Sherry Shriner

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Wednesday, July 19th
Sherry Shriner is blamed for the death of a Pocono man by the accused killer who claims they were ensnared in her cult. Sherry talks with WILK's Sue Henry

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We've been hearing a lot about it's a case that happened in northeastern Pennsylvania over the weekend a 32. Year old are 32 old man was killed. Shot in the head did. According to the story from the daily white ear after he allegedly made a request to dive for the sake of a bizarre belief. In the reptilian nature of his cult leader Barbara Rogers is the accused. And just so we thought we would reach out to the woman who is being called a cult leader. So we could find out more about her opinions on this case so who's she isn't who she isn't. This is are sharing shrine there with us on W while K hi Sherry. Do well how about before we get into this is specific incident can give me a little bit. Both of your background and how you. Came to the belief system that you have these days. Well you know I was born a Christian home I want to Christian high school Christian contract and the Liberty University. I worked on the radio station staff there. I graduated from Kent State University Allison journalism and political science. And and having you know the lord put me out of broadcasting. Anybody Aaron. What is. Speak the nation's and so. It matches shift along along pat I'm 51 years old sort of travel abroad the little. So you're entirely contemporaries does her about the same age. Yeah you know I'm so the whole thing was they elect a very hard because he was just cup is. You killed them when my kids so. I. So if she came around and I realize how dangerous she was also trying to protect them. Alexander tell tell him this woman is dangerous and he went listen he got very highly thought I was disrespecting you saw his wife is one of these majors Italian. Just very you know hot tempered by the very sweet kid at the same time. Okay let's talk a little bit about Steve is how do you say his last name 088. GM looks a little bit different than a Sus spelt. And a nail okay. June 1 in cow owner Steve lemonade out. I have got him for about seven years it was one of the first people that jointly I want to FaceBook. Perhaps face so patiently yes that would never built. I think it was one of the first people. They're joined something about 2000. Ten. And 2011 somewhere around there. Are and what what brought him to your FaceBook page what what do you to share in common. We know you ranchers ticker blog online. Usually choose you movement. And I do a lot of exposing government black some secret practice for things like that is as so we just tell us shared interest of the time. I. OK and never even met him Sherri good Jim how how well do you know I'm did you talk to him on the full moon or anything like. Out of someone just line I think girl's story implode because they like you go through. The evidence itself speaks for itself in her first story. From peak coming coming out of Pennsylvania right over there was that she was being he was being bullied and harassed since he wanted to kill. First of all she use your military issue 45 black she was for the military's retired from the military believe. But she got out early and a pension. Is if she had no problem shooting them. Should quiet red to a certain books at all. He didn't need your help he was initially Rangers set as young guns she was almost there. Sniper level the whole story I'm just the frail little girl and then you know what it's just fall apart. But she Nancy Cooper a 42 year old woman. She prepped up like she was twenty year old little little sweet thing. I highly doubt the issue is 42 years old. As she did she she had a mild make fun if you are pictures on my ship looks like it's it's a little young twenty something at no time. The issue book like a 42 year old woman and it kind of responsibility and please earmarks that. Melissa this woman Barbara Rogers is she originally was from Florida and somehow she came. To the F Poconos com or do these two to manner and what the nature of their relationship is as you understand it. He's got her own mind I don't know how we you know lack. I don't know how they met they met online he didn't know her very long. And he started telling us that you found the woman of mystery. He'd have been praying for the go to extremes for a long time. And you know at the time we are all very happy for him. Bob Bowman had a stream she was happier and a bunch at a rugs feed a lot for a lot. We don't know anything about it at a noisy about it. And when he finally brought her into our chat group. And it was the first time I really I even knew what her name was and then he sank over Everett and married to each other be married to each other and make illegal. First red flag. Like that marry him you're so much love and this security girl she's probably married to somebody else. It's solidarity having issues at this point because she had several profiles. On FaceBook that she was denying that what terrorist but I feel listeners. I even had our privacy detective retired goes through the two different profiles. And stayed there for the same person. Net you go to that length of sharing what what did you did that linked to find out who she was. I love states. And I just it's I guess it's it's it's it's a mother sustained whatever you want to call it a little is mother kind of motherly to have. That this woman was no good just carelessness there as so they started watching her. And she was making these posts about trading. Romney. And the picture she posted must have legs something's state tax Aaron I've restaurant restaurant nearby restaurant. Which that was they district also evaluated those. You know in the Bible. Romney would be an abomination. In just in Latin abomination she's transition Christian girl a Christian girl goes around and dusty raw hamburger meat. What do you think she is that. She election. She is practicing wiccan weights and as a lot of other things that could involve water. There does she had a band hired the men and her. Their sense very strongly. And when I called her up these things come to even out he just threw. A complete tirade he was so angry he needs just it was a whole another level destroyed our friendship developed kind of protect them from her. Out of the picture she posted on my list from what we do. Web site. It had an egg on top of this a pile of peace beside it which is very common. Just say this group they need peace is victory here and it was just. Breathing and then her other profile that she was claiming it wasn't her. Was of which looking at a bloom and you look at the web site as a bloody gore. These are her her friends are mirror which is to get this you know there's a lot about the mood it's up cartels by the wicca and witchcraft. And when I called her on that. She became he became very that wouldn't talk to her direct I refused to at this I never talked to her. So the whole thing was she was stating that older bullying us around here graphic of how you do that sort online friendship against a friend somebody and move on. I never even had one conversation with this woman I refused to talk to her. And so she got irate that I really thought the speech. We'll see if I'd known for quite awhile I've developed a relationship with these problems these. I. The investigator. Stephen Williams of the pocono mountain regional police department. On a sad apparently. Both of these individuals Barbara and Steve belong to a cult and that would be you Sherri. Yeah I don't they would okay. Oh yeah and shout out well our youth culture not you know I'm not well okay what sink the definition of a cult is why do you think you're not a cult. And we're do you think that this notion. That you are a colts team from. That's because they want to conduct random slandered me they've always been trend of the baby and make you look bad under discussion all of the lord. I serve the lord they one of the caucuses but Betty crazy. All the all called. It as I did you know it's a good inside out of their expose this I have some getting my own. OK when you found out about this this event did you find out on Saturday. I found yeah. But the fact that Pennsylvania report came out from this Serbia lake and we were just shocked Alice just lowered. Because I kept warning interest in retaliation demonstrations until you move on. This isn't her first time she kills somebody and that's why I hope the police investigate this because. And I that they. They need to investigator because she has up past the Kentucky that's very well hidden at the men to men missing. At a critical of the governor and his head pulled the trigger is not new edit. We found out the bit you're tied to this somehow. What what did you do anything. In order to protect yourself. You know I have a lower I have the lord protect me. That's out of hell I have affiliate. There potentially for twenty years I'm still light up that's how I was several heart attacks let's have been poisoned many times I actually at a summit last. Because it plays movies so much that the inner light vehicle gone. You know I think speaking out in exposing our. It will orders satanic government for years child trafficking. The satanism. And witchcraft I explode little. In this report which I guess was at collaborated for Mac daily Wear and and that is Scranton times Tribune. You are are called. The leader of an esoteric. Cult. And on just a Ricci is some of what they wrote the group this fixated. With the conspiratorial. Idea. Of a new. Age alien agenda coming to true forms through apocalyptic. Events prophesied as in the book of revelation is that. Lobby explain this. The new world order when it unifil and accord under the grass George Bush senior announced the formation of a new world order in 1990 record for the Iraqi invasion. And what we have now that I knew that this was let's go over the debris in the antichrist. Yeah you need your bad relationship at thirteen. Revelations coming express pulls profits until I started getting involved exposing this new world order that George Bush senior was announcing. Angel heart told me this is where it's heading and he showed me that alien agenda attached to that. And so I channel that the new age alien agenda. Because that was the one that was to keep that the new world order agenda into power they would be the last regime matters. That heralds an anti crisis false prophet. That would Internet this system. ABBA believe she believed that some. There is. And underworld of reptilian who are infiltrating. I'm high levels of power including Hollywood and it's also politics right. I sure haven't posting YouTube videos on my side for years became reality TV and and type in reptilian shape shifter. Our celebrity shape shift gears celebrity vampires. For me it's just all coming out they can't hide it anymore but the emerging of the dimension. People are beginning to see these are being addressed the people their shape shifting no more than. I have ever seen. A reptilian. You know reptilian as sister correct you know. When Lucifer fell in my garden of these doctors to be at stake Genesis 315. It affected all of the angels that felt with them. And so those poll reptilian thing has just fallen angels. I. Okay bit do you do you have to look like we have never seen it. In person happened. In person now. My MTV has. I've got a phone call for this C. Sympathetic. To the. That's still I mean you have caller IDB NPD you know they are. Actually it's just a bigger they don't numbers and they comic didn't suffer some stuff so. You know I have my life's been there you have assuming you when you can we do take on things cable it's going to come magical force met. And you know that one of the parts of this reporting. Live Sherrie is that it's a according to Barbara Rogers. Steven. Thought. They you were. Actually a reptilian. And I thought that was hilarious successor here I like bullying thing imploded because I've never spoken door and I hadn't those pieces may you know they're the ones. Making eight videos about the umpire harassing them they were harassing me interestingly. We called her rep tells her she's calling up speed back reptiles. Because she's the woman had pictures look what I. I'm calling a spade a state I've been exposing yourself to twenty years Barbara just tries to come around. They're pulled Steve away from. So she could kill them and that's exactly what she did and I want them about dead. So who's the crazy one. Saying that this is not something that just kind of sprung up like a heat of the moment thing you're saying that this was a meticulous pot and. This was premeditated. His last video he is she encode as his own murder in the video that you see that video I personally baseball. I did and I had a hard time of figuring it out I know it has something to do with backward masking have Elvis browsing is returned to sender in her hand appearing Wyss of some sort of blackness and it. Yeah the signals because of the and he's putting in and she's putting in the envelope return to sender. If she holds her hand up and the balanced position in which can have a balanced position. The thumbs up. She's returning just PMR sender in other words she's returning them back home. It is creator this father. Sherri tit most people who don't really think like this the soft sounds pretty crazy. Why you know it when you heard it OG dog that's graduated its bankrupt this kind of stuff. It all the accents that give if you look at the video it's Ichi stuff myself what she's doing. You know activity from the outside and everything's gonna be crazy these surgeons and research. If Fred laid out on. Have thoughts about Donald Trump. This. I'm not sure where they live to you seem to think that he is he not part of the new world order in your opinion. Hit a place holder was. That means that you know Obama represented. The bush I Clinton faction new ability battle group those earnings satanic new world order. And then you regime that's coming in. Under repairs according it was buried in there that was what. Troubles against you he was trying to hold off on and that's it it was global climate change. What was buried in appears I'm accord with Teixeira. The global economic security and reformation that which we value all the world's currencies. He's the place holder to make that happen. And then what they claim this whole new age gender claims is that bush for our child will be impeached. And Paul Ryan will take over as president. Worst Mike Pence. Mike Pence is irrelevant because he's of the old regime with trump and they're gonna bring in. Paul Ryan is the president and supposedly talking about bringing in general done pretty as the vice president. The first how crazy again until metropolis ever. Never brought in to be a president to last for a full term. What Ellis he brought in or was he elected. He looked up your life. I afterward about that number actually got 85% of the vote. So what is it that means that this is the people's candidate. But people can't rate and that's slams saying that this Chinese that. Run. Valuation ailing regime how can he take up president trop when it was still largely elected to offer all lies Enron. And put it Ryan who has sir Ian violently tight end showed up and my show I won't say it on yours. I do not like them. And every place strong with Paul Ryan who you know most people hey if they had it to two pennies in your pocket if he's he's he's he's. User sly. Sherri I am I am till you got this draft time but. You never show the people can hear you. Yes somebody in the blood type video that compact flash area talk radio. And packed and no we invite people to yet has forced contacting you from Pennsylvania again. Yeah it's interesting isn't it. I'm not gonna they have a script they wanna go to script. That sure China's direct dial into the call amber they're blaming honor they've done this before I guess is mounting for. Right Sherrie Schneider thanks very. Spare the time for us today we appreciate it I can't thank you.