Shelby Emmett, Director, Center to Protect Free Speech at American Legilsative Exhange Council; about free speech on social media, with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, August 8th

Shelby Emmett, Director, Center to Protect Free Speech at American Legilsative Exhange Council; talks about free speech on social media with Frank Andrews


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It is the American legislative exchange council. And they have the senator to protect free speech. And Shelby Emmitt is a director and she's on the line with us right now Shelby thank you so much for your work and thanks for being with us today. Thank you so much for having me on how they died. Well so far so good but look let me be let me begin by just asking you your reaction to everything that's going on with Alex Jones. And you hit the nail right on the head gear code the wave that was basically work senate in the free speech made. Under the First Amendment organizations. That are private I feel like they've got any other social media entity. They have the freedom of association under the first amendment center of the NFL. They can pick and choose whatever rules they want to you don't have a right of free speech in your workplace. I don't think but isn't obligated to uphold the First Amendment the same way a public university or college campus have to do that. How that it is concerning and I think people have a right to be concerned with. But in the big picture of Spain. And the online platforms whether it's FaceBook or Twitter or in the Gramm or any other media outlet. They know how they knew what virtual town square. We no longer go to the middle of our cities right it pretty hall and we hold up aren't we topped we protest what they did in the eighteenth century. Well now are using that town square and our Internet and on FaceBook as our Twitter. And the incompetent holed themselves up and this place they want people to come together and communicate and share ideas. Almost. Rather lean into a plane and they wanna have it both raised right wanna be private entity when it's convenient. But they also want to glorify themselves at this point everybody to come together. And that's definitely one of these folks talking points right opponent the people to come together. Need defense at the end of the day legal leave FaceBook any other platform has every right to do what they're doing and how. However what I do think at a minimum they need to do what should be transparent about it now a lot of this is coming up this guy quote unquote each. Without legal term because it's completely objective. And the problem there that you had a employee that FaceBook or any other entities that are constrain things based off of their own definition of hate speech again because it's an active car. And that only hiring people with the same type of ideology. And of course I don't think anyone surprised that tend to be if those on the right side of things that are going to be censored out. Brand new policy topic of the world in terms. The boy about nine platform at an Al polluted premarket and we walked and did do what they choose not had the government do it for them. They as a society I think we're all ready to have a conversation about how much how we wanted to beat entity is that they are going to be place for people to plead. I guess it's really complicated because I mean there's a story today that Amazon has somehow stopped selling Alex Jones stopped an Amazon is this gigantic. Company that controls so much of a trade and then you get the Google's -- you get the Facebook's and so when you have these gigantic you know organizations I controlled such a large part of of the information that flows will what's the answer there Shelby I mean how does the government step in and if the government steps in and anyway. Are we then censoring the censorship. I think the last thing you want to do that and the government stepped it right I usually when a government gets involved with anything it's that it Baptist has a small. Solution here in terms of speed and ballot we believe in limited government free market individual liberty. About pollution that are more safe spot. Right we don't we we need and they spoke and that none event FaceBook face or not centered anybody speech if you don't like get blocked and because well at all. I mean and then he added the original thing but the fact that they're not going to do that left a market that I've got exactly what happened with the NFL. NFL have been ruled that people are not cook the meal I went to the players wanted to yell and they could I go ahead it wasn't until the marketed. Right post and got up fat a and the NFL decided to add a deeper conversation about what I wanted to do. But that they multiple eyes you let the market kicked you don't have the government get involved. And FaceBook wants should be a capsule company. FaceBook should. And opinion. Stop all of these are going to venture and beef up an algorithm to what we get under hate speech. And instead. Create an environment where people are in power. How word to use their own tools which it already has the black contact a lot of different people don't like dean saying that they cultural problem if you are college campus and you see it everywhere have a First Amendment attorney I think every day. People now are so sensitive about everything that they expect that government or the big bad evil company or the corporation or somebody. To protect the lead and step and empowering themselves and they know what I can't quite comment because I don't wanna read it. Well not now you're the director of the center to protect free speech and this is kind of almost like a silly question. But to what degree do you think our free speech is under assault right now. I think incredibly under assault folks unlike the other protections guaranteed to let them celebrate for example if you don't particularly like guided. Nothing stops the after the fact an amendment to exempt. You know he would be someone who doesn't think warrants are big deal could the end of the day. Can judges and police officers have to get a warning noted in the fiction these things in your home. The difference but the First Amendment to its all that was designed to stop the compliment from being able to regulate and friends are speech. At the end of the day if we stop believing in it if you would mean if I'd ever going to censor ourselves a private companies like FaceBook the car that they're going to be the new. Beach police. It doesn't matter what the First Amendment and because we no longer believe in it anymore. And that's what I am concerned what kicking a whole new generation there's just a survey out. About 39% of Americans can actually tallied up our protection in the first amendment's. That's the problem most people can't tell you that it's freedom of speech assembly Democrats religion I'm petition the government for a I would agree because it can't help you back. And people don't believe that most people shaped basically and the speed of thirty believe that hate speech is an actual define term. And believe on both sides that the engine prop liberal or conservative but I'm O five. Believe that there's a certain point where you should be censored for example. Conservatives are more likely to believe that a person should stay that the planet if they are I had an anti police Alley on the weekend from their job. Whereas people on the left and the believed the keys to the long cold how much you should also think consequences actually for the problem everybody in the country believe in free speech until they don't like something's. And we have to change our behavior. Wow now I. I I started the interview by saying I'm so glad that you're there and so I want I want people who are listening to connect with your organization can you tell us how. I thought the American legislative exchange council what we are they membership organization of all of those state lawmakers across the country. It's nonpartisan. Most people don't know what their state lawmaker dark but it could keep they're doing the great work and have more power to change things. I'm looking congress told people appointment you really wanted to carry your state lawmakers face you can just go to Alec dot org eight Alan EC dot org. And well run somewhat like say a congressional committee we have everything ranging from criminal trapped and reform. Q education and the workforce I'm not actually a confidence right now in New Orleans I had to big free speech captured last night to talk about everything from camp but it. It speaks to commercial. And it should take great plays very legislators to come together and learn from other state about what they're doing right what they're doing wrong and how to do a better each. Shelby thanks so much show go back to your conference I'm sure I'm trying to be bug and you and your organization in the future thanks again for joining us. Look at a great day thank you very much.