Special Edition December 30 & 31 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

December 30 and 31: Review of 2017 with a recap of the inauguration of President Trump; an interview with Ben Bradlee Jr., who is writing a book about the election with Luzerne County residents as the subjects and an interview with former WNEP TV anchor, producer and reporter, Marisa Burke.  


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will hear from an area woman who survived seven overdoses and now shares her story of recovery will chat with MSNBC. Talk show host Chris Matthews about his new book on Robert F Kennedy and we'll check in with NBC newsman Jeff Ross sent who's reporting on surviving unexpected events and life led him to pen a new book. Ross' into the rescue a straight a student who never smoked or drank in high school and graduated with honors from college. Seems like an unlikely candidate to stand in front of a large audience and wilkes-barre and admit she overdosed on drugs seven times. And spent a stretch in state prison. The speaker who fits this criteria is a lack of wanna county native named Alexis Johnson she delivered remarks at the family service association of northeast PA national family conference. We'll hear from her shortly. But first we spoke to executive director Mike Zimmerman about this yearly event and Wyatt the focus was building a community to conquer OP would addiction. I think just stated the numbers like a 140 deaths and Lucerne county and 2016. Or the yet. Devastating cost to society not just our community that across the country that this car. As cause I know I read this study from my I think he came out of Yale. And they were calculating the cost. Open to an addiction and it was just to the criminal justice system lost work time and health care. And just those three factors and of course are so many other factors at this impacted. And it was about 57 billion a year. And those are based on 2009 numbers and we all know that this hasn't diminished since 2009 so you're looking at the last decade at. Probably half trillion dollars in in cost to this country so. It's just such a widespread. Issue on this really escalated in loser and counting and across the country that we just felt. You know even though there have been numerous conferences locally. We thought we needed to pull some people together who could really give a local perspective of what what the issues are how has this impacted your own agency. The only component of our agency that it's impacted is that we do delete warm handoff through health plan into 11. I'm so we do have calls from people and the whole idea behind the warm handoff is that if someone is administered dose and arcane. The immediately are awfully deep to detox and we can arrange that we can even authorized payment for. On at that time so. We've seen horizon in those calls but I think even on a personal level so I have a sister line north Jersey whose heroin addict. And she is an eighteen months recovery in she's gone through you know the high usage the jail time. In two seat of course Alexis scene and my sister in law recover from that in there's a message of hope and that's really what we want to focus on that there is hope that there in Harrisburg patriot just had a story about. Concerned town ain't and the pain and it isn't pretty grim picture can you say. From a perspective of call yourself from someone who lives there. I think one of the messages that we wanna give is that you know we always hear about the people who don't make it. The 840 deaths that I mentioned that you don't hear the stories of the people who do. And that's an important thing for people to realize you know in we see it in a variety of ways that you story agency. And because. And that's just the warm handoff that we have calls from from grandparents. Were raising their grandchildren because their own children had become addicts. On and the children are place with them and just all the difficulties that they go through and trying to make sure that those children receive the services they need. On that in itself can be pretty devastating. So we do here you know from from family members on it on the impact it. Because it's not just the addict I mean it's the whole family that's impacted. Yes Alexis Johnson a march bald delivered opening night remarks at the family service association of northeastern PA conference. She spoke to us beforehand about her struggles I was what you would column model child I didn't come from that. Home where that broken home where here. Most. Of these stories start I was you're typical east Cheney student. I didn't touch a drug or drink Alter high school and graduated and very nice well I was full scholarships. Every college and then that's where I started drinking and my first Q I three months after he took my first drink. At eighteen years old and everything just started to spiral downhill. At 3-D your eyes alcohol related other towns honey summoned. And I was in really bad car accident in 2000 and eat my sister passed away from cancer two weeks later and that's for the Perkins sat mechanics human applying. So I started off with doctor prescribed medication and let me to shooting fifty thanks in Maryland. What do you think. Trigger this I mean you're doing so well on oftentimes in our minds says parents we think is tweaking our kids through high school and they can reach a certain age. And they don't have problems with drugs and alcohol they're going to be just okay pierced story is counterintuitive to all of that. I have the world MIP. I had everything. My parents had done everything Torre there was nothing and then carried a lot of guilt saying we're illegal wrong and that's what a lot of parents lastly we did everything. Right what else could we have done. And when I do share my story there was nothing that they could have done differently. It was my path to go down I wanted to fit in when I went to college. I was very. Introverted IE I didn't really pre teen sports. I was made fun of a lot growing up a very light skin colored. So I was called albino alive and it's just. There's a lot of things that I dealt with growing up that may mean fun to be alone so when I got to college. I started to learn how to put on me I joined a sorority. I started partying went to frat parties. Senator fitting end so I followed a crowd people calling that can't be you realize how really that to do things. But where other people could stop by Clinton. So where people would go out on a Friday or Saturday I would continue until Tuesday or Wednesday. And then I started blinking feeling so much I couldn't stop so that's where it led into a problem for me and I come from alcoholic family. Where an on and cut that out on front street but certain members of my family have addiction issues hands. It just was an in my nature to learn how to shut that down so where a lot of people can go out and say hey let's have more energy drinks on Friday. I'm launching a whole bottle whiskey like idea and how that. That shutdown mode so that was a problem for me. What I know you talked about a prescription pills and then. That kind of situation why did you then go to heroin and how audited escalate so dramatically for you and how are you still alive I guess as my question fifty bags of days seems quite serious tears tears. I went to 70000 dollars and six months between crack cocaine and Alan. Seven major overdoses myself not kind to make a very long search or. Eventually the carcass that's not hurricane and you require more and marsh and at one point I had three separate doctors. I was getting over 600. Pills appear this month pharmacies back in 2000 Ernie 2009 weren't cross checking prescriptions. I had pharmacies Oliver I was on the hospital's commitment Haitians went out running articles. Her is that shocking strong enough so I graduated toxic time. Mexico was really expensive in the government came up with this brilliant idea they're gonna change chemical makeup of Nazi times that you could encroach upon he started anymore. So then all of the addicts and alcoholics who were starting OxyContin. Couldn't do that any Marcy couldn't get an instant high so that we were panicked you know oh my god how we gonna get high so fast enough bodies that are so sick. Interest somebody who hasn't been sick I'll. An albeit wood and understand. That instant need to get tying. Heroin when you're only paying fifteen dollars a bag and it instantaneous. Became a solution so that time. This part we've flat line and you were revives. Wolf this is so hard for me to believe that somebody would bring you back to life and you would be alive but he would continue. To. Go towards staff. Do you remember what it was like to be revived from being so close to death. Again. On the first time was in December of 2000 time my father Permian Basin floor the needle still on my arm. And I spent five days in the hospital and I went to jail because I was on probation. And a 127 day rehab program. Which it was a fantastic program it just wasn't long enough it was long enough to drive me out I went back now and Helen Wright back to doing well history. I didn't know how to looks over at that point in time you know I was so used to being on medication that sobriety to me was not something I could comprehend. The second time. It's a really long story I had overdosed twice in four hours. Again if you haven't gone through it it's hard to explain that there comes a point in your life that you just want to. And short of actually. Sticking it on in your mouth and pulling the trigger you're almost doing everything you can because you don't know how to function. You don't wanna use anymore but you don't know it's it's just horrible paradox. Your waking up every moment when you open your eye issue. Like I'm alive. I have to go through this again and your body aches and screens and it all started with the hill like I didn't know Kircus outlaws when I originally was put on land. And then one night my prescription was running out on the beginning house refueling site. EE insular and acknowledge there wasn't really too much information on it so I didn't know what's happening I used to when I took it began well. And then. Now here I am. What's your life like now I mean some people probably listening to us right now are in a situation you Oran and they can't see anything. But what there and what was the thing that that brought you out of this and if he can you speak about how you feel now because. You are clean and sober. Share my story some lunch because people. There's help. He nobody is too far gone I had two and a half here's a super idea one plane and I and a hysterectomy. Soul. I relapse on the painkillers my doctor at the time new nose and surgery by. Tell dramatic tweaking from a hysterectomy and sending home with her as. Again and I take full responsibility I took it you know and I respected that prescription. For three weeks I took an asterisk by it but in the so she can't backhand. And I knew what to do I have the tools and it news you know and I went on my nine month run and ended up shooting 59 that day. I went through seven eager hands every I had had a good job at that point in time everything I had worked for I'd just like. And I went on about nine month on. And I ran away to jail enter rehab for fourteen months. And I'll never forget it and as the rest of us think that this is over I was thrown you know my fathering announcement and look Hansen he's 85. My mom's here tonight she's 76 like they can sleep at night two and a half you're sober I have a fantastic job for these time. I have my own apartment I can Wear my own clothes I can help people and we have every day with attitude I can help another person. You know I don't think about adult thing and I don't really identifies an addict and alcoholic and I. Identify so many in recovery and parents survivor. You know I don't like to smash statements because people look at an addict and alcoholic in the Kentucky's comeback here you know there's it's either blacker light. Either it's like fantastic you turn your life around or. Users dire turkeys on mine and and that mentality. It's just it. People can be vicious. Or they can be really understanding. And it's all planning games until it happens summoning your game. You know and sometimes we don't wanna see how that person there you know I didn't wake up clock out of my house and start shooting heroin. And literally. Gotten to a car accident. And it just went downhill. So. I am a model I've been in Vogue Magazine. I've been on two covers of magazines you know I. People look at me and that's my share my story when I tell my in state prison with no felonies so I've been to jail seven times. You know three US has hunter lake. They don't know what to send me and that's why I am so open about it. Because I used to be so afraid of what people would think about me and I know the only when it just means god and I'm OK with who I am because this being such a strong woman and a McCain. You know pick it saves somebody else from hell. I don't mind talking. To take it one at a time. And grateful to the ticket economize. Listen as Alexis Johnson of Archibald tells her story of addiction. My name is Alexis and I am heroines. Not once but twice. I don't like to say addict alcoholic anymore because that does breeze stigma and unfortunately. It. I think that's what holds a lot of us down. So. You're gonna see much among my pictures. One of the biggest things that I try and shatter I guess she can stay with what I do in my modeling. Shattered that stigma. Explain some of the pictures. Room. But I want to tell you a little bit about my story and how I got so weary. Is smear well each and there. You know I'll my life is so beautiful I had one runner recoveries. I had two and a half years and I had a happy emergency hysterectomy. Due to complications. And I relapsed on the painkillers that were administered. On purpose that was prior to not part of choice after alcohol I haven't had a drink since July 3 2009. That was the data might hurt you why. The reason I share my story and I am so open about it. I know sometimes my knowledge has I don't know where my heart on my sleeve so much because it hot meal out of on because people can be very daring me. And I've gotten to a point mileage or I just don't care. The only person I believe in my heart recognized music guy upstairs. And I'll see him Weyrich I. Am happy with the woman I've seen bear. Share my story because people look at me and I don't look like here typical. Drug addicts. And that played a huge role in my. Mom because I can go to a doctor. I suits from work on my Packers are what you want. You know our go to the hospital in San have a migraine and it's what you line. Locked out of there with scripts you know there's one point in my case I was working for doctors. I was under those Perkins had a mom. Cross Scharping. A bunch of different pharmacies this is back in 2009 and 2010. It really wasn't as prevalent as it was now hers on arms he's sitting cross act doctors crops back. There aren't really as in depth as it was now. Is really an eminently. So. I uploading Cory. Cory and me mom my father was fifty when I was born my mom's Horton to change like eighty. And the youngest by seventeen years at Pat's sister or half Brothers. I excelled. In school I was straight a student. I kind of went over and above and everything. IE than perfect park since school I would have Paris breakdowns. On. I thought it was an alcoholic. He owned a bar erupted during. He doesn't anymore. And he's on medication. He's currently hiding blood cancer easy. But the beauty of it is that I'm sorry to be there or wrong. You know and fights and he's fine and eking out there is important. What I wanna Sheridan Nat is gonna go out any parents in the room who have children. Pork addicts or alcoholics. Because I want to touch on the subject or you. I'm gonna tell you right now and rescue physically put a needle in your child's arm or something your bottled up pro. There is not that you items on your change jobs. And I and in every. There's nothing you could you as a parent changing a child's. My parents struggled so long and my father still it's where I go wrong as a what I Iran why why why did you turn out like girls. I went to college I join sororities. Started drinking. I want it to and then I was made fun of all that school growing up and let coloring. It's called me albino. And I'm tired bodies out. It was just not an overly pleasant time for me and I desperately wanted to add an and I hit. Some school in and other things in mind my outlet. My father split and run on the nose spoilt brat girl and I meant it so right in the sense of entitlement. Alexis Johnson relayed a story of college drinking which escalated into drug use after surgery. And ended in a raging heroin addiction. I overdose four more times. I was I went to the casino. And I went to sheets afterwards smokes there. I had a Craxi earned my car. And I woke up to the paramedics and cops went knocking on the door. Now mind you on that nice car drafts in the nines now there's cheese Fries all over my car. There's. Everywhere. Late I passed out in front of sheets for four and a half hours right in front of the door you can't miss me. Finally somebody else pops. They knocked on my door rolled out the window I'm like gap like are you OK. I'm covered in cheese. No I'm not okay. I'm like yeah sorry I must think work really long hours. And it makes you license archery now mind you my center console I crack heroin. Paraphernalia practice my cards loaded I it was a mess. While license registration that I work not to own network report and report. Get them the story. And I don't you stay here at home. When Tony Harris Taylor after. Pat sound Wal-Mart parking. What can help fight or really National League east as the windows this is in July. And it was telling on how. So I had seven major or else it's. My. Best friend. In the world grows. Fast and choose my sponsor me. Just I didn't realize. My hair on our house. She's somebody follow. So. It hasn't been suicide. Or heroin. I don't know in this plan. I don't money. And I don't want to be equally insane I don't know generations. Apparently focused on. I don't know. I share my story. Because what ended up saving me. I've been Helen back. I had it all I've been way up here. And I've been through the ups when I went to prison. Last time. On I did fourteen months in jail and rehab as a near the Salvation Army and harassed her that saved my life. Salvation Army save lives there's not. I share my story because when I was in prison. They told me I was beyond hope. My lawyer at that time wanted to send me to ask if he would just an immediate punishment and I told them kick rocks. I said I've never had long term treatment. State prison is not going to help me. I did not earn money I did not. I need treatment. I need somebody to help me. He's well I think you belong and you punishment if you're fired. Where are not that people. Com none of us are. And society today I I believe if and when I'm speaking out here are speaking from. I have never seen such a cruel world and I seats. Especially towards it's now. Thanks Alexis Johnson was the opening speaker at the family service association of northeastern PA national family conference. Focused on building a community to conquer opiate addiction you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. MSNBC hardball host Chris Matthews is known for his interest in the Kennedy family. He previously penned a book about president John F. Kennedy. And now looks at the life of Camelot middle child Robert F Kennedy. The book Bobby Kennedy a raging spirit is in New York Times best seller. Matthews told us about what he thought RFK could've accomplished if he wasn't gunned down by an assassin in 1968. Our discussion also senator around Matthews colleague Matt Lauer who had been fired from NBC hours earlier. Why don't we like got the message I guess we all did it does 6:49. This morning 649 moved from India like to us. It felt like the decision that firing was made well last night I guess. And it's sound like they've been deliberating on this for. 24 hours or so I'm just trying to Tripoli from what I interpret what I've gotten another straight so short. Certain message. Obviously Chris it at some point today you're going to have to talk about this from your perspective somewhere right. So you hears things like this are you. Are you in disbelief for you shocked. Are you. Hard shot to Mardy show eyes. And the guy only as early on the air. You know we're starting back in the nineties he is very professional about the way does the Shelley gets up every day does he's a great interviewer. And yet people still like come. The top interviewing the people still light which is a real challenge to be both anybody can be likable but not everybody but can't be likable but it's hard to be likable and be a tough interviewer and it seems to be able to handle the the lakers stuff but also the deadly serious stuff really well I don't now. I'm telling the media covers the media now we're gonna know everything in 24 hours so I mean this. We are really focused on this certainly at the highest level that he was just thinking they'd. You know like summit is survived by British yesterday you know all the famous names so I grew up around you know starting with like Peter Jennings and a Dan rather and like our aldermen and Charlie Rose now and I'm Brian Williams everybody is it suffered a veto passed away or severance September yesterday to protest the layers suffered a major. Career fall into the last ten years or so it's been all over the play Larry King. It's just put all over the place I mean that is left of the king's. I can't think one. If it just putting it in perspective and. Clean water retired which he has about the best friend you could ever have Diane Sawyer retired after a fantastic. Thing for career that two women went out. One topic but it's getting very hard to go out on top these days just. This has said the scrutiny brutal and the people Serb their their people with their own problems with it we didn't know about I didn't know all this Charlie Rose thing. Do you know him well curse. I China is pretty life like allied but I voice sounded a fashion both ways satellite PO I always like Demi if they like my wife and I. I don't know how I guess I don't know I mean charm. It's one thing and when you meet people case say they're charming and fine and upbeat. I don't throw I was friendships seed you don't know what the other darker stuff that you just. I don't think men don't talk about this stuff I've. This bring about some guys saying I I get this what they do some by forcing her to do some I mean. I think guys like that they themselves most guys is being attractive and charming and and win some and they don't think of themselves as bullies. When it comes to women but. Is different people talked about it so it's almost always the secret it would dispense of the goes on to. When you read it when you read the stuff about to Charlie Rose and it was it was pretty detailed did you. Like Kim lasts after that did you think how could you do this to people and and certainly. It in the media Chris you know it's very hard to break into the media so these will set over and over again. I just one at the work I just wanted to chance I just wanted to job because it is so difficult to get work. Yeah that this is my daughter's just going to be into it workplace based here I'm thinking. I think great question how do you integrate all your feelings towards somebody with what you heard about a second hand. As I mean really heard about them otherwise which you believe. I think effectively think about people I mean. But how we gotta we put together Bill Clinton won package. I liked the DD Myers about Bill Clinton knowing how well everything pretty much everything about Bill Clinton I mean it could be a defender we just don't know at all. And and she says it's all true. The good the bad everything it's all true. You know and I think. I think it's true but the people I write about you know I think it's all true it's golly keep. You gotta take at all and in the Everett I don't ever really put it down at a table and so let's weigh this against let's combine that. And so sort of formula about the person sent. Here's what I think it's generally don't like it we don't like them. And it coordinated things bed is the and other things but is still like them. I'm much like ability and French ship that is that is what about Bobby Kennedy and he'd like Joseph McCarthy till the end. He adopted a great site for the guy. He's he was it does so destroys historic camp basically drove around the airport three times and heard the joke drank himself to death. Canadian condemned them he knew him probably learn from the mistakes McCarty but he loved the guy. And and I'd sure love it and and more homes are judged together I don't think rejected I think India can. But above fiction somebody's incredibly attractive long John Silver these people that are. Incredibly attractive Orson Wells the third an awful people that are incredibly magnetic. As personalities but just that the case. I should like to get your book and and to talk about the Kennedys and the wave that you know some people have a picture of hood Jesus Christ and then Victor John Kennedy next to each other. There was a lot of ads elation for sure. Four of them as as a family an institution in Camelot all that stuff and and as we both know Chris they also had. Some some issues in some secret. It was all very joke about being from up there so I mean we all they are facts. And the way to take caddie handle that they didn't handle it Chappaquiddick was possible. And there's no excuses for BI admitted some unbelievable. Pars there and and and wrongdoing and and Jack's pro promiscuity which. All over the place in the risks it was taking besides tomorrow this behavior. Always unbelievable what we were protected at that time by the fact that the Kennedys where. The matter what anybody says they were discreet generally compared to today and they didn't do what they're having dinner with people like Hollywood people do that in Detroit people's faces. But. Yeah tell. President exposing it differently. And done. Anybody got out that he was having an affair with G Tim jinx and his girlfriend. Judy Campbell a lot said that Al Capone successor. I hit man in his say you know the same woman. I don't know what would have happened I mean it didn't get out at the time. When Israel eye it's saying that and Bobby was scared to death of this stuff which is always trying to. It is Brothers stop paying a relic so not sure who is mobbed up and and stop dealing with these people. And but Jack was with a daring to insert a guy just wouldn't yet of haven't forced upon him. You know yet without Johnny stopped hanging around with tonight trip and he gets some legal and warn him about that Judy Campbell and of the country purple. Check here at Jaeger do to get objective stop them having is that is that fair with Judy Campbell. But it isn't exactly is involved with Ellen Roma issue was the only German urgent question no question which you are subject. And it got I would think big back in the forties. And don't think they know we're better picture taken and determine give gatherings weddings he's an epic big actor with Hitler. And it is an and jagr who has taught third that relationship. I mean. That's that's still without the jacket is one of our greatest president I do. So we've put it together but you have to be intellectually put it together and morally that the orders and you know. In terms of that Robert Kennedy's place in the family. Is kind of the mid pack and tough place to be because he had. Obviously these individuals to look up to an end there were some people on the Stanley there were various teams so has the middle of the pack her. Cheap. Is our early life and his career in politics. What say you're leading into exactly the books about I think I think everybody remembers I mean work toward the pilots said the child responded to demand and of course. More powerful than our parents aren't us. Or our memories of being vacated. Our memories of being a kid who really are our parents. It tells us about life that your point short the short of the famine there right as jokingly called a sudden my body that runs. But by they can't read this six foot Brothers they're the big stars of the family here that nobody and tightness literally that nobody in the family. I call on the Irish hit that was gonna get the land. It was gonna get anything. Until he got really cost became a shot at Harvard won his letter. For all is ten years or so we just the enforcer the tough guy that Rupert Skype all the then did you locate it spot a pay any attention this. That's the only way could win the father's love. But it took a long time to outgrow his father I think really would change at the end was Bobby's father has that stroke and couldn't push from Iran anymore. And body began to beat the Bobby he wanted to be for the DNA which is pretty sweet young kid who cared about people. Who wasn't that ruthless guy and at the end of last five years or so Bobby really was looking out for people like himself we've been overlooked in life. And that the circumstances. Of his cent rise amien we look now at the the the trumps in the White House obviously. And at the family relationships. Of individuals who are tied close in the present. Those family relationships Chris was acceptable way to govern at the time to actually. How poetic power I mean nepotism we illiterate evidence that comes from I mean it means the cost as a kid. They call manipulate them but the joke was what is that few kids. And and the nephew is similar nepotism is a terrible thing that's like hiring kids you know you can't fire. And it paid the only difference that it obviously Jerry coasters the body was competent to be put a great. Attorney general of all times which he was at least you know fight for civil rights that thousand. Guiding his Brothers of the Cuban missile crisis and everything else he did. Besides also trying to keep his brother out of trouble with the mob and girlfriends. Still it all I'd just probably gonna end up getting its final in trouble. Five all in trouble so Bobby was looking out for the president. This president I think it's gonna turn out we don't know for sure nobody does. He's gonna is worried about what his kids to you know dungy says the some Russian it would deal would enjoy it was cut them up with the Russians I mean. He should have to have relative to worry about 9000 most presidents still like Jimmy Carter had Billy Carter and Nixon had. And his brother Don Nixon causing trouble with him but now they got realize right now White House causing trouble. At the problem. Well we'll see how it shakes and I think it's too premature to. Now they're done I think they'll I think president trouble be president for four years so we'll say. Yeah and I think sun it is just wishing doesn't make it's so but we'll see you because I don't think we have the goods yet and we'll wait to see you in terms of let's go back to have Robert Kennedy who you write about in hanging your new book and that's really why you're here today. You look acts. Then the situation where you say he was at agreed attorney general the enforce her somebody who was adept and skills. At handling a multitude of situations whether they be personal professional governmental. What what do you think would have happened should he have been elected president of the United States what did you see. As some of the things that we missed out on because he was killed. What part is recognized as one the great attorneys general because I mean the building is down named after him. That is Justice Department going by. I think it out the issue at the time in 1960 it was the Vietnam War and he really wanted to ended and he won a debt negotiations then. Involving the the political wing of the Vietcong. And the government in Saigon he wanted them to get together and form he is saying coalition government to try to end the fighting. So he's understood that the there was a stalemate back then it would end up the stalemate that what we're gonna change and it's. That does the Vietnamese are gonna say an extension on the other side from us they were going to be there we left is just a question when we do believe that whatever was left they would be the powerful forces like. They just were going to be going to deal with them and Bobby you're gonna kill them you can't kill all the via con their big part of the country. So I think to be some sort of it was time to get into the Vietnam memorial have the people died after 68. Hopefully that will attend an early negotiation that we had is that if it's 7273 it would have been at 69. And we would have probably this same exact deal which is we get to leave and bring however POWs that we wouldn't have gotten much but my daddy and a better deal back then who knows. But we would have had to deal our way out of there. What else I think that the divisions were in today. Is that class divisions a lot of this stuff the hard as persons belonging or. All that was well under way back in 6869. And I think the does that sort of fight down in America between the they have an educated elite. And as I prefer to have it there analyst cal king concerts. Celebrating themselves in that group. This cell alienated now for the regular old board in less Democratic Party over the Irish Italians polish people. That the that this seems like it always was that way but it wasn't always that way that's sort of grown since the Vietnam War. When the lead. Turned against the war in the working people aren't as stuck with it. So I think it we ended that war ended that that division and the credit wouldn't be like it is today today is that vicious. Division I class that. And education I guess that has caused so much trouble but I think that would have been. By these people as much somebody give us an escape where cops and waitresses and firefighters he was never the only guy he we're the first I heard about it was that. But I think capitol cop did he was they guided the only a liberal democratic senator who always paid attention settlement of the consulate came in the morning. And he was it was a got a call this step to those who think he Columbus they call him Bob it is much as friends for the fort it will work Wear them. He wasn't aristocrats like Jack at all. And I think that division I Bobby would have worked against that I think would be more united country but the people who who. Saluted him along the train tracks when his body was taken by it the end for New York to Washington to help working poor white people. So you know it's all the pictures in my book it's. It's so powerfully emotional at that connection they get patriotism. That these families felt towards Bobby Kennedy that's all not the Democratic Party anymore it's just going to score. And I I don't like them I wanna be perfectly clear idea I don't like political dynasties in famine I just don't like it. Hunt them with the elastic is any recent form except that they Kenny is really wanted directors until Brothers and that doesn't brother. Brother. Yep he was severed power you know Pollack who don't like condemning. He's got a lunch time in Washington. Puccio. OK you don't let dynasty I don't think like every Reza I think I chose to kidnap. The grant's side have book Bobby should be it president going to hit me. You know and that makes for self and done. That's the trouble like that this is such that the guys that people running around they will desperately great presence there. So attractive like a wide attractive is that we do it now. So tight Camelot express some California has been talked about a month's particularly pressed the United States Cory Booker is going to be tightly kidney. We're so that's cut what was what put a big gun. And I I don't ever feel like bottom I don't know why people would want somebody like to discuss ticket they're related to somebody. But I think Bobby proved himself. So later on caddie what's what a mixed bag this become a very good Senator Obama had been hit Strom but he did become a very good senator. And have these other and it's a lot of this talked about Joseph and I probably deal and that plan. Chris Matthews the host of hardball on MSNBC. Is the author of the New York Times best seller Bobby Kennedy a raging spear. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. NBC reporter Jeff Ross and covered the September 11 attacks in New York City. Earning many accolades for his work during that tragedy. It also led him to consider the topic of being prepared in disasters. In the home and even financially. We recently spoke to Jeff about his new book ross' into the rescue. Yeah I look for summer here I can't hurt you know regular new years I covered trials and crime own. Important similar recovered I don't uncle and then I worked treasure ever fill up for several hours. What happened yet. How lack it. And it felt it was a gap in this country are. A little guy. With everyday problems that also you know getting ripped off by a contractor. What happens without pop pop. Aren't aren't welcome her saying that you ought viruses that Rio word that just pop up at a computer personal information. Your own survival flash flood you're not really like that our political round on network television landscape so. I was blocked NBC and I said I think that there's an opening here Parker really help people with anger and every July and we're here Cordoba that figure you know. And they bar and got a clear military source secure every year the rock report on NBC in Canada I wanted to write the book because. The best thing about Talladega and it also may be the worst thing about television which again. You can read how people at once we're talking millions of people every morning. But then it sort out all the perfect corporate parent and I wanted to pick a waiter haven't considered that hunger copy here or look like white for dummies sort of. And I think that did that does have that great appeal and oftentimes we are looking for a little tidbits to help us long thumb on the cover of your book I ICN a burning house behind you and I do want to talk a little bit about something that's fairly serious which is house fires and this is just the season they were getting into when you see them more often. Absolutely and you're weak tackle a lot in the book about fire you know still apparel we're both talk for a moment about fire escape plant and I know. We kind of glaze of poorly you're a little bit but most people can't work. Ever popular it's about a fire are ever. This ought. And it's a lot of people there are so I think and company and the app but it overnight it's pitch black as a way around. To record per family a cap. It brought. Eric could have fired it looked to look it up all night when they want and being reported that they were and they still couldn't get an outbreak in kind. Our let's move onto a mood to something else which is. Do you talk about it trying to. Find out if a mechanic who may or may not be on the up and up with you I'm. Joy just look at the eyes or how to I know that this guy is on the open up that might be my mechanic cut away ascertain that. There are enrolled there are certain can't hold. With a mechanic you know we we lose. You know we do we circle this current as a mechanic a worker is right oh I advice or panic in the same as my advice. About contractors and why documents. And the people that we don't pumping you don't know we keep our courts really trust. In the palm of their hands. An airplane today whether that car is broke work. Go talk to your friends and they called uses the mechanic over the years who do you like. When something happens and you're rarely desperation during an emergency meeting at the centers as a person mechanic who can take you see you. Our recommendations and Coker and the Marines examine your own as mechanics could with a locker saying without a contract your plumber. Or or hope for loose. And trust and program Bambi and I have kind don't just leave it to come walking a Google search. Well and it seems that were living on the edge here with our lives and we've more often and I don't do that kind of strategic planning but that does sound like a good idea now right now as you and I both know Jeff. The holiday season is upon us and there are seeing holes and that there are on hers and there are. Come on is a good time of the year. To get good deals are sometimes because we don't shop for things all the time and we don't know how much they cost. Are people taking advantage of us during this time of year. We'll talk I think it's a great kind of peered at by my hook up. Is actually. It's actually a great gift this summer that about them or see your right particularly. So go and Amazon provide our go to Barnes & Noble are bookstore but you're waiting to go ask. I'll go score quirks that come pick ever actually going shopping think you can ask them like well what what was that like last week. There are ways to go our minor price matching that's the other thing I think everybody and secure in the book. We've had some great I'm. So sorry that you could download. I want to go to the biggest stores in the country the biggest retailers. It's a tiger likely you know that there com or go to order kind of outfitted air is so what everyone buys a laptop. It will tell you. What's going for other stores here are eight and most of these worse so America won't try to imagine if you get a better price. Perpetrated they might wreck their Black Friday. Now I've made in all seriousness I you didn't cover at 9/11 and a year coverage merited dove awards for. It's excellent so you know a little bit about the city that is this time mere guess sometimes I think. Acted in the shopping season wherever we live may be calmed somewhat attractive to those who want to do us harm. Talk a little bit maybe about being aware when you're in. A big city and you know that it is so I target because of just what it is is such. How does consumers. And it's the holidays and and so on and so forth so. What's you looking for when you're in the city area in a big mall. While you're doing your shopping. It actually agree simple up you know what I did a whole hidden camera sting out. You probably heard the term something they company. S and we got a group of people together and we have ED I walk by a drop of backpack spiritually and keep on walking. Only one person under struggle like curry that's something. Are you noticed that key is if approved captures her pension or not. Don't assume like so many of those do owe. Money probably call ready and that's probably fine. Call my and one month if you actually grab a police officer and a big city you know during these times there are almost every corner. I am grabbed him and that is the bottom line of defense. You know intelligence we'll do most of the job with some content there won't woke up there are being in recent weeks and years. Where they implant something that you noticed something can be worked. Out somebody who was recorded at Kroger and everybody else. I'm a secure area are. Who get her backpack. Whom the call and that's all our responsibilities. That's NBC's Jeff Robson author of Ross and to the rescue. You are listening to special edition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories.