State Rep. Rosemary Brown, 189th legislative district, bill to require metal detectors & armed guards in schools

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Wednesday, February 21st

PA State Representative Rosemary Brown, 189th legislative district, introduced a bill to require metal detectors & armed guards in schools and talks to Frank Andrews about it.


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You say representative Rosemary Brown from the 189. Legislative districts and of course as soon as I saw that her bill was introduced I called search and I'm very honored to have her on the phone Rosemary thanks for joining us. I frank thanks so much for having me. Now you know I can I can almost tell by reading that the tone of your bill that you're just angry about what's happening equal and so it doesn't. You can and I remain culturally and I think I echo a lot of what people are feeling. Whether it's the parent or grandparent a guardian bike. I am truly truly saddened by a this situation that I continuing to happen and I'm very fearful and I am really I have items. I'm fat and also for our children that they have a bit of anxiety and even thought that they have to worry about when they go to school every day. And one other one of those statistics as related to your bill is that there are 141527. Public private and higher education schools in Pennsylvania now what is your bill what what is your bill specifically suggesting there. Right so my bill rate now is for content kindergarten through twelfth. That we have aid. Metal detector primary and tried to underscore. The metal detector and at least one armed. Come off Mr. President if and so obviously you know we you know they're trying there's there's 500 square district of Pennsylvania agitated with what some of these numbers. I could be. If they might be larger district with a with a larger amounts of children they may need more than one primary entrance it. But whatever and tried that we have expendable for arcade and couldn't score for come get vegetable. They must go through a metal content. Schacknow and this sounds expensive. Yeah. How how how much and how we pay for it. I feel at this point we are still pondering all the numbers. We are trying to pull together what could possibly be true. And some of the funding mechanism going I can ferret out you know. I'm with the state budget come all the you know the ethical concerns on this is not going to be easy but I am calling on all the legislators. I think I have to governor's office. I'll work with me and let's figure out a way that we can make it happen once we have these numbers. And mountains or if it's bad points and I believe that. Everyone is saying we need to do something I think this is something that is how black and and something that is truly need it and we can make a Kapanen and have Pennsylvania really take a leadership role and that's true of the country so. You know one of the things that I have criticized. And mostly from Washington ambassador from Harrisburg is that you know a democratic lawmaker would come up was an idea and then the Republicans would would filibuster until it and then a Republican would come up with a great idea Democrats of filibustering Cilic are you getting a you are. A range of co sponsors from both sides. Yes so far so in the last 24 hours we have thirteen cosponsors already on the bell. But carried a range between Republican Democrat. And I and I really feel that everybody wants there everybody wants it. Dedicated to go to school and not have been anxiety deal with a focus on education and and the parent wanted the teachers want if I think everybody wanted to feel when they get into that old saying. And we have done I'm batted estimated safest possible felt. There are going to be obstacles you know and I'm fun games and maybe another complication that have to happen with the details of the legislation and and mom this is something that we have to work together on the team but I think we can make it happen and I think it needs to happen and I believe everyone believes that need to happen. So where where is still not a sequential committee or where it's gone. Yes so right now we're doing the final draft on the bill so right on a co sponsorship memo without all the legislators. And I'm asking for their support on just the overall concept and bill should be formally introduce can be elegant beautiful track that hopefully in the next week. And then mom I'm assuming that the flag up in the education committee. But we do need to do a couple of our comments and I think about we can really come together yes. Well Rosemary just wanna say thank you because you're not just sitting back you know shaking your head you're doing something and I'm grateful for that on behalf of our kids. Thank you Fred and I am really looking forward Kayla I'm having a good something's really accomplish what that. Good enough have a good afternoon to join a seven degree temperatures up. At least for the tenth month might Rosemary Brown say represented of 100 many meant legislative district.