Special Edition 6 20 and 21

Special Edition
Monday, June 22nd
Special Edition June 20 and 21  US Attorney of the Middle District, David Freed talked to Frank Andrews about the latest work being done to protect elders from abuse and from fraud related to COVID-19.  Robert Torres, the Secretary of the PA Department of Aging discusses available programs for seniors, designed to help in the fight against elder abuse. National Elder Fraud Hotline. The number is: 1-833-FRAUD-11.   Meet Corey Cappelloni. Cory is running 220 miles to see his Nana.  Steven Shop, the Regional Director of the US Census, explains the importance of the Census, and details the first time filing options you have this time around.  Dr. Rajeev Fernando an infectious diseases specialist from Long Island with an update on coronavirus.  And Father Mike Kloton says “Welcome Back”.