US Air Force Master Sgt Michael Hallbrook

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Thursday, October 12th

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That's Kyle Mack actually for a pursue Henry today. And I yum received an email today. Which I don't really really close subject here I would broaden our master sergeant Michael Holbrooke. From the what was from the air force paid Debbie then from the air force yeah wow and it's it's crazy because. Tom it when I was growing up I actually wanted to join air force. I have. They come over the age dose of an interest well at CeBIT seventeen to 39 now I'll also. You you may be good to go I think and I. But I wanted to because zombie it was just that was the avenue I guess you fly. And then I was I was interest in the space program so I want to go that way. Oh absolutely absolutely and I was listening to you before I came and you talk about student loans and that is. No better reason than to join the air force the student loans sure none yeah tell us what's that what's going on I'm willing you know on the. Regional supervisor here in northeast PA we cover everywhere from pots Bill Scranton. Case Hilton's trials bird wilkes-barre. I mean seven recruiters in the area and we're just right now. Really looking for some qualified and motivated people to join the air force I'm retiring soon. After 22 years and many people to allow still my issues and air force needs has a big need right now for. I'm mechanics electronics. Space career fields. Cyber. You know. It's jobs like that out their right now and for religious in the payment. Trying to get the news out to anyone listening who has maybe kids grandkids. Nieces nephews and friends. That have talked about it. So I've really appreciate you let me come in today and been discussed and I actually have a I have nephews that are coming of age where they you know want wanna join the military use is kind of back and forth. If you could just did nobody can really weird for pretend microphone to someone you wanna recruit just palace played what what are the benefits are what you are and what to tell people and they. Come see. Well when I was a recruiter in Texas the biggest thing I did was sell my story and you know I group and a small town in Florida. My parents were you know upper middle class mate too much for student on me too much for me to get grants. I didn't really want to do the student loan route I did go to Munich dollar three year. I failed and algebra test can't. I kind of went back for my dad was a marine. He folder Vietnam. So he was telling me if you can join the military silicon air force and I salute and do it join in the Marine Corps to follow his footsteps. And so one day you know I. Feel that algebra test there and community college and got the car and drove. 22 miles up towards Jacksonville Florida. Named. Morton worker's office and I was like here I am so happy that. You know I took the test and I think you know back then it was really. Quite easy to. Since you joined in swore in like you could leave immediately fell out right now we have a little bit of weight. But yet they they said you know when you leave this is April of 1995. A Sig union month they gave me exactly one month and in May have left so just the not so much story you know because of the air force I've been able to. Gained you know for a college degrees but I didn't pay for any level. You know my family you know my kids were born never paid a medical bill tougher than to be born. Been able to travel coming from I like says come from a small Florida town. I've literally lived around the world. Many states have lived in Europe traveled through Europe have been to the Middle East and India Asia. So you know I'm gonna see a lot of things my kid's been in Wasilla thanks so is very beneficial and he likes it with the education side. Learned so much. Through the air force. Just with my job in my previous job for a curtain was in our communications. Project management which that's. You know when when I join their force in 1995 and they asked me what I wanted to do assay computers because and you know in the mid ninety's that's what type of battle that was the thing yet. So. As I computers. So they give me a book of jobs and wrestle the same likeness at implementation projects and and it looks pretty good some some computer stuff in there. But now project management. Mean is our jobs and you go to college project management. And I got all that for free body in there or what I'm trained to their first as you secure your spot it was a Marines what did you distract. Quality of life really I mean all services you know I I have friends and Marines have friends and army are friends and naming. You know and it's just call a life was for me. Actually one on a trip with a marine recruiter to pair silent. To see a Marine Corps basic training and you know and they and my dad you know my dazzling hey you know when I was in Vietnam. I was staying intense. Even when I was on our guard to you know it's a Saigon or wherever he went or Japan. He's I still stay in intense. They're forced guys stayed indoors a whole self help site could well that's like OK yeah so. And and it's true I mean the other services. You know they have there. They have their missions and their jobs and we in the air force have ours but. This is caught her life to console me to it and education part free you know free education free college tuition. Just can't beat a certificate whose. Like nephews are there you don't know where they're gonna go in and in a kind of wave like this and just percent of wanna I guess straight past. Yeah I was threatening a military service my brother around is actually sergeant in the National Guard okay I he joined up yet so I understand that you know I understand why people go and and it's funny because we are like. Two different sides of the coin you know I mean he he joined the military on me wanna go fight back with Iraq and 9/11 and then I immediately went like come. I want you to live forever so I. Those are protesting are hesitant and I got political and here we aren't I am but I volleys I've always really really support the troops like one thing that that I don't think people understand is that this has nothing in the do with you but wind. And people like myself and we will we fight against wars we fight against things like force troops like we are for the troops like we we want them to come back what the beef for averages are family members. It's really nothing against anything only gotten I just want people to know that kind into the Sar family but what. If you go to the air force he's so that is more than flying so what kind of programs would might soon be interest until. Was your biggest. Well that's a and that's nothing and one and thoughts are about to everyone you know. What again when I was recruiting and even though on the the supervisor now I still recruit here you know on the radio now. Com. You know only 2% air force like okay how us oh he's an everyone's lights when I don't schools forty fly what do you do and then I get the thing well I'm scared of heights and well you know I've been in the air force twenty years I've been only one air force plane and that was to fly from cutter. To Kuwait while so other than that you know I've never. And on you know and energy and or anything like that there's jobs like that out there. Most of our pilots in the air force company air force academy you know war. Our officer training school. But the rest of us. And if you name the job we have from cooks to engineers to. You know guys are due payment and construction computer guy cyber guys cyber really big right now cyber security. Yeah you know that's that's them that's the wave of the future to. Information security. So we have security forces we have special forces a lot of people don't know that because. The the and the army Marines are at army and navy give most of the with the Rangers. Army Rangers in the Navy SEALs and stuff but. We have I need big time for. Air force special ops as well be in pair rescue men come back controllers. Special ops weather believe it or not we have. You'd be the guys that you know defuse the bombs I'll have so we and we there's all kinds of jobs out there and another thing that we do is when we sell their forces we sell like if you look at an air force base it's in many city if you use you could literally be on that base have a job. Live in the dorms. In their had to leave the base in him wanted bears movie theaters golf courses bowling alleys. You know there's fast food restaurants on bases there's we have our own exchange system which is like a Wal-Mart so. Yet you never have to leave it wanted does that set the air force apart from the aliens or did you not know all bases are like that but again when it comes to quality of living you know with the air force and you're gonna have instead of play other services were you sharing 234. People to a room. They're four shed their own dorm room he may share kitchen you may share a bathroom. But other nag you had your own ring general private living space even when housing Queen Elizabeth tint but we had separated the tent Sweden. We separated the tents up with a you know makeshift walls were when of their own living space. And in its. It but where were kind of you know if you're really really down range. In effect and you know an up and out in his own or something like that. You Powell had to live and attend the most places even if you go anywhere you gonna win some kind of dorm. Facility so. I'm but I don't knocked up services when housing Kuwait believe it or not. The food at the army base has been in the air force base I don't know Elsa put it that it's you know. We'll have a likes it we'll have a mission. To do and and but we need people to join their force in fact that it had to get my so I sent my Ellison said my nephew T today which are made. I'm sending my way ahead it was a lit courses and Danica Danica all right so that these are generates here and Wilkes ferries of their by the Price Chopper. And Applebee's is a new recruit office of their off. Guess business through nine. We just opened up back there they just put the sign in the back says armed forces career center. So yes surgery it's. And another thing to if people get scared the you know they don't want on the recruit not that they were gonna make you sign the papers are at their that's not true we're not make signed a paper trip there. But we you know we we do want you to come in in the interests and enjoy in the air force. You can ask all the questions you want. But if he's president please go to air force dot com. And they have really upgraded that web site to show you what it's like to be in the air force every day what basic training is like. To help you find a recruiter and there's advises on their twin Forsett and they'll answer your questions it's like a chat session and you know I bet that's a great arm tool for parents to. Because I'm Merrill my brother was deciding to join you know my parents got that mindset to have okay now he wants to be in the military. What does that mean you know Iranian aid and now the questions they asked for the recruiter which it was his decision ultimately but you know you understand the fall back on with the support. And as far as that goes so I am I I think at the time they kind of went online is read everything you're saying. And it would have been just that a better position for every week we want to Paris command you know like so when I was in Texas that many parents command had many moms Crimea and hate me at the beginning. Especially for the you know the females their moms you know why you taken my baby and this and that but. Everyone I put in has been very successful right one. One young lady that I put in and she became a linguist Korean linguist NASA flies she's an airborne linguist. One my guys is actually to my guys are open and wanna I wanna put a specialist weather guy. Other guys now in combat controller school. They've all thrive Devoe made rink. Girl enjoying themselves you know couple decide to get out but they've got. Something to fall back on now because they've got a job experience and has nothing to with the air force if you come in say. As a cyber guy that's your job market and take that job away for you that's your job for four years or six years ago how long you sign up. Com but there's so many certifications go along with it. So if you become an aircraft mechanic. Yet you're gonna be certified as a mechanic cane you doing in an FAA certification license so. Now you get out go work southwest serve American Airlines or wherever you work for does not get that were experienced. Your veteran. Even had adventures preference. And I get the certification that most people are gonna have in the try to get those kind of jazz special at a high school in your future proving yourself up by doing this and he said it is free basically just join up. It's all it's all free you join up. You. You go to technical school where you learn new job and that's nothing about they're forced to were the only branch has their own community college so once you sign up. You're enrolled in community college. Now you go to you go to your basic training you get your PE credits out of basic training because last year you know you're running and all that simple time. The venue too technical school now you're technical school could be anywhere from six weeks to a year dependent on the job. But once you get out there your averaging at least 25 to thirty credit hours towards that associates degree. In your job and were the only branch second offered it that's amazing sort of causes everything you do is working towards a goal somewhere. Guy you're gonna my better than you were before you any time you arson and an air force classroom you're earning college credits as a straight up I'm well is writing us that you want to lump. Yeah I mean in an endless election went to matter and Zaman has a questioner and texture and you know I mean we we talk about that. But yes please if you listen to right now Peabody has. Anybody that wants to join. Contact any of the recruiters in the area wilkes-barre strip Strasburg pots filled Scranton. Hazel and arbiter forced dot com and ask the questions. Look at the videos. And pick the right choice to join our air force that's great if they want to I can contact you directly if they just a moment. Completely do that again about number someone something we can caller I I don't I don't give up my number of because I've been and you end dated all the time with the and with phone calls. But definitely if you go to air force dot com and putting your zip code it will pop up the number this. The recruiter near you out as straight up a master sergeant Michael Oliver got this is awesome I'm so glad you came in today well I appreciate you had this has been a great tell ya love being on the radio. I just work the radio low long time ago when I was a high school student. And saw Levine of the common and Chet. Greatly any my dream was I was to do you doing an end you wanna do I'm doing so rob just does not come again welcome to get the title back in force soon Henry on the center show judgment master sergeant Michael Oliver. And a retired air force and recruiting and how should I call on here talking about desire is our joint air force Stanton. Yes there Hadi my daughter graduated from him like the black. And it was working menial jobs but her boyfriend wanted to beat the air force. If you went and followed him and when she phoned out there was the possibility. To train dogs. All we treat just love and so Mike she'd besides just to lob take advantage of it. And what happened is that after training to what now to Germany spent four years out there. And she traveled to 36 with 38 countries. And the air force. And he became. A police officer. So after. If you made sergeant. And came back to the states. And her dream came true feel went to taxes in it graduated from canines school. And get so when she goes stewardship of the slayer iron but I'll try to pull in those dogs. And god she met another sidekick and they got married. They. They live off the base. They've bought a brand new home. This cycle one in a brand new community and the age there are laws live angle might say they go to work everyday and they come home from work every day. Source was that was a pretty busy fall for her here out. And well you know you just don't go in and set them on your bought and wait for things happen that you slap to make it happen no matter what you wore your own. So he heard that type of person that you've done a hundred Rick might check. Schumer is such a procrastinators. And I don't know how he did it by making side and you and fulfilling her life time dream. And since I didn't love. And you know her husband just came back from my 45 week backpacking. And in Europe. So law electricity listed thirty some countries. Just being in the air force. Matter fact in the hands selected to guard Air Force One when Obama was in Africa. And I had the picture first stand right on the yeah the greater the door of the presidential seal. Now so cent lower back here in any PH trying to figure out. How to make ends meet she's a little as an air force is irate. You actually working at a grocery store. And they wanted to make through assistant manager. And I just won't look at it ices beat you wanna think bad job but just remember it was an alarm goes off at 2 o'clock in the morning. You're there that's right and then you've got to be there at 5:36 o'clock to open this door and do you rate horse. And you're gonna have the same old thing over and over again. Mike if you want something would adventure and the creek the and you could just go to our blog by the way should make a pair of her degree. You went to school that was paid for and he's continued go to college on the side. And down it was the best thing that ever happen. Because that's great as it is crystal in until we have a master sergeant Michael Hubbard could enjoy the same thing and sent. You know maybe he's the one who assigned to us. Just ask him how long he's been finding helpful. You know people. Well I started in and Texas in 2011 and I just got to Pennsylvania in 2014. So. And you're your daughter sounds like she's probably been a little bit longer putts and. Multi did spend four years in Germany if you went through the dual boot camp just. Just accused Paul but hey you've got to do what you have to do but then have to act. You just. It dude the past few can put your mind until it. And have a dream yeah I have a dream if you want to beat. Cyberspace computer that's what you wanna strive for. He was always interest in them and all matter of fact when she graduated canine school's favor in retiring the dog she trained work. Bad dog within the service. Who lived in and that to an uptick channel. For ten years and when he retired intrigue graduate. She adopted that dog and brought her home with her. Such a great stories that has something to air force desired really change your life and by the here and I. It's okay. It really is something wrong on so proud over you know things like I think it's. You effective procrastinate. Six. Like she accomplished. That at any case then yeah that that sounds like myself I wonder. What will happen aside I went a different way in my I don't know that it's another thing to that you could come into the air force and let's say you know she she came in doing something else but in the air force gives you an opportunity to. Retraining into another job. Achieved for future first commitment and you re enlist you can do another job but. Just because you're in the air force as security forces and put your love is. I don't know I had one guy that worked on jets when I was in England but he intern in my squadron which was the computer squad communication quarter. He was and F fifteen aircraft mechanic. But his degree was in computer science that's what you wanted to do so he didn't stop. You know his dream of becoming. Guinness computers computer science degree because he worked on at 15 eastern today so there is nothing but I upward mobility will say yes and he's got a he makes a good point they're too you know you gotta be motivated. You know if you go and you need to make brink. To do you know took to go to college ID go to college as soon as I join their force I waited good year year and a half for a start back in school but. It's paid off in a four year four degrees got a bashes Gree three associates. Over and start working on a certification here so as accurate to retire and a and a few months so. It's offering again you know he had it in a smile on his face Saturday as can't see evidence from ear to ear but he says free and I agree because that at this I know it's like. He had sentiment PO I well I. I I appreciate you coming masses so urgent now Michael Ulbrich out with the air force if you guys if you want to join up on its second the efforts let's say it was air force dot com. Air force dot com and we'll give my office number real quick I said I wouldn't but it's 570825. 9996. That's 8259996. If you call that number. One of us will.