Tom DePietro of DePietro's Pharmacy about how the small pharmacies compete the big chains, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, November 21st

Tom DePietro of DePietro's Pharmacy in Dunmore talks to Frank Andrews about how the small independent drug stores and pharmacies compete against the big chains.


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Talking to come to control who is the pharmacist there. I understand Tom that there is kind of a battle to put a little smaller. Drug stores like yours out of business can you explain what the problem this. Yes thank thank thank for having me today and that's thanks for exposing. What are the problems that we face. Every independent pharmacies and you know like yourself prior to it's taking over the show shine on you would interact with Gary. You Republican in your community on a daily basis a daily basis step my game is patients come to me. And seniors really can't afford their medications. Well the tactic that is being. Used by pharmacy benefit managers now pharmacy benefit managers. Candle that prescription claims at a pharmacy. One of the things that they haven't cold front small independent pharmacies. Is after the fact he's so and they couldn TI RP's. And these cedar imposed after the patient picks up the perch corruption. Look at their home. You know weeks later when we're supposed to receive a check from the lynch and company. And last I checked however. They try to put feed. That sometimes make bad makes us lose hundreds of dollars on approach corruption. Now what's to scare the scary part and and I talked to you about this before and it sounds to me almost like like I I I said almost like the mafia like they're asking you you know I guess we'll protective bugged me that these fees are for comments from the giant chains right. Yes so a lot of the a lot of that big chain pharmacies realized. That there was a lot of good money in owning their own insurance. Company so pharmacy benefit managers. Some might Caremark. Went out and bought CDS sun out CVS Caremark at one company. I'm so what they initially that PI RQ are fed up as a way for her you know our. Our government Medicare. To receive reimbursements. From the makers of drugs. But through. One that really wasn't happening and it gave a pipeline. Ordered the pharmacy benefit managers can impose peace seat unharmed he could fire at it any night. Sound like I'm just talking about small independent pharmacies but I what I want to. Public can now she is. That this is causing. A lack of transparency. For drug pricing so you know I had a patient who comes to mean an end. Has Medicare this year in the donut hole right now. Hey in which he doesn't understand in what most people don't understand. Is the inflated price. So being turned may tell me to obtain the 500 dollars so that counts against the patient of 500 dollars counts against adaptation. Looks so interpret scripture and what that patient I don't know strength is that a week. Three weeks after she left my pharmacy she insurance company talkback 300 dollars of that so that's 300 dollars is now being. Credited so hard throughout spend. So it is haven't is it is so it does have a bit of an impact on the patient not just on the pharmacy. So national community pharmacy association and it did a study on the impact of what are these she's doing Natalee to us as independent pharmacists a way that doing to our our our citizens. What is the feeling toward Medicare program so. The government would save it NC embarrassed this senator Medicaid. Can now in agreed with the statement that Medicare would save 3.4. Billion dollars 3.4 billion dollars over ten years. If these fees or done away with so. The government recognizes that these fees are having a negative impact not only our community fire or eat it. Our Medicare patients are most vulnerable senior citizens who who right now are paid to it. Trying to put food on the table for Thanksgiving. Trying to pay their heating bells. Trying to come back in the in the holidays will come trying to batter grandkids who. Christmas present site of daily living with the daily life does that impact it by the seat because. They're they're net that they're not reflecting. That these patients are truly. You do that money is being taken back from them. So Tom what what do we do I mean I'm a Tucson scary it sounds like the look I would just like SO but these big chains are trying to take the little guys out what can we as people do. And I appreciate that question in French so many people ask me that it in you know I try to they are there have been involved in. In my government have good relationships with my local elected officials. I'm very at the house resolution 1038%. Felt for a thirteen. That you know I would encourage people to to pick up the phone and call their representatives I mean I know it doesn't happen often because I cock. Am I patient at a daily basis and when I tell them that they look me in the eye and I think town. You know they're not gonna listen Tony you know it doesn't matter if I write them a letter. And unfortunately. Insurance industry has gotten so bad. That the only people that could. Even how but in this battle. You know our elected officials in you know I met let Paris and current topic then you know she did when I show them. You know who beat the paperwork and show them the numbers. Any volatility see you thank you look I mean it like it is free so it's really happening right and into almost unbelievable. And it's not a course that the course I didn't is that anybody involved in pharmaceuticals is no light gets paid gold bricks but it's not a triple. Threat. It and you know health care premium and I am sure that there's been talk about on the show. This year alone healthcare premiums increased 30%. When will it end well when well when Mo we have. Then. The room to agreed to pay okay my mortgage is going to be this much money my health care is going to be that much money when I go to the grocery store I'm gonna spend that much money. You know I know that you talk to your senior citizens and gain nearly every day. I don't in races out here it's not all an increase of panic oh well we cook county and is. Health care it's gonna be more expensive year after year after year and well and Willis stocks. Well Tom I tell you we're gonna stay on this we're gonna put some information on our website will encourage people to call shoot and I want to thank you for your service of the community owners thank you for being such an honorable man and thank you for taking time to talk with us. Thank thanks so much and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving YouTube. Tom antitrust and antitrust pharmacy.