State Rep Kevin Haggerty (D-112th)

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Wednesday, January 17th

PA State Rep Kevin Haggerty  (D-112th) with WILK's Sue Henry about a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow. It's at his Dunmore office 1414 Monroe Ave at 12:15pm. Local legal experts will be on hand to property taxes and the importance to putting away money in escrow for them. He also talks about the recent controversy regarding his absence from voting in Harrisburg.


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Kevin integrity is it a state representative. In northeastern Pennsylvania. His offices opened and mark. End he has some meetings occasionally to discuss the issues. With the heat. Well one of the issues it is very concerned about pass to do. With property taxes but there are other things is well and then Kevin Hagerty has agreed to do our show today so we welcome him to Devi Lal K hey Kevin are you doing. I who are here I am OK so far has the snow out there today not too bad. It's like it's about six cents as well repeated itself. Yet set fluffy stuff so it's not to too bad Nadal and now we are in winners I guess we can accepted as such but it's. It's did you hear from you end and we do have a couple things that we do want to talk. About this morning and then we'll get into the ones that are most important your constituents first which would be. You have session coming up. On tomorrow about a couple of different issues but the one that I know that you are concerned about today deeply is is property tax reform right. That's straight to whom know her because you know. With not only sponsored the legislation for years but we've been extremely active. I'll throw but no repeat her especially like Clark County. Holding town hall meetings that we get from a large town hall meetings. That generated more than thousand people. And that's got glued to this very day. That during that referendum in November. Homestead that tax exclusion. On it may not apple corps currently without all that work that we put him. And the coalition from across Pennsylvania who was here. Every single byte for those meetings. It was so confusing local economy they had a reassessment issue as well on the ballot. Which was then it on the old boy could not how people confused. So what we're trying to do is just educate people I think everyone sick and tired. I'll be confused why not just laid on the line up people because I don't put that in all over the state of Pennsylvania passed overwhelmingly. And that's why we're now Kyle hearing that really strong talks about the court with a report in February and march. So that we've talked to a couple different people have been and some. I believe this might happen and then other people believe this is going to be in another year were we don't see any activity with the property tax or from what lead you to believe. That this could be the years that something happens. Well you know the car door opposite people commodore opposite and a lot of them are skeptical and I don't blame I always revert back to 2050. And it's so I wouldn't be talking about this article that was just some quick and you lost by one vote in the senate back in 2015. Through when something comes that close it's real. And since then you know babble back and fifteen pressure has been extremely know all across could be different groups are popping up. And silk but the typical conservative and I don't I don't like it and couldn't politics. Well liked it happened because I quite like that from the people things are done for your benefit. You know that's why things are done in this country to help you look at that always the case community and there's a million reasons why things happen or they don't. The right now a lot of what's happening. Revolved around on election. So I don't get too deep into it but that's good news could I don't I don't care how happen. Or why it happened could warn you it does happen and right now looks like it's gonna happen. A path and some people argued that it will be regressive for some individuals and mainly to higher taxes for. Some but to Kevin would look at our our population here in northeastern Pennsylvania we've had. Senior citizens for decades decades. Maybe 405060. Years. Paying for schools. Don't use and they sometimes their guy living on the margins and and sometimes they lose their homes. Because they never truly only am dude to these property taxes. And that's definitely correct code they used you don't want something it's taken away the only pitchers. And when they can't you know make it more secure our. And then thirty years later someone not government workers say you'll back taxes because Libor fixing promotes got you wrong in this country. And so what we're trying to fix when you're retired. When you no longer had income. Under the legislation to eliminate school property taxes the only thing you pay the 1% sales tax increase. And every senior in Pennsylvania it is very happy to do so dictated the fare share for the rest of us who are working like yourself like me. We know also the pace of 1% increase from the PX it is personal income tax amendment that there. I'm happy to do exactly what I'm still gonna benefit you are so gonna benefit. We're also going to be taking care of the seniors and can and if you're recording because you're. And will and heart are just so long trip people for the for the gonna happen all the so close. I'm I'm fighting pork because when I get to that he. We're gonna play for making your own you can listen to these singers or the special interest or we gonna look into the 90%. A Pennsylvania. Court saying we want to release the elimination of school property taxes right now. We also I do look and I I guess they and the newspaper of their did sound a report about to perhaps downsizing have. The state legislature because our legislature does cost a lot of money. I believe we may be an end and you may know better the only states. In the country that a funds. A lieutenant governor's mansion RA and a lot of people look at this and they say. It's too expensive there's too many individuals and it's quite frankly we don't need everybody. How do you respond to us. You know I've always comported. That the gunfire in the legislature. I'm and they said that before I got in there and reluctantly cute and pretty gets them or you might not feel as clearly and I spoke support today because let's think. It's hard not to make decisions in the courtroom at nine. I threw it in the decisions and in room 200 per. And that was what happened now and and you know that the personal media. That's what some media. What would happen if we don't present legislature. Could cut it will happen in the long quarrel over the last couple years we have member vs member right in the constituent work. Turn them to a civil war and that would take place all over there Pennsylvania. In the medial profits so great. From all these races and you're Peter Mac two term incumbent these are people who are their 2530 years in their battle and then knowing nothing about our. And it into the that I beat the state legislature is less than 1% of the budget. I know we talked about in 99% of the budget they wanna talk about the 1% because they're elected. And local officials are probably the target I would just like you know that going into it. A truly could put it that how well the Pixar bucket to correct thing by going after a what it looks good 1% of the pocket or shall be looking into the 99% of the budget. I think those there are certainly good reasons and dew point to the fact that the legislature is so 1% of the budget but. Kevin and other states the legislature's. Is part time and and they seem to get the job done and they get it done with fewer individuals so I guess that's something else the people look at their somewhat mystified. I don't play I agree you go look at all of the other. We don't overlook this legislature. And in the country in California and basically told nation in regard to the economy. Well right there and spending with California so. Justin grew up proportions in many decades ago. And so for some reason it's time to look at don't present can't disagree. There really those. I've been there like I'm not work and they don't present legislature. And next thing you know bishop there the district maps and in the long run against somebody from the area but doesn't bother me because we've been there could ever but he knows that. We've gone through the war we understand what like. I'm a lot of the legislators have not. They never will and that's what they will support it out of a company that's gonna benefit people are not supported a report that in an open look at the. Enact every were the subject of bad news worked sixteen piece about a missing votes in Harrisburg the way they figured it out. Dave Bowman did the story that you had missed a 123. Votes and as some of the votes that you missed. They thought to what we're fairly significant including them votes on the state budgets are under state budget and other things is well. Upon reflection of this city is this is this a fair assessment of your work Kevin and and what can you say to people who say. I have to be at my desk every day in my office or my Abbas said does not look favorably upon me. You know that in July I would think that the Republican probably July. And I can start my second term I got the district it lost my term and they came back. You don't look that part of government done minister Pennsylvania. You don't look that hard and just got called for no reason. We want this to vote right up to the end though she did a July budget your budget but can your nose July. And we had a family and you know the equipment there are some Americans and about some of the media. And I'd put my children first there was concern. And I wanted to be given. And so while there are difficult to let them. Some of the movie or play for a prisoner of Hendrick and important and Harrisburg since July now. Now it's November. We have to do it. We worked in Harrisburg what equipment you're neutral we want in or important country for August we weren't in here expert for the great majority it's turned. They do you believe but you're in Harris spark for the past 30 days and the central. And they get the people riled up your urine Eric Burke on the average of ordinary c'mon. So openly and let the next sixty days. Sixteen day economical sixty days maybe not a not a global work for me brick here. But the name title it would automatically goes through I think they create this scenario that this and that's really important work when ultimately he's really not. Now the that I wanted to be there of course. But I look back and say for the from there I could not. Because things are better for my family are now. I look them up a server upload them like my difficult every single day they show that you know from being so that the upper lake. There's nobody here but it's not true or worker every single day through the partners in a year or approximately in Harrisburg sixty. So when the media says his only job is to vote but that's not true. While ago did not successful extra. The constituent work to do outreach I think we've created legislation here during that period critical the situation. A little Bo bowling and right now is that it's the drug take back box where people who have Madison. That are older and they don't hear it more instead of them somewhere that we can remember medicine cabinet. And people coming over young people going into friends' parents that intent doesn't take you cook. Don't know that they go hand in creating a veteran. And right now we have a bill that's gonna make sure that as we promised in Pennsylvania. Create the drug take back box so. Welcome to right now but he that a lot like count it is only you and we wanted to true across the commonwealth but every single pharmacy. Patent box they'll take back drug so a traveler if you could. The world what an extra legislation every day but it could create this scenario that won the war look it works harder nobody works harder than my step for me. I'd I'd put 100% responsibility. You know being here a couple of 1617 did a sign me. But the look at our offices question how hard we work hard we worked to get here it's just wrong. And I truly believe. Electrical property taxes is why they attack us. There are numbers that you that's it you're saying that your stance son's school property taxes gets you attacked in a way where they question. Your work ethic is that right. Yeah absolutely and there's there's been another thing that we have accomplished. Like the plant can't money for the critical look at. A political perspective it. We did it line by line with President Clinton and are up for any but he wants the how Gupta went back in the person that gets credit report did not support a deal in the actual property tax. It's a huge issue in the country and it's gonna be a clear economical. Well a lot of sports going on half the cougar. That's like that's that's what the sparkle in her have been very tiny. Portion of our population. Stick to defeat the great majority of our population because they've been pretty. They know the sky it's important and so they're gonna attack continually thinking. That I misspoke. Absolutely I misquote celebrated the many legislators. Do they get attacked relentlessly about it if they have a family matter a critical gravity that I. No they didn't. That wasn't enough. The parliament local beside that the two step in Harrisburg and never looked real excuse none of the perhaps. So you don't think that this is about the fact that there are some lawmakers who do not miss any votes teaser statistics in the story. It to 49 lawmakers have a voting record of 90%. At 28 others were there for at least fifty. And others were there between forty and 50% that you missed a huge swathe. Of of votes are you still think that despite these numbers that you're being targeted for a stance on an issue. I'm at sixteen bit. UW on the sale 120 critical. Whatever the Portland. Then that could have been twenty votes and one day and Portland could have been real well. The other sixteen quicker designations. Things that they do that everybody vote for her to vote to wanted to treat them. The predominant ninety people that are a 190 and went on to target by people. 135 but there's a lot of this stuff as it can be acquitted and and I are comparable decorator bird. On the 22 and nobody picked it back and so fighting for the legislation that I have and I had a fairly. There's not commit a mechanical factor and American quickness because they are better for my family. That's what some would say well I have to deal work like one network. A look at what every single paper in the tanker. I just didn't want to go 125 miles away can be overnight when my young children. All over the news when when the media rookie catcher so my home was somebody showed up at my home one prisoner. A total of two different things are getting out early. He understands. And things aren't always helping out seeing how I'm the fighter. Now are at full back again here I stand up for you could almost feel leaking her. Now things are better and I'm ready to prepare for. I can't get Kevin that we all know that Dan. Until lawmakers run for office every two years are you you're planning on seeking office again. Are all the equipment and than most lawmakers are on your two years. Let's be clear most lawmakers never have competition. Gonna be don't have competition. Nobody wants to talk what you don't want struck by your office but the cup competition. Like currently differ materially collar. Elderly or talk about it because. The company and the other side and I'm. If we don't have competent penalty here on disputed that what we're doing without. So we've got. And and and people are decent people there are areas they go back. No we're not one of the governor currently represented. A 65000 people and then go to work put into. And so yes I'm writing what I mean why wouldn't I. It's due to expected to be challenged strikingly in this I think you do race. What are restarted and expect to be challenged pretty strangling them right I would say the will be I don't know for sure but you'll face opposition right. But didn't nobody ever pick my record is very green when we got we got reduced to together there's nobody can be part of an act. There's nobody becoming an industry that can be harder challenge and formula incumbent. With the recurrence of Harrisburg. Oh lone guy he went through a lot because before that I can there. They all got attacked because of that the that the that the court. So work or not afraid that when I'm afraid of all book. So faithful to the public or around people who were the circumstances we call yourself an orchestra pit area and I'll. I'd probably from exceed of course and all the questions should be. Somebody could put their names or or ability to look at the picture you're not on paper paper about it since you don't even live in the district. One of them is great step for a senator Blake you know what can that he complete effort and we back it is that the interest in politics the public servants. My allowance. Equipment job I beat myself with a one years old to quit my job consistently year. Knocking on doors more than 20000 doorstep how he introduced myself with people. And so about waiting for that moment until we looked we. Go to these people are common in the street now. I'll never have arteries and etiquette for a career. So yeah I'll come running in an opponent do well. Harry Crist or Kevin integrity your meeting tomorrow if you and it's all the people that time and where. Do so I appreciate that however no little probable presentation. Card Michael Moore laughter. 1414. Monroe avenue. It's that 12:15 PM. How we have some local quote legal expert coming to talk about. Property taxes on the Internet boom record more because. Are talking about the importance of putting away money in escrow. For your property taxes just because you're more just pay. But to me your taxes are too pure Google planning for the community milk a particular problem OPEC whose. I'm 11 of the scariest thing is. Our seniors. It's big effect and couldn't go to nursing home. He'll hold could be liquidated within a year from some solution on this car. He thought about a month and you know you just lose everything couture took all the bad and shouldn't. And two so we're trying to teach our person could possibly. Speak to the culpable putting these into their children's names but there are fighting so you could hurt you could put. He Altman to your child's name. But it wouldn't go into effect for eight years. Can imagine. There's a long look back on that you people do need to be aware saying that they do pay attention to that what you have to tell them tomorrow. He thinks he's doing the show thanks to being candid in answering the questions we appreciate it. Or interpret.