Tiffany Pradel Miners Medical

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Wednesday, December 13th

Miners Medical is a drug treatment center in Ashley. Today they are going to be handing out blankets to the homeless. Tiffany Pradel says it's in an effort to get the word out there is help available. If you would like to donate any items you can visit Miners Medical at 43 South Main Street in Ashley.


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But it is cold outside. And there's a drug treatment center in actually called miners medical. That has a couple of facilities in our area and down are giving out blankets to the homeless since many of the homeless are drug addicted people. And here is Tiffany from the minors medical to explain how it's ongoing high tax. And I'm groovy what do you got tell us about this on his program that miners medical is doing. And minor medical will be going out there look at local back local home excitement walked Barry on the they're distributing blanket covered. Volunteers since it's not gonna bring it and it went Corbett. I'm an outpour handing out sandwiches for those who might be hungry com. We're trying to help the community and go to may be suffering from populated view. Just let them know their help out there but they have to take expects to get there. And tell anybody that was laying if you are someone you dollar suffering from the fact contribute to charter. Contact minor medical and actually at 57082251. Port right. Okay so well. Well is come these homeless where exactly are you just gonna like going to the three G news and basically why well. Man OK and I don't know how we act through. The heads I don't say it. Actually went in the Asia that was yeah I mean could try to make sure that people under there on Monday. And I'll bet you people out of there as well I mean it called out they've is there. We want to thank everybody out. Tonight it's gone on the thirteen so I mean talk about a code blue that is a real true code blue. And I am so I think I think blankets or just about the best thing. That you could do to it that you can write on and stuff on. It's it's just unbelievable so mind at all avocado body. Yet right now that's that's another story on again and hit it. But well we appreciated and to come its people wanna donate blankets can they do that's. Rory OK I know are out. Okay the authority train south main street and actually we are in the same building as I believe that the every dollar. Can I thanks Sam. These you wanna donate blankets or other like warm clothing. I don't Sox are big and I I mean there's nothing better than a really nice warm pair of socks. So. Hi we could be called polonium either call the red the rest of you aren't exactly. Beating enhance. So I don't need donations without protecting. Came when hard is this gonna take place. I'm Libby could day I'm trying to get out there between 111130. We're making this issue which is right now so. Hopefully we're done by 1111 parity and we had over there. Okay that's fantastic. We really appreciated Tiffany in and thanks for letting us know. You trauma.