Special Edition 3-24-25-2018

Special Edition
Saturday, March 24th

March 24 and 25: A discussion with Dr Warren Farrell about the importance of father figures in the lives of boys and his book, “The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It;” an interview with Stanford University Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer about his book, “Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance _ And What You Can Do About It” and information from Ron Ruman of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department about the importance of having flood insurance.


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Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program will hear the thoughts of lawmakers and advocates from Pennsylvania. About what can be done regarding gun violence in school shootings on get the thoughts of a Scranton psychologists to series of events for young women. Is creating a positive vibe in our community. And will hear how body language cues are perceived. For May business school professor and social scientist. Who's Ted talk is the second most watched with more than 45 million views a shooting at a Florida high school that claimed the lives of seventeen has led to many passionate discussions over the past week. Of what can be done to stem the tide of senseless murders in the United States. Lawmakers on all levels have been B siege with suggestions from the public. And groups are making statements about their beliefs as well. Come talk show host frank Andrews has been in contact. With a number of state lawmakers and they've offered some of their ideas state senator Daylon Leach of Montgomery County. Disgusting bill providing for the temporary confiscation of firearms. For those who display violent tendency. When you see these mass shooting are still people on TV from the Q from a from the neighborhood take. I think he would talk all the time about you know warning issued a you know we thank god they were very threatening her head and the violent imagery that he. And then program and open it and do you want to know why do all those warnings signs didn't someone just something about that anybody is very rare that someone lived. A total normal totally normal life and it just snaps one day in a bunch of people. Usually there. There are a lot of things leading up to that we needed to create a mechanism where people who see these things can have an effect control. You can communicate so well Michael doesn't have. Any kind of fanatic I think empire petition with the court. And I don't I can allege that you have both done our posts and are trying to nurse says things that lead me to believe you're a danger to the community in some way. There could be healing you would have liked to tell right to do about such tough examination witness says it is evident to all of that. And at the end the judge would convince you were a threat he could separate you from your weapons at least temporarily. Some of the court to ban the certain thing of it psychological counseling or testing or evaluation or are mad men are not drinking. And good reminder of the criminal penalty there are no fine. The only thing you do you don't comply with a more words you don't get your dog back to know you go. No but very narrowly tailored thing you're no penalty in. Other then you know you lose your gun and until the court is convinced you're no longer threatened to go to the community a large. Daylon and it's such a common sense approach I mean I mean when when police went to this kid's home 39 times they should've had everything out of his out of his house that was a danger including sharp crayons and butter knives I mean he was just a threat but what what what's the future of your bill where is it now in committee India have a lot of co sponsors what's happening. Well we can't decode sponsor we inner tube but I don't want to show memo out yesterday. And I think hearing holidays I don't really know I do know senator really read quite how to do it excuse makes a Republican from Bucks County. That's all we were in the world that are definitely can and I'd that I objected to the sponsorship could kick might. Being that good she we have our pain and should support. We have no one dangerous thing and people are welcome to go to. People probably danger didn't hate them and mowing double totally until they can show that there are no longer a danger to. State representative Rosemary Brown of Strauss berg also spoke with frank Andrews about legislation she's introduced. About making schools safer through the use of metal detectors and armed guards. Now you know I can I can almost tell. A by reading that the tone of your bill that you're just angry about what happened and you and so Dutton. You can and I think culturally and I think I echo a lot of what people are feeling. Whether it's the parent a grandparent a guardian bike. I am truly truly saddened by a this situation that I continuing tap and and I'm very fearful and I am really I have items I'm fat and also for our children. That they have a bit of anxiety and even thought that they have to worry about when they go to school every day. And one other one of those statistics as related to your bill is that there are 141527. Public private and higher education schools in Pennsylvania now what is your bill what what is your bill specifically suggesting there. Right so my bill rate now is for content kindergarten through twelfth. That we have aid. Metal detector primary and try and go to school metal detector and at least one armed. I'm off Mr. President if and so obviously you know we you know they're trying there's there's 500 school district of Pennsylvania agitated with what some of these numbers. I could be. He gave might be larger district with a with a larger amount of children they may need more than one primary entrance it. But whatever and shouldn't that we have expendable for arcade and the people or four. Get vegetable. They must go through metal that I can't. Should now at this sounds expensive. Yeah. How how how much and how we pay for it. I tell at this point we are still pondering all the numbers and we are trying to pull together are what can possibly be true. And some of the funding mechanism that would make it fair or not you know. Com with the state budget from all the you know the ethical concerns on this is not going to be easy but I am calling on all the legislators. I think after the governor's process. I'll work with me and let's figure out a way that we can make it happen once we have these numbers. And if it's bad points and I believe that. Everyone at Maine we need to do something I think that says something that is how black and and something that is truly need it and we can make a Kapanen and have Pennsylvania really take a leadership role a veteran of the country so. You know one of the things that I have criticized. And mostly from Washington ambassador from Harrisburg is that you know a democratic lawmaker would come up was an idea and then the Republicans would would filibuster until it and then a Republican could come up with a great idea Democrats are filibustering Cilic are you getting out are you a range of co sponsors from both sides. Yes so far so in the last 24 hour we have thirteen cosponsors already on the bell. But carry the range between Republican and Democrat and I and I really feel that everybody wants it and everybody wants it. Dedicated to go to school and not have been anxiety deal with a focus on education and and the parent wanted the teachers want if I think everybody wanted to feel when they get into that old saying. And we have got a bad intestinal interfaith unstoppable self. There are going to be obstacles you know and common fund games and maybe another complication that have to happen with the details of the legislation and and mom this is something that we have to work together on the team but I think we can make it happen and I think it needs to happen and I believe everyone believes that need to happen. So where where is still not a sequential committee or words ago. Yes so right now we're doing the final draft on the delta right now the co sponsorship memo without all the legislators. And I'm asking for their support on just the overall concept and bill should be formally introduce can be elegant beautiful track that hopefully in the next week. And then mom I'm attending that employed at kidney education committee. But we do need to do lab complex or comments and I think that we can really come together. Andrew is caught up with state representative said Michaels co boom litch of the 114. Legislative district regarding his bill requiring schools to hold emergency response drills. To increase preparedness. In the event of an active shooter. Well actually I just started after sandy hook five years ago. I met with a group most police officials in my area and we developed. Of course and I. Whereby you know local police departments who or what school. In our idea was we have fire drills but let's take. One or two of those mandatory fire drills and our schools are required to have a let's turn toward them into emergency burst roadster or else. After going eighteen years of getting any traction on that last year I joined forces with reached across the aisle. I enjoyed a representative Gary Canadian cracked stats Gary from Bucks County encrypt the data the Philadelphia area. And now we cosponsored the bill we got it passed through the house. It went for the senate. But they changed the language harm that schools should now we'll have to have the emergency response drills to school may have the emergency response drills. But they used our bill as a vehicle for the school code. And it came after the house passed the house open and the governor let it become well without signing. By the right now I had a conference call with representatives stay and Steffi yesterday. We're coming up with a package this school safety bill but we're going to introduce and a few weeks right at a press conference. Harrisburg once we get these goals craft that can get back in an era after they he had coached here. But now I am going pursue my goal now is that the gulf. Get that shell. That may change factor shell so we're going to require. I have a pop I have shot a snapshot of the act. They came out of the school in the last week from one of the teachers and school of one of the students. Says it wants and hardy emergency response derail all of that they had should weeks earlier they felt demoralized would have been lost self. I think it's something we've got to work on the we've got to move on and get past your Pennsylvania force school need to do something to at least. And the truth. This will be minimal cost. So we could we gotta get this done quickly you've got to get schooled we go people know what course of action they shouldn't have been your job. Yeah you know I got asked of the most common basic common sense questions what hole would have a problem with that why oh why would you just be a no brainer. And I. Hey this thing but sometimes common sense that the there's always rule the day he had in Harrisburg or Washington I know okay. I disagree with degree of great real quick story senator Stewart Greenleaf who's waiting Roberts. You know dinner there Scranton times grand theater near you while week's dollar months ago. Any the best in all of these years she's been around a long time what was is going to accomplish. Ed and I got a law passed that allows children old and young children to testified via video with a where trial has gone on what those kids have been abused. Any bad and it only took me fourteen years he's fast he's got the look bad and I thought I'd do it stunned me but. Foley now that we I mean it's almost like ready we act after the horse is gone from the barn but our problem. Hopefully it's time will wake up and wealth will do so will take some measures in Harrisburg. Then eventually in Washington where we won't have to grieve anymore. Our Entercom talk show host frank Andrews also spoke with Sherry Jacobson. Volunteer leader with moms demand action Pennsylvania chapter regarding what else can be done to curtail gun violence in the home. So we terrified county is prepared tiger. Northumberland. Colombia on tour and unions okay that are based app. Okay now who are you why are you invited either the first thing that strikes me is volunteer leader which means you're not campaign for this year just doing it because she wants something done this who are you and why are you involved. I have an ordinary that if then who really. I have served my country had to keep our volunteers and I do kill very patriotic and committed to making America shined how do I get involved I was actually listening to one of the sandy hook parents on the radio and I just I had the overwhelming feeling that it was not. Old Hague for somebody who had already lost a child to gun violence between working. To keep my kids safe when I wasn't really doing anything and I need to stock that's morally wrong and IE are booked around on the web and I was looking trek outreach organization right it you know I think contributing money is important but I knew that as a citizen I really wanted to keep a much else. Well that's the our payment yeah meant that sets out yeah I'm in Pennsylvania like what are you asking for a what are you doing what are some practical steps. A lot of great legislation out of there you help prevent gun violence it's a complicated public health issue there's a lot of different people into the pipe all I. How we have some great legislation in Pennsylvania right now it's senate bill 501. Which led to help get aren't domestic abusers and it is currently in the judiciary committee of the senate and we're working really hard to get that bill out of the Judiciary Committee and out onto a boat it is. Five I didn't bend on carried on by both sides of the I held it pretty could you initiated it was republic in the Republican senators on senator Tom Kelly and so that the bill with bipartisan support say it the bill that is supported by lawns horse then I Pennsylvania district attorney's association. IR Pennsylvania coalition for domestic violence it's got rods the quarry it. Hole really well the vast majority of likely voters in Pennsylvania about 80% of them I including 88% gun owning how polled the core. Court what the legislation would do which I can tell you about a moment but if they've been great piece of legislation and we are really looking current commanders on the Judiciary Committee committee can be content or her vote. And get a good hit on a pass out now I would like to tell about what what. Now he had Tommy and I wanna I wanna ask you about about schools and you're talking about domestic bonds I'm mantras is not going to explain it. How well you know I think dead gun violence is a complicated issue and a lot of p.'s feet to the ball. You can bite inflation where's the party because it has been president of save lives into effective legislation. That has been enacted in the number of others states. And the big income for the legislation. That would do a few different things it leg prohibit domestic abusers from. They and their guns out there could already the case if you are. Convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse you how to relinquish her gun within sixty days after relinquish her gun you how I think you they can get a bit. I but it seems like an inordinately long amount of time per somebody who had already been convicted of violence to hold onto weapons. What the legislation would do would be achieved shortened tactics that period. Oh. Again it's and then it ended a logical chain it's not sane people have to give up country didn't have to give them a book or. Weird how do about convicted. Domestic abusers. Who already have to relinquish their guns it's just not getting sixty days to get. Well it took the quote I website that sounds like common sense. Shouldn't have sixty days is a long time especially in an emotionally charged situation like domestic violence. Two Lilly and you know how many people are. Our shot shot at killed in the and it's not just family it is all along towards the official it's the very danger. Situation our law enforcement here and you use the word common sense and I can tell you I've been talking about this in Pennsylvania now for over a year. And I can't tell you how much support there is sport people. Can't believe that it's not already a lot. Now I wondered yeah. God has his say as moms demand action and Susquehanna valley. Based on what happened in part on what would you like to see happen in Pennsylvania and in the country were right now what what we need set was like common sense steps we need to take. Yeah well. I've been working really hard to get FB 501 pocket veto that senate bill to. To keep guns out of the hands of domestic computers but there are other states with all the legislation's. Before that they're not wind it. It's like cantor you know it's not like there's Y and chemotherapy. And it attracted every single kind of count her. There that they're the patchwork of legislation and a number of different faiths that patchwork of legislation for the federal government we are really here in Pennsylvania I'm in Pennsylvania and to contact their state senators. And hopefully eventually their state representative. To work on the domestic violence come legislation. All it it they pattern for about a year it's good to go into a broad bipartisan support. And it didn't really probably met all pennsylvanians could appreciate it keep our law enforcement they occur and it's something that's ready to go. And we are really looking overreach you know art our senators meeting its power. OK now people want to get involved in our moms. Yeah and moms demanding action and Susquehanna valley what do they do work they don't. In the central Susquehanna valley we have agreed prepared by county but that is and so once again that union Snyder northumberland mom or. At Columbia. It there elsewhere in the state I know there's been a tremendous amount of interest up where you aren't aren't you aren't well they have got a lot about lately. The quick way to get involved. It could tack act ATP. Do you think our port street train that would. Hooking you up wears. Beat the mean great that are going to be forming up there pretty thinly attic. The amount of insurance which is exciting although I appetite I look forward to the day when our personal attention and obsolete. So I turned out we have a lot of work to do. It's all hands on dad I know Americans are tired of the gun violence I know they are eager for deletions. We have great legislation to go in Pennsylvania calling it state senator. I'm your state senators support at B 501. Dick or no law enforcement official directory account putting out rich kid and move again up in the Euro area that I think you do you tactics or portrait street or visit our web thank you community information on our web site and we look at it actually. That's Entercom talk show host frank Andrews getting the input of Pennsylvania lawmakers and others offering solutions. Of what can help to stem gun violence in America you're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue hand wringing. Doctor Loren has jury may be from Scranton. But her vision for girls and women is welcome in all corners of the globe it's her mission to bring people together for events that combine exercise. Self esteem. And commonality. To make people realize they're not alone. And other people are facing the same daily dilemmas is down her event this weekend at the Scranton cultural center addresses mood regulation. Anxiety. And depression man for short. She explained her ongoing work to last. Recently just in my years here in practice I recognize that a lot of times when people learn. About what they're experiencing. It doesn't seem to hard and walk through it. And so I decided to these events on assessment that the cultural center and February 25 at 11 AM it's nineteen minutes. It's really fun and we listen to music and there's movement and so it's not like it didactic training weren't seen at the PowerPoint it's nothing like that. But we learn about mood anxiety depression the things that we all experience ideally be says because it does seem like knowledge is power. So we recognize we can identify the problem we can that happen the solution and so. At the event I'm not only going to dance thing with you but I am also going to teach you exactly what you're experiencing and why you're feeling with your feeling or why your sister or brother whoever. It's feeling now way and then. I'm on top of that we're gonna teach the evidence based solutions that are tot. On insect out decelerated to some. Kind of the hero exercises. We have doctor technique here that's coming up to joining us this time she's in teach some guided imagery. And some my opponents we have doctor Li upon her who's been taught by diversity. And now we're gonna do it all Hewitt beat so how gonna dance going on. It's really fun it's exciting you'll definitely walk out of there. With some good solid strategies that eighties on a Daily Beast as that help he'd be a matter what. Are you seeing. Through your years of experience that leads you to believe there are certain things we could be doing. To help people with mood and anxiety what are you seeing that you want to changed where he is just comment. Right it just sells so common and UIC not only with my own experience. And with the girls and women who come in to see me and with my friends and my family that a lot of times we think like oh my gosh I have this the boot and on. It's almost like a light sentence and what I recognize is right now it's not what we have strategies that actually work and people don't recognize it in all it's going to be so difficult. But even really small tweaks to behavior can make a huge difference and it's like kind of feel like I have this like knowledge. And I just want to be like yell like you have to come and went only get detective Al get the look at that and see that there's some map out of the S and I'm gonna show. You're gonna actually have something to take home with you and is it going to be easy. Probably not but if you do it consistently. It's it's a means to an end and it will get easy year. Sure other people who wake up every single day. And they feel down the field depressed they feel deflated and they think to themselves this could never be. Any different I've been living like this for months or weeks or years how do you encourage them they can be different. Yeah you know I think you know everybody's mood abs and flows and sell. All days are not good all these are not bad for anyone but the degree to that teen does depend on the individual all. But what I know to Beecher is you know I don't wake up in the morning and I like on my arm and take on the ground I I am human too. I wake up in the morning acting now like how am I gonna do that and there are certain things I have to do every single day just to get to eat then. And then there's the things they do to that are like a bone that make me feel good but there are a lot of things that I do like. You know eating nutritious flee and getting the proper honestly to get my body and formulas and against me exercising increased by serotonin level opener transit makes us feel good. I do all the postings on a daily basis I wanna do not really but I wanna feel OK so those things again meeting you and and I am like hang out friends and the only things like that and they can make you feel good. But if you go to hang out different and handling without getting to eat and it can't. Really do the work for talk about of that that nutritional component because I think it's really important and I think not only meant to mentally that. Physically. You have to kind of be a special or are nauert and this winter everybody so Mac and down. There really ERI it can be a huge key to people and we still want people mean that are older than Tony right. And physically it takes its home on how does that take a troll on younger people. You know tickets on everybody when it recognizes a lot of times you know. High school age college age girls and when will come in and under and is not feeling like I will. Like I'm not getting my work done and actually my school work I don't and now my friends and that's kind of not like me. And so we go through OK so what is your nutrition like you are asleep and and so panic nice stamp really only watch Netflix and then IA he not only to get to school also I don't it Andy Brack fest. And then I get to school on aid to any my homework because I was watching Netflix now. Now that I'm really nervous smile in schools and try to do my homework during wants I don't get to lunch in nineteen front of people. And so that I get out of there. MIT do any acts as well and I'm too tired. So I think well if you're not eating right your I mean admittedly not endorse your brain this is all brain and that you're not eating. And you're not sleeping on your always behind eight ball and then you're not exercising to like get the transmitters are calling for. Well then no one you don't feel that you know are Heidi is a machine and you need to get working at the well oiled machine and just completely happy Amy tent into an open appeal good. Like that just doesn't happen. But the sleeping aspect as a lot of people who seem to be in that that teenage age range. Did the schedules seem like baby schedules like they have their days and nights mixed up how would you recommend to them yell Unita say you know what are you willing to deal. You know girls they'll implement a common to see me all the time enough that I don't feel good like he fixed in X I feel Woody Allen dale. Because everybody want to feel better without doing any behavioral changes so I say listen. If you wanna feel better put yourself on sleep schedule yeah I remember when I was nineteen years old. On I put myself to sleep schedule when I didn't wanna do either but I went to bed every night at 1030 and got up every day at six or whether it was Tuesday your New Year's heat and if I wanted to feel good I had to get my succeed in red and working form me. And that's it's all necessary. Because not only is it restorative for every single one of us but. You know if you don't have the proper amount of rest for your body. Then you're eating at Sok an and you can't exercise because you don't have the energy to do it and so then you know. Both three things it's like that try act that's super important just to get it even. In mold everybody has to do that but those of us would have concerns or depression or anxiety its axle my. Let's talk about anxiety because a lot of people in our lives. They know really well they feel coming John and it is if it's. Game changing for you because then you can think of anything that why I have this feeling now and sometimes nothing is going on behalf of anxiety and sometimes. Something is going on in him anxiety just chips are people who can work through it on their own just a little bit to panic take the job. I think the first thing that's that we need to talk. Talk and anxiety is. It's a really normal response distracts. The first thing I'll say is yeah they're definitely evidence be strategies for inciting Renee teach them all on at the event but the first thing is a case so. Stress is sold huge in America. And what exactly your light is stressing you out like how can we set boundaries. How can we you know change the dynamics in our relationships. How can we man. Make our lives more manageable so we can. That's number one because we don't change the things that are causing the anxiety. You know putting a B and it now with evidence be strategies they're always and it's always gonna come back because the problems always going to be there. But as far as anxieties concern when I say it's a normal. On response to stress I mean that. You know it's your body's sensing that you are in danger. When your not in physical danger but your thoughts are telling you that you were in danger so it's like oh my gosh why. You know these people don't like me you know a lot of schools might actually nobody wants to go to this dance with me it's all things are our test things I. Real light stress on and that does cause anxiety. But in your thoughts are things like I'm catcher in danger danger danger and your nervous system is kicking hike here. This team we it would if you really running from some trying to steal your handbag yeah now. And so it's a normal response but it's happening an inappropriate time and to organize teach at the at and is. You know. Assessment tracks. All of these things seem to have some rooted in tradition. Meditation deep breathing imaging why is it that sometimes. They are not the first strategies. That people co two I mean sometimes they'll go to self medication. Or other kind of medication why do you think there's not more of an emphasis on trying the things that have roots in tradition. Yet tell and that's what the ceremonies on not who we met its western psychology with eastern philosophies. And come up with Amex that works. You know I think. You are our society. On his cell medically based so much of the time and I think that you know it's just. It's quick. You know and I think it's it's easy. These strategies certainly work. And I see it work in my office every single day but it doesn't work overnight. It does take time. And it's not comfortable you know human as human beings we want to be comfortable all the time and working through a lot of these solutions is uncomfortable. But it's a means to an end and they do work by ERP take a medication. For anxiety. That you know. Worked within twenty minutes looks like okay pulled the anxieties on. But it really is more beneficial for you to have those strategies in your tool box with not an every need. And I mean you know. Relying on most things and I'm not saying that medication isn't isn't recommended in certain situations. Under but. As far as I'm concerned burning any strategies is part of the solution that she had the event in December. What has their reaction been in the community to wait your turn to introduced the yeah outlining the young girls and women are amazing and literally eBay like give you life. They are so excited about it they're learning about things that they've never learned about a four. I'm learning how to you know social norms of society excellent everything Phelan that he. On right now at this ceremony anxiety depression and learn about how you know girls and women. Have internalized a lot of anger because we're not allowed to experience raged on because that's not what the good girls do. And so we're gonna learn about all of that stuff and I've seen that you know girls are starting clubs in their area high schools. And we meet on Saturdays and dance and saying you talked about like the topic of the week. And you know they're really I always think I knew. On. But they know at this age if I was learning at that stage of the game what would like possibly. Like and I guess that this generation in Tennessee. I can't wait to see I think that it's it it could be a real game changer specially and we see so many instances where young people. Are just so filled with fear anxiety. Uncertainty that if you give them those operating tools maybe they can in turn when they have children. Have better coping strategy right thing to do you know I'm a huge benefit of these events and what I'm really trying to do which is let me and three. Is so that every resident are not alone. You know just when I see these high school girls and women talking openly about their anxiety and dancing and singing and it's. It's really something it's it's it's a community. Of that for a reason because the solution is a community solution like we need to come together. As human beings that's one thing that we often make the mistake is only experienced any of these things isolate and we don't talk about it when the solution really needs to be human connection meaningful action talking about these things in common together at time 11:8 am that date is February 20 bet that the Sunday morning the places the street and cultural center where in chaplain on the fourth floor but they'll be signs to guide you there. Shot a little bit early to make she'd get seats cup last time we had. On over 300 people also make sure they get they're a little bit early you'll start right at Atlanta and everybody's luck have country time. To learn more about doctor Lauren Missouri. The practice and upcoming events visit her web site. Hey Lauren dot com or her FaceBook page also called pay Lauren you're listening to special addition on intercom. Communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. If you think people are worried about how they're being perceived consider this psychologist and professor Amy caddies tend talk. Your body language may shape who you are has been viewed by more than 45 million on the Ted talks website since she gave that lecture in 2012. Cutting has also expanded on what she offers in that infamous lecture in her book. Presents bringing your boulder itself to your biggest challenges. And she spoke to us recently about her ideas. Oh my god bless you can't you get an empty your pockets hosted various different that the Clinton people think even Brimelow wanted to contact. Info beyond their wildest thing you can imagine didn't. They've got many people were allowed to have. I noticed during the stock which I watched yesterday that the people in the audience were very self conscious it's just the beginning. Think you're talking about what do you look like now and I saw the movie earned their seats. To try to out possibly had messed with their posture that very moment. So I do it and I think I definitely have it you certainly have an affect on Google now but every time they give it shock and and tell you wouldn't have been apology I tell them don't move yet would he admitted how you do that it's. When you're not paying attention to your part scared and they immediately Justin hit it straight. Up. Again that our defense didn't end and one of the things that I cannot I'm talking about. Did you bring him some examples in your discussion and of course end in your written more about how to make yourself a look at. More powerful. And I guess intern indeed more and how word. In your lot is and I think they eat people need to be self reflective on the sinking in goal over a little bit of that with us. Actually I I wouldn't I mean that. When people feel powerful. It changes their whole orientation activities but we can't be approaching the seventh. Imagine I mean he approached estimates it's like walking into the world and ET calendar is not and threat but as opportunities. That you approach trying to avoid. Do you feel even if the incident bad grades could be approach to depends really how time can succeed people who need cannot hear the word power. I personal power is not about taking power away from somebody else it's about being able to reach inside yourself. And bring out your best quality than your your best skill your knowledge and and characteristics. So I talk a lot about it how old people can use their bodies. Do dig them how I feel more powerful before they go into the kind of stressful situations. That YouTube. The lead them into a fighter flight. The third but spiral that week in adapted by the way if you're ready from a tiger but it is not adapted if you're going to do the job interview with. You cannot fighter fleets. Those what I find is that bite. Can only seen our posture and her movement her breathing indicate. We can it makes it sound more common and OK we can make ourselves feel better and we can you know perhaps most important that this situation. A more powerful and president. The biggest key if you advance looks. Simply cleaning your breed they knew what when you're nervous about it. He probably can't reading more quickly and shallow grave late taking into Pakistan. At. Telling your relevant to them that you had gotten it it puts you in that fighter flight mind that. I simply slowing your breathing and bringing more deeply. Activate Foley called the massacre and digestion aren't just telling you that you're Hastert did your nervous system. You literally get. And I message from your breathing dot com do you get on the first. In your breeding tank and straight once your shoulder and back and you can't open and bad advice from our grandparents. Went right. And they had it not only has respect others you actually I showing respect yourself. Experiment after experiment showed that when people don't straight to try a couple of minutes. It elevated their mood it makes them happier thinks the more optimistic they're better able to recall ponder intrigued about the development. Listen not a simple thing that we can give Luke. But we are always hunched over our phones we're doing exactly get out there about it. Engineer even if you don't feel like you're on the blade and the third I would say is. You are open expansive body language imagine what people do anywhere right in the middle Olympics right now what do they do any competition by the first place. So they're armed up. In the patriot penetrator aren't they're up they can end up their captain expanded its. That's what we do and we feel proud and powerful. But it also can comment can feel proud powerful and rather than I'm Jean and shutting yourself current. Open your body language. Before you go in in private think. Am like a superhero with your hand you have figured Peter Parker in the big treat a lot of other people did it in privacy. Well configure your your brain. Do you feel powerful. And column and I can go into this apartment the situation got an opportunity not a threat. Say they engineered Ted talk that even the people who are blind. When it. When they cross the finish line are they do something they also tell you that that. Open net ended victory pose arms in the air is amazing. It's incredible it not only Donnelly can extend across the government called Sherry. To stand by Jessica Tracy showed America. I've had people all over the world when they win they can't combat the added to the picture that people from other culture during that. And ask them what emotion does the president feel they say things like pride and confidence and talent but yeah I think the most compelling evidence. I don't that the relationship between feeling powerful and expanding it hard wired cage it even can generally blind people do the same thing. People who never seen anyone in this which when you and they've sent their arms up in the air and into the country code. You also say that and people make judgments about a political candidates. Based upon their appearance straight. Yeah so let what are what are the political candidates doing. The attracts people to. But consider them or trust them. That was absolutely you can get ten to judge people very quickly along these students and that you want and contrary that's. And confidence and strength but we actually. An early age. It eat in normal looking for leaders who was generally value warmed contrast may have more because that is anti pageant primitive questioned. Do you get the person have good intentions toward me. It's so important in any leadership and it and that cannot get to the politicians but but anyone can do leadership position and they take the time to establish contact. I think that what are they are people people do wrong if they cry. There are who they try to look at turn and it's about communication I'm not in his opinion and you know I'm not I'm not. Incredibly Q I'm not open with you why are they gonna be over you opened originally spotted. Did you buy your language that. Open but not domineering and he leaned forward and don't have a hand in your pocket your arm's crimes. When you're gesturing how they're pumped taking up all of these I think they communicate. Trust and openness and a designer can be back and. When you dealt with students which you are out how do you encourage them. To be more forceful because I guess in that age group when people are meant to transitory period between. Adolescents and adult content sometimes the appeared. Uncertain or they feel concerned how do you unleashed them to me. More more powerful and in there approach. Well I mean I think it would have to do the first piece of advice can bet. You know we all are very worried about what other people think about saint Edwards and it's the human condition and parent. If it is not easy to change that. But one of the mechanics say that people may get this aid when they're behind her first job for example. If they try really hard to manage these impressions are making on others. I didn't take them out of the moment. And they just looking at the other person's trying to read her facial expressions trying to figure out what they think of them and they usually wrong about that. The rather than managing the impression that you make another word which really shows very clearly. Did not go over well dominant he isn't a good impression management tactics come across an authentic. I tell people that what they need to do here is the managing the impression that they made on themselves before they go and that women can't. Can deliver. You know elements. Very you know that said with conviction. And if you don't I what you're telling you know by advocates lately Italian if you believe your own story why would anyone hire you. That's what I really try to get them to do with. Understanding who they are. And greens are able to carry the bet that turns back to version of themselves which. Unique situation. Without worrying so much on what everyone thinks about the funny thing that you make a better impression and others if you complain about the impression do you make it another. It's just it's it's hard to kind of put her altogether also Amy you know all that. These first impressions. Are made in just seconds I think sometimes we forget about them. OK okay and then we. We quickly make an impression. And the look it literally less than attacking and I'm very superficial PG a patient like facial features org or social caddie going to make good gender and race and and and and there are almost always. And because we're generalize game. But the group wage from my the interface and we have about somebody based on their shall be just for example. And then we apply those those trade so that per cent. But you can overcome that first impression that you may Craig did. I don't want people to give hope Fred that they make a bad first impression they can't recover from that they can recover from that and then. It is important understand. Said that them fit in both directions are making judgment pretty quickly. Lot of people are earth. There worried that they're confidence may be perceived as arrogance and somewhere in guard and I know of that does another. I had some bad care deeply about idea that people get confused. About incompetent and arrogant and so when people want to come look confident. They opt in instead. Army you arrogant kind I see confidence and they too long. It's something that's stable and it turned off it it it allows you to protect your account for about can threaten. And into the west and it is basically. You had a weapon he used to prevent people from calendar year. Because you're you are afraid you don't want this do you are you afraid you don't have the right answer you don't have all the hand Eric and the truth and that. Yeah Hubble will be entered into okay you can be confident. Italy you don't have Alia says if people want to be able can engage people who appreciate being after advice. They say they say they appreciate being asked for help are put their feedback it's okay to gain that such. Guess the confidence is very compelling an arrogant and very own clothing. Since you did this piece and you have been 45 plus million views since Tony twelve. Com in your old self reflection. What do you like the most about what that message and what do you think did resonate with all those people. It's. It's it's. I think. He hit it in immediately after getting emails from people all over the world and I'm really. Aided and the first ever good for example I got an email from hundred year old girl in China mainland and in trying to figure out. How it works at the confident do you. The handed her English class. They got an email from the C I'm a man in his eighty into the World War II veteran. And you're trying to work out the confidence if the product line that I've loved my had subsided. And he was trying to work work up a confident against going into the final within got scared and feel heard and taken seriously if it goes. So what the comedian I think with a bit. Every one had these challenging situation where the stakes are high and where they feel they need socially judge and they really shut down. They get into their in the opposite situation and they leave with a sense of regret and that's grad. Makes it harder and harder for us to approach them situations. I would concur and I think I think that was that was the thing that really resonate with people that they everyone had to have the power small. In some situation in July this. And they they contend that feeling of powerlessness which makes it even worse that really makes such shut down. Interest in Amy caddie was great to hear from medium book presents. Bring here bowled a self your biggest challenges which is greets and so I can I appreciate the fact. You make yourself available to people like us so that we can have that the bathroom floor semi in new when you're doing the talk insulin one win but it's so great to have the opportunity to ask you questions about what happened in the aftermath and your books so. Thank you so much we appreciate these opportunities. I didn't didn't nothing like more than how things you know it changes how people can think December. So that's Amy coyote. Who's ten talk your body language may shape who you are is the second most viewed lecture in the popular video platform she's also the author of presents bringing your boldest self. To your biggest challenges. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.