Special Edition December 9 & 10 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

December 9 and 10: A discussion with local principals of a CBD oil distributorship on the benefits of cannabinoid oils; a talk with Dr. Edward Scahill, who signed a letter of support for the Trump tax cuts and an interview with Tina Brown, author of “The Vanity Fair Diaries.”


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will learn about the CBD oil that may help those suffering from a variety of conditions Lawson talked to a professor at the University of Scranton who recently joined others in his field. Japan a letter in support of a plan to cut taxes for corporations and individuals and we'll hear from the former Vanity Fair and new Yorker editor Tina Brown regarding her experiences with. Donald Trump Harvey Weinstein. And Ronald and Nancy Reagan during her storied career a recent forum held in our region brought together supporters of medical campus and CBD oils the forum was hosted by eight cam holistic nursing in partnership with the Pennsylvania community medical campus forum CE CD is short for Canada dial the name of a compound found -- -- Canada's plan CBD as a component of marijuana but what's missing is a large amount of TH seat which is known for its mind altering ability CBD is generally extracted from -- which is different than the product marijuana grower cultivate and the proponents of CBD oil recently joined Entercom talk show host frank Andrews. Did discuss their belief the product can treat a variety of illnesses including epilepsy anxiety. And chronic pain. Panelists to aeration field as president of eight cam holistic nursing. Ani former respiratory therapist. Who speaks about alternative medicine issues. Nate aegis Enron sold also join the discussion. Both men previously played in the NFL and spoke about their own experiences with CBD oil neat chance shared his experience for. Stone as a form Pennsylvania State champion former calling university's football player and then played doesn't here and have a Kansas City Chiefs and and I sorry you know this is business last year and then backtracked and derived C medium business so where they'll try to really help my grandma 'cause she as severe stage of cancer and has really helped turn the doctor give very you know some several months to live and she. Announced in a few years and she's really benefited prime ministry year and a half does CN now it shows it was they you know seizures go from foreigners seizures under non. Now his child with autism than hasn't been that didn't speak in two years in the and then testifies in and then then spoke items line womanizing ticket prices as a best of the best price she's ever taken being your testimony like that he you know lead this stuff is you know help give us this the real deal. And also in the studio because it is Russell tell us a little bit about your background how you got involved. That's my name is Russell I actually start playing for Koppel high school back in. 1979. And I believe 78. Long long time Madonna and they way to make glossary no longer want to Merrill on glare of the University of Maryland or four years I went today as drafted by Indianapolis Colts played several years there I get treated to. Oh the Philadelphia Eagles. Back in the mid eighties I played throughout the whole ladies we'll say more or less I have I have. I had the CD oil when I play I'm sure I've Iverson's warriors and I'm sure would have wow unbelievable and on the line with us right now is Terri shy infielder Terry could tell us a little bit about where you are and what your role illnesses. I'm old Carey show and feel. I'm actually from he struck out Eric I'm gonna help you Flores 25 years I was an education coordinator at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey I have an additional background another excellent and over the last five years I completed my masters in complementary and alternative medicine with a focus on herbal medicine and although the company cold actually ever and marketing company Altria is continuing education or health care practitioners in particular nursing and I am the provider of Pennsylvania nursing association. And I bet you can about medical campus in public forums for the ministry years. And I probably many excellent speakers Internet time and recently I met with Nate and tied and they invited me into this program. Nate you know all when it was when my wife talked about this for our daughter I said marijuana. Don't know marijuana you and I believe that there's a lot of misunderstanding about it we're not talking about somebody sitting out in the fiscal smoking and try to would you explain what what this is is CBD GAC the whole process right so CBP comes from the marijuana plants and they hemp plant the product that's in Indy shop here in Pennsylvania and and in some covers and Karzai does is is that have derived CB that surprised us as under point 31% TC and that's very Dicey reedy and marijuana has above point three us. Of 1% she sees rising above point three TC is considered marijuana I think below that point three so only Trace. It's considered haven't accessed had a different so you know and commissioned atrocity lies because this RD federal law in place that that and extracting other meld the bill and then back in 2014 that the federal farm militarism fourteen agricultural farm bill as sections does some success and so that's kind of the difference that now runs you you said that you could be playing longer if you had CB do you know what is a done for you. Easily you know it when I play that I had approximately thirteen operations. He gets a point where I was going to. Okay well rehearsed the worst about the end of the year my brain need that I go left shoulder and blessed blessed means left and right shoulder isn't is amazing I can't believe it to be gasoline but if I was fortunate enough to not to be operated arm until I got to leave then how. I'm all right but can you imagine if I was come around when I was shall play embark high school. I never made it since I as a parent misunderstood this are there are a lot of people in the medical profession misunderstand us. Absolutely. A lot of people the medical. And don't even know about it. The conditions and medical school I'm not even sort of it's not here's something that's all they hear much recently over the last few years. Tablet than an interest I just think recently and you're not smashed generally in cowboy standing commitment that's part of their curriculum. So there isn't big misconception. And so let me healthcare practitioners and come to my conference is an agent is wow I didn't even know any of this and. He Ike Charlton changed and national championship game. The calico cat and strong and it had been indications for certain type of conditions. And. I think from a buried. Evidence based point of view so when you talk about candidates I wouldn't be evidence so I don't backed everything up or key evidence that's out there. Criteria I wanna read I wanna read the text you and I want you to talk about it from a I guess from our biological physiological point of view somewhat Tex and instead I am an advocate for CB -- oil I live in northeastern Pennsylvania in the Moscow area I have discovered CBD edited to my daily routine I suffered from tremors student nerve damage today thanks to CB dean. They are no longer visible to others I use a product and I am 100% behind it now it isn't for everybody Terri. I think you could not speak. For example they're veterans medical conditions got respond very well trichet BP and those meditations are. Well those calculations are for anxiety and forcing amateur. It also could be a mode and are also going forward. Oh. It's also go for a nerve damage. And that's also good for patent population. It can be a great pain maybe there's also a very powerful antioxidant a lot of narrow agenda chimpanzee. Comes from other option due to stress in the boat and it's called the implementation. And that should be being loyal and been known to reduce the inflammation of the Granger of many studies. Porn because there's also worked on the same line that Paul can finished. And now. Epileptic seizures include a whole host of calm conditions that can benefit from should be the oil. Below is a component. I'm good candidates plan to spiritually. And god anointed candidate I had what is cheap chic which games this cycle active component. And the other one is peak. Can have a dial or dvd. Does not publish cycle active component and basically it got injection I think it's really cool and actually reduces. And stretch in the brain and anxiety. So that doesn't work very well a new job. It's evidence health care for each kind of conditions. Ron Ron people wanna know how you take its toll you know what I did I type guy took it as ice is always taking half month after month does them. Abounds in the morning is about how many species that time maybe they continue your Indians take about this comes and a drop performances are things shared and John test and lotions and you take about. You know and tornados 25 megs it's about a half three cars have dropped from morning and night says that's kind of how you it you take that we've we have an interesting texture at this does is to do this is just care I don't know which one you guys wanna talk about this but someone types and instead I have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis and asp dot top about using CB deal oil but my employer has a strict policy. How does that work. I mean I mean you know there's a lot of these they have valid causes and down low because they're worried about the CD you get affecting they're they're drug. Task but the bottom line is is no no effect on. Price not -- I mean it's not marijuana I'm derivative sound like I say you're not there's no smoke and join in the back room crash bright eyed again you know there there there is a Trace again you know and to the find is as under point 31% TC says only Trace event so you know you you're not getting high for people who don't wanna guess how they wanna feel better and again this is these high seam below TC price. Are you are getting making people feel better hold up now on it on the web site that uses the phrase pain. OK we have had. So many shows a Biden opium addiction that people take OP is for pain and I said wolf. Is it possible that this could ease that problem two areas of possible that this could be something that would help people with chronic pain. Oh absolutely. I weren't born and you can't just got out but none of us scheme from New Jersey who has treated over 2500 patients. And he has reduced opiate use on almost all of this patient. What you should check out of their. Way let go about it you know OK look how many UK and increased fuel a challenging them all your age if you supplement mentioned. Should be do oil. And you just you know slowly. Truth about the Nadal someone and get used to go to the other cheek lecture that collects comfort level. Made it a lot of research on Mansour or is it kind of too new and nobody really knows what's going on if you if you go online Emmys there's creatures but its overseas is an insurance in Germany as saying and it's in Spain and there's racers overseas to other doctors and her in this country want one series or shared it's coming you know everything hit its fellow a perfect you know and was banned from 1930s and doesn't fourteen and now. You know. Clinical and medical marijuana coming envoy Pennsylvania's pass and now being on pins and they know that all people do I get their cards you know care coming up pretty easy Dicey as your cards now and then you know you can get that you know part will be available in the spring but yes it get to final prize we took a little girl Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and wallow in the emergency room there was a physician they came in and said that he is doing research. I'm CBD and then you know underwrite looked at them like he had lobsters coming out this year but if you I think than that the of the biggest tax that we're getting here and it is if people have this pain if they have a problem it will show up as positive on a drug test. Show me the answer is they couldn't but I think you know if you have a job and end you're getting tested you know there is actually TC free prod that is that is also very beneficial so it does say if you're getting tested you know. Don't go into TC free product. Pressing more you know there's an a lot of people that aren't getting tested that that competitive but the few that are getting tested there is absolute TC free there's a there's a sub legally taken by mouth there's the there's a gel caps and also loosens of TC free as well Terry I wanna I want to ask you to respond to this month my little girl takes it takes CB deal oil as I said she's been honest for awhile. But a lot of the doctors. He'd even some of the the VIP highbrow urologists think this is like. If these silly like that you know why bother than it really does any thing and it's just a scam what what would you say to that. We backed the wrong approach by the doctor. Let me talk to us so cheerful about a license they have a living they can live in it my all dramatically expand you know most groups that control expansion into. And they can get it could very. Explode without even opening bout much. About the opportunity. Where Lily program was Cameron percent is this Lillian sciences research. Over overseas and there's universities now are doing reserves on the no canvasses in that we have as humans and also passing mammals so there's also. Pests that are investing in the C media as well that's a Lotta Lotta people in Florida other people are not New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are buying this for their pets because ultimately he's has had the same biological or cynicism this and know tennis is now we all have within our and it did some bylaws were sexism within our human bodies we have a question coming in I think this is gonna be very very interesting question Julia what is your question for our guests. My question me or my hard right now is and OP LA it's Andy's going to acclaimed actor. And they admiring very closely right now insurance is paying pretty they'll be here it's. They are discussing him going into Canada. You can go Baghdad how do we pick that it won't be covered very assured that don't they don't actually think you could it be it's out of our pocket. Yeah I would say insurance companies to one are gonna cover you know medical marijuana. And then then then dash I just CB prize it's well it would be cheaper calm you know funny but again he added that the Euro is an obvious hopefully he can now you know come off those with the help us you know medical Canada's. Entercom talk show host frank Andrews recently spoke to proponents. Of CBD oil and medical candidates on his show you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. Well admitting economists sometimes are at odds with each other. 137. Of them recently put their names to a letter of support. For the tax reform that's winding its way through the United States senate and house the senate recently approved its proposed plan. And senate over to congress for a process called reconciliation. The GOP is aiming at cutting corporate taxes significantly. And promising relief to middle class families who have been under pressure due to a lagging economy. Doctor Edward scale of the University of Scranton signed that letter and he spoke to us recently about his reasons for supporting tax cuts. It's not gonna solve all of our fiscal problems to be sure. But if you if you look at that letter and I know you did you know death the corporate tax rate is the highest. But any industrialized country that 35%. And done it just gives corporations the reason to move their operations elsewhere. And to hire a lot of accountants and lawyers try to get that texts. The liability down. Since it's so high so. I'm hoping that works. Certainly if you think corporations want to make the most process. They should produce more to learn more processed when their tax rate goes down so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but to tell you the truth. I I think I'm more concerned with tax implications and so there was gonna territory. Turn down some numbers on average a pay. Taxpayers spend 54 hours filling out their federal tax forms. That's about over eight billion hours total. And if you if you reevaluated the monetary value of people's time. The dollar value would be greater than the GDP of Kenyan Communist just crazy. And in addition to cutting the corporate tax rate among the other many provisions and some of them will change. They did just got voted to to cut a conference committee so they'll do some more Wheeling and dealing before the final bill. Comes out of congress. Didn't. Do you believe that this ad we went to a point do you believe. That what is happening right now. We will make the process of more streamline I mean a lot of questions go only to an accountant and that cost money. Yeah you have the time and I love Americans are terrified by taxis and I know I am because. When I think the iris might come after me I am scared. So is this ways and means to make it more simplified I mean do you see well happening you well who went through. Asia and I was gonna mention has to do is doubling in the standard deduction. And does this year it's 6364. Single taxpayer. So that'll doubled to over 121000 dollars to a few deductions they're gonna be less and they can just take the standard deduction I thought they kind of missed an opportunity. Just felt taps tax simplification because it is so some of the news reports congressmen are showing missile card race until they can tell your taxes and just an event. That if that works to help pay higher taxes and the puck just. If it's that simple you know his man come on here's the standard deduction and mail them I think that's a great selling point. Rush I hope we get that closer to that but I'm old enough not to be very cynical about anything. The federal government closest to do. So what you're saying just so I have clarity of this because I'm terrible at taxes is that in the future if the deduction is so high. I might not have to hire an accountant and itemize and worry and that's frugal. Yes. Well hey that is a selling its not a pretty good right yeah. Higher Ed as we mentioned at my ass you scream yeah I am Ed in higher that's right you but the at a higher at a regular students up by the way. Know you show it on you wanna do that you can give her credit but I. I'll tell you of this mine my email or not my email address but one of my password is he can't and it. Talk that if you wanna use my couldn't go. He con. Education and economic education surrogates kept. Very good Ed let me ask a question about. The ongoing debate over. Some of those deductions what which might go way. And they seem to be troubling to young people who carried the burden of student loans and I saw a story yesterday where there was so many over 80% sept most. Colleges and universities students go out of the college or university and they have. Debt what about taking a wave. That that interest deduction. For student loans are you saying that the raising of this other. The doubling of the other saying will negate. Well it could infect one person is concerned about that was my younger son Steve by some over Thanksgiving that's the first thing he complained about. And that's you know I was so as what can somebody else from TV last week and you know this could be the next. Bubble crisis because the default rate on student loan losses. But disturbingly high. And if students can't deduct interest on them I am worried about that. So you know I'm hoping that if they do double standard deduction that all it will help. Okay and what about to of them the mortgage deduction and and some of the things that property taxes and and local taxes what you said before does that still apply that. Maybe you won't need those deductions anymore well. That's that's gonna be the B I think this state and local deductions. For this so called high tax states. And most of may have. Senators and then representatives are Democrats this can be kind of Massey. And the effect in case something else that that I find disturbing. This is true about the Affordable Care Act was passed 200% with Democrats. The opposition to that is on a percent Republicans and something fundamentally disturbing. When you can have at least some people from the other priorities that to work together to try to do something for the country. As opposed to something they can beat somebody over the head in the next election. That's I I don't see that with the coming to an end I think both parties are gonna have a real crisis. On the next couple years in terms of what direction they go and it looks like. The Democrats are moving further left the Republicans are going very Coakley to the right now to a compromise. Now this is a new way to. Quote unquote read and I I'm really comfortable with that either it doesn't seem like there's consensus on how much of anything. Well on the scary little bit OK yes. Because I did my homework. And I knew Medicare and Social Security had funding problems so just read that it's. The board of trustees for Social Security Medicare estimate that the trust fund that pays Medicare hospital expenses will run out of money. In 229. I still think that with fairways that's getting more closer so security's projected to be self and only until 2034. And we've known about this thing for these problems for a long time. Nobody says anything about it because that can now these are all tough choices in. Those people who had come up with ideas some might be possible again there from one turning the other party's gonna attack imports. Yeah and I have to have this fear that the only way they're gonna deal with astronomy gonna get close and you have to do something well it's a pleasure fall off a cliff. Well the thing is that whenever there is a suggestion. At of any kind of reform of either one of these programs. There's a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in and push on surely have to clip from the wheelchair and you know we know that our. That's that's a perfect reference you know you make of reasonable suggestion that maybe it's a bit of a name that's or. But the other party just so great we got an expanded and Emma goes flying off that cliff. But Chenault and its interest in and I know on this for a long time because it had been teaching for a long time almost thirty years here and about eleven years and other places so an old. But the perception among young people and that has been true for at least twenty years is that they don't think Social Security is gonna help. And tell my parents' generation of course they'll fight like act. If you even mention maybe who had to raise the retirement age may be an increase so it's good taxes. And does their open arms about it. If they're there with a chance and they may still be for reform because younger people are more willing to accept reforms that that might. Mean less coverage for them in the future but. Eyes you know you can hope. I'm not I'm not optimistic. Let's go back to the have the ending of the mandate for the east CA because there's a lot of discussion about what that possibly can mean on one and I didn't think it was terribly fair that you could force people to buy a product but on the other hand. Now that this is all these certain mechanisms have been set up our our people truly. Going to get harmed if certain people say hey I need to buy insurance anymore therefore I'm young and healthy and I'm not by saying it will just throw this. Into an economic calamity the way well I yeah. I do know now I mean we usually centric people VA CA in part was decided to make sure when Hank coverage that's noble one I think most people would think that's. Reasonable but if you look at the cost of the insurance that young people would have to buy. That's kind of high ain't they look at these so called tax or fine. The net him an insurance okay well voluntarily decide not to get insurance. If that mandate goes away then the people that. Young people that choose not to buy insurance do so because they don't wanna buy it. Now okay they are uninsured but some like your take contempt and awake for a I think their concern as well this whole health care. Proposal or act. Was designed to have younger healthier people subsidizing older sicker people. So the premiums are are gonna be adjusted in such ways that the younger people are gonna pay. The higher car and that's reaganism is death spiral because people don't go along when means premiums and they have him on a first step to go up. And okay well you gonna have to get into it otherwise we'll fine you community which. You know estate just to win this act was first being debated this at less than do that. The less we have bipartisan support because this isn't just gonna affect Democrats or Republicans spent effectively put. Let's sit down and hammer this out in the very least. If somebody. Could criticize in the future that I have to defend their vote no Republican has to defend their compliance thing. You're absolutely right and then with the tax thing if it goes Kerr flew we know did crap we'll have to defend. A vote right. Well they have to defend. The affordable care to an extent but then they all the Pestrana if you noticed a lot of Democrats are blaming trump. For park in this program down it's terrible that slows the we had a repealing place as well the reason it's it's it's you know turning bid this year are worse this year. Because of all this bad talk compliment coming from the public. This. I do like them to do something for the country you know you should be willing to lose Utah and now. It states if there's you don't have rights to be a senator or president or member of the house representatives. Sometimes have to make tough decisions and tough votes and tell people. This is what I think is best for the country long term so many people want a two year horizon in it's the next elections and make sure people vote in the next election. In terms of the reconciliation process that is now under way between the house and the senate that word do you think this will go and what do you think is best for the people of the country in terms of what they see from this plan and other corporate. Tax it it it makes people divided because they think. It's another kiss to the rich but it in terms of. Well you know I decided that has a lot of confidence which candidate. But I did my hallmark so. And I mean I knew they were secure and John steel cord is kind of an economic historian or an inventory on the Wall Street Journal furious gonna fountain. Who has just get rid of it just get rid of the corporate income tax. That people are taxed or ready the shareholders are taxed. And then the corporation's tax. To detects twice and I could just get rid of the corporate income tax detectors here which would net it won't happen. It's politically possible. Well then people whether receive dividends are just gonna pay on the definitely you can make that tax that they. Ordinary. Rate. I think cup. Taken just that tax for. But it introduces so many different distortions. And there's there's a bias. Towards corporations can train that because they can. To duck status of expense that's close to having. Didn't send the shareholders at that are Jerry I think our intentions. In terms of what a come on a commitment committee I I don't know. But the Republicans have gone too far and they wrist too much they're gonna have a bill. That's gonna there's no question. They may be to take a week maybe take two weeks at a wanted to be they will have the bill will be signed but it. But they're they're they're surely gonna keep. The corporate tax rated either you know term term mentioned 22 anointed debt. Because it seemed as though they came to agreement on 20%. And that the only. Question between the house in the that's with a B effective next year your have to but it. And then you know in terms of the income tax rates. I don't know how much they're they're one of the change them now. He knew one another statistic statistic that sentiment homer. I tell your very your very good so I don't. The sound like a dope you know tips that you can get this Ph.D. in economics and yes request on an hourly now on the this make me sound too good okay in the Pacific and find that there. 60%. Of federal income tax return. Arafat has filed by those that earn less and 50000 votes and most of the tax returns keep trying to figure that. Are gonna be enough filed by people making 50000 less than half the total tax revenue that we disconnect group that's 7%. So it states they file tax they pay cash but not much those earning 200000. And above. 56%. All of all individual tax revenue while. So if you say well we want to be fear to those people pay most of the attacks we ought to be putting. Tax across aborted or heaven forbid. The lower tax applies primarily to those making over to an announcement that's gonna fly. So I think. Upper income people are gonna have to bite the bullet if only because. A lot of those people have a big chunks. Of deductions when it comes to state law school is that states. That's stationed bill. Doctor Edwards gay Hillis a professor at the University of Scranton. Who recently joined 136. Of his colleagues to sign an open letter to congress supporting tax reform. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. It's difficult to single out the biggest influence or of editorial content for stylish magazines in the eighty's and ninety's. But the case can certainly be made for Tina Brown. Who successfully Helm Vanity Fair magazine. After she turned that ink from red to black she moved on to lead The New Yorker an iconic literary magazine from 1992 through 1998. Like a good scribe she kept a handwritten journal of her experiences. And they are now deet tails and a new book. The Vanity Fair diaries 1983. To 1992. She spoke to us recently about chronicling the culture any very interesting time. Involving certain individuals who's names are now part of the current news cycle for better or worse one of. Tom was being you know sketchy out of my twenty. It's amazing assignment attending around this week apple and glossy magazine even though it was in. Got straight but I took it over was still had a neat place to go without. In Conde Nast magazine which put like glossy headquarters of like that happening things. And just being any new color from England just completely blown away by the kind of crazy excitement in the sense of the eighties with you know everything from Miami pipe system but don't accidentally get White House added content John Travolta. It was a hell of a glamorous time. For young woman coming to the US. What was difficult was being. A young woman it and who who have to kind of negotiate the snake pit and media culture of the kind of the sergeant is that this is a World Cup. That's the sense that and then when I have my two children was a hot topic just balancing. My tremendous love of my career it was you know the need to be and the desire to Pia a good mom unit which was. Only to talk Todd and the counselors at every working woman. And certainly in these situations with the the rich and the famous and the entitlement culture. What kind of things did you have to do to keep your values intact when there are so many things going on around you that may have seems so. Amoral. Well isn't that you know leading the Derek I have continually always the outside you know I. I never lose my sense of glam and and that's partly because I was married to have her marriage to. And enormously ground in terms areas and it was a great newspaper in the UK. And I'm finally out children was always the kind of the moral center of my life says that even though. The world of the week with a big tackling kind of black tie world. Weekends we would withdraw house. In a Long Island. And just be with the children and I had a primitive sound and I have to really. Pay a lot of care and attention to because he had turned out you aspect of the injured have been I think the mama with special needs child. Really kept me grounded actually and the always house. Now according to the information received one of the things that to happen feel it was kind of a break. Was when you've got to go to the White House to work with that Ronald and Nancy Reagan and in 1985 I would imagine. That in the name magazine world there may have then. Not a great love for these two individuals approach going into that knowing how great an assignment it is to that of the White House right. But knowing also that people who regardless of how it turned out may be critical of. One of the interesting things I felt about the reagans and it didn't matter which fighting out you were there was one. Think about the Reagan ever want to decree which was they had an extraordinary relationship. That marriage with a one aspect of the Lincoln's that you could creep up. That there was something about the dynamic between these two these two people which was sort of magic. So that's what I want to capture them we went to the White House to finish them and to that had a constant and I took with me an amazing photographer Harry Benson who photographed many of president full. He did his brilliant thing that bringing with him a tape of not Frank Sinatra singing Nancy with the laughing face. He said at the white screen. It erode the width adjacent to that this state dining room where they were about to go and have a big black tie state banquet. I'm the reagans had a Princeton that come along aggressive and not hit a black and you know adult for governor around don't poke around him in a black tie that your. They came to the door we had them to the talking and that's contact Harry Benson hit the boom box we played at the Frank Sinatra. And the truth of how to do it did not particularly. Backed off all we have to dump and they. They tried to fox struck together against his wife's screams into the Frank Sinatra's that's. Of course it is but that was leading up to navigate camera taking pictures that he was a very excitable Scotland and the baby was thank. That the president Mr. President you got to keep it wiped it what effect it. And pat Reagan. Led toward Nancy and they did this great. Screams smooch to get a bit like a classic Hollywood like it into the sunset photographed with two of them kissing. It became good at the Reagan can't think what all over the world as picture of the two of them Palestinians and bracing that they did. And you know the people what kind of joy and it was Arab thinking that they as they did that while it is not just the Reagan kit that is the kiss of life. Because I knew that. That cover this photograph of the session was good to be so commercial Franken full Vanity Fair which it won't. When did something really bad. I'll have a constant kind of debacle that was back when when things went really matter what I was when I knew half the owner of would a thinking very how to pack clothes in the magazine and he decided he would want gonna put this in my opinion I don't have to acted on it but I didn't trip. I was out of town and I thought they had the wheel and a lot to house anybody anymore which of course you'll note that means it means that you've been excited. So I would have to be crazy and I flew back on the red eyes and confronted him. And I and I know this is happening usually we've been acceptable up my publisher of the advertising got to do it and do it the big seller is live from the my shop in the morning. You know on the red eye and I hit to him you know I wanted to do we have these three incredible story is coming appreciated. It is with that the Reagan cover I stated that a great piece I had in the works about as consistent in America vibrant and use that. They're actually the marriage was it was it was a disaster. After the Fed amazing piece with Dominic Don hop star right is coverage of the trial of clout on view of the accused matter of these incredible stories to magazines have. He could OK you got another year which he meant another six months if this is that the way he lost. But we turn it around that time within the within that you we became number one on the pulpit to magazines. After the for the kind of big growth for the annual with seeing that we get Tony realm but it was all about story. And most certainly the story of Princess Diana is one of you know great open and great tragedy and forget. I think forget Tina these. At the end of the day here's a human being popular and then the pressures that this young lady felt to be in this spot play we're seeing a tremendous that they they led her to have. All kinds of behind the scenes of problems. I would like. Yeah what's staggering today as we see the this sort of joy about the economical is to wanting to consider which you know Rick it was very strong in my piece in Vanity Fair and we can read and start by how about. Whole story. And I have my information really about an Irish came about. But you know she was the big debacle is just saving the title of which died at K done with that he thinks. And when she married child should twenty. And I think it somehow at the local laughed at the time was this the child you re married to their house with the and you know it was a child going into the very stuffy the royal household. Who didn't have the celebrity the Britain's speed and with all of the pressure on how to work it. And that you know that's really want the peace that I ran which cycle amount of role because it was about a young squeak Italy and try to determine that this huge kind of keep that global full fitness has. The great transformation that she was forced to ten to perhaps in house in her home preferred objected to cope with it'll. Did you have fierce protector. I felt. Badly for the bout with actually the term while the Pope after him Arnold because I felt that child. Had been sort of pushed into that by its parent that you are in love with somebody else is enough with Camilla. So with the tragedy for the vote. Now in the course of your career you obviously had to have the working relationships with Harvey Weinstein. Did you suspect. During your working relationships that today he was doing terrible things behind the scenes to people talk. Now he's doing terrible things in this particular iso. Yeah. That I got out of there I mean you know he he finally closed I stop I started talk magazine within which is probably not the whitest Korean that I haven't been captivating the New York. I all the true they want which to work for my for public conduct maintenance. Titanic mistake in getting independence of this Scott because of the way he treated people and treated me you know he used he used Jacqueline hi what he thinks he has the he was that the ATP that profane he was to bonus. So even a terrible guy I did not know that on top before about. Behind the scenes he was also this wild you know like Pacman game defect for me. I've just done by ivy is that of the depravity reporting that there and it's just amazing. And imagine with some of these individuals though the power is is so. Much of men and toxic and that they really feel. That they can do just about anything they want to any body that's right. He was wrong with his own power. You know I'd be it'd it'll be for everybody around it was a it is this that the Jacqueline I thought was that actually made very good live each receipt sent. It was very strange they don't like it very. Growth as her defender that you would making growth and horrendous movie committee want to he was making beautiful living like Shakespeare not comes. It is The English Patient and or these great film that was very beautiful sensitive felt right. And even he was actually the exact opposite you know he was just terrible guys that. Or these activities I mean you know they thought they were coming for an interview about it at pod one of these wonderful film. I need to phone he they were either accidentally assaulted and eight its drinks or historian thank the story of how we depressed that I mean I didn't notice I did see how. How incredibly. Apparently he wasn't impressed with it or but. You know I mean people can relate to weaken renowned as stop we in government. You also have had tremendous in say to the president of the United States Donald Trump and I think it's worse than talking about. You're impressions. Of who he really is because said that he's being defined all kinds of your toys. In in your opinion who is Donald Trump. What independent state in my diary he's both people as he is today two people in the sense that we. You know what effect we came in 1987 in the diaries by. Describe how I first read he's book being out of the deal. And decide to extract it and make you think spot check it in vanity fans are right in the in in in the book out so I'd say you'd. This book is BS but it's authentic period. Which is you know a contradiction in terms but the point is that the economy grew at a very funny points so very candid legal point but I think it. Comes right off the page. And I pay you know I think the American public will like nothing more which was a kind of practice in an attempt. And I meet him at a at a party talking after the but he belatedly acknowledged he'd say you're able to cover easily. What do you think that he said you know. Touch magazine I could have back what what better Taiwanese because the wind and time to go right you know I think. I definitely could have time but I decided that they needed a week and I and so it was his usual nonsense to Richard said that he. That he talks and it was very bad kind of unit where it was funny it was fresh it was it was obviously noses but it seemed content response. That's a tie and those buying it gets left for him. We stopped to cover him that they at this story and find that a lot of forty counting are reportedly burned the impact on entry that he's he's portrayed his businesses with. Much full review of the facts about his businesses which were that if any bankruptcy isn't so. Of course the very applicable to the bomb was ordered that we commented as as extensively that we had a successes. And he got very angry about pattern and very abusive about it when we published it. It's paid particularly angry because they won't the piece to break that he had a copy of Hitler's speeches and healthy which really of course a tremendous on the news. Shortly after that she's sitting at a benefit that you feel something cold and wet in to have back. That you and I do I can look out if Donald Trump he emptied about the wind don't have Patrick it. Which kind of sent a little bit much more of the sort of you had to fight back Donald Trump who will never forget agreed to. We stunned when America went for this man and and do you think as time goes on that America the because some people do admire men and some people that can't stand and do you think that. He will be to the American people quote unquote less fun as time goes along. We're afraid that he is dropping in the polls. But I think he had the bases he just to be is so deeply antagonistic to liberals in the sense that they will lift. Every time he took the ballooning I asked of them and not succeed given that the it and he'd like he takes a swipe at something beloved whether it's environmental. Old whether it is to capacity of any time. Sat. Just in the list on the ability to anger about that character of America. I don't know whether it will become old you know I I do think America's gonna get very top of the drama you know at that point you wanna get on with a lot of that job for the the court economy's doing very well so kudos from his job the barren and the economy roaring alongside. It's possible that we could reelect Donald Trump. I have. Read The New Yorker since as a teenager. I absolutely a door. That publication that good it's it's so wonderful I mean everything about it even if I you know vehemently disagree where I read. And generated anyway because I find it to be very important. We are given the opportunity to lead. The New Yorker. What thoughts are going through your had about the history the tradition. And maybe what you wanted to do to tinker with it because you know it is. Even form correctly it's very similar all the time. Yes well you know. Well tonight. Paragraph Vanity Fair it and I was given the opportunity than take over the leadership that you cup I acceptable one that. It did right from the Italian and he had to pick topics like a mocking you suck it. Is the New York which is more of an ivory tower going to be it is something that I resonate with and I went back to the very fact conditions in the twenty's and I really found. But nobody really did speak to be enough testing termination much more than in related news see it it was. More news see it with children along the peak it had a vitality of Apollo. But I really did resonate with and I decided I wanted to bring that hope to the Neal Cotts. And open it up visually you know had photographed for the first time. I completely revamped covers an important wonderful relevant he would have more news see sort of illustration of that but it bounced off the culture. And I how to act of amazing. I hold you but you robbed of rights is to. We're every bit integrated building creating data grabbing the current editor of Malcolm Gladwell who writes. The tipping points and Jeffrey Toobin who courses relevancy than they commented Todd brought him. The game that you're looking amazing book about the Coke Brothers I'd. I really did refresh the talent pool totally changed the visuals and that kind of update it it's really twenty country. How much you love rust chest. Lots of Charleston chiefs he. She didn't have many people for love of the fuel. I I've pointed fault not consecrate content distributed opportunities some hilarious. The county meetings with some of the most something that I ever did exactly you have to realize the cartoonist are also the most kind of come urgently people level we've never want to. Think Libya to people defining about some more bad to have that they are and I love that nearly. Tina Brown how much does say absolutely fabulous and appeal to. And while he's at my oh my well was more about you this story is and and and journalism but yes there is the kind of they after the cabinet will definitely was resonating around me calm enough for the talent. That's Tina Brown writer and editor who spoke to us recently about her new book. The Vanity Fair diaries you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories.