops. And to allow individuals is simpler tax code we're hopefully going to beat bracket from south of word doubling the standard deduction. To make it you know easier. So folks don't have to itemize and so in essence you're getting into your tax bracket. Pork you know up to the first depending on where you are between twelve and 24000. Law it it sounds like there is promise but today as you know Washington sometimes people look at promise and other people try to snuff that out so. I I don't know where this is going but to hopefully in the future there will be brighter picture anything else before we LA go to. Engage in the rest your duties today. I would just split two to really simple point you know the idea of a Europe bracket for the first. For the first twelve to 24000 that you don't pay any taxes I think it's really clear simple car. And the second point I'd make it going back to tidbit that though that job openings number. Com or six point two million open jobs in the United States and Americans want to work. And it really is incumbent on the higher education system to colleges and universities. To talk to reporters and saying. Where are the open jobs in how to teach people that still didn't get those. It was so great a viewed to that I join us today secretary of labor Alexander Acosta for the United States of America thanks so so much for coming to town and seeing what we're all about an and mine for all these these things happen in government and who knows what can happen right. Certainly it's our pleasure.