Tina Carlin Farm Women United

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Thursday, July 5th
Tina Carlin, Communications Director with Farm Women United with WILK's Nikki Stone.

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I was Tina Carolina talking about and very important hearing that's coming up on July 24 nineteen power in. I'm good how are you know I am hood and now. There's crisis in the dairy industry. A series yet for a aunt and can you explain how this what is going on the crisis. Well I don't happening in the day and the GMs that. That's how I think that's the actually lose. Their base farm. But I completely further their product. It is. Content production and I think that now which is eleven until they're gallon just froze the consumer understands. Com. Caught trying to improve its own five dollars. You could do that eleven secret gallons of milk actual crime that it currently getting anywhere from thirteen to fifteen dollars. And that's saying a lot into effect on the not so little fanfare losing anywhere from seven to ten dollars. I want. Seven to ten dollars 200 pounds of milk I'll. Her hands amount of yeah. And how many pounds of milk or are you see your content like 70000. Dollars a month. I'm. Moving here I was getting anywhere on the average can't he get 50000 hour depending on the farm. And they suddenly deductions that are taking out of that on the front. It crazy. I'd pay anything at all. Safari have to pay for that tracking may have to change something called make allowances. I'm gonna have to move paper that I am getting where the press censorship BP will probably stay in the inexpensive farmers. Don't get updated there. On hand so that it's the processors that are are. It did pretty much putting it in the bottles and sending out the door. And then in the process. They cooperatives that the farmers. Long view on the Beijing a big chunk of the money true. The collapse of the property is considered himself into the producer and not a plumber. So with a a piece of work pay and flat. What is at 350 a gallon and that. Give these guys in welfare and depending on the area. Fifty a gallon com. That I didn't want to guarantee that finally gets slightly over a dollar and depending on where you get it now with Wal-Mart. Well variety in the can and that does. And a great value out anecdotal evidence Allen I'm saying. Carol I know which is. From Lehigh Valley area of the valley cream each separately in the same problem that he will have a follow up for. From Bluetooth is actually two dollars to fifty. And he leaned in theory pure. Table I get scary yeah actually well I'm blew up two dollars and 59 until something like that on again on. For a different level hacking and in under the did that he got undercut. The milk from the same same primary. We can put the leader to you and in the sense that rob armored. As you say no until you won't get your dollar and her gallop off that thing. I don't get a dollar off the gallon by. It should be lower than that she should get more than a dollar twelve I'm trying. Do you try to raise the price so we should probably be paying more for 55 dollars a gallon. That's the plan they who have. The legislation that was trying to think that little almonds and probably American defense pride on the food well within the bottled milk. And because that would mean for Pennsylvania. To Pennsylvania. I'm. It would mean even now with three dollars and fifty cents a gallon which is roughly what it's funny now. Finally got that twenty dollars. Under the American people Oprah. That would be something better than the thirteen thinking that they're getting now. Not quite concert production that would help them to pay off some more bills because. That's why is it true factory itself it because they found that cannot be I'm not able to make. Payments. And it's not just the final leg it trickled on down to the businesses that they feel. Because they know in the last couple months I know I actually eat dairy farmers and want agribusiness. That there had been suicide. And as a businessman if he would have gotten like you know monthly payments from the people. That only a Monday the day farmer. He would have been able to be okay but this stressed just. What do much so and it's getting harder and harder every day for the day armor. Poses public hearings going to help. The public hearing is going to bring true a lot of different aspects what's going on in the dairy industry. The and that's. And still need but are often enough they turn that into. Let's call we're approaching concentrator. It was and that's the art form slick look for a mental focus now. A separate them without it cheese makers used. In the cheap making process. A hundred pounds of milk to make impound sheet. And he he went back and we'll let. It's a hundred times. And they anywhere from fourteen to eighteen pounds of cheese but the achieved an inferior achieved that does not taste like a good. Cheney's it has. I'm definitely not as nice. Why why do instance has no protein concentrate that is Thabeet itchy. Foot on the shelf and not know refrigerated section. NBC and I. Something else got a look from Russia. So you're looking at ways and educating the public on who had done and said yeah something means there needs to be an immediate emergency intervention in the tissue that lies at the farmers milk prices. There is problems across the industry witnesses farming period to not a whiff. Dairy farmers can learn more. I'm into the web site which is WWW. How I'm not all women even I can't dot org. They get comfortable doing on the 24 of July should get absolutely doubt about it Allen probably hearing information on the web site. Your article on Facebook's. Weird Spartan I'm just gonna repeat where it is clear to build fire hall. 143. School lane Laird to build PA is the address next to a report. Starting at 9 in the morning going totaled five in the afternoon. Yeah. Impacted the people that congressmen and the senators. Especially here in Pennsylvania. Defense center to close he was on the committee. And I'm at it and I'm confident that I'm I think many. And he of people. That think that they could do this for regular people outside the play caller we just need to get them. Do it and the interest Anglican that congress in order for this happen and then shockingly silent prayer. If you were trying to get them to do that. I'm built a farm bill on the can't find that they don't have nothing and it can safeguard the dairy farmer. I'm loosened the regulations. Connor reform even more. But finally does not get a fine on my farm and. And our family farms are the backbone. Of northeast PA or at least had been at one. Point. Look at them in the northeast gains are very important we want you aren't supply of fresh locally produced real milk that's what yeah. Yeah Tina for check in and I hope. And things go well on the 24 for you we'll try this season there. I want to thank god that great care Tina thank you so much all right.