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Special Edition
Tuesday, May 8th
Special Edition with Sue Henry A discussion why Pennsylvania leads the nation in school strikes with Nate Benefield of The Commonwealth Foundation. The thoughts of Sylvie Beljanski of The Beljanski Foundation about alternative treatments for cancer outlined in her new book, “Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Toward a Natural Cure.” An interview with biologist Nicola Temple about the techniques used to get fresh foods to your grocery store, detailed in her book, “Best Before: The Evolution and Future of Processed Foods.”   ​

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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff management or sponsors. Now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will hear from a Pennsylvania organization that has concerns about a large number of schools strikes in our state. A statistic that's particularly troublesome in Lucerne and lack wanna counties. We'll get the thoughts of an author whose father was a prominent cancer researcher. About natural approaches to the treatment of the illness. And we'll learn more about how processed foods are both bad and good for consumers in this day and each. Pennsylvania's commonwealth foundation tagged our state what they dubious distinction. Teacher strike capital of America. According to the conservative group. The state has been impacted by 131. Strikes since 1999. The group reports 300000 students have been affected. And 1383. Days of school have been missed while teachers walked picket lines. The commonwealth foundation also notes that analysis by the magazine mother Jones determined that between 1968. And 2012. 90%. Of the nation's teachers strikes took place in Pennsylvania. The commonwealth foundation points out that strikes are disruptive and difficult for parents who have to scramble to find someone to watch younger children during labor disputes. Working for day care. Our region leads the state in strikes when loser and wanna counties are combined. Lack of one counties tally is fifteen strikes. Loser in county has notched. Thirteen since 1999. The problem while foundations says that although labor unions are meant to work toward amicable solutions that are rise. The history of the State's teachers union tells a different story. We recently spoke to knee and field vice president and CEO of the commonwealth foundation about the school strike situation. It surprised not so much that we led the nation which I think it's good to know the Pennsylvanian and kind of in the U people all of those strikes in the country. On the that we are so far ahead in an effective and more teachers strike in in Pennsylvania then brought to the nation combined over the last two decades. And that you know mr. this dominant trend of of this is seems to be the place where most intricate happened. Now on and of course in some states that don't have them and all because they've done something Smart and that's ban them. And they would have to happen her for us to actually follow that path does seeing the strength of of some of the. I union activity in Pennsylvania by the PS DA specifically. Yeah because it is that given a lot of very few states that does not too. Gum candy to try to read as no penalty really for striking amongst. Not teachers and other states. I'm about lauded door at least imposed fines are or locked me out for striking. And I hear it's almost encouraged and I would certainly is I think would be heavy lift its. I'm because leak including in the PSC has so much political clout. Commonly heard about such that the legislature I've checked last week Kenny thank you very not to try to in the cause of possible solutions. Kind of the appeal of the type that even had a hearing we're even discussing this. I think this is sort of an assault on their political power. And we had the people from the Dallas school district in our and our vicinity from lizard Hannah up and hearing. Do you urgent need to attend it. I was I spoke a little bit after after the spokesman Miguel school district to talk to you know the human element to what they're dealing with an and that's called district and I have often been camel to the national perspective of what we've seen and why I like Atlanta and turned completely the nation. What are you must telling about that the testimony indeed solicitor. The Dell school district she talked about two there frustration. Over any teeth in the bargaining that was son I believe what he talked about. Are you guys think they couldn't really get anywhere in the bargaining. The unions seemed unwilling to really negotiate. I need to win tire test by the even when the other part of education kind of ordered thing you know and then get back to work. Usually is just ignoring. The garden state and what they were telling them and then continues to to fight and convince them. Striking the threatening a strike again it's going to be an ongoing thing with with no resolution in sight. Iron or two counties where we do our broadcasting and mainly desert electronic Tony actually if you eat you combine the two of them without the. We the most in the state aid and none. Indication as to why we have so many where we live from my 1999 through now. I don't necessarily know why that that. Specifically. You know. Why that regional as sentiment could see a big margin mentioned that Michael Waller learned when he strikes content 1999. I'm. Gonna decapitation I think they are thirdly the strike hit a nearby pilots we can do the same thing and want to. More than any negative repercussions weren't on the part of the state that's just not their their culture on the ark and that no. No different from that that period. It's come encircle China got some power and some pleasure performing became part of the culture and that's stepped into your part of the state. Well in I think this is why it may make it very difficult for lawmakers to embrace any change in Harrisburg because. In a lot of the areas and counties in Pennsylvania and there is zero all right and and other areas there might be 01 or two here and there. But certain that the vast majority he has canceled may act. Seems to 20 boy aid. Labor unrest from teachers so do you think that that's why lawmakers are not out to do anything about this. Yeah that that could be some of that you know let's try one motivation to have a hearing a discussion I think. There wasn't there it is general agreement the teacher strikes are negative and everyone agreed that that is harmful to pound student it's. Disrupt the education. Turks parents aren't. I think you know I like where they haven't had it in the air district some part of shame that that pennsylvanians and the leader of the nation and and would like to change that. I'm pretty as it is the difficult political lift to take off then on in and take on particular but the teacher's union which has. You there has decreed so much political clout to Indian capital iron and preventing any types of a reforms that would address that situation. And it certainly in this this kind of behaviors often. So we'll have that name because we've been watching them for years. These strikes. Come over what comes down to a stalemate. Sometimes about. Health care I know salaries are awesome parliament but it just seems that health care. Is that the crux of this is another way that it speaks. Who out to have throughout teacher populations and I guess those policies is another way that we can do health care. Slept on on a more grand scale also that we wouldn't have to look at this patchwork landscape volatile month mom and a half. Haves and the have nots because I think some teachers so want to protect the fact that they don't paid into health care. And you know another district also tries to hold the line and then as well it seems to be a unity play. Yeah that they absolutely. That is as one big big greens for -- strike is does not about the slim salary budget about healthcare benefits. I think it would not even the amount of the benefits some even who the provider is they would not fight all over over that would. And there are certainly can be and it happened in the short of already destroyed them of simply taking health care out of the bargain negotiations. On. Want to be by any state wide planners worry about it package on the part of the what comforted in the air it formed so a few years ago. Didn't helped out of that that bargaining. I negotiation either giving. I getting the squad took power to institute of health care plan cowardly that they let level like we do what tensions Spansion. I'm told teachers across state Alec so when do the same for healthcare and and avoid handing it strikes over over an issue. Would then have to be done in the legislative manner. Have we done legislatively until legislature would have to pass. Something to have passed legislation to create open and they killed Carol out of the bargaining power off bargaining table. Don how much of a desire does Harrisburg have to do that. There had been some talk a few years ago of both of doing something they've basically consolidate the plan from our. Totally different health care plan then and and do one plan. I don't think it as viewers think he can strike. Happening now being threatened now. Should be a greater discussion of taking that off. Off off the table and and looking at other states have adopted reforms are like this that and I'm really led the way in and I would point was confident as a place where they really changed. I'm a collective bargaining process and really limited collective bargaining to just salaries so they are just negotiating salaries and profit for not. All these other provisions that can lead to an impasse. He looked dead and all I know that in some other states in the country named to having these say the massive. Walk outs from teachers who believe that they arrow unfairly compensated. And they have to work extra jobs and so on and so first. In your opinion is Pennsylvania a good place to be teacher. And I love you know compared to come out of salary and benefits. Yeah we are among the leaders in the nation in terms of teachers' salaries I'm every more than 60000 for the for the average teacher. But I arrange it is certainly telling rain across state in terms of each district what I think there is silent. Salazar said the poll but the district level I've opposed some states which could have stayed level. I'm certainly how we are near the top in terms of teacher compensation and an even higher when you adjust supper cost of living. It was so there's there's some there was a story about Ab out about people. Believe evening. That teachers are underpaid I say in Pennsylvania Nate from the compensation that you just spoke about I think that that is not true hair what do you think. You know legalities have a question of what what is not clear they want underpaid overpaid it's. I don't think can and we did out of of this so two years ago that. Some people contend under a state what the average teacher salary and I'm not relevant that's over over 50000. Found out regarding the hit it should be more but I think having a good understanding of I don't know that salary and benefits. Are important to discussion that we we have today. Especially in a state like Pennsylvania or I think we have the greatest. I'm economics thriving here I think we knew better in their regard and I guess alternately they we have to look at how this. All so. Perpetually. Falls into a lap of property owners. Who pays school taxes. Right absolutely judges in ultimately 88 on pushing and you mentioned our economy being I'm being stagnant. And you know one thing that did I think. Look like into the property tax discussion is that when you have. Districts that have been been growing some are not getting. The key share Saban and they should industries have been shrinking at continue to get the same state funding because the league how has something in place called hold harmless where every district. I get the pay a lot of money regardless of what are they glued student learning students. I'm better than the eight day greater burden on certain areas I think you're part of his one and had been been growing and seeing student enrollment grow I'm. That is forcing her life even more and on a property tax but another part of the state. OK so I think that that probably needs to be looked at does the catalyst to have a foundation are I'm sorry you do about our nation can does the foundation have. I stands on a property tax reformation. He we have not taken a position on whether or not to you know to just to protect shift Marty then that's simply shifting from improper text to. Can you failed in context doesn't address some of the cost drivers in place so we need to address. Com pension reform need to address some of the collective bargaining think that driving up tackles. And and even in any in school construction and debt can having prevailing wage and it's a crime that up I got a local bin. Another huge cost driver Indian school not gone up. A lot more quickly then and teacher pay and and compensation terms of our our cost of debt and construction payment. Anything else from the senate report that you would like to talk about this today before we let you go. I think there are multiple solutions. Two duo what is this problem to get strikes from com. Regional green bellicose except not a taking. I'm taking some of the collective bargaining terms of our ultimate and I think candidate possibly group that we pushed and basically letting taxpayers and letting teachers he would actually being negotiated in and forced counterproposal to be made public. Okay now that's an interesting point usually in negotiations we don't get to see that kind of stuff what would be the impetus for showing it. I don't want to get stayed. They conduct in writing now come to the legislation that would say they want to the proposed contract to put that out there publicly and some sort field I think luckily it didn't strike happening. One thought OK we operatives into that knowledge didn't that was their lying acceptable about their habit between had to be public and to come and help of some of the cost and benefit from that contract. Is school district that you looked at name that it is is functioning. In a way that could be the model for some of the other school districts is to some is somebody getting this right somewhere. You know that's a good group we generally look into each district to see who didn't and doing it right but. I think they're probably and sent them farther out from the should be done on that to CU what are the best practices amongst school districts. That's Tony Bennett field vice president and CEO of the commonwealth foundation. Their report is available at www. Commonwealth foundation dot org or listening to special addition on Entercom communications. If you're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. Warren drugs is often referenced in the United States but there's something else that's been the focus of another protracted attack in the country. Cancer. In 1971 president Richard Nixon declared a Warren cancer. Almost five decades have passed since that declaration. With hundreds of billions spent on the pursuit of treatment of the illness. Many of us have had personal experience with cancer and somewhere another. And author Sylvie Belgian and ski is no exception to that although her story is unique. Her father was a biologist bio chemist who spent years in a French laboratory working and cancer treatments studying environmental impact on health. And looking yet DNA replication as a possible answer. His research was in developing molecules that could block cancer cell replication. Without killing healthy cells. Well many in the French government disparaged his work he was consulted by French president Francois Mitterrand. Who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This frustrated. The president's political foes according to sill the bill jammed ski. She joined us this week to discuss her new book winning the war on cancer the epic journey towards a natural cure. Your family story. Is so. Science and discovery. Although some parts of it have been a little bit difficult. Right. That's on the State's next at this Centre re a kid protects. My father alleged Ph.D. in my ticket out by Dynegy as a press stepping teach you king Barry sandy was one of that do you know by me being happy session handset. When one of the top scientists to look at environmental as a crow's then there's solutions. To cancer when you're facing you know at this time want to order approaching it peaks and finding. And rigidity candidate engineer at 26. And he looked at niche that's a solution sand EU Reidy why that's the whole point of what you know now live BP didn't get a Gina and he gave. That's Frankie CDBs since two. And you commented admitted things. That he really created did not talk enemies skilling he lifetime peak. Because that was not seeking a land where you appreciate it kind of thinking not of the time so we. Yeah way we we hate we hate to think Sylvie. Of folk medicine. And treatment. As big business how does that play into but the story of. Glasses. He gave up some natural thing you putt there except. You know. We tested and the wave where where did I hit free to try to Tampa. And that's because two nom between church because he's different sanctuary goes into it that's a number of abducted back to keep you ADT's. And being in 92 Leno Hans. Central a French president subsequent to hawks went back he knows he should be diagnosed. We got involved plastic cans that. Since June net. Makes pizzas sexuality and found out to that a concept that's tied it is anyway he says that's. But the president would not even in defeat nation's second attempt at camp where second year assets at timings concepts. So that he's had to fight here to go and visit doctor senses so it's not going to happen we should be painful family elections. Back it's different stroke diesels. Does the media on second stretch. Would you look the ducks took. Look where that would represent Swiss life sciences products. So that's help me get off profit to fix the politics and as we know only what it would compete you she's taken down. Sure hole. That to each and Cherokee street are flops but instead and guess I'll finally passed that's still way. He said that he's sick and damn. And so what this team. Which was sent to. At this point MiFi considerable volatility. And Atlanta we. And it took to answer machine again so today and I that this kind of thing. Is simply yes centerpieces. Of that volatility and saying happened to my confidence now I took my motto would be working full four. 140 gas engine that was my confidence. Down right to act like it's goes schools abducted. And to try to to to this the two coming to make apps that do KG DP. On the of this because about the Nike that it never happened. The weather really I was working in their milk down but this time that a greedy new deal. And when I exam that I myself think let you know Coke and I have a good night my parents he could do it. So. The what what I'd access to the beleaguered high. I want that. By what I count I found that there was all the two disc Collie is for eighty days. And actually start to mean I don't know yet because. If you didn't I mean just think he's about. Can't say it's a transition up if he did not distinction I think if he did I didn't history institute longer via. I I tend not to accept that happen. And that's why I decided to get Moly deposit. And now we have they just keep foundation here in New York could not a policy. We campaigned on no we we simply set which. Making sure that signaled that. That he's inflammation which can be done it sitting. He doesn't he's at peace. Well I I'd like to know more about the actual. Natural cures you're you're looking at Sony because a lot of times we've known people who have undergone cancer treatment. And a lot of it seems very toxic tree poisonous it seems that the treatment at at points is more cruel than the disease can ever eat so what what is the past that you're seeing that can be helpful. I think I think if he ETV important to. To look at money could set top law and actually be less toxic to admiral Hideki. He hit that might just might my idea my father's idea in 2000 people don't want to. Two and again in its. Had to it's called police to issue about cancer. That processes that it was a question. Why are we losing the war on Tencent. And how we could tip the windy. I'm just sit there was the ticket in 200401. Thing that we need after 72 we think the way. We I think seems to DC. I think now you know Italy seemed to ease to leave it to buy into the turn puppetry. And only then can they keep my attitude which he and you know can't detect entities and there fulke. Content on the development. That's that may be you know good flow full pretending to expect does that mean he's good to throw out what happened. So we we have to do. What we're looking into going to really to head that either we social is that not much on money could Alexander. Cannot be expected to be called yeah natural they're I'm not going to be cut beat decent aspect because at least that's not it took. That they can make its conflict has taken away and I confess I think that the web can see now achieved the wish to market happy so people don't have to choose. And they can elect he couldn't land Kmart cannot be stopped working and then the patient. So the defense because inflammation everything gets published. Who didn't they just keep foundation doesn't keep influence anything properly you tally everything he's done so what side to. Potential keep foundation had been shot to death sparked or those publications can be can be dubbed. How are you being received by a gay people in the medical community I mean weight is what you're saying actually. Being used. In treatment. Right now. Eighteen used by Vietnam that means a socialist politics are only used about Vietnam. At least he could go to. Who. Looking to. Apply to the patient mole. The data what he's just keep an idea because they hadn't been you know two to succeed. We can't we get treatment. Two and adds I need you to sit side effects of I'll I think you look at peak he seemed not to. Widely used in constitution because again and it's not that just get these not to drag because. It's certainly no way that's some scenes kept had to be expected to it we typical heat. Edu who attacked in Asia is simply not enough my neck of that but it doesn't mean that you can at the make a difference for people. A crack. And from what specifically. Are you talking about woods with some of these molecules Walt what are they in and Howell would people who are listening today and might be interested. How would they be able to find. What you're talking about. Where and Suton I mean there are a number of our. Food. Tech stocks such as I've got text talks. That you know wish we could possible again collecting names. That. I mean like how big a problem push you out on the toll certainly at board didn't extract. That you could beat about. The east people there on interstate in downing Lawler votes yanks Sox. And essentially behind them until week sessions and execute to delete that and I just have to do to winning the war on cancer. Which just can amount to just sit tight Indy V8 picture on it too often that you I'd kill. And it's sad to leave the area are now on my web sites winging it a little I can happen dot com. Is going to look so it's going to be admitted that he stocking made signs and I'm a villain. And giving it can't I wanted to share the message I wanted to Gigi she saw mission to let me beat the best possible so that's why I looked at broke. To do so people there at or reserve resources and forty some nations. You talked about some environmental factors in the beginning of the interview and I am also wondering so me. I mean we we know a lot of people do get diagnosed with cancer. Is there's some some things that we can do. Two. Avoided in the first place she just talk about environmental factors but is there anything that we're doing. That it makes us a somewhat pre disposed to it. What we are leaving heat in this heat. A toxic. So old he eats you really important too deep a piece body type to match a bucket. And add to a certain extent that would put the east. These types but we. He took education key step. That you sell what he's how were ala cart and now we're getting back to where it needs to much. To match deputy used to process. I would put each of you need to what might cost. Really. What Salinas stopped at the eat easily that's why this. Studying the effect of bad development and took scenes. I considered as an event of its unity and eat these quote that. So these. Cookies and communities. Stay B creation of executing. And page used to go to gimmicks. Nowadays is you'd find a hundred that's a kidney to and in the they had us on beacon course so did beef. BP's nowadays I'll bull of the week can be triggered. It is Debra in Tiki in cities of that political. And Dayton Italian a subjective. Two. And I knocked. And it affects the nation's fifty comes to fasten to they. And then you match you. The EEE match you immune to stand. And as they say it's very often eat eat eats too much it would consent before nice. Now also we have been eulogized in new generation. Is life span that's when she. Let's the in the he ordered papers should be Bebo is. We're going around wave basically does something is. How does diet. Play in to this somebody asks a question. If it's true that cancer cannot live without sugar if you cut. Sugar out of your diet does that stop cancer or slow it down. ET absurdity to understand yes that's on number of being exchange that means that being. That being used to asking do such huge cans that. I mean should get a deeply deeply one of the sim tong got the bad though is that bad fats which is you know it's a bit they offered associated. Too fast food at ease or so I've poured two in summation and Tampa. And then I mean it's really important to eat a candy to and we keep dissident. Occupy your cheeks I'm used by actually before I think which tasks meaning Q2 to ten at six I'm not so. We. Our net on did you get there so we think that we haven't eking out with gleaned. Attorneys say they often been called out the week before a decent start them off until. What we eat or in fact you know he's just you know genetic we need absolutely need to have to leave their neighbors. And I'm going to order or so that's status. Well it's so go a lot of what you talk about. Can be done to I think that the good part about it and some of the things that you talked about come. Acts. Adam reduced cost or no cost or or or things like that so it seems that if we we start to become aware of this. That perhaps we can change it are you finding an awareness movement to that is making real changes for. Well I would lie channel to leave a make such a whole process. It certainly seemed that we can do we don't know tool that. And yes Soviet he'd been apple auction effect can be can be footnote to about two. Absolutely vaccine. He moves it took pains that we. And try to you know create a page heat and ice guys which incur notes or so as that he mine connection. Sylvia Belgian ASCII joins us this week to discuss her new book winning the Warren cancer the epic journey towards a natural York. Further details about her beliefs can be found at the bill jet ski foundation website. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Do you marvel at how fresh produce arrives at your home from a distant location. Do you find bagged salad remarkable in its ability to remain fresh for so long. What is done to food to make its a parents more acceptable nickel at temple knows the answers to these questions and many others she's a biologist. Conservatives and science writer. Who has taken her interest in the good and bad associated with processed food and written about it in a new book. Best before the evolution and future processed food she spoke to us recently about what's happening now to make food lasts longer. And some of that futuristic trends on the horizon. Although if estimated is perhaps two million years when. The first Cuban started to pound greens certain place knee tendon and potentially even stacked cooking it in that. He gets shaped what we look like it's humans in fact its ability to protect students. And it has almost certainly evolved photos that it's you know because the technologies that exist today if that affected balloons are. Understanding of it is how food a goofy because loud you know that's freshly cut loaf of bread for example probably shouldn't last week. I'm your counter top. We if you got a big break itself it's instead to go stale in the matter two days so. That it did did. Technologies has certainly had them. A. Most certainly and when I'm at my house and I have oranges. And and things I just. I marvel at their in my kitchen so I guess a lot has to be done. In. In the background for for things to gaps to where they are going. In a cost. Efficient. And Angus long lasting ways to surprise us. About it may be some of the processing that has done for certain foods to give them some sort of a shelf life. All of the salad for example I'm you know when you cut hasn't let us. Do you need one single cut the two that the defense that lettuce that we knew we loved those. The variety of believe that common a bag of lettuce and and each one of those stem this cuts and so different that creates the Def. Well who had decayed for each of those believed. I'm every captain they're but he took that out but sit there and the bag that they are contained in has. And and that it's called. The good fight atmosphere. Packaging and and they've changed the ratio than gases for example to try and slow down that decay process. Noting that temple is as an apple for example. And you know it can be photographed. Have to much is a hundred time it's just look at the reissue the greens to read because some supermarkets would prefer a different ratios than others. And you know that that's an example of that is really different. According but we don't really think of the apple is being processed at all but even something as simple as that has been. Hasn't been protests. Well that that we that we think can call may do we don't know but we think. That does bad salads or they're kind of the new norm because lettuce. As such a volatile commodity I mean we just in the SE coli outbreak with Romaine. So you know we see that we actually feel a degree of safety even though. I can tell when you're in the restaurant that it isn't most of it's from a bag at this point. I'm glad that this has has to cannot. Potentially a minute say who would be any food manufacturers dreamed enhances that. Potential rising in popularity that bagged lettuce has had. It you know eight TV and Q3 and while no and so prior to the 1980s say they technology wouldn't have existed in order to keep those. Little leave well as as precious we would like to see them. It is because we we'd love varieties that that comes with a bagged lettuce and and and then of course. It's been washed its. Bad and as I said it's an atmospheric but just the atmosphere with in the packaging the change to try and for that it paid down. And all of these technologies exist since the two and also trying to produce the safer thing for everyone and as. The equalized. What's it. The Euro is taken hang a chance this snuff it's possible for someone to develop an allergy because of food processing. That means I have been that certainly didn't want the yeah yeah yeah gluten intolerance in North America and you do here in Europe. As an example and and since. Read in the fact that how is good and propose that became the bread making protest has changed so it's not commended for a little song. It's so it has all been sped up easing enzymes can and other methods. And it's possible that people are starting to develop and intolerance to gluten that's doesn't exist for example they might tolerated powered milk. A property soured that's been fermented further. A few days essentially. So it's possible but it also popped and it also. And some think that the thing has helped us. And it's analogy though it was our ability to protest notes into cheese that. And that the that the trend of becoming. Lactose tolerant so. Rare among that. The mammals that we can drink milk entitled it's about 35% of the population can drink milk could help that that would because we were processing Milken to achieve that. That enabled that and be patient happen in our in our genetics. Chip. Development has been done so on things that that are in the market. And look attractive. To consume records because. I mean holidays you go to the store and they deal look over the fruit and whatnot and that if it as a blemish he might not take Gator you go over to the act. You know you select meat based upon and the way that it looks so what what's been done in that regard to make things. Served as fast genetically pleasing. To the consumer. And yeah quite a few things. For example kicking back can be pumped up with the added water tests. Make them a cadet Fuller. There's been some discussion about me having a dye is added to them in order to make them fresher. There and I definitely cases. That feed industry. Easing processing method to the bit deceiving. You know there is there's coating can get but you can use to make up. It cut apple. Like it was tough to actually for up to 27 days then and for me personally that's where it crosses the line. Because I think that that's very deceiving if if he's going to have an expectation of how food should behave if and when it doesn't behave that way it just called to their perception. What do you think what will happen in the future will look sad about this first step in our culture. In the United States Nicole out there is a lot of waste. In the food stream different now G the future there will be less what kind of things will be done. May be to improve that so with consumers. And to try to get them to understand about how. Severe it is. I think is a strongly then I already happening and and and for a lot. The countries that are around the world lots. Supermarkets have been running for example you know agreed fruit and vegetable campaigns to trying get people to choose the less that politically pleasing. And veggies and whatnot but. There is still a tremendous amount of waste and I think that that's one of my eighth grade. Fear that the fact. Protests it has a bit of a bad rap and the thing that is definitely justified but if we kind of ignore if we don't. We have a rational calm conversation about a protest students and you'll beat the money to drive innovation to reducing things flexibly and hit all of the research and development will be. Carried out by manufactures that are more motivated by profit rather than resolving. You know huge societal problem just like reducing Heatley fellows. But that is definitely. I'm from thing I would like to see happen as a result of this book. That lets us about the day the movement toward organic food which has its own. Place in our supermarkets. And does seems to tout. The fact that it is a much better for you although it does come at a price will that day come would you think when when that will be. More accepted even even at the price because people want to products that are more natural. I think there will always have to be range. Price. Options and well I think that in fact anything that isn't grown organically should be the thing that's labeled. Rather than your again exceeded I think that that we have to be realistic and placed them for example. In any supermarket and you'll feel range. Products from you know. Organically. Grown and I grew to re here to how these little pigs to. Yeah the really cheap value. How do that's available and they have that manufactures are adding more and more water to that product so that they can and offer a product that's been in pre or they're preaching it but people want so I don't think that there is. We're going to be you know organic food will be ubiquitous. It they will always be a need for a cheaper options. And that's why it's important to have dissidents and rational conversation about professor who didn't rule in our society. Okay what about it GM knows which. But there's some backlash against and then that might go with we know how they're labeled and how they're made one in your research. Is there anything particularly troubling the signs about ten GM doesn't know that's a very large question but what do you think. Questions. Confident they'd cleared give out to be honest. And instead introduce the concept is as nano technology I think it. Brian the risk. Going in the same direction as GM they think he's most. I. Happened. A horrible communications around them and why not just got a concept EG amount that the hole is not. Old concerning. Are the things that areas where we need to didn't take these precautions. But that doesn't mean we should throw the whole idea I would and I think that's the same with nano technology as well and I think that that's something that we're gonna see more and more iron and it would relation to our feud. I'm you know looking as an example socially we know we're looking for ways to reduce. Sugar consumption throughout all of our future include if we kiss and manufacture sugar that. People are small which is what nanotechnology. And didn't you know we increased the amount of weakness that we get from far less sugar is the fact is. Is that. Going to happen in the future and so it just like the amount we need to be cautious the better you from Nana technology and embrace others. Added the pervasive use use of sugar and some even things do you think are good for you. If you creek that content of sugar they are not why we're aware manufacturers. Do this and Angie Pallet of individuals can be changed. In the futures so that they don't crave that in. And maybe they can scale back country. He had it it was. He's an item nobody ever since try to reduce dementia in your diet but if he teed up for any period Chinese go back we have. I agree per a strong and it the taste different and fleet week. If there is no denying that your palate can change and you absolutely radiant shudders ubiquitous that because it doesn't mean it's so. We've become so efficient processing. And we're finding sugar and it's become. And become an ingredient rather than just a sweetener or an occasional treats so it's used as a tool by the by the food industry. I'm at the preservative that it has fruit flavors that can counter at city acidity and and some of the other food additive that might have a partner about them so no citric acid for example that you that the preservative and then you add more sugar into. Trying to turn that pregnant so. And then go get that is of course you know if you if one manufacturer makes it a little bit more sugar and sit there and meet Arafat for example. And consumers are inherently going to prefer that serious side. And the Fed and the other manufacturers will probably up their sugar content. On the response to that me and father Leo now. Everything becomes a bit sweeter and I certainly noticed that I'm Canadian nickel back and forth between Canada and Britain and you know those accused differences that countries. Much steadier here than they are in Canada for example but. It's a shot in both the fighter is well she's leader in Canada and and this year. That's an interesting thing to bring up by I never thought of it that way that at palates and based on country may be a bit different and finally for really got. The future the future of the food. On May be a little bit on the wild side some of the things that. Things that are out there and I that you write about are out kind of mind blowing to me C wants on the audience about. Some of the laboratory creations and 3-D. Technology that will come into play. Yeah at the screen printing that was. You know that's something that came out of the looking at ways. To provide astronauts with fractured food if you will be looking at treaty printed and some restaurants now are incorporating 3-D printing so printing. Chocolate garnish for example. You know you get put out a whole bunch of the same thing and that like really loud but there was a group of MIT students here really Indians then me. Printed the path it's we love different sheet after the by the courts when there are different shaped state. To pick up a lot of packaging and that they printed at the past so flat and then they put another layer so it became forty printed. It's just cellulose you know just plant material. It's different pattern on the past statements Cindy boiled that path that you did they change their sheep as a result of the way it had been. Printed. Man meant they could all be flat communal violence packaging and then appreciate paths and so I think we're gonna keep them interest and not heard round the way out there and a bit. Little any different and since the from the head of the page is that if scifi novel but if you knows they mean days. Is at all that the innovations that have happened trick human history and I'm sure sounded a bit off the wall to begin who has. Nicole at temple is a biologist and author she recently spoke to us about some of the science behind food logistics. And what the future may hold. While discussing her new book. That's before the evolution and future of processed food. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.