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Monday, June 25th
It's not just something that happens somewhere else. Human trafficking is happening and close to home. Tom Mosca, Esq is the Co chair of the NEPA Human Trafficking Task Force. He joins WILK's Nikki Stone with details on what you can do if you suspect someone could be in danger and even gives you signs to look for.  If you would like more information or to invite the NEPA Human Trafficking Task Force to do a presentation for your organization contact the Luzerne County Victims Resource Center at 570 823-0765, Wyoming County (570) 836-5544 or Carbon County (610) 379-0151. Other informational contacts are:  Truckers Against Human Trafficking.  National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888  or Text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 233733. 

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If you hit it wanna get passionate about something. And show compassion and do something that makes a difference I don't think this is something you can get involved with and helped to make a difference we have attorney Tom Moscow on the phone he is the co chair. Lean northeast PA task force against human trafficking. How are you doing this morning Tom. Very good thank you Nikki thanks for having me on the show. This is no problem on the because this is something that I think people don't realize. Is actually happening in their own backyard. It is it's happening not only across the country across the world boot from right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. And and I want to distinguish. At the outset the difference between human smuggling and human trafficking because. And other sometimes some confusion smuggling involves someone paying. So it's someone else to get them across a border human trafficking doesn't evolve borders doesn't require a border. It is. Can happen anywhere at any time. If it happened with our at our own to I was I came across the story and I I wish I would know more about this before. A young girl from the blues bird area. Yeah yeah I'm not familiar with that. Without story but there are stories in the in the press all the times they don't always have a headlines saying human trafficking but that's what it is there was one last month and hazel township. That involved a young woman who was. Advertising a fifteen year old boy online to perform sexual acts with both men and women and obviously. That is sex trafficking of human beings. They are there are certain. And web sites that you keep an eye on for this activity. I do not law enforcement does there's there's a notorious one I'm not gonna give it to any prospect that was shut down now by the federal government last month. That it is it is being used regularly. And has been used to I think the problem is that when you shot one down another one pops up. So it's an ongoing problem. Fred I don't get any free advertisement I think that a lot of people do know that. There's a very popular place we go buy furniture you can buy a house to buy car and then they have personal sentiment as well and some of those personal ads. Or four. Activities. Like this factually correct and something that seems so innocent. To somebody who has just do looking to buy a new kitchen table. Is there is another section that could be actually selling people who've. That's right in the end it's mind boggling that in 2018. We're still buying and selling human beings. It makes you wanna cry. I hunter in 1909 human trafficking cases were reported last year in Pennsylvania. Alone. Status cracked you're talking about a statistic of what was reported through the human trafficking national hotline. And there is a national hotline that tries to track these things and all the states. And I'll give some of those numbers out to. When you're ready for them this is people's. People need to know those. Contact Susan and and reach out to the proper. Authorities if they see something that maybe human drafting. Now I do realize that there are people who participate in human trafficking. It'd which blows my mind too little because the you have to know how old child is or eight they're older Cilic the girl that's missing in the Blacksburg area. I'm. Her name is Corey has flustered or is the Karine I am sorry and if I don't know the first name at the last things lesser. She's nineteen years old and she disappeared. Just last September from the Blacksburg area so we're. When they could be young kids or it could probably be what you think down early twenties late teens early Tony's flew the women. I think it can be of any age you can be both men and women both girls and boys. Any age race. If it happens to everybody and and by and large those. People who are very adult victims were probably try Africa's miners. I believe the story was this girl so beautiful girl from Leesburg area. And but she's you know teenagers go through that depression and they don't feel like they belong anywhere in. She ended up dropping out of school and she met this guy he. Somehow who was from new York. And he brought her back they're promising her all that this good life and the good life ended up not being so good. Well and that's part of the grooming process traffickers. Very much like how to files traffickers groom their victims. And and some of these young women and I think that this trafficker is there more different. And their meeting in the law now against the tyranny net makes it so much easier first half. Happen. If it doesn't and that has changed the dynamics considerably. And heartened to make it harder or easier to pinpoint who. I think that's certainly more questions for law enforcement I'm not really. I would think that is it. It is a much more fast. The area to police and that the Internet is is fast. You talked about you know the ages of victims there was last year. I'm sure people remember there was sort of a nine year old boy. 22 men conspired to traffic this manual board it's. And raped and our house in Pittston. That's human trafficking. We've heard about babies do but it says so. Horrible it's not just sex though they could be to work labor rate. Could be labor trafficking. Did there's also the possibility that people could be traffic for organ harvesting although the approximately 80% of human trafficking in the United States and in this scenario would be for commercial sites. And our other places so we used them to look for this or how do we know. There are certain songs. Does that you know if you see some of these science. That you you might be. Witnessing somebody who's a victim of human trafficking. Still I'm just gonna list a few they can't. Freely contact friends are firmly they may appear fearful or anxious. And and they would appear you know sometimes. If any are because they had an incidence you know and somebody checking on them might be able to spot some of these signs that's one place where it can happen they defer to another person to speak for them they won't speak on their own. They're not allowed to socialize or attend religious services they might have tattoos decision in this stand agent detectors are very much more acceptable and and prior days but when a tattoo says property of and has somebody's name Morse has cash only or has a bar code. Those are the types of tattoos that are you know and your average person would not be having but a victim of human trafficking might. OK so but what else what can people come to doing what to they do when they think they see somebody. Who was a victim. Well you can certainly. You can certainly did contact local law enforcement and we we would never. We've never hurt anybody to directly approached someone I think is a human trafficker. But if they see someone I think is a victim local law enforcement as a great great place to start you can call the national human trafficking. Resource center at 1888. 373788. Days you can tell text help to 233733. Or you can even go on the anywhere in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania you can dial 211. And you can get some information of that may be helpful to someone that's a victim. For anyone who is a victim can certainly reach out to any of these numbers and just some helpful information. What more should we be doing. Ourselves to be aware of this. Well keeping one of the things we do is a task forces we've been going about these are giving PowerPoint presentations. So there's anybody out there that hasn't yet a group of organizations that. His interest is and having a member of the task force come speak to them we would be happy to do that we are affiliated with the victims resource that are of Lucerne county. And we can be reached through them 5708230766. And just to highlight the importance of why we all need to know some of these signs which we go into more thorough in our presentations. Flasher in the news there was certainly incidents involving an Alaska Airlines flight. Where there was a stewardess who had actually had some some training regarding human trafficking and was aware of some of the signs. And a young girl and an older man came onto the flight. Young girl that's some bruising and just. Carried herself in a way that made the flight attendants suspicious she managed to get the girl to go to vote. Restroom where she left a note asking if she needed help. The girl so she did. The pilot reached out to authorities and the man was arrested when they landed fact grow it is now attending college. So there can be happy endings. And if you if we can help one person by. You know helping them out of this situation the problem is that these people have very difficult time getting out of this life once they're gonna. And that's regional food and spot the signs and help to even one person. Truck drivers happen and be one of that this. Who could help a lot sometimes as well as a reverend stories. They have they have a very good web site do. Truckers against human trafficking. That it has a lot of helpful information and videos on it. And they have been and again that's one of the places where people are traffickers at truck stops so you know those truckers who. Have a conscience and want to do something about it have put together this effort to on behalf of truckers to make. What we're and there are a lot of truckers have conscience and care about children felt so absolutely. He's everything else you need to and today before we that I have to go to break. Though wasn't as that there is something that some legislation has been spending the last couple years has not pasture. Is this senate bill 554 which is more commonly known as the safe harbor act. I can't speak to where that is from the legislative process but it's in the best interest of our children if that eventually passes and what it would do. Children that are charged and arrested for prostitution. Would not be criminally prosecuted they would be treated. Like to victims that they are and they would be processor to system. In an effort to give them away now so rather than taking miners and you know. Perpetuating the process they would get on the way out given the assistance they need. I think two weeks ago that moved to go to the floor so I don't know what happens after that when they do when it actually makes it to the Florida. So he moved out of the senate and onto the floor. So that's detergent has been an extent it's been around for the last since 2016 beliefs. All so maybe it might stay here for the hopefully they'll do something with that I think something else might have been attached to it so I'm not exactly sure what they're doing with it. As well Tom. The next time something goes up in the news and we need to conquered. Or you have something that you like to get out their please. Feel free to give us a call or I will call you sort thank you so much for checking in with us today appreciate it thank you take care have a great day out.