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Sunday, October 22nd

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Live from the double B why will cease to be used in Pittston Pennsylvania. Welcome to sharing recovery. Straight talk constantly struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovering. Recovery is possible. Sharing recoveries sponsored by. Clear brook treatment center serenity lodged an attorney Jason and he'll lean and our stone recovery center. We welcome your calls with questions or comments to call 570830098. Or 1804370098. The views expressed on the show or not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff management or sponsors during your hosts Suzanne Kelly and Jack crop. Beautiful hello and welcome to sharing recovery we're happy chose to spend time with us this afternoon I'm Suzanne Kelly and I enjoined by fellow post. Jack crock. Coup on September 16 celebrated nineteen years of recovery. Today is Jack's birthday happy birthday Jacqui rocked this is opposite to have you here. Thank you don't. We were doing they showed today as well as all of our other shows two to talk about recovery. Sherri recovery is about hope. And it's about health and it's also about healing. We believe recovery is possible. But we also know too often that silence equals death. Now today we are very pleased and excited to will come in Eric M Larry AM and PJT sharing recovery. The title of this show this week is from outrageous term recovery and I understand that this is going to be quite. A ride as far as your stories of life. Addiction recovery and a great life post addiction you guys are you guys are really rocking it welcome welcome and eyes and easy things. So it. I just wanted to mention also you can call in with your questions or comments at five cents and 08830098. We're also wants FaceBook life so you can type in a question or comment also follow us on Twitter we are on. Act share recoveries and decide. Send us a question or comment and we'll be happy to share on the air. Today show. The concept for today's show was. Different stages of recovery. PJ. Is relatively new recovery. Larry Hughes is somewhere in the middle stage. Of this road America has been around a long time. I've been around as Suzanne said nineteen year so that's what we won't talk about today what happened. What's it like today. So. PJ. The word you that have. Been recovered. And you know my biggest thing is. Just taking it one day at a time. It's. Harder for me it's a picture myself without you know drugs and alcohol for other us in my life but when. You know I'm very good damages that not doing anything today and and staying clean. Well what happened Vijay who do you end up her career coming to figure. Your family and tell you haven't delivered did you decide on your own. Club when I was eighteen years old. I wound up in the hospital for two weeks was pancreatitis. As a result my drinking and no. You know I remembered that doctors and so for told my family you know we should go seek treatment. And upon doing so and I do like an outpatient at a treatment facility and kind of got my my view later caught everybody. But at that point I just wasn't ready and you know. What now for about five years and when I came back I was able to get a little bit of time in the probe in recovery. And you know I went for about. An hour and a half months and and ended up testing the waters again in the over the course so we you know I couldn't live without alcohol and I didn't want to get sober. I wanna drink and I just wanted to die hard and did you start drinking out I was about fourteen years old when I have my. Offers training. And you said you tested the waters again and by that you mean you had a relapse you you have US stopped and then you started drinking and because people. They're listening to show might not understand it when we say that they can test the waters in the US stop you came to a recovery program. And then you decided to start again he airing did you ever ever relapse. Yeah five times. And times of my 36 years here now 36 years and recovered her six years. Our. You know when I first got sober I was I was toy store and for us it's over. I was an intravenous drug user I have about my father was an alcoholic and I got married at nineteen. Is up. They're probably saved me tells a pretty bad shape and and I got married and not. Between my two years later I had two children and I could see myself. In my father I just look at him Agassi myself in twenty years I say this can't do this with my kids. But I so I stopped drinking pretty much and I just got and having your views. And and Larry. Have you given as a Trier. Future it's actually. Been three treatment facilities and last month simpler for whatever reason. Not sure I believe I hit point in my life in desperation. Or it could really. Envision myself lending went through without drinking and using drugs and that's when Venus recovery. Process started. And December 4 you have for your very December 4 I will have four years and it's on my birthday it's funny as that is I was dropped off my last treatment center. I think that's a wonderful they weren't present that one Piaf and make it go. Four years fights and I heard you both say desperation. I heard Jamal say that you were at the point of just three what does that mean I mean what is that what is desperation. Just. And it's my only hoping it mechanism for life stopped working. So that took me to a place where. Did you envision. Mean drinking and using drugs crying not wanting to do it I'd be lying on my couch staring at the ceiling you know. Not wanting to wake up. I am. It is just took it a point where I didn't know what you're doing couldn't live with that I can live without it so I don't know what you don't and now let me back to rostrum facility and I try need this recovery. So you used the news in the Dooley is here. Was actually any sinister cult but important coping what are we trying to notice something escape what do you what you're dealing yet I just didn't. I feel like I wanna. We feel different now and I felt regardless so whether that was the cover up fear anxiety to depression. What ever I would use. Anything you had or drink anything you have to make you feel. Anyway outside myself to you about lunch the other tough and decent what you're trying to non escape from. I would fail if it is an interest in life I lived a lifetime access. If you dwell on. I was brought understandably women's and penalize you eat. That the father in sync my life and at some point. A family members took me under his wing who just. He lived a life of excess and more and that was from a young team so I kind of took on those qualities. I mean. It might have been a little bit different like I would be dropped out of school in Lindsay. I'm fly around and in private planes as vacation on yachts and this was an age of twelve and thirteen. Not me it was it was all foods like sex drugs and rock and roll. And too much is never enough. And whenever I want and I and a I want more attack. So you know that's that's not normal non Matt Damon I didn't know that when I was living that was just normal. A chance. Twelve years old how old were you started Eric. Besides smoking pot and I was fourteen and I got them but others are Holler so we never had. You any kind of liquor around her house ever could choose is terrible guy and it it did not for my Brothers twelfth birthday party my father had. Bunch of people we never know can go a little house aren't easily enough. I'm at a party for him and it was just. All kinds of boos all around so me and my Brothers some friends week's Montreal out in the woods and kept it out there but that was first time ever drank it. When I started smoking pot at. Fourteen years all this when things that are going downhill so most of your picture was it was drugs or your wasn't seen alcohol wasn't a big part of it. It was a big part. I was drawn but every time I got drunk I got in trouble I get something I was married young age and I. Run around in my life every time I get drunk I take around and get a slightly this or she would leave and then she leaves a bar which I go out of my friends and go Wafer. The weekend or two or three days at a time and come back with my tail between my legs and I'm feeling bad I was doing this in arms and I had these little kids and I did you see us doing myself he's need is to stop and I just did not. And now we are PJ on the other end of the spectrum because. You came from prematurely but we would call a normal American fan wearing. Yeah for the most part com. Alcohol is always. Something that was involved in everything in my family did. How old you restart your division I was fourteen years old and I remember I was senator friend's house and we're drinking liquor out of the bottle and I stood up. And generally the whole room like so committed to adjust and I was just like it was the greatest feeling ever and as soon as I as soon as I comprehend that. It was like why wouldn't I wanna feel like this all the time. We are going to like take a quick break we'll be right back. Since 1972. Epic treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment from a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear that today at 570. 2602600. Jason Mehdi Oly Izzy personal injury and criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney Mehdi only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for do you lie and drug offenses. He also represents victims tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability product defects and work related accidents. If you are a loved one has been arrested or injured call attorney Mehdi only at 5709611616. Arched own recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator looked in the small personal community tension. For nearly two decades arch tone of some thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is recovered. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care colored stone recovery center. 8558992292. Serenity lunches in safe structured supervise sober living community. For young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lodge has perfected the missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity lodged teaches how to use the principles recovery along with age appropriate life skills post serenity lunch today at five cents and 06508205. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls we'll have questions or come. 0570830098. Or 180437009. Innings and during your hosts Suzanne Kelly and Jack crop. And welcome back pain you're just joining us this afternoon thank you for being here sharing recovery is about help hope and healing. We believe recovery is possible that's our focus. But we also know too well. That silence I'm also equals death. We want to welcome our guests we have air again Larry M and PJ with us here in light of the WAOK studios you're welcome to call us with questions or comments the number to call is 5708830098. Or also on FaceBook lies and you can send us. I'm Twitter is a high using apt share recovery so what I'd like to know since the the title of this show. Today is from outrageous to recovery. And I think it's safe to say that well touching on some of the outrageous behavior. On and it's important for I think our listeners to understand that. You know people are recovered come from all walks of life. There's not just any cookie cutter of a fanatics. And I'm Jack to you you haven't met incredible story. Well I was eight years old when I started drinking. And I thought that was perfectly normal disaster what I saw in my house with my mother my father never took a drink my mother's range. I until 9 PM seven days a week that was her routine. Never problem there was never any issue. We had a wonderful life what appeared to be a wonderful life growing up. Now I sort of injury because I was certain injuries to people in the house. I never felt I hear about people in addition say they felt out of place or uncomfortable and needed something to change the way they felt. I never felt that way. I started to drink I thought it was great I wanted to be served attention. I want to walk into a bar room as I got older and everybody said hello to me and that's the kind of thing that I enjoy it. Now barricade as you well know. Were there are incidents in your life than that stands now the word unusual or what most people would think weren't normal work. Yeah. Receive accurate we moved around so my body can never wholly job guys using trunk. And on who's in binge drinker and my mom worked for Social Security short for the government. And not so we would move through this geographical cure it's called you know we've gone from you know from Florida. Pennsylvania California. And back. And now so we never finished a year of school we always got to have. Plays for his school was had already started to us in new kid in school and we always left before school ended. You know. And I I always I always felt out of place in them. And I am an idol driving older brother and his two younger sisters and so I was like left home all the time with my mother and sisters my father would take my brother don't do things. In room he would do everything with them that was just left there I always felt out of place. Did you seal point two BJ. Com I don't think I'll always felt out of place I definitely young. And I fell played a lot of fear don't know about like what other people thought of me but I would I would. For the most part kind of felt pretty comfortable with wherever I went you know I mean a dual good job only fitting in with whatever was kind of thrown my way. Six and are you and Larry are both mentioned fear. And I I know. I never gonna fight fear. I was never afraid of anything I I I just didn't care but I we get to a metastasized all feelings heady years old but fear wasn't something. That I ever experienced in fact I thought I could conquer the world. I thought I could conquer the world right up until before with the president. As for the first time in my life I was afraid when I want him to prison and then those bars close behind me I officials fear for the first time. No I didn't having to deal with the that I want to prisoners to be a silvery you're not having agreed here eight years. The past still hadn't caught up with me and took it took a long time for the past to catch up with me so that was the first time I felt fear. And then I had nothing to invest ties Whitman but. Turning to prairie guys I. Good question Jack if I may please what do you mean it took eight years for the past to catch up with you. Well you were sober for eight year I stop drinking in 1998. And 2001. A company from New York State and I had a disagreement then we'll just leave it that and end. It turned into a legal matter that talks until 2006. To get worked out and December. Nineteenth or twentieth I walked into my house a couple of days before Christmas of 2006. And told my wife and just don't go to prison. And that's why that that was three years old and not drinking. But for something I hadn't done in 1990 Ater they're in 1999. It just took that long for the legal system did you jump with me. And I went to prison itself. I was sober when I went imprisonment and I never had a thought might. But I should start drinking and using drugs reasonably be imprisoned you can do anything you want so. Yeah that that's what that means that it was it was eight years of not drinking. But not participating in a program of recovery either I would go to meetings once in awhile I was partially. Erica I know each other a long time and anybody who was in position on those so I was talked Erik because I knew him I wanna be involved in in the recovery program on the level that is necessary. Two to recover so many years I really wasn't recovering I was just kind of stagnant in not drinking you know it's. And it dry drunks is just what it's called me a dry drunk or worse than being drawn. So why is that. Because now we are nothing I don't have yeah you don't have to. It's not an cope with them so they're doing it. Yeah does not see it yet no coping mechanisms. You know you just miserable mean and miserable I did that I said I want relapsed. Five different and I guess over by different I guess less and not general first time it was I had three weeks ago to my first year. And I had gone through treatment and when I went in my wife went through treatment. And now. We got out I doubt we're gonna only do we decide we generally just really nice like together raising two kids and grow together. And she just never got sober hadn't don't shed no reason to it didn't want to and she says she only did it just for me because I was a mess and not. You know so I kept trying to check try to keep person over tour. I'm like five years or something like that and I always and back out you know I always and she never got straight. And not. Is it possible to keep someone sober or not absolutely not absolutely not. Going to do is take care of myself I proved to myself several times you know. Larry now you you talked about. Your viewer experiences that you were younger and use the word fear what were your freedom. You know it was and you touched on I couldn't think a little it was just never feeling right now I never felt like I fit in and I never felt like I was good enough. So I always felt like add debt to. Build up this I don't know like persona very ego that I was good enough for better than are always had to meet a best so. Like the amount of pressure that puts that I put on myself and it was me that was doing it. But the amount of pressure that that is slim like that it's it's not easy sell. And believe I was born alcoholic but I believe in that contributed to. You know the extent of my drinking and using. So you have this life from made a very young age of limousines and yachts and private jets and you know before age eighteen or or anyone basically they would think you handle life and but that was not something that was actually in positive experience long term via. No it was absolutely positive and it was a lot of fun to me if I'd told you all that pleasant one okay. Yeah all of that was an absolute blast that come. In till it be until it stops becoming fun. The drinking and drugs took over that fund in nine became a basically a prisoner to. Drugs alcohol you know those things that I did back then they weren't there are blast you know I'd love to do and today if I could so every so so yeah. It was just a company. It was a company that I was with and just keeping up with everybody I mean everybody that I hung around with was it was an alcoholic drug addict every single persons are waking up to 7 o'clock in the morning and summary of everything it what does a little bit length when you woke up to 7 in the morning you wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning you have a six pack of course like ponies and a handful of polls. Whatever they weren't didn't matter. You know so that was normal that was every day that was seven days a week how are you when you were doing pills and entry to the ponies that was a teenager. Yeah I was teenager and then have progressed to you know the point where I need more to just be. Able to function in the morning or it has to put my wake up in the morning and have to know where my head was because I was gonna puke so I'd have to angle that are anyway thank you puke on the hardwood floors. Then drink water glass of vodka and do a whole bunch of pills just to stop shaking sang get a shower and go to work. And you were able to work order life is there I get to work and be able to make it through a morning meeting and then have to leave work. Go to a friend's house who is close by my work and it's do more so he would have a Dixie cup of pills and I have. Vodka and Gatorade was our afternoon and Atlantic house who watched judge shooting into the shakes and stop and found work. And I would do that throughout today and in the end of the day I would have so much in my system that I thought to myself there's no way you possibly lay off. And I'd wake up and I'd say he gotta be kidding manages or how many years did this happen gauge how many years did you live like this. I mean. It was fun for a long time before starting to get like that mean that that was the end stages of a bud. And you're good ten years. That every day I mean there was no there was 124 hour period that I didn't do that. Ever I'd be physically removed I give people a lot of credit they can just walking off the street go to AA. I could never physically. Stop on my own ever no matter how about I wanted to do what Riordan is like here. Philly girl pour and now my father got into a very lucrative business and I was on. But at least sixteen years old then. And and then it was quite high enough quitting high school in it was a just don't know all the time and ever smoked pot performances go eliminating this or me and my friends. And he was just hang up and so I get suspended from school my father what do I have to go to work I'm on the road. For his business and so on sixteen years old how do in this stuff and you know and non. Until I got married that was just tropical time just don't get night usually drunk all the time at night it's always smoking pot and a resume whatever kind of drug was around there. And until I got married which I think it would save me and it probably did you know that the first years I was pretty good for about a year and enough. I sort of backed out about it. And and after that you know we get a room. My father's design and yet we had been boat down in Florida and homes in Florida and just you know get on the plane had long hair at the time in room. And I'm so it was like living the life of a rock star. Sort of lessons get on the plane an hour and a half later down around 45 minutes a day when you're out of Palm Beach in 2000. You know they've ripped up jeans sort of like to have to pick but that one parent and just party it's party like that. And for how long now go on until now his son 24 years old. That's when I stopped before that it I get sober instinct in like September I think in 1981. But it was June. And now. To my kids were sleeping I take I go out of my wife I taker and not enough you know well fishing and those are obviously slightly out fishing in the morning and image is orbital equal or night. You know she's got some speed. And not an asset to my wife found Taylor dance and I said I can't stop I don't know what to do. As I have to go away somewhere and had no idea. About we have observed never even thought about that I was doing any of that you know. So he's. A PG what was ultimately dealing trio. Calm flow when I was like seventeen. Years old eighteen years old. Actually got a scholarship to move books university. And so I would wake up in the morning to clear out like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and be sweating shaking and I immediately. Get some alcohol which are at the time I was little my parents are would steal their house holds or will not buy it. Drinks Mozilla fall back asleep then our way back of same deal I would drink before you go to my first class around 9 AM. After eight at a class I would go across the bridge from my buddy's apartment in Kingston. He was like 25. He always had no call so I would drink over there I was doing my homework. And go to my next class and then go back to his apartment drink more before my next class and you know after I was done around like 5:6 o'clock I would just go back in his apartment and drink whole Powell. You know. 2 o'clock in the morning and then go home and wake up is the same thing over an hour. Are these stories are absolutely remarkable I'm outrageous yes and we're going to hear more and learn about the recovery process and how they're all doing. Natalie today but first we're gonna take a quick break. Bridgestone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal. Community type setting for nearly two decades parched zone the so thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center. Eddie played fine 8992292. Jason Matty only is it personal injury and criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney met he only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for do you lying and drug offenses. He also represents victims of tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability product defects and work related accidents. If you or a loved one has been arrested or injured. Call attorney Mehdi only at 5709611616. Serenity lunches in safe structured supervise sober living community. For young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lodge has perfected. The missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity lives teaches how to use the principles of recovery along with age appropriate life skills post serenity launching gang. 5706508205. Since 1972. Epic treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. I'm a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices. Other alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear for today at 5702602600. This is double BYOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online I sure would Chevrolet dot com. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls with the questions or come. Men's poll finds 70830098. Or 1804370098. You're euros sponsors and Kelly and Jack. Crop moon. And welcome back to sharing recovery. Today's topic from outrageous to your recovery and it fjord just listening right now we have air again. Larry AM and PJ was a slide here in the W I don't pay studios welcome gentlemen this is and it's fascinating show it to say the least we were talking about what a typical day was before the break you know what did you every day I. If I can start with with Larry I am. What was. The decision where you said this is set I need help and because you know you go back and forth back and forth but what was it that said I'm I'm really in trouble I need to do some. Think it that's that's a good question I mean I I knew I was at the end of my rope and I if I have accepted the fact that. I was going to go until I died that that was a decision that I may know is totally fine with it. And then some events happen in my life. A cousin who is like a sister to me she would come over in my house when your party together. 1 night she left and she happened to drive to guard rails and her car landed in the lake in December. And that was when the Stanley got together and decided it was time. For her restrain herself now in in that process. You know I I was kind of mess and it led to some having a sit down with me. And basically they sold me on the fact that I needed to go back to treatment and if you told me that I would ever go back where ever do this. There was zero chance. But you know I mean that's that's like god working in my life because. I agreed to a and I never ever thought that I would I mean every every response I hadn't everything I told you why couldn't. There's so one of my hands had an answer you know what about the job she said you know it and she's great. The job will be there you have you know on this whatever shield illegal whatever mortgage okay car payment whatever so. I'm long story short she saw me on the fact and I didn't go back to treatment can. It was very patient treatment I'm sorry impatient yeah I went to three of them don't have yeah. Eric you said bill that you have nine years not only covering the second time. Prior to that how long were you claim. Eleven dollars and parent is eight years and what happened do you any years are enables people listening sales as a lawyer your ears and clean. I am eleven years before that. Aren't gay can tell us tell us what leads to a relapse when you we've got that much time I mean. If somebody gets three or four months and every let's say OK well they're still working yourself you are eleven your one time you had eight years. And and you. Relapsed or what happened there on. Clueless as I stuck on the meetings I had to go to meetings and and you stop doing that and and I aimed at I've got PS sobered up I just say the third time and I divorced my first wife. And not that was really tough. And on and and I got sobered up and it started out you know we started opening meetings I've been doing things I was getting involved and not and I met some girl. And this Pennsylvania is a matter of fact you now. Made me feel special I'm here and I stopped going to meetings again has stopped you know I just made me feel special and and not. You know one thing these and other I don't go to meetings going on. Are so that was a back out that was when you have been nine or ten years right yeah gas and then so now he's already out I met some girl. And program. I met this girl had meetings. So you came back after relapsed and program and you get another eight years and at what happened man I met this girl is enough in the meeting and I. Our eyes met you know trust your room and on it was like world. And I took this girl who I thought tonight easily you know wanted to do people come to the program name honey it's over but apparently they. And I try to keep her sober and on. And she wouldn't do it I broke open there and I was heartbroken she wouldn't talk to him do that. So I took offense and businesses out west players took off went out to Arizona and end up and you talked. And I came back to go to the dentist and his girl call me at them like three months later and she was at a bar I recently he's drinking and on May come pick her up and I immediately. Drove right past demeaning. Wednesday and picked her up and and I'm. The other thing painkiller and he's toxic loans and and I took it on in my house on the road and cut it happened gave it to her she's chomping I don't dislike this and it just picked right up. Do my mouth like. I sincerely shocked meaning for saying nice and I put it in my mouth to say Chile and I think on the to get sober again and how long were you out on that front. And this couple months. When you came back to the program that came back and that's. Felt. I ain't I mean you know what you guys earlier in the show it. About washing and treatment or walking into the program I walked into about a twelve step program off the street. In 1990 and I haven't had a drink since I know I'm the exception to the rule I mean that's not very often you hear that. And that doesn't mean you're right or wrong it's just the way did I mean and as I said I spent eight years not drinking but I should have been drinking from those that you're sort of an easier on it everybody. Now BJ have you ever been to a treatments and you have been impatience boy is here in the northeast. Hello the first time I went I thought I met the low in my life and unless you're a common theme yeah. It's like that yeah yeah. This complete this effort load out of jail Blake six months in prison and they don't. She was the woman to stand. You know it's certainly an Alistair I was you know I was half in half hour kinda like you talked about before. Doing you know just kind of existing and recovery were not actually work and a program. And it. You know eventually. My life got the point this girl relapsed and she was you know hey I'm hang out there all the time she shouldn't heroine she's storm pills. And my house some numbers came out and she's Tyler time I'm trying to say so resolve myself as long as I don't drink everything's going to be RA. In my life got soul man usual so the point where you know I ended up. Picking up to drink and you know a week later pay it actually I was speaking at the same treatment facility. That I was in picked up the next day and I checked in the same facility a week later when they call you page they were comedy gift of hope. I think it's a pound block out what what happened that that made you relapsed what was that thing you said Gillette kind of got it was stress. Bush says that was that was seen this girl yeah he wasn't sober on so you're trying to poison her you were trying to decide things hit a lot of my focus was kind of geared toward heard instead of myself and at the same time. You know all that fear that we're talking about for a pennant certain people back in and you know I mean it's label what's gonna happen with this grow and sort of run around on her. With other women and and later said it was like it was like I was trying to keep like five beach balls underneath the water and someone skip pop up and eventually into it on his you know. Hit the fan. And Larry have you been through treatment programs I haven't been to three inpatient treatment facilities. Okay M. What is a long period of time you have to recover there right now this is this is the longest steroid. And what are you doing differently now than you do before on actually doing what was suggests that a man never did it was suggested of me ever in my life you know with. Anything. I got sober the first time. Four people which doesn't work I guess over the second time for myself. But I never did any kind of a recovery program I got back to living life I got a job at a car I got. I know these things back that everybody thinks or what. Makes life you need all these things but in reality they're all. It's all (%expletive) so this and that took precedence over recovering stuff going meetings like Ericsson. Back now so than not that took me to my point of desperation. Solar flare trying to make sure you. From the start of the show to know we've heard the saying we've heard the three of you say the same things. That there was fear he didn't fit him and you stop doing what you had to do to recover. And the people are listening today whether they have a son or daughter or their for themselves are listening. That that have had relapses than just trying to get our people have been true for our program nineteen times and and that nineteenth time is the one time. Where they get they get it somehow when they hear the message but were all alike. So whether you came from a family of doctors or lawyers or family of people that that are from under the bridge were all the same and recovery. And we all have to do the same things. To get better if we want to get better. Now that that's I know remain oral brings her second. That as we go into this last segment show that's what I would like to talk money is what do we do today to stay recovered to stay sober stay clean. Now what is life like today. I mean I know that life was pretty crazy for some of us you know being in addiction. You know going into crazy in different ways each of you don't think cherishing and Larry Tucker what private planes and yachts and final around the world. You know in my case it was it was the craziness was different. No I I was a bar room drinker and I I was always drums and I thought I was always happy and but I was you're so yeah. You are here Drake. I. Out and I know what that meant my craziness groups spilled out in different ways you cause pain for my wife and children in. I lost everything that was given incomplete that was handled an awful lot like Jerry to Larry Cox who I was. Am of an awful lot from my father Uma. That's we lost all that that's the craziness. But what is life like today. And what do we do to maintain the life that we have today okay. And on that note we are gonna take a break in and we're gonna talk about life after recovery. Cervetti launch is he safe structured supervised sober living community. Three young men located in the beautiful mountains of Susquehanna county Pennsylvania. Serenity lunch has perfected the missing peace between addiction treatment and real life serenity lies teaches how to use the principles of recovery along with age appropriate life skills. Post serenity lunch today has five cents and 06508205. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatments for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear that today at 5702602600. And criminal defense lawyer prepared to fight for you. Attorney met he only has an exceptional record of defending the rights of those arrested for do you lie and drug offenses. He also represents victims of tractor trailer an automobile accidents. Premises liability. Product defects and work related accidents. If you are a loved one has been arrested or injured call attorney Mehdi only at 570. 9611616. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment center within the small personal. Community takes anything for nearly two decades apart stone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives arched owns medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center 8558992292. The NFL is not changing its anthem policy will the networks dot televising it's are you well know what the players are doing you care or don't care we'll see how this weekend comes it Harrison avenue bridge discredited should be all wrapped up by next spring it was supposed to be last July total cost about 31 million it was supposed to be thirteen million your tax dollars at work. The cook has contests and body magic have a great weekend talk to you Monday. Morning news with Webster in Nancy mornings from six to nine OW YOK. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls with questions or come. Best qualified seventh zero eating 30098. Or 180437009. Innings yeah. During your posts Suzanne Kelly and Jack crop. And welcome back to sharing recovery. Today's C show has been nothing short of remarkable I subject does that register recovery we have guests Larry M. Eric M&T. WAOK studios we do want to hear from you would you have any questions or comments. You can call confidential minus 570830098. Or on Twitter. Our handle is at share recovery. We also want to let you know that ask Harrison tell from the citizens' voice is here at the WAOK studio she's doing a story on the show. And thought it will be on online and in print and the citizens voice tomorrow that would be Monday morning so welcome back everyone. And Jack I'm still learning some of the procedures and what's correct and maybe not so correct. But before the break I said what is life like after recovery and you corrected me you're there is no after. Her son after recovery. I speak freely for the forums that are here today we we are in recovery and we work our program of recovery. Seven days a week. And and and the fact of the matter is that the forms are good friends we see each other all the time into in the program. We worked our program as a group this is our support group here and and remembering some anonymity here. Just recently PJ had a thought about what we thought. As a group not mean not Larry Knight errant quit as a group we thought PJ was getting off on the wrong track a little bit. And we went out to dinner one night when PJ and those two guys who will give you look we love you part of recovery and I give you the part where. When people walk away their call me dirty words under their breath and I don't mind because. People need both from both parts of that but we kind of restart and said PJ it's time for you to get a get a job and start to live life like an adult. Not. Oh I weren't going to cut Sarah's grass for four dollars yesterday and I penis Stanley's board for twenty today and that's cool. That's like scamming your way through life and we have to stop that recovery we have to stop all the nonsense. And grow up and work problems all of us are proud PGE has recently gotten a job in the recovery field. He's going to work every day and he's working at that which tells him growing his recovery that's all part of recovery of these. Having responsibilities. And helping people and he's in a position now where he's doing both he's responsible for himself and he's helping others. And I can tell you is as I see your look at these three guys you've got three guys that that'll help anybody I mean Eric. It I can't I move we have to have a monster show us to tell you how many people Eric has reached out and helped. I know and I'm gonna say there's anything new men every newspaper people look treatment. Kerry just pay to keep people in recovery programs not once not twice lots of times was no expectations he doesn't expect anything in return at all. And Larry you'll do the same thing you call Larry and Chinese help ease their heartbeat if he wants to help people mess. That's what we soared into recoveries were briefed every never ends if recovery stops in your back to meet your face. So I mean that's that's what this about we have to work. And this program we have to live in the recovery. And I and I know these guys know. Absolutely out amid a stop for 12 Jack because I wanna take the call we have Brandon from looks there. Hi there Brandon what's your question or comment please welcome. But we just touches home I was just wondering how respected and we didn't. You know out and they Coppola did today and tell them as well we're most of that's great let's just and we know what's or not and and and I think it definitely helped as well. Okay air out Brandon. For those on FaceBook like watching Brandon is question is. Your families are your families affected how are your family's doing these days I eat together they in a type of recovery program almond how can family get help well. Random and we just are gonna look these guys come in there is a program for families and other a recovery program for the family aspect. Every family museum. Into that side. And assembly recovery and the yanks recovery have to work parallel. For a family as a unit to recover. Now in my family I can tell you my wife participates in her program. My youngest daughter participates in a program and together we are recovering. And I somebody jumping here Larry tell your family has its. Yeah I have there's still a few alcoholics in my sham when there are some that aren't that good to participate in the other. Program for families there are programs out there for help and you know if the family wants to support the alcoholic there's no way to keep them so Olbermann you know a good. Good way to help is she is to participate in the other program which it kind of strength install recovery. To deal. There Brandon I heard your NASCAR your families back together. I think that I know these families I know what's going on and everybody. What what I can answer is. Families where they're sober. Or be an addiction there's always challenges that's called life so we have some days everybody's families PG cream I mean everybody get along great. There are other days that there are issues. A father and his sons you have visual father and his daughters and every issue somebody get him and issuing their parents or her from their mother their father better. So I mean. If everybody works a program the promises tell us life will get better. So if there's thank you we can do to help viewer your family college friend when Ross here. LP and Brandon there's one thing that I like Sabrina. In the in my instance. I went doing coverage program as a family member okay so if there is an addict that is not ready or for whatever reason is not in any treatment that doesn't mean that you cannot get into a program because of the group backup recovery recovery programs are available for families so you don't have to wait for someone to get into treatment it's it's. I deal is that individual does get into treatment. But you can take responsibility for your own life and your own happiness and I'll be honest with you your own sanity. And you can get yourself into a recovery program as well. Thanks for calling Rudy he's so much I say you got so much could step thank you know Larry what's life like today the Yemeni flaunt his life okay yeah I mean it's the I play scared but I myself fund. I ended up. You know getting divorced twice and recovery goes ahead of religious document in the most important thing in my life. And up until my children are in recovery and daughter's been sober sixteen years and I think wonderful seventeen years something like. And maybe eighteen maybe eighteen and Sundays. I don't know but he drives in them. You know my guys go to work or go to work and gotomeeting let's that I don't go to the gym a couple of times a week presidential meetings meetings meetings meetings I have to be there and I have to be involved because I'm not. I'm going to be back down again there's just a matter of time and I see these guys go to this I'm going to meetings are seeing people stop our enemies is just a matter of time it's not. Yes it's when you're gonna pick up again have a decent. And her husband both on same thing stopped and now they both end up back down to about a recovery again what is it about the meetings. Good fellowship OK you know being around people that. I around does suffer the same thing that you do you feel the same thing IC a sit in meetings and I was in jail tonight. I say I'm. I don't try to relate rather than trying to compare in under an average it is and everything that and I listen to people and I'd say yeah. I say you don't like that I felt like that. You know I'd like to make one point here I'm. Type Eric can hire all access not sixty anymore 61 years old and a half but Eric is sixty years old and PG what are you 25 point six culture and Larry Surrey in December. My point is that. Age doesn't matter and recover and that. We're there together and and we can do things Larry in Miami area and do things together all the time and MP endgame because of job no chance he would story joining in with us but his job change but it doesn't matter if you're if you're 21 years into the sixty year old and a six year old more miners into a nineteen year old. In recovery. If it weren't for the same and Larry is your life different today than it was in 045 years ago. Completely different I mean. I didn't know that this is what I was looking for you know like we talked about earlier I was trying to find what I have now through drinking and drugging but. I didn't know it was just. There is really peace of mind and and true fellowship and friendship and that's that's what I found with what this whole program. You know it's. Instead people you surround yourself with that's that's what you're gonna be like if you surround yourself with people drinking injury and drinking news if you do this deal concern yourself with good people like people in this room. I'm trying to help people wounded in a sure thing like this could mean a mind some boring. As opposed city the old lifestyle but it's thrilling today that put the feeling of of peace and just just living a good life it is better then anything I have never. So Larry there's nobody knocking on your door anymore was it about what looks like a cereal boxes stuffed with bills that right. No that was fun but people. An endowment and knocked on my door with interest your box and you walked in and there was there was. 700. Pharmaceutical narcotics in that tryst impossibly locked ourselves in the house where. A few days and and that that spun here in salute the moment desperation I needed. I'm PR you have any fine recovering. Arms absolutely and it's it's not he's just like they're having fun aspect its its perfect fit. Today a lot of things that malls who ordered that a filing with as stretchers I'm able to cope with that without picking up a drink or drug. And I think that in itself is a miracle how do you cope with those things you know I. I think he. I bring up other. Thanks BJ yeah you've been pulled it back again. Thank you so much everyone for listening to possess it debuted at different treatment centers serenity lunch ours don't recovery. An attorney Jason Matt Healey for making this show possible. We'll be back next week have a great week and thank you for sharing recovery. He wildly.