Special Edition 7-8

Special Edition
Monday, July 9th
July 7 and 8  Tina Carlin with Farm Women United talking about an upcoming public hearing later this month on the farming crisis in Pennsylvania including here in northeast PA.  Peyton Haefner with Camp Kesem in Susquehanna County explains it’s a camp which welcomes children who have loved ones dealing with cancer.  Bill Goldsworthy with the American Red Cross explains disaster relief including a recent event in Wilkes Barre Township. Upcoming PennDOT projects and boating safety with Mike Taluto and James May and Elizabeth Stelle Director of Policy Analysis with the Commonwealth Foundation.

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Special edition a weekly look at the issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories. Special edition his production of Entercom communicate. There's a crisis facing Americans minds and that includes farms right here. In northeastern Pennsylvania. Tina Carmen ease in communications director of farm women ninety. She tells intercom sneaky stone about the crisis ate and how you can help. By attending an upcoming hearing in layered spill on July 24. His team in Carolina. Talking about and very important hearing that's coming up on July 24 nineteen power in. And couldn't Dario I am good now. There's crisis in the dairy industry. A series the F forward and and can you explain how this what is going on the crisis. Well I wasn't happening in the dairy industry is that I'm that. The not to lose. That date farmland. But try to completely further their product. That is. But the cost of production and under that now which is eleven until they're gallon just so that the consumer understands. Com. Caught trying to throw it 25 dollars. You could get that eleven secret gallons of milk actual crime like that currently getting anywhere from thirteen to fifteen dollars. That same eleven people are on them now so the defense they're losing anywhere from seven to ten dollars. I want. Seven to ten dollars 200 pounds of milk I'll. Her hands amount of media and how many pounds of milk or are you. So you're content like 70000. Dollars a month. I'm dumbfounded I'm moving here I was going anywhere on the average of twenty to 50000 dollar depending on the farm. And they suddenly deductions that are taking out of that on the offensive. Crazy. I don't pay anything at all. But finally have to pay for that tracking you have to pay a simple call to make allowances. I'm gonna have to move for the time getting where the press censorship people who probably stay in the offense profiler. Don't get what it is there. On hand so that it's the processors that are are. It did pretty much putting it in the bottles and sending out the door. And then and the contrast. They cooperatives that the farmers. Why don't you they think the big chunk of the money you. The course of the property is considered himself to the producer and not a finer. So with a a piece of work and flat. What is at 350 a gallon if that. He is getting welfare and depending on the area. Fifty a gallon com. That's true identity on the gallon that finally give credit where the dollar and depending on where you got it now with Wal-Mart. Lot of variety and yeah and the basis. And a great guy you milk and the inhabitants Allen. Today. Carol I know what you. From Lehigh Valley area of the valley cream rich. In this same type that he will qualify for the from two to two dollars just to fresh speech. And he leaned in theory pure. Babel I guess Gary yeah actually well I'm blew up two dollars and 59 plan does something like sat on again on. Preference for hacking and in under a that he got undercut the the milk from the same same primary. Thank you for the leader to you and in the sense that rob armored. As you say no until you won't get your dollar and her gallop off that thing. I won't get you dollar profit gallon but it should be lower than that doctor she should get more than a dollar twelve I'm trying. You tried to raise the price so we should probably be paying more for 55 dollars a gallon. And I plan they. How. The legislation that was trying to think that little almonds. And try to collect before a crowd on the food now which the bottled milk. And integrate that with me for Pennsylvania. To Pennsylvania. I'm. It would mean even now with three dollars and 58 cents a gallon which is roughly what it's funny now. Finally got that twenty dollars 200. American people Oprah. That would be something better than the thirteen fifteen that they're getting now. Not quite cluster production that would help them to pay off the more pills because. That this debate itself is. So finally I cannot be I'm not able to make. Payments. It's not just the farmer trickled on down to the businesses that they deal. Because they know in the last couple months I know I actually eat dairy farmers and one agribusiness. That don't don't suicide. And as a businessman actually would have gotten like you know monthly payments from the people. That only money. The tank armor. He would have been able to be okay but this stress just. What do much so and it's getting harder and harder every day for the day armor. Poses public hearings going to help. And the public and you're going to bring true a lot of different aspects what's going on in the dairy industry. A lot the fact. And still. Need other options out and they turned that into. Let's call will put you concentrator. It was and that's the reform should look for a mental focus now. Separate them without it cheese makers used. In the cheap making process. Hundred pounds of milk to make ten pounds to cheat. And PC without it looking that. It's a hundred times. And they anywhere from fourteen to eighteen pounds of cheese but the cheap inferior cheese that does not taste as good. Cheat it has. I'm definitely not as nice. One Y two instead itself has no protein concentrate that is Thabeet is cheese fried foods on the shelf and not know refrigerated trucks and it's going to be the end. Something else got a look from Russia. So you're looking at ways and educating the public on Bradley done and said yeah something means there needs to be an immediate emergency intervention in the to see that lies at the farmers milk prices. There is problems across the industry with the farming period to not a whiff. Dairy farmers can learn more. I'm. Into the web site which is WWW. How much women even I can't dot org. Because content is getting on the 24 of July which that's absolutely doubt about it Allen probably hearing information on the web site. Your article on Facebook's. Weird Spartan I'm just gonna repeat where it is clear to build fire hall. 143. School lane Laird to build PA is the address next to a report. Starting at 9 in the morning knowing totaled five in the afternoon. You. Yeah. Impacted that people that congressmen in the senate. Especially here in Pennsylvania. I'm because Saturday he was on the committee. And and continent and how fake Mehdi. And being a little. Bit and that they could include the American people outside and play caller we just need to get them. Do it and interest Anglican that congress in order for the Athens and then talking to a pilot later. From trying to get them to do that. I'm look at the farm bill on the can't find that they have nothing and it can safeguard the dairy farmer. I'm Lou is regulations. Connor reform even more. The final not get a farm front family farms and. And our family farms are the backbone. Of northeast PA or at least had been at one. Point look at them in the northeast teams are very important we want our supply of fresh locally produced real milk. That's what he had to Latina for checking and I hope them. If things go well on the 24 for you we'll try to see there. I want to thank god that great care team. Public hearings coming. On Tuesday July 24. In layers to do Pennsylvania. From 9 AM until 5 PM you can find out more by logging on to farm women you know I get it done forward but anyway. Check them out on FaceBook. Me too especially. There's a special. He's experienced coming to the Susquehanna county. Find out more about can't catch some patent hate you joins us to tell us what makes the campaign and the campers could go. Are there some special you could be. Get by telling us a little bit about the program. Camp tacked on ending up. Here and right. And we heard that the acted like there aren't. Campers. In treatment and currently governments all had apparently aren't at the weight. Look. At. An essential PH Terry egg. Hundred when he got here. Now you said Penn State is involved how are really involved. I'm OB what are pet. Actually eat. Eat. That's why can't captain essential. And what is camp kept some. Can you give us a little bit of an overview for what what would campers expect when they get there what would be the purpose of one of them going there. Can't acquaintance like I am at my god you know and so we are on our granny. The site. There's color alert where they. Nineteen. Competition and there were an accurate read I think the very similar to summer camp but I think that that art. Emotional programming outright. I. Everything and I are. Can't repair broken up in units by age and there there are countered that that unit every night before they said that. On the counter tell you a question AD and discussion. Of the clash. You know what are you looking for CNET and it was the best part is today. Where art and that's kind of at least start the beginning of the week and then as the week goes on they get a little bit our leader here. Strong. And play better. Gerri open and out. There aren't. What they're going to or aren't they want you there's no question about it. But. Eight that there is 88 other campers who understand. Albert who are excellent and so. That's really special batter can't. Wrap things. That they normally don't get to talk to. They don't really talk now. And can you give us an idea how long as the camp have been around at what age groups are you working way. Can't kept on national. Actually due out and I don't sound at Stanford university and then that. Under chapter. Our chapter in particular have been around there and heard it here at camp and at least served eight C six EEL. Hit 616. Or campers and that's seventeenth tee or actually our credit hurt count during training programs they take a bit. Responsibility. Active leader they actually leadership skills while there and that. When it they go to college and that. College had a chapter can't cap are very able to purchase the account. Able would be kept a camper and I got on the account there you go outside to seek. Help help kids to. You know they can really. Is that how the counselors get involved that or are just. Like yourself did you come from the school because your interest in this because maybe of your particular major. And you're just. I have a passion for giving back they're not a requirement. Impacted by parents cancer I would edit majority countered. I don't have that experience. And we have counselors. The have been active play and for me personally. I got on board in what cancer but I bet I would be. Really. Uncertain level you know going through something special called a young age I think that. It would start again well but the biggest thing art countered that it doesn't it doesn't really matter if you're able to understand it either but then. And the kids you know that and they appreciate that we're very upfront about that they know that we don't all come from. The stands the background. Speaking of backgrounds as far as children. Who might be interested in going against as you said. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with cancer aren't there any kind of lets say a child has some. Disabilities. But is it fate based can you give us a little bit of an idea. Who. Might be interested aside from the cancer aspects. What are our campaign. And I think tactic I can't at their dog went on parent that the application online and it goes through camp at the national. Debt could be a parent or guardian and attacked by actors don't give up and campers you know. Grandparent their primary car and stay. They had cancer and they would be lucky to catch some and that. The only we meet hey campers that. You actually need your disabilities. And on the mere mention that that we're able to comedy everything. That they eat so can't get some national apt term and that makes that. And the right people on. You know comedy that they can't hurt our campers you know how to parent has an impact. Camp Qassam is also not a date camp. It's a sleep awake correct yeah. It's asleep like avid and I don't recall that can't see from our. He ought to eat eat I can't check Wanda and top. That's bringing it into northeast Pennsylvania is this the first time and can you give us a little bit of an overview of what that camp will be like. They're that you're it can't I want aunt can't cap that actually happened on their own all of the chapter by her. Don't go out and we're different. Why how which where accurate and that should tell. People are checking your back. It's beautiful campsite. It has beat. Either great. That capping. The well and we walked out there now it's great app where my back again. So if someone is listening and they would like to find out more about getting their child involved. How would they go about doing that and is there a cost. You can start camper on captain dot short arc that application page. If you want to have registered for our chapter in particular you can go to captain got a special day and out. General information PH all of back after her car registered camper well now that it's completely free for any I can't. Actually encourage registered child records that you can't be. Bought out already that really. Changed their child's life. Hate anything that you would like to at our just let our listeners know that maybe I forgot to ask you about. We we don't really. Great fun great Mickey error are hungry eagle eye out. I am now we are only able to a comedy 120 can't it. Be a little bit. We need BK. Are you a question you'll pre Al actual. Cap again. Enter any questions you may have an apple. Do you have I don't date as far as the applications are concerned. I'm we got Amber's great up and although we were. And if you would like to learn more about camp counselor and you can check out their website at can't catch some dot ORG. That's camp KC ass beat him. Dodd ORG. Eat them the Red Cross is there. And enter pounds Nancy came and caught up with the local executive director to find out. About what the Red Cross does in disasters. The American Red Cross is certainly key component when there is a natural disaster and we have one. Recently here. In northeastern Pennsylvania build gold's where the executive director of the Red Cross for northeastern Pennsylvania with us good morning. I don't know we've done doing well I guess you had a busy a couple of days there after what happened. Back had a couple weeks ago we're talking about the tornado that hit in Wilkes-Barre township is a very busy couple days tell us about what happened in the ill timed proceeding that events and what it was that she had to do on the ground there. We had some notification obviously just like everyone else's that it was we're gonna get some bad storms. But once it turned into or tornado. We were we are on scene within an hour we got notified by who's on county MA of the disaster that struck. And we went to the staging area. With all the other fire departments and emergency personnel. And we staged with them in. Got finally went and got down by the area on Monday street and we set up our. A feeding station as we call it for all of the first responders. Ain't no end first of all your impressions. Driving there and seeing the devastation you know as the emergency cursor respond. I've seen it I've been a lifelong resident here who of that of Wyoming Valley and now I've seen a lot of devastation Lotta storms lot of floods. I've never seen anything like them first on scene. He's that we were there within the hour. It was just amazing and and I obviously the first thing was the first responders trying to going to make sure that everyone was safe. As so there were search and rescue teams are out there and it in the devastation of the buildings I mean really it was truly an eye opener how many. Emergency responders were there any I don't have an exact number but and we heard that there were dozens and dozens of different department. Oh my how I gagged I told those various people in America Democrats say when I got first unseen to the staging area. There was just fire trucks ambulances police personnel there had to be. Minimum be well over fifty units there on scene waiting for. You know when that the borders of where we're gonna go and where we're gonna start the proceedings of search and rescue. And for a American Red Cross are so many different things that you do. So you got to figure out my as you said they're looking to see if there's people or hurt. So you've got to be thinking about is this going to be something where in addition to feeding. And taking care shelter. On what are you going to need to worry about blood or other kinds of issues as well. Yes we have a lot of issues that we did that we deal with. That we can handle for the first responders. Obviously again the canteen. But then if there is mass casualty is story. Even even that's involved you know we we have other personnel that we would bring in from various areas of our region. Our region goes from Philadelphia here and we are trained personnel for every stage that we would need. You know if if we do need counselors we have counselors you know we have we have first aid people that we bring him. We do have again sheltering as you mentioned you know if that's the case. And in this case and you know since it was a business area we didn't think we were gonna neither sheltering area. Which is true but we're worried about mass casualties. What we're very fortunate in our area that this tornado which never happens at night happened that night you know. This night it happened in an area which probably had more people and it then you would have seen in another area of mine had a debt that would have been terrible if that happened two or three hours earlier of we don't know what will you could've been dealing with a lot of people talk about that because of the fact that some of their real restaurants would have been foolish it had just been two hours earlier so fortunate in that respect. Absolutely. And and just the on the restaurants will people shopping. People in their cars driving a mound Monday street you know in the parking lots. As we saw cars that had actually just been tipped over debris that had you know gone on to the cars. What one saw you one visual that I'll never forget it was right in front of the Nissan dealership. There was a vehicle that was on its roof and who is on distinguish truly cannot tell what was. It was so badly damaged. Which was amazing every every want to pitchers that car is like what is it remember this. There's also the picture of the chair from one of the restaurants in the roof the side of the building embedded into that building and there is a lot of stuff everywhere. And we where we were lucky very fortunate that there where you know just minor injuries at a time absolutely. How many of you from the Red Cross were on the ground there when you first responder was it just yourself for did you have a whole crew. We had a whole crew we we dispatcher O crew we were out it was probably about ten Red Cross volunteers there. Remember Red Cross volunteers and we notified volunteers that we had an incidence and make him out as always. And our train personnel were there to set up the canteen. Get the food get the coffee get everything ready for the first responders. And I do have to say the the community in general. Was phenomenal in coming out with donations of food and drinks and you know water Gatorade. The whole community and and I mean businesses. And individuals I mean. Throughout the next couple days people were just showing up with like I caiso water out of the trunk of their car and businesses are calling me saying hey what do you need and it was a it actually got to a point where we did not need anymore as we had too much. You know things are going well when you have to say thank you so much but we're reset first few days here yet and they would be nice to know though Robert talking about this for people now. That's a wonderful and people talk about the valley with a heart but. Donations are always accepted because then you're prepared the next time something should happen. Absolutely don't we first got on scene obviously we have our own. Supplies. And we're always looking for donations are always looking for volunteers. In Indian satellite that there is a time though that. We we really prefer people who call us and say hey what are you need rather than just showing up. With something because when you show up with. Food or water I mean we may have fifty case of the water there already one never use it true that in some. And we also didn't need vehicles in the area are peaceful because we didn't elf was safe yeah exactly exactly at a gas company was there along time helping to defuse the gas leaks and take care of that incident despite the fact that we also people rubber necking you know on the roads it's created another NCO two racing because it was Jeb people were blown away as an aid not a good word to use but truly. Stunned when he saw the level of destruction absolutely Dryden high. Absolutely and and the one good thing anymore with social media. I mean a lot of the firemen a lot of the I mean you know even some of our Red Cross launchers. We were posting pitchers and so people could see what it was like and hopefully keep them away from the scene to say look this is what we're dealing with stay away. You know sometimes that works sometimes and that's. Sometimes it doesn't let's talk about when people do and donate because I was looking online and it seems to be talked about every dollar that you get. I saw where it's at 91 cents of every dollar actually goes directly to helping people on the ground which is a phenomenal number. Absolutely and the it'll be over 91 cents of every dollar donated goes back to services provided to. Clients and in need and at as you know the red crosses we don't know he responded tornadoes I would respond move. House fires and he kind of structure fires where. The fire department calls us and so we can assist those that are involved. You know with their homes. We put him up in hotels if need be we provide them food clothing and we take care of those individuals in that respect. And and and of course tornadoes floods that we're always there were were there whenever needed. And you're not only there for stuff that happens here in northeast Pennsylvania but. Sometimes we've seen larger disasters elsewhere where you guys may be called in to help out somewhere else in the country. Yeah absolutely we knew we are volunteers are just an amazing group of people you know. And and I should say you know we're always looking for volunteers and if you wanna launch here you could stay locally. Or you can put your name in to be one of those that goes across the country to California wildfires for example we've had people out there. And if it's in them that it's a select group that really wanna go on what we called deployments to go help other people in the areas. Had to say idle for example last year during the hurricanes. We have one family that husband wife they're planning a two week vacation cross country trip. In an RV and the day before the hurricanes happen then they cancel their trip and decided to go to tech. This well to help people so there is a labor of lop absolutely it is and Casey can voluntary is say here and help out you can also volunteer to be analysts to also help out elsewhere yes. And you're always looking for volunteers now also the Red Cross is instrumental in if you want to get certified for first aid CPR. Yeah so you can do that too because some companies it will do that and it's good for them for insurance purposes as well and obviously now. Coworker should emergency happened. Absolutely to great benefit to offer your employees because god forbid someone. Needs medical assistance right away. If you had your employees trained by us by the Red Cross. There there to assist and they could help that individual until professionals get unseen but yes we offer first they classes CPR classes. He we even offer babysitting training classes which is a real popular one in our area and there offered either at your company or you can go to a community site for example what are Red Cross willingly offer classes couple days a week. And again that's all posted on Red Cross dot org. Or by calling 1800 cross and going into the training. Section that's and that's really key because I know people who would want child care baby sitter and it's so nice to be able to say. They were certified in house to be able to take care of the child should something occur. I'm also I an much as you lifeguard. Lifeguard certification like. Well yes letting our training lifeguards certifications in the again that's a specialized class than that they're not obviously run as often and usually we we partner would account he Horry. Oh YMCA to run programs like that. But there they are available and they of training is provided by us that the Red Cross. If we can just talk a little bit with summer here on some of the things to be concerned with swimming. We always worry about that unfortunately we always hear tragedies we've heard won a couple just recently. So odd to some tips for people in there with the kids out swimming. Be safe make sure your children have there there is floating is on and there. Approved. Lifeguard life jackets. And always keep and I am down. It only takes a split second for someone to drown. Nice what's really scary is to think I seen it when I go to go to the beach and go away for the teaching you see a child in the surf. Parents turn around for second Ike I can't tell you how many times ago what somebody else come and run and you know. At that we got absolutely legacy it only takes a split second you gotta keep an eye on children especially young shall at all times. At the beach it's very crucial because of the under toes and everything else the really. Watched children younger children. It could affect anybody at the beach it could affect your right it reaches the the under toes and it would the beach could be very dangerous at times. In swimming pools again. If there's no lifeguards there you gotta keep financially cannot leave them alone. And we have our fourth of July people will be playing with you know fireworks and other things especially now with the new. Our regulations where they can buy some of these larger and more dangerous items so any tips on how to stay safe. Stay away from. It's professional leave it to the professionals don't see a good shows somewhere and Watson professionals. But there are a lot of people will be buying fireworks I'm sure and it's let the adults do and at least on valid children. Ai I've even seen and heard of children getting burned by sparklers in Ireland things all of their harmless. There that they still burn. And throwing fire X. Silber you married so we talks about so many great things that the American Red Cross does so for folks out there who either one of volunteer. Or get information on how they can help donate because again why wait for a tragedy to happen you can be prepared. When it does how could they get in touch with you or donate. Yes he did you could donate organs out to display the going on online Red Cross that org calling 1800 Red Cross. Or we have local offices in Scranton looks very tongue candy can hazel than you could stop by the office. Or just call the local office and had five sevens in 08237161. And we can direct you and and direction. Volunteers we always need you. We train you don't think yacht I don't know what to do we trained it we've we've provide all the training necessary and again. You could stay local or if you wanna be deployed you could be deployed. And we also need volunteers even them to sit at the desk and our offices answered telephones. So it's not that you have to get something real hard to do you know we we packed the. Truck went. Water and and snacks for Lou fireman so you'd give everybody has a talent that can now resolutely we can always use everyone for something. Thank you so much for everything you did during the tornado when everything you do all yearlong a thank you very much and we appreciate all the support from our community and. From from you you gays here at the station. It's always great to work with a thank you they'll gold's where the executive director of the American Red Cross for northeastern Pennsylvania. You're on special edition injure com's Jeff walker and Amanda caught up with. And dots jump which I'll walk earn Amanda. So a lot of people are going to be driving and our friends at Penn dot loved to come in and fill us full of wonderful safety tips. I can't wait to hear what Michael last salute all has for us this time well welcome dislike Obama yeah. Oh my god look at that. Yeah. Well yes this time we have both safety and because all safety because it's going to be hot out to sales and hey Gary I'm gonna be near water must be good news or near water so you're out of both just move this week to make sure you do not drink and drive them well. That's our keys back because are you serious yes I'll finish and yeah of both commission movie Gallup tracking promote. I know what I was being sarcastic. Because nobody with a boat ever with things to drink and and vote. Of course they do he's telling them don't drive the ball Brighton U write because they can't of the boat and drink away right because that game could and that the book commission to be out there and Amanda shaking her head but if you have a boat. Like you're not going to drink on it. Easy you are supposed to have a designated driver for yet. Michael I'm gonna talk to you strictly go right ahead and be right you should have radio you said there's somebody you should have some and his new draft makes you have your life vests on and played six dead all right everybody to be safe in your driving to Wear your seatbelt and do not text and drive all right so. Okay we've got. Land and water cover. Now James Dean may is here and let me just take the opportunity to welcome you as well. Do you know well thanks it's good to have you here. With me this afternoon while it's great it's great that we're all here now and officially welcomed then dinner that if you work at Penn dot you have to use your full name. Yeah click and middle initial James Ime and Michael asked to Lugo yet. So you'll have some exciting news and I'm serious about this you're gonna tell us something that's gonna make drivers in northeast PA very happy. Well it's one of those good news bad news good news is there's some great things coming the bad news is. This still is the government has still gonna take awhile to get it completely done so we are starting this summer we have crews that are out right now doing some scoping on interstate 81 between the lock the one who's on county line and the concrete section up near Don Moore you know we hit it in the stars feel like your tires are. Yeah yeah everybody knows that I'm talking. Frowned on from. Thanks in flight out to you like. I can't keep Poland over is that what covering up like higher again I hired my way to work every morning I don't like I don't feel. Our current studio so yes we feel that same as there's some work taking place on that it's gonna go out this fall. But anyway it's. What we're looking at doing the scoping team out right now we're in the process of doing a complete renovation and a reconstruction of that section of 81 in the country section unlocked ones aren't funny line in the process of that we have to maintain two lanes of traffic there while we ripped the old road out that was built in the 1950s. And we assume what we do as we build a new lane right next to the old lane and we put all traffic over there and we take one lane out at a time when you're done with that. Yeah three lanes and this is what we've been doing on the bridges here just north of piston that's what we've been doing on the bridges around that same thing I 81 which means are you saying eighty what is about to become a 30 well I don't forget I ice that is still gonna take awhile so this process is starting this summer and hot on what they. Have to do there's there's so much involved and that's because you might be driving along and there's a bridge that you go under in the peers are right where the new mainly needs to be or you might come along and sections where there's historical type and other features with a look at this out walls you know what point are we moving the road too close to other other buildings and houses who do we have to build cell walls you have to get environmental clearances and right of way there's a whole bunch of stuff involved. But the good news is the process of starting this summer with the scoping Tina's going out and then. Over the next miss probably going to be at least this million number of years until it's Donald got the process I'll start and then eventually it'll be left as a three lane yeses and that's the planet if we went to the Fed's right now I said we will like have to have money to put a third lane and 81 they would say we don't have the money to do that. Because we have to do the re. You're trying single enemy lines was I we always stay up to the Lucerne county line do you mean the northern northern watch and advisory and all. Late not a politician out here to Pittston. Nobody it'll it'll hit the real busy area. Right and are subject here are right there yeah like right on what I hear yeah heading north on 81 every day and her. And without accidents without construction. It bottlenecks right after the Pittston exit heading north and I think. I think it's because the moves like accidents on the left so people get on the right plane and they have to get over it that's my theory and you're looking at me like you don't. Like this guy's an idiot in my totally wrong. Another a lot of things that there's there's a lot of traffic there as for one and a slide isn't bottleneck there are. Well because you do have the the merging in and out right there and there's just that's where a lot of the cars are coming together an NN's. I'm just sort of I would say the analogy go to the bathroom and giggle when you turn your spears taken on its you know a certain level. The water will just committing go right down the drain if you turn on too hard when ends up happening in the fills up because it did to drain isn't big enough to to take all the capacity as there are so. That is what's happening up in that area you also have other things like this this I'm glad they have how many times we hear though they knew the odds traffic reports on here they say you know coming around there right now on this on glared usually in the fall time springtime so there's a whole bunch no matter but just too many cars for too little space. So helpless on the way I was on away and overtime and hopefully we will still while beef actually working on all and is this coming to fruition the cup. Hopefully hopefully I micro. You've just bombed everybody out of Harvey's lake and like wallet pop tech for the weekend ahead they're all putting their alcohol away now from all of that's up to them but you gotta be careful all right just think it through ahead of time nature of the eighty things through even how am I gonna get this boat home after they get out there on the water and element too much to drink it. Intercom sprang to Andrews has details on the commonwealth foundation. On the line with us right now is Elizabeth stone she is the director of policy analysis from the commonwealth foundation Elizabeth thanks for taken timeout to talk with us. Out at five under thanks thanks for running at funds to help tell people just recently won the commonwealth foundation as well you folks to. Sure our I remember I'm quitting and a great. Where are equal but equal opportunity for their treatment and turner on it that's. Make life better or how are put into. Now you guys are kind of like a watchdog for a lot of a lot of stuff I'm looking at some of the issues that the commonwealth foundation deals where in Pennsylvania state budget spending limits school choice welfare criminal justice there's lots as well liquor store privatization so you are you are on top of all the big issues that we talk about here but this one grabbed my attention is your school district. Hoarding cash could you please expand to explain what the heck this reserve is. I carried her giggle kind of suggests all odds that. I think mentally really interesting but not about my well how familiar with but it. Really get access actually here at your local property tax and and eager to that in fact going on in terms of education I think it's a the pot from Romania out of the depth and they yen firmer idea of the Benson. And battery ain't fun you know some protection against uncertainty. But some money you don't and are now re cheating is neat eat. And he ran it well course and out of negative wondering need inside or at both the taxpayers aren't. And are we getting out then all I'm content but the object but looking at how much they haven't heard or and and what we learned that there exert open going critically battery com. A hundred and a repeat we can grow in 2000 and I teach and a couple of their checks are very infection does it as. And I only have a barges are unturned in dollar figures. But they are in there I think are more than 16% of expanding. And me I'm not utter junk out and we do what is going to. Start asking I think we're all our. I think he'd be restart it look after him that should be going for big kids. Well you know the first response that we've we've we've got when I started talking about. This is how could they possibly raise taxes if they've got you know a 1000002000005. Million dollars in reserves when I mean is there a reason to have a reserve fund. I'm I think in 8% to end at the data protection against and Erin beach. I'm but there are other unfunded and you building project is it for building products needed are fun. And they're popular I think that they they are but I don't think enemy without money for our. So would hinder me a call for economic and look at the number turnaround district and and we got to remember than say hey. You cannot you know and then keep it and gone up thinking I got the nerve I can you meanwhile I and it can. Explain to attack its. I come back and and they need me to be anxious to get there than hacking it to me and but according hammered you're just so hard and it it really dig the costs and we know why that's necessary. Elizabeth I know I'm I'm bug Indiana cellphone your breaking up a little bit are you driving or you you are you stop somewhere. I think that's right my my I'm not an apple but it. They got I had in me. OK now I want to ask you this in our area which is you know lack wanna lose cern Wyoming weighing pike Susquehanna county Columbia county sure there're a lot of school districts that are in the negatives. Does that instantly suggests long term tax hikes. Pakistan back Kirk. You know and that's gonna happen right I'm plant at the other end of the spectrum on that and you know back. Pertaining. At. But are eating eating in that situation there are a couple of them in both the district in your. I'm what in your area relatively speaking at your active directory and nerds and Easter a girl and I come to mind cash reserves that are 43 and then there's spending. I'm talking 57 with that eight million dollars he earned. Include while at third in the aid intended dollars. Down you know it. We want on. He can be in the Mary Ellen I'm each month very large and their and EMI it in the company can. Any doubt that situation and you know like screen and Wear year you're OIR I'm under I'm dead on everything in the red. How did you really think on accomplishing and been accountability. On local school board to their tax. Now where I'm looking alphabetically in our area Abington high school district looks to me like there are negative 51000. Dollars which is a very small number but that's suggests that there's not much cushion in case of an emergency ranked. Sure absolutely. And I take that. Well while the monitored that you can thank god that it's not everything on that subject about. Happened about an district had a very large reserves over the 20% stake here. Out there are embryonic at Federer on the independence faster I'm wed eight need to have a merger fund them Cushing and she. And different ball out really now for a our fourth funding formula I think they. Are we not do we need not Kato a good job. I'm making sure that the funding all of became. On our I mean primary and if I really aided in woman numbers down that's certainly needs that it chat not wanna issues that we face inherit. Now Elizabeth. I just got to ask you this because it's a real hot spot on Peter do you does the commonwealth foundation have any position I'm not property tax elimination on at a house builds the 76 senate bill 76. I think I need to get there aren't that. And competition and they say that no. It improperly packed and it's our area in terms of a larger problem and that larger problem in our our pension liability if we didn't conference it's intentional and not farm. Last summer early Tony Barbie could have a pension liability at third seven B billion dollars. That's really ditch rider behind the property act is essentially cap and attention problems and they can keep he pressure are hired. We'll action and that's property tax sales tax they contact. Or supplement actually days you're going to keep it those same pressure on both the subject so well against. On adapting you know go to the court. Are on issue rather than him Woolley Elisa assistant. Of the problem people are experiencing. OK but I. And you know the question is the pension the pension issue is like don't act like climbing Mount Everest what's the solution to that. Meaning it stops which we need to period and I think it is quite yet that governor would need to carry tension or are we can't and then trying to team heat right got 191017. The tremendous progress which in the air. At the pop the ball up it could eat eat but not impossible. And then just a while and I area where we have a Mac and finance which I'm the I'm praying and and yeah about I creation like. They need to get the that we can't miss on the op foreign made areas and even possible. But are essential patent Janet we have Pennsylvania. Where people can ill afford. It's in our armed and Tammy can attract and only then we can grow up population and yet. Good enough Elizabeth thanks for taking time to time when that's how do people get in touch for the commonwealth foundation. Well you can get a duet that I'm more patient got ordered. I'm not a nation dot org fashion reserve sticking straight to our research on sounds cool. Is there I'm in cash and rob so I think thirteen account but I'm a bunch could Karen Handel is a live eat the number four RPA. All right thank you very much Elizabeth self from the commonwealth foundation thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at the issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story.