State Senator David Argall (Republican 29th district) about Senate Bill 76 (property tax) with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, June 26th
PA State Senator David Argall (Republican 29th district) talks to Frank Andrews about Senate Bill 76 (property tax)

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And so I contacted senator Dave Arnold's office today and as usual he is happily willing to join us senator thanks for taking time out of your day and being with us today. Sure greetings from Vermont while I hop all right now the big question I think help. I just read true stories about Wilkes-Barre area lake Lehman should they improve their budgets property tax are going up what the heck is the status of your bills are. We are still a couple of votes short in the in the south in the senate we're looking for which is to tweak it to get us the votes that we need. I'm disappointed that we had a house. Number of meetings with the governor. No matter what we did it that we just haven't been able to come to terms and and so I guess. You know the bottom line is we're still short he hasn't brought us one vote out of 253. In the and now in the senate and you know how this works you need a hundred to announce them. 26 in the senate and and the governor who will find it and we're just not there yes. Senator when we talked to over the weeks and weeks and weeks ago we talked to Mario cabello for Monroe County had an alternative bill and he hinted to us that a lot of people that were onboard jumped off the wagon here because of of intense pressure from the school board association. So how far away are we. I'll we're definitely a couple of votes in the in the in the senate yet more so in the in the house. It is a regional issue you know there are certain areas certainly. In the in the area where I'm from from school Glen Burks can only I think every single representative every single senator has has committed to the bill. I'll certainly in the Poconos there were Mariel represented. You know and I've seen. Terrible tax bills clear that the people have to pay side it's very strong since then you travel a few miles away. And they and the representative from the senator. Tells me you know no one ever complained to them and so. If that that part of the challenges just trying to find one bill this that fit the need for all of Pennsylvania us. Now from for people at N am and what when I came on at 3 o'clock guys told people we're gonna talk to senator are also go tell everybody to listen for the people who may not know can you kind of give us a quick summary of what you're Willis. Yeah you know we've tried to over the years. To tweak the property tax to reform the property tax. They all failed and so finally people came to the conclusion deadlocked you know Kelly. I'll put a stake through the heart of the school district property taxes so that he can never ever come back again. Since those air you're talking 1213 fourteen billion dollars. The only way you're going to replace that kind of money. Is buying a expanding the sales tax. And increasing the income taxes. We came so close last session the vote was 2424. In the senate does broke my heart first time we've ever been able to bring it to the floor lieutenant governor ruled against dust. And so on the win explained it to the governor is that. I don't think about it when was the last time the taxpayer groups taxpayer groups came to their elected officials and said please. Increasing my sales tax will lead to increase my income tax that tell you how much they eights this. Archaic school district property taxes. I may eat that was the best idea that people could come up with back immediate 1830s but. They're just have to be a better way to fund our public schools then when did you build your house. How many acres do live on did you fix the hole in your roof I mean that's that's just not it's. Dave eat you kind of sad when you what when you began to to explain what's going on you say you're trying to tweak the bill what what what are. What are people asking for as far as a tweet. Then the one thing that the voters did. I'll last November which changed the constitution. That gave up a whole new our list of options. Senator baker has pointed out to meet on several times that in her district. Summer school districts are very dependent yeah I'll pawn. People paying taxes on vacation homes and they didn't wanna change that. Because of the change in the constitution last November. We can now eliminate school district property taxes only for homes and farms stuff for vacation homes. Not for Wal-Mart. Just to just. Mourners and the farms dead that cut the price tag in the cap. That means we don't need to put the failed attacks on the lot of new items that means we don't have to raise the income tax enough. And so we were hopeful the that would get out the the vote in the house. And the senate that we would need to get that get something to the governor finally stop the bad news is we're still short. Now we've we've also heard you know hymns from different people that that there's resistance by the leadership tell it to kind of move this forward and you CNN. Yeah and now some of the leaders here from their constituents just as I do. That this is an incredibly important issue others tell me that you know they don't. Here this issue come up I'll win an error you know what at a baseball game or sitting in our office and so did it district by district. Gigs you know Pennsylvania you crop the mountain and everything changes. You have done I I am a couple of final questions number number one should what what do you want people. To do to help you get this bill to move forward. Clean. Contact your state representative. Contact your state senator. Contact the governor tell them that you do you really want to see school district property taxes eliminated. Hot bat that the most important part and it may need to contact their local represented him. You know you can you can write letters to live this senator from Erie and need a nice guy. But you know he represented the people live series. Not that the people Scranton Wilkes Perrin and northern schools will Downey and so they really need to contact their local representative or senator and then governor walks. The last question. You we've been talking to you about this for a long time you've been right there in the trenches I hope you're not losing heart in this battle. Now I've got the thing I've ever worked on but I've told a lot of people at the risk of offending my mother who taught business English years ago. I need to give an ops. Well thank you and thanks for taking time out your busy day thanks a lot senator OK okay now all right I'm by.