Ted Wampole, Wilkes-Barre City Administrator, about Wilkes-Barre seeking distressed status, with Frank Andrews

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Friday, June 29th
Ted Wampole, Wilkes-Barre City Administrator, talks about Wilkes-Barre seeking distressed status (Act 47), with Frank Andrews

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On the line with us right now is so wilkes-barre city administrator Ted Juan Paul how are you Ted. For freight carrier but I know you have a busy afternoon thanks for taking time here can you can you explain it would you know the whole process here was going on what's the status of this. Or so early today. The mayor made the decision. To file the paperwork. Which is the petition to be considered for. Act 47 that the C news become more potentially great teacher he gave. Base the way it doesn't hear other Caribbean there's a funny you're gonna be doing financial distress situation. It's so it's a deep CDC content they reveal it there's eleven criteria. Do you have to meet on one of them. To qualify in the city submitted the petition based upon to a folks. I'm so we think that there will will be accepted into the program now search process. Not one of the true that you submitted based on. It's. Having a 1%. Deficit. Oh record in years consecutively and the other is. I'm having five years. Expenses exceeding. Our revenues and CEO who we met we meet parties say you work from a pharmacy month what it'll Owens when they submitted their. 47 petition. Now if this instant distressed city status is granted. How does that help. So a couple of things and it's a long process first saw people need to know that imply an easy process CN BP. Then then they appointed an act 47 management. The F 47 manager then hold public area. Get input from all over the city including references. Officials unions. Residents. And they put a plan together that basically is saying eight. Economic recovery plan for the city. And it's been presented to City Council must approve it. Once it's approved it's enacted. And then the city and then just in front of the country covered sort of a couple of things purely. When they command. You know they'll they'll look at revenue code can expenses. I know your personnel. They won't come up with with a plan that is designed to get it out of peer file within that five year window. A lot of me through for residents to physically it's kind of hard to say if you look at some of the pack put some iron ground state. Didn't they very times you know people if they don't this being my my taxes and fees are turned off or you know have input should know no one really knows them and I would. He don't Kurt good to keep an open mind. I'm looking at a process goes well we don't anticipate coming on for a long time he had no the American that this is says. This is the end of the road. You know we've tried to do I deleted something by a choice that they're huge debt restructuring plan. I mean that was able to lower our. I definitely their beer by two million dollars. And that help can that help if they contact police over which of them and the marriage plan all along is to say Al. Right I guess because you don't you don't really want it you know anybody think from the outside so to speak kind of you know who's put their fingers and cannot pool here but. And I and I know it had in Scranton and it was a tough tough situation they were they were a distress and for 25 years ago and even get out of it. We'll enact 47 change that can no longer be any really as a five year. You know Simon into the program you can get an extension and extreme circumstances but it'd they its facial or when you can get your affairs in order show you people can can count on and the fact that whatever we do you know there's been some short term payment let's be honest right but ultimately is going to be long term gain. What we can hope to get this thing right. And and then be on the right password that doesn't. Be become an issue anymore and now this book says you know what we what we look that this consent. I think he has a problem. You we have tried a lot of different ways especially under those. Consultations with PSM who was our early intervention plan provider. And you know they've given up a lot of suggestions we implement some of them. And some of them have resulted in savings to the city. Ultimately what you wanna come down to CEO for example don't ask itself something but that would Turk you know one time revenue. But they can kind of bias sometimes. And we wanna have a whole lot of success with you know Meredith said listen you know our contract. Negotiations. Kyra slow down. And we need to do something. So everybody understand that. You know we need to Malcolm's and that's what kind of court. So so what happens next as a team from Harrisburg c'mon do you guys get done Harrisburg what happens. Yeah I've. Over the envelope until the next couple except I believe. You know introduced by committee Darren parish bird I believe can be CPU. Am I believe they have may have called a hearing more true. You do it cannot believe it's thirty days. And then they take all that information. And I'm make that determination so I am. You know once that god and you know then made the fight on me act 47 manager and you just start that process so. And he again be fully transparent right I mean border. This is done in public they're going to be public hearing on the public has a chance to have some important and they really should they give me and left. Was it a tough decision. Yeah how are less than love you know from from the very beginning. You know took the milk to stay out of well we're gonna do whatever we need to do whatever we can do to avoid Garnett 47 America benefit. And you know the last couple of weeks we have spent a lot of time on the phone and the new interest can get them what our labor attorney. And you come with these CD. And especially amongst our administration just looking at. You know wherever the facts aren't saying what do we do and there are a lot of sleepless night over the last two weeks and you know ultimately you know he made that decision. I think that the petition and anybody that thinks that that's an easy thing to do. Got to really understand the process. Well you know you mentioned on transparency I know you always make yourself available and I'm grateful for that thanks for talking with us today I can assure you will be buccaneer again. The F prank anytime and as we go through this process. You know you wanna chat. You know reach out to be under way happy to. You know Hewlett clerks. All right stay cool is going to be how we can read or heard from Hillary and I thank you had one full city administrator wilkes-barre.