Terry Johnson of the Flamingos about the show at the Kirby Center on October 14, 2017

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Wednesday, September 27th

Terry Johnson of the Flamingos talks to Rob Neyhard about the Doo Wop show presented by Joe Nardone at the Kirby Center on October 14, 2017.


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Now all. We are joined by had a great Terry Johnson hello Terry. I am well I'm glad you're able to join us. They killed well yeah well. You know let's tell people a little bit about how this started if I remember right. The group itself started in Chicago somewhere in the early fifties. Right Hillary 53 of its history yeah and then one day there is a concert in Baltimore and you're in the audience. Knew were a member of another group I think the whispers. Nomar whispers and all of a sudden you know they were looking to replace one other one other guy is then. And all of a sudden there's Terry Johnson as a member of of of the flamingos how does that come about. I just knew that the actual votes more you. I just continued their little books on that Chicago okay. And then moved to Chicago 200 you know the two groups together all our. Lives so they can't vegetable tomorrow which should go to the mood to hear it and don't. So it was great I really was not my department sent a lot of ills that we. Check out the product keys are not. True didn't look cool because I like the terrorist. Well we're not so little better bonus stage it was like well. Who coached vote that's who I want to beat this sit high. I'm Matt I pictured are so closely actually that the body I saw a couple of states according to cheer about so what stage. And what a total doubt about it. They kind of masks. Send you know. Kind of you know moved on because it was you know shall contribute say that's charge so. And see some didn't stay at that time nobody. Musician is that compared minister minute sank National Commission so isu. We would bring about a camera crew off to accomplish such a little trigger tired but he's so so. Don't say you know chilly here and so bloody I don't. I had those. Tucson so you know I had much written what. Militias from Baltimore so I played he's sorry it took them this ultimate has this bit because it was an outpost south what they had been doing. And then literally and get a test with me and I waited waited waited costs too much. Cannot return to move on. Christmas trees Chase Carey called recently they sort of typical assortment boats. To help. Oh yeah. I thought so bullets did you didn't sink in in church with some of these guys smooth and you heard a lot younger. Hear about it I mean you know I mean then they were right in the Jewish songs you know okay. Then there you know and adapt sort of you know. So Christians but you know let's go to patent Jewish. Excellent spot act another question that then I wondered how did you get the aussies. Everybody I mean that's going to happen. Enviable. You know among other liberalism I'm witnessing just what are you waited. And emotions are usually always underground loud you can't beat but I. Okay and that's so really can. Yeah well you know. You. The flamingos put out so many great songs that I mean it is there anyway to and it's probably a dumb questions asked to bunt. Sir anyway you can you you have a favorite. Of these great classics. Well. They sure do. To me how embarrassing news is the greatest but I didn't write that I'm rearranged it and I mean that's that's that's my written let's say that would put. Japan is they want to that would put some iTunes. I became good musical arranger. Of locals and the music because I had bet against. Canned. So but iPad group they don't already. Initiated that everybody in the room and I thought that was one of our greatest threat it took you until we get broken up. Alou on the verge of breaking up and strong came out. And it kind of you know damaged XP 'cause we have the president have been retrofitted or what to do my. You know. So it kind of got lost a couple of reward is one of our greatest but didn't suburb almost uphold standards which are arranged. Then I mean somebody true and so almost. And you guys to them like perfectly. That's why they're still around. Right now people still love hearing you sing. Yeah. You know with the Internet you know I I didn't see a lot of of these types of shows over the years. There are about fifteen years worth of the types of shows that you're doing. And a met so many so many singers and so many so many acts but you're trying to find out almost two. To a letter. That. You appreciate your fans I think even more than you did then. Abu. I really do anomalous regular beautiful Beckett OK of course it was. But the people since they this is because like it's such a rare achieved actually. And if so original. In these groups you know problems so and so and so books under original. And you know like because they go back to the occasion they were young then. Dancing to good music and listen to that is so that's definitely. Entered into a better feeling. Well sure it is that there are part of their lives it's part of their lives to. Can separate. You know I mean. When you turn on the radio and and you hear I have I only have eyes for you I mean you didn't he just gets quiet and you say you didn't. And you and you do have memories seventh and still does this yeah it is heard that there is ascent magic. You know I got to tell you that I mean so you're successful with that song. Around the same time I wrote a similar song that didn't quite make it. Yeah I was called let me fix your martini because I only have ice for your. I expect expect expect ever made a you can attack they can do if this just didn't make a budget even though if I assure you that's cute. You can still well below that some material ultimately I don't know if you must know it does like our new. Both can you do all you have to go wait until March we produces yeah and then Leo we will get enough. Opportunity and the owner owned. Producing gaullist and then oh okay so we did only have actually do want them so I did the trick show and kind of music. I would guess saying this to close sound according to change a futile often edit room Tribune Knuble atrocious so. And that's definitely China but what made it my background since he turned down it will be out in October all of October oh what do you know Jack this is an album called. I'm. Street let comedies. Okay you go back to the days would you opt has had a whole album this. I just say have you have you played our Kirby center before. The return of Karen looks very. Yeah and is shows senator Robert B that's from one of the job not that Smart guy you're going to be at the Kirby center October 14 along with platters. Right and Frankie Clemons legendary teenagers. Yeah that's that's quite a lineup talk about rock and roll hall of famers. Yeah man. That's techno wonder if that's what which I humans group which she did. Probably thought they were controls all know gas was put on post and then also. China merchant. You eat produce certain or at least I would commit additional Ali's got that. And you know let's make the kids are the people who buy that album we'll go hey listen this brand new song they did and try to keep after is that amazing. Or ordered removed is. There it really is I remember a couple of years ago and when Paul McCartney. Did did a couple of songs with some of the current singers. There are going hey you know there hey days eight they teamed up put some new guy named McCartney. Never did the right. Outraged. I know they don't do that day it footage shows as you know good music stays around forever. And good music can be recycled into. You know some of the standards set that's just go on and on and you're in a must make you feel pretty good that you that you were part of the oh a lot of these legendary songs. They detonated there. Well listen and say it was great talking with you have to move along but again that you're gonna be out here on October 15 at the Kirby center. And the flamingos along with platters and Frankie Clemons legendary teenage teenagers Albright you of course by the great Joseph owner Joan. Jared our own is at present yeah he he's been a great friend of mine as well for a long time. So Terry thank you again good block. Thank you so much throughout the show them they dynamic that is one that you know you if you wanna come if you don't give mention of dynamite I know I wanna come and I have to televise a football game that night I'm more. Look I've already talked you know I asked Joseph to get postponed until the next nights like you go and that didn't work ethic and that's important that I love these shows very again have a have a good day thank you very much for joining us thank you wrote you're welcome ticket I will.