Special Edition November 11 & 12 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

November 11 and 12: A discussion with U.S. Sen. Bob Casey; an interview with Christopher Scalia, son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, about his new book, “Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith and a Life Well Lived,” and hints on better eating with Dr. Aaron Carroll, author of “The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully.”


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will discuss the recent mass shooting in Texas. And taxes. With Pennsylvania US senator Bob Casey. Will hear about what it's like to grow up in a house with a US Supreme Court justice from his son who is also the editor of a new book. About incidents Scalia and we'll talk to a Doctor Who dispel some myths about some commonly demonized foods. The mass killing of twenty people a third of them children any church in Sutherland springs Texas last weekend. Once again caused widespread sadness followed by questions of how and why this could happen so frequently. Many are looking for legislative solutions when these tragedies unfold. Wondering if tougher gun laws increased background checks or more focus on mental health issues might stem the tide. Pennsylvania US senator Bob Casey a Democrat from lack of one economy. Joined us this week after the massacre in Texas to offer his opinions he also weighed in on the GOP tax cut package during the interview before. It's terrific and I just can't even imagine. What it's like to be enough. And so worship of all places. And here I guess there's an initial gunshots from screw little. From the outside and the government came into the into the into the church itself. And an incident just captured in I can't even begin to commence in the kind of car. The post seemed. Those cartoons and dirt. It's. I think everyone has. Ever wanted to without for a adequate or not daylight today. Absolutely and no of course then they. The questioning. Begins. Asked to why an individual and as far as we know and of course there may be things that come out. But this kind of a violence on big scale all total strangers. To this individual. Children. Older people. Here it's just it where do you even start to to process. Says as a lawmaker. And I guess as a human being with the family to. Sometimes we we. The only way to processors until. Adequately you know. Mourn the loss is to think of it your own in the context of your own mind I just. In this case against the pastor's daughter was. There and the answer is not load times. Can't imagine what that's what that's like. And I know some people don't wanna girl policy debate and and I understand that but. I just. Disarmament except it is that we can't. We can't take some steps to move in the direction of producers like what is. This could happen. The president talked to lessen the mental health and that's obviously. A part of this week haven't. We still haven't got to reach a point where we. Either policy in place further. Or of these the Mecca and then the mechanisms in place Kabila. Delphi people who have. Those kind of issues and to prevent them from getting. Carrying a weapon but it's good it looked like Alitalia strategies ritual. A bigger debate just. I just find arguably the greatest country in the world would trigger for sure. Can. Take steps to reduce the likelihood but. Settled that debate will continue. Sure and and we know in the in the Las Vegas situation senator Casey that they are. Doing analytics is on the in the brain of the shooter. Yeah is there is there any it is there anything that leads you to believe that that kind of path Knology me. Mary at some sort of result that we're not seeing. I mean we're just do literally take and you were taken steps in the dark all the time on the stuff in on this guy was called. Alone. Pathology. Sure we're also in this case I don't know what they. You know profiled just let them or expert. Well and I guess at some initial conclusions but it. That's certainly going to be. I think police should somewhat. On his. State of mind. In man announced. Application former. You know whenever for every circumstance and it will have some differences so in this case but I don't know about it just heard a little bit this morning and I need to learn more whether or not in this case. Whether or not that's individual. And he was involved in that incident domestic violence. Was he convicted of lying in here. Felt a thing or whether convicted of the misdemeanor. Because if he was convicted of celebrities should not have been able to get a but it technically right now there's no prohibition. If you're convicted of them. Misdemeanor. I hate crime more than that it could possibly domestic violence. In the virtual store it only income so I don't know what that. Particular circumstance and was but that's and that's sort of the system. Certainly didn't state this city look what to do what happened to him in this particular candidates. Is is the military system different than the criminal justice system as I think the question also that that some people may have. In this regard. It's my understanding and some other important that's like that it sure. It happen and it is not something which we've Arab who look at the people of kfar delegates is that. If if you have general discharge or computer search to Cuba does sound just stretch it to. And that seemed from the reporting that has that chartered analyst. And so I'm. Good hour or so. That's the other side questioned in the context of other military background. It in terms of the UN fellow lawmakers are trying to get a hand on the Steve believes that this this kind of paperwork deserves attention and she believed. In something broader and in in your own mind and and with so your colleagues. What do you think. Should be done her I mean we live and a country where there are more guns than people at the moment. We live in a country where. If you would try to somehow. Take people's arms off of them I think you would meet with fierce resistance we just live in the country. Where I last week we we had to track tactics that kill people in New York City so it it is seem like a terribly complex situation. And said trying to solve that from a legislative perspective obviously files too so what are your. The one near or into the about a consensus is used the term the background check it should be in every Rebecca. 2013 we get a vote in the senate and I think there are not harbor and serve but we got to fifty. 660. Or 57 votes. And so that indicates well bipartisan. Consensus. Back in the went searching more than more than four years ago and now and don't mention it in such a certain. I think that's still pops oracle which diplomatic. And have a debate about them and then get a vote. Even if you have a background check law in place some of the questions. Still lies whether or not the system. And that sort of thing it's called and accessed on the international criminal. And permissions was Monica ever afterwards but let's talk Nixon system and I actually he writes yes the next system. Insist the blanket and in other states or even national sometimes don't work well or social I don't know of one or both. The technical defects there but. You know a country like Israel such technical proficiency and very Smart people figure out how. I reduced technology proficiency I don't identify. To mention them in a democratic. In this conservative Democrat problem you'd think we would prefer that stability and suddenly. But I just can't someone some background. Before or given up. You know I'm a military style weaponry that you're gonna until. That's it I think it really is to get the progress made mental health. As well as what they get a background check on pleasure and then make sure it works. For children just indicated can also venture. We could at least reduce the likelihood. Tend. Look he gets your progress through its. You know let's say it is a some oil worker where in this case someone choked when he church people. There are other ways to reduce the likelihood that he killed anyone or there where mr. reduce select. That Saddam he'd kill them and a one time. That they die in it and Las Vegas. In America have almost. Gun for every aspect of him he killed over. It's until fifteen people we have 47 gun which went that's somewhat most. Obama 9200. Up I want to put. They could come to these events that are companies Serb. Incidents will with a saw and wrote body our balance in landscape plan. So that come at a very premeditated way. Armed to the seeds like Micah. Almost like a small. The small thing can help themselves. But says it as far as we know senator Casey the biggest shooter. He he passed almost acts are at those weapons were technically he is so are you suggesting a limit on the amount of weapons that someone may own. This isn't what it does have to ask a question of summer and I'm. All of quote open that one time and a lot of ammunition. It's it is into Clinton that. We should be concerned about I think it is. Term. And I guess I just refuse to believe that the greatest content nor can do absolutely nothing. About that problem and and I think the response castill be more than just. You know. Cannot let the adults. Part of this. But it's. That such such actually we can't syndicate opinion and that's a stalemate in the debate and we don't debated enough to sometimes in the proper tree in the country. And that's a Democrat urged people debated that talk about it when they argue bracket for America special and months go by before you want to say it again. We somewhat typical that sustain the paid much if there are some we enter. Into the subject to a consensus. Do you see bipartisan. Support for anything regarding these. Situations. Just background checks and equipment that was demonstrated that second twenty searching and opened more than that but I don't. And I supported. You know that he's the limitation on the magazine. Why do some summoning thirty bullets. And well more than breed bullets. One time because. They availability of that kind of capacity of of ammunition. Guarantee is that when some insert sure it's not going to be trigger or people don't. It's going to be a much a number has. You know this simple it was 26 people in the church. Knew Thomas. August 27. So that number on the rhetoric today on the children. And I guess seven adults ultimately. It Newtown Connecticut. In and so. He would have bet that the power of the weapons combined with. Would much. That much capacity at the magazine. You you're almost definitely gonna now. Victim does that before anyone can respond. That you recruit which are the semi erotic semiautomatic weapon which is. Which is disclosing it to get to an automatic weapon which technically colonel Nicholson preferred it and then all of machine guns. But. With the garden semiautomatic. Weapon with these stocks. Are innocent anonymous like what weapons so. And what is there anything being done on the on the bombs stocks to your knowledge I mean is there anything being put together on the. I think that bipartisan support for legislation which just burned to introduce but so far. But the movement McConnell hasn't. Indicated whether people that don't come before. The administration. An announcement saying that they hear them. That they have been in particular. Feel what that's with them. Then insisting all of them have been federal government agencies but. I advocate the bill like that candor before loot that was limited to this bum stocks. Enhancement Iran call. Conclude that's pretty easily. Ten and now I'm just in an overview of thumb when you're. Feelings are regarding the that the tax plan that was so put forth last week and don't know how you think it may change. With certain with the senate and do you think that there's any any merit to attacks on and off. Well look guys anger and a fresh real concern. Whatsoever that framework which wasn't a bill that was outlined them to a proposal wouldn't. Newly unified Republican former Richmond the administration of both worlds are Carter's. Find out who are in the absence early solution to that now it's a bit though and there's more refused to that we should undertake in the and certainly the reviews. That the reviews are done by these. Our tax. Tax policy think tank when the but look at the destruction years action and becoming more and more analysis but. My licensed. The initial what I have answers. But the there's prominently for corporate tax cuts to the tournament. I'm ultra and have to overturn the results. One point five trillion with a team that that there's permanence with regard to that and permanent children the opportunity. Then you about the welfare of the middle class seems to get some of the middle class together. A tax break in year one and maybe if you're NAFTA than there's some analysis shows that their expert goes away they're virtually. Which actually viability here to accept. Responsibility increases that are actually. Which has certainly not it and then over the course of protection. All what they go to church where there's personal have a process. Which examines the task wrote for months. In them influx of hearings we haven't had served under in the fine instrument. What the house Republicans want him as they introduce a bill Thursday. So there's terror bill text on Thursday. No markup of that today and mark after. You know two Russian word for when you consider the bill and bury its members of the house Ways and Means Committee can offer amendments. And the end of the market mean the committee. Capsule of her beta passed in the Miller doesn't actually help the culture. That means that. They've considered a tax bill. Over the course of a few days and let and it requires not just several months. So I think if we could do a dissident in love and I considered. And so away at a bipartisan to actually get. When you get contemptuous. That's bipartisan arm simplicity and making sure the middle class gets say a huge in and maybe an unprecedented taxpayer. And I think of top 1% should get it done it with the order and they don't. The top 1% of the need the money and it's not it's our great job and they get the money. If we create permanent sleeper corporations. Like Hillary create a permanent tax suffer. Firm the middle class to wish for ten years. But they've in the butt but don't tax so far. To the point and that. We'll point out corruption. That's Pennsylvania US senator Bob Casey. Who joined us earlier this week to offer his thoughts on what direction lawmakers might choose to remedy the number of mass murders in the US. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Fewer listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted vice who hand wringing. The sudden death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia in early 2016. Left date contentious situation for US leaders the nominee of president Barack Obama Merrick Garland was not given a confirmation hearing by the GOP majority in congress. When president Donald Trump took office he nominated judge Neil gore such who was confirmed to the court. The legacy of judge Scalia is recalled in the new book. Edited by his youngest son Christopher. The book Scalia speaks reflections on law faith and life well lived. Features the jurists speeches from commencement dinners and other occasions. The book also includes an introduction by his unlikely good friend on the bench judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Christopher I think didn't you know nine kids and a house and some of the things I've ever read about your family. Ever mining is such a throwback and I'm not saying that a bad way below what was it like to sit around the dinner table and and argue. Salient points with your parents. Yeah it was fun com. I we didn't always argued salient points. I think a lot of people are under the impression that every day and I was like so long conversation where we were. You know disputing the final point so a one debater or another but you know we did we get talked politics and religion a little bit. I'm mostly just one we talked about all sorts of things we talked about television or you know of course as you know how our days were and what each of his stated. Told jokes and told stories in its squad and I do I really mixed up I enjoyed growing up my father always made the point of being home for dinner which is which was hard for him. It was easy to spend we have a job like that spent all day at the office but he made a point of being home without sin not. Think great job for every dinner and Calcutta who really left an impression on me about about the importance of spending that kind of time. Did you have to give any kind of a persuasive presentation. To your parents about something that you really wanted in life whether it be would be did. I know break curfew or or take the car whatever that to turn into. Very good discussion for you and your parents. I can beat a couple instances what is when I tried to commit my dad that he would that he would like com. Up and I like that it was Radiohead at times and I don't you he would he'd like opera and classical there was no actually gonna persuade him to listen to them but. I I know some arguments appealing to his interest in non. Not sophisticated musicianship and finally here could think of like back he heard it eventually listen to radio had but it was a fun argument to make. And then I tell of course like any jet that would try to talk my talk my way out of having to do to do work. Usually with my dad would be work around the yard. Convinced him to let me why are rarely commit him to let me off the hook here. The only time I finally made my case was went numb. We discovered I was very allergic to bees and ants and the only time I ever got started when I was doing yard work and that that got me off the hook finally. Yeah I'm rested. Some in the Euro about. You didn't Chile had time to mobile on and he wanted him to do it needs including the effect of don't think a Supreme Court justice yeah as things stand up well. Cross country and anyone made of although the yard so he. He gets it and he made me feel guilty by reminding me that. You know you and other things to do to. When you whereas setting out to put together this work which has Sao all kinds of the memories that youth. Assembled speeches that he gave her reflections they have how how. Difficult was it to live meant a book I'm sure publishers only won a book of X amount of Esiason. How did you manage she'd get that put together. The battle that really what the hardest part to read closed at 200 speeches on Michael editor with Ed Whelan who clerk for my father and job. We are so many great speeches but how about the so many Serb totally different topics including a few surprising ones the hard part was choosing which to include. We we wanted to just select speeches we thought that. General readers not not legal specialists. Would it not or should they not only legal specialists would enjoy. And that was kind of like big big guiding framework. How to go about. Deciding which ones not to include. It's including. Of four dozen speeches so there's there's plenty of variety in here and I think got. Something to interest everybody but I think a lot of people will be extra by all the speeches that are really high quality throughout. We know that the the court sometimes seems very very. Polarized divide and what every last say but. I think is really something in this cord that Camille lessons to other people in the country who often feel. Divided and polarized and that is the relationship. Between your dad. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to bet like. Harris easily stray. Yeah that's right they do they didn't agree much up politically or or illegal leak. But they'd had been friends since really the early eighties when it's work first on a court together. And they. They do that French upped it to the end of it like she wrote the forward to this book. Really grateful she did that and my father. Delivered roast for her wins when he was on the Supreme Court and used on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and it was. The very very funny wrote but also very moving because. He he tells her much in it is working with her what a great content great colleague she was not knowing that. A couple of years you'd be back on the court with him. You're right there in their friendship is a testament in and a reminder all of us that that there's more to life and politics and it's possible. Two. I have very great friendships with with people you disagree with. They focused on what they have in common than they had. At. More than enough in common to have a very long and enduring friendship. What did you ever do you spend much time with her any of the other justices I mean it's a strange situation because they're so. High profile but here you are is. A younger guy and hang your dad's on the court did you manage to have any inner action with salmon and is or somebody just stands out to you as. A wonderful person are great influence in your own life. Well again I did spend some time with them. Just you know it had. Usually formal social occasions maybe it and the courts are or weddings. And just as in we invited justice Ginsburg says. I invite her to my wedding she wasn't able to make it but she got some very nice gift and justice. Byron white lived in my neighborhood and he was he was a great neighbor. I delivered his newspapers and never complained when we got a better late and he gave me nice graduation present for high school and. I'm they were just all. They were all very nice that to talk to my family would whenever I encounter them and especially after my father's death they were. Extraordinarily supportive of can carry need concerned and and really great helped and in particular my mother. Windows we think about the work to your dad dead at it obviously is so important because these decisions are watched. Very closely. By a lot of people in the country can you recall a time. When you're your dad was in his study at night may be struggling over something to dealer. Talked to you about this work are in the aftermath of a particular decision and where he was may be trying to explain you why he came to a certain conclusion. Yeah Walton. I would I would ask him questions about cases Max after they were. Tom after the opinions were delivered. I just it is I didn't understand what he wrote or what whatever whoever wrote this opinion he started with I didn't understand a point I'm just ask for clarification. He would never. Give me that he knew inside that. People who are certain reading opinion would have gotten but I had to talk about things like that and occasionally he would really only a couple of times he would ask me questions about. Not really what it is certainly not what I would decide but what I thought of a particular point. But he he he was ever read he couldn't tell us how he was gonna vote. Comment certainly if I don't think I ever had any influence and in how he voted but you just kind of it might occasionally try to pick our brain a little that the. But not for the most part I tried not. But I didn't try to. Not able to talk to him about the court and I'd certainly did talk about its work a little bit but we have so many other things to talk about Tom. Apart from him you know we dare not much as nine children and my mom there are plenty of other topic of conversation. So it I would say you know. That was one of the things we just talked about the least. Did you ever have been to have that a conversation with him wary EU. Disagree with one of these decisions and and said you know and can you explain to me why I mean I is is that to a fair question. You know I honestly don't remember a conversation like that I found myself. Even. They're exciting with my father earned in his reasoning and in every instance I can think of it's been an instance or thought he was wrong but. I would certainly wouldn't think that I knew better than him. ER I mean himself. Yet but none no trouble there that come to mind. When you look back and that the lot to you death wish for so sudden to people I mean he knew he was. He he was older I mean he was 79 and that's older but still at the same time he's he seems so vital and does some of these individuals working on the courts. Justice seem like you know there's no end in sight for them. And then of course it its force this very public. Searching for. His replacement and of course there was a lot of rank around that because of the nomination under President Obama that that was not acted upon. What was it like it in the aftermath. Your dad's death in these regards. And obviously they're the biggest effect bat I'm aware that there were huge political. Repercussion but. For me and for my family says it was. Is that the personal consequences and and and that pain in that regard was. What's very powerful and and obviously what concerned us the most. He wasn't he let a young but he was vital but he wasn't perfect held. So it was it was shocking. To us and you know did I think the hardest thing was just not. Not seeing them last time not not being able or not knowing when bought but last summer time would be the last time and not not really. Teacher to say goodbye to him not that was painful and obviously not the only child has had to go through that Tom. But. Now the most painful part of it for me and and so at this stage where it and I'm told us that early stop. I've wanted to columns don't think something happened in my day or read something and I think that would love this and I want to. Tellem and I had there's a split second word forget that there won't be able to anymore. But little little things like that are still pretty difficult. You decide to put this worked together or what was the driving force for you. Well I'd I'd. It was really important for. And many people as possible. To encounter in my father's idea and person ideas and personalities. So. The legal that legal ideas and well obviously the most important and this collection. Is a great opportunity for. General readers not just legal scholars. Understand my father's. Appointed you wouldn't and reasoning for. Being the kind of judge that he was. And beyond that I thought it was I thought people would just like you'd like to know more about Jimenez is views on religion and and get it. Is understanding of the American founding of what makes America great country. And the things he enjoyed that is this the collection give a lot of insight into his childhood like big games and sports he played when he was growing up in Queens. And it's pastimes like Turkey hunting entangled in things like that so I thought just as an important way. Kind of established his legacy and and to help him help and ideas. Endure. I'm doing and she liked the book. Job and my mom is is doing well she's a very strong woman and you have a lot of support from from her friend. And job and her curb any children and grandchildren and so it's one of the advantages of the book handling it thank. And yeah you like to book sheet she. I think it is pitching like April wonder you like a lot of people like it is back my father's voice comes through very clearly in the speeches and it's. And if it is that people speaking out as a powerful experience. That's Christopher Scalia. Author of the book Scalia speaks reflections on long faith and life well lived you're listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. The good for you bound for you reporting on the foods we eat is in constant evolution and occasional contradiction. Third diets into the mix and let increase levels of confusion began. Doctor Erin Carroll is a professor of pediatrics. And associate dean for research mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine. He concentrates on the study of information technology. And is the author of a new book the bad food Bible how and why to eat since fully. He spoke to us recently about the findings that win into that book. So whether health services research one of my main job is to have to look at how what evidence and data can be used to help us make better decisions about how patent. I'm going to be excited for a number eighty years and that topic and a lot of my most popular coms were always we focus on food. When I look at the evidence the research behind coffee or alcohol or are looking at meat and red meat the game is really quiet town would step. If you look at the collective evidence if you really get at all and it brought together get. The proclamations against so many of the foods state the people they are bad for you shot aren't there to gain any evidence don't stack up is that these are powerful. They're so all the conflict with each other. And it's only by cherry picking that you can make a lot of these boots looked really bad that we should not be nearly as worried as many people would have us believe. Parents have a for instance where something has absolutely been demonized beyond belief. Yeah yeah. No one got one would be you know god cholesterol the good ones I would just because. Did the evidence was so the fact that haven't even need be into the nineties we were told you shouldn't need eight to. No more than one day you should avoid trip he should avoid the fruit of cholesterol and I can't every couple high cholesterol and blood is going to leave its heart is even now for a gap high cholesterol litre eating it's gonna one's gonna cause the other one to keep truly good step neatly randomized people to get. We ache today were no late today we found out that truly what you eat in terms Klesko has almost no relationship with how much Klesko and applied. And then the last sent a professional rabbis in the US TA eight literally say collect throws no longer in nutrient of concern he's made it you'll like that we aren't talk. So if you look at salt which is another example. I know there's some evidence felt that the people who have high blood pressure who eat a lot of salts are probably doing themselves harm. But if you don't have high blood pressure and even some of the people to do so has no relationship to pure hell and here to there's only twelve point eight. Most Americans. On average about three thing I have to episode and it eventually right in the sweet spot for help. And yet a lot of organizations tell you from going to solve it lower it you'll know what is true milligrams a day or one and a half milligrams today. You know there are peaks steadied out there are hundreds of thousands of people think show. That they had evidence that eating at very low salt diet leads to we higher risk of heart disease and gas. Think eating too much salts and yet we are very slow to change or recommend deep concern acknowledged those kind of facts. And why is that in your opinion. Well I think we get. And just stories where people can eat these things are truly makes sense intuitively or because we need to pay for this one small group. If we change this or limit that it must be that we should do it even more and it took quite even more people unfortunately that rarely turned out to be the case. I think it also that we hope that we still couldn't be identified something that we can point and think that the blame that's what's causing problems so which has sat. You know people went Chia mode they can put it gluten they complain. Gluten make your point pat you know apple red meat and think that I think by just a limited that's my guy I'm going to be fine. But some money to be needed those kinds of diets. People like get technical feel good that they are sort of moralizing and claiming that they have figured it out. Unfortunately it almost all of those cases avoiding that nutrient or trying to live without it does no good whatsoever. In terms of diets and teacher Carol I'm at my goodness there are. All kinds of them out there and some of them you know they're they're fat he and they come and now I Harry heard about when resented the blood diet eat by your blood type what you should be. Oh yeah that's part of that was sent to. I don't forget this is one of those perfect you have to sort of cold that we're animals and that we alternative helped me turn into book revolution is coming up. There's no way to get tested animals in the world changing I it's based upon their blood type didn't know what their blood type he is. I do you teach humans need to do this. Think I mean there's just no evidence or research or any good science to accept any of these fad diets work when you can we head to head. Comparison to diet in general they almost all of function the same way they work for a short period time then people plateau. And they often bounced back and gain more weight because it's very hard. Can change our behavior and when we get into the idea that we have to avoid certain things and equipment equipment aboard and we often overcompensate and other unhealthy ways. How loud that is I have believed to be true now that although we see in America. The number of people who are now classified as obese so I'm sure people bring this question of Chia re Smart Japan may call you smarty pants. Smarty pants we have good diets that are not working right at center and we have these foods that and maybe you can eat. They were told not to eat so why do we have on the obesity of our world and what is your suggestions possibly for curbing it. So that that's probably what effect Dario I think we have to on the scientists blame a bit because I think as we force everyone to a to adopt low fat diets. In the sixties and seventies and we told them that you also have to stop you I have to sort of way to meet the only new trailer for calories is card. And everybody flock eating all kinds of grains and cards and that may have actually contributed to move to a change in got lit the obesity epidemic. And now we're trying to get what you backlash of people are now anti car black. At the same time. Process. Good became much more common and it became really easy to get a lot of calories into our body with not much effort. And became too easy to eat dudes. And we started making everything simple and simple and simple to get it inside ourselves. I think attrition in general the very individual thing people figure out what works for them what doesn't work for them but at the end of the book. I sort of get into some ideas of what you might do to try to give more help where a lot of them involved. Avoiding processed foods not in the sense of like I think you know simple process to boot and they would come to chemicals but even. Foods that have already been. Cooked packaged changed in some way. They're they're just making it easier for you and that's not necessarily a good things so try to do as much cookies can. Trying to stick to. On processed foods as much you can you know some processed foods or find even some highly processed food to keep it to a minimum lot how many calories you're drinking because again that's a processed food you'd think you got to wait apple juice is just a quick way to get the apple we calorie since he's been eating an apple. And so any beverages with calories you have to sort think about it as you would alcohol habit could you want kids like it but not because you needed to. You know I don't before and I think he must have a glass of Orange juice every morning. And then you know tip to try to do as much. Look at of things which are reasonably healthy using things like salt and butter. And other things which are means to help we were food and make good food appetizing. As much as possible and I think eating. I'm not saying it'll it'll lead overnight changes. But probably sticking more moderation and common sense is gonna work in any fat diet or anything it's gonna try to avoid thinking that affects your life. Bravo and the usage of multi tech Tori oh by the way it cost now let's talk about a sugar is a sugar and Angel is it a demon I know allege it's. It's hidden in so many things factored Carol I think. Gosh I'll just have this younger and then you read the label and you find out. Holy Moly this thing is packed with bush. I. So she'll look you know itself is not the pebble I'm shipment occurs naturally in foods are fine and so these sort of be. The very very strict anti carbohydrate comparing of people who want what knows no problem I do whatsoever. There's no evidence for battered all that's shippers find what's not fine and what they had done in the book. Are added sugars and it's why we're basically just taking fructose and adding just stuffed it doesn't need it because it's easier to make processed food that way. That's not good for you very Irish and beverages putting sugar and things like. Spaghetti sauces soups and things that you otherwise wouldn't know that's what I mean what the game and processed food like inept at doing a lot of added sugars. That's not so good. But don't you know they had lots of sodium in ways that you don't need as well if we can get away from the process boost. Adding to show that it is necessary which isn't much adding that's all that's necessary to make fruit taste good which is necessary to make fruit taste good. And that's actually gonna work out just well as part healthy diet but all of that extra added sugar that's not physically at all. Aaron let's talk about that coffee and there's another thing where. Honestly it flips back and forth about a whether or not I should be drinking coffee or you should end. Near thoughts of that also I just any kind of found advice on. These energy shot drinks Red Bull monster etc. Then now it won't what I do latter first there's good energy drinks are not there's no science behind them at all there's no research. The district says that they are providing the benefits they are. And I regulated by the FDA. And dictate it not necessary. Become call your hand which won the first article I wrote dear I want the first big articles and operating in the country. If you look at the collected evidence some coffee it is stunning. How positive it is you know there are some things where I come down in the Balkans say. Well it's continued dangers is people would have you believe costs the F ten to go to shockingly in the positive direction where. Cranking up to like six cups a day of coffee is associated with a lower risk of all kinds of cancers of Arctic seas of mortality of liberty these. It's almost anything you could pick even even some of the girl I think he's he's just. I wouldn't say it's a randomized controlled top proven that this is going to cure you but. Deep deep deep deep collected evidence and the epidemiological evidence we have. Absolutely believe that if it is a good thing not a bad thing. There's almost no evidence out there to save the Jews to avoid coffee you shouldn't have coffee or you're gonna be addicted to coffee. It's again I never tell people start this if you don't try to get but I've seen articles they end that way they didn't know what some liberties reasons but I would like. There's definitely looks so good where are hardly any any idea that we should be advising people to drink coffee did. It absolutely. Look if it was if we can result than any kind of drug people will be promoting it as as a miracle cure. But but it's just it's just stunning how still people think coffee devices something that is to be appointed to. Here's what I had the tenth and we all think is good but day in your book and may be it's not as good as we think and that did not sell out talk about that. Wonder what did I think you know what shudder -- not as good an epic and took him to do what I've often been surprised at how. You know didn't we we we pushed milk so hard. And milk doesn't have nearly the body of evidence behind it that that many would have you believe that a whole milk does a body could campaign had a pretty strong bond because the milk. There's this steady stayed to use milk can get to 200 osteoporosis and try to supplement within the calcium it doesn't do really any good. Getting kids to milk it certainly is the calcium deprived of a good thing but the vast majority of kids in America are not and pushing others knock on them. Doesn't do much good now look at the caloric beverage. And it ethical forestry all beverages with calories what you treat alcohol use it happened to you want them not because you need them. I concern about continued continued push. The people should be drinking milk into adulthood there is no other animal on the planet that does that depends a public pushing get a lot heard them we need him. Do we need to drink skim not does that stuff is disgusting. So I would not like I put so heavy cream in my coffee at this point the committed when he that a little bit and it and I just think to get better and you know we'll skim milk Ashley has more calories and it then condemn sugar in it and does fat milk is of course that's that's what they have to replace its. Now I mean you know it's certainly don't want to be drinking too much of anything but they're pendulum is swinging the other way when it comes to milk. It again I think that before I would treat it the beverage it's a treat it it's going to have to treat all of it is a treat drink the milk you would like to know when you eat milk is in the gulf. The way they've pushed so you shouldn't feel like you have to have skim milk because you need the milk can skim not going to be healthier for you there's not much evidence that at all. And finally blues we gotta talk about blues differently now. So. Look alcohol abuse terrible and then drinking too much alcohol to horrific things at least a significant morbidity and mortality in the world and I'm I'm not pushing out on that respect. But. They collect evidence of people or moderate drinkers are light drinkers meaning no more than one to two tanks today for a man though maybe about one tech paper one man. You haven't surprisingly positive. You can find studies that can link it. You know just some increased risk of some cancers there's truth to that but again that's cherry pick and if you look realistically those same kind of studies show a significant benefit with respect to death and heart disease and the benefit. Actually seemed to slump. He gave it to increase script to like it was some kind of cancer now again I'm not telling you go out start drinking because it is good field. But in moderation. In amounts that have been steady. There's very little evidence that moderate drinking electric thing is it's bad for you and it absolutely can be hard part of a healthy diet. Doctor Aaron Carroll is the author of the bad food Bible how and why to eat sin fully. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.