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Wednesday, April 12th

Details from those fighting on the front lines of the opioid epidemic sweeping Northeastern Pennsylvania, excerpts from the town hall meeting held by Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Bob Casey in Scranton and specifics of what two Luzerne County  groups are doing to highlight awareness of child abuse in our communities.


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program. Will learn about the OP Lloyd epidemic sweeping northeastern Pennsylvania. And which city is actively battling this problem. Will visit the town hall meeting held by Pennsylvania's US senator Bob Casey in his hometown. And will learn about which to loser in county groups are banding together. To highlight awareness of child abuse in our communities. Northeastern Pennsylvania has one of the greatest drug threats in the entire country when it comes to overdoses and deaths from OP Lloyds including but not limited to heroin ten people die in our state each day from overdoses. And the statistics involving prescriptions are astonishing there are also those have chosen to do what they can to save people during this crisis including wilkes-barre speier departments the wilkes-barre crime watch recently hosted a presentation in the cities rolling mill hill section. About hope we owed overdoses. And the use of the drug narc can. To reverse the effect of OP your rights the speaker was fired chief. Who is also the city's emergency management coordinator and a paramedic for more than three decades charmer drop spoke to us prior to the presentation. She's the president of the wilkes-barre crime watch. Charity can tell me about being with a crime watch what you see. In regards to this heroin epidemic what do you seen in the street I'm just seeing all kinds of people young Aldridge -- it just doesn't matter who you are you in their becoming addicted to their dying and it's thrown in the neighborhood to say it's heartbreaking. It's. It affects everybody and all other crime is coming from you talk about that though what happens when people are addictive what are they looking to do I guess silicon freezing money and they need the money in me in and then it starts off with a family in the family nor is it and then they moved to the neighbors and and then they start rob him Turkey hills and so forth your experience have you run across families in years in your neighborhood who tell you stories. About what's happened to them absolutely it's heartbreaking like accidentally we've seen so many young kids that grow up and and national heroine in and you know the important thing is you menacing and medicine cabinet keep it locked up. We also discussed the oh good problem with wilkes-barre patrolman Robert Collins. Who has been an officer in the city for eleven years. My opinion is just my opinion I think that that over prescribing. Of pain medication has led to people searching. Once the pain medication is not prescribe they still have an urge for Burnett. For that high as Jews call and they'll turn to harrowing and I believe that's that's the crux of the problem is over prescribing medication. Our our people. Committing more. Heavy type crimes you know stealing from Carter's stealing from family stealing from the neighborhood recently or did you think this has been pretty consistent all along. No they they are doing that there's still a from their families for stealing from banking institutions are stealing any which way they can. Get money. To supply their need for heroin their desire for her when they're gonna do it. And it is a serious problem that you know it over rises shoplifting. Mother selling their food stamps that were. You know in root for their children anything that they would do. That's for this overdose problem how often are police responding to a situation where someone has overdosed on heroin you've been doing you job for eleven years is that much more frequently. Yes it is I would say a few times a week and a lot of times the public doesn't know when there's an overdose. Death. Because we don't publish that stuff articles in the paper you'll see a young person died a lot of time to look in the newspaper. And it is a person that we just responded to. That passed away and that some. You have a perception about heroin addicts as you know people behind dumpsters and you know living on the streets that's not what you're seeing Mars. No there's all types of heroin and doughnuts to be very functional policy in college educated. Apparel and acts they come from all walks of life and I try to teach in my crime watch classes that. On your own son your own daughter your nephew or your brother your sister could be Allan Jack and could could mess that that addiction for a long time. Think they had something to say to the public at large because you're doing these seminars but maybe the public does not. There would you say to them about this issue. I believe it needs our attention it needs the attention. The government the federal government the local government. At least be brought down to a light in this is a series from. Hope we go we can get a handle on because. I had never met. Why have that but B every few and far between Matt Allen act that wants to continue doing that. They want help but it's hard for them to get help it is hard for him to sustain. Themselves for being clean. Wilkes-barre fire chief. There was a lot of media attention with regard to what Sperry and OP or rape abuse I wanna show you this is not a wilkes-barre issue. This is the nationwide. Epidemic actually. Northeast Pennsylvania has one of the greatest hair and drug threats across the USA according to US drug enforcement agency. That's the US drug enforcement agencies that say that. This is not a pitch then. Oh wilkes-barre or loser and the issue. All yours our national epidemic killing ten pennsylvanians. Every single day every day ten pennsylvanians die not just wilt Berry. This is everywhere. And especially. Heroin made me the most addictive drugs ever. Ever if you talk to an attic they will tell you this is the hardest thing in my life that I ever would have to be. And that's overcoming heroin. Delaney believes the wide use of heroin arises from availability. And the plummeting price of the drug this is the most telling graph. That I can show you and that's the number yes. With heroin overdose. I will say this we've gotten parking and no locks and and our ambulances for 25 years I gave lots and lots of times but. Never never never like the last five years. Number of deaths. Opted to it from 1999. To 2010. It was about level. And look what happened in the last five years it spikes 248%. These aren't my numbers these are the federal government's numbers. And you might say well you just what's going on here here's your answer price per gram of pure heroin. The cost of heroin. Used to be. 35 ops. And it's come down come down to down you can buy it a bag of heroin for five dollars on the street. She Delany said the problem is compounded by the use of prescription narcotics sought national overdose deaths this isn't from heroin. This is from prescribed. OP choice prescribed medication. From a position. And you can see it's steadily risen to almost 161000. People here dying. From prescribed medications now. It's not at all with the doctor prescribes. Some that is maybe a loved one. Had cancer. Had passed the way another that will still left in the drug box pretty oxy code own is still left in the drug box and that's there for someone to grab for someone to use and and there's there's pretty good high street value. With a lot of the but the old Buick pain relievers this is prescription. Oh really overdose. In 1991. Doctors wrote 76 million prescriptions. In 1991. In 2013. They wrote 207. Million prescription. For Pope VOA. Relieve pain really. And here is the most commonly. Prescribed. Overdose. Oh you it's not methadone is a drug that's actually used. To get people off heroin they won the drugs that use. Also here are two of the most widely widely prescribed. Overdosed medications and many of you probably heard of them. But in the end OxyContin. And the generic names are oxy code own proxy cotton that's that's that's the trade name. And that you care name hiker code own is spike it and they're commonly. Abuse all steroids. That are killing people. Prescribe. Heroin. Prescribed medically. Chief Delany said Pennsylvania lawmakers recognize the threat of overdoses earlier in the decade. And have widened the ability of first responders to use narc canned and the generic brand a lock sound to revive those who have overdosed. Let's move up. Fourteen. This state legislatures says we have to do something that Pennsylvania to combat. Or Buick abuse and people dying from heroin. And oh you so. You don't have to really read this letter all that is is the state legislature the senate and House of Representatives. Passed legislation. That legally allowed firefighters. And police officers to administer. Narc hand. Prior to that firefighters and police officers just weren't allowed to now our ambulances all we have had dark hair. But we haven't really had to use it a lot until 2010. Until that spike start though these governors. Corbett signed into law. Firefighters and police officers able to administer. Arctic. And actually. When police officers and firefighters administer nor can they gave us immunity. That were not gonna get sued if we give it and something happens and mark here it's hard to make a mistake or if you get someone to which there can't. It's it's not gonna hurt them okay it won't hurt them if we don't give it to them sometimes they'll die. Chief Delaney explains what arcana is. And how reckons save lives if administered quickly to someone who has overdosed. Dark can't it's almost like a miracle drug I can tell you if some an overdose of heroin they were on that floor right there. And we know it was apparent overdose and they're not breathing and their color of my pants navy blue we given our hand and and correct. The the old Buick over bills. And wake him up two or three minutes and talk a little but more about that but nor can he is pretty much the miracle drug that we use. We carried our canned hunt every city fire engine. We carried our police guards. I have it in my work vehicles sitting right outside here. Ups because. Time is up the assets and you'll see that I'll talk about that and a little bit that we have a short window of about five to maybe seven minutes of organization and our. But the lock so there's the generic name so when someone says no locks don't shift it's nor hand what it's just that engineer like we have. Acetaminophen at title at all you know one in the same. So what are kid does it reverses the effects of hope we await. Win there is. And OP late overdose whether it's from Fenton all oxy code own her heroine. What happens when they overdosed person overdoses. They go unconscious. There respiratory rate they're breathing patterns slows way down to the point where they stop breathing. Many times when our staff gets there their heart is still beating. But they stopped breathing. And their side not where there Lou. So and also people PO I should say that nor can reverses the hype or attention that someone would have took third at two main effects. The main effects that. Nor can have now probably fire police and emergency Kerry. Dark hand. Fortunately the way. This legislative package act 139 was written. Right here language physicians to prescribe the locks don't think anyone. Feeley members if you have someone you think. Might be a heroin addict or friend. You can actually get prescription and have market. Kate or you can go to a local drops drugstore and get one without a prescription. The great. Thing about our hand if you can't make a mistake. Of the forty some medications are paramedics carry many that give too much you could really hurt some when he kills someone. With narc and actually. I have some specifics on another slight here that I showed you the criteria. That we administer an art can't do. And probably two thirds of the people we give it to our terror winner opiate overdose but some aren't but they just have kind of the symptoms so we'll give it anyway. The the bottom line here is we can't hurt anyone like given them too much in our hands but they can die if we don't give it to them. She Delanie also explain to those attending. There is a standing order in the state of Pennsylvania that anyone can go to a pharmacy and get in our camp or no lock sound. To administer to a loved one in the event of an overdose. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Yeah you were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by sue Henry. It's been that talk of the town across the country. Raucous town hall meetings have been held across the nation with citizens coming out to support. Or oppose an elected official Pennsylvania US senator Bob Casey held one recently in the friendly confines of his hometown of Scranton. An event that lacked for drama. But contain deet to electors on issues ranging from his no vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil gore sits to his opposition. A B local landfill. Here are some excerpts of the meeting kicking off with a young woman named peach from Wyoming asking senator Casey about the cost of student loans. Page thank you for the question. I don't think there's a cost in the life of a family that's more significant these days than the cost of higher education. Remember years ago looking at a chart. That was have a graphic depiction of of about. My memory serves me from the late eighties until well into this. New century is about one meter 25 years. And the cost of a lot of things were open nothing more than higher education so. It's it's significant. I don't think that there's there's one bill that the congress to pass that would provide the kind of comprehensive relief that people want. But I do think there're couple things we can do we can continue our support for programs. Which got a lot of oh over the last eight years ago a lot of increases. We should make sure that continues. Secondly we could we get passed legislation. I know that I had a chance at least one chance at when I voted yes. I'm builder reduce interest rates and a lot of young people would say to us. His agreement on that. A lot of young people would say to us I know you can't wipe out my obligation completely but at least try to bring down me the monthly and we had a vote. Gosh I think about it in the summer when he fourteen. It was one of those votes were all on one side voted for the democratic side Republican senators voted against it. I hope that there are other opportunities Rican vote on the measure the least reduce interest rates. They're probably enough and a number of other ideas out there that we should consider what it. Those two at least in of course. At the state level of course you have the Pennsylvania higher education assistance agency armor for. When I was going to college and beyond college law school. Getting support from from furious so that's another rare words folding federal and state. Responsibility Irving we can bring them down those. Those costs. Good afternoon senator Steve from mountaintop. You Steve and colonel assume that you be running their sheer also assume that your going to win. Well. I think the answers are yes and I hope. Not allowed to say more than that the government meeting owners wanting more. And with that being said. Looking to torn torn would you give due consideration to running for the presidency. We'll Steve. I've got a lot to do right now. We're we've got a we it's hard to think beyond even 2017 right now because of the challenges we face mean just consider what we have in front of us. We have. A major challenge when it comes to making sure that we can continue to grow the economy. To make the investments in the programs that will help grow the middle class and create jobs raise wages. Some of that fight. Will involve the president's budget which analyze more time to talk about today but. I've got some real disagreements there was the president's approach to next year's budget. In the twenty team budget year which started October 1 we'll also have a challenge with regard to. Terrorism and and of the battle the fight against sciences that's a major challenge we have a whole series of questions about Russia. That have to be answered that's a that's a long process that is just beginning. And I do. Was hoping that we at this stage would have more consensus. On health care but it appears that the administration. Even though bill wasn't. Voted down last Friday. Thankfully because it was it was a bad bill but ended in addition to that. That bill going down of the administration talking about taking actions. Or inaction as the case maybe to undermine. The the exchanges means that there were created affordable care. We can talk more about that so I've got. Enough Townsend played seventeen to think only about the next year. Yes senator Casey I'm white towel. Why is golf Vietnam veteran. How many combat missions I know why just eleven. Say that I I am very concerned about the military budget hole with the approach to be limo while how many combat missions you fly. Pardon me how many combat missions. It is not a bomber guy. Thanks for your service right. But the military budget has. I'm concerned about how that's gonna blow over in the legislature particularly when we get into issues about increasing the size or nuclear weapons capability. And and as we slowly increase our footprint again in the Middle East and there doesn't seem to be any discussion. In the legislature about this or do we eat the news is even put pushed it back burner now. And when I read about things such as we have loosen up restrictions on rules of engagement. And that seems to be. Decision that was made by. The president. I I just can't one and all of that we have adults in the room that are trying to approach himself. We've been invade yeah I think we've been there since a show off Iran was installed and in the Middle East and it hasn't gotten any better yet and they don't like this anymore now than they did them. And I think it's time that we take another look at this and and be a little tougher on the president these issues. Why thank. But. First I should ask for a missing of of its wiser as army vets we have in the the tree and while. Thank you for that service a lot of bad. Why when I said before that we were because of this focus on Russia which is necessary and appropriate. And because of effort for some other reasons. This is one of those subjects it's not getting enough attention. It's one thing to debate what we're doing with regard crisis. Leading us 65 nation coalition making progress and making. Some good progress of the last couple of years. Vast number of months. Passed between. The starting the last administration continue hope. But even as ever. Were debating those issues like this this other question you. Rightfully. Put on the table which is how large defense policy perceived. Whenever a president who first of all says he wants 54 billion dollars more. In next year's budget so starting out over the first 2017. That's the new budget year he wants to spend 54. Billion dollars more in one budget year one fiscal years it's. On defense now. If he has a reason for that I've heard it. Haven't heard. He national security. Experts saying we needed for X lines in its urgent we gotta do it always here is president decided. To increase defense by 54 billion next year end. Then making cuts to other parts of the budget in order to to make up for that increased so that's an area of debate that we're not spending enough time but secondly with regard to what what is the debate a part of national security interest. In how we gonna make decisions about. The use of a military power in Iraq were not spending nearly enough time on that and there's even been a series of stories one. A couple of days ago the front page story in the the New York Times about. About some of the kind of the outsourcing a way that's on their word by word outsourcing from the White House to the Pentagon. Now I I have no doubt that any president. When they're making a decision about our national security should consult with the Pentagon should consult with their National Security Council. But I want a president and a White House who's going to be making sure that we don't just delegate. That power to the Pentagon no president should do. We wanna make sure that we still have. Civilian control of the military in decisions that the military rule makes so. White vinegar a few more and I think all of us I think he. Folks in both parties. Need to spend more time on those questions about where we engaged while we engaged him in we make can we afford it is appropriate way. That's consistent with the our. Now in our national security consistently our our values well. Remaining shut Dempsey. I'm a core member of a group called friends electoral wanna. And joke. And I know. That group. For those two don't we are grassroots group that stands. Firmly for the future of our area for it and against the expansion of the already enormous keystone sanitary landfill. Thank you senator Casey for being the first voice to come out strongly for us and for this area. And four at the Pennsylvania and a constitution. And for agreeing that our health welfare and reputation as an area are at stake. And that this area has done more than its fair share accepting trash for society. And thank you also proposing for proposing the trash act and my question is simply have you seen any support for the trash act in congress. Michelle thank you so much and thanks for your work friends elect wanna. As. Done. Great work under against against the Johnson and shorter time for an most of grassroots organizations could Muster. I've been around the state along time. You've done you've done great work. First I think we need a lot more Republican help on the trash that's an understatement. In just suffer for folks. It may not know the of the basics of this act. Well we tried to do there is. To take action on an issue that has been vexing in this weren't marked with his it's difficult. Where you want to. Appropriately limit. The importation of out of state waste into one community here small number of communities. Because I think for too long hours and dumped him too much trash from and going into one or two or three or four counties black on accounting. Has taken more than that your. Much more than that your votes anyways but we also have this thing called a constitution. That it limits us because of the interstate commerce dimension so it's been difficult. Remember my father wrestling with this news governor trying to make sure that at least when Turks came across the border lawless and force he was that the board literally. With state government agencies checking trucks and doing those things but he wasn't able to the congress of the time was not able to pass federal legislation. Well we're trying to do with the trash act. Is basically to say if northeastern Pennsylvania elect on accounting as high standards. On recycling and and other trash reduction initiatives. Folks in Jersey or other places that are sending their trash into our landfills. They ought to meet those same time standards so we're gonna make sure. We make sure in the bill that if they have those high standards we can. If they don't of those ties him we can limit importation. From those communities the other thing we we say is that if it did the those same committee should should have to pay a fee. To us to help us with this major towns. Were one of a handful of counties in the state you know that's been published reports about this. One of handful of counties in the state that take a disproportionate. Share of out of state weighs so I would ask you. To contact every member of the State's congressional delegation. And beyond. In essence support the trash it's one way that we can legitimately inappropriately. Tried reducing importation of busting ways. And knowing that. It's it's a huge problem for us in making sure that were during evening possible. And to reduce and by the way in the case of keystone. I certainly don't support the expansion in obviously a lot of the policy Iran that is at the state photos mind. Two he has offices in the public officials say it hurts to respond sooner he's like to thank you for what is wrong and you. I'd like to thank you for your very hard work and legislation that you introduce Nathalie too if I did my research correctly on the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. But I believe that that also allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Also thinking freer early police on voting no for senator course Erfurt text corsets. And is can you really easy question do you support senator Sanders legislation that he will be introducing shortly on Medicaid fraud. That's. Will see what he introduces I haven't haven't reviewed yet. We have I think right now we have a circumstance we have to decide whether or not we wanna. Increase the number of people who were insured now which some people believe is in the in the range of 90%. By having a Medicare like public option would that add to the number of people insured fighting the fighting what the administration's treatment trying to do either by way of repeal. Based CAA or undermining it with the administrative rather actions both of which are wrong. But we've we've the other the other. Wait ago is just in essence stern over and just have a broader. Medicaid and Medicare for all system. What I worry about is that you have you have such Republican opposition right now to the existing. Law meaning patient protection for oral care and by the way. In their going to talk about this but if you look at. Some of their budget proposals over the last couple of years led by doctor price in the house budget chair. And speaker Ryan and others they have proposed. Policy through through them through a Republican budget proposals and otherwise. Which would which would take the medic Medicare program I talked about on Medicaid before but the Medicare program. And put in place what they call premium support sounds kind of benign and in non threatening right premium support is a voucher program for Medicare it's a bad idea it would do what we should never do which is to rip away. The guaranteed benefit of a Medicare. Now we've had we've we've debated this during the course of budgets we've debated it in elections. So much my only point is that if we're gonna embark on a new effort. To start over with the new Medicare fraud provision we got to make sure that we don't. Injure undermine our efforts to fight like hell. Against any effort to rip away the Affordable Care Act and all those protections. In also ripped away the the protections for vulnerable Americans and benefit by. Both Medicaid especially in the broad coverage the guaranteed benefit of Medicare so they. I say this. Very seriously and soberly they are deadly serious about this this isn't just some right wing talking point. They really wanna do this they wanna take Medicare and make it in a voucher program they literally believe and that in the eight. Right and they literally believe in in and changing Medicaid. They talk about sending Medicaid. Back to the states in the form a blocked. Which is which is easy easy for some in Washington to say when you're saying to a governor here's a limited block grant. We know you governors have to balance your budget. So if you have a bad year a downturn. In the have to pay for corrections. To keep prisons are operating room after peripheral parts your budget and you cut Medicaid that's no longer our problem. You're the governor you got to figure it out yourself. And we got to make sure that we do everything possible to stop. Those kinds of efforts so who'll we'll see what what them. Come full with the new approach on Medicare fraud but in the meantime we have to fight very hard. Right now to prevent them from undermine the existing system. And were road were in a fighter and AM. Those short excerpts of the town hall meeting held by Pennsylvania US senator Bob Casey. The full town hall event can be heard. By visiting the website of Entercom station W while K at www. W while looking news radio dot com. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted vice who Henry. April as child abuse awareness month. There are 400 children in Foster care loser and county because of abuse or neglect to Kenny agencies have joined forces to discuss the work they do. Insuring those who need comprehensive services if they are harmed. Get their day in court and those were young and find themselves in the court system. Heavy trained companion at their side we recently spoke to Shannon could do go executive director of Lucerne county's child advocacy center. And John Archer cab which executive director of costs of loser in county about their work. 2010 and was actually. And then in 2014 became EE IC ending and see as a nonprofit organization. And since that date we have been serving children. I every here are some bursts have high briefly served over 12100 children who have reported piece at this point. We recently became accredited with the national children's alliance is well for serving children. And in 2016. We provided services to 532. Abuse children and families and that's narcissistic that I find content. Troubling I mean that's a lot of individuals to serve than it is alive and well we tell people it's not that tell the pieces on the rise it's that education and awareness is becoming. More readily available in Lucerne county so people are now reporting and done they're getting the help that they need for the children and families. The one thing that's great about an advocacy center like you worse is that there are comprehensive things that are done on site. So the child doesn't have to go to the police station in the hospital and cracked two maybe an attorney's office or something like I can you explain bringing all these services under one roof beef. Shout out exe centers existed children would be interviewed ten times by all these separate individuals so it would be in law enforcement it would be a doctor it would be a guidance counselor at school and he would repeat their stories over and over and they're just getting re victimized so what we do is bring everybody to the child so we're actually in a scene thing how hosts in the south Wilkes-Barre across the street from guys senior south looks very. So it's a comfortable place for children to beat when they arrived they're greeted by magic kids and receive mad because he services dame receive a friend seeking review by trained person to speak with children they receive medical services and everything is under one roof so law enforcement children new district attorney's office. Everyone comes to the child. And this kind of food situation as you mentioned is done in in retirement the resembles our house and then wrap it's very I guess is very welcoming as opposed to going into other environments where there may be fear. Correct the child and the feelings coming in Ari traumatized and there are he had named. I have high levels of anxiety because of what's happening in their lives so we bring them to a place is comfortable. And many times he's children commit any take after she used and they ask the Truman's hours. I'm eating do we live there and they just like Penang and by the time the services are Donna they wanna come back the next day so we know that they had a good experience there and we can begin the process of healing. And if this does have to go to to court threw some kind of prosecution for something. I think that it's just it's encapsulates everything under one roof and and gives you the opportunity. To gather what you need to present dug a case if there is one. Correct to me how everything needs. On ED DDD. So the child does not have to keep repeating anything. It is recorded for them and all the parties children and youth law enforcement tees off this can then eased and continue their process and it is all recorded on a dvd for them. The child does not have to be brought back or three questions after this process. We talk about. These kinds of situations where we may be somewhere. And we see is situations. Out in public court in our neighborhood. That bothers us how the book how do you recommend. Entering a situation on bank of knowledge give birth think. I know this is back but should I intercede or in her inner mean and and if I am mad party who is looking at something in my neighborhood irked at the grocery store or whatever. What is what should I do. If you are seeing something we encourage people to report. I you can report anonymously to child's mind. I you don't need to give any information other than what you saw and what you experienced and the child's name or information. Let the authorities let people take it from the Eric but we encourage you to please report because she could change the course of a child's life but stopping the abuse sit there encountering. Now I shouldn't. Intervene. You should definitely I shouldn't be out OK I should you should basically make a phone call OK I should when I'm there and I'm seeing it happen should say hey. Are not and that is according to your own personal standards at that point only because if there is a high intensity situation where there's a lot of violence or there's racecars you wanna call authorities if you want to let and neither one C intervene and handle a situation. Like intervention and we mean we encourage you to make the next step make a phone call and let somebody know that something is happening what you're seeing them and let's talk about some other situations which. We report here. On our news sometimes and the Sunnis situations. We're still a child who is a little. Is wandering around own Jeep kept a lot of information about that it does your agency deal with Avalon we deal actually that is considered in the collect situation. So yes the authorities are called are notified the child is broad and we do interviews as I child and whenever siblings are in the house with them to find out what's happening in the home are they being neglected what is their home life like is there abuse taking place. We make sure that children in user involved if the child needs to be removed they do remove them from the home. All right it is or hitting a session talk with you about this for we pitted two John at the moment earth do you think we're okay for an hour. Basically just to make sure you get involved. Healthy children in the community we're trying to raise awareness this month so please get in Boston educate others on and he is. Courage on the U security agency. Casa deals more with. I'm kids who are earned us the system Foster care or. You know parents who have a minute a situation where they may need intervention. And had kids maybe. I'm going to course sear your folks who are devout trained volunteers. Learn so much about those kids and again this is to provide I believe. The stability. That may have been lacking for years. In. Resolving this situation so kids would get what they need and feel a level of comfort that maybe they never felt. Before exactly suing Shannon's agency doesn't terrific job with children of abuse and neglect and we see those children in different capacity. And they do it for example we get involved in any case primarily through referral from children use of our advocates are appointed by the judge. He situations when should've already been declared a routine dependent meaning they are lacking. Sufficient colonel controller care and also as they get abused. So for example in Lucerne county in 2015 nearly 500 children were removed from their homes as a result of abuse or neglect. At any one point in time in the eastern Kenny there are 400 children in Foster care of our advocates who once they're appointed an agreement that we ask them to make to that child. Is to be with us now from the beginning of their point in the case through to completion. Consider giving other statistic. Of the 400 children in Foster care in the eastern counting. 237. More than half foreign Foster care from anywhere from twelve to 24 months. And you know statistics and clearly indicate that those children who are in Foster care essentially who cage out. Are more likely to be homeless are more likely be unemployed or underemployed. Or likely to be incarcerated. If you're female more likely become pregnant the seats and the significance. Of stability during this very unstable time. His crucial and that's we believe our advocates for green for example just to tell you preachy about a story. Controller advocates. He was a malls within it a case where the child had an placement twenty miles from the Ohio border. And but he went to see that sound from every month trees in the nine months he was there that was four hours one way. He made a commitment to be again one of the Constance and that's Shaw's life and thankfully. Thank cases recently closed out because they're a young men. Receives a fishing credits to graduate from high school and also earned six college credits and he's going to be returning home to his mother. So that's the small example and think of the difference our advocates make again their volunteers not paid and reimbursed for mileage. But yeah. It's difficult sometimes for us throughout our. Farms our minds around the fact that those who love you who had a responsibility care for you have a under abused or neglected due to trauma just associated with that. You've been going to remove that sound from his or her home. And place and on legal system that's filled with the adults filled with strangers. Filled with people that may be in another lives peer educators be a therapist is social workers. So we to believe that the valuable role in our abacus played this to be a voice for a child and to revive hope for that sound. In an otherwise unstable very traumatic legal system. And you found through the work could. Of these advocates who go through some training before it. They they take on a particular case is that does then the judges in the court system are very very willing to listen and to what these advocates have to see when they go to court on behalf of that child absolutely. For example the order to a point indicates that the court appointed special advocate is essentially to put has been all court proceedings there an officer of the court. Peacetime and if it goes to court they provide a report recommendation in advance of that hearing. In an are judged in our hearing officer have told us that they rely upon those reports they beat those reports. Can name value those reports in the game record peak and a kid has called upon to testify and submit their recommendation verbally to the court. Ensued as part of it. They're training our only concern I have thirty hours of what we call in class training. They had six hours of core in my observation. And then once they complete that training can they're appointed their credit dutrow hours annually of in service training. So we value the relationship we have both with the corner advocates because it is a very positive relationship we appreciate. And the consideration. The strong consideration and that he if court gives our advocates who often refer to our advocates as being the eyes and ears for the judge. And in the in the past who has stepped forward to help you out as volunteers I'm sure there's not a type but for instance who makes a good volunteer for your program tweet we just did some statistics on this end. Three quarters of our advocates. Have either have released it under a college degree. You're 2% of college green 25% have post graduate on 125%. Are male setting. So it involves someone who's going to be. A good listener who's gonna have a flexible work schedule but is going to be a zealous advocate that truly is what makes the difference in who's gonna make a commitment to that child. Pro could be sustained period of time. I know you did mention the one situation on the young man. Who have. Has the college credits and end this going to college high school but how how how. Has this had an impact shares in your opinion so far this program that is all so a little bit new worry in our region and and I think it came on the heels of an all of these the scandals behavior with kids in the court system the cancer care stuff but. Have you seen the you can relate to people for how this has been successful. I think this case sort of typifies and and you run by the way we share an anniversary with assurance permanent child that he said we both. Became standalone organizations nonprofit organizations in 2014. I think it's typical sometimes to measures the though the impact it. Because of their relationship that could have conceivably have a shot at the other not a mentor not a Big Brother big sister. First and foremost there an advocate for that child's best interest. And to know that you know the advocate attended that high school graduation but that advocate. He's able to you know share a meal and have that child confide in the advocate. In a way that. Probably not going to other ways because fighting in two panicky for that child is significant now. The statistics indicated an advocate is going to have an impact. That doesn't mean Foster care for less period time. It is less likely to re enter Foster care to see them at their educational outcome. And also that the service had that they need beat him behavioral educational therapeutic medically. He is going to be more likely to be provided because of the persistent presence at that advocate has can cork for a Chavez the servers are going to be delivered. Or their services may be identified that the child is going to need some sort of impact that we believe that we provide to the child. If someone wants to consider volunteering for your organization when they take when your next class being taken on. We just completed a training classes however. April 23 to between nine this national volunteer week and we'll be hosting an information session at our office on Wednesday April the eighteenth at 6 PM. Any killing more than a mile Belmont how are you one more about our program we anticipate the next training class will be in the fall. Current seminary in visit us at loser and constant dot org. Think they can call us at 5708552247. Gin up the people who get involved with these Lucerne county child advocacy center was what do you what's your biggest need. Our biggest need at this point is for donations because the services that we provide are so specialized and involve training out of seat training. How we actually look for donations of toy he's snacks. Paper products things that we can use it to send her. How do we reach out to your organization we have items guys or you can't find us on nine the Internet access Lucerne county CAC got port. You can call center for more information at 57 no. T 082895. Chairman could you go executive director of loser in county's child advocacy center. And John Archie cabbage executive director of cost of Lucerne county. Recently spoke to us about their work highlighted as we note child abuse awareness month. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. 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