Special Edition July 14 and 15

Special Edition
Monday, July 16th
July 14 and 15  Augie Barhight has a preview of the annual Ride For Veterans sponsored by Rolling Thunder PA Chapter 3, Mary Wood has details of her recent mission trip to Keyna. A youth camp sponsored by Harness Horse Youth Foundation is coming to the Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono. Jennifer Starr, Racing Marketing Manager explains how it gives those participating,  a real up close look and appreciation of the horses.  Penn State Extension in Luzerne County has been offering a nutrition program for over 40 years for everyone from young children to senior citizens on everything from food safety to eating healthy on a budget. Nutrition Education Advisor Karel Zubris shares the information.  Lackawanna College is entering into a new partnership with Maternal and Family Health Services. College Vice President Jill Murray has details.

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Open this special edition. A weekly look at the Asians in the news in the personalities shaping the stories. Special edition of as the production of Entercom communications. Welcome to special edition I'm politics and this week we'll find out what Penn State cooperative extension. Can teach us about food safety and making some delicious meals on a budget. We'll also hear about an upcoming came out this week. That will bring children up close and personal with some of the race horses at the downs at Mohegan Sun pocono. We'll also meet a woman who's just returned from a trip to Kenya. And right now. We introduce you to argue bar height he's the president of rolling thunder Pennsylvania chapter three and they're getting ready for their annual ride for bill. Turns this weekend what is rolling thunder chapters three. Rolling thunder chapter three were the local chapter for the national organization. In Aaron mission is POW MIA issues from past present. And all future wars so if someone says rolling thunder what exactly comes to mind what does that mean. Motorcycles motorcycles and the people enrolling under its bring all of our veterans back the other ones are shot downer missing in action. Down we want accountability. That's that's who were after we win we're talking about the organization itself. You a veteran yes I am Vietnam veteran and what about the other folks that are involved in the end the chapter throughout the country. Know that that's unique thing about rolling thunder to veterans service group you don't have to be a veteran. To support it. And you don't have to write or more percent we are not a motorcycle group OK so. Any time that you have like we're going to be talking about the events that is coming up Ford to benefit the local that turns. It's anybody can come and get involved anyone. We don't care we've got one mission in mind and that's our veterans. And if you're going to be out here to support them. Come and help us so let's say someone doesn't have a motorcycle. How they eagle about getting involved in and helping your organization. I'll just c'mon down if you don't wanna join rolling thunder you come down and help us. There's a ten dollar registration fees. For this ride am everything we raise through our registration goes that it genome early senator. In traditionally our money's been earmarked for their Christmas present every year so that every veteran in that senator. It's a present Christmas morning. We go Christmas morning and we passed the mile and just see the look on why these guys face down it it's well port that it really. For the benefit of our listeners can you give us a little bit of Lear. The genome early centers located who's there. Share really centers located on mulberry street onscreen and for the old timers is where the old state hospital used to date at. I knew that was coming up at a well I tell you my age now mine too. Or even that could. So you go there year your directly dealing with. The veterans that are there. Yes we we go and we visit with him in the morning once. You've registered. Could be quite a few of them outside look at the motor side goes just kittens and fresh year. And Angel if they enjoy haven't. Someone different to talk weather in the guy in the bed next to him is that if if the sometimes it can be very. It could be very tedious in anybody's life but if she wouldn't we're talking about now the ride is coming up wit. The right obese Sunday July 15. And the registration is it starts at 9/11. Thirty we do a little ceremony. 12 o'clock. Picks stands or up and were gone from an hour and half two hours forty go. This year it's gone up in the having pins and around. Out through German I believe. And then back down Casey highway through dumb worn agreement back. The emirates so when you're doing this are you raising money beef forehand isn't as it happened along the route how does that take place our money. That we raises through reg ration which is a ten dollar fee. And then we still teachers and the teacher money. Primarily. Funds are chapter for necessary things like the insurance. And things like that that we have to have. Now this event has this been going on this is the nineteenth year that's a testament yes it is it's one of the longest running right around. And I'm sure that you've probably seen a lot of the same faces of the veterans who have been there that length of time as well the morally center. Yet we've seen quite a few of them for a while now. And even the people at supports is one gentleman. Comes in and 830 every year. He wants me to first on a sign that paper to be registered. And you allow him to do that yet but that's the tradition now now how many people are in your local chapter. Were rather small we've only gotten eighteen members. At one point we were to 200 members and it was. Next they're just people that was a motorcycle group didn't understand. What our mission laws. Now also all eyes when you began at the ride. You have a traditional blessing. Yes father Mike from down white haven freely and and economic column. They're both members that while no bless the bikes is relieving. You know I understand that. The father Mike has given up his bike. Is that true. Are you sitting at that surprised you hit unmovic then was bought that motorcycle yep. Well that's something you can find out when you stop by the ride political policy that you need that it is what I I. I. Whoever owns a try excellent and a jury about a tell all graphically what I want bill wouldn't Wear what we're talking about is there is the app that possibility that some people might be hearing our interview today. Saying that they are interested maybe they can't do something about it this particular ride. But they would like to help out how did they get in touch with you. It's really easy every month the third Wednesday of every month at the VFW in mainstream DuPont we have our meetings at 7 PM. And to stop by and be glad to see it and were were always welcome. New members some new ideas and a new justices yes and you also have a FaceBook page. Yes we do it it's rolling thunder G chapter three I'm sure if you just put in a search will be able to yen will becomes right now while I'm gonna give you the opportunity. Go ahead you invite everybody to not only take part in this but to come and join your great group well I really appreciate. The invitation here at like I said everyone is welcome we won't turn you away and we can use that help anti come down that are right we can use that donation to. Put in them early senator welfare fund for our veterans and you don't have to have a bike that's right. Horry or a strike there to get except I thank you they deal. Or about becoming involved with rolling thunder Pennsylvania chapter three. They need every third Wednesday of the month 7 PM at the VFW in DuPont remember you don't have to ride or the object to join. Now we're going to hear from inter com's Niki stone she introduces us to Mary Boyd. Who just returned from a trip to Kenya. Talking Mary would. Fresh back from. A trip. Trying to make a difference outside the area and actually. Going in to lean something to help people when you're talking about. I am EU we heard a lot of people. Crying about people who are trying to come into the United States. And it is they're not make going in and making a difference that people in there you are now why Kenya. Like what is it isn't about Kenya. And that proved that separates that well I mean people go to Haiti to. I Haiti has some issues going on ten and I understand but is there specific reason is the water into the water has been the biggest issue merry. I mean I think that. Well right now before I can't pretend like that who we play with him to eat. I very. Selective in where they go and what villages and what they need and it's still currently. They began in Kenya and that was their first two and area that they targeted trying to help. We turn now go to you've got dad Haiti and Guatemala. So. But I'm not so Byzantine eighty. You know there's certainly agree we need there. It's just personally my heart is in Kenya. And that people. Really loving and welcoming pupils. The higher income and things to see people who have. I'm so long ago. Beaten so hospitable. And welcoming and open and sharing. You know what little they have with feel it is great we do. 18. We do I think it's called a day in the life and we need to spend. The whole day with family. And can't really go through what they do it today you know between it. Preparing food and crop it and not just out sort of you know how they cook. And it's really just you know a lot about building relationships. And to just getting to know people it is so that. That they know. You know are we come to receive them in a week com merit because they have value the. And then this thing away as Kenya though isn't that I think a commercial hub that prefer being in Africa. Is and there are still very little money there. Certainly to have. I didn't read you know developed. Cities and the Roby you know hormone that. And there's several entities that but they are higher. You know nobody is it trading port. I'm where we go is more in in the villages in the outskirts of it's still a developing country even though they're higher. As you said financial district exit and and trade routes. But. People that we visit really don't make it happen to that category. OK don't lose schools over there and what's. Well at school look at them over a little bit different than here. Is it paid. You can go from kindergarten. To break through twelfth grade high school and there's really you know it's it's. Government funded we we really don't paid for our education. Until you get two. You know. Higher education to college or university. And this. Can go to. Primary school there I still see is that people need to play. And get the men and the government subsidy is very lull. This actually. For example textbook. The baby. Nation and and people to one textbook and that comes to OK we're who's taking home tonight to do the homework. I go to school taxes currently. It is now now now they're not black and again you know they are iffy if it's. I mean certainly by actually ended it would be it's very low. But it does get competitive education. Now secondary school found a ninth grade to twelfth the date they have to find themselves. And and if they don't have it. You know they don't have the money they can't go. It and they also had attacked into high school if they don't. Reach a certain score at least that's 300. Under standardized I had to go from not allowed to go. To high school. I'll laugh yeah. I didn't just hear him I couldn't. Crime if we you have fun go and we can't leave any child behind right. So right but it you know it's a little bit different there's still one of the things that. We focus son is title sponsorship. And I'm I've sponsored. I'm I think maybe five so far. For student. I went to secondary school in 2008 she graduated in 2012 he's now married at the family. Have a good job and you've actually met these people. Yeah I absolutely didn't have to part. These chips is to win it you get left and you follow. That one you know just did their letters a couple of times here. And writing back and forth and then when you actually meet them. It's just it's just amazing how that bond and that is there. Like. How do you sponsor when what do you response your children's room. And now. You can project chastising. Him in primary school usually about the second or third grade. And then and continue right up and through high school which I'm currently. We have. I'm the Reese students that we sponsor. Two and secondary school wanted him. Primary school. And it's amazing that. It says the difference that this has made especially in the primary schools. Because it's 39 dollars a month like less than ten now has a week. And it provides for the child. But also for the school I don't know they can't buy those textbooks they can hire better teachers. And we come over yelled we help them with those projects but it's really more our. Relational and we work alongside with people so that the community event and Howard. And you know what we measured the sick that. For that not. By what we do elect not by what we get accomplished but but that what the community guy is on its own. I really like to invite people I'm. Feel like I try to go every year that. Dwight is he too would make the trip. Kenya I'm in the long chat but it's it's routed to how volatile it's a you know led. Fifteen hour flight and then. Think so rewarding. And to get more information on the trip that I go on and you know to record held dot org slash go. And there's a wealth of information on there and just how we work around with people and how people can get involved dished out sponsorship there. And it's it's really great web site record held dot org slash go. I special guest Mary would talking about reaching outside of the in this country isn't. A lot of people are. Are you will stand up and hold posters are talking. Stream compassion. How do you show your compassion boot. Don't go away more special addition to come. Welcome back to special edition. When you think of summer camp you might now think of spending it at a racetrack. The harness horse you. Foundation however thinks it's a wonderful way for young people to become introduced to the world of animals especially. Large animals like resources. And it's not just from the outside. They get up close and personal. Jennifer star racing marketing manager. For the downs at Mohegan Sun pocono. Tells us about the camp that will be coming here this week. Jennifer you are involved in so many different things. And especially when it comes to horses and the downs and now you've got kids what do you have up your sleeve for next week. We're really excited because they can't sir economy you purse yes the hardest course youth foundation camp. Will be setting ground at the downs starting Tuesday. And this is very exciting because the HHY have to harness horse youth foundation. They go to different tracks throughout the summer. And they'd bring their little horse is there a little bit smaller than the ones we race with and they have a kits camp for a whole week where they teach children. All about harness racing and about the care of horses and about the equipment everything that is involved with horses so. The children arrive on a Tuesday. And every day there put to work learning. And absorbing. And everything about courses and harness racing. And this is very exciting for the children because of them have never been away from home for several days. Some bonding experience till. And the way not a date camp known and and and it's a holy camp because on Tuesday to Saturday so they do stay overnight. We do put them up at a local hotel and they are chaperones completely the harness horse youth foundation brings their own director and counselors. And believe it or not they are roused out of bed at like 5 AM every morning for breakfast and then at the stables by 6615. And they start to work. Every day they have a schedule he gave will be the horses they will feed them. They will learn about the equipment that they are putting on the horses to get them ready to exercise in the morning or jog. And what they'll do is they'll work with our pocono trainers and volunteers. And they will go out on the back track in our stable area which is behind our property and we do have a stable area. And they will go while they were exercised horses in the morning we have done the double seeded John cart. For the sake where they will be accompanied by a pocono horsemen and they will go out and they will actually. Exercise sources. Said he learned that rate from the gecko they take amount pickle around the training track. And then they come back they take the equipment off of them. And in the cool them down they bade them they take care of them. So this goes on every day they have lunch lunch is provided then they have a quiz. With the counselors they go over. What do we do today what equipment did you use what is equipment. You know used for. The anatomy of the horses. Everything is covered. So. Don't like to say it is of course experience or not this is a learning experience and believe it or not there are a lot of children that do register for this camp. That have never worked with horses. But wind may come out of this camp. They know everything there is too so this isn't the first year that here locally you've done snow we have done this for many many years. And we like to keep it between ten and twelve children so smaller camp. Every year at the beginning of the year. The HHY aft dot award puts it out on the website accepting applications. And children from ages twelve to fourteen are encouraged to apply. They have to read little essay about why he'd like to do to fill out the application. And then they apply and we pay for the fee so. There's no fee involved a light well so that's terrific about that and then they send in their applications and then their children are chosen. The camps to fill up quickly so we do encourage everybody check it out like in February. Get your application him because we do set a deadline of may. And then the children are chosen for the camp the camp fills up and then the camp is usually in July. The camp ends on Saturday. With actual races. So. Right before our actual post time the children do. Drive an actual races on off track on the track. Right from a spectators. Wit pocono drivers. In the passing during which Antonin Pollack time now Eric Karros and timber on junior. Famous names that you heard of drivers Tommy Jackson Simon Allard. And they get in the actual. Race bike and they drive and races. There three races and their competitive you should see how competitive they are. And then they come into the winner's circle they get their winner's circle pictures taken. And then after all the races we have a nice little ceremony with the parents now have you had children that have taken part in this come back. Absolutely where they gone with with their knowledge well several children have actually gone on to become counselors they've come back and become a counselor. Alan Taylor the director of the camp has actually brought back some kids to become counselors. And they do travel again over the summer. Several have gone on to become big names in harness racing. One I could mention is trainer Tony align yet he is one of the top trainers in harness racing today. He started out as a hardest course you can't. And today. In his early thirties he's one of the top trainers in the business training. Very famous horses is a matter of fact his course. Just competed at pocono on cent stake Saturday stay hungry and he is actually in has this course in. Next weekend in a big race so I mean he has some big name horses across the country captain treacherous is another one. Started out as a rescued one. Absolutely soaked. You don't. Have to go want to be a trainer or driver. You can going to a different he kind equine career. Perhaps she wanted to go into the Madison part of it I was gonna say veterinarian exactly or perhaps she wanted to go into the marketing part of it. Or different careers in equine there's many many careers so some of them you know when they do come they can't they say well I'm more interested in this or. I'm more interested in the training hard work and think I want to go into this. And in it's it's very interesting to see. Where there interest lies as the week goes on me out so well it's also a good thing too because. You have this romantic notion perhaps some of doing something. And then once you get involved a five day Yemen realize what goes intuit. Sometimes that's a good thing but the knowledge that you take away from this fascinating absolutely and they do ran into a lot of kids that. They're grown up now. And their fans perhaps of harness racing and they say to me I wish this was around when I was a kid and I would have done this because it's just so fascinating. I think you know the kids they're bonding till they get to room with another child during the week. They get to learn about them you know they can to do different things other than beyond their cellphones that night and you know there's different activities for the week we have bowling we take the mobile only one name we have a pool party for them so they get to do different. Activities during the week too so it's not all work although it is a lot of hard work out he carries some plane involved it's just agreed experience and to see that Saturday. Race day come around when we get to go in their colors which is with the driver's uniform are called they get to where actual pocono drivers collars. And when they get the mine and when they feel the adrenaline rush and when they get out on the track it's it's a great experience so what. Someone happens to be listening to you talking about this and they're saying. How that's something that I really like to get my son daughter grandson. Or whoever involved and for next season. Would they be able to contact you and say. In college and I think we might like to come down and just see what happens absolutely I would encourage any parent that's interest of first of all to come and see the races. Saturday the 21. And post time is approximate 545 which will take place before actual 7 o'clock post so please come and see the children race chair of the month. The more people that are cheering for them I think that will really give them a big rush to so come on see the kids race then it. Remember as soon as it gets you know through the first of the year early February go 12 HH YF dot org. And that's when they will start posting the schedule for the year please fill out the application for the year the earlier the better because like I said it is a may deadline. Or you know you can always contact me. And you know I will definitely. Even believe it an email address with yo that if anybody does want to call you to make sure that they contact me. You get the application and as soon as possible again the ages a twelve to fourteen and they are strictly to have to be between those ages to be in the camp. Girls and boys. A lot of time we do encourage. If someone wants to be in the camp to they have a body that they wanna join with sometimes you know two kids to join together. And that does. Go along way when they do come to the camp and there's no which features no charge we to pick up the feet for the week for every one yes the entire camp is sponsored by the PHH A which is the Pennsylvania hardest horsemen associate was and food. And again I was at Mohegan and playing yeah is it for the fun for for everything for everything. High grade that is the main thing it's great it's that it's an awesome experience so. You know it's it's of a few days of fun and hard work and horses and great outdoors. And learning in meeting new people. So it's it's it's awesome. Now is there anything that we haven't mentioned and I would like you just to read. I reiterate the days of the race that the kids are gonna be doing and when people can come down and see them that day. And also if you have anything else that you think that you might like to add to all this. It's wonderful how I do I do to add that the hardest course youth foundation. Is a charitable organizations so obviously they do. Sixteen on donations as well and me we a lot of fundraisers for them throughout the year. With the PHH A and the downs just a lot of fundraisers we just had. When we had our huge eating contest with the horsemen we raise a lot of money for them so every now and then we do do some fundraisers for them. And they do accept donations so we encourage if anybody ever wants to give a few dollars to it. You can go to HH YF dot org and they do have a donation button. It's going to great costs it's helping build the future of harness racing of children. Of the future equine careers. The Department of Agriculture you know there's so many careers within the state of Pennsylvania our beautiful state of Pennsylvania. And this organization is wonderful so again I say if you ever have a couple dollars that's a great organization to donate to him and winner of the kids racing. They are racing on Saturday. July 21 approximate post time is 5:45 PM and there are three races so we usually take fifteen minutes in between each race again come to the downs. There's free self parking. There's free admission there's plenty of benches outside. Come and grab the bench and sit and watch the children race cheer them on it and parents if your interest to bring your kids they can watch the kids in May be next here. They will be hardest hit. On some Jennifer star. You always have something wonderful going on thank you so much and thank you for coming and sharing that with us today absolutely thank you. And if you're interested in learning more about the camps for next year you can visit harness horse youth foundation on FaceBook or. Each each why ask. Donna who work. He can also contact Jennifer start. By emailing her edgy star. And Mohegan Sun pocono dot com and you can visit their website at Mohegan Sun pocono dot com slash racing. Don't forget. The campers will be there this week with their own racing coming up on Saturday the 21. Before the regular racing. Asked the downs at Mohegan Sun pocono. Don't go away more special addition to come. Welcome back. Two special edition. Everyone likes to save money. And every one would like to eat healthier. Penn State extension in Lucerne county offers hands on educational classes on nutrition through its nutrition links program. They get out into the community and teach not only senior centers but even I can't start to get the kids involved. In saving money and eating healthy. Carols and Bernstein and nutrition education advisor whip. Nutrition links for food families and hill. From Penn State extension. She's based out of the Lucerne county office and stopped by to tell us about the program at the end hound you. Can get involved. Thank you for coming by today and telling us about this program from Penn State extension. Now who are you gearing this program toward okay Penn State nutritionally the cooperative extension where I'm located at. Is located in Pittston Pennsylvania but I cover three counties I cover locker wanna lose cern and Wyoming county. In our primary audience this senior citizens. And used in families who meet the eligibility for snap bed which is the supplemental. Nutrition assistance program and hip program which is Pennsylvania's expanded food and nutrition program. And we have these types that are approved and I reach out to them so she summoned attrition class. So I think going to senior citizens center is our primary our audiences senior citizens senators head start risk care. They haseltine one senator I just attended. And representative Kent State at the Joseph Maddon facility now that he's he's trying to integrate every one. In that community one center was a fantastic. Fantastic place to be it was just one thing about this program. Even though there are many language barriers because I reaching out to as well as they his net Hispanic community and other. On the nuns English speaking people. The one thing about this program is food brings people together for what they do I Passat recipes approved by Penn State and I Passat recipes. And I don't just sit there and I bring the audience up I showed them how to cut Medicare how to wash cans off properly how to shop how to budget. What's a PowerPoint presentation and we just don't sit. There we can't happening we know one of our programs are called eating Smart remarks hit the senior citizens come up we don't pence each year. I get them motivated I do we do the waves I put on a polka and we dance we have a good time because it's going into a little classroom in their gonna sit there for an hour and be bored. Not with me I get them up and moving and you do the same thing with my youth I bring out a hula hoop and they're like a what are we can do with that of course and in a dual all of who because we're getting up. I'm re doing an activity. And lesion activity with people it breaks. The ice it breaks that stigma outlook although I have to be here this class but these classes are so. Fundamental for someone who was going to work in the food industry which is a very strong industry in her area what. I had to take and what a lot of our recipients have to take is called. Food safety training pants and state university which is this or saint exam case Procter exam. And I'll just have to be certified every couple of years to do that all of our participants in the program. Who work in the industry is in mandatory that they take this exam. And when the classes that we teaches food safety food handling that's why when we go to class we bring them. We would teach him how to calibrate with their food with a special thermometer that we give to them we give them a lot of incentives. Pop proper food testing improper food storage reason little thermometers. We give them cookbooks both in Spanish and English so the sentence every time you come to class he just a little incentive. And when you graduate after the pro government for a weeks you get a fabulous gift bag but after that what. They do you get from Penn State extension and Kent State University you get eight nutrition links certificate of achievement. It's as for the completion of a nutritional links classes that include nutrition education for preparation. Food resource management food safety and meal planning. But is this something that everybody gets everybody gets everybody gets us to participate in the program so what if you're just going to go in and teach the as you mentioned in the very beginning of our interview. When you were talking about the people that you talked to about. Making food. So is that something entirely different it's still the same still the same. Worst series they will get a certificate of achievement for. Participating in the class and the good thing about the certificate is that they can use this on their rest and day. If they are going for you know any kind of position in the food industry because this demonstrates that they participated in this program and that's why did very. Key an instrumental for our younger people that are in it that are working in food industry because now the cross one barrier in order to get into working into their other position or taking this test consists of very hard exam is there are charged yes there is a chart I know what it varies but is expensive and it depends on your employer they'll pay for. But yet you have to take the test and there's a book they can get 42 as well online but you know it's a bit of man Terry right now and food industry is. To make sure you take this exam. And in order to get a job if it happens if you go to let's say one of the senior centers or as you mentioning you were at you were in haseltine. And you were at the community center they are just doing a program. What kind of things and can someone call you and say hey Carol I'd like to I'll bring you wind to my. Senior center and talk a little bit about good nutrition for seniors who are always trying to save money and unfortunately. Might be cutting the. Ron corners that's absolutely what I do a lot of times I just present a one day workshop into a senior citizen center and to maybe. A school hit start right Knight was also work I'm going to be also working into the he has to school district in the fall on will be working with them. In their classrooms with our program as well to reach out to our youth and families that are participating in this program so that's it that's wanted to. Major things that are happening this year. Yes it's very important for us to get the word out about safety food safety in nutrition because we wanted to focus on proper hand washing. You know that's the number one problem right now that people are not washing their hands properly enough and just have to reiterate how important that little task is that could. Saved someone from getting very you're sick it's just a simple bullet point. Processes that we do that we teach and to get through the classroom. And it it's so beneficial this program has been going up for close to forty years with Penn State's laws underneath the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture. And I'm just a privilege to be part of this program. Now is there a charge for that aspect now say at this school district somewhere in all the counties that you serve what if there are hearing this. And they find that this is something that they applicants. We all took home act we did when we were when we were way back when it about as I have I'm teaching my comment class out on the ground yes that's what I basically do. It is 32 participants who meet the eligibility for this prop. Ram and it's it's a great program that's what they want to reiterate that the participants must reach the eligibility for the program. OK and if they do then they are more than welcome to be part of that. We can be reached an hour web site. At extension Jack PSU dot edu or just a simple phone calls to our our Lucerne county office at 57 now. Eight to 51701. Now since you've been doing this do you have a favorite recipe. That you like to share with the seniors are the students or anybody that your that you've come across. One of our favorite recipes he has a fruits in the BB Lovett because. It's something really really delicious and set up and that's similar meat because it's something that people really don't make for themselves to get out of blender. The knicks on your fresh frozen or canned fruits into a blender and mix them all up or with ice. And share them and I teach them how you know. To use the calendar a lot of our pact is content never used a blender in a scary thing if you never used a lender before properly but the vegetables or the fresh fruits and that I teach them about. You know to rinse all the sugar off fruit are that come out of the cans or well or as well as in a bad from the grocery store that have the frost dot them. All that extra sugar off trying to put in the senility it's such hit with a young and old and we can freeze it after we have some left over. We put them in to block ads and we put strike in and it makes it a frozen little popsicle later to dimension that's always always always a hit. Now right now were experimenting a little bit of that with a frozen banana that's so what we do week. Don't go away your bananas there. They're around spotted that's that's the best part that's at the height of their they're out usefulness new tree and I know other load with or nutrients at that time so what you can do you can freeze your banana and then after you're done and put them in the blender. At some frozen yogurt or regular younger couple ice cubes and there you go and it's fantastic people always like that just give a little sample. Please Powell and say I can do this and how. And it's great that doesn't really really enjoy it that sounds amazing absolutely an ounce of hot you don't want to lie used your stone we show and let's use an electric skillet safely. And make dance talent at home. So easy a trail mix just something you know it's a detained chips and pretzels. And make up corn and a corn and black bean sauce and instantly using potato chips had a reported on mushroom cucumbers Ekene. Are kind of a couple of red peppers green peppers even as arkan scoot Mala. Because if we don't either fruits and vegetables or missing out on all those nutrients. Can he help us keep. Our bones stronger longer teaser skin. If you look like we eat eat that's what they say you are what you eat if you eat good you're gonna look good in your you know last very long time on this earth hopefully. You cannot cut and let it eat your market. More of your vegetables and Phillip on the fiber that's in line to us teach people study our fruits and vegetables and stretch their food dollar. Because if you feel on junk in can be. Satisfy if you feel on fruits and that's double the volume metrics and those in those festivals they fill you on daylong do you feel after he watermelon. Yeah yes fills you up but for those that it does that has the volume metrics and care. As the brits you are amazing I love you so glad that you came by this is so much fun I'm sure that at hearing this just a couple of arrests I'm starved now. So I'm gonna go maybe you can make me one of those fruits move these before we leave here today. But again give us the contact information for you so that we can get in touch with you because I have a feeling that now a lot of other people are black. A great program they're talent. You would never know this little secret our program is out there but it is out there it's been an at Penn State loser in county I am not the only one who does this. There are several of us. That has several counties around Pennsylvania. And you have a website yet we do have a website okay here's our website its extension dot PSU dot edu. And we are located my opposites located at Penn State extension moves are accounting office act. Sixteen is an avenue in west Pittston when he 643. And it just gives us a call at 57 now. Eight to 517. And one. Thank you. Our rate remember Kent State we are teaching people how to eat better for less. Two counts of first nutrition education advisor. Forward Penn State extension in loser kid in teaching people how to eat better to relax. Now we're going to hear from interest comes turn cancerous he caught up with the executive vice president Jean Marie. Like one a college about our new and innovative program that they're going to be starting up. As well. Like Pomona College will be dealing with maternal. Health services he didn't clients a maternal infant health services an opportunity to attend the it's more details from frank the end vice president Jean. I got a note today about a program that they are starting because. A vice president Murray is also on the board of directors of maternal and famine helped them when I saw this I said we gotta get this information out to the audience vice president Murray thank you for joining us how aria. Thank thank thank you so much slower having me on the does that really a great honor to talk about this program so I'm very excited. Now you you you're title is chief innovation officer and I think this is pretty innovative. It sucks so tell us what this program this. Sure I'll let you a look at the little bit of background first you know at lap one college all of our leadership team. Is it encouraging to the members of local and community board. And you know we not just boards of other educational institutions but community organizations to really have an impact. Locally and in our own communities in the community that which we serve. The various members of the centers that we have and so on and each one of us is on. I'm community boards. One of the board that I'm on I happened to be fortunate enough to be the board chair of maternal family. Health services. And they are an incredible organization freak accident her team the CEO. Run a fabulous fabulous not profits. Human services organization that as you said he said so well they run the wick program. They educate permanent damage on reproductive health they have a nurse and we partnership to get screening pregnancy care. And I've been a member of that board since 2014. Shares in 2016. I was so impressed. By the organization what they do every single day. That as I talked to our leadership team and our president mark ball. Sucking him in and said you know we have to do something for some of these. Climate of of maternal failing health they're really. Looking forward to building a light for their own family and in their community and you know not every one of them has had the opportunity. To achieve higher education to go to college and so. What we decided to do within. Lucerne a lack like county. We decided to give them full scholarships to the client of maternal failing health in order for them to come to act like college. Full scholarships. Oh that that's and that's incredible and I'm tell it it's it's it it warms my heart because I I love that kind of a commitment because you know we often talk about how everybody needs help and this is that the kind of help they need so how do people get involved apply how'd they get chosen for this what was the process. Should they are the client at maternal family help me we're gonna be identifying some of those quiet together. But it certainly appeared neo conservatism maternal family health and once you're quite you can then you know I'm apply for the for the scholarship program. Please contact them they are incredible. Incredible incredible organization. They are Lou locally it looks they're they're number is 1804. At W. Safari apple are. And at as in frank HS. 1804 and at H app there are wonderful organization and they can't help and they do every single day. That's incredible now is this for the next school year. It put it this coming fall. And bring in we'll do it again every. Man that is incredible I'm path children and yet and I don't know even what to say I just think that that is that is great and I'm proud to be part of life going to college team. The benefits and thank you for. Much Franken you know we're we're so the vote majority or scholarship money stays right here in our communities we are a local institution we serve. By and large. Our local community and we believe really strongly. That with the power of education we can change lives that are are my country is flack like college is light changing and we'd certainly believe. With everything that we aren't everything that we do. That as we begin to invest in our communities and an education we can help not just transform lives with transform the community as well. Well I appreciate that one final question how people get in touch with the lack wanna colleges they wanted to get involved with any part of your program. Certainly that is the easiest and most effective way to get to a we also have our local phone number 5709617800. All right Jill thank you very much for joining us and thanks for this great program. Thanks for the opportunity frank we always appreciate it my my pleasure. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at the issues in the news in the personalities shaping the stories. A production of Entercom communications.