Special Edition November 25 & 26 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

November 25 and 26: An interview with Scranton psychologist Lauren Hazzouri about an empowerment event in Scranton on Dec. 1; a discussion with U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey about tax cut legislation and a discussion with National Review contributor Dr. Victor Davis Hansen regarding international affairs.  


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Welcome this special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program we'll hear about an upcoming event in Scranton meant to increase self esteem in girls and women. Will also discuss how Foster care and adoption are helping the children of northeastern Pennsylvania find stability safety and month. Pennsylvania US senator Pat Toomey joins us to talk about the tax reform bill he and his colleagues have constructed. And we'll hear from a contributor of the national review about his brand new book that looks at World War II from his unique perspective. Based upon our observations and trips around the globe script and psychologist doctor Loren Missouri. Has decided it's time for girls and women to come together for a discussion on the power they really do possessed. Despite negative messages that sometimes make them feel undervalued. Doctor is dory is getting together with other leaders for an event at the Scranton cultural center on Sunday December 3. That she hopes to make guests appreciate themselves and their contributions to society. In a more enlightened way I first started. My own psychology practice at a at this point is here with many moons ago. In on I started off and seeing a lot of girls and women. And what I realize is that a lot of their problems. Were not unique to them. And I shared them to the thing that we had in common was that we are all scene now and you know many Pete would come in with anxiety disorders previously diagnosed her. Depressive disorders bipolar disorder all of these different. These different symptoms that they were experiencing. And when I realizes that most of them are secondary. To messages that we all receipt number to be. To be attractive. TV comedy and to be Smart. But not too Smart kind to be successful. But don't you dare threaten social system like all of those things and I think we internalize those things. And of course they can and make us nervous or feel like. We don't have very much control over our lives. And went while it's kind of uncomfortable to talk about things like that I think now is the time that we need to start doing Mac using our voices in coming together. It's and that's what led me to start doing these different. From that perspective than when you look at what you're doing eat your you're looking at. More of a model of people helping people. Rather than people. Seeing therapy Esther or sitting in the waiting room waiting to see a therapist status that endangers Europe a. You're unlikely head I act if it's about a business and I hope. I really hope I know Eric definitely you know people who benefit from traditional like there. Without a doubt it's a great process psychology works you evidence based treatments work here. There are people who experienced. Clinical symptoms that assessment and diagnosis and the proper treatment but there are also now. A hole on most girls and who experience all of these things insecurity well Celestine seven out of ten girls aged eight to seventeen. Have negative opinions on that I'm at 70%. Of our population if 70% of girls are experiencing that. 70% of us are not going to traditional psychotherapy. But we all need these solutions and so having these events brings us together. And we can recently tapped into who we are you comfortable being our truce is recognized or not. And we can get the benefits of a lot of it's like education. Learning these different things in groups adding so that you know we recognize that we're not a problem there is a problem but we're not a problem. Edward the solution we always hear about this now in. The news because of so many events across the country were mental health issues are discussed and people say. Better access to mental health. Is the key to solving some of these situations. How does what you plan to do. Dove tail into back I mean I've definitely been an advocate for reducing the statement on top concern for mental health disorders Berkshire. But you know it's really difficult to do because it's so ingrained. And so instead of reducing the stigma. Out of there in societies that people coming here into the air be what I decided you'd just go out there you know it's I can't do traditional psychotherapy for the masses. But what I can do is they can't bring everybody together. And so that they can recognize that we attacked this isn't just means I might not be crazy equally. That's great news. Evidence based skills like when you had anxiety you might wanna do these deep breathing exercises when you have anxiety. There's just hoping parking lots and like teaching you can practice that you cannot practice it together let's do it now I can teach about kind of be your route there the hot teenager shots. And your feelings that you teen you're doing I teach all those things and a group citing two music and make it I'll lot of hot. And when you do something like that. I think what you do is you're teaching. People who then can be that teachers. Yes I mean right now this this. Coming Sunday onward we have a committee of twenty eat you girls and women or coming together we're going to be advocates for these different events. And sell already empowering them to empower others because. This has nothing to do with me warn her Torre you know this is about the image in the nation is research indicates that. Girls' and women's confidence. Is. Extremely well there's always a confidence gap. Even then we get into the workplace you know it's proven that girls and women only apply for promotion when they have 100% of the altercations. While man up plaque for a promotion with 50% of the complications. And so people are always sell. How bent and looking at wire girls and women so much less confident and that. Well the truth is it's because of the messages that we receive from the time that were Mary snow. Yani are really little too real today like a little a little apps just talking a friend of mine yesterday. Chip little point. And she has app Frankfurt who has a little girl's teammates both by the grizzled. And the woman is extremely well and it's all about what is the harm in all this stuff I am the woman who has the little girl and my friend was bringing her son out on his scooter and he was out it's all it's tricks on his scooter is falling down get back up in the in she's at work and we'd like to bring your daughter out on her scooter chino you know they pal if I'm together. And she's at and I'll only let my daughter writer scooter in the house are common and that's. You know something like that act on them you know little micro aggressions like are you run like a girl you know that's it that's a pretty famous one but we hear all those things and nothing definitely impact how we think he won the heat. So young people well with a lot on the confidence thing. But confidence is appealing a self assurance that arises from your abilities. Or qualities. And I makes writing self esteem it's where is where it's really act and that's what we're really gonna target at these events self esteem because sup a team is confident in your own balance. And that means like. I have value. Just for being here where I took place here in this world my least you're matters and it doesn't matter I McCree tennis player or by get a 100% on an exam or if I mean Erica I do get that promotion and it just matters that you know I in my purpose I'm here at the police here and I have out. Girls and women need to hear act because we don't get here too often that this. Kind of self esteem self confidence for everyone SA. May be particularly valuable to young girls right now who. May be watching television with their parents reading the paper whatever and they are seen so many women coming forward. Who have been sexually harassed. Or touched inappropriately. Or whatnot they probably think oh gosh is this. What I'm to expect when I grow up so I think. When you work on a problem like this in a timeframe like this she might be the right person in the right timeframe. Gala I think I'm you know everything's kind of been building to this I really look at what's going on now this is always and this is always and here you know. This has always been under the surface we just haven't really been able to talk about it we were able to talk about it right like I mean fifty years ago you and I wouldn't be it would have this conversation. It just it just simply wouldn't be out her hat but. But now we're able to have these conversations because I really do think that times Archie we are able to speak we are able to use our voice and I think that's you know it's a great thing in its s.'s paper for progress as our girls and women now and then being. Anxious or whatever you know. I have a fourteen year old daughter and never have I noticed. What the other way to girls and women are treated so much they noticed with my you know so cores and memory of growing up and I've man and I am a woman I was early implements all of course like I've been in the society you know when an excellent my daughter. Yes of course she is like growing into young woman ends. People who are so well intentioned you all of taping like. All you're so beautiful they veteran Lackey watt. And like things like that I'm like humble it would even mean you know I had my niece my nephew out the other day aiming at these two my niece is five years old. In this lovely woman now down to the two of them and looked at my nephew and said hi buddy how are you doing and looked at my nieces and all your beautiful. And that that's the best thing girls would be. It out and sell I think these are really little benign like things that are Matt well intentioned. People don't have to be talking in the news. About the sexual assault that's going on they don't have to see you in order for all of our girls and women to feel the effects of living society you net traveling quite a bit and doing the sort of work. Everywhere internationally. How you're received when you do this work somewhere else I mean how did people respond to you. When you speak to yell at it and I'd definitely cool and interesting item greet women on and growth. Yet internationally. You know whether I'm in currently in Germany for London England for. New York City street and for all girls and women have seen issues because it's all once this. And we make up 51% of the popular and but social norms are not our car and tell you I did mention earlier you know in an attractive. In comedy being Smart but not too Smart successful but don't for social system. I those board different norms from pulled an idea of women at each of these places. And when I looked at all of their answers. I honestly there was only one that was different all of the out all the offset exactly a sport except whine. I'm took out. This successful. But not to threaten us as an add on so that would only sell. It doesn't matter we're we are were olive street to all of this scene let's talk about the event you have coming up in Scranton and people. Can get Bob I'm so all excited to be doing here com the event is on December 3 the Sunday at 11 AM. And read and that I did on Sunday at 11 AM it's because it's like monitors. And it's not currently just experience but as spiritual restore my hope is that all the girls and women off the people who you know men are in bite it this is free and open to the public so everyone's invited. It's all about girls and women how we can in our power and really feel that out. And sell I am hoping that as. Girls come together with these messages and listen to music and dance and get out there freaked teacher on up. That game really walk out of there. Seen. Society. Even more partly seen themselves. It's all I have a ton of really cool girls and women who are helping out with the event. I called advocates because this is for a bigger mission. I'm hosting events but it's certainly not about me it's about the masses so we're just plain and come together and talk about all this great stock. It's called this era act this great cultural center 11 AM December 3. And the whole goal is view. Really recognize her out you together and the reason that I'm doing it is because I honestly think that there's nothing more important you know. Girls and women. Art critic. For social change like we immediately are huge benefit to society of wary not stand in our power. Feeling our value and becoming all that we are in the potential all society. Can't possibly do nearly as well. And sell you outlet you'll see holes and eleven that's tough for us you know she adds. We go to church at that time our policy and eleven top she soccer at that time there's nothing that's more important. If you are a woman. Or a girl or you have a daughter on there's nothing important and teaching them. How to increased confidence increased there's so that they can. Doctor Lauren whose story is a psychologist and founder of the practice. Revolutionizing the way that women and girls care for their emotional health. You are invited to join her at the Scranton cultural center on Sunday December 3. For a free event at eleven called the ceremony this is a time of year when many of us dwell on our families and the blessings they bring. Unfortunately some children who live and our community still struggle to find their place in the world. There are solutions for them Foster families an adoptive parents step forward and get involved to become part of the solution. We recently visited the offices of families united network of Scranton. A nonprofit Foster care and adoption agency we learn more about Foster care from Mallory Evans a senior case manager. It originated is actually all over the state of Pennsylvania are specific office here in Scranton covers lack on account Ian concern Tony Monroe school L cart and and Wyoming right now we have to recruiters who deal with all of our Foster families of those regions and we have two caseworkers. Who go out and see those kids so it's it's hard but it's what we do so how does the the process work with this situation how do you. Find out that the children need to be fostered and then what happens we contract with children and youth agencies so typically. Apple want to count nearly as our account team would call us that they were in need of a home. And let us know about the situation and the child's and then we call all of our Foster families. And let them know what's going nine and then they can make that decision if that is the child that would fit into the air their home. What are they requirements. For a Foster family. Off handsomely you have to should be at least 21 you'd have to have. You know a stable incomes that you would be able to take care child we have a U wide variety of feelings we have single family is we have moms the dads we have to. Women we have the just men we have. A wider. And how do you. Screen the individuals who are the families we have a screen process that includes all of your clearances such as FBI state police. And I'm tired of these clearances we do local police checks read two out of state clearances. We do a very thorough background investigation. All of our families and anyone who's living in the little bit from from your experience of why people decide they want to open their home to a child I think it's for many reasons we have a lot of families who cannot have children of their own and would like to grow their families are they willing to take that route of adoption or fostering we have families who have been in Foster care themselves growing up. And they would like to give backer provide a home for a child that is in a situation similar to what they would have and then we just have to Italy's. Who'll. Want to help. I just looking to you know taken kids who need temporary assistance and a place to live when that the children. Are placed in these times I know primaries but what typically how long are they there it doesn't. Varying some of the kids are just the air for a short period a few weeks and are able to be returned home to mom and dad which is wonderful. And unfortunately we do have some kids who will be in care for a few years or until they are docked at talk about. How this. Is truly a need in our community and how it it does benefit. A child greatly I think it is a great need in this community there are a lot of children out there who don't have a stable home link right now or who're coming into care. And need a stable place to go and loving parents who are willing to help them out and provide for them. I think. All kids benefit from having you know. A stable environment where that they can. You know attend school and get the services they need in the medical that they need so that you know a cat and become better people and grow to be created else. And I think in the long run when you look at trying to stabilize the laugh of the child it seems so important is that. One of the reasons you have some who would step forward to do well. Absolutely. I think a lot of people that we've talked to at this point they've. Had some sort of involvement with pots can eat it themselves are feeling member's seat BBC how that affects them so they won a simpler to help kids to give them that. Normalization in life is listening right now on the think well maybe this is from me what what. What do you recommend that they do you can actually just call our office army number is 570. 340144. Full. And you can ask from myself again my name is Mallory Evans or you can ask for MacKenzie brush act. On and we help you get the ball roll McKenzie broke Shaq resource Stanley specialist explains some of the basics of adoption for us off. Harry a lot of adoption services to children that are going to be adopted on child craft services which help children kind of undersea and there's situation on an age appropriate level and kind of help them to adjust to the changes that are going to be happening we also off her canonization services which help the roster the only through the adoption process. Obtaining earlier in all their legal documents and then we also author. Child specific recruitment that house with children that aren't median residential programs I do not have that forever you know clean so a worker helps and she you brought in mayor arm surged in hopefully kind. There for a particularly when I think about adoption I was think it's it's a joyful thing we just made me think about something is if you're a kid. You might be a little bit. Scared or apprehensive about what's gone on so hard you work through that a lot of kids I'm needy teach their age don't even understand it. So I think our biggest thing is CU explains and and that. They are going to be with the feeling that's going to love them and provide for me and even keep contact with that her family if that's appropriate and I think the biggest thing is just letting them trust that the only Entrust the workers that they have. Tonight that we're sending them out for a life line. Happiness. In terms of the. Of people who. Who commit to this you know sometimes they're fostering children and then they want to adopt. It is or usual path to this or or not I mean do they need they sometimes just gonna sell attacks that they can't imagine life without these children are our does that work. That's definitely how it where it's time we have a lot of field leans back on an actor. Into a Foster home situation where they're thinking that they're just providing short term care. And then for whatever reason that and that being on the attack us towards its adoption. You know they are caring for these children that they weren't there on. And of course attachment growth during that process it's definitely. Something that you in nineteen through Foster care which a lot of people don't realize there is that's not chance that they may go home and that may be the best thing for that child's. But at least you could say that you provided then as much love as you could while they were via. You into situations. Where there are multiple children and someone says. All adopt all these children. Yes and that's definitely on something that we need right now you know and number one goal is to keep siblings together and and I now wearied. In need across the sea for feelings that it lapses in groups in the party changing so much in their lives to separate and siblings it's something we try. C news daily Iran I'm snow. We do a lot of neatly at the largest number of children you've never seen inducted to you and you. We had a sibling group a it. Go through and we're currently working at. Yeah so we get a lot of makes it sound if they have never Rahman's. We love me uncle and there awesome. From going from the Foster care to adoption I imagine it's way more legal on you ray and he when your first. Once you go towards adopting you kind of get into more illegal acts acts whether it be a teeny a lawyer to complete the documents and then as far as making sure that everything is covered with. Count me and the guardian Elena. For the child. So it is more lead gone but I'm a lot of is stuff that irons your talked through the entire process now. Age range for that the kids that you place. I mean we see Graham newborn babies two weeks out of the house that can't see you eat senior you could technically I believe in Pennsylvania saying you're earlier when he line. I'm so we do get a lot. Lot of these arrangements. Sometimes it's harder for older children to be adapted but is that something that you see on kids and you know I rate now we see see a lot of people that want that younger age zero to six and don't want to Ireland on girl sibling and rate now we're really looking for your feelings now in their home because a lot of these kids end up in residential halls. Not because of behaviors or mental health issues but simply because of grades and it's it's act. For more information on families united network in Scranton visit WWW. Dot family is the number four kids dot org you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. All eyes will be on the United States senate this coming week. As their tax reform legislation is due for a vote we got some of the details of the plan from Pennsylvania US senator Pat Toomey. Who has been deeply involved in the process. I worked out most of it her that for the event they project the mine are up for some time now. But look here's the thing that I think people should. Keep in mind too big ideas in the tax reform the first that the simple straightforward one. We're cutting taxes on virtually every bit when I'm working class family that votes to get up everything go to work in and they looked at him and sells them that they check the sites that have modest savings that approach gonna get attacked. And that the fact that in our bill that's themselves. The second page saying in our bill is we want to have a competitive business. We wanna be able to compete in the global economy against anyone anywhere in the world. And be able to compete and win so that American workers. Are able to do more business so our business reforms are comprehensive at the first time we've addressed. This aspect of the tax code in 1986. And I'm convinced they're going to significantly increase investment in the United States new business start up existing business expansion. And new hiring. With upward pressure on wages I think it's gonna be really really good for the folks are upper. So those of the the big thing and hopefully we will be able to get a bill across the finish line in the senate sometime next week. That's the goal an up or he. Some people say though pat that this isn't yet another giveaways. Another kiss for the for the rich and yeah how do you do you have. Well that first of all let me make it simple observation island along time ago. That if they Republican gets up on the morning important stop a cup coffee there are democratic congressman who accused him of tax that's the direction. It is just reflects it doesn't matter remember they were saying that about our bill before the bill was written so that is what they say I would just urge. People who look at the actual fact go to our web site. Go to the senate Republican web site you can see this bill he sees this summary heated seat belt. It is a tax reductions for middle income what it treated the actor to almost everyone but the almost aren't. Really applies new high income high net worth individual there's a handful of votes in that category might be a net tax increase. By virtuous some of them per billing. Really virtually every hardworking middle income lower income family is gonna sit back. And now I must ask you how long that may last for people not because I guess that's another criticism that we gap is that it will be. Short lives and that pretty soon then the government will lead back at at whacking people left and right with higher taxes. That depends mostly on whom we elect her to me like they're back biker and they will they liked access. Republicans not inch denied it but we wanted to we wanna make the changes to the individual that act out. And the implication that is in our bill. For working people we want to make that common our democratic colleagues have not wanting to work without on the overall project and so weak that he used the procedure. That allows us. You passed legislation in the senate with a simple majority in other words we've got to make sure that a minority. Of senators cannot kill list by a filibuster which is what the Democrats told us they intended to. So in order dispute that we do have some unfortunate and bring on those constraints are the reason. Bet the tax saving her individual that's fire. And nine years from now but at the mine near the way and I'm competent but between Allen and will be able puts them out and I hope will be able to make arm. That's the goal. Our it and thing I was thinking about what this is that in the future. If the United States economy. Is. Yeah worrying. It would give people opportunity beyond these tax cuts and other words I I don't wanna use too much of a simple analogy that this. To me seems to be an instance we wanna like primed the pump to get the pump gone well so that the water. Flows freely. Yeah I mean look at look at it that way but this is designed to. Encourage first of all the literally who bit three trillion dollars overseas. Held in the subsidiaries of United States based multinational. We're gonna take away the punishment that exist in the current tax code if you return that money you America that's a ridiculous. Our current tax that is if you bring that money home and invest that here you get whacked with a few traditional pac. We do away with that. What do you think gonna happen with a lot of that money a lot of it's gonna come back home because we're eliminating that punishment. That is currently. That's when you do bring in all that mean in Batman. We're gonna allow their parents is once they go out on buying new equipment new vehicles new Cox who are moving their machinery. They're going to be able to deduct that off the bat in the year that they purchase it what's that make sense. Well guess what those Americans who want to make all of those things there's going to be more demand for those workers. And then when companies bias thing someone operate that equipment. That's going to be more jobs so. You're at the net effect that that is going to be. To encourage expansion of existing business creation of new business all of which needs additional workers. And right now nationally our unemployment rate is about four point 1%. The real employment in terms of people who are underemployed is higher than that but it's much much lower than it spent in a while the goal of this is the set off. A bidding competition among business where they have to pay ever higher wages to get the workers they need. That means a higher standard of living for the people our efforts. Did addition. The taking out of that the health care mandate has been button obviously that was so a lot of mixed emotions a lot of people feel that that was kinda tacked on in there and as. You know it just said a way to add some they need as a really line it does how does that it's. Dove tail into this bill. Well it is yet another way in which we cut taxes you know the first the ball up but back for a second that people are my democratic colleagues who were sent an outrage. That we would repeal the individual mandate is a question or if obamacare is working so well why do people have to be forced to buy it. That is why they need to be forced to buy it and subject to a tax penalty if they don't have that such a good deal. Why are people perfectly happy. It just sign up and take the deal operate a lot because that's not a very good deal. For a lot of folks. All we're saying is look if if you want to that we don't change the availability of obamacare with all of its subsidies and also featured. We you'd say if you decide that there's not a that they appear family. You don't have to buy it and you will not be subject to the pac. So the bat but in 83%. Of the Pennsylvanian who paid it back. Make 50000 dollars or less if the people who can't afford these outrageously overpriced then turns out we are no longer gonna hit them with the fact. That is yet another tax cut. It's that but here on fire or we are some of our colleague who refused to acknowledge the fault of Obama. Well what they're also saying noses is the critics of this that is if you do stripped this out it may mean the people who have. Obamacare. Will be paying higher premiums in the future due to the reduction of people in the interest bulls are right. What it will also do is it'll make it possible that have a whole new category that the term plan which outlawed now. And and that creates the opportunity. To have more competition. More services that people actually want rather than what they're mandated survive by obamacare so I I I reject that idea I think it's going to be much more responsive to what. And we actually want and need. OK so what you're saying is that if this is done. There won't be that says that the like the qualifier for some of these plans because it'll didn't lose their over this that they didn't like. Because of this but that that the qualifier or the standard won't be there anymore is that right. In time you'll be able to purchase. It's very wide range plan including plants that are not allowed to. That's the goal when we get to that point then we got we got people back in control of their own health insurance or on health care rather than a government bureaucracy. What are the odds that there will be. Legislation that is I wanna say acceptable for both the house and senate by the end of the year. The actual formula and I think the odds are pretty good definitely better than he thought I don't know whether it's who you know 7030 or 75 point I don't know exactly what the but what back out the door without the belt and at the very similar in its structure I think the senate bill is it better by a reasonable people can disagree about that we have half -- bill the Senate Finance Committee. I have been out of committee did that last week without a single Republican no votes but the idea is to go to the senate or next week where of course we will meet the whole fifty out of 52 Republican senators with the vice president. In the hearing if he needed to break and that's the next big step forward passing it in the senate. I think right now as we as we at least at this point that we probably have. I don't know 4748. May be maybe fifty votes for it but there are definitely some Republican senators who have turned. We're working we've been working through this past week and we're working through this week. He tried to address those concerns. Make changes that we have to. So that will have the that the boat cleaning. And if we can do that then our chances of reaching an agreement with the house will be very high and that we could get something done by the end of the year the president eager to find it in a law so while I'm I'm costs about the most was. Who just one more thing before we let you go out yesterday the president. Name North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism your reaction to that. Well that and accurate description North Korea I mean the fact is they do support and sponsor terrorism. They are themselves. Guilty of terroristic threat from the development of their nuclear arms capability and their rent. You like use them to attack America and American interest. And what this does that enable us and it enabled up hoop. It helped to coordinate global ever tightening global sanctions would need to be imposed on North Korea. That's Pennsylvania US senator Pat Toomey. Who joined us this week ahead of an expected senate vote next week on tax reform it listening to special edition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. Reexamining World War II to ascertain the successes of the victors and the failures of the losers. Is at the heart of a new book by doctor Victor Davis Hanson who joined us recently to discuss the second world wars. How the first global conflict was fought and won. Well I try to arrange a number chronology of what party the way it was spot on the Lam. On C in the air and then try to describe what that decision. But the hawks and their allies to build things like can be one rocker or super battle ship what be among the word stupid warrants or didn't matter I also called it the second world wars plural recovered and Arjun was until being delusional Soviet Union Pearl Harbor the German declaration. Oh orchids United States all that happened 1941. It would be known as World War II which is known as successful. German war nine album like a small wanted to crouched Kris Yugoslavian and one all the oral was basically peace and may 1941. Of them Hitler and the Japanese opened a whole new. Up front against Russia and the United States and Britain and the Pacific and suddenly people could you know Lisa this is something new it's. That and the British culture Kamal what we call the world war true and they re named the great war World War I and sort try to bring that out and then I could explain why the dollars ones so quickly after 1941. And one within three years. Essential war. Yeah I guess in in and standard conflicts like the one that we've been in unison so one added that is very short but that casualty count doctor Hansen was this is. Nothing some mean people forget I mean there was just such a massive. Massive. Amount of dash in this war and many civilians. I think we're predict and has been certainly heart Pearson's say nineteen or two men shouldn't six and 41 even longer principal corporate nine but it was the largest catastrophe in the history of human experience sixty to succeed are a million people started within six years 27000 people died every single table or more and Afghanistan are put together prior fracture both sides. And forget that. It was the first major war reform forcibly and Scott Carroll approach achieved far. Safety were not in uniform are. Execute our millions and look at first major war with the losers who German Japanese Italians lost four more from the winners in some ways the war which is story of German soldiers and Japanese soldier killing fifty million people who were not armor not in uniform and replaces Russia 27 million. Eastern here about nine to ten million. In China but certainly a ball all another fifteen to twenty million bit dependent on which account we were troops cross so. It was so they're very strange war we're we have all we know we don't think of a power or is that Germans and Japanese killing about seven times Morse of billions and Neitzel personally but it talks and they did it without much. Opposition and China in the Pacific which at least originally. I think we need to really think back when we hear. Revisionist history about Christian OSHA achieved what was the context propose college retaliation. And it really was to stop this killing machine that would kill fifty million people. Let's talk about the the leadership both of Adolf Hitler and as you mention did you and most of felt pretty emboldened with their success rate right they must've felt that they could that they could dominate based upon what happened in the past where was it alert stupid wise and where did that matter and has planning to strap planning with this group this. What he had a hunch that even though the allies about time Britain France a larger army's combined. And more GDP and better weapons they really do it but he told them after World War I they were soft students kind of ironic that the winners didn't ever want pizza port deal with the blues are surely did it try to give it a win the next so. British appeasement and French appeasement encourage it will work that even though they had greater resource as they wouldn't use it shall have the largest maker of the world and then when you edit the Russians after August 23 1939 more accurately colluding don't have a car crash are in the final piece of that transfer to the United States isolation shall get urged behind you thought the British and French don't want to fight the Russians are going to help me and supplies. Goods and ammunitions and everything from oil to beat him protect my eastern plank the United States and overcome and like it it won't want and that gave him. A lot of confidence in the when he published Jindal still that one and two and they cost they were traumatized or war one but after he defeated the polls. And the Norwegians the Danes in the doldrums of Luxembourg. And the Dutch in the French and mucus wall and the Greeks he thought he was and so unstoppable what he didn't calibrate or in Russia with its huge it was so a 180 million people they had no. European roads it is far from Germany and blitzkrieg that term used for like punch cards with dark wouldn't worker can choose the Russian. And he had no ability to get to. The United States either the dormitory doors sentences schools land much less slammed on the North American continent in the blitz it failed to not written no war and so really sore the next essential war with no means of attacking the world. Or the power the mic or that the enemy established quickly realized within three years that wander. Let's talk about are our entry into. This war which obviously you it was through Pearl Harbor and that its attack. How reluctant. Doctor Hansen was the United States at this point I mean they are World War I was it was very devastating to us and I guess a lot of people saw. We are still like you just said you know through these these places were so far a wave from the United States but then all of a sudden. We have this. And I ask you this to some people disputed what was the attack on Pearl Harbor truly the sneak attack. That FDR. Talked about in his speech to congress. Yeah Google was a man there's a lot of revisionist history it's true that we would we can not do they comment but. We didn't really alienate as they did the impossible and we couldn't do it even in the Doolittle raid try to reverse that that was 83000 marvel. Voyage of the Japanese imperial fleet in the debt of the winner. And refueling and what about in radio financially came all the way of hope you'll pay all the way to all 200 due multiple tool or virtually ever been matched that treat it treatment should. And I really did believe given the United States had not helped Britain and Japan that it has not helped. France and that the Pacific was wide open as a colonial powers of trees troops are actually would not join me. And they Coptic church in your craft couriers to shoring them. The short powerful ships in the ninety puts in peace. And of course carriers will not fair and they didn't hippie oral tanks they didn't trickle down truth attractive machine shops they didn't invade the it was just enough to get the United States are angry. It was monopoly power. Of a magnitude could do much the American ability to you Kelly what's the stupidest thing you can do wars short. A global substantial conflict with the power of the past thirty conjured GDP. And over scorcher population. And you have no ability to armor of a long run for you to have the ability to get a very angry two fight back in the United States. Already have poor injured Ballmer person within. Three years they were terrible about 121000 Ballmer school art of it would be able to bomb Japan from that. America America aren't. Talk a little bit about the leadership. Fan England under Winston Churchill of to free came on the show doctor Hansen we are talking about some of our. Modern day leadership and it doesn't seem to be. As so cerebral. And it's I'm passionate may be as as Winston church tell cookbook. It isn't a remarkable figure in in history and it really leading you know. Was one of the individuals who didn't really put up during this one others so we're we're not apt to I mean that this guy was an amazing later. He was community had to become prime minister and make him the first day of invasion perhaps lecture me. I think the proper transfer almost of the British aristocracy would quit the view the district should TJ geo strategic thinker and ask himself questions and it is a new corporate capable of knocking out Peoria but I'm pretty sure of course. And Germany's navy is an able to land troops on bread and of course Cantu was no police have why should we give up. And he thought eventually they'll track according potential might call the first. The grand vision of world com question they'll cut the Soviet Union and eventually United States comment all that Hitler and Mussolini take two examples or combat veteran very straight fighters to pay. They were Oracle's. They had no administrative ability your strategic vision words Franklin Roosevelt had been. Assistant secretary of the navy in World War I. And cultural and social order the capital city and they can understand whole loop when you go to war. What are your objectives what you wanna which she then you have the means to match or gender and of course they sent. We have to go to Rome Berlin and Tokyo and physically reject these governments defeat in humiliate the people and the man unconditional surrender worse Hitler actually cultural they had to be surprised to crack he declared war that they had no ability to camp through going to Detroit and discord between poor production nor the Carter shook your smoke alarm off. Manchester England's production plant Castro almost lose. That they lived in the world group so I guess we've called surreal fantasy. When you look at today's modern landscape and oftentimes I'm sure you heard the rhetoric that we are quote. Unquote on the brink of world war three do you feel about these the climate and if there is is trouble. We're do you think it will come from. I don't think we are on the cost the world war three but I think we have to learn from more work true that the current. That's the ability to convince you aggression that it would be stupid to attract. It's not just based on material resource and Britain and France had a greater army have better air force together and partnerships in Germany. But they didn't convey the world what they would use some after the Munich agreement for example. Five years of appeasement and isolation of American from a isolationist America from the pollution Russia put. We're getting now it is Iran and North Korea need to know. That our fleet is larger than all reaching the world today. And have earned recruiter. Capabilities are greater than any other country. And our conventional forces are greater and just because we pulled out of Iraq or we didn't do too well bombing Libya are blinking or. Shall all have their assault and Afghanistan is not. A true reflection of the United States power will. So I think what we're trying to do right now is to tell North Korea partial portion should pick or top rhetoric or even actually crazy unpredictable and at Reynolds what channel. That's a very stupid thing to attack the United States that will result in the destruction that. I think over the last ten years social for party reasons Oprah tore holes actual. People got the impression that aren't streets was very strong put it with either could not or would not express such trying to make the bulk of certain contempt what it was recently are sure. Bradley. Or the Iranian people all. The poor from what our core iTunes and can change reorganization. Under the current little speech. Not gonna pick from the Obama administration because bush made a lot of mistakes as well but I guess with the impression created insert. We were very strong but we were not going to use such Anke talked history that that earns a particular contempt. Public restoration sort of war part of their Powell I would really attract people book. They're not even willing to defend their interest and opened up quite darker but that doesn't matter to be pressure on the these aggressors out. Doctor Victor Davis Hanson is a national review contributor. And author of the new book the second world wars how the first global conflict was fought and won. Your listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these shoes in the news and the personalities shaping historians.