State Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, 114th Legislative District, about holding emergency response drills at schools

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Wednesday, February 21st

PA State Representative Sid Michaels Kavulich, 114th Legislative District, talks about a bill requiring schools to hold emergency response drills, with Frank Andrews.


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And one of the people is doing something you say represented said Michael callable issue is on the line what does right now said how aria. How are you don't have good with so what are what are you doing what I'm not surprised that you are I know that this would be something that would really grab your heart instantly but so what are you working on. Well actually I just started after sandy hook five years ago. I met with a group most police officials in my area and we developed. Of course and how. I'll Wear body a local police departments were orbit school. In our idea was we have fire drills but let's take. One or two of those mandatory fire drills and our schools are required to have and let's turn toward them into emergency response drills. After going eighteen years of getting any traction on that last year I joined forces with reached across the aisle. And joined a representative Gary Canadian cracked stats Gary from Bucks County cramped from data the Philadelphia area. And that we cosponsored the bill we got it passed through the house. It went for the senate. But they changed the language problems that schools should now have put the emergency response drills to school may have the emergency response drills. But they used our bill as a vehicle for the school code. It and it came after the house had passed the house open and the governor let it become well without signing. By the right now I had a conference call with representatives stay and Steffi yesterday. We're coming up with a package of school safety belt so we're going to introduce and a few weeks right at a press conference. Harrisburg once we get these goals craft that can get back in an era after they have budget here. But now I am going pursue my goal now is to get that dole. Get that shell. That may change back to shell so we're going to require. I have a top I have shot a snapshot of the act. That came out of the school in the last week from one of the teachers and school of one of the students. Says it wanted hardy emergency response to all of that they had should weeks earlier. They felt that more lives would have been lost so I think it's something we've got. I don't work on the we've got to move on and get past your Pennsylvania force school need to do something to at least and the truth. This will be minimal cost. So we could we gotta get this done quickly to got to get scooped up we go people know what course of action to save shouldn't happen here event. Yeah you know I got to ask of the most common basic common sense questions what hole would have a problem with that why why would you just be a no brainer. And I say this thing but sometimes common sense that the there's always a rule the day he had in Harrisburg or Washington but no okay. I disagree with degree of great real quick story senator Stewart Greenleaf whose fleeting profits. Dinner there Scranton times grand theater near you while weeks ago or months ago. Any the task in all of these years she's been around a long time Auburn is going accomplishment. He's had at the I got a law passed that allows. Children old and young children to testify via video and of course. Room where I was going around with those kids have been abused and sad and it only took me fourteen years has passed. Look that bad aren't I I judge it stunned me but. Foley now that we I mean it's almost like ready we act after the horse is gone from the barns but. Com. Hopefully it's time will wake up and will float deuce who will take some measures in Harrisburg. And eventually in Washington where we won't have to grieve anymore. OK what should apply and now. Having having been friends for about fifteen years and having having known you having worked with you and television I don't wanna hear this we're having a news conference in Harrisburg stuff call me the day before and tell me everything you put together OK. We will. Dude I'll make sure that the three of us get on the line with Gil. And all talk about it we're crash ran across the craft they get now we have another hour conference call on Friday aged. And I will let you know as soon as we're ready to move out all right thanks for column I appreciate it but it's nice but nice.