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Special Edition
Monday, August 20th
Special Edition August 18 and 19  Carol Coolbaugh has the information on the 7th Annual International Overdose Awareness Day Observance at Kirby Park in Wilkes Barre. Kendra Lynn is the organizer bringing the “Remembering Our Fallen National Monument” to McDade Park in Scranton. The Valley With A Heart has a fundraiser coming up. President Rick Temarantz shares the details. Michelle Reilly with Mountaintop Rotary says tickets are going fast for the upcoming train ride from Mountaintop to Jim Thorpe.

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This special edition. A weekly look at the issues in the news in the personalities shaping the stories. Special edition is a production of Entercom communications. Thanks for joining us today on special edition I'm only stagnant. Today we're going to find out about tickets going fast for an upcoming train ride from mountaintop to Jim Thorpe. We're also going to find out about an upcoming fundraisers for valley with a heart. Something brand new that's coming to our area in September. Ginger Lynn will join us and tell us about remembering our fallen. Eight and we're going to start off today. By introducing you to Carol cool bond. She has details on the seventh annual international overdosed awareness day. Coming to Kirby park on August 26. Carol. Welcome thank you up and you are busy lady I am you have a lot of things that are going on but one of the things that you are involved with. Is the upcoming international. Overdose. Awareness day. Can you give us a little bit of background on teacher. International overdosed date was founded in Australia. So it is they internationally bent it is August 31. But. We have been celebrating net for the last seven years on the last Sunday. Of August so hard and this year is August 26. At Kirby park and three to six and what exactly are you hoping to gain out of this day awareness. It's awareness and that education. We will have speakers fairly we'll have nor can training they'll be many many. On information tables of resources in the community. But most of all is an opportunity to give these families and friends a chance to say their Childs are their loved ones name. To be remembered to be honored as the person they roar and not their drug addiction. It. Must be me and we we hear so much about it. I'm more and more we see obituaries. That are saying the cause of death was yes. Is this kind of an event something that. It kept it as you said it it they want people to remember their loved ones for who they work yes because they weren't. Using this and didn't expect for this to happen for a man much more. Then what the drug. Addiction did to them they are bothers her mother's there. Siblings. Children. Aunts uncles. And I hate it ask this question but this husband this is your seventeen year guest. More unfortunately across every year I was gonna say are out here are their more that are getting an adult now yes. You know you also and told me that you are with graphs yes and can you explain that to our listeners. Well it is aid. National group act is on the line I found it in originally I'm lying when my son first passed away. And they do have local chapters south through their states and I decided that there was something that was needed in this area. I had gone to other support groups could be support groups and they just wasn't a good fit. You know having. Someone die from an addiction. Carries its stigma and not only carries a stigma for Vick person that passed away but for the family. Lot of times you know they play in the family for her. What has happened over you know what happened what went on in that house that this child. Became an addict can you tell us of yours. Erich was 29 when he passed away. He started. Fairly early experiment team may be over it with cigarettes and alcohol. It quickly progressed to marijuana and then to heroin. He was in his first rehab at fifteen. How do you know where did he have friends that were in the same. He has many friends and that gates that did the same things he was doing drinking its pat spoken pack. But they did not have bad detective. G. And they went on they went on to. Become. High school graduate student college are married have children and my son ended up dropping out of school on tenth grade. And from a mom's point of view. It must have been very difficult is it is difficult if it is because you wanna you think as a parent you depicts them. And you know I spent a lot of years trying to fix them a lot of energy. And of course you know they've aren't they have to want to. Yeah well themselves and I'm not saying he didn't but. For whatever reason. US and one of the fortunate on and you must have meant a lot of other people that are sharing now a similar. Experience. That you hat yes and that's very healing to be what other people that understand. That don't judge. And you can speak freely not only. They're death but all the chaos and craziness that went on in your life prior to that. So it's a very you know as a as a survivor of Eric's death. We are broken ourselves. You know we've gone through. A lot of years. On this disease than what it brings to a family in the kite chaos of drinks a family. And you know laying on top of all that they need to do with the grief. And now you mentioned we talked a little bit about grasped what exactly does that stand for its dance for grief recovery after substance passing. And it's just a very informal group. Very much like on compassionate friends but it's geared to people have lost someone through addiction. And we meet twice a month. At once a month we meet at first hospital. And then the other meetings we go out. To eat Japanese yeah and again when you're talking about getting together with such a group in here you're sharing your experiences. It sounds to me again you've been involved in this now for seven years so anyone who has. Who can relate to what you went through and still they may still feel I shouldn't be doing this sorry shouldn't be feeling this should thank. Well absolutely. Now but there's no greater runway to grieve. And everybody just needs to do it in their own time in fashion and you never get over it. You get through it in low bond but has always at all. When your heart and when year. When you're talking about and that that's them that's the support group. That your involved with vote let's get back to the actual event that's going to be coming up at Kirby park. I am EU me be encountering a lot of people who hear this hopefully hear our interview here you know talking. And then they know me well where is Carol I wanna talk to her I hurt her. What do you tell someone the first time that they can not do and they say I'm just so whom had that they can do this to me. Well that's all part of it you know I you go through stages and I got mad also and have every right to feel that way because. In out to us is seems like such a salute you see simple solution just quit. Just why don't you just quit don't you loved me enough don't you love your children enough why does this drug. Mean so much to you but if you're not an addict you don't understand that pool and now I just tell them that you know you have every right to feel that way you're feeling and it will pass and you will go through many stages. So now this event that's coming up on the 26. It is a remembrance. And it hopefully I think if I'm hearing you correctly it's also a celebration yes. Give us again that the details of that and and I guess a lot of people are saying how can you celebrate this Carol. I know is we do have music and we encourage people to get out and move around and visited and even dance. And people you know I've firstly you're kinda hesitant about that we wanna make this such a solemn event you know and it is at the end we do a balloon release and we can do and writes their child or their loved ones name on the balloon on message and we called her names individually and that set off. And it's a beautiful movie. Events but we also want to remember that they. Their lives that they had and you know I don't none of them would want us to be sad they want us to move on and we need to remember the good times and you know remember by being together and trying to enjoy. What their lives were like prior to that. Addiction. Is helpful. And I think maybe even people hearing that there is going to be music and that it's not going to be somber because the other hand is. I don't wanna have to feel bad anymore. Right so and we I don't feel bad so you need and that's why we go out to eat like from what month we. There's a few of us have been there for the whole seven years we have a lot that cycle in and now. But we've to have formed a bond and you know we go out to eat and we still did the same thing we talked about her. Families and our loved ones. But you know when Russell laughing and people are they ever Cyrus at a table would never believed that where a group of grieving family members but. You know we do laugh and it's okay don't laugh and your family your loved one with ones that. I think you're absolutely right you mentioned the balloons. Is that something that anybody who's listening cast a pre register for around not just come there's no. It's a free event. You know everything history we do have raffle baskets of course that have purchased tickets. But other than that the food history the entertainment industry we have some activities for children. And the blooms. You know everything it's tree so all somebody has to do they don't even have to tell you they're there not just take a ball around well liked to have them come in and at least give us right their child's name down so we can call their name mountain. And but if they don't they a child any Larry you know you you're you're looking at a from one active and that's that's a lot. But even if they didn't wanna do that don't and I have to do anything I can just come. Because a lot of it is just anonymous and and it is sometimes that's just enough to get somebody in that. Where do you feel like okay these people are having the same experience Siam. And sometimes it's just nice. We have great speakers we have recovering. I'm people in recovery long term recovery we have. The DA will be there we have some of our local officials. So you can actually you know I also thought to any of those individuals asked some questions and you know. Pick their brains see what's going on and what they're trying to do to help this opiate epidemic. And maybe it's not even someone who was a family member may be it's actually a person. Themselves. Yes we get a lot of people battering. I'm probably actively using coming. Well I. I commend you think it's it's a very. It's it's it's very generous to be able to help others when you yourself are still dealing with what you have to deal it. Well a lot of people look at that way but I find it very healing for me so. That's kind of a selfish reason but that's one of the reasons I do it is because it helps me. See I told him I knew you were busy I have. She now again. Give us the information as far as the event to Kirby park. And then if you would also give us the information and any contact information for the support group. You can't welled up in the event is on Sunday the last Sunday in August the 26. At Kirby park at the amphitheater. From three to six. And practice at its very soldiers come down and to enjoy the music and you know the activities that are going aren't. The support group is called grass. And you could look it up under there. WWW. Grasped. Our. It is that first hospital enough fourth. Wednesday of every month and then the second Wednesday. We thought tee but it's always someplace different so I can't really tell you that but it did come contact me. You know you can iPhone. Number I know I'm not supposed to give it out but it's everywhere. So it doesn't bother me I just tell people call me laughing no you know you wanna come and spice 70991. 7199. Carol thank you you're welcome thank you for having me. For Carol cool vibe joining us today on special addition. To tell us about the seventh annual international overdose awareness day. Coming up Sunday August 26 that Kirby park in wilkes-barre from three to 6 PM. Carroll also told us about the support group. Grass GR ESP. Grief recovery after substance passing. You can reach Carroll at 5709917199. Don't go away more special addition to come. Welcome back to special edition. We're going to meet Kim Berlin she is the organizer of remembering our fallen national monument as well as escort. It's so first time one of a kind event that's coming here to northeastern Pennsylvania. Kendra has the details. If that is. A national memorial has come to remember in our fallen national monument as they travel on monument that travels across the United States to different places. On it'll be at make state parks September 7 through the eleventh. So it's kind of like a and we've we've had traveling exhibits that have come through before Vietnam. Memorial and things like that what is this this money is every one that has been killed in action since the war on care so since 9/11. So we knew say. Every one has been killed in action are you talking about the people. In the tower in the military in the middle a military killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan. And how did you become involved in all this I mean unfortunately. IA and me sister. Named brother that was killed and I Iraq in 2007. My brother's staff Sargent Stephen tutor he was count on April 21. And do you have a local connection here. I'm I'm from Titanic so I am I've lived there for the last 25 years. On so my brother was a graduate of done more high school from 1989 and so. That's why I decided to ring here. And what process did you have to go through first of all of course condolences on your brother in camp and we thank your family for their service. But what did you have to go through and what how does this process but well it's it's. A lot of fundraising. I happen to see it I am involved in a lot of gold star on family programs so. This came across my email on I kinda just looked at and bow wow that would be amazing because unfortunately our local area we have a lot of phone soldiers so. My thought that would be amazing and I know on the family is so back in October. I am. I sigh and I'm like oh my goodness I wonder if I can do that some and I looked a little more into that time it's over 101000 dollars to bring it here. So I am I'm also on a 9/11 committee with the commissioner of log on account you pat O'Malley so immediately I went to our committee and I'm like I wanna do is asking you how. And you know course are like absolutely you know let's do this so we're fundraising. All the way up from last year up until now. I'm Theresa money and we did so and I'm thankful we had so many wonderful sponsors to match just stepped up and was just so long and help us for the benefit of our listeners. Explain gold star families to go surf family is the immediate family of someone that was killed daring action so anyone I mean this goes back not just so Warren chair comments every everywhere that's ever been and so if you are immediate next weekend. You are gold star family because that means one you're. Brother sisters son daughter parent was killed in action when it. We're also talking about this exhibit now 101000 dollars that's lots. What exactly is the exhibit his little wall is it. It's on it's it's their pillars there may be like ten but pillars almost. And may have pitchers. I am there's usually a military picture of numb and then a and you know regular picture them with their family others are their children or. You know my my pitcher my brother I have one over and I Iraq of him and then one of him holding my daughter Taylor when she was a baby. On there's like twelve huge. Pillar stands. Almost like sheets of buying gas sheets of vinyl like as she could say with the pitchers on commanders over 4700. So I am pitchers on the phone around us and the monument so it's vague. Think it's the size of half a football field yeah that's that's pretty that's pretty yeah now I think that. He is listening. Which they have already been. Invite or is this something that they can still get in on unlike a necessary absolutely United's oh completely opens for the public. I'm like I said it starts September 7 and it's from dawn till dusk every day on September 11 at all and at eleven with the closing ceremony. Saturday is definitely the data be there on the opening ceremonies that ten we have curry great speakers on. After the opening ceremony commands around eleven and we'll be reading of than reading the names of all of a fallen for my Iraq and Afghanistan so that's over 7000 unfortunately. So that I'll go after out the day. On Thursday September 6. We are asked scored in the monument end which is gonna be amazing so if you have a motorcycle if he had any kind of military vehicle first responder vehicle or if you just wanna bring your car. I'm we're starting to get together at Mohegan Sun arena not casino arena. At noon the monuments scheduled to arrive that too. On and then we will be escorting I think we have close to 500 motorcycles are now will be asked scored in the monument following announcement date park so that's going to be amazing. That sounds like it's I got chills yeah he's gonna be any ill and a lot about anybody who may be hearing about this and saying well I have someone that. I would like to honor is it too late for some. Things like that I'm if if you have someone not was scaled in an hour from Iraq Afghanistan if they're not irony on it it is too late for it to be on it for it for this why. But I say it strongly suggest you go to their website which is remember an hour following dot org. Go right in there and you can add them so on the future it'll be on the air. And is there are costs no cost no be just a you know you send your information and you us and the pitchers a rail and nothing about them. And then now and a 4 am can you tell us a little bit about your brother. The case study was 89 graduate of Dunbar high school. He loved his family and two children and married to his wife Wanda who is also in the army. He was stationed up in Fort Drum New York where he was there for awhile it was his third tour. Over in Iraq he was also on the first war and ninety. I'm an Operation Desert Storm and he was one year away from retiring. And he got told that he is deployment was gonna get extended. So I'm unfortunately. An extension. Customs life. Where super proud of on now I mean his his wife and then missed them so much we miss him so much. But again it must be so rewarding. To be able to share your stories with Stefan how it was and others. Whose pictures are out there. It helps it helps I am not alone and everyone handles grief differently so. My way of dealing with it is to get his name out there again all of them out there you know get people realize that freedom isn't free. You know they sacrifice their life when you sign up you don't sign up to die you sent to protect your country in fact the cost you know it happens. But we we can't lose the thought of that and you know actually dying and realizing what they did for us. And that's given their life I mean without them we. Mean in Atlanta outlaw yeah. Yeah we bank company an air show I'm just so thankful for him and everyone else fat. You know puts the airline in their life out there on the line everyday. For us you know offhand if there are any other locals who are going to be and displayed during the. I'm mind and that's absolutely I am I doubt I got a hold of all local families. My I know Hamas so you know when this first started I immediately reach out to them and say hey if fear not parity on this got kept them out there get them on their some minutes so when it's here. They'll be on a common we have a lot of gold star families that are that are joined in mass we have some coming from Delaware. On the all the way up here and you know to see this monument because it's the first time it's and Pennsylvania so. That was going to be my next question I've never heard of this particular monument like I said we've had others that have come through the area yeah so it. This is something relatively new. Yeah I actually was unveiled on just last September and Washington DC act and national monument down my hair. I am then since and it's traveled to the Rose Bowl I was there about weak on Ronald Reagan library. It just keeps traveling so it's definitely fairly new and so like a year old. Boy that's and you got it here yeah I don't know how that happened after a weekend of September 11 averaged just like everyone says I worry about the money later so that. That's kind of an up and that's. That's on that that just shows me that you are quite the go getter in usage you've been in your involved now. With the lack of one county commissioners and do you have other things planned or have you had other. I know we well we normally do out of started a couple of years ago that I became on the committee we do a 9/11. Service at nick date car because there's a monument there that they had done for all lock on county soldiers were killed and people that perished in 9/11. So we were always doing in that. And this is why incorporated it. I am from Memorial Day jubilant release and tank panic every year I'm from time can act. So. I I organize fat I get people in town and we have a Blanton on for every soldier that was killed in the state of Pennsylvania. And then at the end we have a beautiful ceremony and then we released some much jobs and hundreds of people so that's pretty amazing tale well. Not only does it sound like that you have these wonderful events that bring everybody together but it also sounds to me like you are a good resource. For someone who may have lost someone and it may just need somebody to talk to do you have. Your own FaceBook page. Idea yup I do I am it's just Kendrell land. Come on FaceBook. I'm you could also follow that the monument and the escort on FaceBook remember an hour following national monument and then remember in our fallen a score. On CO flying you'll find not on the iron again mourn. Formation champ. Once again give us the date still where the wind and start with right from the beginning where they're going to be meeting at Mohegan Sun. We're gonna escort the monument down 81 through. Down a music out Davis street and number two McDade so everyone combine the streets in most towns appear there because it's gonna be amazing. And then we'll some LA and then Friday morning it's go time so right at time. September 7 straight through September 11 and what's gonna happen September 11. September 11 we'll just have a small closing ceremony and then a wrap up but September 8 Saturday that's that's gonna be a great day. I'm we have an opening ceremony at 10 AM we have a leash a land sing in the National Anthem. We have someone coming up to represent governor while. We have a lot of things going on a couple of goals start mainly speaking beautiful singers on fiancee Angie an hour gone in stallion she'll also be singing. So that's going to be a great day. Now Kendra thank you CEO. This is amazing and I again I have chills thank you so much drama me. Thanks once again to Kendra Lynn for joining us here on special edition today. To tell us about the upcoming remembering our fallen national monument. That will be coming to make deed park in Scranton as well as the remembering our fallen escort. Which will bring the monument to the park on September 6. Again if you would like some more information on either one of those events. You can check out the FaceBook pages remembering our fallen national monument. And remembering our fallen escort. Now don't go away there's more special addition to com. Two special edition. In your comes Nikki Stone caught up with Rick. Timber rants he's the president of valley with a heart they have a fund raiser coming up on September 2. If you remember. Want to risk. He's at valley with a heart how worried they rank. Didn't she came or you had a very busy day today. It is quite a busy day today and there's so much going on in the area. I now I don't wanna thank you for taking the timeout so we can discuss maybe something good for change the. And and making a difference in other people's lives. Well we try. Without it would our benefits and what we do is we do benefits are seriously ill children. You see you give money to let's say a huge toward the cause. And then you don't know where the money goes because then you get your bill in the mail in your like. How much do well. It's ridiculous it's it's scary that's right and then you know that there CEOs army gene I EEE announced the six figures. In salary. And you have to wonder and then the researchers containing anywhere they're not moving anywhere this I think it's far better off. To help individual families as they need it and that's what you were organization does. Say any act eighteen years ago we first started this we have united some of the big organizations said to be here they do well they meanwhile inherited counts. So and I always use Leo that suggest. Pop RI charge is all one color. Tom where as we give out too. Everything we can again is returned there is no nobody knows CEO's there is no board of directors or anything else were just local people. Trying to do good and taken a difference in our community. Even still you're doing this bike run on. And this Sunday Labor Day weekend which is September 1 this year correct god. No I believe it is distracting yeah we do X three Labor Day on. Our daughters' birthdays the first on teller. Around a bit and hopefully she's not listening since no sense is sleeping till we're okay. Yeah. We this is probably the biggest slide in royalties to the current I noble game it's it's a nice day out will get over 400 bikes. How we run. Skiing and we as a matter fact we built our home and shallow one times so when warnings and stops. Another one starts stairs note delaying coverage whatsoever. And you have some of the area's best bands all and forty pound ahead our highway to hell who covers AC DC. Yep. Some commitment with this from day 118 years ago in blue. Yep I cowboys guy he's he's very instrumental in putting all of them dance together force and earnings sound system and are now. Cover rock and country in that oh yeah. Your first career and some pretty good food to you who has served up there with your list he and her road season. Alia especially. Who will be do what like we did last year higher price smokes brisket and ribs and everything out so it's not just your basic. You know air food. And we have assets that we use rather. Yeah. We have a huge basket rat fall we have. Magnetic apart apartment or have a beer tents setup air so we can't forget about the refreshments in case we need. To be out. Let's talk about the families they're helping this year. Part three of what we do basically is you know we will pick 33 or fourth throughout the year and put it took to put a face in front of everything. Through the year we helped more than three families has apparently probably the I can't even begin to type in eighteen years army family we have helped. We're over probably half a million dollars within eighteen years. This period we pick this year range anywhere from we have one out this three and the other to a one years old. And likely get had discussed it here you know when you think you got a bad decency some of these families that they go through with a sick child I cannot imagine I'm so grateful. You know when you're doing these shares in honor of a girl who battled. Yes. He Amanda was our second poster child and she was good at all and she be cancers several times and end. You know it got to that point where this year where she died on 32. Yeah in it that she had a tough flight but she and the first child they were she's you want to keep us motivated. You know how easy do we can't let just wanna give up sometimes you know there if you can go to valley with a heart dot com. There is a diary written by our first count what that Dayton and so much to her. Not only in monetary early or money for the family but albeit by Akers did didn't know her. They came out to try to help her get just do it and culture pardon. When everybody gets depressed about doing this for so long ago and I trying to read that. And he doesn't got to motivate everybody back against Niagara core group of about 1518 people and they just will not stop there are some. You know what any other children gone through you know what their specific diseases are here the three that you have picked but I do know that in addition as a family. Is in need of something travelling expenses or whatever they can come to your organization. And I know I get from gas cards or whatever you can do to help. Yeah that's what we did I guess we held many Amish Surat the year's top draft the year on the note about art there is a downtown section for application of assistance. We can't get in today you know I could even turn town some of the error ailments or whatever but with that hit tact. Did novice other stuff yeah you gotta really watch about their permission. And we'd like to sit down cash cards on the air we probably get a toot toot 3000 dollars worth of gas cards through the church and hospital. In on. Is that even if you have insurance that stuff put it adds up there and in families come. It is their their opponent the hospitals and they might have Ted hit album take off work that there aren't a lot of that money available. Whereas a lot of the lot of a it's have to quit work just to be care of their child and of course that's DeRozan further turn gets the gas bills in electric bills and all the utility belts. Yes you know it's so good it's good the organization has decided he did how did you first decide to do this was it somebody that you knew they mean it. Yeah well bunch of us just have to be pageant sitting in a bar having a beer and we wrote and one of our members around saying listen my knees needs. Some help what you think we can do some nice idea let's try to put to get a motorcycle rights. Or that year where it with at least arson and we probably had under fifty dikes and then it just get drawn from there. They've grown grown grown in the ER eighteen years later we. Now Sheila Lee anybody from the valley who wants to go online. And fill out the application and tell your story. On the what you're going through with your child. I am and he may be able to get some help as well so are people that you don't know really for Bryant. Well so he's just written doctor's signature alone and don't get something. You know I mean look at that game and they'll get money put in an account for them. We pay bills we don't give anybody cash we don't write anybody personal checks. So we do have a system of checks and balances. So you know the parents are going around spending in. One other top seed and got and how. That would it with its gonna help the child you're going to be there to help. Well you make any difference in. Northeast PA and I appreciate that. Thank you so much her checking in on that Andre giving hope to see you on September 2. AdAware SC thought Tina Brown. OS is currently in shape Jake down again you go on the web site they're strong numbers there you have any questions I have posters out there hitting out to be. Morning happy to answer any questions that they may have and you are making a difference. Thank you I appreciate that you have a wonderful day. Thank you take care that I. Michelle Riley's here on special addition to tell us you better hurry. You don't want to miss this train. Let's introduce you to Michelle Ryan leaf from the Rotary Club of mountaintop and the reason you're here is. We're gonna get them bored and go on the train where we got three iron sell our fourth time arguing it's Al training and take those two Jim Thorpe from mountaintop. What an exciting day we have planned we go to old historic Jim Thorpe. So many things to do there at the shopping and restaurants and museums and arts. Places it's just a lovely lovely town we do it every year we take about 620 passengers is with us. Pulled by a ounces our esteem Antony for 25 to be in fact if you've done it before you know we're talking about it's quite fun. At this time we moved it back to September 22 hoping to cancel an awful it's on the way. May be a little bit after all the way the weather that we had in the rain. So use that you've done this before or why did they might did you happen to pick this particular event as part of the rotary event. You know was sort of an accident it it was the idea was brought US by. Another organization. They can assets and jumping in with them jump on board no pun intended but a week says yes and and it was as such an amazing experience and such huge sell out immediately people love it so much that we decided to bring it back and every time we do it just becomes more and more fun and exciting in its growing by leaps and bounds. Not give us an idea about what happens during the days so where do you goal howdy get its fair use your art tour guide so. Bored with Michelle scenic driving to mountaintop when you're going to go to the mountaintop hose company number one. Where we have plenty of parking in and we have buses that shuttle you less than a mile away to putt not got train yard. At the train yard is where between lobbying and of course that's where we'll board from there. Train take Sudan two Jim Thorpe. And then he spent the whole day there in about 330 in the afternoon we start reporting back to head back to mountain top where the buses will be waiting to take you back to your vehicle. Acts around topless company it works really well that nobody weights anymore and then. Twenty minutes to get back to your car on the way back it's green it's too warm supply everybody with bottles of water we have an ENT or paramedic on board if anybody's not feeling well. A we take from could care if you there's a bathroom on every single train car. And we have about nine train cars that go down at least now when your on your weight Jim Thorpe aren't there are certain things that you're pointing out do you have that kind of a tour guide or at this Katrina does provide somebody that explains everything on the way through this beautifully how Sally gorge. So you're gonna see the river sometimes we see Whitewater rafting going on honor weighed down but they will describe everything T would go through two tunnels. Very cool. At an exciting think it'll dark for a minute. Send yeah there is a tour guide unless I hear we actually had someone from Jim Thorpe. Come on and speak and every train car a little bit about some pork and handouts and pamphlets and some things for you to do when you get down there that's amazing. And you iron your round for the day absolutely you can make. Reservations in advance for restaurants if you want to buy yeah here on your own so much studios some Ecstasy Ngo and Danny said packer mansion and of course. The prison where they hung. Just to name a couple things to do but it. Lots well I would think that especially with the people that you have on this trip before that are repeat customers. They give a lot of to the people who are coming that are new kids. It absolutely kid friendly there's so many people that bring their families and we didn't oxygen for kids engine part. He can even get on a bicycle and right around for the day. You can take a horse and buggy Karen dragged in the afternoon. And get kids love it just as much to imagine being actually jump and a steam train and be pulled damage impart pretty non numeric claim there was so much to do very exciting so hot we find out about this cells we to purchase the tickets we have a monsoon on two different avenues so you can go to the trial pharmacy in mountaintop. Get them in person or you can go to an event right. WW dot rotary train ride dot com we'll take you to even breaking you can purchase your tickets online if that makes it easier and then we'll have those tickets for you. At the will call table the day of the event. Just come and get them from a scout way Elizabeth fills that UCL avenues that we have now something is telling me that you mentioned 600 people. Half and you've had repeat customers and we sell out to you wanna get your tickets now do not wait till the last minute this isn't rain or shine event we don't postpone this war. You know cancel and because of rain thankfully we've never had range shot shine slash year the idea I wanna get two tickets now since possible because it. It wants it sells out pin high it's difficult to add more train cars at the last minute. But you also have some sponsors of this you have left to thank our sponsors so far we have on board solo the solo law offices. We have Orlovsky car wash repeat thank you to them century 21 Smith partying group repeats sponsored thank you to them. We at NBT bank news sponsored this year cabin onto ground once again every piece sponsor. And we're still looking for a couple more Celek if anyone would like to be a yen between car sponsor for 250 dollars. Please contact us through how our FaceBook page to rotary FaceBook page and that's easy to get you sent us a message we answered the same day. And then we get back to you so please looking for a couple of response. Well now that we're talking about rotary let's talk a little bit about the mountaintop rotary we are busy I'm actually. As we off. Sponsor a farmer's market every Sunday morning in mountain top in front crescent high school in the parking lot there good crowd lots of local farmers bring Alan bear vegetables and fruits and and it baked goods. So you've we have just simply desserts we have. Or Harris orchard. My gosh it's amazing you don't want to miss that he's stuck up for the whole week fresh jellies and jams and fresh fruits and vegetables it could it matter what time. 8:30 in the morning till about 1 o'clock in the afternoon now that's Greece ain't gonna get there early to. Fresh eggs fresh eggs sell out really quick and in the morning. So when you get their things and that's right in the parking lot crest at high school Aniston rant fruit tree on nine so you have to make any turns her Annie just right there straight through now the of the Rotary Club of mountaintop does sound like it has -- Bunch of fun people we bear arms Telus a little bit about the organization are so blessed and we have people from. From every walk of life and it people who have been true experience in their hearts. Giving back to community and that's what we do this soft fork has the money goes right back to community to help these. Volunteer fire companies and our local libraries and organizations like live with autism. Or make a wish foundation and that the money just goes call back again and we're so pleased and thrilled every time were able to help someone. We also have a five K event coming up in November this is that I believe third maybe fourth time we're doing five K event. Last year was a huge success and we were able to help a student at Christmas high school. Interns just under 6000 dollars over to their family to help. To help with medical and travel expenses sound that mindless. That was a wonderful wonderful event and everybody came out. So you don't wanna miss the five K event and we'll have more on that is a little answer we'll get together again down the information from that with the deet tails. But but really Philly growing and we're happy to see you crying it does. Conquer in the mountains starts out at great township park in mountain top of that if hills and on top if you can I get faster as. Locker. And I did really that I've mental exercise okay good for radio the a lot of fun lots of fun. But breezy with a group wind is so let's talk a little bit about the group I 'cause I'm sure that your always looking for more. In enthusiastic and energetic people to come and join you we aren't we meet every Wednesday morning at 7:30 AM at the chalet in mountain top and we are now. Going to be implementing. 1 evening meeting a month so these 3 morning meetings 1 evening meeting so he can make good morning good morning once. Contact us we'll let you know where the evening meeting will be. And always looking to have a new vegetarian sign up enjoying our amazing club we do a lot of good things and we have business mixers coming up as well. So yeah join an artery. When we talk about the rotary now you have you you've been with the rotary how long five years as a red Terry and I is the secretariat first and then. I somehow quickly became the president can hack it did it to Jiri two year term as the president. And and I did vice president and now I'm just can't have. Back and down a little bit bringing that some new people opting to that executive board levels so that everyone can experience to leadership. Part of it which is you know it's fun it's easier to growing experience and you also it's not just the Rotary Club of mountaintop there are so many other rotary clubs throughout the world rate rotary is worldwide where in a district. 17410 and we have over forty clubs just in the local districts so you know he's a teen in Wilkes-Barre and and Scranton into mechanic and Alice and planet I mean every there's all these wonderful rotary clubs around. They all have their own fundraisers we I'll try to support each other as much as possible. So if you can't do amounts hopper every cloud and then there's other ones out there so world wide projects and he rotary is out there main focus was to eradicate polio. And over the last several decades. They have been able to do so there are just a couple cases left in the world sides of the sites they polio. Clean drinking water pumping in wells. In different parts of the area so that they children going to school can have fresh water. You know just projects going on all over the place it's amazing. So when someone sees that you have any upcoming. Train ride that takes you from white paper takes you from mountaintop through white haven all the way happened to Jim Thorpe. It's not just your rotary group. You're actually representing. International. Rotary currently. We sure are we sure. You know when we do our vocal things the money we keep that money local outbreak that money is as basically going break back into the community. We've a food bank in mountaintop so we definitely. Help out at funding pet project you know in U monopoly on the families. That utilized that we also do a backpack program for the children. And the crest at school districts to send food home on the weekends in their backpack for them. Believe it or not there are a lot of students in the mountain top school district. Who aren't reduced meal plan and so this is that they would be meet these needs that we recognize that that brought to us. Superintendent of Chris wood is a military and he's in our military clout he tells us that needs that are happening in the school district. We'd jump on and help out so all of these things come to us we know that we need to keep doing knees he nearly fundraisers because they're expecting our help and even just as much as. That contributing to the fireworks in mountaintop every year snow on July 3 every you're not top there's fireworks all the money has come from somewhere so we help out with fat. How so many wonderful wonderful things on and so much and summits are right I'm gonna give you one more time now get everybody on board that train put on your Michelle conductor Aetna let's go let's go out September 22. Is this Saturday. And it is. 8:30 in the morning at. Get to mountaintop get two tickets triangle pharmacy or event's brake rotary dot train ride that company. Thanks for listening to special edition. 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