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Sunday, March 11th

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The UYOK. That's in Pennsylvania. Hearing a recovery. Firsthand stories in the dictionary and recover. A marine. Sharing recover. Like clearly my treatments and it's still recovering in the right center for primary care and questions or comments call 570. Leading 30098. 0090. Good afternoon thank you so much for joining sharing recovery online c.'s Ian Kelly I'm joined by co host and chief inspiration officer Jack crop. Jackass last September celebrating ninety years of a recovery and he's just a phenomenal co host and a co producer. And dot all around great guy. Sherri recovery is about health it's about how opaque it's about healing. We believe that regardless what your situation is how far gone you think you are have a free do you Barak. Recovery and change and happy life is definitely possible so thank you for listening and I joining us and watching us on FaceBook lies. Today's guest came up from the Allentown area his name is Dan Carpenter. Dan he has was dual addicted he's been sober since two when eleven. DNA is then radio host and founder of recovery 365. Stand thanks so much for being here and welcome thanks remnants. So humid summer since she's 2011. When did you start using any future a little bit of background about what you started using. Probably isn't fourteen. Just Slater every day high school kid in middle school kids. Strength and our call on the weekends and can't wait to duty and you know umpire we remember us Trenton forty ounce Beers and you know we couldn't put him in a refrigerator. Because as you know wherever house for ransom in Hyde amendment from that moment on I had ensuring fast I was already thinking about the next strike. And one day they're scared to be warm. I'm so alcoholic tendencies were already rented Obama wasn't drinking alcohol Cleo but not soon after. My father is out all your real and as I assume they're all alcohol is thrown recovery chauffeur him. You know so I seen it I've I've been in meetings and I was never girl boy cannot be different. All those things he knows them all in sports society I think get in trouble. You know I've I've played sports since I was four years old habits I graduated. Cocaine came under pressure. When I was a junior. You know Obama walked into because party wrong place wrong time. And there was her bed have my word I would say anything so you know I try to and and take anything are they just drink a little bit more. The Coke and let allowed you drink a little bit more no mercy junior talking junior in college you know you're nice high school you're a junior high schools a first time to try and come here so bombed. I hung out all the guys two from Y sportsmen alliance and you know a Coke was here and there you know is expensive reworked we have jobs in. You know I wanted to be a police officer my whole lawyers and you know I digress I was going to college and this time we notice that the drugs and cocaine is more rounds and I still don't wanna pay for it. So I decided. Based investment and then you guys are selling drugs using drugs and drinking. And going to cause big cup. Doesn't work out DNA iron doesn't work out to a M my my brain told me I can stop whatever I want. Right at their college degree are you going to stopping going academy that was disease I was talking and I'm not that bad idea really do that this Morris now much. Somebody's Graham at first you aren't. And of course who have it was because. You know I blame this person when that person. You know I don't point three alcohol level crashed my car totaled three others in the process started the blame game. Cocaine just. Picked up and always has been a quasars are gone now from the deal why they're gone because I just stopped going to school. You know arm my friend told me this is what you do for the rest your life you enjoy doing this as far. And joins only issuing don't we drug dealers sell. And as drugs to borrow ice drinking though hold the games here I mean like that's just it was because at that time yeah I had a consequence but it was fond there there wasn't you know I did hate myself I didn't do is. It was just it was OK at that time my brain told me it's sort of 1000 my first rehab. And. I just want to start doing drugs drink he was not my problem. So I thought I went into that facility if I see heroin addicts crack addicts. Meth addicts. I don't belong here. You know I don't belong here criticism is everything made so meaner I didn't hear and I doubt no intention zero intentional saturated. He ID B 21 an alcoholic. But that's downloading guided bridges alcoholic. You know I'm. Sorry our god I got out I was driver 34 months. And I play in my. I'm a caller relapse I planned it Harry knew what I was doing I was just trying to drink successfully on the weekends. Get one of those real jobs on the books yeah. A year and a half later I was I was back in reality no way I did Greg do our goal acts and hometown I get my alcohol I get my cocaine homeowners do. On the weekend and as a year out front with a new habit. Factor another tree adversary that's pretty much my whole entire life in and out of treatment center union street Leo are you treatment center for the first time how lonely you entry. First time thirty days you weren't 30 am on his insurance sales top line as sharp as nice and was actually almost six you know people are getting kicked out relates directly to our funny was being cut as a surge you're okay we can QB for thirty days. I was led crucial difference but you know and dump. I just I never got it play whenever I was intrigued and go. I was. I was like she'd be good. You know I felt OK I was like participating. I just didn't understand. What to do when I got out and it didn't matter Bruins are Medicaid facility a private place on a beach facility they all said the same thing. I just didn't play complied and listened. My always I didn't I couldn't be an alcoholic. Debt facilities that was my life and at this time there's no one anymore you know the amount of drugs so long as crazy. It's very stressful. I don't really wanna do it anymore. It's just stuff I can't stop on how could you how far you just delete them. It was daily and it is mean people that probably noble hung me in our own good vitamin in my own house. But there is that ego power trip. You know. Even know people can go somewhere else to get it when my phone's rang. That did something to me it made me feel better and it's very sick to even talk about it but that's his troops are imagine me out there for a long time. It was obvious that I had a problem. For me addresses the group and they talk about it in their rooms you know. Bet pain level wasn't there yet. I still was just trying to do some things my way. It was it was it was just crazy mirror and I I didn't fund guys are getting smaller smaller smaller catching more arrests. And I never did I think about stop drinking. Like I can blame all the other drugs I just could not. I like and I drank like a normal person why can't I drinking regular drink gets drawn go home. She's not the way I'm wired I guess all. Today and you know it took a lot of work Brad knows maybe we get it out later but I am not only talk too much about the drug plug his we all that. If you're in recovery in our country do not use. Com. Basically all be all and Arizona left the facility always came back let somebody came back to facility came back in new habit. All he had never so I said I would never do it all came through every single one of they got really bad. 2009. In 2000 I was dozen times. The last and there are president and our district of Neil and yes are you cocaine associated heroin associate mess. And it was that that was all I wanted to do I didn't wanna sell drugs anymore don't wanna be around anybody anymore. I was told was so broke news. And Mark Martin doubtful you saw no correlation though between alcohol and drug Greg. I was just straight Don you know I was shot. I need it there is no reality you know I I was running around towns like Tony men's tennis. You know void that was really like that's I was gonna die at any use you know. How much money to do what I need to do it I can use a way that I can go here go there are gambling this or that the other. And I just what I was is broken marriage. You see in my he's and I want him to a recovery program off the street. Only because my wife insists that I get help her get out. And I walked into that program of recovery. I do not see a correlation between my behavior and alcohol. Or my business problems and alcohol you know I'd filed bankruptcy if a cowboy years before that. I was losing things but I didn't see your core relation between. Alcohol MI problems I thought being. Drunk every day it was normal. I was raising new environment Irish Catholic I mean drinking was was absolutely normal. So what does that have to do what is what's wrong what's my business or what's wrong. With my my relationship. My family you know caught early my youngest daughter now is able to tell people what I want to do how she granting him her closets. But I didn't know that was because of the alcohol. And that's what you're seeing that you want to keep drinking. And tuned day and you won't drugs because you didn't see a correlation. Between. The alcohol. The diction did you know I do then and there's a thing like there's times where I can drink and they're not used cocaine. I was miserable I didn't want it telling you they went hand in hand and they told me that over and overlooked branded drugs and drug drug Al calls a drug marijuana as a drug. It's all the same so long you know that's I get it you I get fired up nowadays when I hear people say they're drug of choice and it doesn't matter you know it really doesn't matter if you're really in recovery and you really want a better life all of it it doesn't matter really I don't. Have a clean day for cocaine I don't. I have a clean day for alcohol. It was all the same rank are more or take your break gamble they're hearing back. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients. Seeking spiritual guidance called clear that today at 5702602600. A lot or are you or family member in need of a lawyer summoning now been charged with a crime injured in an accident or through poor medical care going through a divorce or child custody dispute you need a lawyer with experience and credentials school aggressively protect your rights you need attorney dean Akins. I know in my feeling and I needed legal help we turn to days so should you call 5707144001. Arched stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within the small personal. Community type setting for nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. 8558992292. Times have changed. It's time recovery does too at the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialist social workers and medical providers. Integrate primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person approach to wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. And aim to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contact 5702300019. I'm Marisa Jaret Winokur are performing on stage takes mental and physical preparations. But one thing I never thought to prepare for the western. 91%. Of cervical cancers are caused by the human Paloma higher by asking me. One every four Americans in this activity TV there are many people the buyers ice behind them and they averaged about ten to. But for others and HPV linked directly to. My cancer almost ended my area and it almost ended me. And if fans are back even to protect you or your children from cancer HPV vaccine is recommended for children eleven to twelve years old. And a patch of vaccine may be an option for teens and young adults. Talk to your doctor and you don't money PD hiding in hiding human. Though it should think about filling out boring to learn more she gathered her we can stop cancer before it starts. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570830098. Or 18043700. And I mean when you were euros us Suzanne Kelly in general problem. And welcome back to Sharon recovery and Suzanne Kelly. I'm joined by my co host co producer Jack Crockett and our guest today is Dan Carpenter. Dan has been so we're sensed 111. She is our cross addicted he is in recovery Dan came up today from the Allentown area on Danny is my radio host he's founder of recovery 365. Before our first 3-D and we were talking about basically had you were in and out of recovery centers say you're in an out of treatment for years he started. Your basic training like I can do when your fourteen years old it quickly escalated. And you want in his state police officer. I did you intend you can and I underwent back you know I still have credits but you know what's gonna weigh in. They do Wanda closest closest. You know you said something. Earlier in the show about how hellish your life was but it wasn't painful enough. For you to make a change. And we hit a lot with individuals those are recovery who who come on the program. That the pain has to get worse than the using the many of our guests were to the brink of suicide they wanted to die. They thought they were going to die that is something snapped incentives better lice out there. What was that moment trio arms. Honestly I had. If you look in my life no way I was living you'd think they'd done yet again. For me it was I love to tell you is me. I was out on a normalcy out about DLL. For five days sleeper data have to give back out and do another 65 they're run. I know playing like the last year my using. I needed to get one day clean and so by myself my egos said hey man you had used by herself for one day and then you go back to twelve step closer. Very stupid if you're out there do not do that go right away. It took me one year. I woke up. Came to whatever and I went to a meeting my total other silly idea dampened down wasn't me you know. Most people most people don't take her sobriety dates you know the wife the husband the judge your PO. Counselor somebody thinks you should go to meeting is over whatever the case may be so. My bottoms and a pain I was just I was limited to three years. Something Claire it's ugly Meyer our Marines and Seles so many Norah go. That's our sermon journey. Well that's is interviewee just says. A higher power intervened. Because in my case I didn't have any pain I didn't think anything was wrong. I simply walk into a meeting to quell the disturbance. That my wife was having. She thought there was something wrong she thought there was a problem. I fully expected to drink every day of the week for the rest of my life because that was normal to me. So but I walked into a meeting and I remember had a drink since. Buzz sounds wonderful doesn't it. But that doesn't mean anything because. If you don't get a Cadillac and caviar the first day you walk into a meeting drew and I spent eight years of not drinking. Before I surrender. And end. So my my higher power arena a couple of times staff that there are watching their program that was by a higher power because how do you greatest records of vodka a day to watch your enemy and never have another drink. I don't know the answer to that. But then I. I found myself in prison. Eight years after let me stop drinking and imprison. And I had plastic bag wrapped around my head wanted to die. No I pulled them off my head my first words out of my mouth or now wife got so higher power easy answer for me. And I Heidi I don't know what anybody else recoveries in your step now that works well for me god had to intervene. And you're seeing that happening your life. I'm so I didn't know that at first and we don't know down now and obviously looking backward I got here right you know being exactly. It's I've I believe for me he's always been there whether I was whether I'm so you're I was sure I cannot you know. Shouldn't Coke shouldn't go to ensure a good drive and he was always there are just didn't see it I used to dice is in Sudan got all we listening. I just didn't need his help and go help somebody you really need help I don't need your help but go well then we'll know Carly I I don't need your help bring. It's lose so. So what happened and then you went back to a program. You know again I don't recommend this I detox first I was detox thanks. Oh horrible bad decision but. That's what I did I went back to meeting. I don't brand out says there president and everybody knows there or did you just do you even know when somebody is noon a lonely. Whether their deeds are sure you can just see it in the eyes could come bottle my hand up and out you know puzzling look I need help and there was a small leading and they use a phone numbers and name it everything was always a minute where's your next meeting here. No matter where I want October 1 ninety days it was nice meeting. I'm so I got really into their program. I wasn't. Doing all these steps I get a kick out of you wish if it works for people worse but you've worked skills. They're on the other horse stepped you know there certainly can Rihanna suffering death for me it's a limited time in all I can do is I entering values and go to meetings for over. And then you know the first we have winter there was a guy named sagging Sammy angle you know they're all bridges Eminem because he's dead. But he saved my life because you start hearing this stuff in a meeting. God steps sponsor all. And he looked I mean after that meeting is that. Just don't drink till they come back tomorrow if and now here is what I'm in the my twentieth year and I repeated that Montrae every day of the week several times a day for the last twenty years just don't drink in the background that's all I can do without point. I mean what else I mean. I was overwhelmed like now almost a -- room was people I don't think that we along with you said that a couple minutes ago primer on people but I don't hang with these people. And now here I am in the wrong with them and now you've taken away. Everything that means anything to make alcohol because I dealt with every feeling and I didn't know is that I'm I'm looking with hindsight now. But alcohol got me through every situation out and take it away from me no way do. And there was don't drink and come back tomorrow and that's what you just said they just don't you just in the beginning years don't use and come back right there. Absolutely I mean I. I'm impressed look there's some people that you know they get your car accident and that's that's their bottom. And whatever your bottom as is your body not to keep digging and digging today but I mean I. I just couldn't I mean I really couldn't and come the fellowship help me out a lot there's so much stuff that help me I mean I can go on for hours bush. Com you know it was very early sobriety or say early some bright house on the first two years does close it's going to Rios or sobriety. Come to a lot of stuff goes on but behaviors are still there. And I was just so run man it was those beautiful. There wasn't easy you know I I rolled in with relationship but we always do you know we bring hostage and when us tomorrow. Plays over and but thank god I had these guys in my life that broken down and your real and they said hey man. I'm telling you what to do boo what are you gonna do for you guys relapses. And first I was like I so you haven't that is really way to think about fitness visits are important motor recovery. That happens know I told Molly's. Have been like two months later. So I either stay. And Bruton my recover to be out the window where I leave and I left and from there on that I started taking some suggestions. Not all of them. I did say goals suggestions. I took a lot though. Because there's nobody knows any you know for my recovery and so to just stay there is no body. In the world is gonna stop me from being sober prior recoveries are. I refer chastity and I have a baby you know and I was in relation all these things it doesn't none of that matters because if I'm drink and use them. I'm miles an annual my baby. And your relationship give you my keys gave everything we hear. We all hear that then we go rule we coral meeting in it and or or let's let's take that step back once we talked to a person wondering about whether or not they need help. And they say well I check window program because I have this job right around this trial during have this car or have something. And I try to explain to them you aren't gonna happen any of that. Don't worry about that job you think you're a loser because you're going to recovery. You're a loser anyhow because we keep using your New Year's gonna die that's the motto is people don't understand. In the beginning that recovery has to be first hot. And way ahead in first place not not even close to second place. Because we don't stay cleaner so re. If nothing else matters and you've got a really good point Jack and and and Dan as well is that that has to be in the forefront always and it's not selfish. To put your health and your well being and your physical in your emotional and your mental health. Should be a priority in your life because how else are you gonna get and stay in recovery. You need to do that then and you know Jackie are the same thing it doesn't matter if he if you seminal lose my job a middle is my house sentinel is my girl from but whenever. If I going to treatment if you don't you're gonna lose it if you feel shame you gonna be silent and silence we know he usually ends up in death. So when you do and where in your first two years and recovery OK so you're you're new at this. Did you call into temptation did you kind of feel like I've got to make a decision or almost wanna go back and tonight he says in the past plan your relapse aren't. Honestly I used different this time and I know we hear this allowed him for a at a treatment. But something was different. Later said the pain was ever presenting goes away in release over us these are eating right getting into the June. You know he's known Reagan show our skin going data so we doubt bush. Give session. Drinking news was gone. It was gonna wasn't there anymore that they may not think about it but that constant battle. Oh that was gone and I just didn't. I didn't majority when they told me do it. You know I guess and not everything but I was at. I just in meetings and when it's on my dining patio Israelis to buy good. If I was off for whatever I would go to because I didn't know I don't know what else to do. I didn't I didn't play enough and I like it talks about his earlier this year. I smashed the idea. A media outlet ever drank or used successfully get. That was already done to us so when I do accept that and really who I am. And realize or some work to do. You know there was no looking back English. It was just bogus America. Had already taken quick frank thank our sponsors we'll be right back arched stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal. Community type. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependent she's recovered. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner 8558992292. Times have changed. It's time recovery does to ask the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialists social workers and medical providers. Integrating primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person approach to wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. And aimed to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contacts 5702300019. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatments for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team they're bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. M. Alert if you or someone you know needs a lawyer what did you look for excellence experience integrity attorney Dave bacon says all of those qualities whether it's a criminal case a personal injury matter medical negligence or Delors stable fight for you I know from personal experience 5707144001. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and a recovery is possible we welcome your calls when. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You're euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to share recovery in our guest today is Dan Carpenter Dan came up from the Allentown area he has been sober since 2011. Dan is the radio host and founder of recovery 365. Or so before the break Dan. We were talking about you were in and out of recovery OK you're inadequate treatment something clicked. You felt different that time and we can all agree that we can never just put that when was that aha moment that you had that aha moment. When I you decided that no more that you want to deliver good life a clean life and a half mile. But it wasn't always easy. You had any changes in your life to do so. Absolutely arms I mean if you don't know recovery is all about change yeah and they didn't I would ask him what I got to change and they always say ever everything. Com and I was very very overwhelming but I sponsoring a bunch of people I mean that's true of people around me and they would break stuff down for me man look. First already owner needs that I do your worst today you know major paired. Read prey like they had my whole day played out for. Make your best interest yeah I don't make getting. I bet you don't know how many people have said to me. Major matters the most important thing you can do every day and I want getting in a routine of doing something you've accomplished and you've accomplished that now your bed is made. And that's part of cleaning your own house and make great and that's funny you say that them. It. I differ a little bit I really did but then I just I was encouraged fickle too much stuff going on. Com just obviously did a bad marriage or make you whatever it is but I. It's so like I was there Roy take it hour by hour she needs to do and that was workings are out of work about twelve hours a day you know sleep about four hours and that says sixteen hours spread so that occupied my brain with the rest of the day yeah it's not too bad he's Armenian meaning you do this do that group. You know here's a guy but I need that structure because left so left in my own device and in my own head how crazy. It's been proven over and over again I make crazy decisions. And I don't know how to live and best horror. The process started and he showed me how to live. You know hum for me Anders many ways out there for retirees issues however gray Nomar can go there hump for me I found it's also fellowship. And ask for Errol Louis and thus was worked for me arm. And it's just got to stop drinking music played as great pleasure but I hit a wall you know I had about six months. Go to me don't know mind so I wasn't really my attitude behaviors work. But the car at all Hamas basis same guys I use injuries can end. It was either I was gonna falls and directions to get better ros can be miserable we want to be around me that I probably drink news again. Well that's that's one of the biggest points that I always tournament. Yeah I stopped drinking in 1998. But I didn't change any in my behaviors I kept doing. Like your living this same life without alcohol is being removed. As a result of that. You know 2001 does when when when it hit the fan Germany and I got a lot of trouble that trouble went on until 2008. So for ten year coach. Because I didn't wanna change the way I live and I do want change the way I behaved. Like kept getting worse life got worse for me without alcohol. Because I hadn't surrendered to a program of recovery. So it's that I mess of the and I share with new comer you've you've got to you got engaged you've got to do what we do now. And people he's a save me you're not doing what we do we Sam I don't drink I don't know that that's easy bar not drinking is the easy part. It's become is working this program. And then it took me years and years and years. Until one day I don't know why but I ran it from our dogs thousandth time in my life said doctor Barbara scripture that. You'll clean house. I need somebody to talk to every guy needs summary I can tell what's going on in my life. Trust god it's easier I trust god trusting god takes a lot of work easier trust god when are things going right. Just wanted his fans how do you trust god. And then the key to recovery for me is helping others and start thinking about myself. And start helping others. But that wasn't easy to learn wasn't there. Absolutely not come out I was selfish self centered egotistical maniac. I had been sought a man hold the door for Elliott a while lot. I was your first while I know he's learning now is my MIS you know this one nice to say when you go grocery shop and you know carts. Put in the ground. So why there are people who compare they're two of the I didn't see any of that column. So it was a whole psyche change it talks about in the book and so flight data but it take it took me a long time. Since you would dare tell me do register and then like carrier. I ate. A lot of things had happened for me change you always do up until I was three years solar. Began working Sam's going to meetings you know had a sponsor her response to your two. For whatever reason might this is the biggest breaking point in my recovery to get me Hormats believe. When I can fix anybody he needs something on there how do you. Suffer go always mean. I would share about it but for whatever reason I would only give you about 75%. Give you 75% but I want you Jack I want you give me a 100% answer so they would give me back what they told me like what I told them. It would help but not everything. Some might get on the whole Vito. I finally broke down in like I had to get it completely honest about what's going along when me and what I can do that when I started doing that. It was a game changer there is absolutely game changer as a spiritual awakening. Played in just change everything it was something so simple for you as always on and tell about yourself it was a real begin to move him no thing. We don't and I tell people are short three people I tell absolutely everything to and I tell members like I have a TV show running in my head. And that TV show was like pretty crazy so all I tell you what's going on in my head it it's why when I say out loud. I can then see it's not it's it's crazy the thoughts I get any amount just recently added a second show us why we're two TV surely running in my head of the same time. And Ruth and now this isn't over nineteen years into this. But it that it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter how long you haven't had a drink it matters what you're doing what's best. And you gotta keep sharing. What goes on cleaning house of the most important part of my recovery on a daily basis tell somebody what you're thinking. You know when you get increased egging your share or somebody else and let them nobody tells you what to do. They just they are you sure you think that's a good idea or they laugh and say that is pretty crazy but that's cleaning house is so important. And helping others they got to go hand in hand so I mean yesterday I had a toothache yesterday I sat at home almost in tears. And I said to myself 01 point oh I'm thinking about today's me. And I and I and you know what I couldn't help a write down moment my tooth hurts so much with. I like they're holding the door for some real and so we go ahead and get the wall on the line go ahead good view I. Just beyond my. Your person. At all at all out of Lincoln did it's it's common sense is such a learning kindergarten the kind of stuff but I was broken legs I was broken and he segue that alcohol the drugs for me. I don't even know how. Place ads that tell me and he continues to boom when I got honestly doubt everything about me I was okay. And I was at peace and the book talks that I remember regulators yesterday it was just like a perfect. This is your perfect atmosphere perfect day it was a huge lift off my shoulders. Now what do what do the steps I got her single guy you know I felt better but then day in particular when I'm. Broke down and got honest. Everything everything changed. Just Jason. Guys like I told you so. Amen you've done right. But did and as you continue to grow and recovery and better every covers a living organism. It you don't ever reach a point where it's done he continues to grow on a daily basis. But you continue to do these things every day you write it if you don't stop one day because the many stopped going the wrong direction it is. So that it recovery I have to work. Those three things every day of the week. For the best of my ability they have not everybody's a 100% perfect a 100% of the time but you have to have those things in my opinion. Going on at the same time trusting god help and others are talking about yourself to someone to make sure you stay on a path to recovery. If you do let him you've got a pretty good life had earlier in our literature tells you get a new life. And I know happiness I don't want my old life back there I don't want a life I had before I don't want to troubles I had before I don't want any. That back I don't want my legs back I want a new life in the new ethics and that's what you found right. Absolutely car. They do is. Brand new life from NeuStar arm garrison said I doubt believing god. And this old guy to me like fifty years and I sat in the back just crosses arms you know could hold her pay was a kid. Do you believe do you trust are literally said that's generally think about that counseling. Nobody trusts the most talked you know he's got is going to be what it's going to be. Guess I need I need to believe that I need to trust. I don't trust takes action absolutely I believe I'm doing God's work. You know who wasn't always like that. But where I came away with the people I run into meeting you Mimi you know this is it coincidence you know. This is a good life really is. I'd like to talk a little bit about your radio show isn't so it's really cool on that his recovery 360 fives. You don't want I didn't know 360 fives are where you learn how dumb I am. There's certainly no wonder what hash I 360 I mean I just think it's all boys and finally Don. Explain it. So. There were taken out and candy visit wheezing I go down and play. I agree I mean truly other dummies no more like maybe a little Eric back. This is a double BYUK eight powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Times have changed. It's time recovery does to ask the right center and their team of addiction and recovery specialist social workers and medical providers. In your great primary care and behavioral health services. For a whole person a special wellness and they recognize that note to cast your recovery are the same. And aim to help those facing addiction to prescription or street drugs. Reshape their lifestyle from the comfort of their own communities getting cleanest personal. And we do recover together if they can help you or someone you know contacts 5702300019. Attorney deep Akins has been practicing law for 23 years he successfully represented thousands of clients and cases ranging from multimillion dollar personal injury and medical malpractice claims to criminal cases to divorces when I needed legal guidance I called gay deacons social you 707144001. Arched stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community types. For nearly two decades of hard stone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical in support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner and he tried to find 8992292. Since 1972. Olympic treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. There bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices. Of alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients seeking spiritual guide. Called clear that today at 5702602600. They see time is money WYOK he wants to reward you with 1000 dollars just for listening the cash clock on WYOK gives you twelve chances he'd stayed a winning or losing every weekday starting at 6 AM and a every hour on the hour you could win one. 8000 dollars and 121000 dollars a day as the top of each hour for the keyword text the keyword is 7281 to winner messaging data resupply don't text and drive one national winner wins 1000 dollars each hour the cash plug on double BYOK news radio pays to listen. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and a recovery is possible we welcome your calls for. All 5708830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You were euros us Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to your recovery weighed about ten minutes left in today's show. So before the break Jackson like what's this hash tags 365. Day and so on the (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) this. You can you explain it so I was there isn't viewers. Hmmm I did so about a year ago about a year ago now armed I started. Radio show the road recoveries 365. Assays resisted five. There's 65 days and here again and that split that went right over a lot of women and I think so I want. Throughout the year and join our. I'm not this is. There is I got a lot of eye looks as soft when I when I came pollen count you know in a public guy. How social media stuff like that. I'm some people really didn't like. My got a point we're looked there were an epidemic in ways to many people are dying. I am allowed I I understand my program interest and I'm allowed to break my personal personal personal anonymity down all right Amir do we should push back on this show. From people. In the recovery community here in northeast Suzanne. They show breaks some of those traditions and no it was not it doesn't if you noticed now onetime today do we say Bryant what fellowships were aren't exactly you know they were referring coverage so I in the beginning I was like man I don't know if I should do this because I was getting the feedback and then. You know I've talked to some people that do this and this and they know what's your boy and what's your goal. And what are your motives. And my goal was to get a radio show to be in my own brand which I did you know lose you many peoples are again on a daily basis. I'll it started out small started out the small studio and then I created my own studio my house and breezed out Brendan Dowd and my and I met is awesome awesome team of people hum operationally recovery dot com. They invited me into their group. I'm their platforms all over social media not just FaceBook you know there are. Other big platforms Brothers FaceBook and you know everybody has a job everybody works together and you know it's awesome. We're we reached a lot of people. I'm get I get people to treatment if needed. People need to meet must go get him. If they don't have insurance that they do have insurance that whole game. That's ordered held for. I did also learn about a recovery feels. Not. Every place is safe. I was shocked you know a lot of illegal activity stuff goes on. People are suppose to come its multi billion dollar a year industry. People can treaty. But. There are a lot of good things. Ben's job I know I carry my message. I don't very remote anybody else's message I know works for me. But I also became open minded to other people's recovery. But I eulogize a dialogue I'm at my recovery my recovery. And your recovery your recovery I'm not going to try and tell you that I have a boiler plate that says if you do this you recover. Or you must do this from Erie being in recovery. Everybody recovery is our own their path. Is their own. If storm people that we know. That have relapsed. Ninety times there in nineteen times when everything but they're still trying to throw people like me who walked into our own program and never had a drink since. It doesn't make me worry you wrong or vice Versa it just means that's my world. And that's your. As I've been through a lot of stuff I don't wish on anyone. But you know what I had to go through that to get to this point I had you go through all of that to get to a point rice says. God wanna meeting go through that. So I can understand. That's why I could help others because life was all about me for the first 4959. Years whatever it was life was about me I think you're wrong my kids my wife my dog my house my business. I cared about me getting what I want it even after our Sandra you're free years all I cared about was. And that's. That's roared I had to travel so I don't I don't tell anybody either recovery path is wrong or right. I don't well I know I assure my strength and hope and that's what you're doing. Right here and you know I was shocked they can send us. You know right comes from recoveries like you know open arms and things like that you know whose social media aspect is a lot different. There's a lot of good there's a lot of bad you just gotta. But for me I gotta say in my life yeah. Mother regardless what they're doing over there what they're saying that's out of my business side and doesn't affect me my misses out the next storm. I do short videos on topics all all things that. If I would've when I was new. That was available to me out of the taken real availability of you know I would want to wash someone that's how do we strongly depression hurts you know I'm Zaire. You know. Any data recovery job do you think about we do you know. And it and it recovery Hassey vault absolutely because in 1998 when I came to recovery. Depression anxiety boat I think you heard about a meeting that is why I came to recovery. There was an old guy there named Jimmy who chaired this first meeting I went to I went to that meeting every every week for a long time he would tell you sit down Musharraf and do what we do. You can do that today I mean I don't think you can deal with an opiate addict gets 25 years old way Jimmy dealt with me as 45 year old alcoholic. Recovery as you vault and we have to look at other components. To addiction which is what you're saying that they we've got to look a lot more. Things just. Doug alcohol or draw we canceled the first who has a hold there. I was slowly comes. You know there's there's old timers I respect people with time and but I also respect and in person. So like there's no way no way I would ever tell somebody lets brand new oil industry are your draw though alcohol whatever. I would never ever tell him sit down shut up because love. Bet that may be what I needed I don't but. If that person gets up and leaves. You know how are they are we wealthy man man I am saying now is somebody might think different whatever boys I mean if somebody wants to talk. You know you've got my some my save their lives are. But it is different and you know the Internet deals say Henna that's the big problem was. You know they have been sober for a long time they give FaceBook let you know lump you'd be surprised how many do we can reach talented. And you don't know what you're gonna say that's another thing you awash reset. Have to be very clear what I say. And that's the rear at reiterate myself because I don't tell people what to do you know I am not a doctor I'll never viewed by some medication and none of that I don't. I just all I can lead to some great got. There's. I get that question all the time then what will my deep talks me. Well I'm gonna tell you something my name on doctor Jack Crowe did I can't answer that question I can figure to a treatment program and they have a medical team. And they will help you detox and every person that comes through there has her own protocol to be detox from whatever they're doing how much they're doing what how long. That's beyond me. I can tell him to take you to a safe clean and healthy environment and then from there when the professionals take over I mean I can't answer all those questions there. Some people do though that's scary well that's just wrong. And there's only one thing or did you visit and I think is really important. The whole state run the whole recovery abdicated. It's dangerous man like. Everybody has a message Karina respect Delmarva selling his foot there's people out there that don't work programs don't have program. They're there and I begin recovery. Therefore if you don't have a program and a what are you really don't let you know it's not like when I go to facts. You know I try not to gears are your facts are my spirits. In my opinion really doesn't matter. I give facts in my experience. And this is scary because I see a lot of people in the fields that don't have a program we don't have a lot of time they relapse constantly. Joe's great Dell's market. We just know when to do it. It knows you're not ready yourself like I couldn't have been on her radio were running a radio show or doodle pays for live video where I was you are so worried hitting me. Two years so arousal in our. I didn't know. I didn't know. And this thing is you know when they when they talk and recovery and and it spits it doesn't mean your life's going to be Hollis does Jack goods they have on cadillacs and caviar. You're still gonna have pressure you're still going to have sadness she stood and had challenges in your life. But it's how you handle it you handle it differently and you can have an exceptional life when you start using genuine recovery. Can you prefer that. You're also taking on the whole holistic. Look at your recovery so it's it's more men working. Your steps it's more than reading your helping others you're taking care of yourself body mind and soul right onto nutrition. The whole thing so we're and I think that's another thing that that. We could really implement in the recovery process. That makes us whole and better as a person. I salute you feel better so yeah I I was I was probably tour earned forty pounds our guys over number 600. I just literally tell you gotta try to hobby right. A hobby. Wash your boy do this is due to the site and always a few years and know it either I started running as often you know you. But. You know the last it was mentioned. Very reopen just in Scranton Worcester Kia broke quick quote dumb. May nineteenth. Eleven fours here Chris Collins downtown suspended I rallied about December 2. Second annual. It's going to be awesome speakers food. Fellowship arm bands. You name is going to be there should the senators are going to be there but you know. Also a source across some pretty kids it's it's had an area huge popcorn now he has hundreds you have to my ticket for doing. Now okay it's free it's a free event tomorrow. It's free and it's a shame free zone here there's also forget that there was broad front last Trace arraigned usher but the ten covers those goods. That's an about how many purely expecting mr. Obama over 2002000. You know let's early days and maybe more everywhere velocity of people went from different kind of counted since suffering depth. How old and where you get more information on this relative doc comes. Belinelli dot com there. If you ask both is yes. Are you happy doing absolutely Yemeni decent lies and I think I have a grew up right. Heard all about drugs and alcohol it's amazing all the newcomers are coming into recovery is rewarding when you resume looks like they're really common and have any fun without alcohol only got to face. Not get my mind. Enjoy your fine now life is so much better news. An amazing place recovery or. Yeah I learned men so. Wonderful we're at a time and Dan thank you so much this news just fantastic this show will be available tomorrow. Sharon recovery menial ones. Again you're listening to.