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Wednesday, October 18th

State Rep Aaron Kaufer (R-120th) on an Upcoming Ballot Question with WILK's Sue Henry


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Stay rep Aaron covered need just love the BJ's or Gilad cheesy music Wednesday air which one as a. I just had to let the BG did in you know I'll be competing for the mirror ball trophy. We get that became theater and doing a dancing with the DNC when the start of books very routine and get it I like it was appropriate for this week. How you practice for this dancing event. About eight week is getting ready for now I'm ready to Iraq and all you some toward a more importantly you get tough competition in this and I'm just Alan yeah. I know that but I maybe I'm telling you that up and I'm glad and mrs. offer that kissed theater which is a wonderful group that does some work with the kids in in northeastern Pennsylvania and certainly deserves. The money that event is a Saturday re. A true okay we'll just be careful between now on Saturdays and nothing happens to. That would lead and Leo are a day when you work here we had a small discussion about this. Question which will appear on the ballots in November for the voters and confused Erron can you kind of give us some analysis of the first of al-Qaeda that gap on the ballot. So in the past two consecutive session the boat house and the senate unanimously in the house. I think basically unanimously in the and I think when the key senators might vote against it. But if you vote in two consecutive sessions in both chambers and that was going on the ballot for voter referendum. OK now let's talk about the. The question itself and what it means because people are very confused about. Nod I am really do you think people very confused about. And what it does says. Does this provide the option for a 100%. Homestead extra moving it from the option of what could be 50% now but it's not funded to a 100%. So what this actually does this if for people who live as we discuss. That's propping plan on how the senate bill 76. I'm glad that the funding mechanism tie against this kid I have a finding that that's what this is only to change. The B constitution and Pennsylvania to allow for a 1%. Homestead. Can beat on that doesn't acknowledge this is not all property like outspoken but seventy if there's much include commercial on rent property. This is only the primary residential. And at them this story and I support the finished I think this needs to pass and they keep property can access form and be serious Bible discussion in Pennsylvania. I. There is a much bigger blow to the cup pretax movement if this step and pass. I don't think they can be ideal solution I think how the senate bill 76. It being the solution to what it is not the most ideal solution but did need to cash if this doesn't pass. I really get killed property tech support because Pete if you fail. People throughout the data are gonna say well. People don't even want property tax reform and instead of continuing to build the momentum that we've been fully behind this bill. I really think it makes a really negative blow to the movement. Who could be. Against. This kinda I mean who comes out and says you know what this is a terrible idea besides what a school board I'm I'm just trying to figure out in my own had like who would say. This is bad bad bad as it is an unfunded. So the situation where they'll come forth and say listen. If you do this we have a way to fun stuff if you if you give us. And that's part of this discussion right so there's no funding mechanism guy just like in the the people who have uncertainty about it. Some people then there have been vocal or Ben. But there hadn't been any. No actual opposition to this site haven't been. Any major opposition to this other than that. By the man that people don't understand. So. I really think. Get to a lot of degree that this hasn't gotten a lot of coverage at its would be there which is why. You know I'm trying to get up and trot would view atop the other thing I appreciate the fact that that we're talking here today. Two people now that you know this is only the first piece. This allows us to actually go and figure out a funding mechanism went out of seven senate bill 76 is that the battle fourteen billion our issue. What this bill would give make it is about an eight billion dollar issue excel and we've heard about the 1% increase the sale actually expanding the base. We have increased their personal income tax. This when that case that two of the kids quote I have quite a while before. So if we're looking at trying to keep people in their home which I think is the overriding. A Porsche. Why this probably catcher for the movement has. We can. This can bring other people live cable because I heard opposition to Seneca house the senate bill and the effect being we shouldn't be eliminating property fiscal Wal-Mart. For all the people that have been using that talking point. This should still I'll be able to eat them while but having the potential to eliminate property taxes Brett embodied that in their. I'm very rapidly and their homes right that would be the house you live not any rental properties the U Eleanor why not this is the place. Where you. But that's like it would be so if you had one hole may end up the play. Vacation home why they would only be for your primary residence it wouldn't be for your vacation home they wouldn't be for your rental properties it would be for commercial property. But I really believe the way right now this can help bring more peep the table so that we can do something with copycat SharePoint. That's the fact of the matter is we I think we are short on votes and that that's my honest assessment of where I think for an in the house. They might miss the boat and senate I think we might be a few. Adam today if you vote shortened now we need biscuit task. To be able to continue that cop patient. And the other come up with a true initiative that we can bring other people who have been opposing out don't senate bill 76 to the table. And by that you legislators. So we can get them on board in voting for something like that. Are there lawmakers. In Harrisburg right now who are not for. This particular ballot question is anybody coming on speaking against it to your knowledge I. I never I haven't heard anybody speaking against what they get that attacking him speak. In the house you sessions in a row in the and I think that there was one Q I would not let anybody speak. Against the almost everybody has heard has spoken in favor of this is we need additional option that we're going to be able to address property practice because. We need a week we continually get our hopes up about senate bill certainly that can obviously we have a lot of support our area and there's obviously some people who don't support in the area as well but. You know. We need to be able to get over that hump but the magic numbers of a 10226. And 102 representatives voting for 26 senators and one governor and that. I think this helps us get to a place where something could potentially pass it out of it Lou table. And begin a larger dial up about copycats or form in general in Pennsylvania. Now oh iron from talking to you before and and talking to other people this issue is a leading issue among constituents who live. In our region but is true than in other regions they don't have. The same desires that we have they they don't see the problems that we see is that ray. That that supposedly true I think be almost the entire western part of the state. This is a regional issue based on the funding formula for occasion that we can Pennsylvania since early ninety's and that provision. I'm which it called hold harmless. I would continue to fund education regardless of the knob students there are today but based on student populations from the ninety's so in the booming areas around Pittsburgh at the time with the steel industry. There population declined drastically but I still being funded at the level that they had before to their property taxes are going up they're still receiving a lot of money. If you look at it any per student basis but in our area we bend. If we have been what are the areas in almost there's. If you would start northeastern Pennsylvania dropped in and going down I'm from Blair where we are all the way down that process Pennsylvania south central Pennsylvania. We in the region and it has been hurt by that old formula and there's a lot of reasons like getting into it too much that this specific and detailed. But it has created this or regional conflicts a boom areas that every life disproportionately. On property practice where people been in the western part of the state primarily we have never once heard a complaint about gravity to access. Not once. Since then they should have been brought on by a single constituent this kind a few hundred dollar worker and thousands of Alex. Right now we know that there's not a lot of activity anticipated on this issue for the rest of 2017 is that right. I don't like interior. The issue of that property tax and senate bill 76 who don't really think that this will be addressed in 2017 I. Well I think certainly so we we get. Eight budget yesterday expense sort of put on hold until the budget would be to uncut and it certainly won't be before. Before. This ballot initiative on November Burke. So this is this is really suit up. Who QB it's happened before seventy X opened a lot of people who are supportive of 761. Day in which is why there's now this whole discussion that you know wanted to wait to see if we were going to have an opportunity about a 76 to make prospect on. In political leadership came up in November. Now that it's almost definitive Rihanna and an assistant at this 76 isn't going to come up before the November vote I think there's a people out there trying to talk about it trying to talk about the benefits of why we need to pass. EE even though it's not ideal lady since 76. But if this does need that in order to keep the dialogue copycats reform balance it not to happen I think that the fatal blow to the movement. I'm just thinking it's going to pass I don't know Aaron why any voter would say no and less again they had to come up with a school budget. Abby a member of a school board or they were in municipal manager and they would have to figure out to have a how to replaces do you do you don't see any reason why this won't pass. So now if it doesn't provide an option doesn't make anything mandatory but I. The only thing and I I'm concerned about people knowing what the entry of it. I'm being these ballot initiative to always phrase would legally you can make sure that a lawyer still have a job and it's very confusing for the regular person to go women try to understand what's going on. Then it it is deathly get very confusing. Two a voter that hasn't yet is that maybe getting attention that certain races but hadn't been paying attention these initiatives and we circled for about that would electric and the mission that we're on the ballot that he dipped in. What it does well is done until. And hopefully it will have to know in November and I'm cautiously optimistic that it will. But it would cap and overwhelmingly what you expected to deal did almost go to legislators in other areas that have been. We have been neglecting this issue can help keep this issue seriously and come to the table the work on a solution. I and I think that the next year would be a great ear for this to occur I know a lot of people will be. Going in front of their constituents in person next year and asking for foe it's and I know a lot of people are. Have been and may be reticent to support but I think this does give the indicator of the people. Watch this issue to be discussed by lawmakers and as as we now. If indeed. The house on the sand it can get this through. Governor Tom Wolfe has said he will sign this right. But he added I'm not seeing that I could be mistaken. But maybe maybe I'm mistaken but maybe we should I do not speak. I would not he would he said that he would sign. 76 importantly his death. That is what I think a lot of people especially. N Korea threat to get from the Democrats on board for veterans and some of these regions that are affected. I think it's important for the governor to take their a strong independent where he would be. Because that we had to get their support and active support. But this type of initiative that could really help what did he pick up the finish line however. The government has not been very strong on talking about this issue almost sent the purposefully avoided it. In a lot of ways so it is dead and not at the forefront of the political dialogue and he inherits current because that. So hard and they didn't think that any rancher. Would vote for this if they understand it because they know. They'll be getting hit with some kind of tax increase. Well who said the bill there would be obviously company but fell but beat it echoes that this thing perspective when people say renters don't pay property to after it's what they do they continue to do their their rental fees that's not a separate treaty though what if and when they ate at red. That's accumulated into what they would be. Came through there to their landlord overtime I mean it's not going to happen overnight but this is going to resolve itself and basic economics that. If you know if property taxes are start. You know so little trap it's this 100% home homestead I don't believe becoming not the rental property. But maybe help encourage people can now buy home. NBA this restructuring so that. Now the cost of rentals would be Milken can get home ownership and a mortgage. But I mean these are issues of why I mean I'm almost arguing against myself with some degree because I'm supported that Lisa I think friendly faces a way to go. But there are there are ways and I think that this could be beneficial I. And that could be one of the issue helped lead to homeownership and our area and people deciding to buy their homes. It's just moved to the budget real quick because we know who that day at its past but the funding mechanism is Oscar to happen. Now there have been some suggestions about a possibly. Borrowing against the tobacco settlement and and other things as well what do you think about Hollis. Thought about in paper and the emotion of last item of the bailout proposal obviously. The budget proposal. And that the reason being is he predicted any protracted. Really long except I'm there there has been. They. Auction them massive tax increase that title back to billion dollars in tax increase to condemn. We did to basically nothing and the issue about not adding I'm going to be there all. That one time revenue that has not come through because there wasn't in England legislation passed on gaming that aspect helped but the senate never moved. Creative Booth now have the actual that we owed interlaced people Staten by two billion dollars well we owe this money one time. We'll get it doesn't seem responsible. I mean I know feel that we either but at the option in June. True borrowed spent the one trying to let me that we have to pay back and we can do it every optional met may. You know it meant that little discussion this is than they did they have done some have done the respectively some have not done it effectively. Which certainly look at the way they have done it. Dead beat this stream that we speak to come and cleaned off the loan. And then that obviously what we're trying to do that we can bet they'll list. Not burden that the taxpayers of the vitriol burdens but make sure that we're doing this responsibly to pay that one time. He balanced that we're not increasing taxes on the taxpayers. At what might this be a done deal if it did and you don't. Get past that last night about 10 o'clock last night it's over an assessment that we heard that the Fed might be moving on it today we might be doing similar code built. But you know will be working on it today and as children and update election now. Aren't testing apparent car for Al is a pleasure to talk to you thanks to straightening this out for us we appreciate it. And you're there.