State Rep Bob Freeman (Democrat- 136 District) about a property tax circuit breaker bill he introduced, with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, August 1st
PA State Representative Bob Freeman (Democrat- 136th District) talks about a property tax circuit breaker bill (which would protect homeowners from property tax overload) he introduced; with Frank Andrews

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Say representative Bob Freeman. Has introduced a bill to give you some kind of property tax relief and he's on the fold us right now. So I'm a stay represented Freeman is from Northampton county this is how spilled 2577. Represented thanks for joining us can you explain this bill sort. I interpret that term in the program and my legislation would. Provides for amendments the state constitution. That would enable these legislature. Two put in place and loft the ability of local taxing jurisdictions are utilized for property tax. To be able to calm tempo system is a circuit breaker. And that pretext circuit breaker much like an electrical circuit breaker that would kick in whenever there be an overload of throat how much property tax persons tank. Still under the the constitutional language or are more treat myself. Around the legislature. Again in facto authorization for local taxing authorities say it and that's appropriate text. Two. It established. The real pro pretax on the homestead property of the taxpayer. I'll without excuse certain certain percentage of the whole household income. John Edwards and then just using this is a hypothetical. KB circuit breaker would say that any. Property taxes above the 15%. Of the total household income. Would not be. Not be covered collaborative with the homeowners panic they would be as a 15%. Other household income in terms of their property tax liabilities. This is really help people can group of limited means. People who are low income and has a home. Or maybe going through periods of unemployment and don't have to see them come globally once had in particular it would help many of our senior citizens who were fixed monster comes. And have a tough time paying additional property taxes that they bribed. In essence my circuit breaker would provider a way of building greater fairness into the property taxes. Now you know I mentioned and and I know you know there's that property taxes just really hot issue in it really is and has spent. Tom and it is your DR bill it doesn't suggest that house bill 76 is dead. Well I think you what is happening postal 76 in the past to remember that particular proposal. But when you look at the numbers in most cases. The effort to just to abolish school property taxes entirely. Our consumer blocks you have to oppose final turn into funding it's an easier regional to have a drastic increase in the personal income tax enough. Various until taxes even expanding social text based. In the areas that we don't tax your country it's. I need to with. I statistically. The amount of money gracious sources. Doesn't seem to always equate what is raised through these school property tax. I've holed about a billion dollar short statewide. So there's some near real kinks murder and the current proposal to just how would abolish the school property tax. And although an amendment Castro with in the last year. Would allow for a 100% exemption from homestead which gets a one of the key issues of concern with gusto 76. Which is are we in fact I would think that the big box stores of our communities often are comparing. School property taxes if we were to abolish school property taxes. The wal marts and home Depot's the world. Typically denounce pay to corporate income tax because the bill were to poll which is in effect fur flew out of state corporations. And as such the only tech contended there are real estate taxes. And so are we letting them off the whole campaign. Appropriate or fair share of taxes towards the school district if we abolish most school. And so I'm I'm guessing that as it stands now you're not a big supporter of 76. Well what I mentioned there's some positive as it stands and I think my approach. Or providing relief and so many people particularly senior citizens seeking. And build greater fairness. I you know I know your your property taxes would never exceed. Say again using hypothetical percentage. 50% of your household income I you'd be shielded from increases that would occur don't want. What happens next how to how does the bill move forward. Well the persons who were in the late part of recession. I'm under there's no assumptions are right here rapid movement of this but I want to get it out there get introduced just sort of dialogue. And my hope is that next session I'll be able to re introduces. I get a commitment to committee hopefully. I get it to for the health food provoked. It's a constitutional amendment and we'll have to pass two consecutive sessions. The legislature. Am going to be approved in a referendum by the voters. In order for most of them followup with Kia enabling legislation that would actually. Craft tell you with fewer tax your forties podium place circle for a couple local folks. Hard as this move forward I'm sure we're going to be bug and you again for an update but thank you for taking time but you did talk to us open your equipment interview my my pleasure that's Pennsylvania State representative Bob Freeman from Northampton county.