Ted Zayac Penn State Alumni Assoc.

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Friday, May 11th

From the Greater Penn State Alumni Assoc. Scranton Chapter,  Ted Zayac tells WILK's Webster and Nancy details on the upcoming Penn State night May 23 at Genetti Manor in Dickson City. Coach James Franklin will be there.


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What's the the standard and learning. I know we're glad to have you hitting 28 DT Wednesday night is coming out that was all about it. Big night for like forty years we've been. Holding this dinner and had a great time being heard from the and they've done. Football program giving honoring an album of the year and giving out pictures from a scholarship. We've been doing a lot for the community and very here. We have called Franklin lived a good sign up and you did you know you Mandarin speaking duties on May twenty. And in this Wednesday may 23. But right here in the colors are obviously one of the draws I'm sure you're expecting a lot of people. That's right we have we already. Eight to 900 people how we are going to hurt your headphones. We could have been kind of crowd but yet you're good to do so well will be. You know finalizing beat governor we could go you know. Forty footer there on the corner and down and look at. Women's figure in the he still down Wednesday may 23. And this is going on AdSense in any manner in Dickson city. I'll also the voice of ten's Steve Steve Jones is gonna be there as you stand there are some tickets available but. We expect that they're gonna probably go pretty quickly so how can people I get tickets and they wanna know. Yes curable Bartoli could visit the website which is PSU's Brandon Scott Borg. That's pretty beat the born there and there's always do I figured from PayPal or call the kid looked at by the you know nice Big Three. Point 537 we'll get to give up you won't get will be go for another couple weeks here and look forward to big mega. Well the great year Banco frankly you know obviously in high demand he was able to visit like four years ago and he's back again so it's going to be on the tickets are gonna go fast. Does he get a jump on these sooner than later going to be given some way to get a couple of seconds your thing. So coach Franklin is again Wednesday may 23 and also on the coach will be available the real photo on the opportunity correct. And the bad the good quite different between 630 before the dinner between the 3730. Yet you'll be doing photo op opportunity again not everybody will get a little bit predictable with the code and it would be great dime you do lax security and my mom been done do it again that your so memento of religion or. The parent or whatever. It's guys such excitement about the team especially you know last year. How they did in the zinc climbed Barkley not being too far away of people who organize and play in. Who would be a lot of questions for Bob that you feel me a hundred miles away. And letting go of a lot of help coming up behind him and on the very people and in the last two years winning the big game through years of dollars in child unit back here to work before even more than U maybe. Maybe. Championship bubble game will be. And he did mention the several scholarships on that you do by hand and a joyous give us for more information on them. Yet we give all we have via endowed scholarship and others don't you can get out to. Student athletes who do on the field. What you can Campbell. Thank you both local and we give out you know then it won't not done with the scholarships for those needy people we've been doing a good bit more. For what 39 years again deployed in this regard forty if you are doing and great stuff. Scholarship wise as well as for the community but yeah very fortieth year and you know be given out got a good together. Got my cell again just to reiterate for people watch any manner Dixie we're looking at don't Wednesday may 23 doors open and sixth. 630 to 715 is the up photo opportunity. We've coach frank there's a dinner that dollars or fifty dollars a person again. I'm PSU's granted on or did they just go there to get the chickens. That's right got to be the one I'm going guys. That we're honoring you've got to our alumni of the year we've been really active due to begin their. For the last half for the past forty years that we've been better off rely on home and about men who have very tough. To comment alumni the alumni I'll be here stands out. Again want to get to go down and look forward to being everybody's their agreements that are. Greater Scranton chapter of the Penn State alumni association meeting Penn State nights and Wednesday may 23 edge in any manner indecency PSU Scranton dot org the website where you might think is. Ted thanks for being here. All right good thing I do care Millen.