State Rep Rick Saccone (R-39th) Election Integrity

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Tuesday, October 3rd

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And elections and certainly interest us the integrity of elections as something that's been discussed in the state. In the country and and we have state representative ricks a column. With us this morning and W I'll pay from Mac Allegheny Washington to talk about. Something he'd like to see in order to protect. The integrity of the elections so Rick thanks so much for taking the time to be with us we appreciate it. Thank you aren't it's our pressure now discussed why you think. We need house bill 171 which you are you have introduced and it's met with some success so far we know it's not a done deal yet but. Talk about what you see in what you hear that makes you think. We need to let tighten up our elections a little bit. Yes we have an inequity that in the aisle without. Watcher Bob Chu and see it come into the politics and on that. What you thought that lecture them on it irregularities are split watchers can only reachable from the outing what they've got to get it ready. And out that limits we not know the little people that we all want this you found out but it part that breaks a statewide rate is the way. There you know they thought that the average everyone say. Many rate is brought out by pilots that's what that is how it. And allowed its public that they are what what are. But silent to not much about. What about the district. That all. Which are. Rick what are your phone is is really your phone is really bad can you put you get closer to their receivers so that we don't lose that yet. Into better have you can't so we don't lose the intent of the phone call also what you're saying is please continue that. The you'd like to see. People. Who are evil to crossed boundaries to be poll watchers right that's the essence of it. Right exactly and they're remembered apple watchers are invited by the candidate. Only ought to look at people just are people that are cited by the candidate they're given a certificate from the county. By the candidate that he gets from the county. And at a party gets done by one poll watcher to you each each candidate trailing by two poll watchers. And down the poll watchers only once the time you got the Portland pledged. And remember they cannot interact with voters they can't there's no intimidation it but they can only interact with the judge of elections if they sheet some irregularities they can bring it to the attention of the Georgia elections that the duty of the poll watchers. And it's about change that's always been. The duty poll watchers. Aaron so as word you see that the flock here are what what kind of found. Things have been suggested to you the believe needs changed us. So very movingly arbitrary line at the county line has been war torture can come from I would broaden the pool of people that you can future and I bet. My my county is one. But many many glaciers that straddles governing large and so. And I mentioned you may now article mark on the earth but that. Barbara Dermarr electric watch a target thank quarter mile down a broad my whole equation why I can't watch because they're not watch nick joked she doesn't make sense to have arbitrary line dividing. What are we drop poll watcher try. That's just renewed a lot says they can come term. Any count because. You know registered voter well actually registered and they can debate should be able to go and watch the and make sure that that there are irregular each. You have a release these sent out that mentions. Hundreds of in eligible. Immigrants illegally voted. From 06 through 2017. In Philadelphia a elections and that information is attributed to a Philadelphia. City commissioner named. Al Schmidt. How my a your idea. Work better. It in regards to that particular situation which is mentioned in the release. And to defend my poll watchers can can observer report many different violations. I. The Dutch have been different violation that can be very simple thing. But I've witnessed personally that an apple watch my shelf. I'm going into appoint pledge nurturing their candidates poster up in the polling place which could influence boating. All the way up to actually people punching. Delete buttons for voters you come here telling them which ones to vote poll watchers Conchita can particular judge march extensions so what. I know that the solve all of they. All of our problems at voter fraud and voter in their influence and irregularities but that he can he can help solve many of damage also a break deter. To love people doing things outside the boundaries at the rules and regulations that they know airport that are actually watching so that the crux of all in this. Yeah if you if you are if you believe that purple. Voting irregularities. Which you should want this bill. If you'd probably border tribe did not hire you'd think there's Miller Park boring but still want to bell because there but what just conclude. And your point but saying general we were there we watched Dirk no irregularities. The processors secure some. It shouldn't be political though they should be a bipartisan. Effort to make sure there are that are voting stations are secure our every once or role. Eight G in near that the sense isn't a bipartisan efforts you have found colleagues who say you know what we agree with us. Unfortunately they're the bill is voted straight party lines. So Democrats voted against it. And I really there are so bad about that but I admit depleted and say look this is not about party. It is about making a process sound. So let's shut up you know let's let's put together this is something we should all revealed. On the matter what Saturday cheapened down on but it turned into a partnership. The vote in uncharted era that I hope we can. Mostly continue to educate epic or showed rescuers and across the state I've been on radio shows and television. Explaining the bell opening more and more people yeah between themselves and get pulled over 80% of the people short shelf. And indeed other legislators that they wanted to do our. The support is belt but it is a good government bill. And now when they know that the people of kind of tactic China bit legislators will come around and actually. Now willing to can you say what their objection was when they they've wasted to eat did anybody voice yeah they just say no we don't want that it's. A couple of dementia surrounding this bill is important that it will increase in voter intimidation. And the opposite is actually true. There's the prospect there should get over it says. Watchers cannot interact with the voters. I can only interact with the judge election that they seek someone. Intimidating vacant shell report that. The reject election data shell started in the gym today it got it which are now they scored the port so. Yeah help prevent not to increase entered the picture. Another hit it that surrounded the bill. My democratic college are saying that the whole Robbie bandit groping poll watcher. Stated causing mr. I doubt that the law to stay the same apartment can be a poll watcher and how they get invited to play should be by our candidate. And then what Bible party so. I just prior watchers botching in from all over 48 point pressures are outside the law already built that not think it changed so. Now the danger again I think delegate Victor our big problem so many Democrats probably voted. There should be that the unions or come out against it. But downright again I think if we if we look at Derek objectively patients see that this is a good good government don't we should all before. So amazing where gripe about the same people have been there for ever I I can't even. Stab them how there'd be. You know a sudden. Huge throng of hot tears to fall wash I can it's so amazing to me it did just seems like unfounded fear. If the opponent here but you can imagine at some point what you think about it so I think 17100 all. So you can imagine not that there might be bought by Tibet there it could be proud in my district there are couple of what we had problems. But then and that poll watchers there. Out of the problems disappeared people calm down OK you know the people paying attention and we should go all the rules. It could interpret not a chronic back predicted turned back around which already in the ball until brought in pool where the pro watchers can be external. And the matchup. At the same thing that you did it change our note our charge common sense. Bill that change is very little in the law but it helped or harder to get volunteers that sleeping when you run like diner but our volunteers work should actually. They don't deprive bought just trying to brought cool so that we have more people to change the children's law. Aaron I imagine that this might meet with some some success in the in the senate though well happen look the governor do you have an inkling. The government says he would veto it and they're disappointed to hear that prepare. But you know from mark from my. My perspective they interpret government hasn't been structured this administration center and it really didn't expect anything different but I broke and don't come around. Welcome any money she'd be all action elements of the bill but you know what that does a better idea I would welcome him here. I don't inside are and help support this bill. Stay wrap Rick's account great to have you on the Saturday and to talk about this as it seems to make sense but we'll see Europe goes from here so. Fight the good fight Israelis say. But I thank you go much of the pleasure being ownership and.