Special Edition December 23 & 24 2017

Special Edition
Wednesday, January 3rd

December 23 and 24: An interview with U.S. Congressman Lou Barletta about tax cut legislation; acting Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman discusses money saving tips for seniors on their automobile insurance and an interview with abuse prevention specialist Nancy Martin with ideas on how women can avoid harassment situations.


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program we'll hear from US congressman. Bartlett. About the historic tax cut legislation and abuse prevention expert with area ties will discuss some tips that can be used to fend off. Would be her answers. And the acting insurance commissioner of Pennsylvania fills us in on some ways seniors might be able to save money on their auto insurance Republicans celebrated at the White House this week after the passage. They historic tax cuts package by the house and the senate we have the opportunity to speak with US congressman Lou Bartlett out of the eleven district about his support for the legislation and what it might mean to pennsylvanians. I read did this morning they acted Mitch McConnell said that the hard part about this is. It needs to be sold to the American people who have grown very skeptical. About what they hear out of Washington and of you've been in sales of with your own company so give me your pitch as to why this is good. Well they have the best part about this news that people might have to wait longer until they see it for themselves so you don't have probably everybody here in Washington you're going to see it in your own paycheck when there's less withholding tax taken out of your pay which will probably get hit most people in in February of sometime so. You are seeing will be believing and and I think that's. That's the great thing about this especially all the Democrats who are poorer you know making all these false claims about what this bill won't do they're really going to be embarrassed when when the American people get to see it for themselves when they see either wages increase immediately. So where you want to correct the record where things have gotten out and he's such yourself it's not true because I Easton out a press release that you read this over the weekend so I assumed. You know and a lot better than most of us where are people getting this wrong. Wouldn't order getting this strong is the Democrats are claiming their taxes will grow up and they're really telling. They held. How its troops there the individual. Side of this that that will that we're doing it which will bring everyone's taxes found especially for the middle class will expire at 24246. Because of the senate rules so with that means is that in. Right 20/20 six. You know it will have to be extended now the way I see it is since the Democrats are voting against this they won't be in essence the one who'll be raising every once taxes in 20/20 six if they would not vote to extend base to get some all of our stockings for for for what they're doing because it's it's unfair and and really only half truths. And just boggles my mind Lou in my world something is better than nothing. And two salad as well you know we're really won't last forever it just seems to give me a headache. Twelve you know the sad thing about this too is that in art district's 76%. Of the votes. The people take the standard deduction and we're doubling that standard deduction which means they're getting double the benefit that they had before. And and we believe that over 90% of the people will now fill their taxes are on a post card by taking the standard deduction why would you be against that. You know 22. Not allowed to the American people especially the people back home in our area to have more of their money list most. If you were to 73000 dollars you're gonna get. A 2000 dollar tax cut. That's real money and achieve your car payment a new car or something you need in the house are sort of freer kids that's real money the people back home I don't know how you could argue. A bottle allowing the American people have more of their money instead of sending it here. Here to Washington. Some people have also argued Lou that to this will increase the deficit. And they said it will usually Republicans cry about the deficit and and they say. Look at it grow I would say about adding to the deficit. You know in the early part of this that's true because we're taking less money away from the American people if if we grow the economy by point. 4%. That's a trillion dollars we believe the economy will grow by two to 3%. Because of this sort or maybe more so we're we're gonna actually we do sort deficit in the long run by growing the economy by allowing the American people. And American businesses to have more of their own money to invest that they know how to spend it better than we do bring companies back here to two the United States who where we've. Force them out of the country because of our. Our high taxes. And and not only are we going to reduce the deficit and not only are our the American people going to get a tax cut. But they're gonna see their wages increased because it's going to create more jobs which means competition for these jobs who will be the stronger which means. People will be able to give more money for further jobs so this you know this is the so way to win. I'm I'm really proud to have been here to be part of this. And the American people they don't have to believe me they're gonna be able to see for themselves. At the elimination. Of the penalty. For the Affordable Care Act is also something that's been then discussed because there are people who are saying Lou that if you say. Two individuals IRA. We're gonna take this penalty away and if you don't have insurance okay. That this will lead to a collapse of those markets and higher rates for people within them what do you say about. Well what I say is first the ball you don't forcing people who can't afford. Insurance and to force them. Or with a penalty which worst many people have to pay the penalty of 3000 dollar penalty only makes certain they're like situation worse. What we need to do obviously you Obama territory Affordable Care Act which if you prefer to call it. Is collapsing. It is not working and it needs to be replaced and it's a shame that's why one more vote in the senate is a big deal because. Had it not been for John McCain's so you know of the Affordable Care Act would have been gone we would have been able to repeal and replace or. And that still is something that we need to do. This can all work hand and it's proven it can't work because it's falling apart. In terms of the people who say that this whole. This whole thing you've done Harry is a scheme to benefit the wealthy and corporations. And saying you know corporations people. Perceived loose sometimes is evil empires who. Don't give generously to their employees and they feel they're just gonna hand over what ever they get right to their shareholders how do you dwell on that one. Well you know who the American people aren't stupid businesses employ people. And when you chase businesses out of the country because we have the highest tax rates in the world. Guess who loses. Not the business because the business is now operating somewhere else it's the American people who have now lost their jobs. And the Democrats just believe that the American people are stupid that they cannot figure this child businesses are people people work there. And and we we we compete in the global economy and and we are now going to be one of the most competitive. Countries. In the world because we have the best workforce as well also when you lower the rates and you allow businesses to to come back here. People get to keep their jobs and they get their earned more so. You know this scare tactic here in and the site the other. You know let's just keep taxing businesses more until until they leave it's somehow good for for you back in northeastern Pennsylvania is ludicrous. We need to know Lou because I was saying it's a selfish thing but I have to ask. In your opinion. What do you think this means to. The business community of northeastern Pennsylvania kind of address the issue of the residents who live here but what does this mean what. What are you hearing when you talk to business men and women a bow this particular tax that what are they saying to you. Well you know for three years now we've we have not watched our our economy grow by fired. By more than 2% and just look at the stock market and and that speaks again for itself. Just in the anticipation. Of lowering taxes. Aluminum rolling back some of the job killing regulations that the Obama administration that put on. And really have had as their foot on the throat of the American business. Interpret Norris can can go out and start businesses again. People can expand they they could hire more they are excited about what the future holds. Because government is finally going to get out of the way and and allow these these you know I was. A small businessman. Who it's sort of we've started a company for 29 dollars and 95%. And it is the only way it happened just because I was able to walk in to a local bank with an idea was just a young kid with a dream. And then walked delicately 500 dollar line of credit. That happened today. Because of Washington you know we've taken away be entrepreneurial spirit and dreams of a so many people and and people see light at the end of the tunnel where Washington is going to step aside and and and let you know American ingenuity take over again and and the spot market reflection. Why Lou this all sounds so great so I have to ask you why a people up on one side of the aisle are are so down on this why would you be down on ideas of a Foster rain. Entrepreneurship. Giving people in the middle class money that they haven't been able to get through raises three years. And making people a little bit more financially secure. Growing the domestic product. And Saddam may be raising the stock market higher I mean I like this to me is I am baffled why are people. So opposed to what you're doing. Well that that John Kennedy Democrat party is gone they have moved so far total up to where they believe they're bigger government is better government. That it is better for you to work incentive money to Washington final at Washington give the money away to people. Who bases should should have let the they want. More regulations they want more control peoples like I wanna control your health care control you know what businesses can do and it has to work. It hasn't worked hasn't worked around the world you know capitalism and free markets. Oh that was held this country grew that help people. You you know can get out of the basement and get up to the popped. For you don't you don't get there by throwing rocks at people he get thereby give me in my hand open. And and letting you know American people look. You know I have a dream and and and let it happen and there's there's a total difference of ideology of of how to grow this economy and how to help people. And I think in one year under president trumpet watching. Now what he's doing keeping his promises. Looking at the stock market looking and unemployment has sent a seventeen year low. But you know looking at what we're doing here with taxes. You can see the difference between two parties. Well it seems fairly clear that and some people believe that this is that won't what was it called him and turn your member public the end of the world and a collapse Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon. Still it took two Democrats are Washington who actually. You don't have to think about us allowing you to keep your own money. That is armor get into them because how dare you not sending here to Washington. And let us tell you how we're gonna spend your money. You know it's just a shame it's it's it's about preferred for decades that the American people watching good jobs. I'll leave our country and we watched their wages stay stagnant. You know all the time Washington's taking more more money out of your paychecks. And and sending and here Washington forgot about American families and American workers and today we make it clear. That the old way of doing business is over we're gonna allow you to keep more of your money and we believe that you know how to spend it better than us. I know this is going to be a tough one for you but don't how long do you think it will take four. This to. Manifests. Itself. And make people believe this really is sent in February we're gonna start to see it and that's that's all on that but where do you think. We'll see maybe the. Gross the GDP take off really really large I think revised it for the fourth quarter to Obama almost more re great career. A big deal to big number. They have big it's a big deal especially since we haven't seen it grow more than two you know over the last eight years under Obama's policies. So and so we are all ready are we beginning to see it as ever serve in the stock market. And the fact that businesses now more of realism and you know another big another big deal in our. And our bill. Is that we are going to allow. Businesses to immediately expense. On their equipment. Which means that they can go out there and buying new equipment which means more employees. More manufacturing jobs. So we're we're gonna see you're the economy grow throughout the year people see it in their paychecks starting in February this will be the last here in April. That you'll be throwing out your your taxes this way next year. 90% of the people listening to your your show osu will probably show without their pact is out on a postcard. And and receive. More of their tax money back so. You know like this that they could make threats but that the American people are going to see it for themselves. So seek care you're seeking higher office in and around for the senate and learning to read you something from a Bob Casey that he put out yesterday and I want you to respond to it. The title is GOP tax scheme is a gut punch to the middle class. This told scheme is a gut punch to the middle class now Republicans in the house and senate. Are saying their next step is to go after Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid Allen not stand by as Republicans in Washington plot to cut these vital programs for the middle class. Especially after they passed into law these tax giveaways for big corporations in the super rich. We probably couldn't contrast to people more than than this to I believe that when we grow the economy in Washington takes in more money because the economy has grown. These programs will get stronger not weaker. The only way to get weaker as when we have less money because people are out of work. And when you cut out the waste fraud and abuse that that exists. In in some of the welfare programs. Such as such as what I have proven. In the in the would senator Casey is voted for the Affordable Care Act 750. Million dollars of taxpayer money went to people. Who were in the country illegally were did not qualify port tax credit because we weren't verifying their Social Security number. But so that's a lot of money. The language that I used in in that bill. They used language here in this type spill where. You will market a child packed tax credit which we increased by the way from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars. But the most parents can't get a tax credit for their children and let me verify their Social Security number so I believe if we grow the economy we cut out the waste fraud and abuse. We're going to be able to strengthen these programs are not weak government and you know which is to two different philosophies. Where will you go from here. After this is done what what is Washington and looking at next in terms of this and maybe answered this before you answer that is that does some people are saying this me may a be a big win for the president is there any. Any doubt that this is a win for him because I think it's a 100% one form but I don't know where people are getting it may be a win for him. And it's a huge win for him it's something it's something that he campaigned on another promise kept by the president and argues for that here. I could see whether you know pop of their heads are blowing off here because they're used to somebody running for office and then actually doing. With this survey we're going to do. I think with with what is up next who is welfare reform. Two to again make sure that we're taking care of the people who really need to help them. The best way to do that is it has to encourage and train people to get them off welfare and get to the job. Welfare is not a way of life. And it is just stopped captives until we can get people. You know to so that too dependent on themselves and not not the government. And and also cut out the waste in the front we all know what we all see that we we hear about it. And who did that hurt it doesn't hurt you were hired her to people who actually need. That money so that's that's what I believe will be next. And then that they have at the same time I think we've we've got to get infrastructure done. So it's a it's another thing that won't grow the economy and and we all know that that's very important that we are we built things and they're especially Europe the structure. Anything else before we let it go out. Go to get to integrate their first time in thirty some years. That's a good day I think for for a country that that the American people are. Are going to get to keep more of their own money. And then I believed Washington at least some of us and Washington are actually listening to the people. US congressman Lou Bartlett had joined us this week to discuss the passage of sweeping tax reform in the United States you are listening to special addition. And Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henry. There have been a number of high profile individuals who have recently been accused of harassment. The list is sure to grow as the issue remains high profile with those coming forward. And the meat to movement named time's person of the year we are joined by Nancy Martan and abuse prevention expert and native of an eco. I have a long history or other half of my Irish. Being in those situations myself. And being in those type type of abuse the situation and all hyped feature you know actually emotionally. Cryptically. And I've learned throughout my life now and after learning some coaching OPEC output from being a second at every. I'll learn how useful my body went it went my way of gaining like on it and and then what I did you notice when I use my body and they need more confident that would be be. And that's when I bella. The program that I have fed. And so one how to use their body and such a way how has. Certainly within a sense that way that they can actually change the way he looked in the world that you don't look likes a target anymore he struck out appear after the first. Just out about and you let's say you're at the mall right. You're just watching people can you rule out who is more vulnerable. Just by watching them. Absolutely can learn and show up. That people that are abusive one way get our reeks he'd at least abuse their her raft. Throughout their life but chances are you've been and it is the situation once. He will be go more than one and it will be repeated situation throughout your life. Cash and I can't help but wonder you know is it. It hit the compromise on some level right that would not a bit complaining saying it's just a realization of how the older now. Well you can't sit back and watch and me. I'm what are those different things that we're dealing who booked the west I'm more confident. And some of the looking for that he wouldn't look at somebody the confident. And I agree with that because I think that when we do. Viewed that just. Body language experts all the time and I know you're not that but says. Body accused do we give off Nancy that we need to reconsiders. So that we look. As though. We are in charge. That that fell on on the during the backup boot camp. And in that part of back here to learn the bodies so. That DI CK from the B and four hold back call you want to take a bad match. They hit you can't keep that confident are you make up their big in the world. So hold your back at how they can pass it possibly can when you lock. The apple makes that vulnerable but it could keep your arm long and again I say let them keep them down at the sky keep them stretched out and longer. That shows that you're in the world and so therefore you don't feel like you're vulnerable to protect just now. And that he would like to hear cat try again this spring and I'll look you're focused an ounce making it up but you can't. Be a little off. And collect and they will feel like at a pop or somewhere with apartment block. And I have been able terrible position it can prevent us from looking quickly. Order a word just being able to get out of a situation like he can he stopped when you're just standing or blocking. And then the cost of back off the old old for a certain surroundings when you go into a new situation. Well and live look around and see who and what goes around you that you know where you are and what a threat to look like. Should part out and they're focused on where you're going to welcome you want to know what you're surroundings far what you. Who thinks he can focus forward and we should start I left in the car looked salute. Canada. And then the second call it being made eye contact. Eye contact with people. Beat kind of people they don't let it they're walking past them on the streets but what I put that aside from bring our loads up and airman without. And what it more than that let them know that you recognize that you can go they are and you can describe them that he needed to later. And race something that I want to move on to because a lot of us that have. Have been taught in life. To be polite neat and you know if if we engage people. Engage. And sometimes they're kind of sorry we did at. A line from trying to be nice to get away from this person. I'll look at that concern me bring you and the year authentic selves so you know where those boundaries bar when they are and that's another thing that I work. Heavily on what my clients. Finding out where exactly are your boundaries and having the confidence. To use that when they come up instead of being that wishy washy. Home media should be a little luck maybe I should pop to them a little longer even though my intuition is telling me no getaway. We with some time today because we're not strong enough now where the leaks. And that building back at building your core beliefs and building your intuition to know when a crime to cut it off. It is a good way to do that so that you can get away. Little insulting or you down so in curve further communication. Way to break it off split with with somebody that you just eat you know aegis don't know where there ago laying there you don't know what they're up to what's a good waiting to get away from them. I have no problem in the tightly to him you know that little white lie. You know I can come in handy for people don't feel comfortable just saying I could. You can pick up. I don't know probably using that as a step to get it makes you feel more comfortable and oh look at times yeah where I'm expecting our what separated by no no issues with little white lie when it comes to situations are you feeling comfortable and need to get away. OK that's good and that sometimes I pretend that I have to take a phone call. Seems to be my go to for a lot of things where I feel like I need to go now I just I got you got to take this call and that's why didn't. Burned by a mini candy that we don't know 00 I don't. Hope bringing it. Two guys we have seen. And all phases the entertainment field journalism politics. Where we've seen. People who now feel. Empowered that they can come forward and Nancy a lot of times. We even hear the people that is sometimes contact us saying that because there's a huge time lag between the that time when something happened and somebody then talks about it it could be. You know years and years and years decades what apple won't somebody who works in this venue to try to explain to individuals. Why that happens to certain people were they just sort of take it Colin and they don't. They don't do anything for a long time. Absolutely. South end and it and I know that from personal experience. So what happens is that if you don't have to pay regular apathy is so well. Today you honestly. In the moment but leave. This is a possibility that you believe that. Other people's opinions are you are better get your own big job no more. You're just follow what they do blindly in the he did it feel your gut is telling you that that's long and you know if I want some level. Something about you is I'm able to stop it. And so what happened at an often times you'll notice. That they think are happening to Gallagher people in the beginning of their. We're. We're to talk about your exactly right. But yeah it it where you are in the moment in our league rattled we've learned what we are we get stronger we become more confidence. And then we bail by Nina. Oh my god that was oh so Ronald and not only what Obama but it struck and that the way that I lived my life from that moment on. My whole life has changed because of that situation. So and so when you. I didn't say when you make that realization Yukio life. Not only do I need to get something about that. And I'm just need to stop that from happening to the next generation. This is another very valid point and I think the you're on to something here where a lot of powerful individuals do. They prey on the young because they because they can because they did other people that they might try to approach and institutional knowledge and I'm they'll be able to say. Back off creep. People how how should we. Instructing them either male or female what's been telling people about. Com those in positions of power because as doctor kids about. Being respectful. Diaper in to help people at Sadr what you would be saying to them. Shrapnel. And I. Totally believe I believe that there is of the people in the power all settle. I've fully fully believe that it got boiled down to our ability. To lead at least in Q Heller. Opt and confidence not ego or not this little charger view but our confidence. And network authenticity. And applicant that the ability to act and react authentically good I wholeheartedly believe it. Many cases but not an almost all of them where the perpetrators and settle. Are all so in a late the low self confidence and that is what they either feel that they are doing the fighting cabinet but the strong but they don't feel wait until that they overcompensate. Or what that is that they need that Boone a strained because they dealt with the way they feel that this post jail. I thought yeah that and more confident in their sport that wouldn't be perpetrating the things that they are now. OK so how do we talked to like younger people because. Sometimes he said he under people all your full of yourself you don't know yeah whatever now strike that balance of hey listen here's we need to look out for and if somebody is trying to leverage onion here's what you need to do. The guy and I'll certainly a bigger adapt right they're the big difference between the the ego and she Rio conference. Race. And I think for some of last week and so far away from what I would not head that we you know we Taliban if someone like that you say that back. But we got away from listening why bodies. And it with two important off there in the one before they lose that because we haven't when we're younger. And we locked set the ability to listen to what butterflies like a different probably Q are we gleeful happily. What what are the technical body when not. And and listen to it and react to when you feel about butterflies that your intuition telling you. But it does not collect and then don't pocketbook I've. By the way if you need him to play or do whatever it is that you need to do Butler and pierce felt more abandon. They'd verbal messages that we get because I'm and they are misconstrued like you that we tell people to respect their elders. But that doesn't mean no matter what no matter what you gut telling you differently look at how until the Clinton actually. And where should they OK if something is is not right and they have intuition and I really believe in intuition very strongly think that even. Officers have told me in the past. And it if you feel that it's true it's it's more likely to be true not true. Who is the person. That we should take that knowledge to so that we can talk to them because as you know in the past and there have been in generations. Of where somebody has been a bad apple and or allowed to be bad because. Nobody believes with Sally had this day or whatnot does so we take that. If they want to be heard and what should we advisory and people do. And an attribute that to heart situation that have been in certain situations that even their own gambling that they feel they can't go to play. Celek let me finding that truck that hurt them. And you know we hope. Bet you know that guidance counselors and the people. That are put in position like that their school are the people that they really can't go to and just keep going to them and jockey topping. Academic works you go to you know. You're the you're pre start your spiritual leader that I. I think you just have to keep looking and that the hardest part for a child because they keep hearing now now now or if you lord oh don't worry about it. At capitol hard. Well I think we as parents need to make sure that. We not only keep communication open with our children but we also injured do we introduce people to them that they can you. When they don't feel like they can talk to. And hopefully that item count where someone in their school. Okay and I've recently because it's it's the thing that people do anymore. It took some Internet training recently for one of the jobs that I have. Opportunity. In contained a lot of very very very good information about something called title nine. Which is ruled that me and Tory. Recording. To school officials. If something happens and then official. Is. Needed to report. The information but there are certain parameters with the entitlement with a consent and and a protector confidentiality as much as I can. I write down step out and intelligent. I know with how hard because it looked like that are put in place help break but then sometimes that makes it scary for the kids to be able to report. Well again if that's emphasize to kids that here are the individuals in this is mandated by federal law under title and I think it helps them to understand. Yet you know there has to people's wants to now. How to stop repeat workplace abuse. That is not sexual from higher ups where there is no protection so this isn't. Sexual in nature but it's just to a job. Harassment. OK and don't look don't like and make that but it it it. It looked like a loan company that no HR department that might like it actually take that now you know because obviously that upper right now but that would make sense that they're not but that they can do that way it's. I went slip ball would it from a legal point to be able I would start documentary on paper every time everything. And every time that everything happens stand up for yourself and document back as well that the reaction from it. It's happening and and and somebody is is acting inappropriately it verbally abusive. The best way to kind of stave off I don't like the way that you talk to me your book but what's do. And while I eat hotly in keeping the focus. On how would that we're all the market's right it working on your style not saying the rest of the world as bad as saying. Let's empower ourselves and politely tell in the beach all crouched and you about now. And you play this adult language and an appropriate to me and I would appreciate if you would change obviously people are pretty different word than the best candidate. To get it out we're interview and that they not add you know whenever you feel comfortable saying let's pop about it while could be very very clear. And let them now bid from degrading. And I would appreciate the and I need you to stop an artifact has a professional relationship. To bring up professionalism. And how it is protecting you and and therefore how bad is the fact that your job. I think it's fair that they're bottom line but because of that your it's affecting my job than they might start to pay attention and and be more are aware that yeah this is my employee and it's affecting their job but I guess some people Nancy they feel like. They just don't have anywhere to go some of the stuff and it's so frustrating. She gets frustrating and and unfortunately sometimes we get in the situation where that. That's where we are right if it is the small enough company where they don't have an HR department page report sue if they you know the person you would normally report is the person doing something about it or they are high up in the company. But typically three people picker. Back like a typical and quite frankly that when. That's when it does the job search start. Because somewhere else while you're trying to temper the situation here in my opinion. That's abuse prevention expert Nancy Marten find out more at Nancy Marin coaching dot com. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by sue Henry. Pennsylvania's seniors might be able to save money on their auto insurance policies by taking a spin over to the states. Department of insurance web site we spoke to acting Pennsylvania insurance commissioner Jessica Altman. About the details. To me and. I stole it can't have that terrible. What do you. Stephen. Who's gonna play and that rain yeah. With no particular place to. That's amazing. Good. Was your picker producers pick. I'd ballad not might let it matter I'd quite an introduction. Well it's it's part of our shall we usually have some kind of thematic music for everything because. We have time on our hands so we just sit around and dream of how we could make it harder for everybody I'm glad that OK this is Jessica Alba and she's the acting insurance commissioner of our beautiful state of Pennsylvania Jessica thanks to take the time to let us. Sorry thank you prodding. And I am glad you're on the show because men are people save money it makes us feel good talk about this notion with. Senior auto insurance and Europe offices. Attention to it. Solid though governor Walt I obviously need meeting that they need that Pennsylvania's. Seniors a priority for the commonwealth. And continue our protection and education a priority for my department the insurance department. As the part of the position that we put together that he'll opt senior auto insurance chocolate. I'll help seniors think about their insurance means for their automobile driving in China and and really find ways that they might be able to save money by making changes to their policy. That would flocked to bear their credit lines and not allowed that they may have what made up app policies. And turned can be an expense that we want people to have the cupboard beneath him and not have coverage they don't need to that's what pop and make that assessment. People are prone like me Jessica when they get their insurance policy when it's renewed. They throw it in the draw or write to prepare for. Is actually because they look at they think this is a long document and just about what I play paid last years I guess Amare can't quite what you're saying is. As your life changes. So your insurance season there are very specific things in these policies that may change so can you outline some of the ways people may actually save money. Absolutely so one thing that's pretty common on an auto insurance policy. It will replace an income blocked the cupboard where if something happened here in a car accident. And you can no longer work the public will pay your bills pay your paycheck. If you no longer are working you're no longer receiving a wage you don't need to pay for coverage per week or police that. And so that's one thing that we help people fewer are tighter policy turned as the comfort that you don't need can lower your break. Another is in relation to your driving behavior so. I driver pay more when they drive during rush hour because there were higher frequency and during rush hour. And they can more states do a lot in a year because. More on the road more champions cap backs that actually can no longer commuting if you're not driving during a slush hour. If you're not driving nearly as much as you use steel by informing your insurance company of pot and making sure your coverage is appropriate to one and how often you dragged. You can also save money. And the effect for those and he's after is our our our recent anti NAFTA or that your adult children have moved out. They should also be involved with your insurance policy of not something to think about it while that can lower your rate. It is the most joyous day ever on that happens in that it Jack gray someone it is it is sad scene. People leave the family policy and it sits down a delightful and joyful now you also say. That there are other ways to save as well and that there is something offered called a mature driver class right. After the the great benefit that is guaranteed under Pennsylvania law but it every lie on the policy it's over the age of 55. You can take age mature driver popped but the truth by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or cannot. He complete back pocket you can actually get a guaranteed five per cent cut on your premium and I can really add up. I was say especially in in families we have multiple drivers I mean that this sounds like it could be big savings class like do you know anything about the commitment to the class or how many hours it takes or whatever. I'm not. Alarm clock that I don't know the exact number Howard if it's not on it not. Going back to colleges and taking it cannot strong pocket that. A few hours out of your day. I was just speaking to the senior than Hershey Pennsylvania who had taken a crop since. Were Italian actually really quite great copy learned a lot on their bid the new changes in their neighborhood with new traffic circles or may actually. Learn the rules that they hadn't known before and they found it really able and then of course. Exactly bonus of the savings on our premium. Update using. Other methods like shopping for insurance I know when when my parents. And it when I lived with them. It seemed to me that they were kind of devoted to any particular insurance and I don't know if they did a lot of work. Investigating. Whether or not they could save money elsewhere do you recommend. Two seniors that they should shop. For insurance. I always recommend that people shop for insurance on Pennsylvania has been incredibly. Competitive automobile insurance market. And exploring her options can help you save money or get better coverage for you the one thing to do always option and individual to have their insurance for a long time that people often are intact it's sort of loyalty discount. I want a lot of credit there a policy. That more are he'd get cheaper Internet and I don't want people to leave those without understanding that they well. Especially because they're all the new driver discount since that sometimes it may seem cheaper vegetable I actually only be cheaper. For the first here for the global because he's not been accomplished it caps felt. Absolutely shop but also make sure you understand all of the nuances that what you're shopping for and whether it's gonna be a better deal. I'm in the short term or really handle in the long term. So many wrecks me in May they say that they were told to change your insurance every five to seven years your cheaper rates is that an urban legend here is that true. I'm good touch. We had it been good rolls on every by the end here you're not always confined battery pack shopping around that you can. Okay and I think that Jessica as you move along and maybe you've had a car for awhile right in and you don't really think about some of the other other coverage that you can consider because. Dear really wanna carry. Collision and at do you really we wanna carry full tort verses limited toward can't talk about those things. Yeah there are always straighten that you have to make under poppies than and one of the things that we encourage it. What you do Revere poppy or shopped. I'm I'm not give what your what you're covered how to understand what support means that if you wanted to understand if you want such. Change you are our coverage limits or your deductible and a lot to deal. Where is what do you want a team all persons. I what you might actually leader that's how deductible works would you rather pay more in your premium and locked if you haven't couldn't or the other way around so. Fully understanding all the poverty that naturally the that you can't make as a consumer are. Double impact not just of course the price you pay about also the coverage you'll have a few unfortunately our in an automobile accident and a need to go back coverage. Nice children and your website insurance dot PE dot gov and of something that I think is pretty cool that I haven't see the forest for Smartphones. That anybody can use your ideas senior uses and it's the and you wrecked check. App talk a little bit about that is not sure. About the great app that actually developed by the national association of insurance commissioner. And popular you are in an accident I'll let you do let me not for about run through your mind who UConn and what information do you need but you need from the other driver. I'm actually attempting an acute I think any on your Boehner can download it'll walk you through. All of that everything you need to do and it just something really great to have on hand if needed. He also have some big where you did some statistical research about. Zip codes. And accidents that's pretty fascinating stuff isn't it. It is interesting and edited it's always wonder can think about how. Where you live to connect and the cost is your coverage and and you get into the statistics that explain all of that in its its its interesting especially for those the last few. I'm actually love insurance which is a very small group Bible that. How did you Carla for insurance man but how are you know insurance I don't loved. You know shopping printer and think everybody out but I. Think it's one of those things where. People don't like it because it's hard and they don't know that they're going to need it but when you do need it it is so important and it opted to not get a call. Harder time get your license it'd be a regulator and be a part of making sure the consumer of those protections understand that protection and I can rely on man when they need that is really what a wonderful place to be in public service. To tennis circle back to the beginning of this conversation when you're asking older drivers to. Examine whether they need things or not is it. George turns companies trying not to have a discussion with people about how to make their insurance rates lower mean. Did they avoid it should there be some sort of insurance check up that they do with their customers are not so much. You know I've never that's not something I've experience in the refinances that. I'm when you are paying lots generally it's because you're here pink for a lot calmer cannot mean last wrecked for the insurance company and suffered bad. And generally intended that they want you to have that covered but that you want didn't pay. What we call an appropriate rate for itself on an issue that rarely seen but always that once again I think. Check understand. What your coverage is an if you. Need help are a lot of popular it our department and here are certainly there are many trusted advisor. People opt for these issues back. PDF we are also here for anybody who wants to talk about insurance and how they reach match your department because we can't certainly on our web site are in China and dot PA dot gov or you can cost well for 80078816388. Pennsylvania acting insurance commissioner Jessica Altman gave us deet tails and house seniors can save money by visiting www. Insurance dot PA dot gov you're listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.