Special Edition 7 28 and 29

Special Edition
Monday, July 30th
Special Edition 7/28 and 29   Michelle Reilly with the Mountain Top Rotary Club has the details on their annual steamtrain ride from Mountain Top to Jim Thorpe which raises money to support programs they sponsor in the community.  Kathleen Smith is Regent of Shawnee Fort Chapter of the Daughters of Americn Revolution. She joins us to talk about historic preservation they are involved with plus she has an invitation to an upcoming luncheon focusing on local history. We meet the Old Forge man who was a three time Champion on Jeopardy! and there is still plenty of Summer left and the American Red Cross is still in need of blood donors.

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This special edition. A weekly look at these shoes in the new. In the personalities shaping the stories. Special edition is a production of Entercom communications. It's on special edition I'm pulling stagnant. Today we're going to meet a man who recently competed. On the national team shell. We'll also find out about some local history and if you like to find out more. Who you can call to get your questions answered. But first we'll start off with a trip to mountain top where I train is going to be leaving from there in September. Eight and they'd love to have you on board. Let's introduce you to Michelle Riley from the Rotary Club of mountaintop and we'll talk a little bit about the Rotary Club in just a little bit Michelle but first. The reason you're here is we're gonna get them bored and go on the train where we go any. Iris now our fourth time arguing is training and take those two Jim Thorpe from the mountaintop. What an exciting day we have planned we go to old historic Jim Thorpe. So many things to do their their shopping and restaurants and museums and arts. Places it's just a lovely lovely town. We do it every year we take about 620 passengers with us pulled by a I guess I'll steam Antony for 25 to be in fact if you've done it before you know we're talking about it's quite fun. At this time we moved it back to September 22 hoping to cancel an awful it's on the way. May be a little bit after all the way the weather that we had in the rain. So use it you've done this before why did why did you happen to pick this particular event as part of the rotary event you know we sort of an accident it it was the idea was brought US by. Another organization. They can assets jumping in with them jump on board no pun intended. But of we said yes and and it was as such an amazing experience and such a huge sell out immediately people love it so much that we decided to bring it back and every time we do it just becomes more and more fun and exciting in its growing by leaps and bounds. Not give us an idea about what happens during the day so where do you goal howdy again it's fair use your art tour guide so. Bored with Michelle scenic driving to mountaintop when you're going to go to the mountaintop hose company number one. Where we have plenty of parking in and we have buses that shuttle you less than a mile away two putt not got train yard. At the train yard is where between lobbying and of course that's where we'll board from there. Train takes you then out to Jim Thorpe. And then you spend a whole day there in about 330 in the afternoon we start reporting back to head back to round top where the buses will be waiting to take you back to your vehicle. On accident around topless company it works really well that nobody weights anymore and then. Twenty minutes to get back to your car on the way back that's Greece to warm supply everybody with bottles of water we have an ENT or paramedic on board if anybody not feeling well. A we take from good care if you there's a bathroom on every single train car. And we have about nine train cars that go down at least now when your on your way to Jim Thorpe are there are certain things that you're pointing out do you have that kind of a tour guide or as the train does provide somebody that explains everything on the way through this beautiful Lehigh Valley gorge. So you're gonna see the river sometimes we see Whitewater rafting going on on our way down but they will describe everything T we go through two tunnels. Very cool and at the exciting think it'll dark for a minute. So yeah there is a tour guide last I hear we actually had someone from Jim Thorpe. Come on and speak and every train car a little bit about Jim Thorpe we can't up some pamphlets and something's free to do when you get down there that's amazing. And T so you get there in your on your own for the day. You iron your round for the day absolutely you can make. Reservations in advance for restaurants if you want to buy yet here on your own so much to do some Ecstasy Ngo and Denny said packer mansion and of course. The prison where they hung. Just to name a couple things to do but a lot. Well I would think that especially with the people that you have on this trip before that are repeat customers. They give a lot of to the people who are coming that are new kids. It's absolutely kid friendly they're so many people that bring their families and we didn't oxygen for kids and Jim Thorpe. You can even get on a bicycle and right around for the day you can take a horse and buggy Karen dragged in the afternoon. And get kids love it just as much to imagine being actually jump and I steam train and be pulled damage and part it's pretty non numeric claimed there was so much to do very exciting so how to we find out about this cells we to purchase the tickets we have them on sale on two different avenue say you can go to the trial pharmacy in mountaintop. Get them in person or you can go to eat and right. WW dot rotary train ride dot com we'll take heed to these men breaking you can purchase your tickets online if that makes it easier and then we'll have those tickets for you. At the will call table the day of the event. It's coming get them from a scout way Elizabeth fills that UCL avenues that we have now something is telling me that you mentioned 600 people. Half and you've had repeat customers and we sell out to you wanna get your tickets now do not wait till the last minute this isn't rain or shine event we don't postpone this war. You know cancel and because of rain thankfully we've never had rain shine shine slash year the idea I wanna get two tickets now since possible because it it wants it sells out pin high it's difficult to add more train cars at the last minute. And I'm sure that will win the rotary gets together they have a great bunch of people we're gonna talk about them in a moment that you also have some sponsors of this you have left to thank our sponsors so far we have on board solo the solo law offices. We have Orlovsky car wash repeat thank you to them century 21 dismiss partying group repeats sponsor thank you to them. We at NBT bank new sponsor this year. Cabin onto ground once again every piece sponsor. And we're still looking for a couple more Celek if anyone would like to be a gap between car sponsor for 250 dollars. Please contact us through how our FaceBook page to rotary FaceBook page and that's easy to get to send us a message we answered the same day. And then we'll get back to you so please looking for a couple response. Well now that we're talking about rotary let's talk a little bit about the mountaintop rotary we are busy oh my gosh yeah. It's off. Sponsor a farmer's market every Sunday morning in mountain top in front crescent high school in the parking lot there good crowd lots of local farmers bring Allen there vegetables and fruits and and it baked goods. So you we have just simply desserts and we have. Or Harris orchard. My gosh it's amazing you don't want to miss that he's stuck up for the whole week fresh jellies and jams and fresh fruits and vegetables it could be batter what time. 8:30 in the morning till about 1 o'clock in the afternoon now that's grace ain't gonna get there early to. Fresh eggs fresh eggs sell out really quick in the morning. So when I get theirs and that's right in the parking lot crest at high school can listen rant fruit tree on nine so you have to make any turns her Annie just right there street journal now of the Rotary Club of mountaintop does sound like it has a bunch of fun people. We do you arms Ellis a little bit about the organization are so blessed and we have people from its and every walk of life and it people who have been true road Terry and in their hearts. Giving back to the community and that's what we do this software has the money goes right back to communities to help these. Volunteer fire companies and our local libraries and organizations like live with autism. Or make a wish foundation and that the money just goes called back again and we're so pleased and thrilled every time were able to help someone. We also have a five K event coming up in November this is that I believe third maybe fourth time we're doing five K event. Last year was a huge success and we were able to help a student at Christmas high school. And turned just under 6000 dollars over to their family to help to help with medical and travel expenses sound that mindless. That was a wonderful wonderful event and everybody came out. So you don't wanna miss the five K event and we'll have more on that is against little answer we'll get together again do you all information from that with the but but really really growing and we're happy to see you crying it does. Conquer in the mountains starts out at great township parking on top of that if hills and on top if you're familiar I did it last year as a locker. And I didn't really that I've met the hallway and I thought okay good for radio they'll put a lot of fun lots of fun and breezy with a group wind is so let's talk a little bit about the group I 'cause I'm sure that your always looking for more. And enthusiastic and energetic people to come and join you we aren't we meet every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am at the chalet in mountain top and we are now going to be implementing. One. Evening meeting a month so these 3 morning meetings 1 evening meeting said he can't make good morning warning ones contact us we'll let you know where the evening meeting will be. And always looking to have a new vegetarian sign up enjoying our amazing club we do a lot of good things and we have business mixers coming up as well. So I have to and rotary. When we talk about the rotary now you'll have you you've been with the rotary how long fight years as a vegetarian I as the secretariat first and then. They somehow quickly became the president should check city to Jiri two year term as the president. And and I did vice president and now I'm just can't have. Back and down a little bit bringing that some new people opt into that executive board levels so that everyone can experience to leadership. Part of it which is you know it's fun it's clear that the growing experience and you also it's not just the Rotary Club of mountaintop there are so many other rotary clubs throughout the world rate rotary is worldwide we're in a district. Seven fortune and we have over forty clubs just in the local districts so you know he's a teen in Wilkes-Barre and and Scranton and mechanic and Alison planet I mean every there's all these wonderful rotary clubs around. They all have their own fundraisers we I'll try to support each other as much as possible. So if you can't do amounts hopper every club and then there's other ones out there so well my projects and he rotary is out there main focus was to eradicate polio. And over the last several decades. They have been able to do so there are just a couple cases left in the world sides of the sites they polio. Clean drinking water pumping in wells. In different parts of the area son at the children going to school can have fresh water. You know just projects going on all over the place it's amazing. So when someone sees that you have any upcoming. Train ride that takes you from white paper takes you from mountaintop through white haven all the way happened to Jim Thorpe. It's not just your rotary group. You're actually representing. International. Rotary currently. We sure are we sure. You know when we do our vocal things the money we keep that money local outbreak that money is as basically going break back into the community. Leave a food bank in mountaintop so we definitely. Help out at funding pet project you know in. That utilized that we also do a backpack program for the children. And the crest at school districts to send food home on the weekends in their backpack for them. Believe it or not there are a lot of students in the mountain top school district. Who aren't reduced meal plan can so this is they would be needs these needs that we recognize that that brought to us. Superintendent of Chris what is a military and he's in a row cheering clout he tells us that needs that are happening in the school district. We jump on and help out so all of these things that come to us we know that we need to keep doing knees he nearly fundraisers because they're expecting our help and even just as much as. Contributing to the fireworks in mountaintop every year snow on July 3 every you're not top there's fireworks all the money has come from somewhere so we help out with fat. Kyle yeah so many wonderful wonderful things on and so much and some it's all right I'm gonna give you one more time now get everybody on board that train put on year Michelle conductor that now let's go let's go out September 22. Is this Saturday. And it 8:30 in the morning that get to mountaintop get two tickets triangle pharmacy or even trade rotary dot train ride accompanying in the school district. We jump on and help out so all of these things that come to us we know that we need to keep doing knees he yearly fundraisers because they're expecting our help and even just as much as. Contributing to the fireworks in mountaintop every year snow on July 3 every year amount top there's fireworks all the money has come from somewhere so we help out with fat. Trial yet so many wonderful wonderful things on and so much and summits are right I'm gonna give you one more time now get everybody on board that train put on year Michelle conductor that now let's go let's go out September 22. Is this Saturday. Cat and 8:30 in the morning that get to mountaintop get two tickets triangle pharmacy or eve and for Avery dot tree right dot com. Once again that train ride his September 22 and if you would like to find out more. You can go to the Rotary Club of mountaintop FaceBook page where. I've been right dot com and don't forget they also are selling tickets at triangle pharmacy in mountaintop. Now don't go away. We have more special addition to come the end in our next segment we're going to need a woman. Who was involved with the daughters of the American revolution. Lucian locally and you can join her don't go away. Welcome back. Two special edition thanks for joining us. Next we're going to meet Kathleen Smith. She is the region to umpteen shiny for chapter daughters of the American revolution. Yes the DA are still around eight and thriving. She's going to tell us about what they do here in our area in particular. In the Wyoming Valley. Let's have you explain. Because I think a lot of people here the initials. Wives when you say DJR. It means why. Daughters of the American revolution and what does that mean. It stands for it's short for the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. As a national society that was organized in October 1890. And Washington DC. And the first local doctor is actually organized. And Pennsylvania an 1891. So we we obtained a started ND AR six months after the fact. So what is the purpose of the DA are from the eighteen hundreds to Tony eighteen. It's essentially the same answer we rearm and promote patriotism historical preservation. Education. But now it's a lot different because we no longer where. On white gloves hats as much. Will we were more calls today's DA are like after parent and a work at at at at an eighth united and things. They were wives of doctors and lawyers and suction answer insulin if you go to downtown Wilkes-Barre. The campus of us ran tosses the that was pretty much the local DAR. I'll throw a lot and so these were women and women who gave back in the community and and the story. Area on. Pro historic preservation even back then. I guess the thing that I think about is when I hear DJR American revolution. People would think that it was connected with the war effort. They did support the war efforts through the years and support they were very influential and supporting or one but these are women and myself and my daughter just drawing. She security came. Retraced our lineage back to the American revolution. Are patriots. Either served in the military or support the war effort by providing. Goods or services. Some someone error descended through judges. And other influential members of the community and at the time and it Buchanan. Prove like that Trace your lineage you can join you are. Lol so wait a minute now this brings us to a whole different topic what is Kathleen Smith's lineage. That gets her into the DA her. I joined the GAR and 2002. Through a man named gale saint Clair. He is an official is very somber area. And he was in the battle of pale and he was sixteen at the time. And he lost his most of his fingers on his left hand has left thigh. And he actually had served under the British. And came over. And more we can gather he was captured and given a choice you either switch sides or you're done well so he throws a right course of action. I bet that it let me switch sides so was he a relative and here's he was mine my great grandfather all. So you're able to Trace this this this is almost like it's that you're getting it too far. You're finding out about your family heritage and you're having an beat it tell us a real like it is very prestigious. We don't. Discriminate against race color creed. Sexual orientation like that and after a woman. But you do have to have I guess that's where I'm a little confused you do have to have a lineage you definitely have to prove your lineage back OK I've done it five or six times while. We have I survivors and relatives that. But arm. So remind patriots were captains. Some worm are drum majors like Daniel. Who is sixteen. And some just serves. And paid taxes. You paid the supply tax and Pennsylvania where our taxes locally. You're eligible that he supported the war effort. OK so there is there is a connection to the war effort now you said your daughter is eighteen you have to be eighteen and become an hour is the artists. And it goes up and draw on. There's people I know that are over a hundred years old man. And then they history game last spring and absolutely. You were mentioning downtown Wilkes-Barre and the a big part of the and the DAR. In your group is preservation correct and it's throughout the Wyoming Valley not just wilkes-barre rate so what are some of the places that you. Have been involved with when it comes to historic preservation. Well what we like to do is read do cemetery clamps. Trying to forward is big and the remark a lot of patriot graves you may recognize our we've done Jesse fell on how on back. Is done we just did Benjamin Kerry Ngo he's been hampering. And acts and tonight the oldest cemetery in the area where an Ellis in the country if predates the United States. It was founded in June or 1776. Where is that in an agreement Hanover green so Hanover township. Every document to write a bottom. Send him home okay and is it a working cemetery today as well actually they actually started burial. That's CE. Your bringing a whole new aspect of when people drive past these different places. I'm old and some of the other things you're also involved with is historic restoration of buildings. Correct and we are very heavily involved in the restoration of is that Deon Butler house and not very. But working closely with the bucks for preservation society in the Tony Burks. And we actually. Helped save a true demolition. We got a call that it was going to be torn down and so a few of us were around the clock literally around the clock. Standing guard not literally standing guard at its liking watching the boulders there wouldn't get coupons. And we also helped raise money. Two purchases for the preservation decided to purchase it. And now we just did a fund raiser Murdock runs. And we just presented the other day I checked for over 12100 dollars. To the preservation society for the house. So if someone is in the immediate Wyoming Valley area and there're so many things out there that people don't realize. Have historic value and sure you burn across vast. How would they go about getting in touch with UN and it's coming along and saying Kathleen I heard you when I. I think I have something but I'm not sure what would you do. I would. Say contact us on our public FaceBook page Johnny Ford chapter MS GA are. And then I would also recommend going to the world for preservation society page. Because a lot of what we deal with the treasury his ideas on there as well along with walking tours. And other. Historic things that are earth aren't looks very around holiday time. You have different blocking tourists that you do especially for Iraq Halloween. And I don't do it and you don't do a lot of times in historical society doesn't. And a lot of times Tony doesn't write for the preservation society but it's it's it again it's one of those things where if people want to find out abouts. The history of wilkes-barre. I'm right off the top of your head what are some of the other places that people pass every day. And may not even like that cemetery in Hanover and may not realize. What some of the Isa does that deal in house now where is that is that Deon Butler house as on south river street. And it's actually office for the preservation society. But it was not never on Bartlett street there was never any other type of house. And loses every one dollar house and and I didn't dollar was actually the leader of the Connecticut. Army and 1778. During the not around. And he actually built a log cabin and then 179 nutrients on lord Butler. And closed at worth saying the house in Biloxi today. And it has moved an 1868 by the handling can mask the arteries generally survive. Can you imagine moving house and 1868. I can't that's incredible. Well we're talking about so many of these different things and and you mentioned Tony Brooks because he. Does do and get involved in all different kinds of restorations. And renovations. And you have something coming up. Where people are going to have an opportunity to hear him speak and also find out more about you what is the event. We're very excited to have a World War I luncheon coming up in October it's October play at the genetics. And this here is there hundredth anniversary of the end of war one and Tony Tony's big Mac Asher miner who is leader of that. Her mind during the war one he's a very influential name locally as well. And it's it's a luncheon and we want to honor the war one veterans. And also celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the signing of the armistice. Do you have any World War I veterans that you're going to be able to honors there I do I'm actually put it out to my members. To include. They're patriots. They're in their veterans tiles I have my great grandfather Thomas Cochran. Was in the ambulance corps and from what I can understand. All the ambulance training was done it at the Allentown fairgrounds. When he was there originally from like California. At this time. So he had to go to Allentown. Which is that where he met my great grandfather lived in Allentown it's time to sell and what year was 1918 my grandfather was born. And again I mentioned traveling to Allentown. So even it was Dolan was a long time before the turnpike right right. Should tell how we get the details about the the upcoming luncheon if anyone knows of any World War I. Folks who or if they would just like to attend themselves. You ignore our public face for page again. And you can give me across its 570. 7049. And 09 and you said it's October 20 October 20. But you need reservations by. October 6 and it's going to be Tony Brooks is going to be there speaking on Asher minor. Who led the one owned ninth during World War I and indeed we do need to have the reservations that reservation deadline is October 6. Where did you find out all the information about your family. My sister actually him wanted to join India are and I'm going to of cynicism why in the world. You wanna join. And volleys. A feel where in the world would you. Now I can understand it she was dead set on drownings as our right and then she was unfortunately coming car accident at all. And so before she got to join before she literally did a lot of research she's thanking and so I did it researches. To see what it was about noon I figured if she wanted to do it let's look into it at my mind off things you know. And so I just I contacted the local chapter. And I joined with that in 2009. I broke off from a local shopper I started. Trying for you started this respect yeah I started out as we reorganized and throw ladies. And what to shiny fort symbolize. We're named after work Johnny who were tourists. In Plymouth. And 1776. Is now and then burned out a couple of times and we have yet to find exactly where wives but what they used to do Aziz to take the public ended at four pigment Indian attacks and thanks. In Plymouth and play at Indian attacks. Kathleen you aren't just amazing when it comes to all these different things we're gonna have to have you back again I'm. Back any time I'm happy to have absolutely and again that is DEA are. And AT you have your FaceBook page and give us that one more time shining for chapter and and GA RU can also wants. I do you call. You can find us on them preservation society page as well for preservation society. Analyst Tony and incontinence. My heart on all over the place. Indeed she is that's Kathleen Smith region of shiny for chapter daughters of American revolution. And it reminders that the World War I luncheon is going to be coming up on October 20 action and he's in wilkes-barre. And the reservations. Must be and by October 6. If you like to find out more you can find shiny for chapter in US DAR. On FaceBook. Now don't go away we have more special addition to come in our next segment we're going to meet a local man who gave plenty of answers. In the form of questions. To bring home some big money to northeast Pennsylvania and made our area proud. Don't go away more special addition. And welcome back. Two's special edition. Now we're going to introduce you to a man who had the opportunity to take John. But jeopardy board meet Alex turned back in person and also bring home some money. Dave Mattingly joins intercom spanking Andrews to talk about his experience. As he answered all the questions. In the proper form and may northeastern Pennsylvania proud. And just walked into the studio now Dave Mattingly. I know Dave. I guess one thing to say to you yes now you're at you're the old forge guns on jeopardy yes you should know made untrue. I was so scared by the puck up by competitors that last game they're both really Smart really quick I was feeling very squeeze so if you're isn't the only chance I had the entire game. It makes us debt deal between myself and and them to remember what that question was that was the central American capital cause yeah I mean I guess here's a last four letters and I never noticed that some are saying they're onstage trying to young co ops Central America Panama City Tegucigalpa. Armed Elmo and I just would not talk to me. Now you're an old forge native yet you know I'm I'm and his friend and dual port ten years he OK so it's an era computer guy yes I work in. I T I'm the director technology for. I relate unless it's okay for okay you you are really Smart guy killed. I mean in those in those first couple games you didn't even have to get involved in final Jim writes for a guy like me I won so much money and I just didn't need to to get anything at the end there. Can you can you tell us how you get a team be on the shocked it's a whole process. First once a year they hold to come online. Tasks up into question tribute tasks to. The first down thank you do on the and that. Because in corners we'll go around the country and Mikey too and in personal edition. You do values do another test at the audition you do a mock buzzards initially you know on any game. They talk hideous feel fear they'll come into your personality. And then a bad points case of don't call us we'll call you. And he can be called up to about 218 months. From that point on the show them an a to be about each must be so so you actually applied a year and Africa yes actually just my aimed. So urgent and personal audition about the wow tight tight track content before renting it picks I just went back to the process and luckily just kind of worked out now. Did you really think that you would be such a great and successful when I was certainly hope so but now I mean everyone who makes it to jeopardy. Knows they're pretty they're really good team players and a lot of this comes to Andrei I don't go to loch questions they ask you. How quickly can ask Clinton the buzzer system you know you you watched the categories c'mon guys and I watched you. How do you know so much. Have never categories there and they did come on no no yeah I feel back tears deliveries even though I trust a company if I have a very good ability to remember me useless trivia. I'm even if it's kind of thing where I can tell you. Tons of things just about state capitals by can't tell you how oil out of bringing up calculator. Right I know you mean but what. What was new and other than that double general ward it what was one of the hardest questions you've got right. It's funny it's it's been several months since I I didn't think the taping her. As sol a lot of this I had forgotten calmed where we know England colonial bank so what we saw yesterday was not. Recently taped it was APEC in April April yes okay so loud and it has elapsed between me doing it can be watched him with all feel. I so. Are not enriched everything was Monday's. They're category about two. I title character theme and title you see what care for involved with the and the bottom clue why is he old man in the seat the man. I think they're watching it just on Monday and thinking I don't remember what that is I don't know clueless but there I am sure enough fun then I think Santiago itself I knew at one point he. Now it isn't it true that when they record their record like six or seven shows a day it's five today so you watch Monday that's the first David taping of the day all we don't try to be the last candidate so bloody Tuesday Wednesday that was just on. That was back to back to back. Now Alex correct nice guy. He. Your injury international it is pretty limited because he knows all the information so all your. Yeah you're you're BT's has done a front camera but bulletin gathered from him Hugo during the taping breaks to the obvious answer questions. She's Sealy professional but he's got a very year. Sarcastic. Survey kind of humor to themselves it's it's clear that he's having his bus Fuzzy cameras with the position so it wasn't Connor stressful it was a lot of fun. Seriously I'm a surprise to possibly up on a stage. It wasn't as if I was on camera it's. The national television with hundreds of people watching me right there it was just me it was the board it was Alex analysts it's funny how just is just got into this is only gotten to this compilation. So distressed at all so if you going to get a pizza and old forge a minority in the I think it's entirely possible yes I mean do people into people recognize him yes aipac W caught me say. George you're on TV and I got a thought I'd ask you questions. I tell is different kind of police who want to. Up this class awhile back question how much situation it clean and these final total with the low consolation prize from Wednesday was sending 9400. So you want rather they and you check where they know I'm Ellis I'm still waiting for a three months after page of total cemetery while so while you made us proud in the thank you so much and you end up I look at Daiwa's washing gonna trust this guy and also. Our coverage go to school once high schools print crap and then to your suspension. I'm actionable thanks for coming in outside reg we'll be right back as a Miami. Actually from all Ford. Congratulations Dave Mattingly on some games. Well one. As we continue on special edition. We're now going to meet. Dave's got nick. Keys with the American Red Cross enter comes Nancy Cayman talks today about the importance and the necessity. Of donating blood. There's still plenty of summer left for many activities. And unfortunately sometimes those activities take those away a who normally take the time to donate. At the time of year windows donations are especially needed because more people are traveling AA and more accidents can happen. He'll be able to tell us the wine and the waiter you can donate and get more great information. Let's talk about blood donation on the importance of giving blood how often is it that someone actually needs. Blood every two seconds someone in this country needs blood the need is tremendous. And it is it's really 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. And the summer is actually one of the most challenging times to keep enough blood on those hospital shelves in case of emergencies. So a lot of times we think about when a tragedy happens and you get a lot of people who then we'll say I'm going to go give blood. That you mentioned it's it's needed all the time so people don't think about it in that sense. Right when when you get a community tragedy to happen it's actually the blood that's already been donated you know maybe a week two weeks ago. That is actually helping those patients in hospitals at that time. But when you get a tremendous need for blood in the hospitals you don't have to replenish the supplies and it is great to see. Every one turnout roll up their sleeves when their is that tragic event in the community. But it it doesn't just take tragedy you know it's it's cancer patients at accident victims it's routine surgery those folks all need blood each and every single day. That's a question a lot of people wonder is is it just for an accident you mentioned other things obviously if there's something traumatic people their bleeding they need a blood supply. But mentioned some of the other things that sat in the blood goes to what kind of illnesses and other treatments yes sure you're in the accident in burn victims but then any kind of found surgery heart surgery they need a tremendous amount of blood something like that organ transplant team of the big things. But then you know things that you think of that almost everyone of us is touched by someone who has. Cancers leukemia sickle cell disease those folks all need regular replenishment. Of their blood supply because of the treatments that they're getting a lot of times look at. How things are done over time. So unless people giving today as in the passes at the same is it some more I'm just curious as to how that goes. I think in general you're seeing dad as. The world that kind of evolves that you're seeing. In at the Red Cross we're seeing fewer and fewer people that won a volunteer you know so many people are busy and out to working parent families and and the sports are normally around everybody's just so busy. And that happens in the summer to do that yet you tend to see that big dip in blood donations at different times a year but especially you see now in the summer everyone so busy got vacations. You just don't think about it end one of our biggest is to Bob blood donors are. High schools and then colleges and universities. They're all off for the summer so they're not there so we see. About the 2025%. Drop in blood donations during the summer and most of that is because the schools are off it's good to hear though that young people wanna get involved and wanna help out. But as you say to keep it going how often can you give blood you can give blood every 56 days so about every two months or so and you know just to hit us up on the web red cross and dot org and it popping your zip code and give you a list of blood drives that are right near chances are there's one. Around the corner from you sometime in the next week talk about how busy people are how long does it take if you're going to say I wanna give blood today. What am I looking out for time frame of getting inning getting out if it's the first time you've ever donated. It might take upwards of about ninety minutes maybe. You know as long as two hours but if you've given blood with the Red Cross in the past and we have your health history already. On file that process can take as little Eisenhower does that hurt. It does not enigma at. Let you know way off. Well have to go give blood at some point the doctor takes it whether we're willing to give it or not sometimes up. You know it's it's that little needle stick but it it it doesn't I don't I don't wanna say who can give to them and guessing the vast majority of people can let's just talk about the few people in certain conditions I guess where people cannot give blood. I'm are there are few cases but I'm more often than not. We see sometimes on a women tend to have a lower iron level that's one of the and that registers. That we checked before we can actually take blood so I'm. Have a glass of Orange juice before you got to give blood and that really takes care of that nine times that attend so. And drinking plain wanna make sure hydrated before you come to give blood and most of the time. You're going to be and you can't most people can give is their some I thought I read where is certain diabetic. Medicines might affect blood. There are few conditions and a few medications out there that I would cause you to be deferred we do that complete list on our website Red Cross dot org. And you can find out all that information that in a most people most of that. The helping in population can give blood without a problem. Rain and and just so I can say also if you are diabetic can you control it through diet then your not affected at all so we're talking about as you mentioned. Just you know smaller number of people seeking check it out what what's the website can Red Cross out of work Ari now let's talk about the different blood types. Some people say oh it's very common blood type. So it might not be as important for me to give I mean that's not true because if it's very common it's going to be in need more isn't it out. Oh it's a tremendous need sit tight AB is the universal plasma types actually there's several different types of blood donation. You know their whole life but then there's plasma and those can be transfused to patients of any blood type. In an emergency so that AB type is really one that we can we look for and we encourage everyone to donate every 56 days you know as you can. Uncut you know all the letters to remain in whether your eight year beer oh your a B and positive and negative. We do really had a tremendously especially now in the summertime all blood types are there anyone is anyone tight that you. Need more of and others. I am not really now you know it's not a rare type or not pretty proud just that that evening as I mentioned is because it's that universal blood type and it can go to any person in an emergency. That's probably. No the one that. The holy Grail pump blood types would be that indeed that really all blood types are needed to do any at all throughout the year is there an age limit on donating. I have to be over sixteen to to donate them and you can do it up until you know your later years you can we have blood donors that are still in their eighties and even few in their ninety's that have been donating for. 506070. Years it's amazing every something about the missing tight. Campaign. That. Sure that's that's a program that we're running this summer just to kind of raise awareness and we're partnering with a lot of different companies out there Google was one of them you know. This city. The blood types are AD in oh you know what would the world look like if those blood types were missing. So it'd cool dropping the rose from Google you know right. Get a good giggle yeah they don't know that yet. If anything else is gone so. It's a campaign working with different court corporate partners to raise awareness about that constant need for blood. You know so we partnered with some companies like Google Domino's MasterCard state farm. Just to name a few it's a program that actually started internationally because obviously the need for blood is not just when it's the United States it's a worldwide. Issues so it's it's just an awareness campaign. It's highlight some of our our corporate partners and that's. We really where we tend to get a lot of her blood in the Summers mentioned the schools during the years but. Companies that sponsor blood drives and certainly reach out to us that the red cross and give us a call. And ambled gladly set up a blood drive with view it in your company and a roll up the sleeve and help save my. So if someone wants to give you your talking about as a company they can set something up themselves. But what about a similar wants to give listing today where would they go out. Red Cross dot org our website as an antique and just popular zip code right on in the air and it give him some blood drives near you. You can also call appear afraid of the Internet some of them still are. 1800 red cross and that will also give you that listing of blood drives are how the social media I helped in this campaign we see a social media's helping so many businesses helping so many organizations. You really can reach out. Tip to people immediately. Yeah is and it's just keeping that awareness and keeping that top of mind and social media such a blast of information all the time it. It can sometimes be information overload so in a we try to just be one of the messages that are out there. Delivering help and hope that when people are in need and finally that you mentioned it a little bit earlier but I thought if if people wanna know about. What to do prior to giving blood is there anything in particular they need to prepare for this with. You know just they cheery you're eat healthy breakfasts and the glass of Orange juice stay hydrated. And then if you wanna save time out the blood the blood drive we do have something called rapid pass he can actually complete some of that online or even. Download our rapid passed up on your phone you can fill out some that health history information and that kind of push yet. Well up towards the front line when you walk into a blood drive and and gets in and out even faster especially if you have not done so before rates so that helps you speed the process up. Yes actually you know whatever you can complete on the on the phone before you got there will also less speed things up and help you save lives even faster let's just mention a couple of the ways people can get in touch with the American Red Cross. It is up on the web at Red Cross dot org you can also follow a sound like us on FaceBook and American Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania region or on Twitter at Red Cross east PA. And again you're not one of the social media types are not one of those Internet types the phone works 21800 Red Cross for all kinds of Red Cross information. And the number for local office here is 5708237161. Dave's got that director of communications for the Red Cross to Eastern Pennsylvania so much for being with us thanks. We wrap up things this week on special addition let's tell you about some things that are coming up next week in lack wanna county. Pennsylvania council on the arts announced that free tickets are available for the upcoming governor's award for the arts. Governor Tom Wolfe will be in town at the Scranton cultural center at the masonic temple. On August the eighth at 7 PM. Leading up to the awards ceremony there's a series of free community arts events. Starting on August 1 Pennsylvania arts films screening. There will be the Scranton fringe festival guide launch. Also the Scranton jazz festival the lack of want arts best. Architectural building tour as well as the arts and the public good a forum. The afternoon that the governor will be at the Scranton cultural center. Now if you would like to find out more or get any of the free tickets to the event. You can contact the Scranton cultural center lower go online to Scranton cultural center dot work. The twenty teen awards ceremony will recognize fine honorees. And include a special performance by Martin guitar musicians. Mark the calendar for August state 7 PM the governor's awards for the arts in Scranton. And also a reminder that immediately before the ceremony. A celebration of the region's arts and culture will take place in front of the Scranton cultural center on north Washington avenue it's done to search to Scranton. The showcase features twenty different artist and cultural organizations. From the greater Scranton area. And that is also offering. Thanks for listening to special addition. 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