StateState Senator David Argill (29th district) about school property tax elimination

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Tuesday, March 6th

PA State Senator David Argill (Republican - 29th district) about school property tax elimination.


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Introduce to you state senator Dave Arnold who just stepped out of a senate Appropriations Committee budget hearing to talk to us senator thank you so much for around making time for us. Sure no problem at all I'll talk to about snow on a couple of minutes but I know I I I like your quote decision can go to the grocery store change entire trust somebody talk to you about property taxes and it's the same way here we get calls almost every day can you tell us sir what's the status of your built where we had with the SunPower. If it's introduced the course we we brought it closer last session than ever before in history lost 2424. Heartbreaker. When the lieutenant governor of voted against us. And think then we've been trying to tweak it a little bit and now. Several of us also developed in the Poconos needs a senator link from downed another Redding area both Democrats and Republicans have literally been. Download every single senators saying OK tell us we alike tell us what you don't like it. We're trying to assemble the 26 votes we need to get this over to the house so. Now if I was just reading on your website there is a news release posted so Davis and during the Appropriations Committee budget hearing should Department of Education says property tax elimination not a main priority and it says you are disappointed I I would I would think that the word will be discussed it. Ed cancer or it was probably the miles word that you know my mother listened still some might stop some I have to be careful. Offs so now when you talked about about tweaking mr. bill what what are the tweaks what changes from the original plan. It is really very little a lot of it is just technical. People want change that they were looking at however if we don't have the votes for. All of 76 which would be the complete elimination of all. All school district property taxes the first in November. By a pretty considerable low margin. I change the constitution. So they'd be in the future we don't have the votes the first 76. We can now hold just eliminate school district property taxes pro homeowners. Dad is about half the price up senate bill 76 and felt when we're sitting down with every senator we're giving them that option as. Well can you can you give us the specifics again about the personal property taxes sales tax what are what are some of the specifics for people who may not be sure red door opening. They are an uncomfortable 768. You're talking thirteen or fourteen billion dollars and so you you can't replace that kind of money with a new tax on public capture her chewing gum. And so what it would do is they would put these sales tax some more items. It would open up from 6% to 7%. It would also increase the state income tax from three point 0724. Point 95. Now I've found out you know a lot of folks didn't say who you know although those are pretty significant increases its and then you say yes. And it drives a stake through the school district property tax for all time and that's usually a bargain that they're willing to settle for. I I explained to the governor could wind was the last time that EDT. Different taxpayer groups across this stay united and the Fed essentially to raise my sales tax raise money income tax. That tells you how under here archaic and hated the school district property taxes. There are a couple of things and just just reading the bill and and taking a look at it is is there's still the element and it that would allow school districts to keep an element of property tax to pay bills. I believe we're going to get rid of bat that was very very confusing. Because what happened was you know people say wolf a limitation. And what we did in the original version the senate bill 76 we've set our -- you know this school has a lot of debt this school doesn't have any discord has a little bit. Make every school district responsible for paying their off their own debt. Seemed reasonable right. Well the next thing you know be opponents of the group to the people that kinda like the status quo. I immediately went around saying god it's not really elimination and so we do want to change that sections. Yeah we were we were just talking before you called in and said. Even even giving some school districts that little bit leeway is scary because they'll come up with a reason to keep property taxes going so I like the word elimination tonight. Now up again in the list of things that would be a subject to sales tax. You know we had some people any of even me said wait a minute lead on tax day care are you would you what are you gonna find that some people are just gonna cherry pick some of these items and say I can't vote for your bill because I don't like that one item. Absolutely and and then we say okay cool what's your alternative you know old would give this amendment come looking for instance was complaining about attacks on camps gets. That one at a public hearing gonna be advocates for the bill Fred but surely gonna die once tax. Taxes are forever and so word continuing. Okay back to our conversation and I apologize for that we are an emergency alert system so we're getting these kind of bulletins all the while OK you're talking about taxing caskets. Yes and end so you know AQ what I've I've told folks is the only guy wants. But property taxes are forever and so yes we're we're looking at possible tweaks to the bill sets probably the most difficult issue I've ever worked on. Somehow we need to find a bipartisan. Solution. To come up with 26 votes for this for the first time in history and get this over to the house and on the the gov. Can you give us a little insight have you talked to senator Blake what's his thoughts on this time going around. If he is sympathetic to the cost. We're still working up to be dealt with John. Okay now what what happens next to your ear and a committee entitlement or what what what happens in the in the whole process. The every Republican. All 34 of us are going to be gathering. And next week to talk about this issue and another a couple of issues the majority leader has. Allowed us to make sure this is one of these first issues on the agenda so on that I think is there is a critical you know step forward. Thompson as we come up with a build it hasn't lived at 26 votes we need. Now majority leader has said that you know he will he will schedule that the gulf for a vote. Hard before I let you go what what wanting storm related senator baker has has give us given us this statement early indications are that the last winter storm response was disruptive and dangerous failure in crucial aspects so it's apparent she says that an after action assessment will be necessary. Pandemic comment on how the city respond until the last storm and what's happening now. My district didn't spook okay alien Burks county wasn't hit nearly as hard as and Lisa Baker's district where Oscar knows district some of the others I know while Mariel was telling me he still has a significant number of folks without power cost 30000 us. Yes hi I can understand why people would be upset. Okay well as senator I'm grateful for your hard work on the property tax and I really I know you have to get back to the committee thank you so much for taking time. To talk at risk of offending my mother of the retired English teacher trust me we need to give an op OK I thank you senator Dave Arnold now that.