Special Edition

Special Edition
Monday, January 22nd

Special Edition with WILK's Sue Henry  January 20 and 21: Insight into the community service projects of the Leadership Wilkes-Barre class of 2018; an interview with John Hersker of Flashback Cinema regarding a movie series regarding the 80th anniversary of the F.M. Kirby Center and an interview with Dr. Ruth about her book, "Stay or Go: Dr. Ruth's Rules for Relationships." 


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff management or sponsors. Now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will let you know about the projects members of leadership wilkes-barre is class of twenty teen. Have mapped out just serve the community will meet a loser in county native whose life has been intertwined with the movie industry and get the deet tails of some films hill introduced. As part of the eightieth birthday celebration of the FM Kirby center then we'll talk to renowned relationship therapist doctor Ruth Westheimer. About her new book on staying end. Or ending their relationship part of the mission of leadership wilkes-barre is to bring together professionals of all types from our area. With the goal of increasing their understanding of the community where they live and what they might do you collaborative plea to help others. The 28 teen leadership wilkes-barre class members have a host of initiatives that serve the young. Those who lack health care and community members who are interested in the arts. Leadership wilkes-barre executive director luring new CEO explains the purpose of the volunteer project. Stir up the program year our participants learn leadership skills. And put those skills into action. They break down into six community impact projects. Should be utilizing the skills they've learned in the classroom. The field how successful have these projects and then over the years and how meaningful are safe for our community. These projects took so many people in our community. Whether they renovate a park or they were put the elderly or children or the US BCA there's not one organization that we work with that hasn't been. Better for. The worked leadership looks very has provided them an even as leaders I guess that community is service component. Of a working life is is really essential right leaders really. Should be aware giving back and helping others and from that desire to serve and give back. More leadership emerges and one thing leads to another and we do hope that. The people that and a program right now we'll continue that's servant leadership motto. Too many other organizations that they work with in the future. We initially had the opportunity to learn about the leadership wilkes-barre projects from members of the class and we hope that if one hits home with EU. You might consider supporting one of their upcoming events Jamie Johns works for M&T bank. And she gave us the deet tails of the event head bangers which draws attention to the potential of concussions for young athletes. Well we have two members and our team and Jamie and done who both have children that are involved in local youth. The sports specifically football we decided to. Focus on concussion awareness and concussion prevention we also have an individual and our team Martha who works with Gary singer so she was able to pair us up with some great singer individuals and we're going to have a punt pass kick of that on Sunday April 8 from one to 4 PM. At the wilkes-barre sports don't ever going to have representatives from guys in there to speak to the parents and kids on concussion awareness signs symptoms. When I go for help and then the kids are gonna build compete in this punt pass kick and speed competition. So they're gonna have fun on the parents are going to be able to learn more about concussions and keep our kids safer in the youth sports community in any yet before you came into this project had you given concussions much thought. Oh my gosh now I mean I played tennis so not a big concussions Florida high school. But as I got involved we learned that. It's not even football that is the only sport with concussions I mean you have soccer and other sports so parents have to think about that as well and it's it's good for any parent. Grandparent that watches children teachers coaches. To be more knowledgeable and aware of this topic of the proceeds for our event is going to actually benefit the landing valley a junior football conference. To help them and their goal of protecting the kids down the line which includes possibly purchasing them on helmet covers. For their kids and all the different. The different teams involved which are all over northeast PA the cost is going to be fifteen dollars per child at door to participate in the punt pass and kick event. Now we have any parents or guardians or teachers that wanna comment just attend. The guy singer medical program about the concussion awareness there while the comment no cost we want as many people in the community to be aware of this issue. On to learn as much as they cancel that's free and open to any parent teachers or whoever but let's come and don't forget to check out our FaceBook page. It's and EPA protect your head. So please find it like it would post articles about concussion awareness our event any details any changes to that if you have questions feel free to reach out via -- is the paint. Amber Loomis of the family service association of northeastern Pennsylvania has the deet tails of trails for tails up project to benefit the Lucerne county SB CAA mine and new to family service association site at this. You really good upper teens need to kinda get to now on a different other individuals or in a lot of other. Nearby agencies. And just want to make some contacts and network and and help get my name out there as skimming agencies Nina talk about the project that you and your team are working on. Online gambling group trails for tales and we are you leaning project for the SEC analyst count me. They are in dire need change while. So right now at ESP seeing. A lot of volunteers that are coming into locker dogs don't have a designated area an area they do at this very small confines. So this trailer is going to be about five to six Eli going around pet cemetery. So me are really excited to be working on this project and to get is the volunteers the community yes he's he workers as well of course pets that are looking for homes and nice exercise area gallant stretch. There a lot of them pet lovers in this group. A lot of dog lovers cat mothers and we just really want is causing. And in that regard you have an event coming up the people can attend if they too love animals and wanna help prey on Sunday February 18 at ten and thinking extend. We are holding me cocktails for a cause event it's from two beautiful art. It's thirty dollars per person in includes unlimited food as well as open bar there's going to be music. Gift basket raffles it's going to be a really great event come out here and really show your support for at ASPCA as well as leadership looks. You learned so far from being in leadership looks very what do you think you're gonna take away from this I know it's early in the process the would you think so far what I did actually think with our group in particular act. We've really been working on together really kind of working as a team you know and that every like an anti keen teach in on themselves working as a team coming to a consensus. And I think that's one of the biggest things I'm going to take Elaine from this experience. You have an initial fund raising event and then it'll be a part of this project where there is the unveiling can you talk about that we're shooting form may but we wanna have a red carpet reveals over hope being in the months or during the month of April that we are vehemently get together of course a few weekends. And you know bring the peak grab on and the we'd very airing get this trail put into place. And then our bullets and the name to have a red carpet reveals an ridding signing ceremony they wanna bring out some of the dog and bow ties to to use it really showcase the pets that are looking for their for ever and it's just going to be really fun and then to really showcase this project and we worked really hard and and we of course are always looking for sponsors so if you're interest and become mean jockey weight stations sponsor our thanks concerts last. Month to. HM for more information in leadership. Looks very tackler and also if you had any other questions he now trails for tails at Hotmail dot com. Shaw Handley a Procter & Gamble paper products explains his groups in stressed. In eating a local learning center through their project move Lynn quests. We really had to concerts that we latched ourselves and we were initially formed as a group the one big component we knew we wanted to help kids in some way it was an underprivileged Torre meals sponsoring this thing in that regard. Other than the other major item that we really wanted to focus on was. Technology and engineering mathematics really the stem program and helping kids learn on from a stem perspective so in the Glenn education center here really provided a great opportunity for us to take an outstanding platform that already existed. And boost to those stem capabilities to happy a greater impact on the kids that they serve. Let's talk about what impressed you about the work. Of the Oakland center wilkes-barre. Sister at least king who's the current operator for the from the Oakland Saturn has really done an amazing job over the past several years and making them Oakland senator. Really really shining in the work that they've done in the past 45 years that the senator has been in existence they serve really over 9000 kids for that community. And in that time not a single one has been. A part of our juvenile justice system which to me is an amazing. Metric to shoved a senators doing outstanding work keeping kids. Engaged in their community helping them be successful in their educational careers nothing in going to do it he. And how your group. Foster that further. We have two major components that were looking to leverage of our project the first of that is awareness of the Oakland center has been doing such an amazing job with their programming. We really wanna bring that to the forefront of our community awareness and help people. To see impact that they're having and to perhaps if there are so inclined to help promote. What they're doing there there are completely donation supported. Both for their staffing and all of their programming and they due field trips they do educational programming for kids after school. Who want to help to support them in that regard of agreement it to the community's attention the second component is we do wanna help them revitalize and restore their facilities. It's a little bit outdated they have some computer technology Terrence have you sold and is starting to reach the end of its chief useful lifespan and so we are a working towards is is getting complete technology overhaul. On the computers for the senator to really boost their technological capabilities especially as they have older children. We're getting involved really school projects with reports and so on that really require computer. Assistance and a lot of these kids do not have the ability to do that home. This really provides an outlet and a place for them to be able to do this successfully. And in the process of doing so we are gonna bring some cosmetic upgrades new tables and new workspace is to help make the most of the space that they are currently working it. Has this tragic and received. It's really been outstanding so far we have phenomenal response to our first fund raiser we had a spin Foreman Glenn fitness events we had four sessions. At a local fitness center sponsored we had an outstanding response to that we get a basket raffle that really went over very very well. And that enabled must provide holiday gift bags with a brand new set of sneakers. Dental health care kit. And it was some other items to provide every single one of the kids in the Clinton program. Going into the Christmas season. We will have Alec and other fundraising event help support our portion of technology portion of the of the work that we're looking to do. But then a big portion is is bring it to the community's attention to help. Help them in their mission we've been thrilled with all of our community support as we move forward this front we don't think of the barn in position for Tom for helping us with our with our fitness honor. Fortune the project has been from Oakland offense. We want to thank valley Chevrolet for their generosity in helping to support our our projects. And you know issues for helping to. Both provide shoot donations as well as a discounted price in the army presence she's that we need to purchase another big component of our holiday gift was provided by pink a pencil and helping us assemble and and provide the materials for all of our health care kits that we provide the children. Ruth love it of CVS Caremark introduces us to her group's project Phoenix rising. Benefiting community theater in avoca I had coworkers that being previously involved with leadership and they just spoke very highly of the experience and it really helped them at their leadership's Gilles Simon becoming managers with in my company. So that really you know was my motivation in Washington to be involved in this. Secret out now once you. Gotten involved obviously there's a service project that every group does. And this this project actually is pretty personal to you right it is yes I recently in home enter any. I die argument involved in local theater groups in the area. To aid vocal and piano and I was looking for something new for her to get involved in. And I was excited and I found Phoenix a block from my home so assuming is and I am going to mean for speeding leadership there at first base they keep in mind up about this renovation project it seems like it is pretty comprehensive it is so of that Phoenix performing arts group has been in the billing for ten years actually celebrating their ten year anniversary in 2018. But that banning itself is over a hundred years old it was at oak Atlantic printers or. And have been there for a hundred years and it's fair and down very old so it means a lot of animation out of talk about the way the year going about. Helping the Phoenix the air what is your project and how can people help I mean goal is to expand their seeding to bring more people into the shelves. Reinforcing their seats. We're renovating the front of the building to. Be able to bring more publicity to the theater itself and we're doing that through in kind donations and various businesses we need to in the building materials in order to do that. And and me also are selling under raffles to raise money you paid contractors doing our ups and to get one of these calendar raffles hound does. How does our listener go about that you can find our group on FaceBook I'm tired project neem is Phoenix rising answer these apiece as well and there is also an email address that you can email us it's Phoenix rising LWT. Eighteen at Gmail contact Jeff Bowman of light speed technologies explains a project that will benefit a free clinic in wilkes-barre. That needs some medical equipment to improve. It's services. Someone in my company thought I might possess some leadership qualities perhaps. But it's so one of the main components is to build leadership skills. And also to network and to go out and serve in the community. So these are the qualities that certainly I've taken two and or man number of Greek people. And together with these great people you've come up. With up project clear undertaking that helps our community yes indeed we call ourselves the health care heroes. Because we concentrator our efforts on the Wilkes they're free clinic. On south Franklin street in Wilkes bare its in the basement of saint Stephen's church and it helps people with health services. Who don't necessarily have health care. At their fingertips they lack insurance but there are volunteer doctor and also staff of nurses who wants a volunteer their time. To take care some of their needs how did you decide that this is the project they wanted to do his or anybody in the group that was more influential or how did you. Settle on the in our group is Mike to mayor from guys in here. And he is a physical therapist and he is also. In league with the number whether doctors who. Right away make him aware of this and be right to our tension and it was unanimous that this was a greed and ever wanted to be involved. And help them out in any way they need and we earmarked those needs you know talk about how this is working on what you've done so foreign what you hope to accomplice to establish a timeline and a list of things that we like to secure for the free clinic and they have some key piece of equipment. And so we knew that we need to do for instance have a fund raiser to do that. So we are finalist in the date for a tribute night in downtown walks are going to be in early march so that will be the fundraising component until then. We knew we can provide some love by painting and writing some. Pieces of furniture for this easily so people feel comfortable until they get visited by health professional so now we're actually taking part on. We're going to be thinking very shortly but once that is all done we'll be providing key piece of equipment to them. And hopefully announcement of the public event to be determined later but these are all part partial to just make sure this next phase of its. Huge benefit community keep it open their place where people can go to China more information yes we are establishing FaceBook page health care heroes. Associated with leadership books there so we knew that they do that currently have any PG machine. It's crucial piece of them machine that certainly helped them out and their endeavors also were hoping to secure them interpret device. For people who don't necessarily speak the language says the doctor. Partners is due. Guys that these are two pieces of equipment of course we've already got donations some items and oppressors and things of that nature to help but get started clubs as well. Matthew Hinton of mr. Courtney university talks about teen book worms. His group's endeavor to help the mr. Howe library somebody of ms. record universities on the board. Lucia books very inch came up to me and said you'd be perfect for this. Yours. On campus both on there but he knows you are do this and I said yes and since she made that decision what have you learned about leadership looks very that you didn't know already. I didn't know how many people would be involved with the in the area how many people were already associated with it. Leaders people in charge a lot of different institutions and venerable places in our area and how many people really kind of lock hands and make things happen about the project that you're group is doing and how you came to agreed to do it. The project we're doing as to renovate the children's activity room at the officer out free library we came to do it because they had actually broken puzzle to leadership wilkes-barre. And we read with their proposal was and it immediately clicked for our group and we knew that that was something we could make an meaningful impact for a few years to come it's it's a drab room it needs to be uplifted at least be. And we need some color brought to it needs to be something that children and return to again and again really use. Okay so with this in mind Tommy a little bit about what you're planning. We're planning to paint some of the walls. Clean it up in general the clutter the place create storage solutions for them. Putting new carpeting make it very kid friendly and make it durable and you will be having a fund raiser in the near future the people can look for rain yes we're looking to create some sort fundraisers that we can raise the money to buy all the supplies and all this for the sign up more aware of my people go. People can go to FaceBook via FaceBook. Group is called team book worms. We believe that if we renovate this room and make it a place that's comfortable and friendly and colorful that children return to it and we wanna encourage. Children are returned to library so one out of three children in lamb valued don't have books in their home. So by coming into the street resource that is the library will be planting the seed for these kids to be reading. Com and if they've become early readers the become strong leaders in the future. More information about the work of leadership wilkes-barre can be found at WWW. Dot leadership Wilkes hyphen Barry dot org you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. 1938. Mark the arrival of the new entertainment venue to looks Perry's public square. The calmer for a theater opened its doors as thousands waited to get a glimpse of the new facility. The opening night featured a screening of Alexander's ragtime band you know no become referred to as the FM Kirby center for the performing arts. This year the Kirby will screen a movie each month. As part of its before the Kirby was the Kirby film series John Hurst terror Al west hazel to native whose family owns a movie theater. Is the creator of flashbacks cinema. Which brings classic movies to theaters across the country. He will introduce each movie from the big screen before its start Annie joined us recently to discuss his interest in the movie industry. I have always loved movies and I still love movies are huge part of my life I grew up working in a movie theater my parents so owned. Peter in west hazel in Pennsylvania than her school theater it's still there although my family doesn't own it. But it's still operating as a cinema draft house. But that Peter was my home growing up I worked in that I watched movies every chance I've got and grew up loving movies and loving movies in theaters. This year earliest recollection of being in that theater. Well because. That we lived literally next store to the theater our house was right next door. I would C sections of movies so. I don't have one movie that I remember as my first movie but I have vivid memories of gold finger with James Bond and it made me wanna be a secret agent allowed a little secret compartments and she used for you know tracking devices and so on I remember the music man. You know a lot of movies from the sixties. And and of course in those days movies would be re released. Because they weren't shown on television so I got to enjoy some of the movies that it actually. Played before I was born but I loved watching all kinds of movies and as I got older became a teenager movies like the godfather and so forth. We're big part of my hampering. Its. And none of the godfather if I remember correctly does come back to figure into your transition into your professional life. Where you did pursue a career in the film industry very successfully. Mad. Well. Hi yes I've been very fortunate two to be able to make a living. In the movie industries and silent movie so much. When I graduated high school from MI preparatory school and moved away from here to go to college. And my my mom sold business at that point. I still wanted to be in the movie business and I ended up going back working as a theater manager in the end. I've got a job in the sales department of Paramount Pictures. Which at that time had branch offices all over the country and I started out in the Philadelphia branch office. Worked my way up the corporate latter and then got two eventually work at the Paramount studios in Hollywood which for a little kid from west haseltine. Who remember taking tickets and in selling candy it is it is appearance movie theater was just incredible experience. I can only imagine what it was like when you went there and how excited you were what was it like when they said John would like you to come out and work. At our facility in California what did you pinch yourself what was it like automotive tell fur. Absolutely I pinched myself but it was something I'd been hoping for for a long time because. All of us in the company who are out in the field as we called ourselves and at that time I was working in the Dallas Texas branch office. Now we all knew that the heart of the company in the industry really was in Hollywood and I had visited the studio in Hollywood many times and and I just loved walking around hadn't thought of being there was incredible. And ironically. The head of distribution of Paramount to who really became a kind of mentor to me. Once I got to LA but didn't know me real well at the time mass somebody I found out later do you think John would be willing to move to LA. Which now strikes me is it's even then struck me as being very funny because I couldn't wait to Delhi and I couldn't wait to work on that ought. Now in that lot you wanna talk about where your offices were located and some of the storied history of Paramount in terms of for the where you were every day at your desk. Well Heidi every day in my desk. I guys several offices in the in the distribution doping did the theatrical distribution division as when I was part of we licensed movies to theaters I was not in the creative side we were more of the business. And the distribution building. Which was the newest building on the lot was a four story building and the office that I eventually got. Not overlook the Hollywood sign and so every day I committed sit in my desk to work out the Hollywood sign first having driven through the gates the same gates that Norma Desmond a glorious once and rice threw in some support. I would drive thru every day and then go upstairs and and look around the Hollywood sign but actually for a brief period I had a temporary office. He and a building one of the older buildings called the dryer building which was actually the building that in Sunset Boulevard. And in the movie Sunset Boulevard. William Holden Nancy Olson working on a script and they walk around the studio lot at night and building that they worked on the script and as the dryer building so I actually got to work for a period of time in that building and that was that was great fun for. I can only imagine and you you really do have such an affinity and a passion for the movies so it's. Great to see somebody who back to literally live. Their dream and and work in man stood capacity day eat your work is now with Paramount anymore abuse still. Have a great connection. To. That Dan golden age of movie making through the company that you for a day which I think is also. Awesome as well. Well yes I actually. I left Paramount Pictures. To go back on the feeder side because believe it or not my dream as a as a kid was not to work for movie studio my dream was to operate movie theaters. As my dad had done in my grandfather and my great grandfather before them so that was always my dream and Micheal and as I said my mother and sold the business. And I wanna get back into the theater sides so when I left Paramount Pictures after 26 years I ran a chain of movie theaters for awhile called movie tyrant. That was headquartered in Dallas Texas but then we grew the company we sold it and that's when I decide to move back to Pennsylvania. And the company that you're talking about now that Iran is called flashbacks and and it's a company that markets and programs classic movies for first run movie theaters to show. In their theaters along with all the new first run movies they show twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. They show a classic film that I selected and I promote and I'm market and I do an on screen introduction fork. So I'm still doing my best to get people to go to movies to see theaters but now the movies I'm focused on those great classic movies that. That everybody remembers from their childhood which they may not have seen in a theater because they may have experienced these movies and television and so forth but. Hi I'm a firm believer that the best place to see him musical theater and that's what flashbacks cinema does it brings classic movies to theaters so the people can have that experience. Because there's nothing like that to see something on a screen that big an end when we were talking you mentioned. Like the sound of music EC NN your television in Maine and that's the only way you've never seen it though when you see it on that screen it's just. She'll drop things. Well I I think ironically. Because of all the ways that we have to see movies now. Whether on our. There's TV screens are honored tap our phones are on our laptops we need to theatrical experience more than ever because. We're so distracted you know you watch a movie at home on television and the phone rings you're checking your emails on your Smartphone or something else is going on. But there's something about that theatrical experience has not only the size of the screen but the fact that your in darkness. You're not looking that your phone you're not checking your emails. And you're sitting with other people who appreciate that experience. So yes you sound a music's a great example when Julie Andrews comes out says singing those majestic Austrian Alps. There's nothing like it and there's also the factor with a comedy people are laughing when you're laughing if you're watching cycle people jump when you jump. And movies were always intended and release still are intended by the people who make them. To be a communal experience a sheer experience. And I even though filmmakers have embraced new technology. Most of them will tell you they would prefer. Which brings us to a great series that will be at the FM Kirby center in Wilkes-Barre before the Kirby was the Kirby. The building opened in 1938. And I know you know a little bit of the history. Of what it was then the calmer for theater you know a little bit about does stylistically. How that was devised and I'm what a beautiful venue was then and still is today. Well nineteen. 38 the late 1930 saw a kind of resurgence in movie feeder construction and there have been a boom of movie theater building in the 1920s which is when most of the great movie palaces. We're built. But of course the depression. I hurt the whole economy and hurt moviegoing actually but by the late thirties the economy was coming back the movie business was coming back. And new cedars are being built up by the late 1930s they were tended to be built more in the art Deco style and streamline very moderate looking style and the cover for the theater. Which opened in 1938 as you set a public square is a great example that it's architecturally as an art Deco Jim. When you got to see when you when you came home. She think about the Kirby center at first glance this must have been thrilling for somebody like you who loves movie theaters. Well it is very thrilling because I know how most of the great movie theaters to a single screen palaces. That those of us are old enough remember from or use how most of those theaters are gone they've replaced by the modern multiplex theaters. Which are fighting grade and I built a number when I was a movie tavern. But most of those cradle feeders of the lost and to have one preserved. The way that Kirby has been preserved. And not just for its architectural or historical value which is great. But to actually be a thriving performing arts center I mean the Kirby is a tremendous. Asset to the hold called northeastern Pennsylvania. And to have the wonderful acts that are presented there at the concerts this the stage shows. Is really. A wonderful thing. But. It's not what course with the Peter was designed for the theater was designed for movies and our whole idea with a series of before the Kirby was the Kirby. Was to get back a little bit to the theaters roots. And show movies once again in the in this setting in which they had originally and have been intended to be seen. You're starting out with one man has close. Personal connection to many individuals who live here that would be the Molly McGuire such was up Paramount movie. That has a connection to a guy that was a very generous benefactor and a graduate of King's College mr. Burke. And there are people already who sent messages to me today. That there grandparents so who's acted to is that the won't someone worth their grandfather was a chauffeur for some of the individuals were a number. Molly inquires because parts that were filmed here. So how did that come to be that that. Paramount movie. You being an alumnus of Paramount how did that come about. Well when. When we will be in the executive director Kirby and hemorrhage ally and Lauren man who do great job marketing. The Kirby sooners advanced we all talked about doing this series is a way to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the opening of the feeder. We talked about I want to be great to show movies not just great classic movies but movies that had actually played at the feeder. I'm at some point in their history. And especially those movies that have especially strong connection to the theater. And when we started talking about that it was obvious that the and number one movie we had to show was the mauling requires. Because the Molly Maguire as was not only filmed in northeastern Pennsylvania but it had its world premiere. At the they and Paramount theater of the cover for theater which opened in 1930 it was renamed the Paramount in 1949. So in 1970 when Paramount Pictures was going to release this film that had been shot in northeastern Pennsylvania. They elected to have three simultaneous world premieres one in Scranton. One in hazel tend. Which is. The the closest you know city to where the movie was actually shot and act these miners at the minors which. And then of course in walks spare. And the Paramount theater was selected and so that world premiere took place. On January 27. 1970. Andy was a gala event and of course the theater was packed it was it was a tremendous interest of the community. And so we thought to since we're starting our series in January particularly. We would win a kickoff with a movie that had its world premiere at the Paramount theatre in 1970 and basketball in March. Talk about the significance of the god father in 1972. Judas theater. And Qiyue. Well the godfather which there were going to be showing on Friday April 20 we should say that the the way the series is designed as we show a different classic movie every month. On a Friday at 1 o'clock and 730 so the law and requires a showing first on Friday January 26. And you mention the godfather. Which is going to show on Friday April 20. The godfather significance for the Paramount feeder and walks fear is that each no longer be played at the theater longer than any other movie. During the four decades in which the Kirby center was a movie theater that's from 1938 to 1977. Basically when the it was a movie theater. The god father opened in march of 1972. Set box office records. Half the Paramount the year we'll experiment also went after Hurst whose feeder west haseltine where I was a kid working and we played the godfather and it was it was one of the great thrills of my childhood to be able to. Work at the feeder during that movie. But the movie became the highest grossing movie of all time up to that point of relief cultural phenomenon. That is lasted to this day everybody knows all the quotes from the godfather I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse and so forth. And it played to sellout crowds for many weeks. And at the term healthier and will spear. The film as I said opened in march of 72 and it played for a record thirteen weeks that's longer than any film had played before. Where than any film played after at the Paramount Peter and what to bear. And it finished its record setting engagement. On June 20 1972. And everybody who is alive at that time and living in more roaming valley knows the significance. That the next day the waters of the Susquehanna River overflow. He was hurricane Agnes a tropical storm Angus I guess at that point. And the Paramount theatre. Like the rest of downtown walks per was flooded so the godfather not only was a record center in terms of how long it played but it was the last movie to play at the Paramount theatre. Before the flawed and feeder did not reopen for another six months. This series is called before the Kirby was the Kirby there's a movie every. Month of 2018. And had his some spectacular productions. And and a I hope that a lot of people come out the price points are great tip of the. Yes yes man Mays or 3 dollars in the evening as five dollars so you can't you can't beat the prize John Hurst Europe washed. Thaksin Emma joined us to discuss the upcoming before the Kirby was the Kirby series which begins on Friday January 26. With screenings of the Molly McGwire at one and 7:30 PM. More information can be found at WWW. Dot Kirby center dot org you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. The presence of diminutive relationship guru doctor Ruth Westheimer. On the national stage changed the dialogue on issues people used to keep to themselves. Her career began on New York radio. Then came a television show her books and a live one woman show. Doctor Ruth all the way. Her new book stare ago. Doctor Ruth's rules relationships. Recently hit the shelves and she spoke to us about her revolutionary career. It is great to talk you are your home in Washington Heights. And why hadn't. Something I admire about you is that all of your vast team has not spoil Judy too terribly much. Yeah well we have because they have proper and always looks absurd. George Washington which. I think yeah well I would stand in 65 yen. A. That is so great it's great to hear your laugh and I think it would make sure endearing to people doctor Ruth is the fact that you could talk. About. Subjects like sex you can actually bring it up. Get people to talk about it and I know you say you've said that. The way people talk about it has changed over the years but. The Genesis of of what they wanna know about the problems that they have. Kind of remained true right. Absolutely. Still at some of the ancient that's why did the book and it still go. My problem of me so proud of me tell you can as much. Our Bob Hope he shouldn't even conveying that. The path for example both of them. Or as I didn't see. I'll act of the old and he shouldn't it have been among the only problem I feel exactly that same. All in all you just can't come no food. More. It sent people run out for won't talk about friendship. And I think trying to support to the parent. Want to be trapped emboldened. So bad luck I observed that the vote failed. All about relationships love and relationships. Pray in your book is a brand new it just came out to two days ago let's at this one doctor Ruth. Love and lust. Aren't enough to make people compatible. Full what we have into the but I don't. Think confidential won't. How do you explain coming into let's. He also had to have a good and I'll look at four wood shop. Won't even without them you can borrow and in the I don't have solved one. I don't really well about the statins so many people do what we. And I are loving me all more full shouldn't walk wallflower I would for. Sure but if you want relationships. Won't give it to their relationship. Or you won't say that the best out of me. Feel about that was there there about it's been dating services and those some of the app where we're very prehistoric and now we have things like. Hindered actor that's an episode I see that is as both I had an hour. Think folk all I'm battle contrast about people would be below me. I won't get to battle also would say about what they won't I don't what they settled there. People would have intention keep. Bad mood from body. In the public. What they'll follow up on its popular. Not to ignore it couldn't play. I've also folded because I want in 10 PM I relationship. Power but my compete for an extra no limitations. Etc. we see on the Internet all the time now that the future may include. Robots as romantic partners. You. Don't happen doctor Ruth do you think. Oh accountable. All too bad things about fixing our. Need for all what they can build. Oceanside. I want our relationship didn't between two people could cure mad Joba and and the woman. Didn't press. Between people who had not been the problem so I imagine. I imagine with all the aren't aren't. Yeah and care. Do you would be a. I don't know doctor Ruth I think the future is wide open ended and we might not be as but I think robots really should vacuum instead I think you're right about about Alan but. It to meet you didn't bring up that component though. Of loneliness. And gifts and there could be something program to. Stave off loneliness. I think that that might be a selling point. But because that add me to meet people. Our net income I don't live our blog is fine I just don't want that to instructional ball won't stop it. But look you know we're gonna just leave it at bats. And you say that we can judge the future. Of our relationships. By looking at where they've ban to gauge. Where they will go in the future how we use that that kind of information we wanted to try to fool ourselves to believe. That we should continue down a path that may be is not dead. And because the one important it used to be and they think. And you can't help think. More efficient but what are you won't have actually. But you have to make sure I won't let them finish second if it ever. All you. All Arab Jordan. Which I don't god put me won't you wouldn't think that you active global. Or form can put back if you don't pension change or what the talked a lot about what the album out now. And that's why did the bulk. All forward for our own. You'll even good intentions. Might not be able to think the relationship. Yasser at the bet that that money can't buy you love but. Doesn't mean you shouldn't examine the cost of that love can you talk that. And Abumrad wanted to know what you can factor of five and what you don't confide. All the fabric you know that you would sacrifice something. For the sake of the relationship. It's perfectly. I had an ultra met conformity. Back and that's it didn't let the people outside. You can't expect he'll pop that. To add to applaud all of that wouldn't. Well I don't know what you want me if you are not waiting to be flexible and so a killer what I'm very important I make you think he flexibility. Talk a little bit about the need to. Movement in the times op movement because these are obviously in artery in his. Right well what I applaud I am about the country on the ballot I'm not talking about people that think they'd. All all the at all all four foot tall and proud camp but I want to crunch. Actually not one ounce. I'm old fashion and cool. I want the man who opened until me. I wasn't sure that they can let my and I want people to be able. To talk. It won't want to include and what they (%expletive) said okay you know. How important to walk away. Constantly. At Broward can. I don't get me something or don't shoot me an absorbing. We had done it from complications since. You have to talk to each other and I'll make sure and won't and that's the relationship remains contact. Do you worry doctor Ruth it to people will not. Be able to speak to each other had men and women anywhere because there's so intimidated. That what they might bring up might be misconstrued. Absolutely. I think you won't been wrong in that kind of how big ticket I'm out but I'm faction I'll give me. And he it'll pop. They need it didn't pop because it will be to a ball. If he were okay of us are if if it does make them and or even to imagine how to Goldman would get up. About talking to which I won't bet their going to cry and I didn't seem even more that won't. I bet I volley the ball well and he was always. I think all of the all social why despite all of that talk. I am I am worried about the world. So that Latin saying look at the relationship think you can say to get that market that go to see that happen if you can bet that yeah. The relationship they're not caught won't. Go back. And aspect that I. I'm somebody wants. Now conversely doctor Ruth these I I think that has also opened up people to. Go back and find people on FaceBook in in the past that dead maybe you word their boyfriends or girlfriends what about that kind of behavior. Yeah that's the I told him I think sometimes. People might expect but they weren't because of circumstances or watched about. So it and I shall won't onto and find common ground. To have a relationship I believe what he. I would say Bravo. To the so turned off or bad then doing it since about what that can. Doctor Ruth Westheimer is the author of stay or go. Doctor Ruth's rules for relationships. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.