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Special Edition
Thursday, July 19th
Special Edition Scranton Fire Superintendent Pat Desarno talks about the new fireworks laws in Pennsylvania, safety at the Nay Aug Gorge and a free program to have smoke alarms in homes. Dave Skutnick with the American Red Cross says blood donations are needed in the summer months. Tom Mosca with the NEPA Human Trafficking Task Force says this is not just something that happens somewhere else, it’s happening right here at home and PA Senator Anthony Dinniman asks the question, should high school students take a Civics test before the graduate high school?

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Welcome to special addition a weekly look at the issues in the news and the personality shipping the stewards. Special edition in the production of Entercom communications. I'm pulling back then we begin this week with Scranton fire superintendent path to sign now. He talks about the new fireworks laws and how I feel the fact fourth of July which is right around the corner. Thank you for joining us thank you it's great to be here and a lot of people have been talking chief about the and ideas that. The laws in Pennsylvania have now changed for fireworks. Can you kind of give us a little bit of an idea exactly what that means for the average person living in your community. And in laws have changed to allow on pennsylvanians to buy. Higher grade fireworks. Speak like the days of the sparklers and little things at stake in the ground. On that used to be how one now residents in Pennsylvania can buy. Aerial fire bottle rockets on the little more explosive stuff more aerial Leo exploding stuff up there and camp by explosive it has to do with the amount of grams of black potter and the only quarter sticks and in the eighties and such are still not allowed Pennsylvania. But some of the stuff that that can fly around in the air which is probably more dangerous stuff you know is allowed to be bought by Pennsylvania residents now and it is something that an association belong to Pennsylvania career chief chiefs which comprises. Chiefs and departments across our whole state we were posted this legislation. But yet and still as loud as weak as loud as we screened it it it passed and on. And then there is a new taxes bananas today it's 12%. When you buy fireworks it's 12% an extra 6% has been an which was supposed to go to emergency services fund has been set up for emergency services. However one of the things were. Our association of senate vote is. We have been cut out though. The pool so to speak we we weren't happy with that and we were kind of calling it a home that to heart your blood money but you know we're gonna use that money if we if we got some two. A provide education on what's going on and maybe get equipment that we might need because we we feared that there's going to be higher. Higher rate of players going because things are going to be fine around especially in an urban areas where are paid departments or are located. But 75% of the the revenues coming in is going to emergency services like ambulance type things which is fine everybody's everybody needs revenue. And 25% of the volunteers to help with their training which is another good thing. But to cut the pay departments now seems to be. Right way you know since we. I believe we Ers going to be the ones that are involved mostly with them dealing with all of their ramifications of puts were careless fireworks. Well so irrelevant no that's that's absolutely correct because that's one of the things that we wanna make sure that people understand that you mentioned a very important word there. Training. I don't know you'd you'd go when you read the side of the box yeah I know you know education would be a big part in the common sense comes into play. And that doesn't come on the side of the Boxee now ordered and doesn't know you're looking at the water. You know just pleasing people need to use common sense through enters. It's hard to enforce the ordinance is that are on the book and we talked about before on the side you know there are ordinances on the book and every municipality but. They're just aren't enough bodies out there to stop everybody is going to be blowing fireworks off in all of these municipalities. Illegally because most. Most cities don't allow fireworks report. But you have to get me get to a permanent Scranton. The commercial people who want to do to big shows and our city you know they do they need to permit and they also need a million dollar pot when he command to to allow the show it to go you know so. That's that but for lake that's commercial use for about four electors residential people you know to citizens to use them know. The stands the stands and a brick and mortar stores that are selling fireworks. Do you need they're supposed to have a license from a Department of Agriculture. Don't know why that whether under their purview but. They need is to have those to use to sell fireworks in the state so the one thing we can do from our end. 'cause is to make sure that these stains that are popping up all over have these licenses. If they don't then we can shut them until for until further notice until they do get them that's that's pretty much only thing we can do from power and you know. There are no there's no caveat in the log and it says each individual municipality because. Are there and I know there are some municipalities that say they can only be. During certain hours. Those kind of things so it didn't carry anything. We have we do have an ordinance on fireworks we do have them but again the state law now supersedes all that so they armed. State law requires that and they not be DB less than 150 feet from structure. That's hard in the cities in in and in an urban community OK that's one thing it's hard. They shouldn't be intoxicated of course you shouldn't be intoxicated don't know whether it has the Gilad but it's in there. So all we can do is. It it's just impossible for us for the police departments to two run around from house the house. You've been through city in the fourth to July 3 July 5 the July. It's it's like Beirut for actually 200 tick to try to enforce it and that level and to make sure there and 150 feet from their homes. It is just an an an impossible task I think. And now eight and and will probably have to get the police departments to cut too like comment on this but. You have neighbors living next door to neighbors whose party ended an hour before and now the neighbors are shooting off fireworks and now. That can cause problem. These these are via the reactive calls the reactive costs through when their when the police are dispatched obviously they'll have to come out and do something about it. But for for them to go low and his patrol neighborhoods I think is just it wouldn't be it's impossible in my opinion but just like ourselves we have an open burn ordinance. We don't coral patrol look for people burning stuff and having little campfires but we gate cult we have to do something about it so. If there are neighbors out there and you know not to be wheelers for lack of better word but you know it's dangerous you know if things are going up near nobody knows where the coming down so. If you if you feel there's a danger certainly color local police department and report and report them. So probably one of the things that that people should also do is consider having there garden hoses. Maybe yes that will that would that would be Smart and know when I I was an offender so to speak you know at all only guy and I. But I would I would always have precautions in place in his garden hose fire extinguisher what are you whatever you might need but. You know again it's just be Smart use common sense and be as safe as you possibly can't. Be courteous you know be considerate of their neighbors you know he sees things going on hand to stop. It's. What's it we're gonna we're gonna try to. Lob your legislators to try to you know try to amend these laws in some issue performed to make the most for again our association was totally against that because now it. You're you're you're just allowed to me you're upgrading the level of explosives that your you've been altered doing it's it's just not a good thing putting him in the hands of country people. And a lot of there's a lot of people just think fourth of July. But. Now that there are available. The time here you know that's a great point you know assured export to July it was everybody you know scam to get their their relatives in New York State is the smuggler fireworks that yet but that's that's just a a fact. But not to be able to school by the freely. In the early before the July failure in I don't know a saint patty's day going to be fireworks. Labor data before every Holly's gonna have fireworks up as you can get them so easily every chance of increase during games. And graduation are definitely over everything positioning for Ashley yet. Now one of the other things too and how unfortunately your department is involved in this is the gorgeous name on park. How long how many before people understand. It's not a good place to hang out. You know it's it's that too dangerous beauty sort of speak it's really beautiful area and again as a teenager I was an offender so thank you. Yeah I felt and it is beautiful isn't great place to cool off but it's dangerous you know we've had a recent tragedy and what went up there. I I had never seen in the in the time it went up there as a young person and an end calls like Denon I'd never seen the water running like that so wide and so hard. And just it was just. It is a dangerous area and it is cordoned off as best they can be there are signs up there and you know that it's illegal to swim there which get taken nationals where they go. And you know you can't it's it's hard to seal that place it's almost nearly impossible people wanna make too we've been up there if people wanna make it weighed down they're going to make two weighed down. So again. Common sense would come into play you know and it is just it's also an apostle tasked to patrol that 24 sevenths it's just impossible. But. Sadly and but luckily we we have we have agreed to part we have our rescue guys are are amazing there they train hard. They they're great at their job and we do the best we can to hopefully. I'm have a rescue rather than a recovery and this was the second recovery in my four short years is as superintendent. And I got on several others during my thirty years on the job before that so it's just it's a beautiful but dangerous place so again. It and it's again it is illegal to swim there you know I hate to go on that but it's an illegal activity you know so that's another thing you should do your peers are breaking a lot so. But I don't know it just it's going to be ninety degrees coming up in the next couple days you don't holidays coming up that's going to be and I'd rather it's going to be hard to keep people out of there so please be safe be Smart. When the pool is just. Few feet away again. I think it's not her thing you know your health Hillary rival you're absolutely right what the other things that a lot of and I just wanna let everyone know that we are talking with Scranton fire chief superintendent. Saint in the same thing you're change same same and it anyway its path to sign now and he wears many hats. Throughout not only that but he's also someone who will come and putting your smoke detectors yes. You for letting me and we having an amazing smoke detector program in this city that I don't know it's not being utilized more. To call this number 5703484164. And hit prompt one extension one. We have a program that gives you. Two tenured detectors. Three whatever however many bad engine has we will put two years smoke detectors and and a sealer for free. Install on site need to do as descriptive every Scranton resident you don't have to own whether you own brand. And flops somewhere. If you call this number we have we will install for you free smoke detectors are our main goal is is that safety. You know especially with four children. And we've trying to get the word out into the schools you know we've we've expanded this program under my tenure for lack of a better word because that's something that really upon I really care about well again it's prevention yes prevention and you know it sadly a lot of these calls aren't could have been prevented or are a lot of the the injuries and sometimes fatalities happened. Could have been prevented with a little bit of but there's some smoke detectors. Well how many times do we report in newscasts. About on the unfortunate death of someone because there was no smoke detector or the smoke detectors were working in a home and a CEO detector. Yes yes yes yes frequently that was part of that was one of the things we added two to the tour program that we've had in place and just expand that a little more. But we're really trying to push it and I really wish people would take advantage of in the cities Scranton. While we're bringing in free installation can beat you know and annual couple phone call I might might I personally benefit at. One of the other things that and I know in the Scranton fire department there. Paid firefighters. But volunteer organizations. They do help out. A volunteers are amazingly you know. I in my thirty years they've seen agree shifts between be. Between two waged volunteer and paid departments cooperate interact with each other okay agree chieftain and an whole thought process and there was there was a chasm. There was a chasm. Just thirty years ago. And we and allow we've all come together because we all do the same job we want to all of us want to do that have the same outcome in any kind of emergency or tragedy. So yes volunteers are amazing I'm friends with so many of them have I was honored to speak at two different on the celebrations or four volunteer organizations so in to spend two convention with and met a bunch of great volunteer chiefs and and hierarchy. And we have in our association we have combination departments that are called. And that are gay or smaller departments that have so many paid guys and so many volunteers and part timers. And again were just saw what profession you know Robert for the same welcome and we do the same business. So you would encourage. People to maybe consider getting involved in there. Volunteer organization because a lot of departments are just all volunteer especially in rural communities. Yes it out west are certainly what I I would hit I would hope someone it would try to step up if that's what they want to do they live in a rural community in their David are trying to get underpaid department but in the meanwhile sure. Can get all your training uniter certifications and help out your community absolutely I would Elin absolutely encouraged that sure numbers are Don and again. That was of a good part of that bill that I talked about a 25% of the revenue going toward helping. Peep about the volunteer organizations in recruiting and training getting the members strain that is an important part of it. But again and decided we would just like a little piece of that pie since we are probably going to be handling the bulk of the emergencies caused by. Untrained people using fireworks. Just to help ourselves with education and without some equipment that we might mean. And that's the kind of why I brought it together because I'm thinking of rural communities. Lots of space setting off fireworks. Brush fires. I know yeah yeah feels brush fires you know that is absolutely we're gonna have. In a more urban and congested areas dancers are gonna have house fires you know and the rulers and there's like a lot of wildfires that can happen from this thing so. It's a danger to our communities and on with this expanded fireworks with more people shooting up more untrained people shooting off more incendiary devices. Can't be economics. Well he will keep thinking about you to win any tracking them and you're going to be compiling some statistics over the course of this next year so that we can we go back to our legislators. Yeah he'll have to let us know about that anything else chief decide a prelude right yeah I really appreciate you mean it's time we think we hit that's important subjects that are real and unlike we have many more. Because we'll have to have you back in the winter comes back and talk about digging out DF fire Idaho okay alive and that dramatic camera or microphone yeah. That's helped. And listening to this special edition. During the summer blood donations are needed the most and it's that time wind and they're given the least. We have to Cayman talks with Dave's got nick from the American Red Cross. Let's talk about blood donation on the importance of giving blood how often is it that someone actually needs. Blood every two seconds someone in this country needs blood the need is tremendous. And it is it's really 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. And the summer is actually one of the most challenging times to keep enough blood on those hospital shelves in case of emergencies. So a lot of times we think about when a tragedy happens and you get a lot of people who then we'll say I'm going to go give blood. That you mentioned it's it's needed all the time so people don't think about it in that sense. Right when when you get a community tragedy to happen it's actually the blood that's already been donated you know maybe a week two weeks ago. That is actually helping those patients in hospitals at that time. But when you get a tremendous need for blood in the hospitals you don't have to replenish the supplies and it is great to see. Everyone turnout roll up their sleeves when their is that tragic event in the community. But it it doesn't just take tragedy you know it's it's cancer patients at accident victims it's routine surgery those folks all need blood each and every single day. That's a question a lot of people wonder is is it just for an accident you mentioned other things obviously if there's something traumatic people their bleeding they need a blood supply. But mentioned some of the other things that sad the blood goes to what kind of illnesses and other treatments yes sir you're in the accident in burn victims but then any kind of surgery heart surgery they need a tremendous amount of blood something like that organ transplant team of the big things. But then you know things that you think of that almost everyone of us is touched by someone who has. Cancers leukemia sickle cell disease those folks all need regular replenishment. Of their blood supply because of the treatment that they're getting a lot of times look at. How things are done over time. So unless people giving today as in the passes at the same is it sent more I'm just curious as to how that goes. I think in general you're seeing that as. The world that kind of evolves that you're seeing. You know. At the Red Cross we're seeing fewer and fewer people that want to volunteer you know so many people are busy and out to working parent families and and the sports are normally around everybody's just so busy. And that happens in the summer to do that yet you tend to see that big dip in blood donations at different times here but especially you see now in the summer everyone's so busy got vacations. You just don't think about it end one of our biggest is to Bob blood donors are. High schools and then colleges and universities. They're all off for the summer so they're not they're so we see. About 2025%. Drop in blood donations during the summer and most of that is because the schools are off it's good to hear though that young people wanna get involved and wanna help out. But as you say to keep it going how often can you give blood you can give blood every 56 days so about every two months or so and you know just ahead us up on the web red cross and dot org and it popping your zip code and give you a list of blood drives that are right near chances are there's one. Around the corner from you sometime in the next week talk about how busy people are how long does it take if you're going to say I wanna give blood today. What am I looking out for timeframe of and getting inning getting out if it's the first time you've ever donated. It might take upwards of about ninety minutes maybe. You know as long as two hours a if you've given blood with the Red Cross in the past and we have your health history already on file that process can take as little Eisenhower does that hurt it does not a I didn't let you know way off well have to go give blood at some point the doctor takes it whether we're willing to give it or not sometimes up. You know it's it's that little needle stick but it it it doesn't I don't I don't say who can give to them I'm guessing the vast majority of people can let's just talk about the few people you know certain conditions I guess where people cannot give blood. I'm are there are few cases but I'm more often than not. We see sometimes on a women tend to have a lower iron level that's one of the and that registers. That we checked before we can actually take blood so I'm. Have a glass of Orange juice for a doctor to give blood and that really takes care of that nine times that attend so. And drinking plain wanna make sure hydrated before you come to give blood and most of the time. You're going to be and you can't most people can give is their some I thought I read where is certain diabetic. Medicines might affect blood. There are few conditions and a few medications out there that would cause you to be deferred we do that complete list on our website Red Cross that org. And you can find out all that information that you know most people most of that. They're helping in population can give blood without a problem. Rain and and just so I can say also if you are diabetic and you control it through diet then your not affected at all so we're talking about as you mentioned. Just you know smaller number of people seeking check it out what what's the website can Red Cross dot org Ari now let's talk about the different blood types. Some people say it's very common blood type. So it might not be as important for me together I mean that's not true because if it's very common it's going to be in need more is an out. Oh it's a tremendous need sit tight AB is the universal plasma types actually there's several different types of blood donation. You know their whole life but then there's plows and I and those can be transfused to patients of any blood type. In an emergency so that AB type is really one that we we look for and we encourage everyone to donate every 56 days you know as you can. Uncut you know all the letters to remain in whether your eight year beer oh your a B and positive and negative. We do really had a tremendously especially now in the summertime all blood types are there anyone is anyone tight that you. Need more of and others. I am not really now you know it's not covering airtight are now it's pretty proud just that that gave me as I mentioned is that because it's that universal blood type and it can go to any person in an emergency. That's probably. No the one. Then the holy Grail pump blood types would be that indeed that really all blood types are needed to do any and all throughout the year is there an age limit on donating. I'd have to be over sixteen to to donate them and you can do it up until you know your later years you can we have blood donors that are still in their eighties and even few in their ninety's that have been donating for. 506070. Years it's amazing every something about the missing tight. Campaign. That sure that's that's a program that we're running this summer just to kind of raise awareness and we're partnering with a lot of different companies out there Google was one of them you know. This city the blood types are AD in oh you know what would the world look like if those blood types were missing. So it'd cool dropping the rose from Google you know right. Get good Google yeah they don't know that yet if anything else is gone so. It's a campaign working with different court corporate partners to raise awareness about that constant need for blind. You know so we partnered with some companies like Google Domino's MasterCard state farm. Just to name a few it's a program that actually started internationally because obviously the need for blood. Is not just when it's the United States it's a worldwide. Issues so it's it's just an awareness campaign. I'm so highlight some of our our corporate partners and that's. We really where we tend to get a lot of her blood in the Summers mentioned the schools during the years but. Companies that sponsor a blood drives in a certainly reach out to us at the red cross and give us a call. And ambled gladly set up a blood drive with you and your company and a roll up the sleeve and help save my. So if someone wants to give you your talking about as a company they can set something up themselves. But what about a similar wants to give listing today where would they go out. Our Red Cross dot org our website as an antique and just popular zip code right on in the air and it would give him some blood drives near you. You can also call if you are afraid of the Internet some of them still are. 1800 red cross and that will also give you that listing of blood drives are and how the social media I helped in this campaign we see a social media's helping so many businesses helping so many organizations. You really can reach out. Tip to people immediately. Yeah is a it's just keeping that awareness and keeping that top of mind and social media such a blast of information all the time it. It can sometimes be information overload so in a week try to just be one of the messages that are out there. Delivering help and hope that when people are in need. And finally that you mentioned it a little bit earlier but I thought if if people wanna know about what to do prior to giving blood is there anything in particular they need to prepare for this with. You know just they cheery you're eat healthy breakfasts and the glass of Orange you stay hydrated. And then if you wanna say time out the blood the blood drive we do have. Something called rapid pass he can actually complete some of that online or even. Download our rapid passed up on your phone you can fill out some that health history information and that kind of push yet. Well up towards the front line when you walk into a blood drive and and gets in and out even faster especially if you have not done so before rates so that helps you speed the process up. Yes actually you know whatever you can complete on the on the phone before you got there will also speed things up and help you save lives even faster let's just mention a couple of the ways people can get in touch with the American Red Cross. It is up on the web at Red Cross dot org you can also follow us on it like us on FaceBook and American Red Cross Eastern Pennsylvania region or on Twitter at Red Cross east PA. And again you're not one of the social media types are not one of those Internet types the phone works 21800 Red Cross for all kinds of Red Cross information. And the number for local office here is 5708237161. Dave's got that director of communications for the Red Cross to Eastern Pennsylvania so much for being with. Human trafficking not just something that happened somewhere else it's happening here close to home. Enter comes Nikki Stone spoke with Tom Moscow. He's the co chair of the northeast Pennsylvania human trafficking task force if you can get wanna get passionate about something. And show compassion and do something that makes a difference I think. This is something you can get involved with and help to make a difference we have an attorney Tom Moscow on the phone he is the co chair. Lean northeast PA task force against human trafficking. How are you doing this morning Tom. Very good thank you Vicki thanks for having me on the show. This is no problem and on the because this is something that I think people don't realize. Is actually happening in their own backyard. It is it's happening not only across the country across the world both right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. And I don't want to distinguish. At the outset the difference between human smuggling and human trafficking because. Another sometimes some confusion smuggling involves someone paying. So it's someone else to get them across a border human trafficking and doesn't involve borders doesn't require a border. It's it's. It can happen anywhere at any time. If you have a much are at their own to I was a kid across the story and I I wish I would know more about this before. A young girl from the blues bird area. Yeah I'm not familiar without without story but there are stories in the in the press all the times they don't always have a headline saying human trafficking but that's what it is there was one last month and hazel township. That involved a young woman who was. Advertising a fifteen year old boy online to perform sexual acts with both men and women and obviously that is sex trafficking of human beings. They are there are certain. Web sites that you keep an eye on for this activity. I do not law enforcement does there's there's a notorious one I'm not gonna give it to any press but that was shut down by the federal government last month. That. He is being used regularly. And has been used to I think a problem is that when you shot one down another one pops up. So it's an ongoing problem. Brent I don't get any free advertisement I think that a lot of people do know that. There's a very popular place we go buy furniture you can buy a house to buy car and then they have personal sentiment as well and some of those personal ads. Or four. Activities. Like this factually correct and something that seems so innocent. To somebody who is just do looking to buy a new kitchen table. Is there is another section that could be actually selling people who've. That's right in the end it's mind boggling that in 2018. We're still buying and selling human beings. It makes you wanna cry. I hunter in 1909 human trafficking cases were reported last year in Pennsylvania. Alone. Status cracked you're talking about a statistic of what was reported through the human crafting national hotlines. And there is a national hotline that tries to track these things and all the states. And I'll give some of those numbers out. When your ready for them the people's people need to know those. Contacts. And and reach out to the proper. Authorities if they see something that maybe human trafficking. Now I do realize that there are people who participate in human trafficking. It'd which blows my mind too little because they eat it you have to know how all that child is or it they're older chilling to girl that's missing in the Blacksburg area. I am. Her name is Corey has flustered or as a Karine I am sorry and if I don't know the first name at the last things lesser. She's nineteen years old and she disappeared at. Just last September from the Blacksburg area so we're. When they could be young kids or it could probably be what do you think down early twenties late teens early Tonys for two of the women. I think it can be of any age you can be both men and women both girls and boys. Any age race. It happens to everybody and then. By and large those. People who are very adult victims were probably try Africa's miners. I I believe the story was this girl some beautiful girl from Leesburg area. And but she's you know teenagers go through that depression and they don't feel like they belong anywhere in. She ended up dropping out of school and she met this guy he. Somehow who was from new York. And he brought her back they're promising her all that this good life and the good life ended up not being so good. Well and that's part of the grooming process traffickers. Very much like how to files traffickers groom their victims. And and some of these young women's I think that this trafficker is the forefront. And their meeting in the law now against the tyranny that makes it so much easier first half. Happens. If it does and it and that has changed the dynamics considerably. And heartened to make it harder or easier to pinpoint. I think that's certain more questions for law enforcement and I'm not really. I would think that is it. It is a much more fast. The area to police in the of the Internet as soon as fast. You talked about you know the agent of victims there was flasher. I'm sure people remember there was and nine year old boy. 22 men conspired to traffic this nine year old boy us. And raped and our house in Pittston. That's human trafficking. We've heard about babies too but it's just so. Horrible it's not just sex though they could be to work labor rate. Could be labor trafficking. Did there's also the possibility that people could be traffic for organ harvesting although the approximately 80% of human trafficking in the United States and in this area would be for commercial sites. And are there. Places so we used them to look for this or how do we know. There are certain science. That you know if you see some of these science. That you you might be. Witnessing somebody who's a victim of human trafficking. Still I'm just gonna list if you can't. Freely contacts friends or family they may appear fearful or anxious. And and they would appear you know sometimes. If any are because they had an incidence you know and somebody checking on them might be able to spot some of these sides that's one place where it can happen they defer to another person to speak for them they won't speak on their own. They're not allowed to socialize or attend religious services they might have tattoos this is in in this stay an agent detectors are very much more acceptable than. And prior days but when a tattoo says property of and has somebody named Morse has cash only or has a bar code. Those are the types of tattoos that are you know and your average person would not be having but a victim of human trafficking might. OK so oh what Elton what can people come into week what'd he do when they think they see somebody. Who was a victim. Well you can certainly. You can certainly did contact local law enforcement and we've we would never. We've never encourage everybody to directly approached someone they think is a human trafficker. But if they see someone I think is a victim local law enforcement is a great great place to start you can call the national human trafficking. Resource center at 188 days. 3737888. You can tell text help. 2233733. Or you can even go on the anywhere in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania you can dial 211. And you can get some information of I may be helpful to someone that's a victim. For anyone who is a victim can certainly reach out to any of these numbers and just some helpful information. What more or should we be doing. Ourselves to be aware of this. Well keeping one of the things we do with the task forces we've been going about these are giving PowerPoint presentations. So if there's anybody out there that has a yeah a group of organizations that. His interest is and having a member of the task force come speak to them we would be happy to do that we are affiliated with the victims resource that are of Lucerne county. And we can be reached through them 5708230766. And just to highlight the importance of why we all need to know some of these signs which we go into more thorough in our presentations. Flasher in the news there was certain incidents involving an Alaska Airlines flight. Where there was a story is true it actually has some some training regarding human trafficking and was aware of some of the signs. And the young girl and an older man came onto the flight. Young girl has some bruising and just. Carried herself in a way that made the flight attendants suspensions she managed to integral to go to vote. Restroom portion left for a note asking if she needed help. The girl so she did. The pilot reached out to authorities and the man was arrested when they land it. Fact grow it is now attending college so there can be happy endings and if you if we can help one person by. You know helping them out of this situation and the problem is that these people have very difficult time getting out of dislikes once they're gonna. And that's regional food can spot the signs and help to even one person. Truck drivers happen and be one of that this. Who could help a lot sometimes as well as a reference stories. They have they have a very good web site to. Truckers against human trafficking. That it has a lot of helpful information and videos on its. And they have been and again that's one of the places where people are traffickers at truck stops so you know those truckers who. Have a conscience and want to do something about it have put together this effort to on behalf of truckers to make people. What we're and there are a lot of truckers have common sense and care about children's social. Absolutely. He's going to ask you need to and today before we do I have to go to break. There was is that there is something that some legislation this contending for the last couple years has not pasture out. Is this senate bill 554 which is more commonly known as the safe harbor act. I can't speak to where that is from the legislative process but. It's in the best interest of our children if that eventually passes and what it would do. Children that are charged and arrested for prostitution. Would not be criminally prosecuted they would be treated. Like to victims that they are and they would be processor to system. In an effort to give them away now so rather than taking miners and you know. Perpetuating the process they would give a morning out giving you assistance that they need. I think two weeks ago that moved to go to the floor so I don't know what happens after that went into when it actually makes it to the Florida. So he moved out of the senate and onto the floor. So that's encouraging to despair and extend its been around for the last since 2016 I believe. All so maybe it might stay here for the hopefully they'll do something with that I think something else might have been attached to it so I'm not. Exactly sure what they're doing with it as well Tom. The next time something goes up in the news and we need to conquer. Or you have something that you like to get out their please. Feels very. Two I give us a call or I'll call you sort thank you so much for checking in with us today appreciate it. Do high school students know enough about civics before they graduate. Intercom spanking Andrews talks with one state senator who thinks maybe having them take a test. Would be a good idea before they graduate. I'm aligned with us right now from Harrisburg. His Pennsylvania say senator Andy demand from Chester county the nineteenth district senator how's things on their in the motherland. A class god here's some the last thing you can't sing and very normal and Aaron British. I ended but I'm delighted to discuss this particular bail. Don't tell me about Madison this is an amendment to a Biller what does that. It's its own they'll let me explain what is what is encouraging now. We we have this excessive testing and our schools since three subject areas Dowd your biology and English. And all of others subject areas have been heard especially this priest social studies said that. So my episode several senators as well as some state representatives. Came up with a an idea that's an easy way cried together into the curriculum. And students sometime in their bicycle career all I have to do so that they can pass that test in this area. Fish we do well. Believe that every high school student should be able to pass this thing that our government and constitution. And the new citizen of into come sit this country at the bad. Before they gain citizenship. We are astounded by this study's. That showed no lack of fundamental knowledge. Our government of our history of our constitution. That's out there. Do you think nor can have a democracy. And a government that works its. You have to have some civic knowledge. When I went to school many years ago I'm sure many of your listeners sound 73. So I know man here listeners I went to school maybe in this same Mara. Social studies government civic square part of the curriculum. Because of that testing that took place they got the emphasized. And only certain subjects were focused done. And who eat if we're going to be to continue as a nation we're gonna continue as say bill Mott I provide a democracy. Our young people have to understand that no long would rights come responsibilities. And won his responsibilities. Is to nobody governments. Still vote. And to understand. How a bill becomes so law if Debbie new citizen had they do. Such a bad thing we should meg scared short that are schools are teaching this subject matter and then lo and Steven does that pass the test this well. Senator there there's an editorial in the in the New York Times that says the national assessment of education. Says that us. 82% of eighth grade students are not proficient in American history and 77%. Are not proficient in civic soul sounds like you are you're very accurate and your assessment of what's going on. Are you and and no end and and think about this first sector and that's how do we keep the nation together. I do Levy had we move forward if people don't know the fundamentals. Well what did democracy means. And we don't have. A sense of history a sense of community. And they get I think the fault lies when they when they started to create the keystone protests in the PS that's PA SSA tests and they focus and not. English and math then back and won an and then and then he found this biology. That would happen is you're school was to be scored to and evaluated based on the test scores. The teacher evaluations were based stand the test scores so this school began to teach for the test because that's how this date a evaluate them. We need to end this excessive testing. And we need to bring back social studies and history and this civics as part of the curriculum. And by requiring. The men that say this get old. We do is one step in doing shell you know. I'm an historian and professor by occupation. Take it to you bet that what we created the public school system in this nation. And when even when we created our high schools you know which came into being at the turn out of that. Of the century you know in the early 19100. We all. Believe it. That one of the reasons we need a public school system was not only to teach basic reading and writing and that. But there wasn't teach this citizen. How would make him become full of food they can fully participate. And make this station in democracy. And participate. In the a poll our election a process. And unfortunately. Oh we think not all bad over the last several decades because released stats. And now we need to restores and I think you would probably agree. I know that's around my I would note that I'm paid during the of Memorial Day weekend. I want to know this and these this senators would go out and I spoke to a number of were ceremonies where we thank the veterans. But what kind mentioned that that that the veteran safeguard democracy. I think that's but we now need to make sure our citizens. And our young people understand what a democracy is. Clearly people collided people cheered as people understood. Bad bad is so fundamental. In terms of keeping a sense of unity a sense of purpose and mission. For all process Americus. Well senator you know I went to your website and I really appreciate annoyed that you guys are in session on their appreciate it get in touch just briefly there are two things on your website the these are these are great bills which I immediately support just by reading them your Pennsylvania Family and Medical Leave Act extension and then and then up. Protection from domestic abuse that's I never even thought about them but these are two bills can you briefly explain all. Oh absolutely. As Condit family income under should understand what really bill what it as a coup bid. I came about because several constituents came to talk to me you know. If I. My very good. Again at. Again it hasn't terminal disease. You. RA EU if can I not fully. Oh to have that family leave. Because you are not defined dad and their relative because there relativism mother of five there a sentry not abroad they're all our sister. And we limited so rule into effect a bit this this by saying if there's a term I don't know if only has. Mad after that purpose our brother our sister should be defined as a family member who who. It coup if they would have. This believed. In part because all of them. That's the only person left to take care of their mom ordered dad barred in this case was the only person who had the ability. And to take care of her sister who lies dying I was like terminal just. It sounds like common sense but so does your your bill on the pad protection from domestic abuse once lesser. Oh well this this astounding when you look at the figures that you said that in odd that in approximately. Ten. Well it over two thirds of the cases so it got approximate to over two thirds of the cases. Involving domestic abuse where someone has a protection of abuse order against their partner. When the partner cannot yet of the person physically. What they do is they were either killed or maimed or try to destroy the family pet or that person's bad. To put our emotional. I'm traumatic harm when they can't put harmed physically they try to do is through trauma and emotions. In fact we need no other family. In where there is abuse. Where the person stated in abusive situation because there to protect the family pet. And that we are doing the process of actually creating she. At least in our area up I bet if this situation like that exists and they get you wanted that house. We have people who will take care about your pet. Forced several months as huge dead dead you leave that as soon go into a safe place. Which might not accept the bad and then when your situation you'll get it back but if but we do if we know every study has shown. And that could be harmony of a a banner members of the family is like people who wrote two thirds of the people who have been messing abuses orders against them. Blew it makes sense to increase the penalty for doing so. Some merit that these are great bills I wish the best of luck and I thank you so much for taking time out you're busy day the call us out in a pleasure talking here thank you very much sense senator Andy gentlemen from the nineteen senatorial district which is Chester county. Thanks for listening to special addition. A weekly look at the issues in the news and the personalities.