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Sunday, January 14th

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From the double BY a case to be using Pittston Pennsylvania. Welcome to sharing a recovery. Firsthand stories of addiction and recovery or recovery is possible. Sharing a recovery is sponsored by clear broke treatment center. Are still in recovery. And attorney DV in this. We welcome your calls with questions or comments or call 570830098. Or 180437009803. Euros yeah. Suzanne Kelly and Jack cry. And good afternoon and welcome sharing recovery. Our show was about help healing. And on helping those who who are in recovery on this recovery journey. I am joined today by my co host Jack truck Jack has celebrated recently over nineteen years. In recovery which we just think is is absolutely phenomenal I don't know if you had a chance to listen to Jack on New Year's Eve. But his show was his story the show topic was Jack's story and it's absolutely phenomenal. I'm a little bit shocking but it's also with so inspirational and real a suntech. And we do have that on the sharing recovery FaceBook page ad sharing recovery radio. So please if you have not heard at so strongly suggest that you you take a listen to that that remarkable show. Today we're going a little bit and a different direction with our topic because yes we're talking about recovery. But the important thing here is focusing on the whole person politically if you will we wanna focus on mind body and spirit. As you're going through this recovery process you you think about individuals who go into recovery and maybe they're in a week maybe this 28 days maybe it's three months or more. But when you get out you need to have the tools what's in your toolbox to make you keep on that recovery journey. We have a great guest today our guest is Scott Constantin me he's the director of behavioral health at the right center Scott welcome. Thank you thank for having me thank you so much for being here one of the things that I would like to ask if you can and give us. An overall I'm idea of the right center because when you go online you wanna FaceBook page you launch your web site. You know you're not looking at just an amusing just Tom you know in quotes in recovery center just a little bit of background about the mission of of their rights and sure sure so. Are my start with the right sent her approximately. A year in and a half ago. Palm hasn't I was hired as the director of behavioral health com prior to that I. A lot of community experience with the help patients and and and mental health and substance abuse. Throw you know the local five counties plus arm. You know I came to the right sent her home I'll be honest with you did it's just. It's it's amazing to see the innovation and a home invasion of their race car. So the right Senator Obama actually seize on an average around 161000. Patients a year home for physical health. So you know always with with the physical health we're always gonna have people who are coming in who are struggling with so mental illness or with a substance abuse. Solely in all our approach it the right senator. Hasn't been too integration time. Both Piero health and and you know mental health and substance abuse. Well within our clinics. Seoul. That allows us to help people. Thumb in the here now. Verses. Waiting. You know to make a referral. And you know wave may be. 234 days to your back if that individual. Receives services so we may have an individual who comes into the right senator who. He's struggling to day with. A mental health struggle or what the substance abuse struggle and were able to intervene. Kind of immediately. So we're kind of triage down to the exam room. And we have a team of people you know may go both of licensed social workers. Case managers. And a certified recovery specialist. Second kind of in old steer and guide. Bombed our medical team on May be what needs to happen at that point with that individual do you typically see individuals who earn crisis. We don't we are not considered the crisis. You know agency in in lock on accounting of but calm in 00 we. We. See a lot of individuals who are in crisis to say the least you know we have people coming in how for a well check in during that well check we do a series of screenings and you know all around mental health and around substance abuse and during that time. Person you know home made. State that there in crisis so we. We act immediately and try to get them get them help that day whore. You know within 24 hours with when a local provider. If we can't do it internally. A lot of collaborative partnerships throughout community that we like to work with every one so. Will make a referral on. And as far as the recovery process is concerned I am weird he's fit in into the whole scope of someone who is actually. Going from an addict too you know treatment to recovery. Right so if I just had through Y money back so a year ago com. Last January we started something at the right senator. That phenol was kind of communal and new to the right senator we were. Nominated as a center of excellence. By the state of Pennsylvania so governor rule actually. Nominated 45 throughout the state of Pennsylvania the right center was one of nineteen physical. Health. Thumb. Senators of X ray. Congratulations yes what are the criteria that she be so you know on the physical health side one of the things that you know old one of our major goals was to train doctors. Com. You know home. On addiction and you don't become certified to to help. Individuals in need. In all maybe with various medications fonts com we'd. You know we also put a team together under the under the center backs or insult. We have case managers that actually. Intake the individual and they do an assessment. To determine. You know all the level of care that they need to calm assess their needs at that time. You know look at what is going on currently have calm and what we can do to help them. We also have certified recovery specialist who actually. Will war where the individuals. One stage hum are taken into our program in the community. To. In all kind of good guide them and help them get resources in the community to help build a support system in the community. They'll work on a recovery plan with them. I'm they'll check in with them weekly and make sure they're doing what they need to do you know they're there and additional support. And one of the criteria love the certified recovery specialists is that they have to be in recovery themselves. Yes that was my wish you guys in here is your are I think he's great yeah. Because today it gives them. A good understanding of where the individual is asked. And this is a great addition to our team to have members who are in recovery I would you know here on the. And your team yes rectitude appeared because. Is difficult is recovery is. And you know you make a decision every day that you wanna stay in recovery. To have solicitor across the table from you or maybe next I'm next she went to chair and if they haven't walked that walk and haven't really walked in your shoes and I just think there's just so much more up power create news accountability here with somebody who's doing it as well because it doesn't matter if they're in recovery. A year or five years they're still making that decision every day to stay clean yeah I agree com I think it's spend. Just just an amazing addition to their eyes senator. Com to have these individuals work side by side when our doctors when our medical team. I'm prepared in any kind of it explain it from a different perspective if we dug up a little bit we'll cut to interest in this type of work. Oh god I've been in this work for well over twenty years com but you know I I actually. Started my career I think and I was gonna you know work in the criminal justice field. And you know I was working part time. In with children doing counseling. And here I am today. In no. Just I I think what happened with me was com. Seeing these individuals change. And and having the ability to help them change it is what kept me in the field. You know that's that's there were warnings and I'm in many ways to us to open individual. I changed their life so. I think that's that's what kept me here you know. And did you have recovery of issues as far has not issues I'd take that kind of action experiences with friends or family I mean if Cassel did that assure your life sure to ensure it can do you know I mean you know we all. Yeah yeah I I don't think today. Any of us can say that. We don't have a family member. You know whether it be your brother sister or mother father and aunts and uncles cousins. That has struggled awareness that addiction issues. I neighbor a friend right. So I think that. You know we eat it affects all of us today you know I don't think anybody can say that they don't have someone that they don't know was in recovery. Keith good to struggling share thing right you can you need to take a quick break to thank our sponsors we'll be right back. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatments for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team there breaks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients. Seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. M. Or are you or family member in need of a lawyer summoning now been charged with a crime injured in an accident or through poor medical care going through a divorce or child custody dispute you need a lawyer with experience and credentials school aggressively protect your rights you need attorney dean Akins. I know in my feeling and I needed legal help we turn to days so should you call 5707144001. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community types. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center. And he tried to find 8992292. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and a recovery is possible we welcome your calls with questions or come. Call 5708300984180437009. And Angel. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly in general problem. OK welcome back everyone we're here with sky concert Jenny from the right senator today. That's got busy and give us an overview of the race under its program. So I know you have some regular rice senator. They've got a problem substance abuse of some sort home. And you see them do do they keep coming back you're going to use are the ones to someplace else. While I mean I think that depends on what they're NATO. So we have folks patients that come in who are in immediate need of let's just say I don't detox or an inpatient or your ratings yeah absolutely absolutely SARS case managers. Com we usually are are pleading that so if we determined that an individual. Is an immediate need of a detox very impatient we have a lot of impatience that we work closely with us. That so we can call and make connections with it is to to find a bad for that individual yeah are. A person leaves June they go to the invasion program. Including complete her time there and other tobacco industry and now what happens is. They come back to you so yeah for case management they would come back to us we are not a licensed outpatient drug and alcohol counseling facility okay. Percent but com. What we will do is we will we will assign a case manager to them to follow them and help them. And guide them in the community right so they won't make sure that they're going to counseling and following all recommendations of the impatient. Armed if they need housing and they'll help them with housing if they needed job they'll help them with what is trying to find a job. If they need to find the local. Recovery so supports in the community they'll help them do that they'll also link them up with our certified recovery specialists as we need based. So there are a lot of there's a lot of navigating that are. Case managers do for the individual. I know certified recovery specials that's something new wizards got a it and that's relevant that we've not heard of that until just recently the last six straight months. What is that. So you know I mean when you look historically you know it's been around for for quite some time on the on the mental health side. So there were peer specialists so individuals who. You have to overcome or. You know dealt with mental illness themselves. Now all are or world are helping other individuals with mental illness. Get through that recovery process at least you've already formal treaty limiting or do they do actually so calm and there's been two. There's been 22 classes that have graduated locally come through our local managed care organization. And I I think it was around fifteen individuals. That are receive the certification. Through. Through. Through this this this training course so you you do receive a pass certification through the the Pennsylvania certification board the PCB and you are given. Certified recovery specialist. Certification. Up and they have you know requirements they have to stay up with training hours and but yet they are trained for weeks straight. Pick and those people who remember pearl river and sort of very coverage search firms are also in recovery themselves correct they have to be based in order. Out of time you know last I heard I think it was a eighteen months. A home from what I what I heard com buzz you know I don't that the state puts those. Those guidelines and criteria. So now. The community and you've taken a person that committed you've done what you do you put the torturer program. But what happens sooner we may just. We're really get the support and we deserve anything in the community from that where they should just walk you say hello I need help. Very hard. What you talk about some of the your life so you know I mean besides. Various support programs and you know February's super burger we recovery reed recovered correct OK correct I mean I remember what solves that's correct. Meetings and there's there's some others out there. Com that can be utilized blood. You know as far as the the old school club Powell's. Type of recovery. Palm facilities that people can walk in and hang out for the day I'm not aware of both of any local league. Column that exist you know there are programs. For people. Com pouring treatments such as partial hospitalization programs and IOPs but that is treatment. Current treatment right. I don't know I just peer to peer support at one time we use a ball school that we don't what I came to recovery when there were clubhouse is or where do you you can going to be your lawyers should have a chat plus ten year old other people in recovery. Current Dole's. And those things still existed outside this area look I mean do you go to like Joseph I am afraid to spend a lot of time in Colorado he talks about the clubhouse in Colorado it's an old mansion and on every floor there's something different or Stevie users kitchens are. There is that's a pork tussle was. You'll both. My daughter was in Portland Maine for seven or eight months ago she would tell me about these places that. That that support was out there but that doesn't that doesn't seem to be here this community as we Lackey of this community shots. Yeah I mean I think it would be a great option for individual needs to calm pass something like that locally. Do we really would I know there's been some discussions home. You know to possibly start something like that locally at home. As some of the meetings I've been asked I think over a year ago. Those discussions started. I. But I think that that's a great place for an individual to go. Armed and be your rounds. Of others. Being that our. Okay expression appeared imperial theatre in Hollywood that BZW's people listen to Lewis who got our quote here free subscriber support what does appear to appear me peer to peer means that you know one person in recovery is speaking to another person who's in the recovery process organ recovery. So calm. You're giving them guidance. You know spent nearly doubles sometimes nice things. Sometimes I think people. They don't you don't understand that there's. Recovery did start out and high. Hospital recovery didn't start out as a as a medical program recovery started out as two guys talking to each other. And those two guys have been talking the more people are more people. And I think you're 1935. Born every year that was Bob Dylan Bob called peer to peer. That's what it lives but there was just too drugs. Talking to each other and then go to talk to be two more drugs from as supporting each other in that way right you know. What goes in that hotel it is you know it warrants have a drink he picked up a phone call another time. He didn't call him doctor he didn't call hospital. Greg called other drugs right and and that's why it. Recovery is about a community get my body fresh helping the community. I know it's interesting that you just front of such a good point Jack is is it's a community. And once things. I believe many recovery feel is it four or before they go into recovery is a sense of shame. And when you have that shame on you feel isolated and I feel fearful. But again going back to that appeared appeared talking in counseling in and I'm. Community. It takes this year and it takes the shame the way so you don't feel like you're less than Scotland is under that court. Show today than when recovery began it was let's keep this a secret and yes. And us we're gonna talk about who we are recovery time and what we did was create. Up our society in recovery that we don't wanna talk about this. So mrs. Smith on the corner has a daughter that has troubles and mrs. Jones has a solid over here that's troubles but they kept talking about it because there's a big move Daily Express. We have to break that statement we have to take recovering Toulouse street from. We have to stand up and say I would recovery. If your son or daughter or your cause what are your urgently go cut your grass or the guy who's your lawyer needs help from. Let's talk about it right this is a disease. So you don't get your beard if you invest three you've cancer support group all over the place I don't. Let's talk about this. Let's stop saying well we can't talk about the idea. He doesn't know. Nonsense every kid's gotta get to the point where we've put this right now re open isn't it. Carrying a. I think it's it's also important to include children because growing up in an environment where it was taboo to talk about this and it was a secret end. It's huge is supposed to deny everything everything that happened in your life you're supposed to deny and they think. That's not only message you what was your growing up but it show you a pattern and very very unhealthy patterns so yes Jack. Talking about this and getting it out on the table and taking away that shame my. And one of these I just wanna say is that you know at the right senator I mean. In our doctors will we look at addiction is that it's it's a chronic condition. Right so it's no big if there is no cure they eat it. It's the same is you know we view with the same as I mean yeah we view with the same as any other. Illness right so it needs to be treated boom boom right. So. You know that's the approach you we'd we'd taken the right center you know all looking at one's physical health looking at one's mental health looking out ones. In all spiritual health looking at everything as a whole treating the whole person. In all I don't know how old you can get our I don't wanna see some have not made it through a recovery but. We knew treat the whole person the likelihood of being successful recovery I think it is much much better life. So you don't couple weeks ago we had done dungy did Kelly talking about yogi recovery like you know. That's that's something new we don't have that here in northeastern Pennsylvania. You know. And again I hate ever criticize you northeastern Pennsylvania but there are areas that are more progressive church in how they treat addiction there are areas of and again I used Portland maybe and I was there every month through almost a year ago. And I saw what goes on there I saw how progressive they aren't about recovery. That yes there has to be a life. And we have to help people was. Enjoy their lives whether it's physically and mentally socially and we have to offer more. Then just gold to a twelve step meetings and in hallways in the corner. Okay now or why do I went to a close up media blast is 58 minutes now are you holding up the rest of the day right. What do I do right now what do I do what I start to feel uncomfortable but also co sponsor okay good. There's going to be more right there what is ahead more pressure and we go through the rest is Afro the next half our our solar power what is more Scott and I mean I know you have a lot of ideas and a lot of Indian book. A lot of information about what are we doing next room where we go to treat mind body and spirit going. So yeah and how do you treat my body and spirit and you know it is the right center is concerned. You know. Do you accepts. All kind of insurance dealers or people who cannot pay anything there's there's so many variables that that kind of have people again feeling that fear can. I'm taking that next step so. So helping them understand that it's an open welcome community and right you know stressing that it truly is a community tried. I think is vital because there's just this mysterious. You know shalom where over this we do nothing called recovery or recovery centers and they're they're just kind of taboo in. But it's not like that price it's not like that at all. Yes hi I definitely agree with you I do you know dress and we've we take all. Lines of insurance there could do with a little more personally has always scherzer and normally we we we help them yet we will not deny anyone. She never we will not and I. You want if someone walked through our door today and didn't have insurance we wouldn't say sorry. And and honestly I I have to say that that's that's all our CEO hole. And and president and practicing physician doctor Linda Thomas. She will not push anyone. To the curb absolutely natural not deny services for anyone will deal would later. Like that's our attitude will will figure it out. But in the meantime help them get insurance through this so we have a we have specific social worker who worked with in the right senator who hopes people. On what those barriers and we helped them you don't get insurance and work with them and help them fill the application now so they can. Get the treatment. How does a great suitor have a location you didn't lose her charities can't bomb the so. You know. At this time were going to be doing some work down there. Absolutely. So you don't. I would say should be used soon we're gonna have a location in. And now those are counting how were going to be collaborating. And working to with another. Agency in a home. In those are counting to deuce and integration work where we're gonna have a physical health location embedded with an error. Within their agency. We are you just have a soap or you'll turn anybody away you know there are people out there in this community right now epitome loser county to have no assurance that our savior so I really want help but I have no insurance and I don't know where it hurt when I don't know that there is. Agencies you lose your turn to go get you reassure them every bit available. Darby would IC in every day of the week trying to build up the director of admissions at server attorney mark there's a general Friday he gets people held every day of the week with emergency funding but you know what it called Dole's call Francona said that's how Paris going to meet. You don't you just say we will turn anybody away was what people need to hear that walk Q our door and that's what would. That's will go before we need to have somebody feels walking in is saying I am no insurance group I need help. We're going to hurt front end and that's that's what weasel Lackey here and that's how we've how we put that. Word out but I just dead we never go right sitter and in public valley but then they're more help because right now you're in lack of one county it'll be right we are. We're going to be in Missouri county. You know when a smaller clinics and brought home. You know I can say that. See you know that that is home. One of the one of the strengths of the rice and her is that we have a lot of those. Individuals. That can figure it out. A lot of imply a lot of our staff com know how to figure out when someone doesn't have insurance or there is a barrier. Com. Who we look at Barry Asbury barriers are temporary weenie weenie to figure it out. I guess so to get the person helping these we're gonna talk more about barriers are gonna talk more about getting people to help they need as well as. The holistic approach to the right center but with her and take a quick break to thank our sponsors we'll be right back. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within the small personal. Community kind. For nearly two decades arch tone has helped thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones and medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. 8558992292. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous pastoral services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear that today at 5702602600. Alert if you or someone you know needs a lawyer what did you look for excellence experience integrity attorney Dave bacon has all of those qualities whether it's a criminal case a personal injury matter medical negligence or divorce stable fight for you I know from personal experience 5707144001. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. Call 570830098. Or 18043700. Night and Angel you're euros as Suzanne Kelly in general problem. And welcome back on stage sharing recovery. And today we're talking about treating the whole mind body and spirit in recovery. It's fascinating show we're learning a lot our guests discuss Constantine. He's the director of behavioral health. At the right senator so Scott why don't we start to talk about the hold treating the whole body in the past weighs how we're gonna get there I mean people talk about mind body spirit what does that mean to someone who would be going into the right center. Well first I think it is important say that you know addiction definitely. Impacts the whole person okay right I I think that's important to say that. You know it affects your mind your spirituality. You worked your physical health. You your family in and relationships. And I think overall it's just really affects your life goals. Right and so I think that it's important that. When we treat individuals we take all that into consideration you know I mean mean what a lot of people. Who sit down with us and they're getting their first. Labs in twenty years. Completed within our our organization. And you know all. Sometimes the results are not. Very promising and they're not good. Com so now we have to do or what that individual. To come up with a game plan on how to address those issues. You know he couldn't dig your resume examples are aging vehicle it could be somebody who was an ivy user for twenty years never went to the doctor and now they've they have Pepsi and they have slumped. Another. I mean a major disease such as HIV or worried so you know I mean it's it's we can address that at the reds center. You know we have a team of people that are ID clinic that we can address that wins we have off. We've great physicians so that becomes part of the recovery process as well right so now you're gonna abstained. And intro from. You don't drugs or alcohol so we want and I'll get you better physically. So you can you know. To be successful right so. An and become healthier. And well it's so I think you know focusing in on an individual's. My body mind. You know spirituality. You know all those the whole family component is really important. To two. Keep them well. So recovery is a lot more than just not using your drug arrests the only in my eyes and our eyes and our team's eyes that you know just because Europe's staining. From using drugs or alcohol does not mean that you're in recovery. I know we look at recovery as a full circle. Write a full complete circle. Right there is good speech changing your lifestyle is transforming. Your lifestyle your thinking. Bribe your habits you work you know everything. So our case managers and our staff are working to. With these with these people and teaching them. You know all. Different practices of self care let her. Right so we want to also. Engage them to beat com. Better. At taking care of themselves so could you expand more on her mind and spirit. Sold yeah I mean he. First let's talk about the mind gore so the mind part is. You know for us a lot of or individuals. Are cold current. They have had depression. A home since. Their children since since her kids. And they've never had it treated or hey don't know dirty tricks correct you know you'll recall curry again how we call her. Obviously when dad what does it all current means that they have in the substance abuse going on the throw your alcohol right and they also have the mental illness Collins okay well here we wish we know that. You know a lot of times people wanna sell to Medicaid soul. You know were gonna go to would drugs to Altidore Alter our our our mood or hurt you know the way we feel. Seoul is a lot of self medicating so and we also know that drugs and alcohol can put us in a drug induced psychosis. So they are better memory drug and alcohol issue through and also I'm a depression issue. It's hard to identify the depression issue in the beginning because we below those drugs and alcohol yeah so we take away the drug now called out there absent gripe. But now there's still somebody else going on shore and now we have to we did find something else going go to their house a person when that. First of lawyers say these guys absolutely I mean. Your theory saying this but I'm not sure the people listening to understand because they don't deal would just like you do well sort and that's what I'm trying to make it. So they understand that you are you to think the drugs alcohol. And no exit paradigm my head still hurts that I will be physically I mean crap I'm stressed it I will not. We all your brain drain OK you know bring fame you know when you have brain pain. Com. You know these visited the drug or the alcohol works wells tournament. Right so all the presidency pressing that OK sure sure has but we also annoyed. You know I don't think any of us. Aren't aware that it brings more problems right so but what we wanna do is we wanna get that person. Off of the mood altering substance and then treat you know after we we. We give it a little time and then we want to treat you know we have a we have psych nurse practitioner networks want us. Armed and we have you don't licensed clinical social workers that work with us and Amy was some of these individuals and you know for therapy sessions and and we try to figure out what what is going you know it wasn't the drugs and alcohol closet or was there this underlying. Mental health issue. Com you know so. As I don't know if we are one thing. Because the nurse a lot of people are recovering just think. You have to be a 100% abstinent of everything. I don't agree with that there're people mental health issues that need some help slow I mean and or not they were wrong. They're they're negotiating behind and in cagey about how I'm medicines that help to a chemical imbalance that helps you know. I mean absolutely nothing easier you hear that debate and Indian old school recovery all you can do that. I don't agree with that well you know I mean how we say this you know it's like trying to treat diabetes. Just by. You know watching with you the only sugar but are you you don't have control. How much in such a great residing produces. So we have to take a medication. Price to control. Him on an insular body cast. I'm well arrived at this bright. So I think what people need to understand is that. You know because an individual has to be on a site controlled when medication for depression. Or anxiety or four. You know something else that's going on you know a lot of polar disorder bipolar disorder I mean we have mental where we have a lot of of the various mental illnesses out there but she you know I think what we need to. It's just say here today is that us. It's okay. To beyond that medication as long as it's. Prescribed appropriately you're taking inappropriately you're seeing a counselor and you're going to enter for your for your match I can solve. Does not only is okay it's necessary doing well are you getting better mentally and physically spiritually travel solo drugs are necessary to get better absolute a person maybe never handles those drugs in their life because they were doing whatever they were doing. Street collapse. How their offer to. What in the public is prescribed which is a healthy way. It's got its not okay it's necessary it is necessary and it's okay yeah doing take those medicine your one. And I say it's OK I don't want people to think that they should. Feel shame or guilt exactly alone more than eighteen ash is right McAleese. It's necessary it's a necessity. We don't. Always have control of how much. You know let's just say go demeanor serotonin is released and are burning. I write I hear people in recovery saying ever really recovered by doing this well wasn't prescribed by doctor. Are you taking it as prescribed president helping golf course your recovery and he'll recovery starts where you start doing things properly you know. I've been using anything. And it's okay he. It's OK correct it's okay to feel OK mentally don't go up. But really celebrate paid through a prescribed method right now. Somebody medicines that somebody talking that's correct true let me go for a walk human even cold air flows through your head right for me. But there's a lot of possible way that helps her you know there's multiple pass play. So do I think that also there's there's still that stigma attached to a mental. Condition mental mental health is like if I have if I had cancer I had diabetes or whenever. It's gonna go to the doctor really get fixed but there's still something about both the mental part is still that standoffish. Let's not really talk about that and that is. Anything but healthy and it's downright dangerous right. I mean I think stigma still exists if I don't think it's as bad as it used to be. I've seen it get much better than people are more open about it and I think. We just didn't you know move to. Continue to talk about it and tell people it's okay to talk about it. And get. People like your show to talk more about it. An and I think you know hopefully at some point in life there will be no different than any other physical. Calm conditions or chronic condition right. Call. I don't see the difference you know I don't view it as a difference that one has depression vs diabetes include. At the right center we look at it as the same. One cousin BDC. Those who learned recovery. Can drug abuse or are alcohol abuse actually car. Hi this actually Alter sure where you teach you how to mentally ill and absolutely I gather immune RR what we call a drug induced psychosis okay. You know I mean it's it's definitely absolutely it's a movie if it alters your rule out. So loved so even if you stop using you could still I'll ask Elizabeth tax absolutely for quite some time after. You know that's what that's with the studies show and that's what professionals say you know when we when we speak with you know psychiatrists and you know we've we have a lot of discussion around that you know how long an and an offense you know so there's there's some some. Post. Some demolishing that can happen after for quite some time absolutely it. From. Oh my caring world shares our that we. Have a little good could Jill openly can't awareness in about sixty seconds so we can quickly thank our sponsors sure we'll be right back thanks. Or attorney Dave bacon has been practicing law for 23 years he successfully represented thousands of clients in cases ranging from multimillion dollar personal injury and medical malpractice claims to criminal cases to divorces when I needed legal guidance I called Dade agents so should you 5707144001. Art stone recovery center on the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community college. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center 8558992292. Since 1972. Olympic treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team clear bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pastoral services are available to patients seeking spiritual guide. I called Claybrook today at 5702602600. I would like to see the directors those agencies permanent government agency corruption. I believe marriage is he's talking about hearkens back to McCarthy could find Communists would. In the street in agenda programs none is a knockoff is being rescinded now. People prop plane cabins. Army is going to move it. Here Chinese have been notorious for publicly agreed to sanctions and then not forcing them to. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your polls will. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. Yeah there were back. They have before me up before the break I ceremony shadow or she. And time I would I will say I haven't recovery over nineteen years and recoveries and an abstinence based which reads. I don't change anything good to help me with my recovery. Today a mirror there's another school and that school is MET medically assisted treatment or medicine assisted treatment. And every coverage then we now have people that. Are changing some things a boxer methadone beverage crawl to help them win their recovery yeah. And there's old school recovery as a wolf you're taken herself. You're not really recovery from my understanding use those products sold medicines. Aren't gay don't walk a person all of whom. Whatever is you know this girl we endanger world for the month this prodding too so boxer let's say for his career I've never walked a mile off. But there are people that are using both parties long term also looked. If you weren't the right senator stand on this I mean do today for why these kind of treatments for people who. So bummed when we do not provide methadone. Home tour patients. Four addiction at all. That's. That's me done through methadone clinic wish there are methadone clinics locally there's one and on more calm. Store comprehensive and up there there is one in Palm Desert on who I believe it's his choices. Com we have. But a year ago we started our senator Max owns one of the goals that we had was to expand. Our physicians. To become approved we had none. Last December home as of today. We have fought each for once John to prescribe. A home somebody buys new commercial and Ayala is so beautiful north okay. Com blogs. You know it's it's not our it's not always our our our first line. To use flash. In all wind when an individual columns CNN. To be assess. We then we'll determine as his team what's the best approach. We have on several individuals that are armed doing the abstinence based row and we support that. I was asked is based trying my whole life you know all. So I was. A drug and alcohol counseling. For many years. And I believe in. The twelve step. Abstinence based pro. Com so you my children dissipate I really knew how old I will always believe so long as it is oh great. Oh okay great. True modality for individuals. To choose to clean up but what I wanna say is that. Com I think where my mind started becoming more open to medication assisted treatment was. After I was losing patience. Com I put them sometimes and impatient and then two days later they would come out and they would die they would overdose. Comedy comedy people do we go and I don't we literally companies that people have gone to a treatment program life they've completed treatment program. And two days later they're gone yes well I was with a guy and a Monday night and I Freddie was dead when. You know so yeah I believe in answered soon that my program is based in essence yeah but if something he gave if we're going to save a life. Is it worth it isn't the right thing to do I. And everybody got Ayers and ask themselves why go PS rugby Barlow look at. What's my family members why would abuse is a boxer brought to the guy I know the answer correct. That's a mindset now that we're dealing with the recovery is are they in recovery are they aren't they sober. So well I mean that you know for me I don't think that I did I can honestly say I could never tell somebody that they're not recovery because they were using. Com no tracks on whether you know once a mug shots. Or people or I'll I trends does that ever tried that would be neutral correct but some I'm just saying. I don't feel that core I had to say that you're not in recovery if you're around that data you know I I just don't feel that. That's. You know for me to answer. Right end and with a look at recovering Corey resisted my own self be true on the last hole might change your inventory and say you're not. In recovery right because you're doing that just because I don't doing he doesn't make your writing class doesn't make your brain dead from seminary years I went to two meetings a week. That was my pastor read a story and everybody has their old path to recovery so if you need. Something to help you can get probe. The street what are we going Euro are true a better life but. What's true is that right so I mean I always looked at recovery is it is you know that process is it is highly personal. Right that's I always respect that so all in all any I was taught along time ago you know we mean people were there Iraq. Right we do our best to meet the more there. Com and Ana and I and there are multiple pathways and and I can honestly say TU. That at the right senator we do have medication assisted treatment we have a lot of patience since over the last year that I have been. Highly successful. Since they started. Medication assisted treatment for lead this costs on the first visit that this is not something that we would like to deceive to deceit among. For the rest right here are a little you're starting out. Innocent to help him correct with a goal in mind right start growers are goal whether it's thirty days 96 months just use a career best they would absolutely. We're dealer in regards. So use it are zero to say younger your life capsule will walk you lost this just want you off whenever I want you room prior to this correctly if we have patients that come in net. Immediately tell us that's what they want. Never know well but poll after we evaluate their means there are not a good candidate for. OK for for multiple reasons okay. And we don't know Sean absolutely we yes absolutely there's a lot of people that we just don't feel there are. Currently in the right situation. There and find the right place for. Hey I have to ask the question though I use the whole goal here is not to have individuals. All on me on the medicine for ever correct so these individuals need to become aware that they're gonna go through some may be pain. Maybe feeling uncomfortable maybe not really liking what they do and learning how to not react by using again. Two other in this situation. Whereas like oh my god and feel as stressed some something triggers it could be anything he says somebody cuts you off on on 81 or whatever but you need to have the mental skills. The emotional skills can help you. Not react current and not pick up what every year using again. So how does the right center help with those situations because that's part of the whole holistic right. So. If you are receiving. Medication assisted treatment at the race and you have to be in council OK it's mandatory it's part of our program. So we we feel. That in. When you combine. The medication with the counseling would the twelve step with all these other recovery supports. That's the answer right that's what we want we want all these things together we want I just prescribe a medication alone. You have to be involved in a very structured program can you also have to check in which case manager weekly. So you work you're in Malta when individuals on a weekly basis. To make sure you're doing what you need to do. Like I said you know we we we support all pathways. Recover. There are so yeah. Greed that's madly in my mindset at all times everybody's path to recovery is different and as I can also mean the way they're getting better is wrong. All persons are so many things just trooper a year from now is off that. We are doing great society. In total have first day. That's the wrong thing didn't know and they said okay he said he must know prime candidates for literature away. Suffering current and we have to get people a chance to recover from it whatever way they re. Cover charge. You don't bother everybody wants to see a counselor. Some people want to go so people don't wanna go to 127 weeks so people know what I personally don't want twelve step we feel weak and is doing fabulous fun. I can't tell that person that there's our program is rose from an investment. And ensuring that we have accepted her brace that yet who gets everyone covering world that we have to give everyone a chance trying to win their way. Absolutely absolutely you know when somebody comes into our program who feels that you know hole. Let's just let's just say abstinence based treatment is what they want we link them with the leaders in abstinence based treatment. Will link them up put those individuals. And end you know if they've that's what they want we honor that. We respect that you know so. Yeah I agree with you you know 100%. I think though the late you know just my personal opinion in and you can agree or disagree is that you know the last thing an addict who wants to get help needs is more judgment. The last running mainly doing. Maria you should be doing it this way usually do it my way or like checks sent. Well Jackson to recover from nineteen years so he must know Imus follow his trip Powell you're the individual. We're getting. You can ask him one last thing you know I have been recovered. I just recently and I know. I just started doing something else because I needed more help. I needed help meet on. I'm recovering meaning I need to help me on the sponsor right there nineteen years after every country I said I wanna go talk to. So I need to do in this time right excellent. Thank you so much I think he's not the regular Ireland are we are just out of time lineup will be back next week have a good healthy we.