Special Edition with Sue Henry

Special Edition
Tuesday, April 17th

Special Edition with WILK's Sue Henry.  Information about how the Rock Steady Boxing Program in Old Forge and Allied Services are spreading the word about Parkinson’s Disease treatment; details of the upcoming Opioid Fact Forum set for April 19 at the Pittston Memorial Library and a discussion with Anthony Davenport, author of “Your Score: An Insider’s Guide to Understanding, Controlling and Protecting Your Credit Score.”


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story this special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff management or sponsors. Now here's your host soon Henry. On today show. Will learn about a program that helps parkinson's patients gained strength. Self confidence and a sense of camaraderie. Through boxing. You'll get the deet tails on a community forum about the issue of opiate addiction in our region. And we'll get some tips on boosting your credit score. From an author who spent time in the financial industry knows the tricks of the trade a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease can be like a blow for sure. But there's an area program that helps patients fight back gains strength and meet kindred spirits who offer emotional support. Rock steady boxing was developed by an Indianapolis attorney. Who received the diagnosis. And was looking for a way to improve his motor skills and strength it took off and it's now offered an old forge lack wanna county. We'll meet those who are involved in this endeavor. But first we talked to Christen Lewis a physical therapist at highlights services. Which recommends some of their patients check out the boxing program. Parkinson's is a narrowed. And what happens is is the nerve cells that produce to open mean which is a chemical. That allows us to move freely and coordinated movements is affected those nerves are either lost or damaged. And over time presents with certain symptoms. What's called Brady can Asia which is slow movement. A tremor often associated uphill rolling of the fingers also. Posture instability that would be your balance and you're walking stumbling tripping shuffling gait pattern is often associated with that is well. Is it age related. There are it's a wide range there can mean very young people. To a lot of I'm older people over the age of sixty it's more prevalent however with today's society they're not sure what causes parkinson's. But it is popping up all over and a variety of different communities and economical. And environmental areas let's talk about. The diagnosis partner or when someone traditionally. Maim recognizes something is is going wrong and what they should do at that point it's so hard diagnosis to make early and symptoms I can come up ten to fifteen years before our loss of smell and then. The amount of doping I mean that's lost. Has to be in agreed amount in order to start to see the symptoms I. Had mentioned before. And so when those symptoms. Come on the disease progress process is already advanced. And so earlier that person recognizes those symptoms and sees the doctor the better the outcome is. In the earlier treatment and it's a multi disciplinary approach so you're looking at the medical doctors. And then your physical therapists and then fitness and they are also calling that exercise is a new medicine for parkinson's and all of evidence based exercise programs like we have an allied. Including the power up program which is a a row Vick progressive erotic exercise program and it also includes parkinson's specific exercises. And leading to more functional mobility. Such as a difficult time getting at a chair. Or difficult time getting out of bed or in an out of bed so I'm exercise is the key. And with rehab are specialized therapists will evaluate and treat the deficits associated with parkinson's. And then it's a lifelong. Commitment to exercise. And that's where our program. Tied in with other community. Programs as far as exercise is concerned in particular. Rock steady boxing is an excellent adjunct to art therapy in this situation. What if if a patient gets the diagnosis and decides. To pursue a course of treatment. What do you tell them about the exercise is beneficial to them I guess that is their way to. A rested. War you know stabilize it what is the benefit of exercise the benefit of exercises there is no cure for parkinson's and as I mentioned before it's a progressive disease so all of the exercises are designed to slow or halt the disease process. And there's different stages in the disease process and every one at any stage can benefit from physical fitness exercise. To combat Parkinson's disease and that's why. You know there's so much more research out there in two. Physical fitness. Exercise. And a dedication to. Like life long commitment to those programs great thought to have a program that. Isn't just based upon you know medication although I'm sure there's medication included but it must be great to tell people. You help yourself through exercise because it just. To me just seemed so promising. And so simplistic. But when did they decide that there was this correlation you know I think all line because physical fitness and you what you're talking about all the motor. Symptoms of parkinson's and so any anything that incan. Can increase your mobility. Your flexibility. Your strained. I mean overall in general that's what exercise does but with people with parkinson's. These exercises are specific to. Their pastoral dysfunction. That their trembling. In their faults and so. I think it's a huge breakthrough in the treatment of parkinson's. Kristen Lewis is a physical therapist at allied services. The facility recommends a rock steady boxing to some of its patients they then meet Cathy reap. Who bronze rock steady boxing northeast PA and old forge she explains it's nationwide six cents. Original com. Doctor Who came up with what parkinson's was his name was doctor Parkinson and that's how it got its name that was called back then it was in the eighteen hundreds or something I couldn't beat back the it was called shaking palsy it was renamed to parkinson's and when I'm a different doctors said. You know we should recognize this factor and shaking palsy is not a good name for it because not everybody with parkinson's actually exhibits a charmer parkinson's can present with a lot of different symptoms which is what makes diagnosis a little difficult. What is your connection to this how did you get involved in why why are you here today. My background is I am a physical therapist and tactic didn't work out light at one time and the skilled nursing as my husband got diagnosed with parkinson's and so when he got diagnosed and I started doing research into what we could do for him because he's younger. When he got diagnosed he was 54. And he still works full time he still works full time to. And I thought he doesn't really need physical therapy because he was walking fine and doing it but I know we have track. Parkinson's and I know elect coming down hike at the therapist I've seen parkinson's and stages and I said there have to be something out there. To do now while he's healthy and he's young when I found out about rack that boxing fan research has shown in this was new to me even I am a physical there I didn't realize. I what the studies are showing now is that the intensity of the exercise they call it forced intense exercise that is that intensity that actually slowing down the disease process is your husband. Doing physical therapies that you worship in unit but is he now he's back at this point doing physical therapy on his practice my husband's primary symptom rain now. The left hand tremor is left leg tremors he has worked finding difficulties at times speech volume might think is a little bit lower. And I mean he's actually got very good balance it would not now looking at him when he takes his medicine and tremors guy you'd have no idea that he would parkinson's and he works full time. You help the people that to come to rocks to do what will it be looking at kind of assessment GQ and again here we do one on one assessment. So that I can get to know them and they can get to know me and one I'm looking for is basically where they're at and that parkinson's progression. But also where their physical fitness level is as well and how. Much accommodation we would need to do. In order for them to participate in a group fitness program. Once I assess someone I put them in one of four categories in these are not necessarily parkinson's categories they are basically how much assistance you would need in order to participate in this program. Select a level one for example. Needs no accommodation whatsoever in fact if you see a level one boxer we don't call them patients their boxers their fighters. There athletes when their energy and we really wanted to stay away from the medical model while we're here as you know when you have a disease like parkinson's you're always that the doctors are. Different types of things and it's at the at a level one boxer. You would not know looking at them boxing or exercising in our GM that they had parkinson's other than maybe you might hear tremor and under some small on sign of it whereas now level apple are. Which is our lowest level of the person who need the most accommodation. They need to come with a one on one person with them to accompany them at all times during the exercise class and help them exercises. And then we have two levels in between explain how boxing comes and to well rock city boxing got started in 2006. And it was started by a man who was a prosecutor of Indiana county in Indianapolis and he was forty years old when he was diagnosed with parkinson's and as his parkinson's was progressing he is getting very frustrated and right it was getting very small his term was interfering he was having a hard time being able to work his job anymore and his friend who was a police officer. Said you know eichel boxing but boxing gym to come let me look at her so it's kind of a funny thing Chris rock steady boxing started. From somebody had parkinson's and when he started boxing and and really. Hit in the bag and what analysts effort into this he realized he was getting better one day he was captain had a meal with his friends and he said look at me. My hand. I'm rock steady Christa tremor wasn't there he wanted other people too who had parkinson's to be able to experience but he was experiencing so we hired a professional boxer to develop a program and they started doing it just to see if it worked for him would work for others and over time. The university Indianapolis got involved their physical therapy departments are doing research saying well what's working why isn't working when they first started they thought it was the younger young onset. Parkinson's the people with parkinson's were coming and saying well look I've had parkinson's fifteen years and and I come. And so they started developing the program to accommodate anybody and they found that it was helping everybody and have research to show it. And that's how it got started in as a set in 2006 and 2012. Rock city boxing in Indianapolis. With being flooded with phone calls from people all over the country and the world saint. It's great to have in Indianapolis I don't live currently in New York currently in California I live. And on they started in 2012 what they call training camps and they started training coaches to start affiliates. So since 2012 when they first started that training and where they can start affiliate this year they just surpassed 550. Affiliates. In fifty states. And they have 28 locations in eight different countries decide the United States aren't the people coming to you do they know you're here and are they flooding new now you know might might. The increase that I've been getting has been a slow and steady. And to be honest with yeah I've I'm not that disappointed in it. I think I might have been overwhelmed that I got flooded too quickly. Now after the sinner video you're making it where I might get flooded by chin out a very nice thing is whipping growing at a steady pace. And I have been able to add. On the news staff I have not certified personal trainer who became a sir Iraq study boxing coach. I have one of my boxers. Started boxing with us on in January of 2017. He was still. Impressed with the program he went to Indianapolis and he now as a coach so he boxes with the 11 o'clock class and many coaches at the 1 o'clock. I have come another coach it's going to be coming on board in June and she's a physical education teacher who's retiring. And she's gotten her boxing certification now one of the biggest things that makes this program successful. Is that an amazing support I get from volunteers I have volunteers. PT students in OT students. And community health education students from mr. forty university and the University of Scranton. I have and adult volunteer. Who her father who died with parkinson's and it's her way of giving back and she's actually organized a donation drive for equipment for me. The support I get from all the volunteers is tremendous. Was it very personally fulfilling for you to see though I mean EEE started in one realm and iron another one what what do you see that makes you. So positive and and happy what I really like about this program I started out like I said it's a physical therapist and I think physical therapy had a wonderful place because when there working with our clients. There working one on one and they can specifically see what that person needs. And they can address it. But physical therapy will always and you know it's it's the way it is. Where as this physical fitness program and I really like what Kristen had said about being a lifelong commitment icy rock city boxing. Being something that's a lifelong commitment on there is no end date and then what's great about it is. As they're coming to me if I see changes you know because parkinson's or funny thing you know you're you're dealing with your medications you're dealing with doctors. Is the progressive disease I'm seeing in other balance isn't as good anymore IC their posture changing our or even their speech there about bucks each volume. May be managing saliva. Different things I'll say you know I think may be needed to not that's what I call it. Are are to go see a skilled therapist physical therapists speech therapist. And to address these issues so that you can perform even better in the classes or to go back to their doctor maybe they need an adjustment in their medications. One of the things about rock city boxing as we can address pretty much anyone at any age. Male or female. Any progression of there are parkinson's. Based on which kind of class B put them and the exercises Iran modified so that classes are three times a week and they're ninety minutes long which sounds like a long time. But the reason why there like that is because we spend time. Developing some spirit among the group is a lot of camaraderie we do little get to know you questions. We also do stretching at the beginning to to loosen up our joints and our muscles before we start. We have a warm up activity or a warmup exercise. And then we do the intense part of the exercise which giant that is the part that they feel slows the parkinson's. After we finish that intense part. Then we do a cool down would we address into core exercises. We do on stretches because now the muscles a warms the type a stretching we do at the end is different we do static stretching. While the muscles are warm to increase her flexibility and then we always have a nice cheer at the end that a lot of camaraderie in our group and I think that's another thing that the boxers have told me they love they don't feel alone anymore there with other people at the same thing. They support each other they they can ask each other questions about what's worked for you know and what happened. That's Kathy Ripa rock steady boxing northeast PA cliff Mel Berger of west Pittston spoke to us about his participation. After a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Noting his father displayed signs of the illness. Yeah see added tremor follows life and I inherited I found out it was working in the Poconos. And went to mass with some of my Catholic trends and coming out I was only. Music worked in her. And the preset price of the lord and on the news today he took communion. And that point and it. Slow. And you sit in my hands were shaking voice on this I was and drinking of that it's not drinking of the sixties either. But that was the first time is sort of recognized and you chairman but I just derivatives rules should be it was a severe. Diagnosis. And then playing. College football in high school college. Became more evident you know trying to get pads on and everything you know my friends and you know get. Pants. Place some things like that. And so that's that's recognizes that I didn't recognize had parkinson's so much later on online and just recently as a couple years ago you know and a diagnosis by doctors suggested my name familial tremor and turn to parkinson's. But I exercise all my life Bozeman an athlete and and walk a lot. As I said the Casio arc. Five miles is no problem for me it's dollars and years the intensity of these workouts. An athlete your whole life will you a boxer back in the air when they came she and they said. Boxing might help you we onboard with. No problem ABBA it was an approximate no problem that Novo let me about when you came to this program and were you ready if I guess you were because you exercise on air let did you say bring it I'll do the intense. Exercise where. Actually I was recommended by now because I was up there doing mild. And other programs but it's not a prisoners' sentences and they suggested. That night from down here and didn't standing. And have a friend who operates another X 88. Hours Detroit. Detroit news of Penn State football player. Sulzer briefing but he has in the city and he heard was tried as he said absolutely incidents. And it is extremely. It's like she says there's camaraderie it is intense exercise warm up cool down hole works what do you think it's meant for you physically. It's gives you confidence that you can stop the progression absolutely and a I think that's it's really it is again Angela counts and you don't wanna mix exercises. Did you get to diagnosis may be some years ago I'm looking at mine it over and there about two years ago. So we've got the official diagnosis. But I have always had the term and it's never impaired me. But all the other little symptoms that I had and I didn't realize you know taste. And things like that balances. May be a little problem not a big problem. But it's just that confidence that you can be did if you work hard it. And she works very hard and it makes us work. Here about the the taste. That no loss of the sense of taste was it's now first taste sec and out the other way when did you notice that. Just recently. I've never met Marat ain't so fast I don't taste anything and the grooves my him my wife and myself on their very big tasters opposite movement isn't punishment to me it's this quality gated and it's necessary again. There Arafat let's listen to them parkinson's the same thing with this now. You know smelling so. And he says oh we're close now but he says he's announcement. Must be something where or do you. Since a cigarette if I doubt you are the problem. It's but this for an great. Really enjoy it enjoy economy. And that's very flexible tube like it's her exercises might show which is well aware of mine injury isn't and develop some exercises. That. April is parkinson's awareness month. And you can learn more at the allied services web site and not FaceBook page for rock steady boxing northeast PA. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. So it's your listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. Those who know very well the impact that opiate addiction has had a northeastern Pennsylvania. Well gathered together this Thursday to put their collective wisdom together. At the open you infect forum at the Pittston library on Thursday April 19 beginning at 6:30 PM. Lucerne county judge Michael beau and coroner bill list men will be there along with addictions specialist Carmen amber Xena out and Carol cooled off. A parent turn advocate after the death of her son Eric from an overdose. Amber's you know uncool by joined us this week at Entercom station WI LK two discussed the program. I have been in the field for a 45 years and again each of those years have been cherry flavored I've always enjoyed this worked as an opportunity to save lives one of the problems in the United States is it's easier to get higher than this to get help and so one of the things I tried to do throughout my whole careers advocated for the need for treatment and continue to do types of treatment from the popular problem from the ninety's it has been a major epidemic continues to grow when you take a look at 154. Pulled the deaths of Lucerne county in 2017. And close to 700. Since 2010. The annual OD debts from western counties are up by about the 300%. These are human beings these are not items the these are people in the we need to do more and so the OP or problem is a major issue and that's why the special thanks to WOK into the John F. Kennedy Knights of Columbus council 372 for sponsoring this upcoming program on April 19 from 630 toll PM week and we hope the community comes out because they're gonna learn some very valuable information on how to prevent it and how to treat it. Caroline of these human beings was your son my son passed away nine years ago from a drug overdose he was 29 years old at the time. He suffered what his addiction for eighteen years he started when he was quite young. And we did everything we thought we could possibly do for him but. He'd lost that battle unfortunately so. I have kind of just took off that energy that I used to put into him. And kind of been out there trying to. Educate and bring awareness. Turn to stop the stigma that's associated with this disease and there's certainly in in your own. A life you did something that a lot of people didn't do and this was nine years ago you actually. We're very public. About so why your son died and I think things from you are probably one of sleep the early. Some people that did this and it won't look me Jews make that decision because so often this this kind of das is left to speculation and neighbors talking whatever that you were very upfront about it why well. When you have a child and addiction for many years. Everybody know he hadn't addiction so I couldn't see hiding it. And I felt if I didn't talk about it and I was ashamed to put it out there and how is I ever gonna ask expect somebody else to understand so. It was all part of that train to bring that stigma. What happened after you did that to people rejecting a Willie did you know ask for donations for archives and we did. Less able to raise enough money too expensive. Content to your T shirts that is here which was really a big accomplishment I app for us. And so yeah we did have a lot of people that's just I just tell us a tip when permanent and in terms of recognizing the have a problem that seems to be part of what addiction and actual relation is as saying. I have a problem are getting more people to come forward and say. They have a problem I mean are you working on breaking down these the stigma that's Tijuana prob. Was with this. Medical diseases that you first have to fight the individual who has the disease and then you can treat the disease like cancers or the other diseases their you know you really begin by by treating the disease the patient for the most part doesn't block Q. With addiction that a curse. Denial a rationalizations. And intellectual position meant a musician conniving behavior of the lies the deceit all of that that comes through and by the kind of breakthrough that unfortunately. You do lose a valuable time there's more and more information out there more education out there won't really. The problems issue is that families far too often. Only seek advice or consultation. Organ on the same page when there's the problem we need to be proactive we need to learn about it before it strikes our homes and in so this is why these events of this and nature are real critical of people just need to clearly understand. This disease can happen to anyone and it does and so the information education is really critically important. I agree with you 100% and it seems to me that the way to stave this off I think that there is that prevailing philosophy on message throughout there the state of Pennsylvania. Is to get people to realize how dangerous this could be in the first place in other words whether it's done. In a school setting up early in the school setting or education. Where I talk about the story all the time because it I think happened that you're event in Kirby park and Gary tennis came. From the state and he yelled at people. Throw. Away. The medications. That you have. A program streaking get the thing at the pharmacy that dissolves a medication and and whatnot so. Going from that. Understanding just how bad this could be if you get involved and it seems to be pivot. Well the most people think the world only talking about the street dopey college but to. The prescription or PO is sort of the main problem as well the likened died a lot of the OxyContin. Is. Alamo rules sleep. The issue these are very powerful chemicals and heroin users should. And vice Versa and so these are powerful people need to do a better job. I really monitoring medicine cabinets and leaving bottles in the air because. We there are people out there who will steal from medicine cabinets so a doctor hopping in pharmacy shopping or or two things which the new pharmaceutical. Computerization is trying to cut down on in the state of Pennsylvania but it's still rampant and so we need to do a better job but getting on the same page you talk about the 4600. ODs in Pennsylvania annually. 230. Million prescriptions. Are being written in the United States. Every year for a Pulitzer mean this is unacceptable and soul so we need to take a good look at this at this issue. Not only in the problems that are doorstep of B. For a comes there Carol and experienced them. Having all these medications around as is that to enticing to some of the people that have come to you for advice and in what they're dealing with with addiction to share. Does he mean I think that her belief that your child or your family isn't. I'm going to do that but you know you have kids that are coming and visiting in using your bathroom and believe me daylight to go through your stuff. And so yet you really need to get rid of the medications and you're not using. Carmen how important is it too and we people on the show by the way who. Are seeing dead. When we try to correct a problem like this sometimes there's an over corrections don't talk to about some people who call our show. And say they need these medicines there's pain. Arm and to see if Aaron Payne and I were reliant on a medication. I would be sort of resentful that. Maybe I couldn't get it the way I used to get it so how do you address that other end of the problem where sometimes there's an over correction. I think that's a very valid point oh PO will be is of fear of prescribed in OP votes in hand. This is a new phenomenon that's occurring in our societies we've got to be careful. That that as we we deal with with this issue what we don't actually two people. Is warrantless OP it's because that is not true the the issue in the these you'll be yours this that are used in a responsible way moderately. Do you have medical uses some cough suppressants. And and chronic pain and things of that nature. So I think that's a real critical issue do we don't want to have a campaign which is take away your old Buick because. They are valuable in terms of the treatment. A pain for people who need them. What we're trying to cities that the misuse of them abuse them to you over prescribing. Of them. The gold medals the Internet this salesman social media site. Sales in the we need to take a look at those two ticker. Areas and what are being caught which you defend them all. What people need to understand is that fentanyl. That's that'll be hornets are schedule two drug. That is fifty times more powerful. Than heroin and car fentanyl. Is a veterinary medicine. That you use for trying equalization. Or for pain if you will for barriers. And for a large animals and this this is 100 times more potent than functional. So that these chemicals being added to street OP woods. Are creating a lot of DOD news. I also heard from a police officer in Wilkes-Barre that a fentanyl is making its way into marijuana and I know people of color Johnson all that's not true but this police officers said it is true have you been hearing this. Yes yes I have can even hearing their apartment yes and I guess it's too dependent right so regardless of of what Europe you know what you're buying on the street you may. On suffered no and also heard from individuals. And you're you're event Carol by the way as is the place where it is I believe the trailers place chip so many people. Act Jay your overdose awareness event that I've talked to that new. Months in front of everybody what was up and I'm glad you do that I give you a lot of credit for it. The surgeon general of the United States Tuesday spoke about an hour can't did you see that I didn't yes so you surgeon general of the United States actually. Advocated for families. To possessed nor can ending you're event I think that's the first place I learned about the standing order in Pennsylvania writes actually being used to talk about doctor Levine standing order and what it means to somebody who has an addict in the family. Well it is standing order by doctor Lavin who is our physician general physician Pennsylvania and was made law by governor wealth. That there is that is it for a prescription in the pharmacy are ready you do not have to have a physical. Paced piece of paper and anyone can go in and purchase in our camp and I believe that everybody should have it. And I also stressed that it doesn't have to be aid. Family member. And Hass Aaron problem if you have an older person and it's taking. Opiates day get confused they know they can overdose just as easily as fanatics so anybody that takes Nokia should have an armed camp. Current I've heard from people because I do this Sheila Tate that. So people believe that in our candy is a Greek. Item to have in your home can enact other people are saying are you kidding me were bring him back this person again and again and again with this in our camp. There there are so opposed to it based upon the fact that they don't believe the person's learning a lesson how do you. Respond to that. Nor can slick and happy parent. It's easier for when we needed to these are human beings uses a medical industries would what's the option to let them die. When people make that comment and actually bong boils my blood. One of the things we need to clearly understand businesses a medical agencies no one wants to suffer from addiction. The that if you go anywhere in the world and I ask a child in elementary school. What they wanna be when they grow. No one will ever shale wanna be an addict. I wanna wake up in my own vomit I wanna lose my family war one and managerial sell I want to when I tried to take my life I wanna try to. Behind each one of the newspaper. One opt for the should tell all of us that this is a medical disease that can happen to anyone and so. Mark has a very valuable tool we need to understand the medication assisted fair piece. Am AT. Is the new ways of treating OP it's like it or not that we need to get on the same page you were going to reverse this trend. Was always something that was acceptable that medical assistant there was that something in the beginning of your career that question people. Look dead as saying how this replaces one thing with another thing date we overthrust. There was some skepticism. In the beginning even by professionals should including myself. We need to just get on the same page now and grow with the field and get a much clearer understanding. Or we shame that we try to challenge people to be totally drug free yes but it but insulin is a valuable tool. In the treatment of diabetes the FB and is a valuable tool would and and nor can and so valuable tool. As Carol has stated you need no prescription you can walk in any pharmacy if they don't have it then you need to educate them. Walk away with what nor can. You can either should bring it again intra muscular. But to most people they have no problem with despray. I went to just beeped on me on the issue that you brought up about. We I mean these people over him. As a nurse I am taking care of many patients are diabetics. That are overweight heart condition. And they come in now turn around her again because they do not follow their diets. They do Max. Exercise and you know there's still sedentary. They do not do it they're supposed to do toward their disease. But we still treat them every time they come and. I think that's a great point and sometimes we lose our way and I think people. They're just angry a lot about this and I I I understand it yeah I bet you're angry at points Trent when you were involved in this with her family because it's maddening you think you make progress. You haven't made any. And it's it's terribly frustrating thing I think sometimes people do react out of that. Frustration that they have why can't you just get this why won't you get better. So I understand that as well yes and you know that they didn't do bad things I didn't first to admit that but they are. Under the influence of something that is controlling your brain and I believe my son. Was much more than what his addiction costs. Carmen amber is Dino and Carol cool Bob will be part of the Knights of Columbus council sponsored. Oh really packed forum. At the Pittston memorial library on Thursday April 19. From 630 to 8 PM. You're listening to special addition on intercom. Communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. It's good to learn tips about improving your credit score from someone who spent time in the industry. That devises that metric and has the tenacity to tell the rest of us about it. That would be Anthony Davenport. Whose book your score. An insider's secret to understanding controlling and protecting your credit score was the topic when he joined us recently saw I think people feel about the score. That's because no one ever learned about credit scores and school. Or from their parents and credit is being used now to determine everything. Most employers are looking their credit they're using ficus course now to determine your home and auto insurance rates. Yet no one was told what the perfect credit profile looks like. How many credit cards are supposed to have what kind of balances to put on them there are so much misinformation so that's why I wrote the book was to really kinda. Back the curtain and say this is how the game is played. OKMR Oz why just become the thing to do now what. What made this so vital and crucial or people in cahoots to make this happen how did come to be. Yes and it's a very simple explanation it's all about money. Because now Powell. They can use a credit score to put everyone in the same boat and say if you don't have exactly what we want ordered a charge you more so the average American how the credit score just beneath the 700. But if you have that score over the course of your lifetime you're going to pay. Several 100000. Dollars extra in interest vs someone who has an immaculate A plus score so to deal. What's an immaculate ache a plus score. 740 or higher. Profile behind it they want you to have the right mix of credit cards and other lines of credit and have the right age and all things that they don't want you to know that it's definitely something they don't want you know power works. I hardly ever talk about this Anthony that this girl right here has over 800. Is this secret story thank you very much. Tell about how. Employers can. Justify using this and and potential employers gain access to your credit score. And Medicaid cases you give employers the right to pull credit report on your. But that's supposed to be a policy your scores they're not supposed to take that into account how old. Well or why that's used I couldn't tell you because there's no correlation between our an employee that out below fly FICO score and you know this is the fact they're gonna be late to war critic liked there's no correlation to see someone look a little credit score. Is going to be a worse driver by two. He gives them the means to say we're gonna charge you more despite the fact that I mean a lot of my clients make millions of dollars. They're not a risk to not pay your bill but now they can say who because of this unknown date in the system we can charge you extra money. It's so crazy let's talk a little bit about some. Easy easy ways Anthony to. Get the score to be a little bit better and and and how can they rise. Either by what tens or hundreds if you do go in there and you take a serious look at it entitled to get a free one every every year is that right. You can have but I mean there's there's a whole other part of the book but. The credit scores that you can get as consumer are not the same as lending institutions use to you have to get the real deal reports actually. I mean it a pretty hefty part of the first chapter of how to keep her hands on it and how to read it. But then how to improve it it's gonna surprise you by 65%. Of your fight good score. Has nothing to do with whether you pay your bills on time in the 65%. Is what's easier for edict to control. So. If you learn math stuff like paying your credit card balance down here or there that can make a profound. Impact underscore. In a pretty quick fashion verses if you have a late payments and blemishes you know I'd teach you how to fix those two but that takes longer time. Okay credit cards or should the average individual. I have in order to. Look attractive. In their credit score. So I recommend that you have between five and seven total trade lines including credit cards like mortgages auto loans. You know what the couple credit cards may extend and you want to open at least two years but the law offered to better the conflict friendships I can vouch for you. Five to seven total including your mortgage in your car. Yes yet most Americans have eleven which is too many people like you not knowing this stuff. Okay and because I thought if you had sixty did have eleven that you're meticulous about the menu did pay and time. Why is it still considered to be bad news. In some cases it can be because then you have the ability to rack up a lot of debt very quickly and it'll watch you did do that they're afraid that if you have. You know a 100000 dollars available to your credit cards. Maybe all of sudden you run into an issue do you need to use all of you know. OK so they're just worried that you have the potential to quickly. Escalated know someone wants to know if a student has a bad mark on credit and loan company won't remove it until the loan is paid. What can the student do the student is pain on the mound. So there behind on the student loans currently you're. Now they they have put that marked they're paying alone I guess in a timely manner but it's. They won't take the Markoff even though there current. If there's a lot of different options and it really depends on causes you know where they got a loan from and then what their current status within this. Beleaguered if you or if you had issues with. A loan that's backed by the federal government does the best kind to have because they're the most willing to work with you and say hey we don't wanna hurt your ability. To repay us at some point in time so if we can corrected rectify your credit. That may help you be able to you know get other debt and feel the pale soft faster so I've got a rival chapter on. Have a dual student loans because that's something that. Virtually all of us have to deal now. I can't and when we go led to get a get a mortgage. For instance Anthony what what shall we be. Anticipating. Only golfer that I mean what's gonna help us the most. When were out a new home buyers as it's our first time and that's a huge amount of money the have to get sometimes so what what should you be doing in order to prepped for. First and most important thing you have to do is a minimum of ninety days in advance. You have to get two hands on the scene credit report that the lenders can look at. And it's not the one that you can get from the credit bureaus it's not the one that comes from credit karma. Or from free credit report dot com even though the commercials were cute you have to get the real report. And then you know I have like a ninety day credits slam to help people get prepped for its that you get the very best read on your mortgage. Because they could see you couple hundred bucks a month on an average loan. If you make sure that your credit score is beautiful and the park before you. Going for that mortgage applications. Mean my knee is really good in even when I did I had to get money for my kids to go to college and I think my loans that I think I read through that great. Is there a way that I consider them what are you look at the right thing here. Yeah you can you can first obtained a real report because. What you may be looking at is not the same thing at they're looking at. So get the real report learn how to read it. Figure out how it needs to be positioned when you're gonna apply for a because in many cases they're not giving you the best rate even though you have a high likelihood of paying them back. A medical debt how does that figure into your life. Who we we hope that Canada is Davidson gives us their free healthcare at. Our system is not not right but in any rate it affects 35% of Americans we have medical collections. It's usually people that have health care. And another thing that all tell you and how to do a fist. Almost everyone deals with medical collections incorrectly if they're all your credit report. The worst thing that you can do is simply just pay it. Because it's like admitting guilt and it Lum answer credit score it makes it look like it's a brand new item how that makes sense to. I have no idea of and the wind that's the way it works for us. They built it makes sense are supposed to handle that well. I I had to lay out almost an entire chapter of the book to deal with collections because it depends on. What type of collection that is now it originated and what you say to them by. On for starters. You don't want to pay the collection on Lester willing to delete it from the record like it never happened. And you have to arm wrestle still argue this in the nationals had to do it. Because almost everyone faces this issue at some point. It is exhausting as an Anthony to be a warrior on behalf of yourself. Well you know what I was the big anchor for ten years almost. So this is my way of atoning for myself by helping consumers suffer and I prefer the guidebook on how to how to deal with the batteries. How dear colleagues feel about that today I think the talent tales out of school are now. Like other people in the credit industry. Well you know I have the benefit of working with people that even a fight handled book considers how to do things are not gonna do. On the road they pay people would do that. So other people in the industry are happy that I'm sharing. Credit knowledge and talking about the systems but they're also has been giving away the secrets for the. Anthony Davenport is the author of your score and insider secrets to understanding controlling and protecting your credit score. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. 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