Sue Henry (R)

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Friday, June 8th
Breaking news from the Luzerne County political scene today out of the 121st Legislative District. The office has been held by Democrat Eddie Day Pashinski since 2006. Republican nominee Greg Wolovich, who was on the ballot in the May primary, has decided to withdraw from the race. This morning he joined with members of the Luzerne County Republican Committee to ask they join him in endorsing and supporting Sue Henry of Hanover Township. Henry is a former WILK talk host and has been a part of  NEPA media for more than 3 decades. According to a press release this hour, Henry accepts the challenge and is eager to campaign on the property tax reform issue using the slogan. "Save Our Homes, Take It To The House In Harrisburg". 

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And on the phone it's my pleasure. To have sue him Ernie sue the hell are you. That bill and I am doing good I am so glad I get two of Philly for the first time ever end the interview Yale. Amazing how in cap and courage and everything does happen furries and it blew timing is everything. Yeah I know indicate that you're a big believer in you know what what our purpose in life what are we supposed to be doing. When I was in and talk radio at WOK I've often thought about what it would be like to run for office because. The start about the job that you're doing right now did you get to hear from people every day and their concerns. And look I would working real well right now I get to hear a lot of what people. Had to real issues where and that the leading issue I believe where. I will be running for office as the state representative in the 121. Legislative district. It property taxes my friend who lives with me today when I made the announcement. Lobster house. And this means to stop happening school districts cannot rely. On home owners to fund. Schools it's a key to its antiquated it started out of farming it shouldn't be this way if you have a farm he needed money and a fine. Normally we get how you not making a lot of money on it if you living in it and yeah losing it. I look at the house where I'm zone that they can't make money I can't in my business tenement house right. But you most certainly can pay school property taxes all day long. And frankly this. Is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in Harrisburg and other couple things. On the table that are being looked at and it built somebody picks out those companies that we need to find. A stairway to educate students are not against education I am on the edit faculty making college have been educating get through a long time. I educated my own kids I'm not against. Education but I am against it system that had a grandmother whose paper it's do or sixty years. A true. Educate can't just against it and their half should be about a waste that is one thing that I talked about. On the morning after talked about something that's been a scourge. On the community war for years and that is that the drug crisis which is also a crime crisis because. Crime and drugs go hand in hand a lot of the crime and the court has. Is committed because the drugs. So we need to take a hard look at this side of the networks and post office yesterday and I opened cheers when I was telling me that works in the post office how he laughs it's time. Addiction and he said you get it and I get it because I'm an out and about. Do you people he's about addictions. And I understand addiction as an issue probably like few others do and I think that it's important. It was not demonize people who. And can be saved any help break though that's another thing that I'm going to be working not as hard as I can and has some really good ideas. I think of how that issue bet that most certainly we can work and the other thing that I want to do. Is. To restore a crime that may be lacking in the area. I'm in return count me in Wilkes-Barre. They are so many people who came. Out of books very hoop where. It's you know what they did you know I'll wake up front cops got the painter injured catlett the danger. And a lot of skilled man and important people. Also of course speed the sound equipment and the world works organization. And it's that was born in our campus I was burned and a great for the first time in the city of war. Very and that old industrial revolutions so we have a really great heritage. I hadn't that people don't stop to think about where we've been and where we can go out I want. People to get their their chant after Chester and I want them to be proud of where they live again I want them to be engaged in an community that I truly believe them or I wouldn't give us. And you know it's clear to bid to me that you have always listened to what people have to say. Com so you've heard what they had to say some time you talked to certain politicians. And even when you're talking directly to your face you know they're not listening. Com and and that can make a big difference. I hope south and again I have been listening I've been out about it until. Many many many public meetings about issues regarding education property taxes drug abuse. Whatever they are I'd have been out and about I I know young people I have children. Just my children don't live here anymore because they're seeking other opportunities. I like to create a better environment for us so that we can. Maybe watch our kids Serbs succeed locally without having to go elsewhere. In order chew up follow their dreams that's the nice thing about I'd like to take a very hard look. As I know how education is working and how I get more importantly it isn't working it's and again. I'm willing to we have laws that we've been promising to have with each other I'll tell you how it. And now I'm world most certainly think politically Allison and in your reacted. With. I will listen to every single person. Out there and regardless of whether or not they agree with me and I now. That we face it's so hard challenged in the 121. Because it is a happy happy happy. Democratic district. That doesn't mean that it's impossible and that doesn't mean that it can't be done. Aliens today and I believe it can be done and there's so far as the people who know about this and I know a lot of people are just learning about it. Are sharing my excitement in the infinity of my friends and neighbors and we're here at this at the Perkins in Wilkes-Barre township I've met a lot of people that I now. I'm insensitive preschool teacher Alicia and I got this year and AM that was exciting and she would wound up so it's it's going to be one of the things I know it's not the easiest thing in the world I understand the commitment. I'm a hard worker I was what the hell does numerous multiple multiple jobs when I was. Illiteracy and I am I'm just ready to god that I'm very excited we have a great team around us and I think it's going to be fantastic. We look forward to hearing more from you here on WI OK in months to come to is this race progresses so. It's state senate there were the state where rap went on her like what difference district student entering announces her candidacy today. Right here and yeah oh lead which I'm so thrilled that. He did a great jab at that he bowed out. Thank you civics I knew I had big shoes to fill your feet are bigger anything but yeah I think an appetite on you know period. Thank you if you think you look for is tracking you again thank you so but I.