Special Edition 6/16 & 17 2018

Newsmaker Interviews
Tuesday, June 19th
June 16 and 17   Jill Murray, Executive  Vice President Lackawanna College; Edward Delaney, Esports admin head coach; and Joya Whittington, athletic director, Esports program at Lack College starting in the fall.  Gary Grant Jr. about the one of its kind “Squared Circle” Boxing ring in Plymouth, PA.  US Attorney General Jeff Sessions visits Scranton, PA to talk about immigration policy and policing.  An EF2 tornado left heavy damage to the  Arena Hub Plaza in Wilkes Barre Township on June 13. Local, state and federal officials were on the scene to survey the damage.

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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story so special edition is a production of Entercom communications. Welcome to special edition I'm Paula Wagner and Entercom is Webster and Nancy caught up with US attorney general Jeff Sessions says he was making his way to an event in Scranton. A US attorney general Jeff Sessions will be in Scranton today he joins us by phone this morning mr. attorney general thank you for joining us who are. It didn't really need that to be in the area pretty dark and we're very sorry to hear about them. Stole Oneida. Yeah it was our hope lingered around. The other Golan better and we were lucky that it happened at the time it did so their willingness many of them on that shop putting things back together but this just a few minor injuries so that was lucky for me so welcome to welcome to the area. Thank you you the news any or in the news a lot you're the US attorney general but we know that it's inspector general report. The probe into Hillary Clinton's email issued a whole runup to the election. We got the president's lawyer. Coming out last night Rudy Giuliani saying that you Rosen CNET just one data make it right when he once the smaller probe suspended. Any thoughts of that there is that something you're thinking about doing after this report is out. Well we're evaluating everything that's been a report on its a very long report. It on video than a lot of different issues and they deserve bond to be examined. And we were intended to take appropriate action brought on my own and sometimes that. Mean it didn't sometimes say they can uncover. The wrongdoing and if so people won't be disciplined appropriately. I so are mean obviously the issue of illegal immigrants and what's happening at the border in separating parents from their children. It has been in the forefront here. And and there are people who say you know were far including yourself obviously this is the longest of what we have to do and others are saying this barbaric. As you know in a quote yesterday I guess you were in Indiana and you were asked about this he says the United States goes to extraordinary lengths to protect. Though the children while the parents growth through a short detention period. I'm wondering what what is the short detention period I mean how long does that last and then what happens that our they reunited with the kids and then what happens after that. What part of all when you bring your children Ottawa the product in the country unlawfully across from the very dangerous territory often. I'll placing them at serious risk. All we need urgent that parents not to do that they should never. Bring their children. Toward the United States to try to get them in the country unlawfully when our own justification. But yet if the surely it is so what we've decided. And has always been done by. It certainly hasn't been done every adult is subject to being prosecuted for entry. Into the United States and if they bring children they're still subject to being prosecuted. They usually plead guilty within days. And are subject to being deported then unless they're my other planes. The trust they into the country that it gives them a court here. So all that it simply all the children can only be held about a Homeland Security people put 72 hours. The children there and play with health and human services. I helped our agency and they've treated well they get an education they're giving out medical treatment center well. And yet here. Obviously know that for a child that is an extremely traumatic thing to do to rip them from their parents wouldn't you say that that it goes beyond probably what we should be Dylan. Well we would perfectly perfectly happy. If I thought site if they held together. I'll put a lot of really does not allow that we're not prosecuting the children. While we're only prosecuting Leoville. And it is unfortunate that they are separated out certain I have no foam problem with that but the other day. Number one in the law as we try to that I did not allow. Early earth shall we take care of the children. All in high standard. On the secretary of my health and human services has assured me that he do so and spinning he says. As much as 15100 dollars eight in some instances to the future for them enough high degree. That you mentioned when they come here. I would get excited that he remembered now that every time an American is indicative of crime management console right it. Are they leave their children. Nobody take care of their children for them while they're incarcerated. So grateful we don't think this is an extreme thing but what we've got that they examined it urged state. Not to bring children unlawfully in the United States. And if they bring him through the port of entry instead of in entering some other place in the he illegally in the desert. All of then all of those is they are able to stay together. Isn't good or are they here illegally if they're coming here for asylum. Yes they are here illegally if they come forward Solomon don't you know the port of entry. The opinion of the port of entry they're not prosecute. And the family can be held together. So that's one of the things that we need to get straight he. We're protecting him and trying to create a system in which they they'll bring these children are dangerous area. Okay our dish out. Along with some other religious leaders has come again out against the separation they say that if they're fleeing violence and chaos in their homelands and these policies destroying their families and on dirt unduly burdening their children. I'm so you know DO RE if you didn't quote the Bible but you are getting pushed back from some religious leaders. Well a lot said laws that United States of America has a good legal system the most generous I'll. And immigration system in the warm. We know at one point one million people through legal permanent residents in the United States every year. And that. Those who are there on the books and they need to be enforced else we have lawlessness and the border are cited this scripture it's yes. Count Panama. Might support that are in the same poll that you should follow the law that your country should conduct that's not IE a bad thing and it. I think a lot of the generous but they won't be changed so outlaw them quite. Open to that. So we're giving out the AD and we're trying. Otherwise we got 151000. I'll I'll family members. You know the country like this hour's four years ago is shown that seventy. Thousand now. There was light perception that you could come as they San million. If you want to read that you would be released at that family you know. Whenever the comeback sort trial sometime in the future than many people never return there in the country and accepted all and we took them took. Place they wanted to go. This could encourage this huge surge in illegality at the border so to my church leaders I would side. Let's try to help these families not make this mistake mr. international blamed the government for enforcing the law. When there when someone is crossing the border and is not at a port port of it entry. And it is that it's simple enough just spin them around. Around us and them I mean is that he league bowlers as the humanitarian thing like why can't they just be rejected as they attempted. That is a good question bought it not possible. There and it in the country and make planes here and we have various legal difficulties that it is just stopped. All hell and anyway did it better sort of for the children that that we thank him in custody but they. What we've got to have a better alone there with Monique congress that helpless. Here's supportive of I know Paul Ryan mentioned our legislation where they can closes in they could do that rather quickly couldn't. I rode on a change that has changed a situation where we're not separating. The children from their families. They can do that Beckett we can and we need to do it we need to do some other things choose. Let me say he that we are at a point in history where congress are saying is close. But being able to. Fix this problem and make very significant way. And serve the interest of the American people through lawful system of emigration. But the people pencil by England and others throughout this country have been asking for or accurate. In congress promises and and they don't deliver it seems like it did cry. You can create a system that was in the crowd I'm that all in the lawlessness. And allow us to vote irrational and I'll I'll. So what will you be doing like a wanna college today here in Scranton what what's your plan for the day. But I will talk some about immigration but a whole lot of once the site to please graduates of law enforcement officers how much we value him. Not first play enough this president trump certain hall an executive order this setback the men and women in blue. And we feel like they've been disrespect it more than I should. While they certainly tell me that the wheels are looking down and supporting him all they do wall there's some federal prosecution. But I have to say I love also all all sort of thing the American people protecting them from the criminal element. And particularly drugs. Paul OP or they're searching. Simple minded hasn't. OP or parliament and don't know. The rest of the country these young op certain that the finishing him trying. He'll be a not for me to speak to them and encouraged them. Now and then to put directly link. That there are federal I'll sit down FB ID EA are called about her final outcome marshals. The US attorneys we backed down we work with them and partnership. And our goal is to reduce crime in America make our communities safer. The United States attorney general is Jeff Sessions joining us this morning mr. attorney general thank you for being here appreciate the time IPO I broke him. The right to chat with him that he take care. Stay with us more special edition is yet to come. Welcome back. Act two special edition like one a college in Scranton made an announcement recently opened new program that's very innovative. Intercom starring Kantor who's caught up with those involved. In the studio when those three people want corner college now he's always have to make sure you understand in the interest of being transparent I'm part of the adjunct faculty there are so I love this school. And I don't mind polishing their halo anytime I can't. All right they have a program called peace sports. Now when you hear about this so. In this in this studios Teddy Delaney Teddy tell us who you are what you do there SI and the have a good season coming up. We we do have a good season coming for six or turn herself. OK I have a couple of our grandchildren who I think are going to be star basketball players aren't aren't good enough for all right who wants to start by telling me what east forces. Charles and are ready go ahead so he sports is essentially competitive multiplayer online video gaming. Endowments huge industry on the professional stage right now and we're very excited to bring into a collegiate level. We are one of under seven. This sport now what where when you say this this is this is like basketball and football this is now a part of the athletic program that's sort trying to do we're trying to make an extension of the athletic department essentially don't Wear that we're in this comes from a meaning sports just popped up for what what do you mean what what's going on. Back in January frank eight. I got an article sent to me. About a college actually Harrisburg university. Offering scholarships to students playing sports night. I just couldn't believe there are so busy sports. Tonight I know attendees I immediately. Sent him the articles and what do you know about the season what do we know about this I am such a gamer as well in the you know this is this is the biggest industry going it's. Exploding all over the place is starting to tell me about all of the new facilities the Luxor for example just built a 30000 square foot arena in Vegas. Arlington Texas is building a 100000 square foot arena. Two house competitive gaming it isn't enormous. They do it enormously successful industry about ten billion dollars could be bigger than me oh okay I just just for the people who were out there I'm not sure I understand how I mean who you're talking about Arenas. I mean is that sitting in front of a computer playing a game what. What what is it how does it work the other thing that's basically it sound I mean what we're doing a lack of one is word renovating a facility herself. And we're gonna play it's 125 high end gaming PCs it's going to be like a state of the art facility. Right now I'm from recruiting new very very heavily to bring in new students currently enrolled students who. I get together and see what kind of gaming experience they have but now that's the digestive and as we get together. We logging in Leah. Play had I mean it just sounds fabulous Dreier what what now what's your role on this whole program PS so. Joseph presented the idea to us and you know as a as a head woman's basketball coach he is just custom action on Barney you know only and then he really diamond Gillick what does this mean what does this hinged industry in the news for our department and they're really just cause us some media falls in line and every other sport that we had their you know on the same standards the same. Go to common do we have first enough reason and it puts us in the path of progression of puts us ahead. Come and that's only wanna do we wanna have really status and one of the best so the more things ink and other progressive and high ending cutting edges it's great for our department and our. Oh all right we're tundra this. Think more about how did the young people are getting involved and how you can get involved we're talking about an. Fascinating I cannot believe you know I'm I'm reading this we're we're we're overwhelmed with tax from people who wanna know more about assault Anemia in just a kind of a heads up here reach for a pen and paper or whatever you need to because we're gonna give you information on how to contact the school but I but I want to explore this more this is this is. One Oakland textures as well so much for people criticizing videogames especially taps into the people who love video but it's not a violent Isp. Or striped absolutely I mean there's there's all different types of video games but. One major thing that we want to point out is that because we are creating an extension of the athletics program is that we're we're putting an academic stamp on it. And we are holding all of our student athletes and academically accountable across the board the same look good for the basketball team the football team. We want them to be fully enrolled twelve credits per semester I want them to maintain 2.0 GPA. Didn't take part in in study halls and tutoring sessions and and everything. Having topped the football players I know that that you guys have him. A very strict policy which I think has worked tremendously I don't live bugler are held to a higher standard which really were children you say scholarships scholarships. Just like a someone coming to let wanted to play football and blue women's basketball there are scholarships for. You're your recruiting someone for your women's basketball team you're gonna go on you're gonna watch some high school kids playwright you saw I mean I get. You don't watch people playing these sports and recruit them. I mean that's that's the beauty of a video games in and being online news you can record everything and for these games that were playing there's there's different ranks there's different levels you can be at and like I said you can record all of that and you can show hosts statistics just like you can for any other sport. And so once we once we get her facility up and running we wanna bring kids and can't complain together get them talking to each other and we'll see you but there's skill levels are now there's maybe a dumb question but. What sports I mean it isn't all sports. So I mean. And we're literally playing video games and there's all different types of official. Are over watch. League of legends and broccoli can. And now I had. Barack aliens essentially. Soccer for cars going into. And that even joking at the I had to sell. It and then they'll over watch is a 66 multiplayer game where EE get to select a character that each character has a different set of skills and abilities. And the same thing for legal legends except as IV five and I mean that's where that the critical thinking and the teamwork and strategy come into play in. That that's why it's it's it's that's why we're calling it a sports essentially is because all those things tie into athletics just the same other coaches. Guess study I coach and we have an assistant coach Robert ask her okay and oh how I mean Heidi culture video games. I can explain how Oden was explained to me what should probably help view on. It it's just that it is so similar to coach in nice or aware or maybe I'm on the bus before and I'm analyzing a movement pattern or on the analyzing the worker body where they're they're essentially doing the same thing there's. There's season there's tricks was having your your hand placed on the mouse the right way in just. Things like that and just the strategy in its humor behind it is that is essentially the same then you know we would have to do on the football field there are on the basketball floor. Not show EDU you mentioned it when we're in the break commuted fraud Notre Dame Aaron Burr who only want what one other schools are into this I mean it's not just like or college is goes through this nationwide this. It's they starting to become nationwide are so I'm just under seventy of us across the country and there aren't many. Locally in fact were the only local school in northeastern Pennsylvania are free sports. But we would be playing schools like Notre Dame like USC the bigger schools that we would never get a chance to play perhaps in footballer women's basketball or some other sports. We get exposure to their students. There are dozens of Community Colleges across the country who are also participating in the so there's not a community college vs four year college. Desegregation so to speak it's all one now. And infected I think just a couple weeks ago Tony I'm one of the Community Colleges in Oklahoma beat Notre Dame bank. I don't know what this. Yeah AAF there today it it that's that's as crazy as we do tend to expose our name with the with these. But these other big name schools because like she said there's no there's no divisions there's no separation. Much like. And in the NCA you have different divisions in which you plan this has yet to be. A sort of looking for regulated or regulated exactly. And so we have the chance to play the LCC up the road and we had a chance play Notre Dame and it into the options are limitless right now OK this is almost a dumb question based on the text responses I'm getting around just throw this out and anybody wants answered kemba it. What's been the response. It's overwhelming news absolutely. Overwhelming I think. The initial interest has outpaced any other sport that we that we had to start. And you know we're we're talking about hundreds of people making contact hundreds of people eat kids sooner. Armed students potential students people are and other schools that want transferred this high school so that's gonna schools principals teachers it has been Ashley number moment. And it really good positive. OK so. If I in nineteen views talking you're drilling you're you're you're you know basketball coach and so you can't take everybody that wants to play basketball tracks so is this the same thing you have to recruit the best. Content that's very correct anyone can get involved and now another beautiful thing about not being regulated ged is weakened fields multiple teams for multiple games. So we can have AT and novice team and intermediate team in advance team. And so I mean as of right now I'd like it sent a recruiting very heavily in more trying to get everyone in the door and once we get a facility in nineteenth place and together. Like I said we can put our best foot forward we can have a JV team we can we have a lot of options OK I think look I think though the one of the biggest trees. Us is I'm getting here and I'm sure and then you've you'll understand this immediately is that people are saying. That they aren't necessarily athletic but they love. Our sports. And that this just gives them an etch a chance to be involved in sports programs without necessarily having to be the shocked absolutely. I think that's what's great about it. I think you know we're providing a platform and have a new first student athletes to come in and be a part of something. And that's you know that's that's why we have teams you know. So I love the social aspect of this and I love bringing more and more Stinson is enough incentive fallen our umbrella. I have a we have a bunch of questions asking for more information on what you mentioned. Leo legends over watch broccoli could you explain I know you mention of it tells more about what that is. Sure so racquet Leakey is. Essentially like I said soccer for cars. We can have teams of three year teams of two. Ended in what it is is you have a rocket powered car and there is a soccer ball obviously the physics are a little played with there. But it's generally a five minute match and score as many goals as you can. Forward rocket Lee Perry aren't for over watching sorry. You have teams of six. And you get to select from a number of of different characters who each character has their own specific abilities and strengths. Found some may be up offensive players some may be defense of players some may be healers and some may be attackers. I mean they didn't they key to that game is putting together the track team and that and that's basically the same thing it as suddenly you'll legends. Is sound. It's five feet five he gets to select from over a hundred characters and I came. And indeed the skills and abilities and I came are very extensive so. That that comes down to finding. The right players to play the right people and and pair them together with the right people in order to. I get the victory. We have. More information on our website believe intend to ask you say you know before run out of time and how are people get involved in this Welsh people are saying this is great causes gender neutral -- is I mean gender neutral bias so bright gasoline and oh yeah and that's another cool thing is I've had just as many girls apply as I've had guys and Andrew just quickly before you give us some information era to be a computer nerd to do this no not an. And that's another cool thing is I've had kids. Contact means they had never done this before but on the interest it's all right and we're OK sports program out of people to get involved well I mean you can go to or elect our web site black wanna dot edu slash. Delaney he had Black Swan a dot edu that's DDO eight and EYE at Flacco wanna dot edu. I'm more you can contact my cellphone 5705740437. And this interview and everything will be on our website so you can also take a look at WYOK news radio dot com will give you all the information. You guys are great thank you thanks for you generally have inside. Stay with us more special edition is yet to come. What did an historic bare knuckle of Benton shine in Wyoming have to do with the Plymouth Pennsylvania. The squared circle boxing ring was created by Gary grant junior. He tells Entercom is Nikki Stone some of the history of the event and where you concede this one of the kind of ring just for a short time. It's that grants martial arts in Plymouth. Monday through Thursday June 18 through the 21 five to 8 PM. And Saturday June 23 from two to 4 PM admission is free. I have Cary Grant from the U something brand new made implement peak day tell us about. Well and I I was involved. Very closely Libya bare knuckle fighting championship that just thought about it. Cheyenne Wyoming. And it was the first bare knuckle fight. In the off over a hundred years 129 years I believe first legal sanction regularly fight I was and it's. Yeah well you know if it didn't happen the thoughtfully fury yes it would be illegal. Charles Dillon what do you do and impose limits that it isn't Pennsylvania right now. Well what I'm doing diplomats on the actual promoters. These sultan and days so the junior they're from Philadelphia. Yet. It and I do a lot of key journal boxing very little fight. And I met there met a promotion and we actually contract with the am. So bill called the actual ring that he bare knuckle fighting championship goes. Taking place and so we're actually doing the bare couples fight here. But there's a strong our local connection here. Yeah and what what they want it was 88 circular boxing or that a perfect so herbal. A twenty foot circle so we we built that here on the PA it's. Really the first of its content in the we we shifted out to us Cheyenne Wyoming Virginia Tech after the fight. We are flew behind it put together assembled. And it was one night of fights aren't agrees that it fights I've ever been involved with. And then we brought about it is it's it's implement that might gym and on the street outside of the you know we're we're going to be open up to the public very soon. Actually we got this really eat pizza. Do what I am frustrated I can tell I think some. Well he's you know he's we have outlets that if you wanna from down upon the type of these there are bullets and at all more you look martial arts he'd show them you ships or any of well. Bird yeah. For. Let me frustration that the that you you're saying this is that you were GM. Yes. Yes this regiment grant Marshall or implement. Them we we actually built this. We were called the squared circle the that the square platform that. The circular enclosure a top. And we built in debates immigrants martial arts and it's on the splintered off. Now is that specific though that ring is specific cuts for bare knuckle boxing which makes it. Different than regular boxing. Yes it needed to wring itself is patent pending probably was built he. He squared circle it is it is trademark so. You're not gonna see an either or any other type of boxing him and they kick boxing to complacency something like this if you see the scores Serb fought TD. You're watching the bare knuckle fighting championships. And working and o's have we will be watched these already. Played in February correct. Into the game be played June 2 does not pay per view. Armed. That's what I accidentally gone and never watched because it was 66 dollars. These these are well I don't think it was 66 dollars left I think it a little better deal about it he's. Yeah yeah. And we just coming to remotely accidentally hit by there was some kind of fight for 66 dollars. The fact that he might not understand the first 10 woo woo was thirty dollars five. I didn't let that that might not have been in the. Are there more affordable than watching let's say other fights on pay per view them. Well the well we're pretty you know all that work that any future interest in you know the next one will be. But. This is closer to a lot of fights through the marquee draw business and watching real business. You using wants the fight started and playing with my phone and you know confront it tasted you've just seen so many fights well you know this is bare knuckle means that there's no calls for fighters. I'll do this pretty exciting event I was very proud to be. Do you I'm. Of the martial arts and boxing seem to be two totally different sports in your involved with both of I mean they're both fighting to an extent. How are they Adam has had a you really both of them to building. A row how could. There though that's our you know what do well I was exceeded for whatever reason. I I want to be won a few things that I grew up and you wanna be. Talks are important engine. And indeed this could you go to compromise my parents of those will be the pluses and then when that's kind of how I got my started cropping world. You did everything has to be on the you can read it to you right yeah well I don't know what my problem don't you via. Did you grow up and limit or are you from outside the area. I I don't have a look pretty. Are not too far all. A home to the northeast PA bully. Of that involved with that this bare knuckled. Boxing matches in nations and a national thing. Two meeting as well and you have a studio returns home to. Do you find that these squared circle sun. Blisters from your fun facts about the squares circles. Well I think you're asking so what. Well of course circles person you would would you would you look at it is huge 24 plus more than it is it 22 foot circle on the up. Hand originally boxing took place yeah and you know what they call you know ring and ring was just teetering of people or Korea Turkey Q on the ground. This yeah and then when he started. It's when he started closing at the end. You know. With ropes or would do whatever they did in those days you know they couldn't get to bend in the circle so. Even though the boxing ring or even arrest clearing squared circle. I mean who unleashed these are the first flight actually taken place any radios built in a circle so. So pretty anxious to meet Michael told Israel Sunday and that's not hear it there all day because there really is. The first true ring. First for. For export. And hopefully it will there will be a hall of fame. It might be the only thing in the bare knuckled I think the whole thing because you have gloves there restart pulled up I DLC. Going to be at this hall of fame completely. Yeah that is true but they're very prepared all game adult do you work. I mean and and there's there's championship belt voters you know fight posters does the story is that she looked fighters so. So until he comes to listen you EU our boxing. Your bare knuckle boxing. There's an. People can cover and fight over the next two weeks somewhere actually attract sympathy here. They get more information on the the grass martial arts FaceBook page or display up. When did it for display you are always welcome to check in here at 57083009. That is Bulgari and tell us. Great grandma and it is opened the. Well from got to work earlier frustrations. I don't know if there's enough time how many times. Actually you know look people get in there and of Lou we get taken off the streets of Plymouth and putter right there there's an idea pulled off the streets. And in the boxing ring. Yeah well. Peter your take a little more barbaric actually it is. Bowed out when I told the promoter and he says this is the budget and let people. CA and his first words were you elliptical trainer or is it a source in the envelope to train that was special. Is pretty cool because. You know like I said giving ropes to and a perfect circle will no easy task thanks. Yeah Andy making it as safe as well for the fighters who was was pretty cool. You know he's become fun facts like it a feeling you know you can hide in the corner and there's no where to get stuck in it it was designed to make the fighters actually fight so. It tends to be easy and he get that guy in the corner and they just pound. And we have to do that Nolan to either apple could get going and you just have to keep going. To mix in warfare doesn't it. Yeah hosting so you know if you if you don't it's stuck in a quarter of that's probably huge advantage yeah HTTP actually got so. You have got a lot to last season before you watch so I felt that. Whom I might have a that's one of these coming up the cut them check it out is to make sure you give us a call us now it looks forward to talking to again in the near future scary thing Keogh. I do appreciate it thank you. And once again a reminder you concede that squared circle boxing ring and grants martial arts. Monday through Thursday June 18 through the 21 five to 8 PM. And on Saturday June 23 from two to 4 PM admission is free. Earlier this week and unprecedented. Event in one part of Lucerne county. A tornado touching down in Wilkes-Barre township creating damage to the Wilkes-Barre area hub arena. Right now we're going to give you use some of the sounds and some of the voices. That brought you the story of what happened and what continues to happen there. As rebuilding get under way. We got here that aren't there we accept all the that if there. That it opened the ultrasound that I didn't there's. About all the building about 41 little false god. There is there's certainly a funnel cloud. I did not see anything patched down make a quite a lot of putts down I don't think we indoors at that point there were some wired. They're you know on. Shop in carts they were trailers on all of the. The parking lot of people won't be America work there dig it out OK you know we aren't shopping center after hours thank god. That's Tommy from told Ron and company he's the owner of one of the businesses that was heavily damaged in the tornado. And he was worried about his customers. They're Roger getting in engineers and I felt CEO you know strictly structural integrity of the building through what it is very would Adobe I get all of us on FaceBook could be sometimes. So we will be getting getting in touch with people I get all the bus can't get through this phase right now and he would get merchandise there in the states now. And I we just can't get too and as of yet because structurally it's not doubt. Responders had plenty of things to worry about besides once the people were out okayed and they had to make sure that the buildings were structurally sound. Among one of the items of concern Ron Evans from Lucerne county emergency management as well as being the chief of police of Wilkes-Barre township. Talks about the propane tank on the property of the U call on Monday streak. The propane tank the thousand dollars. Right now he. Can tell by the cross winds around the pain. Estimates a little bit. The low 500 gallons. Almost every expert. Lucerne county and how worn take a look see there's waves update transferring. There is no. It's gonna do is natural for me. Before the distinction was made that it was an EF two tornado that touched down in Wilkes-Barre township. The chief was also able to. Give an idea of just how strong those wins where they turned out to be 130. Miles an hour. The store signs for gives us. Are right part of it was bound to bear creek that's been confirmed we think of. Businesses being damaged do you think of things with an adamant objects and side. But that's not the case in all of the businesses that were in the arena hum plaza as drinking Andrews found out. Adam more heart just from past called the manager is on the phone with us right now Adams she can you tell us what what is going on with your story and tell us what you did with the press there. Actually we were very lucky we are a lot like in the PetSmart frank Dodd. It's another 200 feet convert them itself maestro would have been involved we we had our front door kind of blown them. But other than that the building was not damage our animals were were perfectly fine. We went finally got in there to smoke this morning to do you know animal care check on everybody and we had this BCA come up to remove their Qassam purse saved for the next couple days but you know the power came back on luckily for our sure. So we are in this very bad shape as citizens many new buildings just 500 feet away. The devil that you do you worked there every day I mean you could've been right there in harm's way only when you sawed what was your first impression. I have picked it looks so apocalyptic beyond sort here America it's just it's very surreal when you drive up very neat and reduced. You know the parking lot of this just covered with. We know what debris and you know it is actually. We watch the video bomb and no one adore Moulin. And it was a literally not ten minutes after the crew had left for the evening so he could have been very bad weeks. You know and I know people that work at PetSmart there were actually in the building when it hit. Shumlin luckily they warned lenders well some idea age used to go up there it's it's absolutely apocalyptic it's a desperate can you describe it. From the other devastation is it is unreal for something and that took just literally a minute or two in our existence it's unreal. So now Ari are you opened today are you allowed to be open what's going on there. Are you know millionaire so we can tell a lot of you know with all the amount stolen play in this and the live wires and stuff but down the front in the plaza. No they're not allowing the plaza reopened today for sure and then more than likely not tomorrow as well that whole situation is influx of course. Talk meal we're hearing anywhere from them no but a date Serbs for days sometimes you know depend on you talk Q. There's a lot of debris to pick up there's a lot of electricity at fixed you know that big gasoline tough is still in play there you go. I think there's still a lot of stuff to be blessed to be uncover I'm imagining and they assess and continue to inspect. I mean no I know that there was the pima was there today here and there were doing inspections building by building to make sure our cable. You know it was just that it was amazing to see all of instruction and they just something I have never seen for myself and it's very very sir real material waste. How are bad now Adam you're the you're the general manager there of pet call I'm glad you're safe we've talked to you before I'm glad that no one was seriously injured I'm glad your passer OK and I thank you for calling. Very current thank you my pleasure. And now the cleanup is under way. Among those who wore on the scene two adults were the executive director of the American Red Cross build goals. Relief from the American Red Cross is on the phone with us bill has been a very busy few days for you what's gone on my friend. I'll manage in the future Olivia I'm never treated a lot of people wherein that we're doing here to help out where we're taking control all of Buddha nature and then water donation and treating ultra strict under. Now where those donations coming from. It's been unbelievable all the local community has come out all sports. You know I got in 1972 the value apart we still have a heart. Six we'll have a farm and nick really come about them mostly Buddhist people we have some resonance out outcrop. It's to a point where actually we started ridiculing people calling. They do you want big button and I know we don't need and didn't we know we're old trailer local food. I did tonight he's ready to go or Port Au Prince is under oath that we really overloaded right now it but who but it's a tremendous how boring to. Now bell when did you get the call when did you know what was going on and and and how did you guys first respond. I I was 11 PM last night right up there got started. When I heard the tornado warning eight. I got good because I knew our building New Brighton sort of look out of it I did I go to a Phillies go check out that. And then I Luke getting ready I got a phone call from our. The public relations and communications. And I don't think god I need the ability to boot and I don't all got it as an arm way out there. I came up here and I met our. Emergency management personnel and we went to the staging area and they determine whether or dump the do you headquarters and well and that's where we set up shop and that opened up our MTV event. Now you know I mean I'm I'm thinking about this is 82 degrees and sunny b.'s first responders are out there working in the blazing sun I imagine most of this clean up now right. Yeah right you right now I mean right now we're supporting Obama in the now PP you know probably had about fifty people here I think I don't know entertainment everywhere. TI has a ton of people here. There are a lot of first responders Bill Weir a lot of Bob police officers. For crowd control and also the security. So that that's what do now inserted this snippet mainly supporting that type of personnel right now. Anything that we can do to help the American Red Cross who is helping everybody else. Well I'd always you know the Red Cross around his I am I'm people we round volunteered your time donation. They moonlight to contribute they can contribute that there red crowds that org. Or by calling 1800 Red Cross or just send a donation to your local red crop up until they're in school student books period opened lower gorge organic. I don't know what we do without you guys don't thank you for your service of the two. Thank you very much you appreciate it and again. Thank everyone out there for supporting what we do in supporting our first responders scuba. It could've been very tragic glad I know we're very lucky it happened at that time that happened and that. Down it seemed to work for the purpose than that thank you again. Thank you bill the destruction from the EF two turned out to be so great that the state pay to visit as well including governor Tom Wolfe end. Pima director Ray Flynn. And on the line with us right now is Rick Flinn Pennsylvania emergency management agency director mr. Flint thank you so much for your work and thank you for calling us what's the situation there sir. I think is the governor idea. Did this morning and then went ahead and ended the tour of the area and cabinet presided as soon as you know don't tell a true story did the devastation that occurred in the city businesses such as. There are built right now we know there were 23 do this is this is preliminary between three businesses affected. And destroyed nine had major damage and create minimum damaged we're working with the carrying. I emergency management coordinator. And Lou Morgan and she's. We're will clue I've got to team up there were continuing doing the debt disaster assessment. But I can tell it was your local community response. The first responders did a tremendous job week when we got the word we went ahead and activated our car markers launch our armor operations are. And when they had an arm alert for the continued task force one which is a current urban search and rescue came out of Chile. I just in case they were needed as well as our state and commander team thank goodness they weren't needed. Timing was everything. Only six injuries are minor. Out of the whole Lotta bad and was basically because they try mean of this. This tornados are mature NJU grad true reporting I have to narrow from the National Weather Service about a 130 miles an hour. Affected. Today came in and hit an eight and get a great time meaning that. Very few people were actually missed or you dinosaurs were close. Mr. Flynn. That's my emergency management now as people or bring people need help or information kind of putting their lives back together after this devastation that you just kind of spelled out is that your office that will be coordinating that. I know we will be supporting. The Lucerne county. Merge command and so if they haven't asked any issues and concerns and like I said the good news it is. Very few residents. Obviously businesses and and obviously they are employed the employees there associated with that. But we will we working with canny eye to provide any state support. That they need. But today and answer your question certainly be at your best bet is for them to reach out to again the count gamers management office sounded Indian who has earned. Now and knowing that you know volley all the paper thing goes on here would wouldn't be likely that we would expect any kind of federal aid and I know that would be the governor who would ask for a but is this kind of situation were Washington might get involved to help. Well. I am very it there. If anything it would probably be the opportunity for an economic Cologne for businesses who may be out. Off for a long period time and they lose they gave portion of Varian com. And we certainly will work with that problem it is started in actual you know my other type of disaster. Decorations or or. Help from pima probably not just many people's expectations and everything has to meet a threshold. Our eighteen million dollars in desert dubbed images and those are uninsured costs and you know the majority of the businesses are obviously were. Stores are major international companies and typically there they've they've they've got insurance to cover those things but. Where were to continue the assessment and I work with economy and if in fact there's any opportunity pressed to. Seek out federal assistance we certainly will swell. Let us try just wash you know if there's any information you need to get out WLK is here and we're glad to go to work with you thank you for your health sir. You're welcome sir I appreciate your conduct here our listeners. My pleasure that's a Pennsylvania emergency management agency director. That is Rick Flynn. But as other times that there have been disasters around northeastern Pennsylvania. Once again and the rebuilding has already begun. In future special edition programs we will revisit the arena home plaza in Wilkes-Barre township. In order to give you updates on the progress of rebuilding. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories.