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Special Edition
Monday, April 2nd

Special Edition with WILK's Sue Henry, March 31 and April 1: An interview with Georgetta Potoski, first cousin of Mary Jo Kopechne and her son, William Nelson, regarding Mary Jo’s death in 1969 in a car driven by Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. The events are the subject of an upcoming movie, “Chappaquiddick.” Also, a discussion with inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant, host of the television show, “Fix My Life,” about her work putting broken families back together.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story so special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program. We'll hear from the family of Mary Joseph Compaq company whose death in a car accident with Senator Ted Kennedy at the wheel is the subject of an upcoming film Chappaquiddick also talked to the star of the television show fix my life. About her work to put broken families back together again. I want you want to try and I. If you need to clean. According here. I choose you know one hand. An accident near Chappaquiddick island Massachusetts in July of 1969. Is the centerpiece of a movie set for release this week and it's surprising that many are unfamiliar with the deet tails surrounding this tragedy for a loser in county family. They've never forgot the pain of the mishap that killed 28 year old Mary joke a technique who lived in Plymouth as a little girl until her parents Joseph and Gwen. Moved to East Orange New Jersey Mary Joseph a bright and engaging young woman was concerned with the civil rights movement of the 1960s. And admired young Massachusetts senator named Robert Kennedy Mary Jo went on to work for Robert Kennedy. Until his tragic death at the hands of an assassin in 1968 she was one of the boiler room girls there precursors to modern day political consultants. Who work strategically across the country. In order to get campaigns off the ground there in the room girls had gathered at a party on Chappaquiddick island on July 18 1969. For a reunion Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy was in attendance. The techne left the party with Kennedy. And he was at the wheel of the vehicle that careened off a bridge and into the water beneath. Kennedy escape the crash and ended up back at a local hotel that crash was not reported until the following morning. The body of Mary Joseph compact he was retrieved by rescue personnel and buried in her hometown of climate Kennedy attended the funeral. And later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident an inquest into the mishap held in 1970. Is the basis of a new movie Chappaquiddick set for release by entertainment studios. We recently met with Georgette epic Toski. Mary Joe's first cousin who still lives in Plymouth and her son William Nelson who wasn't born when the tragedy transpired. Both are authors of the book are Mary Joseph. Which recalls the technique through letters and photos Georgette shared her recollections of her cousin and her impressions of the movie. Which has recently shown in wilkes-barre any private screening for the family. Mary Joe's mother and my mother were sisters and we grew up to camp until she is about five to overtake they lived in Miami now. And then show. One more opportunity he didn't want to in the minds so they decided they would go to new features. And he got a job working for Hartford insurance company and they moved to do what they called projects. Enough. Storage a lot of people from the valley live there are so they had friends and acquaintances. And the Pennsylvania people were always giving good jobs and very quickly. Because they had a great work ethic. And everywhere and that. But after that time issued spent Summers witnessed these she spent part of December with us I'd spent part of the summer with them. Tell me a little bit about her from your recollection of of your childhood together she was a lot of fun. Cubist a lot of fun. And Dan Lynch yes. I remember a man of the time it's true we are our kids who aren't the first lord displace true we've lived and my mother was sitting at the sewing machine and she sock. I ask me in the door. But she didn't cius go out so we would underground behind her to the bedroom and we would get out on the window sills. And straddle the windows. Until we got to the porch and then come back and could killers it's. And I remember we had a pillow fight and I'm of the used to make Phyllis from two conservatives so when they first it was the days all over. The wrong and we were so surprised. When my mother got a hole. Because we're chicken feathers off the floor and out of that behind the trustees for five years. Such as chicken that is everywhere but most of the time we read. Books together and we took our walks and we talked. To mr. Greek soccer. Agree thinker so and the last Imus on her which is in the book. We were on the center a silent when it on to the shore and we were reading a book by and morrow Lindbergh. It was about shells and in the book she each chapter was. Dedicated to a different kind of shell. Which exemplified the type of person she was thinking about when she wrote the show so that was the last spoke portrait together but when she came in. We we take our blankets and our panelists and lay down in the iron under the trees and just read all act out some things laugh line. It's great fun just normal normal girls together that's. This Obama girls we thought we would grow old together and raise our kids together and didn't happen. How closely were you following her career in Washington in the political world. I knew she wasn't like she was doing I never met any of the other boys and girls. Nine issue is very excited very happy about where she does but at that time. I was in Pensacola Florida having babies so violently steinem has risen navy. We stationed there it's awfully field and I was very busy but had two little girls at the time meant so last summer writes on her she spent her vacation with us. And we had a smokes which she didn't like Bok because it stick shift that the image went back to Washington DC should. I never saw her again after that what you're as a 67. Arab boiler room girls for people who don't know all. Who the other girls were group of a young women who were actually political consultants. And Mary Joe's job for the most part there way as they were each given a segment of the country as far as states go I think marriage and New Jersey Pennsylvania. And maybe in Maryland army senior amateur. But there was no computers so they operated index cards that have her index cards. Who wins she wears. In the office. And they would keep in touch with all of the democratic. Leaders in their sections. And you know encouraged him to get more people involved and to sport Arctic in India. Yeah it very responsible jobs they had to do a lot of their own writing and a lot of their own conversations with these with these people and then do whatever else they needed. And Mary Joseph was the one who wrote. Who typed on these presidential. Speech when he wrote when in fact we have a carbon copy yet. So her relationship. Was. More with Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy and fairness that she came she she had been in Alabama. Teaching and a. Catholic school a black cat Catholic school nobody wanted her down there. Because it was a civil rights in it was the sixties and it was very dangers which you income north. Until. One of her friends had gotten a job in Washington. And she did this we did talk about she thought about she wanted to do something that would make it different. And she felt she was doing met in teaching school on the other hand if she went to Washington. She had a chance to work. With people who were making the laws. And that she felt was a broader expanse. Of assistance such he could it so that's why she came at the south. And she worked first for senators masters. From Florida politically they were really on the same page which you stand in there and she kept putting her application in Bobby Kennedy's office. Bob do it sometimes come and get her if you needed to fill in. To a summit. And NG funny was going to move over to his office. Senators Mattis as you might as well taker because it's not my picture she's got to ask. A it's years taker. A. So she started work for Bobby and yet and she was devastated when he was Q. They all work effective last autumn meeting that they had at Chappaquiddick. They have known John mommy was and and she in a couple of the other girls were given the task of shutting down his office. And then after that everybody kind of went there they were looking for other positions and so this. Meeting that the hand Chappaquiddick in 69. Which just kind of reunion before they really all went their separate its what do you know about. That that night but in terms of what was discussed. At the reunion and and the other circumstances. That she got in the car with Ted Kennedy would be no bottle nothing. I know not that her parents know nothing. They knew nothing none of us except what we appeared in the newspapers. Or was written in the books because which US and around after that just to ask questions. And when Gwen would train get in touch with the boiler room girls they would. Say about it get in touch with my lawyer. And she. Which he tried to get in touch with Ted the one instance where he's invited him to. Hyannisport. Because prior to that he was more or less to widget just go along with me and afterwards we'll tell you everything that happened so they finally got an invitation to. Go to Hyannis Port and thought well this. This is it we're we're gonna find out what what happened. Because by that time there were. Suspicions of. Confusion of time that didn't work can't. Nolan was saying really much of anything and they have all kinds of theories so when they got ticked hyannisport. Elected to a cocktail party. And he came over and said hello. And then he left. And can mountain news. Too rich needs had gone to. Cocktail planned sport isn't everything wonderful. As an amateur went back to they never knew they never had the last. Days or hours of their daughter's life no one ever came to them and says. This is what happened or. A sound Mary John to wish happy issue look forward to her new child we don't know why issue when the car we know why she went the car we don't know anything. They never had it. And they never got it. People had different ideas about what might have tapped and that. When I found out that she had died it was a Sunday morning and I was in the living room and national and practiced as a testament to baby now history. And it's a half cooked I heard my husband. Answered the phone in the kitchen and he said damn he said Mary Joseph. That's too that. And issue a statement. And he came into the living room and he said Mary Joseph Louis in a swimming accident she drown and in. Up in Massachusetts and I'm sitting there thinking Mary show was an excellent swimmer. That I thought well maybe she dove in and hitter hander. That's the only thing we can't. We knew and know what else know anything different at that time. So I called my mother and I'm as this in column my sister's in the line troop does an icon Glen in the intricacies I said. Let's just pack up and down. So. Became someone happened when he came home well. Everyone was still in the state of shock Quinn and Joseph were running Oliver and Hayward just. Just destroyed they were just distract we went to the funeral home. Until it's kind of placed. And down to is trying to make other people. Not field that you know you know I speak which it will get through this. Do our best and pretty you isn't even making lots Q just. Mary Joseph a beautiful. And UA I went downstairs to seek gland and issuers. Dated. And they were all this other people around her she said I'm so glad you're here and then these people I didn't know scan has scooped her up and. Gave her cup the key in Keller everything's going to be OK everything is going to be right now who are these people. And went back upstairs and visited with my family. And then the next day when they had the general mass I stay home. As I had the baby take care. And the two other note it but when the funeral came up to the cemetery relate nearby. My mother and I walked up to the cemetery. To the grave side. And we had to walk because they were allowing any cars Ian except. The funeral procession. And Dan and almost they say it was in July. In November. We got transfer to lie. And we went there because Mary Joseph had been won. And was telling how wonderful it was and bill has an option. To either go to Hawaii as a family are he would go to Italy alone and I could with the house and all three kids. And follow and then. That's happened to outfit the we went to one -- can she had been there and looked at some kind of a role model and mentor for me to his two years older. And and much more serious. Strict life more serious. What do you recall but Ted Kennedy coming to the funeral for your family well it was shocking I mean I'm not chalked it came he should have done that. But he had that victories. And it just didn't play out well. You know it. And he was sound. Crisis I say something bad make it sound decent politicking. Does everybody in now. There were thousands of people in front of the church. If you were there are hundreds of people lined up by the few home steele's days. I'm you know images and do everybody who is going into the funeral home was being screened so who are you in what you want to do you have any business being there. And they let us right in so they must have known who we were the only came down from the funeral. The actual. You want to graveside. The press was in our house and they were. Filing their stories on the home we have to remember where two miles from count there's no small boats there's no cell phones. And you're gonna get in where Renee canning girl who was watching all the babies was. Crying because she didn't she knew which they can in there and that was a bad things she does letting them and my brother Emma. The amount. Mr. McCartney and winning Joseph and a couple of the other family members went to. The funeral luncheon. And he was clear at the funeral luncheon. And. Analysts. The end of it I never had any contact with the Kennedys know England couldn't get. Really good contact with the and then we left in a month or two afterwards and to Hawaii for four years now by this kind of like a blank spot there. So you weren't here when they hand that the inquest or anything it was not a path to a global what are your recollections of that from your family. Mostly men and don't forget there's no cellphones. You're gonna pay for that call from one. Though we didn't have many articles but we wrote letters back and forth that they were kind of sketchy because my mother and father. And my family is in Pennsylvania and granting George stolen pictures in their fielding off a lot of that. Quinn said that after Ted called him the morning she died and it. Next day within a few hours there were Kennedy people at their house in New Jersey. And she set the course lenders. They were destroyed. And they were screening the people that were trying to get in touch with Glenn enter. And she said at first we thought that they were helping us and in she realized there were people who had come that you would have wanted to see. And they were being turned away too. In at least initially until we got past the funeral they were. Kind of surrounded. So wasn't until after that and not I'm operating on time in line. What was your reaction when you heard that they. The X emission was denied and everything well just when it did I not just at the time that they should've had the exclamation. Because into marriage and there are gonna find anything that matter. And her parents knew that but they were angry because they thought that people want that the X and nation just to see when she was pregnant or not and they were an acronym out. They turned it down for eight years later. Going to diminish this just a few years before that I chizik is now. That was the biggest mistake in my life as should've had that. And at times forty years past. Sedate them. Now of course time has passed and there have been all kinds of park trails of of what had happened at Chappaquiddick now there's a movie about. To be released when you hear about this move mean initially. What what was your. Got reaction to I was nervous I'd heard about it from bill and I should work ethic and say. That's new and that was. Did we already have the book out by that time yes of course it would begin to rehash the same old thing is how it agony and. Is he going to get smashed which we did on either. Or is she going to be portrayed negatively or what because to this very day Nolan most people do not know. What happens. The only ones who know. Basically our Ted and Mary Joseph. And there on. They had an opportunity to see this movie. We do it and had to just get city you know what what that was like Korea and shared it because you just described it you had some trepidation on all accounts of how this would come out and. Even why they would choose the story after all these years on issues and that is what they did which is the only thing they could do and do well. Wish they used the inquest. Findings. And Kennedy's. Story. About that night they couldn't do anything has Khatami knows and it's so they would want to portray I was hoping some off the wall. Theory about what might have happened. But so they stuck very close to. What if it started with the accident. There are some flashbacks. And it ended when he. Gave his stock. Over the past year so that was my like a week. But it was a busy week. And he worked very hard. It is the actors were exceptionally good because they want defiant line. In between. What you are to perceive it what might have happened. They're very carefully and I thought that they weren't. Fair and honest with Ted's performance he wasn't made out to be a superhero. No receipt made out to be a complete full. Obviously Ted Kennedy had to answer to his father and that is portrayed in the movie what did you think about that. Ha two victory at the thought it was the first thing yelled out with Alabi. Alma five. And do you think that's act. Because I know that they interviewed a lot of people and they said they may have picked up some nuances that. Other people didn't. I don't know. But he I think Ted Lewis. Trying to do the right thing after having done completely wrong thing but also saved himself. And I think and I think most people do. That nine or ten hours when he wasn't reporting the accident he was putting machines in to process. So he could survive this politically. He saw Mary Joseph portrayed on screen obviously he knew where what did you think about did did it remind you who she last. Yes although I think she was a little Vanilla. I think terrorists so careful that purple personality. Did not come through. But so they played it safe winter came here did a beautiful job. In Africa. It worked with the cat so yeah I think issue it's a little. Too bland but still done very well. And very well agent they weren't giving you any implications of any improprieties. And when it would show Ted and Mary Joseph ticket that they were talking about his political campaign. Where. He wanted her to come work for him this year where he would cheer works well for his brother. And she would say she was sure she wants to do that inning again. Have you been a sought out a lot since word broke that this movie was going to be made his I have to say they'll send the bulk of that. Is that a sign out a lot but we're very careful come because Greenwich are staying away from the press most of their lives. Because when they would. Be courted to give an interview they would be told it would be about Mary Joseph and it turned out took it to. And so after a few of those. Instances they shut the door on everybody and naive you've written a book. That's an option for several years about marriage out. How would you how do you like her it to be remembered the firm from your perspective from a family member and somebody to corrupt with her. She was a wonderful offers and minutes are. Georgette epic Toski permit recalled her relationship with her older cousin Mary joke a technique. During an interview in advance of the movie Chappaquiddick in our next segment William Nelson talks about learning more about the tragedy that took Mary Joe's life. And his thoughts on the upcoming movie or listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted vice who Henry. When Willie Nelson was a youngster living in Plymouth with his parents. He heard the name Mary Joseph when he was asked about her whereabouts by a member of the media. Nelson has gone on to learn much more about his relative Mary Joseph could technique. By talking to his mother Georgette up to Toski and co authoring the book our Mary Jo with her. Nelson says the team behind the scene and to be released film Chappaquiddick. Was influenced by the book he spoke to us recently about that book his impressions of the film and that memory a first hearing Mary Joe's name. The earliest memory I have I think was when we were growing up we lived on March for mountain and we lived right next to Saint Francis cemetery. I'm so even in the book there's a little story about my first encounter with whom Mary Joseph was and it was. It was a reporter with the big camera hanging around his neck that has come up to me I was playing in the backyard and he wanted to know where Mary Joseph Louis and I didn't I didn't have any idea what you're talking about like who who is this moment. And in my father intervened very quickly and hustled the man away. That was the first inkling of me thinking to myself well whose marriage show and who are they looking for and what's going on here and I'd ask my father who Mary Joseph Louis and he said when someone comes looking for Mary Joseph are you coming to me immediately. So I was about four years old and that's my first. On discovery of her marriage it was but growing up. I was always curious about Mary Joseph because there was not a lot of information about there there were two pieces of information she went to Caldwell College. And she was a boiler room girl who died in Chappaquiddick and that was set so the only information I can get started to come from my mom so we would talk about who she was as a person. And then we started going through although the letters to my momma had and and it kind of flushed out her character more. I'm from people. From high school from that she worked with personally friends of hers so I got more of a rounded picture of who she was as I grow from there it was it was very helpful. But them to mystery I kept saying for twenty years is how does this happen I couldn't understand how. How something like this could happen and and it could just be washed away as so quickly calm but then as my mother would say these were different times so. In the sixties when you have to Kennedy's words. Barrier revered. So you can understand right or wrong on how it happened but you can kind of understand how what happened and that's what we started down the journey of trying to figure out. How it happened. How did you decide. That this was the right thing to do because I know there was this veil of privacy with the family obviously in that they were pretty in closed because they had been. Burned by the press and everything so how did you how did you decide that this was the thing you want to do aren't. I can tell you a detailed the exact date meant everything shifted wise. For for years I was angry about the whole incident but there was no way we were gonna write a book bashing anybody or or during conspiracy theories or air any of that stuff. So I remember and I'd always wanted. My mother to do a book about preserving what we had as far as. The letters and the memories in the pictures because I wanted to do that wanted to from family so that they will be able to see who's there on was her with her. Relative wise who wanted to capture. But I remember the conversation I had with my mom one day on the phone and I said well. You know you're the president of the historical society it's your job to preserve these things and she chuckled. And and she's who I don't want to do a book about Chappaquiddick annex at what we don't have to put Chappaquiddick in the book that and there was this long pause. And she said. Can we do that and I said you know what. Chappaquiddick was never about Mary Joseph anyway. So she doesn't O Chappaquiddick anything. So why don't we write a book about Mary Joseph and we'll just leave Chappaquiddick out of it like Maria who were we'd do such thing but. That's the way we really decided to take a different road and take a different path with it. And to stop going down that same negative path of her death and and started to celebrate more of her life. So that day we decided to do that and to just tell the world who Mary Joseph was and and allows her description to come through and allow people. To be able to make their own judgment about what may or may not happen that night. And I said my mom what time we may not know what happened at Chappaquiddick but we can at least tell the world what probably didn't happen Chappaquiddick so by defining marriage as character and her religious upbringing and her values and her morals. Chances are. There was no salacious. Behavior is so we can only play the odds in that and in that night but when you find out what didn't happen it can lead you down the path of what may have actually happened then at that point so now. You could he do this. And then you. Get wind or word that this movie is being made and you actually make a connection with the people making the movie because you want to show a Syed of Mary Joseph. That is portrayed in the book so talk about your desire to see. That put into the movie won't. It was about two years ago and and they've come upon an article. Of there's mark's ERD and apex entertainment and were looking for a director to do Chappaquiddick and that was my first understanding that there are in America a movie. And so I talked memo on and we want them to be able to portray Mary Joseph accurately that's all we wanted to Stewart. Correctly and and make sure you tell the world who she actually was. So I contacted marks yard and we had a great conversation. About. About her character and I that's frankly I'd said to him where if you show Mary Joseph was a new show her ambitions and her wit and her humor. And then. You lose her in the movie and she's she dies in the movie it compounds the tragedy and it will make your movie actually better because your character. Has been flushed out whereas. They didn't have a lot of other avenues to go to research who Mary Joseph was so we sent four books which sent one to the producer. One to the director and Tutu the writers so that they can all understand who she was when they were making this character and and flush it out of the Paterson lately as accurate as possible. And how do you feel that they did based upon what you'd you sop when the screening was held in Wilkes-Barre. I think they did a very good job belted with all of their characters Kate Mara played Mary Joseph I can't say reserved because Mary Joseph was very serious she had a lightning whit about her and she was very Smart she was very funny. When she told jokes which he never said anything improper and she was she seemed like she was driven and she was dedicated in what she returns came Mary did a good job of showing that. That's serious side there's a scene where they're at the party in Chappaquiddick and Ted is sitting on a couch. And he's looking off and away and you can tell that he's depressed and you can tell that to something wrong with him. The way they did did in the movie Mary Joe's character approaches Ted. Not in a wave of any romantic involvement but for a room my key is Bobby's brother. So more of a compassionate. What is wrong and and how are you doing and you wanna talk kind of which I thought it was more accurate you know based on who she was I would think that merger would do something like that so there's. Will loan diesel instances in the movie where they really capture her wit there's one other scene where she's trying to. Teachers teasing Ted about coming in ninth in their pennant race and that's something that she would do you know she has that kind of humor about it so. I'm so I Lou we are pleased with how how they portrayed her. Think that is the rest of the country who perceive this and know this movie has been kind of out on. And she alone in certain errors right it was that the guys at SXSW. It was believed it was screen there yes. How how how are you proceeding. It's portrayal and are you reading articles and I I would because I'm so curious about everything. Yes I've been reading up on it to see how people are reacting to it and there's it's almost split down the middle as far as some people aren't they politicize it and wanna go back to. Democrats and Republicans. And then there were other people who are just happy that they're finally putting this story out there so that future generations can seek. Exactly what the official event was of what happened that night because a lot of people know the word Chappaquiddick but they don't have any idea what happened they don't they don't understand. Not only what happened that night but they don't understand what occurred after that night. Leading up to that speech in this movie kinda delves more into behind the scenes of of the political machine that happens after that. Hum but the reviews have been great on the acting Jason Clark. I can tell you heat it's not an actor playing Ted Kennedy who actually believe and I seen a lot of speeches I read a lot of books about Ted Kennedy. I've never met the man but this is as close of a rendition that you're gonna get a somebody playing Ted Kennedy to character surrounding him are very powerful the actors all did a very good job. But the overall feel that I get from the movie itself was that all of these people took great care. And they were very invested in this project and it wasn't so much about and I understand movies have to make money and I'm sure they wouldn't be disappointed if I made about money but. And Hampshire well but I don't think that that was their main focus when they went into this project so it's very. Very similar to when we wrote our book independently they did this movie independently and it gave him the best shot do the best work that they possibly could without having any pressure from. Big studios to do this or cut this scene there are you that stuff so I think it will be well received even if I wasn't. Directly connected to the movie and I stepped back and I watched a movie it's a compelling story from the beginning all the way to the end. So they did a good job with telling the story and and it's emotional there's a lot of parts in there that. It's a roller coaster you know. In the home movies so I think it will be well received and and Jason Clark should be. He should be nominated for an Academy Award because he really sunk it sunk into that into that role there was an interview where they were talking about have you ever taken character home with you. And Jason Clark had said that because of that scene on the phone trying to called parents that it was a very difficult to capture. The emotion and they did there was one of the writers Taylor Allan. Who I have had spoken with about about the writing and had asked him. Why why Chappaquiddick cruises the first movie that you've ever written why would you pick this subject. And he said he stumbled across it about a year and a half before it started writing. And he said and it just ate away at him and he said it bothered me in my stomach this this whole incident. Just bothered me and bother me that there was no closure to this incident and I think there's that feeling is what a lot of people get when they start to look at Chappaquiddick. Is that one there was no justice for Mary Joseph but there was no closure but it was swept under the rug and it was kind of just dismissed. And even forty years later it really bothers people when they start of the people who know about Chappaquiddick soap. So he was some sentiment nice letter after that after the movie resentment about thanking him for his hard work and he had reply to me that. This is what. He was waiting for that the response from the family and being pleased on what they did was really really important to them and he thanked me for reaching out to him about about that. At which I was happy to do because again they did did to have good job I was. I was surprised even. The point man on media contacts in the heard from. We did an exclusive with People Magazine. We're doing an interview for fox documentary. We're gonna do that to Wednesdays from now. I'm because they have a documentary coming out about Chappaquiddick and wanna have the family side of incidents have been here documentary vendors are. A show we're doing Martha MacCallum on the story she had invited us on I don't know exactly when we're gonna do that. Of course yourself Bob Costa there's some local papers com. So will pretty much I think it's important. That other generations see what happen not only because it's it's important but so that something like that's never repeated again and I don't think it'll ever be repeated again I think it only got away with it because of the time. And to people involved but you wanna make sure that people know their history is to not repeated you know make sure that it doesn't and doesn't ever occur to anybody else. What are your your feelings about Ted Kennedy my feelings about date they changed a little bit after watching the movie. IE I still don't like come from but it's it's. For a different reason Tom they gave him more depth in the movie. And I'm not and letting him off to a continuation perform because in the movie he has the opportunity to do the right thing several times and he doesn't. And that's it character flaw. More than anything else can you see he's devastated his brother that was assassinated yes can you see is. Devastation from his other brother and the pressure from his father yes you conceive all of those things. But all of those things still don't. Give him. The right to do the things that he did afterwards. Especially since there are reports that she could have been saved had he been quicker to. You know brother when I was talking to mark security he had said that I think he had filmed a lot of it and water tank in Mexico they rebuilt the bridge and they had. Donna a lot of that there is in the same one that did did the Titanic. But he said it was important that we went back to Chappaquiddick because they wanted to get the bridge. And they also wanted to get the space between the bridge and the first cottage. And in the movie there's a scene where little boy discovers the car and he's the camera follows him. All the way up the road to this cottage that he could've went to to report and it's shocking how. It's such short distance to the bridge so they're showing you that you know he could have gone right to this cottage and it was interesting whose interest in to see the difference he's on Chappaquiddick they wanted to keep in Israel as possible. William Nelson and his mother Georgette epic Toski. Recently shared their memories of Mary Joseph protect you with us in advance of the release of the movie Chappaquiddick. You're listening to special addition on Entercom. Indications you're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by so Henry. They say that past practice sometimes influences future behavior. The star of the own network show fix my life. Eon long van Zandt often relies on some of her own struggles when trying to sell the fabric of broken families back together her combination of personal experience. Courtroom training. And a no nonsense style also makes her popular speaker. And she'll be at the sands Bethlehem on Saturday April 14 for Hirsch no. Entitled get over an evening with. Well I paid attention to our all life and I think what I've discovered is they are. So many common issues instead it's a lot in the book why Leo I'll wavy. And people seem to get. Stuck in believing that they care. Problem is is easy kid it's different commitment that you can you know where all these things. It's similar challenges whether it's from a family and relationships are how we feel about myself. So Connery movies on pay attention to my whole life. And I think that that kind of you are not alone philosophy has been used successfully. In a lot of the you know the fraternities we see you like alcoholics anonymous narcotics anonymous other things. Where people come together and they learned. Themselves. That other people are going through a real struggle just like them that's really empowering moment is now. It really is you know and and the challenge is that so many books won't speak. You know what it is that was going to do we beat a bit betrayed before or abandoned before what disappointed before. And rather than to risk that again. We hold our our our truck or pain go look at something. Summary intention is in presenting the delete that we do all fix my life. It did remind people look at my mom is different thing and if you see something here that can. Support you want and feeling bad is doing better living better. Take it and and run with that you know get over it if you will perk our past but by watching someone else. As a demonstration in the what you might be living to a field. And I think a lot of us kind of buried things because we want to be that people pleasing vessel. We we put up that front and I think a lot of people used FaceBook as their ultimate front Hale's look at Meola as well. But when they go home and I it's it's just not so and it's pretty. Destructive for the individual who tries to be the people pleaser all the time but really is suffering tremendously. From that that those around them that they're trying to help but sometimes they just make it worse. We're in the Middle East is really give people pleasing at one level within the what I discovered in my whole life it's you know people have from the cute and talented you me. But we are lately. Are given the tool for the skills. We need to get healthier and share those things or locally it was a free. If you look around the world today one of the biggest printer of most people fulfill its in the personal relationship that means. The forces that an all time high finally that breaking down. And feel that we often because we simply don't have the tools and skills. But that's the bottom line. And create what they didn't desire not life. And that's what I wanna share with people you know not in the heavy arm therapeutic way but in a really. Practical. Personal intimate way he didn't think he'd get over whatever that he has. Get a good. You and these skills do you work in fictional. Net and in the past since the the few police structure. Has has been seen in various ways and then in various points. And our history. You know that the nuclear family and then I think there became a time when that day kind of Chamblee was say derided. And people thought that maybe they can you know go it alone and and raised their children single handily which were without with just two hands this is so so difficult. And now we're we're seeing these situations. Where some kids are just absolutely. I drift. Because they don't have positive role modeling. In their lives and their young and I saw a clip that view. With by a young man who had a young boy and his lap. And he was having a very terse conversation. Armed with a woman. Said to him don't you C don't you see what you you're doing don't you see what can ST Ager setting. So how important is it for us to value and recognize. Struck off daily structure of some sort. I think it's very. Very very important because that's really. Is all world you know from broke at like five would you go to kindergarten at Q world. So what to feed what you experience what you hear. In that the world is gonna translate to how you show up in the logic world. And the he had you know not define blame all fall have judgment is desperate fool many of us. Just don't have the skills. Our parents didn't happen and we don't have to throw I think. My lines and and the and the thing that I write about. Simply take up private consultation. Because you know we talk about these things. And makes it much larger its share of the ways that we can have a lot to compensation. And she has killed due to the information that'll make a far better. And I know you do a lot of times with folks who have issues regarding. Substance abuse and in our community we have some very who majored deep. Rooted issues with people who are escaping. Through. Substances of some sort and they end up dead a lot here we have a huge opiate problem I know we're not unique across the country and I'm sure you see this and other places. But so do you think there will come a day it when people will get back to. Some kind of spirituality. Meditation and we'll read your action so that they always don't have to celebrate so why no clocked core or whatever I mean Anne and some people I think get caught. In a trap like this they absolutely cannot get out. Well that's that's actually that's what happened you know it's not its appeal is its own would. It's shocking effect effect yet OK so then what happens is people are setting out to become addicted or it could become. You know to have these things become a problem what he's doing is trying to eliminate company. One of the things that we think of people who who. Threatened to picket line is people really wanted that I need just one of the property. And Bill Clinton on society all week given the fuel is too low key information. To deal with dot individual's pain whether it's the patent number abandonment or detection off badly breakdown or. Or how we feel ourselves that the Obama felt. So we reached for whatever is available in typical. Checked and the pain and unfortunately when it comes through the whole peel it there alcohol or wars. Felt street job leads with self medicating and that we've become addicted I think what we set out to do. What we set out to do it's stop hurting. So I want issue with people tools and skills and information. For that age they get control look at mind again. Beat so that they take control themselves and their lives and see so that they can get old well I think without hurting. One more question when you see these are school shootings across the country. What does your gut say about the men and what we all search for solutions of all sorts whether they be major legislative overhauls or other things what. What are you. Thinking about the same and what do you think is an idea or two of how you believe that we should respond to them. Well it's the reflection of the violence that we hold in our consciousness. We speak for him yeah we think violently we see violent things we see the worst person. And until. It begins and yes we need legislation that we need those things but if we don't deal with the individual. Physical legislature go an option not to school that the individual people. And we better society would individual. Who took common ordinary people get lost. But Campbell was challenges not society it's people don't see field that big being seen that they are being hurt or that they without. And clean for the people left alone. In their kids without adult supervision or without scared they're working nourishing and luck piece for the people want to pick up the garbage. And it can take other people's lives. Forget we need legislation. Yet we we need new laws but it popped it into the digital. Xbox that the individual so it's BP. I think that we will have less and less of this content. Kind of activity that supported by laws. And that supported by our government and interventions will will feet left of the left appetite but it begins with the individual. That's motivational speaker author and star of the television show fix my life. For an evening of pragmatic inspiration you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. 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