Special Edition with Sue Henry

Special Edition
Tuesday, October 17th
A trip to the exhibition at the Sordoni Art Gallery at Wilkes University featuring the works of Andy Warhol; highlights from East Coast Paracon in Scranton featuring a past life regression session and an interview with a psychic medium and an interview with Marc Goldberg, author of the book, "Let Dogs Be Dogs."   Special Edition with WILK's Sue Henry

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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will attend an exhibition at Wilkes University that features the work of Pennsylvania native and renowned pop provocateur or Andy Warhol or give you some highlights of last weekend's East Coast Perritt con featuring a past life regression session and they discussion with a medium who communicates with the spirit world in a remarkable way mosques get insights into the behavior of canine companions. And author who spent time with the monks of new skeet they use their gifts to train dogs in Cambridge New York he famously predicted that everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. But pop art sensation Andy Warhol staying power has increased exponentially since his premature death in 1987. At the age of 58 Warhol love celebrity culture music fashion and movies. And let's fascinated by consumerism. Hence his Campbell's soup cans silk screenings which heated up the debate over what's art some of these screens are spending their time in the sir Tony art gallery at Wilkes University through the end of the year part of an exhibition entitled. Fifteen minutes from images to icon. Assembled by director Henderson Karadzic who gave us a tour this week. The exhibition is fifteen minutes from any check I kind which looks at the inspired process and influence of Andy Warhol you'll see works that really put in the work on them you'll see you re sources say Andy Warhol was inspired by decree that works. And Daniel CU. Pieces that Andy Warhol basically inspired you're looking at a full circle here it's pretty critical I think we did look at it as well I think overall we were looking at an artist's. Name recognition number one. But to keep the Pennsylvania part of Pennsylvania native so we went to stress. We are bringing people into the gallery for the first time. You know he's proud. Of me pretty exciting for anybody expiry dates. The as curator and somebody who obviously logs are to pieces when you heard that this might be a possibility what did you think it was exciting for me is it's nice things where you could either purchase an exhibition. Or injury an exhibition. I had the opportunity to secure if no cynical about is you know it's looking at different collections. Seeing what would fit to your your biggest show thesis. And then really green and all together in in space itself so. Carried an exhibition is always highly fired anybody in this position when you set out to do curious. An exhibition where the things you're looking for what's on your mind am sure you have some things you think. Like if I get a hold that many probably have things in your mind that thing you think wow I could just get a hold of that how to veco for you running the gamut today. Nice thing but it did know about is that they Andy Warhol foundation has what's called the legacy collection and they ate fifty to a 180 institutions across the United States. The taller it's that Indy were halts in preparation for his an eighty portraits so. That's 28500. Olerud that are out there think it's it's a lie that was a good place to start because is basically at Indy Warhol. Creating than iconic Maryland tight image you know Marilyn Monroe. Had her press that was done from Niagara. And that's what he used to make that iconic image. But for the people who basically commissioned him for a similar type of portrait they didn't have that so he went he created that so. Getting in an actually exploring who all these people were and what the way it resulted in that. That's a lot of fun then you get into well it would be great to get the Maryland's themselves so people can see sort of what they are asking for so the facts and see not just locate one Maryland but the entire set of ten. Was really pretty great. And then on top of it to have the source peace away Warhol had used to actually create that image this still shot from Niagara. Was pretty exciting and you also see images of Maryland that were done around the same time. But a lot interpreted he was really looking for the manufactured. Image of Maryland not the more interpretive ones did you get anything on loan from many museums for us did we have pieces from the Dickinson College. However for college university of mean press style. University of Northern Iowa. And then we have works from Andy Warhol museum itself and and we have some private collections. From. Well renowned photographer Greg Gorman. And had relate Weiler. Greg Gorman himself actually work for interview magazine where that magazine in our house started. From a young person when you remember hearing the name Andy Warhol and then what did you discover about him in the aftermath of hearing his name I play it's really young I am from a family of artists my parents used to take me to New York I actually remembers. I was in eighth grade when he passed away this now and am stowed devastated because he was a name that I knew I love the golden Maryland's when I was a kid. And that was something that I was always like you know I it was like seeing that piece it at moma. So you know and the fact that this is like a child has a Catholic icon for me. Being able to now. Revisit his work. Using my voice is and it really pretty exciting opportunity to have to just took place right now where you gonna show us something they really wowed you big time. You're. The higher. Campbell Cink had. You know it's these things where they were on that were homeless man for. But it. I honestly have to say it's it has a lot of levity to it when you actually have been delivered and you're sitting there with all the bubble wrap in your opening them in your thinking. This is what made Andy work on Andy Warhol right here. So this is that you know the 196263. Series that he had done that he created. It was really create these are 32 in mind that whole room. And they were shown on like leaning on a shelf. As if they were in Sydney in a supermarket and the fact that I am able to CDs hold these. And really consider them part of my my work here I work as a curator. Was incredibly exciting and this is a pipe dream people died when I was thinking about its the don't and it came in I got three and that is really pretty awesome you know again it's it's this is this is iconic this is that it covers of textbooks this is. You know this is the stuff when you're going to work this is what you know in the fact that it's here it's exciting you're studying our how often do you think you look to these and us in a magazine. Or whatever that's Angeles it's just an -- can't I mean you've seen them over and over again and then when you look at them your screen prints that look it there's it's not completely even so you have. Lake areas where there registered marks ops that they're not entirely perfect. And the fact that they're the you still see a hand in this. That's really pretty exciting could you know that's what these breasts are for you know then I'll see their. You're seemingly. All these little pieces of the imperfections that that that bit of the man that's in them and that's really pretty fun let's go to Maryland over here and you can talk a little bit about how this did evolve with me. The the photograph of course right you've seen curt. Publicity image that the studio put out. For the film Niagara where she plays this and the tall. So you're seeing her completely healed all up at nine here at a please you know the low cut dress and everything like that. But you're seeing this in this sort of shy corporate a lot of her shoulders and her busted everything that. What he decides to do is he really crops in on the actual. Her and really focuses on. The fact that she's where. Her tires like he he really dolls are up even further than what you're seeing in the actual Ankara still sell. He focus isn't on like really changing like the color how awful lot as the kind of work through that set of them. And with this that kind of changing and evolving like once you get to the end green peace over there. It's very off registered what it starts to imply a lot of her emotional breakdown. He this theory what started. The day after the Campbell's soup can show came down he was like what's next. I'm out well at another piece of Americana has fallen here I'm going it start investigating the portrait. So I think it's also really pretty interesting is that. This is a long tradition in the arts painting food painting portrait he just arriving at in a very contemporary way to a little bit different than what we typically would see. I turned on the street as. I think about this pretax issuing its its from the thirteen votes beautiful series. And it's showing people like Dennis Hopper who read Edie said to Keogh is it that you recognize. But Sony does so much but they were familiar in the factory one of them is the name for her who was a dancer. Very close friend of war miles. And you know in 1 evening he actually danced his way. Braden went to his death mortality is a big piece of Andy Warhol's work even know what you may not be apparent from the get go. So what you're seeing over here with the flowers pieces its number of Weiner response to that story hippie flower power movement. But it's also. Thought of as a memorial to Freddie her. You know it may not be totally a pair of that I think it may you know it's something that's you know you always are thinking about flowers at the death of someone and treat her I was very close to war itself. I mean we see mortality come up in his work. You know he did it Jacqui series but he also did what was called the death and disasters series which started with it JFK's assassination so. We have a lot of the press images that were done with it if you assassination back something again a lot turmoil in the sixties that were looking at a lot of that. And then in the end you're seeing what if he's from his final one of the spinal pre sets the camouflage nets where he did it sit ups and much like he did the flowers in the Maryland's. But he was doing paintings were overly cam flies over his self portrait. Over the artist Joseph plays or the statue of liberty. And then he did these you know just the camouflage themselves the camp life is you know kept prices hiding something in plain sight you know it's also Heidi setting in plain sight in a landscape again now it's another response to landscape painting it's just you know weight that we wouldn't think about right. Now to also think all of these overlaid over his self portrait he's hiding something in plain sight it. Hi it brings a lot of questions as to what was he thinking at that time. With pink camel lives and people are thinking he's hiding sexuality complaints. You know magazines obviously that was the notion of making a magazine that size I mean I look at that now I think. Even sitting on the shelf it was so big and so filled with beauty what did you besides make those in her view magazines partnership. You know it means we're actually outgrowth of his connection with failed. He wanted to be at the new York film festival one year and he was denied press access. So is it OK well then I'm gonna make a magazine and you're gonna have to give me except desperate act. So are you act I. I think it's funny but it that people who is gonna read this thing he does lately says while the person and the copper will. I did this isn't name to really have access to celebrity. You know from a young age he was writings. Starlets young holing it for it did that little press shots in now so he's very first one that he got which Shirley Temple. He featured that on the back of interview magazine at one point. All pieces is active like belongings like pieces son of eastern European immigrant family. He's planning to belong here feel like America. So he's writing only starlets he was two or texted by teen magazines at first runs by the second hand stores. How it re at her for all of this stuff in the pack and that he was able to start creating like this leaving collection of celebrity with the film. With it's pets then that's where it really establishing him as this filmmaker and then not having access to the phils out and you create interview but now it creates is there access to celebrities so. He's now having like it's close connection with collecting celebrity. Being are now that all of this was about want it to be. And then I think to the cool thing about interviews that he starts to duties really interesting pairings of people together yet some like divine interviewing -- on you. He had Truman Capote interview itself you know because who else get interviewed Jimmy Capote. So he did he's really interesting pairings in interviews that were happening and. Where else that's Henderson cab bitch director of the sword Donnie art gallery at Wilkes university and curator of Andy Warhol. Fifteen minutes from images icon Patrick Leahy president of Wilkes University. Discussed his vision for making the arts an essential part of a student's learning experience. While giving those in the community a chance to see something special in downtown Wilkes-Barre. I started it looks five years ago and when I came to folks we realize that we needed to make. Big investments in the sciences and in the professions of business and in nursing and pharmacy. And a couple years in know what I just said that I felt strongly that we needed also make and it's a significant investment in the arts because I had this philosophy that I think is shared by most of us that wells and that is. The U can't be true university. With our enduring commitment to the arch so what really spawned this reinvention of this sort Ernie art gallery was that idea that we needed to make sure. There were investing in the arts not just for the benefit of the looks very community. But for the benefit primarily of our students. So many of whom are the first in their family go to college that we use don't feel. To date improperly introduced to the arch necessarily. At home or even at school. How did you decide that the former are testy Jewelers would be. You're Jules well given part of cows these locations. Let's be honest it's been. On our mind for many years as nice addition to our campus. I accelerated that because I just felt that as our campus expanded. In particular on to south main street that we need to continue that expansion down south main street party cows these are right there. And I went to see Max barn a cal skiing we finally came to agreement that this would be. Nice addition to Wilkes well we bought it we didn't know for sure what we're gonna do with it and there were so many competing demands for this base and then we just finally determined that. They would there were two key uses it would be perfect especially is the way in which it integrates into the community. One is a new communication center for art communications students television radio. The PR firm and student newspaper and then the second part of it of course. Would be tampering this severity arc our gallery in a way so that could integrate more easily into the downtown and that's. Was I think you know. The dream. The individuals who are supportive of the arts around the world for so many years is to find a way to integrated more seamlessly. Into the community who have the suggestion to try to put it. This exhibition together featuring Andy Warhol we're that come from I think Heather and I. Compete for the right to say that it was our idea now I think we collaborated on this I mean I don't know quite candidly whether it was Heather or me but. This summer I was visiting Pittsburgh with my family and I dragged the four kids. To the Warhol museum in downtown Pittsburgh when there's things I found is so fascinating about Warhol was. Does it was the diversity of the individuals who were there at his museum. And I was able to. You know maintain the attention of my ten year old boy. Because of the colorful nature of the Warhol work in the evening just you Chan in chanting nature of it so. I think we thought a Pennsylvania native with a big name. And someone who we think would be accessible to a wide variety of people and we landed Horry Andy Warhol and I. Absolutely. Envisioned us just. Buying a traveling show and bringing it here and demo we hired Heather and realized the talent that she had. She said that she wanted to cure yourself and we just thought what a wonderful way to introduce the news order in the gallery to the community. How has the community received this. Wow I think I would say in my five years I've never spent so much electricity. In the community about something that Wilkes is done. I just think that it it has really tied in so many things one is a commitment to the arts. What a lot of places around the country are cutting back their investments to the arts for sure. But to the way in which we intentionally placed it on south main street to help with the revitalization. Of the downtown. At the same time I means for so many reasons I find. That the community has is so you know as really embraces whole idea and has pledged. There are ongoing support of of the gallery. And I hope that that's going to be the case for decades ago. Fifteen minutes from images to icon runs through December 20. At this or donate art gallery on the campus of Wilkes university and downtown Wilkes-Barre you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on the intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henrik. Many of us are very curious about paranormal happenings holistic healing and the investigation into the unexplained. Practitioners from several specialties. Including psychics mediums. Numerology lists and native American culture arrests came together in Scranton last weekend for East Coast parent content. Joseph talk. Co-founder of East Coast paragon and a member of the Pennsylvania paranormal association. Filled in the he also hosted paranormal science and comes station WI LK. We're actually not an investigation team for saying we actually started East Coast air count myself and stands are. Tolerable founders and I'm sorry this or cup of coffee because we want to. Have a place for people can go where they can feel comfortable talking about I think Harold parent meeting of course Bob so paranormal just just above the norm. Talk about something they may have lost a lot longer they had some you know people sort hearing forces me or somebody always psychic and they look at a different way. You know possibly to come down and talked to would like minded individuals and maybe it's time and insight of what they're feeling her what we've seen. In your own experience. Are you in tune with the paranormal personally I do I do have. I'm retired police officers so what people call a six cents or your gut feeling. I believe people should honestly take a look at that and look inside themselves. Because I do believe that if more more people fall that we all can have that instinct which is what we build upon. To do that so I would say yes I'm in touch me more than most because of my choice profession. But that it certainly looked at that they had that and to some. Mommy say that the police officers there are analytical beings you know they they look at things and that from its more about black and white world and it's evidence etc. how does that play it with you when you hear from individuals who tell you something that. That seems a little bit different. It's a good point I'm glad you brought that up I agree completely and that's exactly it's usually there's usually a very little gray area went with local police officers and that's the reason why that gray area I look at because it's science can't prove it and logic can't prove it there's has to be something else and that's what you wanna go further its thirst for knowledge and the third for knowing that pushes me into that. About some people locally that have. Approached you in the last couple of years and some of the things you've been involved in investigating looking act or you know. Maybe even providing an answer that hopes to make sense out of something that this paranormal all the ways was. Our consulate on nine investigation team I do belong to the Pentagon association which is investigation team and we've had people from all over the area and different states especially locally that come to us on what little different things something as simple as maybe they had a smell their homes are not aware of or maybe they've hurt something a physical pop in the night so to speak. All the way up to and including things are actually physically getting moved up you can touched. On and and sometimes even getting violently ill on the off physically affected by the so we've gone and we don't investigations and come there there's been such great evidence to that and not the dorm to the paranormal. That we looked at it and we became a resolution team not just day eight investigative team so we have actually psychics and people such as clergy and different states that can help us either clearer home for a helped individual what they may be dealing with. Mention clergy. A lot of people who have a religious tradition obviously look at the stuff and they say we have no business in this round what do you say to them. Respect everyone's plea for stars on Roman Catholic I was bordering and even in catholicism. There's a reason why the Roman Catholic church and then and then she's just have certain individuals for the offer demonic possessions or stuff like you know there's a reason why it with the people affected certain priests that are actually taught that. I'm not singer Nico is demonic by any means all the while it is doing this I don't think I've ever really truly yesterday and to a demonic spirit. However I believe just like anything else we would not appreciate the life would have dark so there'll since I was seeing things always two sides everything so I believe that and in thinker there's also some type of that out there people talk about just setting up this event East Coast pair content. This is actually our third year in the span last two years for a via molesting tell which is now mark lists into. We end up in partial but the health and start this roughly on par actually probably November actual circus next month going for next year's and then we try to. Bring as I said earlier like minded individuals together so we have a holistic healers here metaphysical people. Psychics crypto zoologist. You know apology completely opposed. We have authors here we have paranormal teams and investigators. And we want to how's everybody under one roof so as us earlier someone that has had some type of those experiences. Could come and talk to somebody like minded individuals and may be yet you've just here to listen. Or if it's actually some type help with the looking. Work that's who we're trying to provide here he schools her every one of our our people that are here that we deal with. Our our exceptional we have a program ideas highlighted individuals but everybody here I can tell you that they are there personable their approachable to topple. That's Joseph Hough co-founder of East Coast parent con psychic medium and master hypnotist Mary Barrett of Lexington Kentucky does pass slifer aggressions and told us about the process before allowing us to sit in on her demonstration. For her audience tummy and a little bit about the work you do. Yeah I do a lot more psychic medium I go and talk to people who have passed over to give the messages to the people that are still here psyche effect of predicted future and hit a test. I do everything Catholic expressions. Are hypnotized for. Hey happy at this blocking happened but he didn't do her today I am not that. Yet stand under a again. And when you say get a minority candidates see you let people to understand what hit Johnson says it's just like you're watching TV yourself still work and you know you plea yourself out of that any time you lot. And what you're doing past life regression straight explained that he's gonna tell somebody pass like he's had. And that won't go into one of the common now tell us he will tell us who he was well here it is he was married Sally died step by. And well this is happening is aware of what's happening. Sometimes they are. Let Clinton did this I was well aware. Of what was being said. But I was not controls saying anything it was like I was here in my body. But someone else talking through me. Here's some of the session Mary Barrett conducted with stands erect into his past life regression. Stand as a co-founder of East Coast parent com and author of SaaS can screams. Here and there we eat tuna and yourself times. Column Andy. That's why she. Says it. Let's go ahead and we don't want us pass so. Anyone you like it's chip bring them. In yeah. Anybody's voice my act you know it's many say seven lives. Still in one. The ship. Yanish yet right well passion is there. It's got. Smokestacks like smoked smokestacks. Lots of people. You know remember you're not going to experience any pain are you going to do is. Tell me what she's seen. What kind of shift as the passenger liner. There are. What change. Frederick. Frederick. Olson. And where you frau mingled. Hairy man. Yes. Tell you. 32. I'm here what is your wife's name. Elizabeth. Helped shape for it. Okay. Are you both coming months. Yes. Yeah children true whatever name it Dougherty. Samuel. Howell back servant. And where I'll answer this. And I went into coming here it just created and you know about three and a 02. If black vote to. Two. Are there any person between hair ahead of that. Nineteen. Mary bear out worked with stand Zurich at East Coast or con and a demonstration of past life regression Virginia rose scent trail of queens New York works with members of the Pennsylvania paranormal association. She recalled that her gift Desi medium came to her at a very young age about yourself than we knew discovered. That you had to get what I was very race. Mean the 23 years old and my family's tang account from the Taliban and talent all the women haven't so in the town of the memento in Italy. In Naples region eighties. Which is insisting Eric's and or might mall looming there with thirteen dance that wall had this get my grandmother was fortunate to be race agreements agree on notice it's that was too that I had been skipped. Because high mother used to come to me mommy on her name obscurity at pets right after it was born. And she's come into my room and play with mean I had eerie actually hold my ears I would never complained memos quietly and very very interesting experience and clawing up in this particular house. There was a spirit in the house actually ghosts and our back. Meaning earthbound is that they didn't find the light what had her treatments to move forward. And they couldn't get out because no one can hand out. So that's what I do for a living I'm like a pig and allow them to speak to me I get created the earth prevents them. And then they go into the light they become lighter and then they can see the light. Because sometimes we holes in a lot of anger that have been merit in many died too suddenly in my. You might have been a misunderstanding drawing near death they might have been. You know could be number of things suicide whatever that might have helped them back. So what it was selling Lubbock they're home and affiliated penalties. That happens a lot and you re going to actually Graham in the Magnum needs is it reaching Gaza. Is she's a man in this house on. Yeah I play animals on whose government and verio. And used to play that means things we talked to each decision not afraid of the men as at now which goes you know why the man is that he and it hung on ram mine down. Because it's a lost. And he forgot pool about what he's supposed to do look guys he forgot that pot he only remembers what he did on this hour. I fit our case is just so when you see them meant little scary. You cool guy and you hold your angels and you tell them come again and this man play. I'll teach you some press and she debt and ever since I was a child it was a relief for the dock now or am I can't even type that at this hour crop that that's how it's not a mystery is out this man was playing with me. It's suitable world backward slowly but in spite of me. And my great grandfather on my grandfather's side was living in the house who's dying Kris came to house has about 34 years old at this point. And magnanimous that you stay here and the priest and stance to blast my great grandfather. And the chairman and human and very heavy accent I have to gone now and put its hand on my case. DC I think there was no option. Annie went like that he how my case. With this hand I mean she and Susan have to golf and when does this act on them. And it opened the back to the war and ask the priest was doing a blessing if they do the chorus and he's gone let's put his hand and then down. I saw the man me and said the energy into some NG. I understand it. An agreement that out phenomenon I'll accept a man a man. She's just tell me Elena and and I see my great graph on the teacup. And then that's Hamels up it became a test well. It was weird so I can explain to an option but I remember create through this step by step what happened. And make them just not happy gift and she nurtured it quiet. Very quiet. Because back and today. You know people that just would not happy you know I couldn't talk about actually get trying to cap X school but that's all it distorts. Facts yes so I had to get for very long timer remembered at a at a little puppy. And it came forward I realize I started chewing me ship our guys are doing readings at what meditation a still teach meditation. How people should ground and com. To know themselves as everybody has has it. It's personalized to even get and how you want music. And again to meditation you can tap into this painting. It's like gone to Jimmie just on to a want to think you're beautiful and look at me it's a continuum of these accidents as it used to so I used to do readings. I stop that mind thing news. Mike Wong is really should help souls out my creating game is it helps holes. Who want like souls of loss and tragedy wore suicide whatever it May Day. People just could not unlike. And that's why don't I work with the Pennsylvania parent association. Been with him since 2009. And it's been wonderful journey. It's an up and down well post a lot of since Jack I wouldn't. Change in the world got the best team mate two very understanding and work me. I've learned to work with Adam it's wonderful to be validated with historians and everything. So it's really great journey am I used to do this without the mediums but we in apple who can do quick. That's his point 2.0 uncle chuck from the navy's look at me like where we have machine but people people. That's how we know he's there. Lies. Behind. To back me happening and I'm very fortunate times that it first and last names so and they look and companies now. Are people surrounded by spears her spirit sin. Locations how does that work I mean UC's spears around people yes I can actually not all the time so I'm not on all the timing elect some realism about it and the question. New moms is looking out the window I think I'm looking at them. Yes we are surrounded by guys angels at all times. It can't interfere much in allies that can lead to rack that because it's you know you have freeware out. But you have guides and angels all the time. On work spear each round and to honoring your spirituality. That want you you GAAP. Your angels and news guide there's some idea earth like. When he went before. Struggle at times. And well most well she's cool. And I mean. That's talent. And a clean house to fix the bombing but what about house up -- want you to know that there around any tally is about and that it but you know. This war. One thing and. And does it got a history every time somebody passes and all along comes here they tell me straight out should allow more I should've played more. Mission not taking things too serious I should let the small things it's a waste of time like his very precious and very short. That's important to understand that we need to just lighten up and just locked lovers. What only one us all resolves this is just the vehicle and I Seoul has so many lifetimes and it. And by meditating and tapping into it you could open up so many beautiful stories. Because you've been so many people something different times over and over again. Virginia rose central I was a recent gassed at East Coast parent content Scranton and listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. Where you were at the spot I think I was. I think public for a dog person armed. Well as. Born in the Europe the dog to a father who was born in the Europe the dog and the Chinese you're the dog and in fact I'm I would look at first when that I air pocket when he was training dark for my teacher at the age of well because they started studying it when I was eleven Shalala I would kind of a child bride to that. Still good. Now how you hook up with. Two monks of new ski world what was that like and where did you find them that they find you have that worked well. It was really kind of serendipity because here I am. A Jewish guy and my second family that is the group of an order of monks at a monastery on top of the mountain. Literally hello. It's quite a funny story but I was sides in the dark trainer and once we're out there. Almost all my life I kind of came up reading the book that the monks of new ski wrote. They were discovered by life magazine in the early seventies and then by the late seventies they wrote a best selling book called. Kind of be your dog's best friend in hand that box full 600000 copies which is. Huge in the dog world and then they followed that up with the art of raising a puppy and eventually we ran into one another at at a conference of the dog trainers conference. You know and by the Christopher who's the head trainer there and I we just sort of clicked. Cindy eventually I've visited the monastery defeat what would normally on merit I would just popped by the but by the peace and tranquility and and the good dog worked with going on so. I just began to go back and back formed relationships and eventually we we came up with the idea Kirk this book let dogs be dogs. What did you learn from their methodology what was an eye opener for you mark. Well you know about the funny thing is is that we we all came up at a similar time. And in similar ways so I think what really struck me what how we had drawn so many of the same conclusion which is that dog need guidance. They need leadership but that need not be harsh and at the same time I'd be happy permit itself I think what really struck me was. The deep humility that deep must be. That the monks have combined with a a really strong. Drive to help their client because they trademark for clients part of what they do in order to support themselves. Good deep. This fire that they have to help a client connect better with their dog. In hand so we sort of coined a phrase compassionate authority this is what we're looking for with stock. Because authority without compassion is just leave him eat people either shouldn't do it or shouldn't want to do it and compassion without authority is. So permissive but are we get the result in the trouble they're so what we're looking to Dick coop is to combine those 20. I'm here into one compaction authority so that we can help dogs should be. Com web banner around what their owners need GM also that we want our owners to be reasonable there are the change does not start with the dog. Change starts with the humans because we're in charge of this relationship really look I found a very good about helping people transform their lives. That's a pretty natural connection sure. Noticed every sign Merck that people. To personify their dogs quite a bit and are are we going too far with our with our love and and of course putting pants on them and stuff. That's exactly why we in the book what we did it because. We we ultimately I would do our dog. A service if we honor their nature. Are you dark suddenly able to let them do whatever they want but it means respect the creature that is the dog. And let's send in some ways it is like parenting children. In what what I can tell you is that I had you who tied a quick story ahead. A a mother and daughter in with their extremely naughty dog here yeah on the based in the Chicago area. They were here let facility and talk with 28 and and you know moment in her fifties I kept him at that would explain to these ladies who look they're terribly knotty Little Rock. That after an awful lot of how we're going to approach that I I began to address the the nature of parenting and the first thing that we have to do with our dogs is to teach them the rules civilized behavior to keep them out of talky jail you know Q a lot of the chopper. In the end. That resonated so I kind of kept that up and high year. We we thought trainers love analogy except what are bankrupt and help connect people to the reality that we have in our mind brain and so I said. So for example mom you wouldn't have been drinking with your daughter here which as you know he'll wind up on her fifteenth birthday. You know because. The first thing we have to do with our kids and teach them ruled the ruled civilized behavior to them when they're old enough your cocktail the good thing this year and they suited both cracked up to date started laughing. It looked guilty men and and I could well Q what happened here and the and the mother in a while I was ever gonna win a mother figure. You can bike there. So I think they bit like an upshot on her fifteenth birthday. Bet well there are talks I think it's a lot better to prioritize. Parenting them per. And by being up second but so many looked just wanna be locked out really hard deep and long. That we go right to the friendship aspect of the relationship and we get all the rules of civilized behavior. And that's what get stock tribal. So that from the very beginning when we. Needed dog for the first time we have to understand that they want and so you figure mark. Don't try bonnet you know they they eat it here and then another quick story to illustrate that I trained a dog. For a lady who admit what herbal commute looked early the week before she is going to bring him to me she called me in here because get jumped off. A slightly open window interpreting car. And you can do an associate cancel the training copper copper. Jumped out of a moving car. The end she was obviously super distressed but she called me a couple days later the dog was wearing Italian he would I'm sure she has to eat. Oh I trained many trained up luckily I mean but the concept of that particular dog that they were cool but you have to follow a little Italy and at first but eventually made him happy because. Daughter born of a hole leader. In hand and and by the way compassionate leadership means we used everything that the dog like north three hammer on our way to thinking right. So as that would explain the concept her her mouth dropped open and chief stopping. And she could do not have a child psychiatrist. And you're telling me exactly everything that I told the parent of my patient. That the rule earned a couple and their children what I duck and that they depend upon the parents. To enforce those rules so that the children know that they are in place. Because. The guidance of those rules is what makes children feel frank. Switched with a little mind blowing to me like it such a similar concept. After all why didn't do it for your dark concede laughed and she should compete my PP I'm no doctor should treat herself. Well. She she she had to do there. Yeah he sure did so well equipped to be of help but the content they're very similar and you know people intuitively on some level know how to raise children because we're all of the things species were Cuban ranked. But we look at the dog we we might look at a twelve week old poppy. And we see a creature who is alert and fast lightning fast reflexes intelligent exploring the world. So we forget that we need term. Guides them observe them in corrupt behavior that we don't like. In guided backed behavior for which we can reward. Because if we don't do that that puppy is gonna keep right through an electrical according to get her into an important thing that we do for our kids. But we we tend not quite so much towards our dog and that's getting dark and the trouble daily. Well let Iowa asking 11 more question mark about a lot of people now are getting jobs from rescue groups or. Shelters. Now. How what advice do you have for them because a lot of times those dogs are grown they have certain happens. That's a really good point first let me state that I support that yeah you can teach an old dog new tricks we do it all the time. The last six or seven my dog I acquired that way. And it all turned out wonderful and I'm living right now what to doctor Patrick yours that were rescued dog. But you're right they can come preloaded with certain kinds of problems so the first thing I would do would be to look very carefully at the track record. The rescue. Doing much resurgence you can before kicking a dog from a particular rescue because. Some of them are extremely reputable and unbelievably diligent. About. I'm betting that dogs and checking your behavior before putting them out on the street. But then there are slightly less reputable. I'm shoppers who are just more anxious about pushing dog out to make room for more dogs. Which of course is that benevolent thing to do but sometimes they push up dark with you're eager crawl. In the arm then I think that the next best thing you can do it when taking it dot com prioritize education urged. Ian on the birdie up second so it's not that you love your new dog you should you if you will and you should. But I think. The first maybe couple of weeks. It's a Canadian equate that dark at night and maybe let him drag a leash around during the day when you're watching you all start straight but. The play. If you run into problems you just pick up a leash and guide the dog back to where you want to. Instead of grabbing the dark horse collar. Now come across a lot more minorities at the dog. So we have a lot of resources about that kind of stock that let dogs be dogs got all work. So you're desperate to go there and then look up more yourself I would really in favor rescuing dogs that we have to be sensible as to. I agree with that 100% and I hope the people don't shy away from and I know it can be challenging in and sometimes you get so into a situation that's unpredictable. Com is server point mark when you think that somebody should return one of those animals if it's just not working out for them. Well I I personally I think people with small children in the hell should have a fairly low threshold for people or human oriented aggression. The problem with this I'm too that. I'm rambunctious message and aggression can look a little similar separate some people might be hard to tell apart. Ian. I would say don't make excuses for the dog he's going to your child and he's fairly new and house in the first month. It might actually get worse rather than get better unless you seek professional help so I always urged people to. Contact a really reputable period experienced professional dog trainer or an evaluation. If you have doubts but. Not if it's your target on the counts and not necessarily be at and my doctor all over my couch but if your children can't get up there next to the dog because the dark object it's it's time to call for some help and get a get a professional Bible on the. That's mark Goldberg author of the new book let dogs be dogs understanding canine nature and mastering the art of living with your dog. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.