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Monday, April 9th

Special Edition with Sue Henry  April 7 and 8:  An interview with the screenwriters Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen of the film, “Chappaquiddick;”a discussion of the HBO production “Paterno,” with Harrisburg Patriot reporter John Luciew, whose book, “Hear No Evil,” was the basis for the movie and coverage of an event held by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. ​


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Welcome to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will speak to the screenwriters of the movie Chappaquiddick. And China how they went about researching an accident that happened nearly fifty years ago will also discuss the upcoming HBO presentation Paterno. With the Harrisburg patriot reporter. Who provided the blueprint for the project which stars Alpa chino and will attend a recent gathering of individuals who are working to create more advocacy in suicide prevention. This weekend the movie Chappaquiddick opened in theaters across the country. The film chronicles an accident in the summer of 1969. In Massachusetts. That killed Mary joke a technique a native of climate in Lucerne county. And one of the boiler room girls who worked on the 1968. Presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy was the driver of the car Chappaquiddick and the aftermath of the mishap has been reconstructed by screenwriters. Andrew Logan and Taylor Allan. Who spoke to us this week about the process of bringing the often disputed story to the big screen. Maybe the fact the he didn't know a lot about to Chappaquiddick helped you with this movie we talked a little bit about the the inquest and I I think that does that kind of testimony under oath he would hope. Taylor would be accurate right because when we see people at their hands up we hope they're telling the truth I. A little late and it. They weren't telling the truth then certainly what I can tell you is that not everybody's testimony exactly I agree with each other. That was something that we tried to big into the movie until you actually view. CB accident. Three different times and you see events playing someone three different way than. The reason for that is because we wanted to show. That diversity of under oath testimony. From even going from his statement typically the days of the accident to. The statement that he made to the nation a week later to the testimony he gave under. And most certainly that these are interesting. Calls that were Meade in regards to what needed to be done here. With that Ted Kennedy Taylor because you know a lot of people probably thought that this would be the end of ham and facts. I'm sure there are people on the Kennedy camp that's not the only way out of this for Ted Kennedy. As a senator would be for him to offer his resignation. Absolutely and out something that we did find was heavily discussed. At that time and say that. You know you're writing a movie not a documentary. And so one of the only pieces of dramatic license in the movies is the idea that his cousin Joseph Gargan. Specifically wrote out a resignation speech. And we did that because as we wanted to make that choice very clear that the audience. And showed that it was truly considered and we think that that's there but whether or not the actual speech was ever written is not documented. But the thing that is documented again is that joke art in. Hate that this speech that sat in the top. Reading to the nation that we later written by Ted Sorenson. And that despite that he would or the stopper the dignity of open beat duke guard. Ted Sorenson and by the way if I am remembering this correctly it was instrumental in writing. John F Kennedy's inauguration speech right. Absolutely you've got to dictate that means speechwriter. It's incredible because that they're so irony in this Taylor that I find because in that speech of course Kennedy talks about. Space exploration. Going to the moon and this terrible tragic accident. Happened on the cost. Of the moon landing I mean you can't make fiction like this and it was it was not real. Yeah actually raise optimized writers wouldn't you know mind you maker and higher first spring read it we set ourselves because we did our research. You know if the movie that would turn out great it's not all of the material the ball liberators because everything was released their to a spot with the upper platter with. And all the great dramatic dynamic of the Kennedy family. Aaron amnesty effect we have Andrew backs week at a conference U together under are you there. Yep I'm here in the intermediate spots on terrific now and I like to thank my bill from making all this possible. Are it's apples and ask you about says this this particular story line because. And as we were talking about it Mary jet pack he was from our area. And a lot of people here sock heard different than some of the for trails in that. The newspapers which were absolutely. Terrible. I believe wasn't one of the headlines blonde drowns. Thing boom. So to to actually try to. Sort through all this and know that that the people that we appeared Georgia at the task in her son Willie Nelson. We're very very anxious to make sure that everything went ahead and okay on there and how much did you learn from them. We were really lucky that down right as we were about to set forth with production. They reached out to us than not it does they're both it's called art Mary Joseph. And it really it was something that we had always been striking or to show Mary Joseph in the three dimensional human being. But. Yet their book order was very helpful resource or. Now the performance didn't for the construction of the character to make sure that we got a bit accurate as possible and I would always. Our goal is yet to honor hurt her memory. Yeah her name have been directed the mud. You know from a 5050. Years. And we thought that was really important for. Our audience with you this story and the come away with knowing how Smart and I hope I didn't feature that she hadn't Butler and how tragic death. Lou was. I'm firmly at the perspective and of trying to make this screenplay. A reasonable length I understand day Andrea when it was written at first detect crested what over 250 pages and I can see why because what's leave out in a story that so intriguing. What you're saying that the that being the over a 196 bases still very very long but not not quite you're under that the but Hector questions you know are not purse strap we were really. Wanting to. Make sure that let me be probably about equally important was. In the script and so. Or to get it down to a manageable length we. You have to make some tough choices and just go boosting by being line by line and just. Cut anything that wasn't you know on story was what what what what we were trying to do. You spoke a lot of all the. But you're an interesting detail that an example that sort of thing that we wish we could have concluded because it's minor but even though it's minor it actually spoke volumes. In the movie wouldn't say it wakes up Saturday morning after Mary showed that. They're the paper sitting at the doorstep says they're up and our hotel that he picks it up beneath the a lot of moon landing stories. But in reality doing the research there wasn't a paper. Yeah actually what the front that and he's got a paper from the de Klerk. And then act for change for the well. And you can see him in the making up phone call but it was something that justly be small interaction that a lot to us in terms. As he delayed it now as he you know chose not to immediately go to the police. Most powerful characters I understand and in your movie isn't Joseph Kennedy. Although at the time he was he had suffered a stroke endless not completely. Verbal and I guess is his actions and reactions had to do. With a lot of Angus physical acting and Andrew how did how did he. Come off that to you when you return to portray him in this community. Com and what do you. First we read the book called the patriarch. Which is a wonderful wonderful book about Joseph Kennedy in the chemistry Kennedy dynasty. And then in terms of how to specifically betrayed. We the a lot argument actually about how to do that because you know I'd hate that he had a stroke and he gave. It was impaired we weren't exactly sure. How he's done it or how we communicate and then I knew that coming across Spain according. But I found that the LPGA presidential library. President Johnson. And Ted Kennedy making a phone call Joseph Kennedy from the Oval Office. And and back call you know he's able to go on a couple were cheering there. I'm with a very heavy breathing on the other and profound. Sense of what we are about like we'll both do and how we got erratic in how he found that. Taylor in terms of that some of the other backdrops for this I mean no we we know that this family was so. Plagued by tragedy. So I guess for a lot of Americans there was a sensitivity to them. Looking at the the suffering that they had incurred in fact he you probably found out through your research people around here. And probably people from across the country had a picture of JFK next did Jesus and our house. So there was always this or reverence to down. And I'm sure that it to some it was very very difficult to see. This accidents. In in any light that was not favorable to the Kennedys so how did you how did you view that. To your point our research stich that. You know objective photos were popular achieve the photos that Holmgren. Late 1960s. And that's specifically. In the original 196 days strap. These deep prosecutor that PA admin to meet. He lived with his mother at the time. And the way that we enter Q ten and the script quoted. With his mother answering the phone sitting next do they portrait of Jesus and JFK on the wall. So that did play into the movie and they have ice statement from someone in in the Kennedy family. That it tried to almost be a little bit dismissive. Of of this movie Andrew did juice it was in some article about you know. It's eye's been difficult to separate these two things and and we believe that it's yeah you guys used a lot of things that toward quite accurate so. Am I getting the statement read on I'm sure you've seen it. I'm yeah I think someone does something to that fact but you know as. I like that before we used the inquest that the money as our primary. Source or the script and. Used the word and the. And bear testimony of the people who was there are two guys on the facts for the movie yet. At that to that because. You know one of the other things that that individual they've met interview with that we had not. Spoken to anybody on the island bug bites and busts we've we. Didn't have any information from people that were there and that that's not actually accurate we actually talked. Spirit John Farrar who the diaper who. It's the person that exhumed Mary Joe's body out of the car. And with the only person to see her on the third you know position in the car. And it was hit you know point of view it was his experience. Mary Joseph. Within a position where she was trying to get one last rep that there. And you know that was something that was really heartbreaking this year and something that we felt like. Needed to be in the movie and and so we can actually reach out to you know many other people and actually the parts and specifically who set that we conducted a buddy we asked if she could. Help but with the accuracy of the scripted she turned at that loudly. You do your best. Gas and Nash and wonder if that would be alluding to the elusive boiler room girls who have been shrouded pretty much in veil of secrecy all these years. Yet that is and we we definitely want to their point of view because I think that they were close this with major I don't. And not give in our stated goal of trying to honor America's like if it would spin. Well appreciated to get them on the record. From their perspective today but we didn't have all their testimony from the inquest that. Some of them speak quite extensively so we did feel comfortable moving forward. Yeah and a hundred day at the the boiler room girls themselves they were there precursors to modern day political consultants they work being obviously very hard working on behalf of of these candidates. And it's it's many people believed. Dad did they do actually a hold a lot of the keys is is there anything you've found anywhere. That would indicate as to. Why me they are so. Covert in all of this says some people speculate that perhaps. They may have had been you know paid to keep quieter way not to have any kind of indication of what might they don't doc. Odd I don't have any indication that certainly had nothing in my research has. Giving me shed new light on on that fact I think that you opt out don't. Is it in researching neither one of you can answer this is there anything that would indicate that have perhaps. The vehicle they Oldsmobile that Ted Ted Kennedy was was driving when it went off the bridge at Chappaquiddick. Had been involved in any app previous accident that evening. No nothing that we found. There is an indication that pet testimony about. Win the accident occurred is not accurate because. They sheriff's deputy opt for pop look. So all of the car in actually sit down lists you know the first letter and some of the numbers of license plate. An hour after tech can be that the act but at a party taken place. And so there's a very interesting story from a man and that would actually spoken to a Bentley says that they were very happy with the trail in the movie. Cut and I know I happily both spoke as you stayed away longer than you were supposed to be we fun. We find this this whole situation to be fascinating I'm glad that the two of you chose this. To do and and I'd like to ask either one of view in the future do you do you hope to deal more. With parts of American history that are controversy or do you think the you'll be dealing in fiction or or may be both and either one of you can answer. Like that wouldn't think that will end up doing a lot of votes but it. In the short run we are really focused on some other keep the history that have gone. Under told there unnoticed. And down we're really excited to turn our lens to the sports world that we're going to be telling a great story about. League just the national and the increase its founder of that most famous stock quote. And his relationship with the first employee who is a black man and why is this ultra racist men and that's giving us equipped proportionate to the state. Two a black man and what that must've thought lakes or that men over a million. Screenwriters Andrew Logan and Taylor Allan joined us this week to talk about their work on the film Chappaquiddick which opened this weekend in theaters in listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by so Henrik. The rise and crashing fall of a legendary Penn state university football coach. Is revisited in the HBO presentation. Paterno. Which began airing this weekend the film focuses on a tumultuous period between November of 2011. And January of 2012 with the death of Joseph Paterno. This week we spoke to John Lucy of the Harrisburg patriot news paper. Whose book hear no evil was used as the basis for the HBO production. Well you know and blues decades of working in the print to newspaper business you get back and I also have. Tend a couple of fiction mysteries too. So that really prepped me for when it came time when the editors that they paternal or reporting. That we had done on the Jerry sandusky. Scandal into an e-book. That would literally be available for Christmas of that year veteran back in. 2011. And remember it was November when all of this was exploding. But we turn to work turn that around and turned into sort of an e-book of sort of be if you know bit the part of the scandal bit that we are required the newspaper research into the grand jury investigation. And then a little momentous events. That bit unleashed. When that indictment was announced. You know in early November 2011. That led to. Joseph Paterno is on ceremony at ouster as head coach after all those legendary years. And in this case sent many of the elements of the story proves sometimes the truth. Is indeed stranger than fiction action that your newspaper than Harriet the Harrisburg patriot news. You had to reporters to cover its Ford she had reporters who covered government affairs. And that venue had 24. Year old. Reporter I I young journalists so Barack. Began who was the the catalyst for all lists of coming to the surface and as as you write about. In a piece that appeared recently in Harrisburg patriot. So I had been working this story earlier in 2011 and drips and drabs of network coming out. But it didn't seem to. Reach critical mass until November can you probably download the background of how. You're newspaper. Got involved in this coverage and broke the story wide open. Okay absolutely packed yet Sarah again I'm a clue what to Penn State student. And then she went to work for. The senator daily times right in state college. And she like a lot of people have heard all these rumors surrounding Jerry sandusky because there had been rumors surrounding him for years. I'll just a you know his dealings with kids. Bullies from the second model which was his rule that tries to help sort of trouble boot yet. So if you heard the rumors and she's sorted. Looking into them when she was working for the Centre daily times or she'd been looking into things. Or about a year when she decided to interview with the patriot news it turns out we have heard those same rumors and we were looking into things too. She have a lion on one of the victims which turned out to be. The boy in Lock Haven who was the catalyst for the grand jury investigation. Other reporters that the patriot news had a line on another victim. And doing this interview due process. Both sides were also feeling each other out on what they knew about the sandusky scandal. She also we're sure she hired in early 02011. She's given unlimited time to sort of work on this story body. Editor David Newhouse. And by march she had uncovered enough that we started publishing stories. That there was this grand jury investigation. To people like Paterno were port testifying. That it was focusing on Jerry sandusky and his. Alleged abuse of children. And it will build with information from at least one or two of the victims that we had. Oh I supplied through you know just basically gumshoe reporting. But we publicist towards the march but they're virtually ignored Paterno goes on to win his 409 victory. Except the college record. But weeks later that indictment from the grand jury is. It inadvertently released online. The online court records system so happy that we won't we published a story. And seen despues all the end. The next day to be booked. And by Monday of that week. Penn State in happy valley is waking to the or because of all the implications. Of this scandal. Not the least of which is what people like Paterno. Of grand Spaniard the president. Curley and Schultz the the athletic director in the security director knew and when did they know it about send us these abuse. Some of which was taking place. Inside the football building collapsed building and even in. Lose the football she hours of that of all places because it didn't even know he retired as a coach in 1999. He was granted access to all of these Penn State facilities. For life. And he was bringing boys from the second mile. Thinking. He's introducing them to heal the discipline to college and you know what they could aspire to you know in their future. But here it really ruse so he can abuse these kids. So that is the unbelievable story that it was uncovered. And that and that and that and that basically. And state like never before. It's amazing John that when this did come out hour earlier and Tony eleven that was that was kind of. Neither response and then of course. Everything blew up and it was really big news Oliver though the world. Who. There on the active Friday when when Nasser types and Huskies name into I am guessing it's what the pacers a star ever. We need there. When that happened because that must have been some moment when she. New. That this was gonna come down. How would almost surreal because she sees it with our guys. She felt in the newsroom it's it's. He's been indicted. And then we're everybody crop to run in the end and we're then it disappears. And actually have that seeing the booby. In the movie you know they they kind of distilled the patriot news about this Sarah and David knew about the executive editor so it really where you put your dog sort of a news roomful of editors reporters or sort of doing other aspects of of the stories especially when the scandal broke and it. And botanical reached out into this conspiracy of silence among the top brass at Penn State. And but yet seen that there was almost a row and you're almost like who rarely see what I just saw them and of course a bunch true and then. Because of that breach they rushed. Russian embassy in the B process he actually made ballot was you know within hours. And a club but it touched saw. But the laces beeped out of that grand jury indictment the words the language. The whole matter of fact way they describe the sexual abuse of these boys. What's so chilling. Bit there was no escaping it you know from anybody. At Penn State end. Did you see that and having your jaw draw with with who see it in black and white really just. There was an old looking away at that point. And they had attempted to hustle lamented that arraignment and hustle back out without you guys know on about and they shot owes John the culture. Of protective nest to some of these individuals and as as recorders and and editors and and photons. Yeah you must've been astonished at still with these words in black and white which you guys have seen there would still be an attempt. By it. Even law enforcement to get him in an out of there without any ado you know. And not only give him in and out of there but in the indictment. At least Curley and Schultz were also mentioned. You know has spent sort of milling about this. So and in the for the first instinct of brands and you're in Penn State was to put up he. Bloated statement out supporting them and defending now. So together there was this big east or in denial would you know in interment you know as the crisis communications. And the PR disaster that this became for Penn State which is not the case study. That some communication classes at Penn State still study does this day the fact that they weren't better prepared for this because everybody knew the grand jury was was meeting because some of those guys. World war testified before. We have the story in March but yet this still managed to protect everybody's. But I surprised and happy valley. The easy he'd be showing the fact that they had no strategy for how to deal with this. You know the PR disaster in the media the international media to be swarming the campus by Tuesday of that week. It is absolutely. Our our remarkable moment and the men in on the the way that did Joseph Paterno had just said notched up. This historic win in his career and indeed one history. And then his his. Fall from grace. And you know John because your and you live in in Pennsylvania. For so long I mean just the name Joseph Paterno. Gave such reverence you know and I'm saying because of leaning his commitment to university. His. Fostering. Of young man into. Well what they call student athletes which I guess doesn't happen everywhere. His sense of philanthropy. To Penn state university. Itself it was as though he could do no wrong so I think there was a reticence. Actually. Choose to do something about this right. Oh absolutely I mean. He rebook Graham's senior. I think it was back in 20042005. Because you know the program had all along the hard times end. The record what and what should have been. Spaniard comes over to paternal toppled saying hey we think you might wanna retire. He says no it out in. You know he keeps his position and it and it end at one of the ball and I think he has to stop the plot has one of the better seasons. You know so he he had the power. That Penn State. And you know because he had that POR image of being doing everything by the book and education matters and let's graduate these kids. He used that power with an edge. So in other words. He he he he is what any challenge to him. He used that power is sort of beaded back and he used that power to. To really try to control the media coverage of him. He ordered the you know the beat reporters that we've covered him and when the questions might get a little too once comfortable. There was an edge to him. That many reporters would see up here and sort of snapping back and end being those sort of too aggressive coverage in the bud. But all that came crashing down when this indictment. Up and down and especially when Penn State was on its heels the wise. And they needed to make some bold move that would shield them. Appreciating the pool gravity of the scandal but also trying to turn the page and move on. And the biggest thing that they could do what the fire Paterno and they did it over the phone literally. You know he secretly trying to cover with a double that call this number he called it. He said it was you know 32 conversation you're fired and that was and the best in the movie as well. Absolutely incredible and then of course they had dead this press. I know what to call lists scram is the best way I I guess I could describe it because they were going to have a press conference. Tom what the the board vice chairman John Sturm. Meaning to the media they had. The media shut out of the room where the that was gonna happen that never makes the media happy and then they had a run in there. And is certainly speaks and you know the members of the board. Are seen in photograph from that from your own newspaper. Liquor rogues gallery behind them it's just incredible. Yes they all have those storm bases like the old Soviet Politburo you know we're all just. Have the poker face is going on and you can tell it's uncomfortable for everybody and so ma I begin by announcing spanned years. I'll serve and almost. Give the Paterno Oscar at an afterthought. But that's what triggered an plot because that he believed that meeting had gone on so late. By the time they and now the Paterno firing you know it's it's you know born on you know 11 o'clock. And he apparently needless to say a lot of the college students had spent a few hours in the bars. They see it on TV. And immediately pour out into the streets and begin this sort of war I it. Over Paterno firing. Back goes national ones CNN and cable channels. And the anchors are saying wired these kids are writing over football coach. Giving acquired. What in the real scandal the real tragedy. Is all these kids who were abused. You know under the nose of of this venerable institution why are why don't they care about that and indeed. The whole. Football culture of Penn State this this grotesque. Image. Of the football out with kids go and this became this national media. Damnation of Penn State so went from being sort of the program that did everything right. To the program that blindly warship book. Poll below wall and then of course then there's the real life seen John of what Joseph Paterno. And is a pajama bottoms and his speaking his wife and in inner house crow. Posting. A media press conference outside their house and then it turns into we are Penn State which again you cannot. He he cannot write this kind of content this and the some really happens. It all really happened. And you know obviously you re in real life do you want this minutes. Of melancholy there because. 84. And and everything that he had done even though their world was a hard edge to Paterno in and he could wield power with the best of them. There was this. Grandfatherly. Quality that he especially with the but with the students. And Paterno though remember that camp up ahead of every game Paterno built so there was this wisp of melancholy and emotion in the seeded guy sort of fired and unceremoniously. And and so you know and the Penn State read up. But he does turn around before he goes in at six K let me be pray a little for those victims. And then he turns around and then they do that and they begin any pumped his arm one last time. And then disappears behind the door at 4 o'clock photographer Joseph Harman whose. Photograph Paterno thousands of times that was the last photo he ever took the Paterno. Because he'd be diagnosed with. Aggressive cancer just weeks later. And be dead body January. 2012 so I mean it was it was it would literally Shakespearean. Moment Lion in Winter for sure. Absolutely and I guess you've seen the movie. That HBO as a debut yes. Yeah we. Look at the T make it available pedal I've been a group of but screened it a week ago and but she know that Paterno is unbelievable. Short time you know even even among people who cover Paterno. For decades worth it seemed like you're watching Paterno. On screen and it's actually use. Sort of it looked honoring you know 84 year old pro for the performing you know that you knew you could kind of tell he's past his prime and maybe even a little. Confused. And it's a little bit of the drama of the film market. If it's Paterno trying to remember exactly what he did know about Jerry because he had that that the personality that could tune things out. And if he was focused on football secret to and other things out and not want to know that the tells you go to means so. It really is I think it's really well done to build the it studies Paterno. And the inner workings of the paternal family at this wasn't exploding to meet where the real drama. Of the dramatization. Of this liars. Man Elvis Presley's granddaughter plays young's Sarah. Yeah keeping the yeah. Yeah. Yeah and and it's funny because the Sierra. Had other opportunities to write books and do other things with her experiences with this. But when HBO I think it was Barry Levinson at the project's first and then eventually wand up and HBO and it. You know how movie project there's a gestation period. But she was contacted cheap but a comfortable with. A very Levenson of up entertainment and course HBO. And she served as the paid consultant on this. And they wanted to fill out. The journalism side of the story group here. Grew up Sarah and her characters so she's really the second build character in the story in other words. The actor who portrays served that are Riley. Something and hurt me it makes its second build the actor yeah she does that and old actor in the big but Sarah will tell you I interviewed her. Earlier this week. The she doesn't really see the movie as. That's finished as sort of like a journalism. Story like spotlight that won the Academy Award group opposed it was out earlier this year because a lot of the reporting. That she did in tracking down those original. Victims. And getting the grand jury sort sources of what was going on in the grand jury you that. That's. Happens. But for the time period of the movie which really begins what Paterno giving his for a ninth win. And then the indictment heating prematurely released right after. Bringing everything down so. She's she's the main character in the movie and it does show her boy back to the victims after. The indictment is is it out and look the fact that there may have been a cover up is revealed. And and she probably shoulder with the victim. What she said was her most important. Part of this story was the victim themselves because without them and what about the bravery of you know. Of of saying that I was abused in this horrible embarrassing way by this. They don't have a story. So prepare it via the fact that the victims could be an integral part of this. Side of the story that that was important. Gently seeking to taking all this time this morning with us what it would've been fascinating part of our our history and your book cure no evil is the basis for a which was so put out in December of Tony eleven. With great speed and I had in the very daft deftly and I appreciate the fact he took the time today thank. For having me and oh everybody watches and sort of make up their own mind on. I'm on the whole the whole scandal. That's John Lucy of the Harrisburg patriot newspaper his book hear no evil served as a resource for the new HBO film the turn out. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by so Henry. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and mission is to lead advocacy. And education efforts in communities to reduce stigma. And offer support they group had a session recently in wilkes-barre to talk about their work and how the community can get involved we spoke to Samantha bands area director for central and Eastern Pennsylvania. For the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Your involvement actually has a little bit of a personal connection I absolutely am when I was in high school my mother made a suicide attempt. Comment that the time it was still extremely stigma times and there was a lot of embarrassment and shame surrounding it it was not something that I openly talked about. And so. You know getting involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention really helped me to learn how to talk about and be more comfortable that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention mission is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. So we really are trying to reach out to. Survivors of lives and just sort of former community but on the other end. Really do research and and try to find some preventative measures that we can take to really reduce the use I agree it was founded in 1987. I'm in New York City it was just research organization that first and it has really brain stops now work Democrats for its commitment so we have chapters in all fifty states nationwide the channel a lot of growth over the past few years between our community outreach between her fundraising event so. Just really exciting that. Warmer people are speaking out about suicide and it's prevention and topping organization to grow. So when. Things started to take a turn toward the more publicly people speaking out was or any kind of events or. I'm circumstance do you believe me people feel that you know now's the time for me to talk about this. Well we would hope that it's. From mourn mark grassroots efforts like. You know people in the media celebrities at their speaking out and saying that they are suffering with a mental illness or if they have suffered a loss. I think that that really helps people to see that they too can speak out that it's a problem that affects everyone. That willingness to it to speak out about things I encourage people that if you do something like this it is it will be okay. That's part of our the mission of our out of the darkness clock that we have is to really form that community and it's a cease space so this stigma surrounding mental health van suicide still exists unfortunately in our society by about walking to seats based. And so you can really connect with other people to see that you're not alone and they kind of bring that to your day to day life and start to speak out about it more and more regularly. Do you have any kind of them strategies do you recommend for people who may have somebody either in their family or maybe at the school or they teach. That seems like they're having a struggle are hard time how would how do you recommend they handle we. Ask that personal people just ask are you okay a lot of times. We know that something's off we kind of have that gut feeling but we don't see anything about it and a lot of times if you do just ask that person are you okay. And try to start a conversation they will open up here. We also encourage people to use of resources are available so the hot lines attacks lions I know that right now we're working on trying to get three digit code number like at 911 so. You know definitely reached out how to the resources are available you noticing. That young people are talking more TU and hearing that they might be vulnerable you know we've seen a lot of events in the country were it looks like we have some young people who are troubled are you getting. Some feedback from young people who are willing to talk about what they're going through. So yes we have a campus while nine out of the darkness lock. And that's really led by our use so I high schools and and college campuses where they can talk about it. I'm and then we have a program where we going to schools. And encourage students to talk about it so I think that this younger generation is. Definitely smarter government to help. And in the past wasn't there kind of this myth out there that if you talked about suicide you could actually cause suicide. Yes absolutely and that is most definitely messed us come back has been actually prevent. That Tom your not planting that seed that seed is already in their mind and asking them about it is going to potentially save their lives as opposed to. Ending in. Horrible as well. You talk to people who were suicidal and can advise you on what helped them to get that product of their mind. Yes some part of the educational materials that we make our programs on any research that were doing we could tell people lived experience. Com that's a huge part of our work so make sure that we can tell those people to see how that's the satellite each and. We also talked to Don Evans of wilkes-barre chair to the board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention she explains why she got involved. On April 11 of 2014. My son died by suicide he was sixteen and so we. I automatically just started doing things and the first thing we actually did was about two weeks after he died Wilkes University had a walked. And that's how we kind of got involved with this organization. David what's quite kit. Played football at holy redeemer like to play guitar like to right. Just kind of he was an all around good kid. And I've worked in psychiatry my whole life as an occupational therapist so I've been exposed to people that died by suicide. I never thought ever that anybody in my family whatever debt crisis it's so it was kind of like cat eye opening experience to me that it happens to everybody. When this did happen to you there was no inkling that you now we had no indicators really until but fortunately. Like after he died and we started sitting down and thinking about it and then earlier that we had a lot of aha moments where we oh wow you know he this was he can trying to tell us something and we are picking it up. Can you advise people do then it when they have kids and kids you know their mood either they they change all time you don't even know them appoints another of my own kids sometimes they can you know they work. Advise people to look for I actually just spoke about this with my occupational therapy students I teach mr. pretty university. We spent a lot of time talking about. The way you get people to even consider that something might be in trouble is actually just tock. To listen to watch to see if there's any kind of changes that occur and actually asked question are you okay. And I think that kind of question is such an icebreaker for almost all of this so. Can you talk about people the you know that maybe did that and they got back in Issaquah that was something I needed to do actually. There have been several it it's really interesting once you make the choice to talk and tell people. You kind of become. Peoples go to person yes and so. There have been instances where myself and my husband and my daughter we've been asked to speak with people that are having problems there their kids or. Their husband their wife a friend and it it actually does work out because the more you talk to somebody. And then you start talking about the different resources and how they can get help. On it it. It helps a lot people. Feel like there listened to and they're important enough to stop you feel that the the schools around here are embracing this kind of message to how these talks these are you OK in moments I absolutely think so I know that mr. critic university we now have a suicide prevention community we ran programming on campus. I know a lot of that area universities and colleges they all have counseled senators for kids to go in talk for free. To counselor I think and great schools and middle and high school we're just starting to. Getter when they Dorsey the last like 35 years where more and more people are asking us we like to come in and talk to you that the faculty and staff or the kids themselves. Of course this isn't just kids who commits us these these are people of all ages are absolutely. Highest rated suicide would be elderly. Wrong on and then next would be probably kids fifteen to twenty for your salt. And just on parting words if you if your voice could be heard right now by somebody who feels somewhat been in you know inclined. Toward harming his or herself what would just. I would say that you have to find that one person that you trust that you can top two because so important to talk it out loud. And to understand that there. Is help out there for you when you are important. We eat actually that's our teachers that are going out on the student teaching so that date hasn't accept anyone teachers and Pennsylvania now has to have. Every five years they have to have four hours training and it. I've done it with occupational therapist when after my son died about two you're an out later I went holy redeem ended up for all of there faculty and staff. Alex actually extremely rewarding only because they were so wonderful when my son died and they were so supportive but after I started to get on go to a lot of programs for AF SP. Started to understand it there may be some things that you might not want to do. And so I was able to kind of talk with them about that and problems public how to get around that so that they can still suck shows support to. The kids in the community and parents without doing something that might sensationalize it. More information about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention can be found on their website you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.